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    Next Week Is Clean-Up Week in Williamston—Plan Now To Help
Advertisers Will Pod Our Col
ums a Latchkey to Over Sixteen
Hundred Martin County Homea
Superior C
Begin Here
——• —
28 Criminal Cases Docketed
For Trial During First
Three Days
Two combined terms of Martin
County Superior Court will be held
here next Monday when the regular
June session convenes to hear 28 crim
inil cases and a number of civil causes,
it was learned from the office of Clerk
of the CouFt R. J. Peel here this week.
Judge W. C. Harris, of Raleigh,
comes here for hi# second visit during
the first week. Judge Clayton Moore,
of this place, will preside during the
second week, when only civil matters
are scheduled for the attention of the
court. - ,
Scheduled to have been held during
the two weeks beginning April 13, the
court arranged at that time for the
trial of civil matters was postpone I
by the county bar association, as two
of its members were serving in the
legislature at the time. As a result of
a meeting held in April, the bar as
sociation agreed to have the term lim
ited to one week and provided for it
to be held the week following the reg
, ular June term.
The list of criminal cases appear
ing on the criminal docket for trial
next week and their origins, follows: j
N. S. Godard, seduction, continued
from last term.
Mote Mills and Furney Coley, as
sault with deadly weapon; (two
charges), appeal from recorder's court
Jane Powell, larceny; appeal from
recorder's court sentence.
C. M. Barber, assault with a deadly
weapon; appeal from recorder's court.
James Ridley, house breaking and
larceny, entered by warrant.
Tam Kborn, house breaking an I
larceny, entered by warrant.
Jesse Rogers, forgery, entered by
Wm. Henry Bailey, house breaking
and larceny, entered by warrant.
Holton Hyman, house breaking, en
tered by warrant.
James Collins and Clarence Pur
rington, affray and carrying concealed
weapon, appealed from recorder's
court sentence.
John Hen;-y Edwards, colored, house
breaking and larceny, bound over by
Herbert Reaves, colored, larceny,
appealed from recorder's court sen
Thomas Rynes, carnal knowledge of
girl under 16 years of age, entered
by warrant.
Isaac Anipy, assault with a deadly
weapon, appealed from recorder's
court sentence.
William Hopkins, _ assault witn
deadly weapon, entered by warrant. ..
John Hadley, receiving stolen goods
, entered by warrant.
S Marshall Andrews, Julian Roberson.
and James Staton Godard, larceny, en
tered by warrant.
Daniel Wynn, arson, bound over by
Aaron Biggs, assault with intent to
kill, entered by warrant.
James Bullock, larceny, appealed '
from recorder's court.
John Jasper Black, assault and dis
orderly conduct, appealed from re
corder's court sentence. Black also
appealed from the sentence imposed
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Sunday Morning Service
At Church of the Advent
• ■
Rev. A. H. Marshall, rector.
Sunday school at l£i|. m
 Holy Communion and sermon at 11
a. m.
The value of our faith is measured'
by our self-sacrifica. This mark ot J
Christian progress is seen not only !n
what it takes up but in what it gives
up. You are moat cordially invited
to attend these services next Sunday, j
They were planned for you and for
your good. - 4
New Schedule for Mail
Deliveries la Announced
Beginning next Monday, town and
rural mail deliveries will be made one
hour later than the present schedule
calls for. Postmaster Jesse T. Price
stated tfeia morning following the an
nounced change in train schedules
that go into effect Sunday,
The carriers will leave the postof
fice here at 10:15 i. m. instead of |
9:15, the present scheduled time for
starting their trips.
I Morning Trains Will Be
Delayed An Hour By
New Schedule
i A change of schedules in the Par-
I ttiele division of the Atlantic Coast
• Line and affecting trains plying be
. tween Plymouth and Rocky Mount
, and those between Kinston and Wel
: don will be made next Sunday, it was
. -learned here yesterday.
Leaving Plymouth at 9 a. m., the
; train will arrive here at 9:44, or one
, hour later than the schedule now in
■ effect. The train will only continue
. as far as Tarboro, where it will turn
■ around and reach here in the afternoon
at 4:28 o'clock, stopping for the day
; at 5:20 p. m. in Plymouth.
On the Kinston-Weldon branch, the
morning train leaves Pannele at .10:22
I and passes through Hassell at 10:42
> and Oak City at 10:52, reaching Hob
good at 11:05 for Norfolk connection.
