North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. 62
NO. 1
$.1.1(1 A Year In Madison & Adjoining Counties
$4.IM) A Year Outside These Counties
Breakins At Hot Springs
Mar Christmas Holidays
More Than $1,500.00 Taken
In Merchandise Last
Friday Night
A rash of break ins in and near'
Springs dining the Christ
inas holidays caused the usually
1 1 1 1 1 L and peaceful citizens and
officers of Hot Springs great con
i ein during the past few nights
i Police Chief I.eroy .Johnson and
Sheriff K. V. I'onder described
c rash of break-ins as the
corst ever experienced in the
unty in such a short spun."
The first hreakin occurred ear
ly Wednesday morning, Decembei
2l when the Mountain Park 1'har
it: a cy was entered and a safe was
lipped operj about 4:3(1 a. in
According to Chief Johnson, K
W. I'onder, who resides in an ad
loining building to the drug stop",
was awakened by noises coining
I coin the di ng stoic I'oniler dot
is! t be drug stoic and by so do
mg, 'I is thought that tin parties
who bioke in!,, the drug spin
were frightened away by the ring
ing of the telephone
II was later disco, . red that thi
thieves had ripped open a sa
hut nothing v:i in is.-i i ;g from the
afo or tlie ii ug 1 ,,i c I'lnrf
I, dm on notified Shei iff I'onder
: : i -1 I lie 1 1 1 v e -! i a t io ( i i i n 1 i i; ,
ii i v el. I, ai lo hax e been
ist Page)
Fre.-?ck E. Boss, assistant,
county agent, gays few farmers
realize thu importance of salt in
the diet of their animals. All an
imals on the farm should have
have access to free choice salt.
Adequate salt could prevent ma
ny cattle and sheep losses to pois
onous weeds. Most livestock
would avoid these plants as, long
as they have enough salt, hut if
traded hv the sham, or saltv.
te or tnese plants.
Findings of scientists at Purdue
('Diversity show the importance
of salt as a feed saver. They
found that a dollar's worth of
salt saved $478.00 worth of feed
Salt and good fresh water free
choice, will put the cheapest gams
on our livestock of any other feed
we have available.
1111,11 COS'I
of retaliation and re
ilwavs a lihility, novel'
cnge are
an asset.
CP SETS 1963
The Madison County ASC com
mittee, in their meeting on Dec.
LIT, made certain determinations
regarding the 19f3 Agricultural
Conservation Program, according
to Ralph W. Ramsey, manager of
the Madison County ASCS office.
One of these determinations was
the date for conducting the initial
sign-up under the 1063 program
It was determined that the sign
up would hegin on Monday, Jan
21 and contiuue through Jan. 31
Farmers who sign up during this
period will be given priority over
cither farmers in their approvals,
therefore it is urgent that farm
ers contact the office between
January 21 and February 1 and
make application for assistance
in establishing practices most
needed on their farms in 1963.
In conclusion, Mr. Ramsey stat
ed that details of the sign-up, -long
with a list of practices arail
able to farmers in Madison Coun
ty would be mailed to farmers
prior to the beginning of the
The .1 anna i y meet i ng of t h e
: M :l" 1 '"" ounly Women s nemo
i era 1 " I'ai'ty will he he'd Wednes
day night, January
house at 7:311 o'clock. The date
change was due to so many has
ketball games scheduled m t be
county Twos, lav night
Zen,, I'onder will discuss the
party' - vi, tory in November and
a social get together will be held
nl the Ci ill following the meet mg
lo celebrate the November vie
All uiembe! s arc urged to
Bowl Games Are
Interrupted By
Brush Fire Here
M., t fn em. n. glued lo lie I
1 ; i
' .
, ! w at hum a h,,
T i, la all. II u
, , lis 1 .i Ileal 1
i Mi a., i Mi i: a
a l-l . I'i.e Ihleateo, ,
ii. , 1 1 c k I y
blaze was
witn tmti
Landowners of Madis.
ly, who do not have t he lime t o
closely manage iritei pi on
their land, may receive a profit
able income by planting- Christ
mas trees. The state nursery has
available four year old Fraier
Kir seedlings fill $0,1.(10 per thous
and. KiaiiT Fit is iceoinmendc.1
as a most desirable specie because
of its noodle holding capacity, do
sirable color, and outstanding aro
ma. The only drawback to this
specie is that it does the best at
altitudes of 2100 feet and higher.
.Although we have had some sue
e ess f ill plantations at lower alii
ludes on Northeast exposures.
