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iill:GipB6ys Win
j'zajy Daskciball Championship
Walnut Girl, Spring Creek
t: Boys Lose Finals
. Saturday Night
. IjVith Dorothy Eatmon sinking bag
kcta from all over the court while
racking up 30" points and teammate,
Edith Shepherd ably racking up
crip after crip for 28 points and' Jo
Whitt sinking 9 points, the Mars Hill
girls won' the Madison County champ
ionship Saturday night by defeating
Walnut, 69-65. However, it took this
typo of superb playing to del est an
eaoallv rood team from Walnut.
Martha McDevitt drove in 30 points
with little Judy Henderson firing
front eVery angle to score 25 points
and IfOuise Goldsmith, with 8 points,
toed Mars Hill throughout the
V t game. Ellen Johnston scored the
iLtlier two -points for 3oach Ralph
'i -'Sfeiil's sextet When the final whistle
- 'ibW, the secret of Mars Hill's vict
ory was-Jts abititjt-to control the ball
on virtually every Jump. -Coach
djiSe Peek's team-was indeed su
yeit at ball hawking an control.
Walnut- Tallied in the final minutes
to 4eve the . spectators limp but
MarsHill applied, the-''freeze-jist
in time to protect its slim lead. As
the1 final buzzer ending the game
Physical Condition Is Reason;
Successor Not Yet
J. C. Chandler, chairman of the
Madison County board of commiss
ioners, resigned his post on the
board following the meeting held
here Monday.
"Upon advice from my physician
advising me to limit my activities,
it is necessary that I resign as a
member of the county commissioners.
I wish to thank the public for its
support during my stay in office
and it is with deepest regret that I
am forced to resign," Mr. Chandler
A successor has not yet jbeen
named but will be before the meet
ing next month, it was stated here
this week.
sounded, the jubilant Mars Hill teamMrs. Leonard Baker Is Drive
ell hut beat Coach Peek to bits as
theykrietoriously let out their pent
i up feelings. Although Walnut lost
iathe finals, Coach Ralph Neill
lct proved to everyone that, they
one of: the finest teams ever
' led In Madison County.
"ars Hill boys, not to be out
''eif girls' team, eked out
")-49wvlctory over the
-print Creek quint to
nshlp j in. the toys'
jr fasl th JUrs Hill
PpBf -he nttiwhls
tue . .to ' Cieek team seemed .to
, splutuk At hamime, the MarsAHiH
five md, 10 point lead, 27-17 and
::'V' retired- at intermission with a com-
i ifortafcle lead. As the second half
stared, however, it was evident that
i -VAPUU hWIPlft UIHMWU uU ' -
i into' hii -players during the inter
i mission. Gerome Willett and F. N.
. .' ; Willett -Started pumping 'em in and
J '.'"the score started to tighten. The
i f apaclty audience, sensing a Sprmg
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Chairman t Letters to be
Mailed Soon
Mrs. R. R. Ramsey, president of
.he Madison, County Easter Seal
Society announced this week that
Mrs. Leonard Baker, of Walnut, will
"serve as county drive chairman for
the 1956 campaign for Crippled
Children. Although the National
Crippled Children's Drive officially
ytartod March 1, the w actual cam
paign will get underway fa Madison
County In 3lhe next.ewdsysi.Misr
iSloise Ward,f ' Marshall, 38 Wen
named' secrstgry-treaatfrer and do
nations lb this needed drive tosy bc
sent directly to her or Mrs. Ramsey
People in Madison County alwayr
respond generously to the Eastei
Seal Sale and it is hoped that thi
drive will again be a success thi:
year. Letters are being prepared b;
Mrs. Baker and will be mailed in tht
next few days, it was announced.
Madison County citizens will also
be glad to know that camping fa
cilities for handicapped children will
be met this year by conducting two
camps for crippled children, one
near Chapel Hill and the other near
Mount Mitchell, it was ' announced
by Dr. Leslie B. Hohman of Duke
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To Have Joint
Meeting Monday
The Marshall Civitan Club and
the Marshall Lions Club will have
a joint-meeting Monday night at the
Presbyterian Church at which time
Dr. Dibrell, of the Red Cross, will
show a film.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
Church will prepare and serve" the
dinner which at 7:30 o'clock
All members of both clubs are
urged, to attend. (
Dinner-Meeting To . Be Held
At School Cafeteria At
7:30 O'clock
The Madison County Industrial
Council will hold its third" meeting
here on Tuesday night, March 13,
it was announced here this week.
The council, a compartively new
organization, is being organized in
hopes to make a concentrated effort
to promote industry to Madison
County and to also prepare brochures
for advertising purposes.
The Marshall Parent-Teacher As
ssociation will be in charge of pre
paring and serving the dinner which
will be served at 7:30 o'clock.
The principal objectives to be ac
complished at the meeting are to
sign the charter of incorporation and
to also appoint committees, such as
a Brochure Committee,
A. V. Graves, of Hot Springs, is
n charge of the program, it was
announced this week..