The afternoon train leaves Weldon at
1:35 and stops at Oak City at 3:10,
and in Hassell at 3:20, reaching Par
: mele at 3:40.
\VhHe the passenger service will not
be greatly interrupted by the chang
going into effect Sunday, it is believed
that the mail service will be slowed
||up for a few days, or until new rout
ings can be effected for mail arriving
I here in the late afternoon.
Market Anxious To Please
All Its Patrons, Home
Agent Declares
Home Demonstration Agent
Mrs. A. B. Rogerson. of the Bear
Grass community, has been present
selling every week on the curb mar
ket since its opened day, March 28th.
Her total sales thus far are $56.31,
sufficient to pay many small bills, im
prove home conditions, or purchase
new equipment and help pay taxes.
Her sales have been made chiefly on
her layer cakes. To make a success
ful seller, the person has to have cour
age to face a week now and then with
little or no money taken in, due to
not having produce which public cares
to buy or having a surplus of what
many folks already have.
Some time ago it was thought the
market might possibly open to every
one in the country, but this can not
be done and continue the success of
the niarke.t due to the sixe of Wil
liamston, which is the buying center
and the surplus produce which seems
to be in evidence this year. It has been
found through observation that twelve
sailers on the market are more liable
to have success selling than any other
We wish to please each patron com
ing to our market, and if we fail to do
this, tell us. We are glad to serve
you the best possible way. A few of
the prices which will be found on the
'market fo'low:
Snap brans, 4c lb.; cabbage, 3 Iba.
for sc; lettuce, 4 to 8c; cream, 30c
pint; eggs, 19c doien; beets, 5c bunch;
carrotts, 6c bunch; onions, 5c bunch;
cottage cheese, 15c block; new pota
toes, 8 lbs for 25c.
Remember our motto, "Where town
and country meet— at the curb mar
ket." We are looking forward to
meeting you there next Saturday.
Griffins Farmer Reports
Strange Tobacco Worm
"I don't believe it is the bud worm,"
. but some kind of pest is at work in
i our tobacco field,"'reported Mr. Simon
, Griffin, Griffins Township
farmer, yesterday. According to Mr.
Griffin, the worm bores a hole the sixe
of one's Kttle finger and deatroys the
top of- the plant. No great damage
has resulted so far, Mr. Griffin stated.
Reporting the condition of his crop
as only fair, Mr. Griffin stated that
it would be a matter of only a few
weeks before tobacco coring will be
under way.
• ■ H» i
Sunday Morning Services
At the Farm Li fa School
■ ■ t
Rev. W. B. Harrington will preach
at Farm Life Sunday morning at 11
o'ctock and at Riddick's Grove that
afternoon at 3:30, it was announced
this week. The public, ia invited to
;he»r MM,-
. .. ( . - • '', *1 I ' *•
"——————^■ .in, | ——
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, June 12,1931
BOYSARRESTED Former Citizen Visitor He ARREST NEGROES J. & W. Tract
NORFOLK POLICE After Absence Thirty Ye STORAGE HOUSE Land Sold
Boys Abandon Stolen Car Pl g*y > f Drinking, Shooting, Cutting and Slaying [Enter Harrison Wholesale
To Cattleman
Near Chowan Bridge Going On Here Forty Years Ago, States Storage House Through ! KTI? Ap i V (toe.
Last Sunday Leaving here in 1901, when the been there only a short time when a A Sky Light JM ii Al\L# Y $250,000
. .... ral furniture factory burned, Mr. Ro« cyclone destroyed his trees. He moved * \A7TT T RT? QDXTMTT
The three boys, g.vtng the,r names • on and settled in 'the Canal Zone. Elmer Purvis. V 8 year-old negro, was 1
as joe Isut. J.mnne George, and Andy / r ed «» u where he met and married an Ohio here Tuesday afternoon in con- ON THF PRO TFCT
Ellis arrested here Monday n.ght by his first via,, smce that time. a , Kmpjre two llcctioll with thf robbery of the „ ar .  1 1
Chief Daniel and Sheriff t. B. Roe- Born in Massachusetts* Mr. Knox, his son, Fred, visiting this section riso " Wholesale Company warehouse, I „
buck, and released in recorder s coin t niove d here when a small child and with him for the first time. nfar the Atlantic Coast Line station. Plsns 3XC Msdc
Tuesday are wanted in Norfolk, it was rema j nei | until the furniture factory j Of all the interesting tales Mr. Knox !also colored, arrest ! Complete by Mr. L. A.
