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    AIM by too wemw of Dna tko
tw Ckokw of Cmuwtm did Us
nt |«k Tn—Hay itunMi ta 11
U that U|MI v«U for Ma ;
h« It —tortafrood too four
any Ma of to· Md artiDary
to too baarta of
to itai· tki
*u t wilto·· tklif to too
too. H fa M
Wy ok tat| m pe—rittod to —joy t
*»—■. aad vkoa *00 of toe fair**
taaaof fee Old K«rti>
Hto toooo bo
• totck of Doaa
toUty H en· tod wfcbia tWir
• npid for too ton that win
cfc Αμμ Ma tn
8e. ud «nrliaf «in,
1 -««te* M mi farrwcU ;
The -Joy «f wkicfc 70· p«
Wttkln MT n3 *all <Hr«U;
Aa4 U. forr*tf»U I m w<
W"· XiF** ekMMeei —** ■*
—Mali· U Bellat»a, ia Tfc· N«w
Yatk —
EtM«ocm Lw
. D. C—Proof that Ik·
peaflo of the coaatry favor adoption
of O· coveaant of tkt Lean* of Na
tion* ui the ratiBcatioo of the treaty
ta the fan· In which both war· *ub
■M*4 ta the Β «oat, by the Preiidant
1* farairiwd in mail received by 9en
aton oa either «Ma af tha yj*eH«a
It a · trnalm amont lecialatera
that ofoaltloa to a ay ata or ·»·ιι·
le alwayi mora vigorous and peniateat
tlnn advocacy; that thoaa who l|U
■ptul ara luaally aura rateauao*
than thoae who for · Croat ρ rep
osition like Um Latin of Natioaa.
Cvaa Senator» who have tfvml
— - " In the attempt to
or defeat the treaty and crip
ple tha Lancae of Nntlaae are recetv
I»* very few ccamonientioaa from
their cenatitnanta or ether panona
ta BI|t them ta farther effort*. They
admit that there le nothiac Ilka the
reapoaae they had espoctod from tho
•liaiali which baι■ bean Hfartad
aa working for rejection of tha
treaty aad tha liagye.
In tha earliar «tara» of the battla
égalant the treaty. Ben*teHal oppon
ent* were the tan*U of ataay teie
1 aad Utter* l»«p trine thoia ta
ma their oppeaMonToat theae
aa the resait of two er throe
of interest beraiue tea· vio
lent aad laee' freinant, until within
the laat two month* the Senatorial
Mil ha* broaght relatively few it
msads far the obatrnctioa or defeat
af the Laagae.
Senators af lone «xperienoe paint
ont «hat thla comparative tUeace on
tha put of thoae wba at Int lanl
faated enmity to tha I a«t· iodleatae
that they have formken the vim that
it waa 'detrimental to America aad
Aaariaa rights arJ - - ——
maul, and that it BUM a réitérai
that the treatyaadthe
Wealth* Oil···. Hu Nml Trip
From TU. U· te Nul.
Tkn mi a pretty ewtoo uiobc
aoaaa at the emtio at» *lm a promi
nent cHisca died, to Mod hi» vaict
along with kin on tka road to Para
diaa, and It vu oftentimes n»rnamry
to lout to eili nai amthode to in
m Uba company for tko departed.
Bat fat tka territory of the China
Amortcan Trading Company, Ford
daalar· ia Tleatefav, China, they have
■ΗΝ·! a mtxh hotter aid to the
deeeaaad orer tko roach place· on
the trip to the Prfind Land.
It b a «doe of the CUmee to
barn varie·· kiada of «Ogiaa ad the
Imiil nrimialao of (he rich, tfao
am »·Μφ the departed the mora
elaborate tko flrurea horned over Ui
fttft. Theee eBcies repreaeat ovary
of thfaw raeh a* hnaaaa fl«
1 chain, table·
«te. The fiftiree
to eotae of theee
faahiona, bat at the fan
Mr. Li, who died s dbort
an hi Tientafu. aad who wu
wealthy au, the bore·red
atdid themaelve· aad amde an
Imita tie· of the deoeaaed aeatleman'·
Ford car te bo b—ad at Ma pm.