Approximately ,100 persons are
expected to 'attend, the dinner-meet
ing and ticket can ybe purchased
from D. M." Robinson at the RE A
Building or W. B. Ramsey at the
Citizens Bank. Plates will be $1.50
each. '. .
Red Gross Membership Drive
rioiv In Full Suing In County
Board To Hear
ComplainU Here
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W The" Spring Creek teams won h 'PRFMFAflRFMFlVT
sportsmanship trophy in the Madi- 1 llljilJULiUllJLdULlil 1
son. County tournament which ended tj a jyr nyn rirVIl
r t Walntot Saturday night with the iAUlJlll!l OEll
I Mars UiU oors and girls the ctvam
.tens; " .
V IV K. Willett of the Spring Creek
oy4 and Huncle Franklin of the
Surel girls were voted outstanding
iyer awards.
The; all-tournament teams in-
Girls ( forwards Eula Cantrell,
urer; Judy Henderson, Walnut;
Edith Shepherd, - Mars Hill; Jean
Thomas, Marshall; Dorothy Eatmon,
Mars HiUYLonise Goldsmith, Wal
nut;'! guards -Mfuncie Franklir
Laurel; Paula's Roberts, Walnu
Marian . Reese, Mars ' Hill ; Beatrix
Ward, MarshsBj'Kkfi-'Pssk, Ma
Hill! Irene Gosnelli.'Wainttt. -Bifytt
N.'Wlllett Spring Creek
Gerome Willett, Spring Creek; Lt
' oy AH. oT Marshall Dick Yaiei
Tsrs HiUJ Milsm .Wall '"Mart .BUi
Ramsey, Walnut; Ray Justice
- Cieek; Ben..Gahsgan," Wa!
a- Shelton, Laurel; Tomsni
; ,pot Springs. .
C ' 'i Finer ; .
' . - v- .. ,
' r Zrtx "
A r :n" t f the new Steering
-"'!?:; s Finer Carolina Ptw
i t ' 'rirsjs was hel Fri
. i o t' 9 home of Mrs. J. B.
for tl
yr were
According to Ralph W. Ramsey,
county ASC office manager, March
15 has been estahjished as the closing
date whereby farmers Interested in
securing official premeasurement
of their 19&6 tobacco acreage could
make application for such service,
Ramsey said that many farmers in
terested in this service let the dead-
,'ne for filing pass each year and
en make inquiry concerning such
'.rvice. The cost for tbjs service to
te farmer is the larger of $5.00 per
arm or $2.00 pr acre which amounts
j only a fraction of the expense
' xne, farmer 'go to each year , when
ejr loose labor, fertiliseri time and
nd by esceedlng their ' ejuota and
Ispose of the excess acreage.
' It is anticipated that premessure
vent vork will begin as soon as
joducers are notified of their 1066
evised . acreage qnota,.-, .
In enclosioa Ramsey stated' that
ill farmers who 'wish to have their
.366 acreage cfficiaUy preraeasnr-
ad and staked out,' should place their
applications 'immediately with v the
ASC office in MarshalL ' " . : ,
j i
Plans Completed For 1956
Campaign; Chairman
W. W. Candler Principal
Speaker; iOther Officials
I, jNanied
New .officers were, elected Satur
day at the biennial convention of
the Madison County Republican par
ty here in the Courthouse.
CalyurB. Edney of Marshall,
ohaMrman of the GOP executive com
mittee, presided at the session attend
sf" py approxhnatelv Si00 persons.
Ilrinchial .! speaker' was W. W
Candler' at Leicester ho said that
that "GOP had inhttited national
farm problems from we Democratic
Various,', committees were elected,
R. Spencer Rice of Flag Pond, Tenn.,
RFP 1, and Jobie R. Henderson of
Hot Springs were named members of
the state GOP executive committee.
Th group also endorsed C. L
Rudisill Sr., of Marshall, as a dele
gate to the national convention in
San Francisco, Calif. .
County convention officers elected
included :
Clyde M. Roberts of Marshall,
chairman of the county GOP execu
tive committee, succeeding Edney;
William V. Farmer of Marshall, vice
chairman; Mrs. R. B. Ramsey of
Walnut, vice chairman; Kenneth
Silver of Marshall, secretary; and
Mrs. Roland Ramsey of Marshall,
Calvin IL Edney SqccBcb To
Heart flifco!i flerff Dociy
Funeral Today at Mara Hill;
is.. r i .
tt mu iinyunui SO
Lowcill, Hast.
- r:. r
The hood of Jo-
cr sc
Calvin R. Edney, 67. a former
state senator and prominent 'Mar
shall attorney, died Tuesday,' March
6, 1956, at 9 p. m. in his. boms here.