learned \V ednesday, when communica- rne ,| Mr. Knox, with S. Rome relates, he stated that those originat- etl Wednesday. and is being held i.i ! Thompson Yesterdav
.tion was established between the police Biggs, George Whitley, jr., and Harry} ing right here in Williamston are per- 1 connection the robber). |
department there mil (he sheriff * office l.atham, let't at that time to see some] haps the most interesting of all. j Entering tliif building by lettiifg.him-| PtvTimniurx jilau io'r what is pn-
I u • v ®' le world. Mr. Knox out-traveled■ "Thirty-or forty years ago there through a skylight, the robber he one of the largest project*
.. . r °' l>l °f lolk ' the other members of the quartet, fin- plenty of real drinking, shooting, cut- ;opened a side door and "removed a|ever undertaken by any one firm in
to po tee t ere t iat e ro eo. ally settling down in Chrisliibal, Colon,' ting and slaying going on here," he j|itai»tity of goods, mostly sugar, it is , this county were completed vesterdav'' •
Sfumtay morning y Canal Zone, after living in many of thel stated. The young and the old had Sieved. The thett was not discov- when .VIK li A. Vogel, prominent
three men to whom he, had given a f ort> --ei K ht States for a few years, a good time then, and the young and | ered un,il laU ' I'ursday morning, the | lowa Stale hanker, purchased approxi
it. Hewitt saic ie pic etl tle men After extensive preparations,! old have a good time now, hut the evidence surrounding the case and sup-Intately 15.1MH1 acres of | an | ( or the
up on t e Campoate a ri ge ear j down in Mississippi and kind of fun has changed, according to I l» o| "ted by the work of bloodhounds led j establishment of a cattle ranch. The
Sunday morning. \\ hen the west em startfl | Kro wing pecans, but he had the visitor. ! to Vurvia' arrest that afternoon, near i land tranaler, one of the largest ever
of the span was reached, one of the ;i,, rP L . , , ,
. ' .. . . ■: —: nere. | recorded m the county - , incudes a
men in the rumble seat .truck him . . # -| Investigating the caae. Sheriff Rot:-1 large portion of. that tract common!v
violent blow over the head, after whuh | iVI O 4"111*1 11 L Al* buck and I h.ef Daniel learned that known as the old J. and VV. land pur
TheTenTrteoff" he "reared L.\t Ald IIS IVIHIUI lllfif fOF I R °  . 1 1 Ro « trs ll «" 1 1,(11 I, >s located in the southea,t
-Ihe men drove oft, lie reported, t.a t . O rectly warned I'urvis ot the arrival of- ern part th . t .„ UMU , jx mi , „ f t
Monday, the car was found abandoned _ the advising 1n.,, to jamesvillc. and 14 miles,from
just the other side of the Chowan ■ /vaq I ■ £VQ f" |%/| Q | f | town. Wlfen. the officers went to ar- here
bridge nare Eden,on. It is Sieved UUi/dl LiVCli ITXdJL IVV L rest Ko « c ' rs lu ' ran ' lrM,li "'« thv Complete detail, V.f the proi.os.-l
that the boys did no, have sufficient - j under the D. I). Stalls warehouse on [project have no, Inen made known
funds ,o pay the bridge toll and they -t * •: | Railroad Street and across "Rlood here it this time hut it , under t . I
ware Company store here, stated that LEASED TO NEW jercise," Rogers stated in offering an'cousin, and Mr Vogel are planum •
he saw ,he boys leave ,he cat _ A f nm rrtIPPnAV PPOPPTITTOPQ 'exidanation for his swift actum. H'- Jto drain, fence, and stock the large
Monday afternoon ,he three foreign- COURT TUESDAY UK O denied having sent the warning to lrafti „ artiMK W( , r|t „ it|lm
ers were seen on ,he streets here, and . , ~M rvis. I numt|)> An
(tZ by'chief Daniel "and Evidence Is Insufficient To J- W ' ® er^ cr ' M of Florence » _ c,
buck. A warrant, Charging them with Convict Boys Charged |VACANCIES F0 R itwi learned "n,m-
ZTJ Wlth Thcft Attempt . New_Partner.hip STUDENT NURSES W f ,
: . _ . • 1 .1. , I • More than acres »»t the tract will
and released Tuesday. Nine casfs w „ e ca , |fd , hp co(|nty 1 lans for the operation of the W.I- |)r , k . ar . (l am| p|an , td cofn am|
In pleading for food, one of the boy* recorder's cour, last Tuesday, Judge 1,a,,,5t0n u,l,#tco market during the Application Blanks Avail- p t . as (or teed, according to plans an
gave his name as Ji>e Ficardo, but Joseph W. Ilailey and Solicitor H, O. * wo " ar ; taking shape, j -pj le Loc a l notytced by I'romoler Thompson' yes
