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Β. 4L. mtMBEKS
Matt* Third Payment Prompt
ly And Many New On·*
Loan· To Three Subscriber·
Approved By Board and
Building To Start Sooo—Se»·
eral Otbera R»in| Consider
ed—Much Interest Shown
By Community.
With coruiduiubly «ver 2,000
share* actually in force snU many
more Mibicribeil, the Dunn ButlJlng
iv>d I.nsn Auoelstion hid* fuir to at·
tsin the dctirod (toil of 8,000 wittiln
the η «it month or <u>, according to
Eugene T. Lee, secretary and tr»s«
Yesterday and Saturday marked
the third collection period since tit·
organization of the muociaUoa on
t —- - Ο *»— · · - *
felly up to th·· mark expvcUd Many
who had uibtcrtbed for rtoek earlier
in the montN, bat to whom It had not
he, η l>«m*d, raaie In yr>ii.rJ^y and
paid op Many more ar* exported
during the week.
I.oano to Uirey eubicriKjrt hare
Jiv'ii approved by the dl*sctir> and
bp made as »oon a* deed·. the
riop*rty gpon which new h mt" an
te be built are approved by the at
torney*. The loan· will te made to
Jcjm M. W>l<oii, David M. Pearnll
and Joseph J. Stephenson, all of
whom «UI build immediately. OtW
application» for loan» art- being In
vestigated and probably «HI ba ap
proved «ithin th» next week or (we.
Κ ia thought that subscriber* eaa
begin building at Ireet ύ new
homes within the acre two month*,
^aiaaa only ioatallmeau of the loan·
given aa the work on the build
progreesna. All of thaaa home*
b« computed and paid for he
ard there i· no doubt that all
ne who desire to build home·
the building and loan plan
member! eWiin a abort
With the present membenhip
it will be poulbie to build five fl.·
000 home* «vary four month* for the
next tlx and a half year*, at the ex
piration of which time all of thie se·
rwi of stock will have beta paid op.
Under the syttrm members pay (( a
week ο» stock which will entitle them
to a $2,000 loan. AAer they havs
paid for six and a half yean, the
total indebted»·as- ia retired and the
horn* Li free from incumbrance.
Using that new homes sttract
people, merchants and other
business men have subscribed largely
of the atock and probably will not
quire loam. Contractor*. - lumber
manufacturers and building supply
men, alee, are supporting the asso
ciation nicely.
F»lr Oat of Fît· Car· A»d Truck·
Said Sine· IMi Still III
The «> millionth Modal T" Ford
Motor wii produecd May 18th, in
the Ford Faetory »t Detroit. In other
word/·, from the time back In 1008
whan the Ford Motor Company bo
Kan marVetiag the now famotii Mod
del "T" Motor Car antil May 18th,
1922, a total of aix million Ford
Car» and Trucks have been produced.
Oat of thia toul 5,617,94β war· de
livered to purchasers in the United
State* alone, and according to the
latest statistics. 4,478,848 of theee
Fonl Can and Truck* are sUll ia
dally service.
Thus ,it will be «va that oat of
• very five Ford car» and track* Mid
to retail purchaser* In the United
Mat·-· a Ion· during the paat fourteen
years, four are atlll la actual daily
u*e, which I* really remarkable when
the hard service of commercial ear*
« taken la to eotisidention. This
s<wm« ta forcibly confirm the popu
lar knowledge of the longevity of
Ford ear*.
That Ford prodoeta bave been
q*lie evenly «liatrHmled thro«gfco«t
the United State· ie barn* eat by the
fact that threogh the sparsely settled
"aiOTuItte* ia Uia we*t to tba dense
ly populate.! cilié» in the East, prac
tically the «ama ratio of Fard can
and track· to population «data
Ohio lead· with a total «f 2*0,781
Ford Car· and track* In dally «ni
[Illinois seme* second; Pennsylvania
third. Teas· fourth, aad Michigan
fl'th. with · total ml 8*4,0·! Maw
York and Iowa aad California fol
low |« tba order named, each having
-iero than ΙΜ,ΑΜ. Λ IV Db UMTIB
At the regular meeting of the Cor
nelius Harnett Chapter D. Α Β. |
j with Jim H S. McKay, 1 unt Srd, H '
I wan unanimously decided that a (am1
j of money be deposited aa a nucleus I
of a fend to tract a foantaia aa a!