: He succumbed suddenly to a heart
attacjc ' ti- - '
Edney-was succeeded; last Satur
day by Glyde M.-Roberts -as chair
man of tht Madison County Repub
lican Executive kmaitUiMyit-
'Ee had been ill for several weeks
prior to his death 1ut had.been able
for the past two weeks te be at hit
office, on his farm, and to teach a
Sunday School last. W,1.
7.' "y ' forneriy taught s' st ". tv
C T 'i-l': -ta Cc! '.-, , J"-
T -a,'' ail it I '.:':'::..('
"y ii a' i r
of the public welfare department in
Madison County, and had been active
In Republican party circles for a
nutnber of years on the district and
sUte levels. , -
He was deacon of the Marshall
First Baptist Church, where ha had
taught the Whltehnrst. Bible Oass
foft many years. , . . "j ' t "
Edney Jad served twice as state
senator from the former 80th sena
torial district, representing Avery,
Madison, Mitchell, and. Yancy coun
ties, and was a f irmer Federal Land
Bank field 'repi-.rnutita,';v.5v 5
Ee was 'a WvtlJ War -T veteran,
serving as a 't : nt withthe U.
Employers and employees will be
glad to see next Wednesday after
noon arrive because it will be on
this date that most of Marshall's
stores will" start closing each Wed
nedajr . afternoon throughout the
summer, until October 17.
Shoppers are reminded to "stock,
up", on Tuesdays and Wednesday
mornings.. " i;
The half-day holiday gives ; the
employers and employees an oppor
tunity to "get out" from under the
regular grind and work in. gardens,
yards, homes and to enjoy outfngs,
fishing and picnics. ;
LCS .ACuSiT.''
John M. Metcalf, 4$, of the Middle
Fork section of Madison "County, was
killed iast,tntly,TTe-' I'srch
7, ic:3, v ' -i a log r 1 til at
Mrs. Fred O. Tilson is chairmaa
for Madison County for the Ameri
can Red Cross 1950 campaign with
Rev. R. N. Barefoot serving as Co-
chairman. The Mars Hill drive is
headed ly Adam Dycus, assisted by
The Woman's Club with Miss Irene
Olive and Mrs. S. W. Vance aa
chairmen, The Civitan Club, and
Mars Hill Collee-e with Dr. Robert
Holt and M. H. Kendall as chairmen.
Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Hogan will
head the drive for members and
funds, assisted by Mrs. J. B. Tweed
at Hot Springs.
Mrs. Ezra Burnette is chairmaa
of the drive for Walnut.
Mrs. Tilson and Mr. Barefoot wiU
be in charge of the Marshall drive
assisted by Mrs. J. O. Corbett, Mrs.
Jimmy Sprinkle, Mrs. James Baley,
Jr., Mrs. Allen Duckett, Mrs Craig
Rudisill, Jr., and Mrs. Walter Ram
sey, Mrs. A. J. Ramsey, Home Dem
onstration Clubs and Mr. Alonze
Dennis and Mrs. Peggy Dotterer,
rural communities. Mrs. C. D. Bow
man has accepted chairmanship ef
Nursing Services for Madison County
which includes all Red Cross volun
teer nursing activities. Assisting
Mrs. Bowman will be Mrs. Edwia
Mashburn, Mrs. James Baley Jt,
Mrs. Leonard Baker and Mrs, Alias
Dr. W. A. Sams will be 1966 Bleed
Program chairman assisted by Miss
Virginia Hart, chairman for Mara
Hill College.
Mr. Glenn Painter will be water
saa'ety chairman with Mrs. A. M.
McElyea serving as co-chairman.
Mrs. . George Shiipe is T
chairman. 1
Mrs. Hilliard Teague is chairmaa
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& ' 1
Office In!
Courthouse To
Close Wed. Afternoons
It was announced here today that
beginning next Wednesday after
noon, March 14, offices in the court
house will be closed each Wednesday
afternoon during the summer month?.
This schedule was adopted along
with the stores in Marshall who be
gin the half-day holiday next Wednesday.
Sunday School '
Study Courses
To Be In County
T 1 ,
i I '
On March 12-16 there will be a
Sunday School study course at the
Gnon Baptist Church and the Chapel
Hill Baptist Church for all people
of those areas.
On March 19-23, the same study
course will be held at Forks of Ivy
Baptist Church and Laurel Chapel
Baptist Church for people of these
Some of the best qualified teach
ers in western North Carolina have
been secured to held these courses.
All churches in the. French BroaA
and Newfound Associations are ia
vited toattend:
"May we all dedicate, ourselves to
these important study, courses in or
der that w might have more efficient
Sunday Schools,. Wade Huey. S. 8.
Associational' Supt stated. '
iZO, 1.7.1 154' t
i5 i
i One of , the fint c9i
horned and t 1 r
ford cattle will is
first annual' C;ric ? ,
Snsored by t'. e
Ctroliha "Harefoil ."
..Tie ss'af .v"! I '
t" i ef r . :
S. Amy r- ' i in ini3 ad 153.
r ' .""Hrri it
he v
1.' i t

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