when he went to jail he stated that Peel clearing the docket in a compar- *'° " ! ' rCe lar «* houses havii.g Postoffice terdav. The agricultural pursuits will
his name was Joe Isui. I, was a pi,i- gtively short time. a,n^- v l [" r center around the old Dyn.ond City
ful tale ,he three told The three In.ys, Joe Isiii, Jimniie
here, and a. a re.ul, ,hey were gtven Georg, and Andy Ellis, arrested on the wi(| Zle withh, the next k->"-sion announces an examination I -ill he established. „is under
a niea streets here ancf charged in the court , . f . I f h , f,, r a , 1,1;, stood. Information having t«> do with
It was learned from the Norfolk po- with attempted theft of an automobile ew . a >' ! ' or I,lc '"arket during the. " ' I the type and number of buildings that
lice department tha, effor.s would be were released. Those observing the C ° n,mK " CMon ' "!.' e,h S f ashing,on, I). -
made to arrest ,he boys, the las, re bQys* action during the early evening lhr Roanoke-Dixie, the largest I |"ere v»ill prohahly he about Ml posi-L ||at , f pul ,| ic at t | |js tiliu . i. abur wl ||
ports stating that they were seen in | ast Monday were of the opinion that l,ous e here, was leased this week to tioni to be filled and high school grad | )( . trans , )urte( | to ,| )r s ; u . develop
Tarboro Tuesday afternoon. the trio'was guilty, but the evidence Messrs. W. 1. Meadows, of this place, .nates between the ages of IH ai|d .1(1 || K . preliminary plans, but just how
♦ heard in the court did not warrant a " d - 1 ' VV ol I'lorence, S. C. | will be admitted to the examination lnalvy lllen wi || | M . employed in han
MAT T? lini TH A V convictions. The working organization for the (This |M.sitiou, in addition to quarters. ( | lj|)K |||is work cou |,| no , be learned
0/iL«r -nULIUA I Jim Biggs was found guilty of sim- house has " i,x l> « en completed at this j subsistence, laundry and medical at- According to unofficial but reliable
ON ,,le assault - the cour, suspending ju.lg- ,inle - Mr Meadows staled yesterday, ten,ion, pays a salary of S2XB per an formation gained here this week, the
TYIiL'nCAJUn I rt)ent , he defendants p ay j„ K the but he did say that everything would num. Applications will be accepted Slatt . wiM take ovrr , he roai , |, a(|inj
• cost and bis assured good behavior. ~ ,f done ,owarl ,he «ucce»»ful opera-J and competitors examined at any city (lM |) ymon | city site, and the
Merchants Divided on Cloa- Guy Rollin. wi. a«wt»nctd to wark |' io " ,l "' R -a noke- lH*it..(UMl_.thc j within the Stale-, ot M,,r)lan.l, Nort'i lia „ x Wl || al | | , r „|, a |„| ily> ,ie
ing PrOgramj Plan To at the county home for 60 dayß for "'arket. as a whole. : aralina, Virginia, West \ trginia, and ve j tl( , ( , t her outlets, of its own
Observe Holiday Later carrying a concealed weapon. Mr., a veteran in the to- | '' ,f District of Columbia, where a fir-t i Very few details have been made
+ j Andrew Revander pleaded guilty ol bacco and warehouse business, has " r se ond (lass post office is totaled )m j,in connection with tbe.develop; J, j——
business houaei were divided I v '°'ating the liquor laws, and was find been a prominent figure in the history Appropriate application form may l-e
iiieul of the vast tract id land, but in- „
last Wednesday afternoon on the pro-'s'"" ami taxed with the costs. A six of the local market. He has beetv'* ecu |' e ''./ roln . Secretary, Hoard of | dilations point to an undertaking that
posed cloting program for the sum-i ""'nths' road sentenctd was suspend- connected with the Roanoke-Dixie I ' v " Service Examiners at any L ex)H . ctc j , (1 lnral4 mui i,. t |,is
mer, several firms suspending business ed. much of the time, and is widely known " r> ' " sec "d c 'ass post i ffue iin 1 ,comity and section. Mr. (~ 11. liar
for the afternoon while others con- Oscar Willis was fined SSO and taxed throughout the section. must he on hie with the manager, r j s „ nt w ho has iollowed closely the
tinued in accordance with the regular with the costs for operating an auto-.I Mr. Berger, approximately 5.1 year' ''o' lr| l' I S. (. ivil Servite Distriit, proposed project and who given
* * mobile without pro|>er license. old, has been connected with the to- Washington, D. (~ not later tlia-i j tnm .|, (( j |,j s , ulu . to j, stated yester