iML-murlal la the world war homes,'
anil that the chapter work toward*
that goal setting aside a portion ofj
: all money mad·, for that purpose-1
The chapter alao voted to make a
contribution to the Corgas Memorial
Fund, and the Near Saat Relief. Tbe
treaeurcr waa Instructed to send
chocks at o»co to thaaa fundi. Re
membering that the D. A. S. It not ι
merely a (octal organisation bat has
aa Its object—"to collect historical
lore and foster the advaaoe of knowl
. edge" the chapter decided to give
I something towards the maintenance
'of aa induatrial school hi Western
"North Carolina. A committee was
1 appointed to look up tbe grates u(
j Revolutionary soldiers and mark
I them.
It was decided that the chapter j
' <liscoatiaue lu meetings until Sep
tember on account of a number oft
the members being oat of town. |
1 For the program Mrs. Nathan
Johnson read "The Asaerican's Creed;
as broadcasted by Ita . author" aad j
Misa Rachael ClUTorU gave a report
of the District meeting la Winston- !
Baiera May Z6th where she weal as a
diUgate from "Cornelias Harnett.",
A very impreaaive memorial service
for Mrs. BaOe Fleming was then cen-|
ducted by the chaplain. Mm. Paul
Hood at which time Mrs. Wade read
a very beautiful tribute to Mrs. Flem
ing and Mis. Hood read aa appro-1
mUU Ι»».!. 1 a. - a a . · ' *
— ~ m — |dv
After a pUiwt aortal bour in
which Mr*. McKay eerred · aalad
coarse and nhta, the mealing ad
Mr. P. K. Hoeerrutt, of VarinnJ
baa takea o*er the hmrMM huitnaae1
feraaarly handled a»d which la nw
being banned by Ϋ. ψ. luftea, <f
VuΙα». Mr. <M«nU it at
bi Dana, NorU
lived than practical)/ all hie Ufe. He'
arma formerly connected with the'
Walter Garley A action Ctaftajr, hat
atrtce acveriag bia conaectioa with
that Απα baa been ia the ineur
anee buaioeaa and located ia Dann. |
Mr. Honeyeatt any* he will bare
officd In betfc Varioa aad Paqaayj
Springe, pnrbakty ia'the bank build
ing. He will do a general insurance
buaineaa, inctading fire, life, ball,'
florin, and in fact a general liae ef,
inaapjice representing a namber mi
well kiywa cempantee. He hope· to'
aaove bia fatally here in the eosrae
of a few western. — Puquaj- Varina .
Weekly. i1
State Convention At HmmIw·1
aonville Jum IB-IS; Prom- '
• a * ■ '
AahavMe, Jqm 11.—The twelfth'
Anna·] conventioa of tha North Car-'
ollna Borera-ttiilathoa Uaion will
b« bald In Hendsraonvills, Jan· 15th
to ltth InclaMso. Marahall Α. Hnd
son, foander af the movement, and
Mr*. Hudson -will attand this «anvan
tlori. H« la a member «f the first Ba- *
race Clan af Srraeuao, N. Y., the | '
Ont Harare claj* area formed. The '
rfaaa i« one of the U||t« feataraa of*,
the Sanriay School. I ,
Dr. Haaiy Clay Morriaoa, plai
dant of Asberry Collate, KenUefcy,
aad editor af the "PentieeeUl Her- <
aid," will take part In the deHbera-; <
tiona af the eaaTantiaa, aad make <
two ar three addrsaaes 11
Other prominent epeakeia of the 1
convention will ba: Dr. Robert J.'