Tbh Ford eflgy waa made entirely
·~" ftretehed oo
waa complete In every dotai., the
>»·1ι aeenratoly aWed. aad ail
made of pmer aad bamboo. The
Interior of the car wae alao aemMi
«■ detail. being earofaHj apholatrred
•J N»w. .The efl0 of the driver aa
TUa ia the drat time a motor ear
m been barnod at the «rave of a
Mr» N. A. Towmeod ii Elected
Prwidint N«»t MMtini
N0**mb«r 7.
Tha Mother»' Club held it· iveond
■nKinc ahKi· iU oiganiiation lart
Friday afternoon al the home of Mr*.
J. Kafaa Smith. The rabjcct fur the
wa«: "Com·, tot tu live
with the children." Number* on the
program war* "What conathuta· a
Modem mother," by Hit. Paul Hood;
"The calf path," by Mr*. Robert L.
Wirrm; •"She W*J a phantom of de
light," b* Mr*. J. Lloyd Wade; "Mar
rtjfti" ay Mr*. John W. Diauyhon;
"The colltn woman," by Mr*. John
W TWitos.
The meeting clotcd with a xinr,
"Speak Gently," toii| by the entire
Mr*. N. A. Towntend «u «lortint
prcflldont of the club and Mr*. Rofna
tkaith, newUn. The*· ϋΓίο·> w<rc
previously Med by Mr*, l^-c J. BcM
aad Mr*. Ernest i. Jeffrey»*, both of
wfcon rraiened.
Th« next m retina will be held with
Mr·. J. Lloyd W*de on November 7.
A. D. Γ.Kb «pent lut weak in Ral
WUUe L. William· of Wade Wrttod
friend» her* Sunday afternoon.
Kn Piirt Runlxeu of Aniricr apent
Monday with her lirter lira. R O.
Stewart «
Okrr Keen, student of King's Br
•iaesa t'olloire. Raleigh, «pant the
week end with hi* parent* Mr. and
Mm. J. G. Keen
Miiar* Caro and Ida Coat* and
Blanche Graham were the pueelr of
Dr. and Mr*. C. R. Younir at Anjriar
Γ T. D WJlittantoa and L. L. Jonc»
made a business trip to B«n*on Tru-a
D. M. Dodaon of OranR-c eonnty
taa located here.
I Mn Iecy hidgerton ia viaiting rel
atlvea at Micro thi« week.
Braxton Byrd of Dunn and Featus
Byrd af Bonnlevcl were visitor» here
Sunday afternoon.
W» are very glad to Me J. T. Cl*rk
out ajratn. He na» keen airk for srv
eral day*.
W. J. Stewart made a bn*ina»a trip
to Raleigh Monday.
Mia· EUa Boekwlth returned to her
home in Kart Durham Saturday after
apending aaveral day· with her moth
er, Mra. B. S. Cîilmor*.
Guy Btawnrt and loiter Lonjfdon
gant Sunday with friends at Buie'a
Ayden Byrd of Benron wai in town
Mi« Mamie Smith of Washington,
D. C. wu a viaitor here laat week.
Joacph Ed (re rt on of Micro m In town
for a few daya.
Daniel Stewart and R. N. McCaJl
returned Sunday to Raleigh when
they ara attending school at the State
Mrv J. F. Parriah and Mias laura
Parriih spent Monday in Dunn ohop
1. K. Denning and daughter Her
nie, and Miaavs Ethel and Mary Ste
* mi-mi ι -
·· ; r · fr' •jefl.'V'.Uo nn<·
· * l.'t>Vv
ι tf tirl· ··.!»
• * ν·*ι '*.»· <
• » Κ ■ ι .· i1; ft/fki. j«i
|.i < ...· ·">&».