i i, ~, . » S. R. Dtipree was fined SSO and costs, bacco business, one way or another, J ' jday that the undertaking is nothing
, eve ' , 'f , for operating a car while intoxicated jpractially all his life, and he comes I r ' V |,,lr ' local secretary, '„ rvv w jt|, M r . Thompson, pointing out
e opinion a i was oo *' ar y and transporting liquor. H. D. Res- here highly recommended as a t'obac- i' ,as a " m 'ted number id application J ( | ia , ( | )( , wiscousin mail had success
c se unng e mono une, tu i appearing before the cour, in the onist, warehouseman, and friend of=,he ~',' an ' ts ' or distribution at the post office , u n v developed similar projects in
I* understood ,hat »hey will obaerve K , |, ere
, . lr . ... , , , • • same case, was found not guilty. farmer. Starting in the business at i Wisconsin and established a large ca:-
the half-holiday each week beginning ' . " ' " • , , , . ,
~ . , , -I. A A A nol pros resulted in the case 1 itnmonsville, S. C., with his father, a tie business in that part id the coun
a unanimoOa closing is" in "order at' that c, ' ar » in ß Kober « J oh " so » wi,h a » al " "nowned tohacconis, for many years, | NEW BERN ALSO ,rv ~els now hea ' l of " ,e lar «-'
t j me sault on a female. Mr. Uerger has thoroughly acquainted | __ . _ _ T/"** r\* i ryry ' hompsou s iMalted Milk Company™^
. .-li Prayer for judgment was continued -himself with the industry. "He has
With one or two exceptions all gro-. ' ' , . | . .... M v . , . ,
, , , , . , . until Octol>er 20 in the case charging .auctioneered, run sales, carried the a is very much interested and pleased
eery firms closed for the. afternoon last - I T J. ' I ;
Wednesday while the general mcr- ° scar B ' KKS wl,h abandonment and book and clip, kept books and man- Volunteer Fireman Loses , w " 11 ,he venture Ins company is now
cantile e.Ublishments continued open, support. Higgs is to pay the aged .ome of the largest tobacco ware- H j s Ljfe p ighting Bla entering upon in this county.
... . . . , . | ( . costs of ,he case and $lO monthly for housea in the country, Mr. Meadows • ® Hack 'in IH7O the Jamesville and
" °' ,S W ' T ' support of his children, stated yesterday. The new partner i Early Wednesday i Washington Railroad Company bought
0 Probable cause of guilt appearing in for the Roanoke-Dixie was here this I (|,j r ,| major water-front fire in thousands of acres of land in Wasli
r n Mnnrf an/i Cnmnunv ,hc Ca4C char|fil, « him wi,h hoU!,c week a,,d was very much 'mpresaed j, he country within a week was report- in " , " n - Beaufort; and Martin Coun-
C. I/, m oore ana company breaking, John Clemtnons was bound with ,he possibilities of the local mar- | r( | at fg cw u ern e ir | v Wednesday ,M " S ' alu ' '" r a ,u,n, ' ,er "t years the
j4!nnounce Extra Specials 'over to the next term of superior ket, assuring members of the tobacco 'morning when property valued at more « ,r K i *iiization carried on a lumber busi
• ' «»« f- ' ' H>,r d of trade that he would lend his than $200,000 was destroyed there. As a ' ,,rt of i,s Program, the
The home-owned, tax-paying gro- ♦ ' every support in the advancement of i N or f ( ,| k |, a , ( a dj sas trous lire late '""'"Pany built a railroad from James
eery atore of C. O. Moore and Com- Only six Stat«» made greater per- ( the market. According to preaent Sunday afurniKin, and Seattle. Wash- v '"* to Washington and founded Dy-«
pany here ia announcing extra spec- centage gains in population during the plana, Mr. Berger will come here the j ll({(on reported a SSOO,(KM) blaze early mon d City, at one time the largest
ialt ,o its patron* today and tomor-'decade from 1920-1930 than did North'early part of next month ,o start his Xueaday morning ' town in the county. The undertaking •
row. Look over the firm's advertise- Carolina. The total increase in pop-iwork. p wo l ar({e | )ar({ es, a tugboat, and Petered out almost 20 years after it
ment in thia issue and note the bar- ulation during this period was 611,163. The partnership atiouncemenf is , l)e eighop storage •"warehouse were waH s, ar,ed. and the several Fnglish
gaing in quality groceries. The total population now is 3,170,276.1 (Continued on the back page) destroyed with their contents at New n,e " heading the company withdrew.