list—··, af the first Baptist eh arch ' ι
of AshrrlUe; fersser Lievtenant Oaw-| |
emor O- Mas Oardner; Mrs. H. M.J l
Fia eh. af Hack y M oast; Mr. C. L. l·
Lost*, af Detroit; Mrs. W. <D. Dp i
■haw, af Qservia, aad others. Mr.) I
Lett is General Division Aspartates- 1
dont of the National Baraea Phlla- I
thea MevsatenL <1
The Kr lancer Baraea band af to|
«en will attaad the convention, and I
srlth tha orehsatra famish fait af _ ι
the mask. Sunday she moon there ' <
will ba a mammoth Sanday School , with A_ B, Mllfcy af Balls-',
Vary, aa Chief Mantel. 11
Tha first Baraia PbftaUisa pe#s- !
ant «tsar gtrea will ba a feats re af 1
tha open in» nl*ht. Thl. pageant srflt I
portray tha atlgla aad erfaataatlon I
of tha meesmiat aad sa*M af Ms aa- ι
ttsHta· . I
he dated raltraad rataa af eM sad
ana-half far· a*n the Identification 1
eanlfteata plaa. Certificate· win ba ■
faralahi* apaa appUaatlaa la tha <
Buta efltaa In <*«Ba. i
Dun. Pe.toAo· Fight End· b
Victory Fer Captain
After Keeping Office Far Ymu
Againat AU Odd·, He Smil
ingly Prepare· To Leare
Couîhm Hoc I· Expected
Within Next Few Day·—
Steed Third On Liât.
After a year'· mctca in hi· effort·
Λ krep thr Jot) of "acting" poitmaa
«r at Dunn, Rd^tr Carl lair Weat la
ibout to be pried looec. The naa>·
if Captain William D. Holland, pre
sidential pr«f>mc· for «he oIBc«, ha*
imb Mt to Ue Benata and probably
rill b« confirmai within the neat
'ew day·. Witli the confirmation,
Captain Holland will breoaa poet
nailer and Mr. Weat will ratera to
he practice of law.
Holland «apporter» have had a
i«rd tine getting Edgar CariUlc'·
ι Id». Many Uaeca tbay thought Uiey
iad bin oatted, but Um tall boy po*·
•ard unueual rceillcncy. He ahraya
>ne bark. Not until month· after
be "civil" ear*Ire, which hatd Cap'n
iollaad to be the likeliest candidate
y reaeon of hla bring tka only Jto
mbllcan who caane eloee enough to
T. La· and lalph Wade to pi into
he running, ware the anti-Waatkai
ble ta get Cap'· Bill'· name peat Dm
ormaley preaidant.
■■τ; cui··· me Μη nao
gainat Mm· of the Roptbllcu ma
ildataa. Men of th»M toi thraahed
«L Cap'n Bill waa foaixi to bo not
ranting la anjr of the quai Km· diw·
d bjr thoae «1m do the appointing,
"her· will be Β· ferther flght, uU
Edgar Carliale «01 yield with aX th·
tmi poorfhl· te om «ko ha· held
U ιβκ agalaat all «oru of κΜι for
Mr. WMt <■ the choi·· of Joha
•et upca liU|n>hlt iaatrurtioaa
rfaich gave th· Democratic incumb
OU Euecive L»e, hardly time to
kick up the account· of tfc« «Se·.
I* entend with a grla. Ht lmu
rlth a amik. Tollowtag his appobu
MM aa th· temporary holder, dvfl
•rrice examination· wen ordered,
«t not until the Republican· had
Mtked over th· Soathcm field and
ound that H would not b· Mi· to
11 ow Urair candidat·· to «liter coa
rata with D—iimata without being
afeguarded by Mac aert of break
rater against which th· Democrat*
light bat their hmdj without das·
cr to the aafefuard.
Poatmaatera war· to be chosen
trough dril aarvl·· ahorn of all ctr
Bty. They were to bo cboacn from
h· Int three name· aa the Uat of
UciblMi Became at kaat two good
lemoeraU atood ahead of Capta in
lollaad, there waa no plac· on the
at la ft for Mr. Weat. Therefore, he
raa «bored Into the diacard.
law PmUnl »f Inducted
fait· one*—c«·». Piw
Triait 7 CaBa>a
Unoir, inn· 11.—C. L. HornuUy
rM formally mad* praaidrot of Da
anport eolloga jMhrfa? Donu»
lunpnn of Statcavlll·, prvaldtnt of
ha board of traataaa, Rer. J. F.