·: R'.ch>m>r>l. '.'u
■ · H"·;· *V w;j>
·' ·. n.'il f'j · If·.*
ι. ι n'ajf in Ibiin pi.··!··
·> · ■ r. ^t ·ν ill . '*·
. lU JC^ I. it h ·
• :> ί ·.
·. C V>L Tti'iu of IMt.b jiç-l·
Τ··. . "i'î Vsilt Sti-waii. «·< 11 nui
::··1 a* th.* !:on»< ··( R<». ·!. A. Camp
'«•Il :.»· ι V.Y«'.n«»<l;y <>et. 22.
t:.·. Mr.t* Vr-:. Y*. M. Keen and WIji
Λιΐιιΐ·· Κ<·; ρ tnd A. R. Byrt *p«-nt a
'»*■ h«ui'< In Dunn Suoday eremlng.
S·*: "·>«».' of OviM'Uif, M*n*»r
xinal, Clrcvlallo·, Et*. Rt^uirf^
fc» Ket of CDUT** «f Au
|U1( XÂ, 1912,
Of the Dunn Diapfctch, publi«h«l
w· Λίν <Λ Dunn. Ν C. Cot October 1
Stat* of North Oa-olloa.
Coci iy of Harnvt.i.
L'-fore tar. ε miUnr public in ami
.for th· county uπd State aforesaid
pireoitTilly appcsrrvt L. Bu.cbee Pop»
who, ha ν .ig been duly sworn ae-ord
iiur to l««, ili-poMB and eayaithat h«
the oF'i« of the Dunn Di*patch.
η~<l that th* following in, to ϋι* beat
of hit kr.owlrdgo and belief, a true
•tai ι mar.l of th· ownenhip. mara*<
rwent etc. nf (hi aforesaid public·
tien for the date shown in the above
cnptioi:, rvquir·»! by the act of Au*,
2t. 1H12, embodied In tcction 443
l'oitti Lawa and Regulations : .
'I'liat Uv namce and addrvaa·» o1
the riibhahe·-, odltor managing editoi
urd hibini>> manager» arte
L. it.nbee Pop·, Thnin, N. C. Ryror
i'oid. Dunn, N. C. That th· owner i·
L. P.u. l*c Pope, Duno. N. C.
That Ihe known bondholder», mort·
Cagrr» and other «ecurfty Jialden
owning cr holding 1 P*r cent or morr
of total amount of bondi, mortgages
or ether wruritica ar«; (None.)
S'vo-n »a and •nibacrtbed beforo thli
Ιβι.Ί day of Oct 1919..
>'y cnmaleicn e xpire· Oct. 28 r«
C. Η. Λι..^·' Notary Public
My comtaiietiou exflirea Oct. 23. 1019
Wmtf fmm UmOf «M· mmé»r
wêÊ6i elteÉvfo
"· "Wjm."*—'
α Γ
±·τ.· ..
Ψ1\'* τ %%
ÛUii · ) ^ ·
^ 0ί^"Λ*:
S:«o4ar<* < V*. ?·■<·« ν .
—·* U.M.; Ι- ν . .....
m »« U*r— ·*«>■ ·* 4 t ^ ■
*r/. I,.x i.'4 ·- l ·!··■ -
jK&'V.·· Λ"', Y
V IS »
».· .11.
For Sale by
American Gentleman Shoes
Widths Β- UF.. Sim. 5-11
Men'· Shoe» $4 50 to $10.S0
American Ijidy SSm· fnr woman
Width· A-F. Sizes 2 1-2—A
Ladies Shoes $3-80 to «12.50
tar Children
Try mar «II leather shoes to,· service and economy.