W W An ml ill J AJia-L-n.a-a.JiJi. A.
__ # # _ _ _ __ _ _ were threatened, but all escaped Announce Vvnlte Sunday
By Citizens Anticipated Next Week 'i 1 :™ The
A marked response to the "Clean- ed this morning. While there is some ent pf the water department,„tleephone >» - * ' Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
Up and Paint-Up Week" call ia pre- coat attached to it, the success of the 32! While grass planting and pain,- Locals Lose Second Game Preaching, 11 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
dieted here, beginning next Monday entire movement reats largely upon ing and other civic improvements are To Belhaven Team, 11-5 1 Young People Mrs. Rogers) II a. m
and continuing through Saturday, initiative and hoiiest-to-goodaeaa labor, only -isrged bv -the of ttTT" • = - " " FpWTSfTH League —and —Ui-LeagiW——
Preliminary work ia already Mnder way it il believed. The success of the movement, the town has called at,en- Williamston los, its second game to w j|| have charge, of the service Wed
in some parts of the town at the pres- momvement ia eagerly awaited by the tion to the law requiring owners ,o Helhaven here last Wednesday after- uesday evening at 8 o'clock,
ent time, and* it ia hoped by those Woman's Club members, and every'clean their vacant lots. Inspections to noon, II to 5, in a fair game, with the Bright Jewels, Tuesday, 4:30 p. m.
sponsoring the movement that every one is urged to do something that will 'follow the drive next % week were or- exception of two innings, when the j| j s the deaire of the stewards td
one will j6in into make it a complete add to ,he attractiveness of the town dered by the* officials at their meeting visitors "scored eight, of their runs. make Sunday a ''White Sunday," a *
success during the week. and atreeta. held early this month. To limit the Gardner, working on the m >und fo r day when all the members make a.t
"ln addition to the possibility of In an effort to aaaist the clean-up number of mosquitoes to the very the locals, pitched i good game, allow- earnest effort to square their accounts
cleaning up dirty vacant lota, there is movement, the town will move all trash 'minimum, these lots must be cleaned ing 13 hits, extra run* coming as a with the church to date. May it be ..J
a marked opportunity to beautify the when it is conveniently piled for the [up, the official* stated, and owner* result of errors. Hudson, Belhaven's a success is my earnest prayer,
plot* in front of home*," a member of cart*. Once you have a load to be failing to comply therein are subject pitcher, held the locals to nine scat- The public is cordially invited to
the Woman'* Club civic om mil tag atat- moved, call and notify the superintend- 'to prMccutlon, it was stated. tcred hits. attend our services. ~|jj
. • V t • V' j
Hearty Response to Clean-Up Week
By Citizens Anticipated Next Week
I A marked response to the "Clean-
I Up and Paint-Up Week" call is pre
dicted here, beginning next Monday
and continuing through Saturday.
Preliminary work is already under way
in some part* of the town at the pres
ent time, and' It is hoped by those
sponsoring the movement that every
one will j6in in Jo make it a complete
success during the week.