Urk, of flallabury, aearetary, F. C.
Iharriil of Coroolhu and Mr. Hoyla
f Charlotte, a»amb»r« of tb« board
r* tmittw, tofathar with K*r J. B.
àravon, tka prraidaat, wort
im tor Um^K· of admlniatra
la FAru^?thia par Mr. Horn
day wai iImM prraidaat of Daraa
«rt coll·*» by th· boanl of Ua«t««l
0 take ekarga of tfco flnt of Jaao
rhoa Mr. Crave* woald ftnbh «ρ hla
ear Mr. lomdigr was · aaaiber af
ho facalty of Trinity collect where
λ had boon far a boat M year*, aarr
ng both la tho eolUcc and la TrinHy
'ark aehooL
Mr. Caara·, tha retiring preddeat,
• praatding «Mar of tha Charlotte
Hatrlet, aad hu boo· a*Urely tant'
d with thia worfc tinea latt anaaal
«riirian. Hovorir, ba waa ah la *>
oadaat tho affair* at DaTonpert le
ho Int af Jane aioa. Dareeport pot
ato baa grarwa aranderfally aadar
ha aianaçaaiaat af Mr. Cnm, aad
1 ta aayortad ta coatinaa ta grow,
aaraaaa aad develop aadar tha new
τ» nav uv
Mr. Bryan haa aot yet tonveeted
tva ho hU ΐΜητ of «raatiaa. "If ha
ran aiada of arad," aaya ffra, "he'd
attaint? dry op aaaa M .wkile."—
few Tork Trihmo.
With ι
Um Ch
In a
tor* Uat
««a «f t>>#
if Demi
woaJd nftUgaUj
of lh« ;
te eon
• "I
Mr. IAΫ,
kit money
bond· to
al»o one t·
be prmrHrelV |
000 to b«iM
o*«r which
wo«U km ι
the, «Ml
Ν. M.
Ψ. »
mat I
to th«
the probable
{«•linn of I
Willi Mr. Kelt·*
Another plan
made public waa
meeting and mmb
the approval of «S
however, wUI aet be
people *»U1 <U
in veal: gated.
Mr. Kehoe «Meed that Doan not
attempt to opaiato a betel of Mere
than fifty room·
It wo.ld be
to CMMntt
reoma could
for thea aroee.
>M itilyraent time.
mid. w
belli »M
th· km
of "thai t*wn
•hew w>n<«mn ·| at
Thajr laraHaMy a*r M» 1
n—wr to tock ■«**.'t i
OiHitf ten
• few toy Um
r«* tf
.CMriiiDi A· Raaalt Of
WaakLg Aad Ml WWill
I AirtwMbiW Pr^i
Picks Up»
Now York, Jon· 11—Continued la
dicationa ef lnduarrial inynrnuBt,
rien* af a rrnrwed aaalag ta aiaaay
ratra and dWint taatimony «· I*
eray condition* arc tb« feature· In I
b—timi aad finance af tfca put week.
Commodity price· silli aha· a flrm«r
too*, retail trad· la about'what a» ι «ft
be aapocted at thla time of year aad
the labor fitoalica dliwi no decid
ed rhan*· Altogether, tfca pWtarc,
eoaUaaae to be one of gradaal. bat
fulriy ilaady rtcovvry from depraa
aian—a rata»try. In fact, wKlcb an
ttM whole ciceede expectation*
teTtaiaad early in tfec year.
From tha ladaatiial Raid, reccat
reporta ahew that the ited planta ara
■till operating at rata* which' caw
para favorably witi fall capacity op
a rati ana before tke war — wtn If
tkaaa rataa cerreapoad only ta T>
par a*at af praaaat capacity. Steal
pricc* are fina aad mo at of tW aaaa
yaaiaa appear ta be making marie at
profita. Tbe τ alar af building con
tracta kt Jn twenty-a·* ea Korfboai
tara daiA daring May aat a new
high record far all time aad waa aU
ι iVo. *b.
if· dariag 1M4.
Automobile productive daring May I
who· the ateei cwiuIn npMt^.
per Mat pNttr thea la
week a r<*r Η° Order» for railroad
fpulpatnt coat···· to b« placed la
•a tUf artery valante.