The big advantage of Christmas
trees over the forest interprizes
is that you get a payday in about
seven years. Not only is there a
good mai ket for cut t rocs, b u t
many of the men who have plant
ed these trees have found a good
market for ball and bin lapped
( t rocs t hat have been dug up and
the i. ,,(; ball inca ed in bill lap)
I ,. r no in I a n,l ca pin g. This p rac
ice II dally shortens the n 11 lllhel
of . a i I .. harvc ! .
minimum amount , ,f dialing',
cent 1 needed fo ('In i in ,,
1 1 s. A I'i. e Hie plan' :ng op. i a
tlol, ether thai! Keeping ,.,. :
plant from ha.lui.' . ! i i
lab.,, f ,,' abed! line, Veal
the f,,,,,, ve.-ll III. 1 ,.uld 1. ,
until hurvi
, Anyone , I ,
me inn ctia
.. contact th
! Christmas t roes
lings or hi o ,
tv agents offiei
During This First Week Of
Let Us Resolve To
Promote And Work Together
For A
More Progressive County
You Willing To Do Your Part?
More Conservation
Mills Manufacturing Corp.
Expcted To Start Here Soon
F. E. Boss, assistant county
agents, reports 3hat a beef cut
ting demonstrstiflB- on "how to cut
a beef cercaSB tip for home free?,
ing" will be held at the UFA
Building, January 17 at 10 a. m
Mr. John Christian, Food Process
ing Specialist irom State College,
will give the demonstration; be
will discuss the various cuts, how
to prepare and wrap for storage.
The public is invited.
Firemen's Auxiliary
To Meet Tuesday
TheTPiremen's Auxiliary of tin
Marshall Volunteer Fire Depart
meet, will meet Tuesday evening
at K o'clock in the American
Legion hall.
All members pre urged to at
Know today what you plan to
i tomorrow it's only the finish
I product that counts.
Increases In Postal
Rates Start Monday
Series F and II Savings Pond
ales in .North Carolina for I In
month of November amounted P
.'1,7W,!!!, which is nearly I '
below No ember sale of Idol
( mm
Sax a iig;-
111 the Sis'
,() l!bll XXel.
I,- than 1
Janna ry -Nox
cits.:; i ii. Tin
low sales f,
nod of IPC,
Mad ison County wen- $.1,11 ,."
according to ( . I.. Kmli ill -1 1
Madison County Volunteer Sav
ings Pond Chairman. For th,
year Pond sales totaled $ 1 ::s.l).1'J
which is HI. IP; of the County's
(piota for the year.
4 4
Development of
Natural Resources
Minimum Size Of Envelopes
Are Als oChanged
For Mailing
The I Idled Stat
I lepartim id ha i
tatting next Mom
I !;:;, po .tal rates
Culled States will
The new po lal I
h i, 1 , i , h t'e
Pool OfflC,
nnounied that
ay, January 7,
tbrougho it the
Air M.
Will Produce Parachutes,
Components, Building
Now Ready
A uhsidiaiy of Milk- AJanufae
! ui ng I 'in p,d at en, located on t he
. ax eix lib' Highway ileal he
villi-, i , sped, ,1 t,, tail opera
I o.l la I. in the Ileal I III lire The
Mai hall plant i ... aled on the
..utli ide ,,f th. French
I .' 1 1 , i opp.. it. i he husine , 1 1
lii,1 in the building general y it
mn, I, ,1 a- the 'Cotton M.ll Build
tins tin i Id mg was la-,
e. S..i en , a limit Wood
pa t
ral month
the I
ig road
been 1
eady (Ii
l 1 I Is I''
! i t: ui' i;u adiiiti
( U t JUiHTtt .
1 1 a i n i n pr of cinpl
H'jjin in a laiyt'
the first fl, -
The very finest and most ex
acting in textile fabrication '?
customary at Mills Mfg. Corpora
tion. Experience since 1935 in
manufacturing textile products for
specialized military and commer
cial use has resulted ' a well-
j sEhs and practical k..wj..!opp'1
I ne exact, uaic oi mc d,. , w
the training period is expected to
be announced in a few days
Needless to say, th . itizens ot
Marshall and Madis' . -untx a',
most anxious to ..pond im ,
begin and the a M lis
Manufacturing Coi i cer
tain to elevate the spn o i and
around Marshall.
lielow is published a list of per
sons giving $,1.0(1 or mole to the
American Red Cross Drive now
underway in Madison County:
Marshall Chapter Eastern Star
Sprinkle-Shelton Cm
Fred O. Tilson
Mrs. 0. A. Cregory
Service Motor Sales, In,'
Roberts Pharmacy
Vena C. Davis
Dr. W. A. Sams
Carolina Beauty Salon
Nationwide Insurance Co.
State Farm Insurance
Mrs. S. H. Roberts
Dr. J. L. McElroy
Cody Motor Sales
Howard Payne
William V. Farmer
.lack Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Story
H. V. Fisher
A. S. Hadacek
Neill Ross
Bob Coray
,Ioc King
Dr. and Mrs. Hoyt Blackwell
Miss Eva Brewer
Mrs. Margaret Bridges
M. H. Kendall
Mary C. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McLeod
Frances M. Snelson
Mrs. Julia Tilson
Ron Sprinkle
Mrs. George B. Shupe
Harry Silver
Marshall Firemen's Auxiliary
Mrs. J. J. Ramsey
Boyce Mayhew
Joe Eads

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