"In addition to the possibility of
cleaning up dirty vacant lots, there (•
a marked opportunity to beautify the
> plots in front of homes," a member of
| the Woman's Club civic omaiiln slat-
Ed thia morning. While there is sohir
cost attached to it, the success of the
entire movement rests largely upon
initiative and honest-to-goadnes* labor,
it ii believed. The success of the
momvement is eagerly awaited by the
Woman'* Club member*; and every
one it urged to do something that will
add to the of the town
and streets. -V
In an effort to aaaist the clean-up
movement, the town will move all trash
when it is conveniently piled for the
carts. Once you have a load to be
moved, call and notify the superintend
. ..JML A
■ ent pf the water
1 .12. While grass planting and paint
i ing and other civic improvements are
, only urged by -the iponiors of" tfR" -
' movement, the town has called atten
t tion to the law requiring owners to
clean their vacant lots. Inspections to
I follow the drive next week were or
i dered by the* officials at their meeting
held early this month. To limit the
i number of mosquitoes to the very
i minimum, these lots must be cleaned
s | up, the official* stated, and owner* i
to comply therein are subject |
to prMccutlon, it was stated.
] Enter Harrison Wholesale
Storage House Through
A Sky Light .
Kltuer Purvis, 18 year-old negro, was
jailed here Tuesday afternoon in con
nection with the robbery of the Har
rison Wholesale Company warehouse,
near the Atlantic Coast Line station.
; Red Rogers, also colored, was arrest
ed Wednesday, and is being held in
I connection wMi, the robbery.
T Entering the building bv fettiifg him
jself through a skylight, the robber
I opened a side door and removed a
(quantity of goods, mostly sugar, it is
I believed. I'he theft was not discov- j
Jered until late Tuesday morning, the
evidence surrounding the case and sup- ;
I ported by the work of bloodhounds led ]
Ito Purvis' arrest that afternoon, near '
' here.
J Investigating the case, Sheriff Roe- '
buck and thief Daniel learned that
Rod Rogers was said to have indi
rectly warned Purvis of the arrival of'
the hounds, advising him lo le&v.e
| town. When, the officers went to ar
rest Rogers In- ran, leading the officers
j under the IX I). Stalls warehouse on;
I Railroad Street and across "Blood'
mitted. "I was just taking a little ex
ercise," Rogers stated in offering an
explanation for his swift action. H-'
denied having sent tile warning to
| Purvis.
—* —.
Application Blanks Avail
able At The Local
* ■ J
Ihe United States Civil Service
j Commission announces an examination!
for student nurses for duty at St. Kliz- i
jabeth's Hospital at Washington, 1). C. I
I'Therc will probably lie about (>0 posi-(
tions to be filled and high school grad !
| nates between the ages of IK and 30
will be admitted to the examination
| This position, in addition to quarters,
j subsistence, laundry and medical at
tention, pays a salary of S2BB per an- '
'num. Applications will be accepted
'and competitors examined at any city
, within the States of: Mary land, N'ort'i ;
j Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and
the District of Columbia, where a fir-t
orsecond class post office located
Appropriate application form may be
j secured from the Secretary, Hoard of I
U. S. Civil Service F.xaminers at any 1
first or second class post office .and !
must be on file with the manager, !
Fourth I?. S. Civil Service District, '
Washington, D. ("., not later tha i i
July 1, IV3I. "
| Vlr. F.. E. Wynne, local secretary, 1
has a limited number of application I
blanks for distribution at the post office j
Volunteer Fireman Loses ,
His Life Fighting Blaze .
Early Wednesday ,
! The third major water-front fire in
ithe country within a week was report
led at New Bern early Wednesday,
morning when property valued at more,
than $200,000 was destroyed there.
Norfolk had a disastrous fire late
Sunday afternoon, and Seattle, Wash
ington, reported a $500,000 blaze early
Tuesday morning.
Two large barges, a tugboat, and
the Bishop storage warehouse were
destroyed with their contents at New
Bern by the fire, the origin of which
had not been determined yesterday.
The lives of several barge tenants
were threatened, but all escaped
through the heroic work of Mark
Lupton. The barge captain's hair was
singed by flames.
■». - • «
Locals Lose Second Game
To Belhaven Team, 11-5
; — l—';■
Williamston lost its second game to
Belhaven here last Wednesday after
noon, II to 5, in a fair game, with the
exception of two innings, when the
visitors "scored eight of their runs,
Gardner, working on the m iund fo r
the locals, pitched i good game, allow
ing 13 hits, extra run* coming as- a
result of errors. Hudson, Bethaven's
pitcher, held the locals to nine scat
tered hits.
Watch the Label On Your
Paper Aa It Carrie* tha Date
When Your Subecription Expire*

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