Geo. E. Prince and .Son
for men
3·Μ and R«commen<Ud by
A he Things
You Want
Our buyers have searched the markets of the country
to get into our store the big array of goods we are now
displaying for your approval. These goods were hard to
get. But we knew you wanted the best things the market
get. But we knew you wanted the best things the markets
afforded—so they are here. The stock includes
Suits and Coat Suit* for Misses and Women, Suits, Over
coats, Shoes and Hats for Boys, Young Men and
Men, Millinery, Dress Goods,
You must see this hig display. Everything in it will
interest you. Prices have been held down as low as we
could possibly hold them, and our sales forces will always
welcome an opportunity to serve you.
Sheet Metal Work
We will be glad to furnish estimates on any work in
our line. All contracts filled promptly and efficiently by
expert workmen. Place your orders now.
J. E. COLE Jr.
222 East Broad. Phone 276
I wiH be in my offlee from nini
to twelve each day until No·
' vcmber 1 to receive your taxes
Pay Now
tav· rfiiconnt
You Ket one per ccnt off for
payment thia month. Next
month you will have to pay par.
notice or HAi.r. or valuable
Undar and by virtue of an order
of Uw· Superior C'oort of Ham»U
(iennly, ma da hi tk« Special Procfo
dlrc·, entitled, Ίο ro Η Β. Tart
iraanllan ef Bad Tan lima tic, it ill
o* parle, the am' Mue Namber
iMf OB the Spar la I Proceedin«* doe
krt of Bid Coart. tha andar«Hr>ed
commie* ton, wfll oa tha 4th day ot
DeeMabar, ltl·, at 18 O'clock M la
front of the premU*< hereinafter ia
prrfbad offer far aala to tha hi*h«a*
bidder far cajh, a certain lot or par
cal of land eitaatad la tha town of
Dana, M. C. end atere particularly
deetrlaed aa fellows, eta.
Bein« lot No. II la Moek "R" la
I ha Dhrlaéoo of raatdent lat No. · la
Mack "R" la th. piaa of tha town of
Du*. N. C.
ThU tha îtth da* of October !·!·.
L. L LCVftlsON, Cam.
TiaMetfaOe: Daeenber 4th, 1*1*
>« oVlo.k M.
I'lacr of «aie : In front of l«t It
Ιί»»". N. C.
Tin·* of mIc: tuh
By virtue Of the term» of lK rnort.
Wf·' drod ciHatrd by Y. f, Tart
a*4 wtfo, to K. M P^rnell. and rc^t
In Book lit, Γβββ ill. Krortli
•I Ilamrtt Conntjr, »Mch *ald mort
*·** d«r4 hat b^»· <lely t.-«n«f»»r»d
«ο M. «. Taylor. ih· unVrWitunl,
•f Piaraall Mortgair<;'\ *"« Β. Β
Taylor, Atoian·· of MnrtKairw, will
·" Mrnday, Th-rrmhCT t. 1910, «I
It o'tWk M ■< tH* Coefth.»··,
fx»*, m LMtn«1en. M. C., wtl al
pohlie awtion ta tS· bl«fcc«t bUld»r
for rarti, the foltewlnff dojcrlbi*
landi in Harnett County, North
Carolina, to-wit:
Beginning at T. P. Tart'» and B.
M. Pea nail'· comer In the road m4«t
a ditch brldn, and nmi a* their H»e
and aa the ditch B. 14 1-1 I. 10.40
chaîna to tkolr corner la the crook
of the ditch, Hra. J. W. LaM'a Un»;
thrnce a· h«r II·· and R. M. PeanaN*a
line along the ditch Ν. It M l '
chaîna to the craai ditch, «car a P*n« ;
thence aa another ditch N. « 1-t W.
12 70 (Mil·· to a corner hi the ra*dj
c ho nee aa the read N. Tt 1-t W. 4 40
chaîna·; thane· Ν. M 1-4 W. I 1-t
chain· to th· beginning, containing
•I* acre·, more or leaa
Thi. the 2tth day et October, ltlt.
It *. PEABBALL, HeiW·.
A■%»<·· of Mimnn
ΜΜ Ι Φ Η444
the Leather
*■ *
KeepYour Shoes Neat
.wMirc.TAH ΑΝοσ»ηοοο

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