Latest report fr*· tke Northvett
Udieate, meanwhile, that the prpa
pofU are (or a good wheat crop.
Prie·· of wheat far future delivery
have, to be Mire, decliacd Aaxplr
ia the laat few week·, hat a liberal
■apply of grata at fair price· la eon·
aidered te hold oat better projtpecta
far general bmin«· than a éoit
crop at U|k prie··.
On thia bade cotton proapect* aie
not to eacoataging. Flood· have
weahed eat important grewlag area·
ia the gaythwtet whOc the mild win
ter aad wet aprfng hav« aided the
boll weevil aad delayed planting.
Farther rain* daring the past week
la many parla of the belt caoaad
aomethlag resembling a crop «care.
Aa a reçoit ρ rire* J α raped ta the
ftigfceat afore laat October the Wading
fntarva crossing it cent·.
Malm fmiM Are Ρι····Ι Is
L»»| lilni >«■■!—Itwn la
OKU KM. irnnl
New York, Juno 11. — A riaient
lt*rn accompanied by Λ if tin* wind·
that reached ■ velocity of M tail··
an hear, took the lhraa of Î4 par
•ana, injured morr than 100 ind
caaad enonaoas property 1m» in the
metropolitan «action lata today.
•iiUra boat·*· win reported
drowned la Lone Ialaad aoarvd daring
the mad «term. Kicfct bodi·· Jut*
keen wwwwi The poHri^hflen at
City hland La Μ·Η ^ftgwdi
trying to Identify tit* dcaC^p.e»k
irnr MlMhtf kla and friend».
HonTHCUrr* wont uoucb I
London, May IK.—Oppoeed to ef-'
farta to rednfr the war·· «* printer)
am Loadwi daily newspapers, Lard
Narthctlfe bai ml|Md from Dm
Newpiftr Prepriileii aeaoetatioa.
II· takaa all Ma aowapapera, laclad
tac Ut· Tie*· and Uie Daily Stall,
with Ua. He ha· let It be known that
that· wiN be ao ridneUana la tha'
«■caa of printer· employed oa Ua
pabUcatJona. Tha aaaaeUU*· waa in-J
rol»«d la the matter; Waa re ha decid
ed U break with it. '
la a itatement a· the «abject Lard
MarthaHffe declare· k· objecta ta cap
italiste, ignorant af Ftaat atreet, die
taUaf tarma ta wan who km «Mt
L >»lr IKraa li))a| ta «adeaataad (ha
^ith the ptmlkli eue option af tern»
•part In Κ jinnwh and a Mbav poMI
catien, h· lay·, a mnilanelra la k«*l»d
rraay ·**·>· London dally arw^apar.
puNuiAi. or nu. a. d. mrm
un Ttiàmr
«lock, the Mjr of
vu tai4 to ran
PloaeaM Platea
BaraaU nuqr. Μα
AWBjr la
May *1. dM My
the old fcMM (or I
of ha,
raralyaU, free
rallied, only U
coming la akrat a week altar Aa '
Farinai aorrteai et ■<—Mal
M·· aad
cdbya large Muakw af
friend», war· haW at the heaae W fcar|
daafktcr «a Tata «tree* te
boro. In. J. ■.
of Waat Market
tent paiter at llu
rather with Bar. W.
ter af the Waatey
dirt church. of
chai«e of tlM ι
barrit, la
la the *
Mn. Byrtl, ta
t« tha tea tela af —
haJ ikaiaatnlaaf her Ufa, mad 4rew,
Chap.1 Hill, J
rrtiag bit af naar* InM oat ia thia
rmainky txlay «h»· it kaoMM
known that W. A. Mi, cblaf owa
•t of the Krwta Catta* nlfc, ia la
to the danar at tha aaw Xpiaaagal
;harrh tha tanatiaeUaai af aAleh «ΟΙ
kagia at an early «lata.
TV· rxaat nauit that wit) ha grr·
ta by Mr. Erwia baa oat haaa daft
aiwly I earned, but it ta to·*· that
Jm DaHflnbo· ariJJ aaaaafattar»
lag company will aaka a gift af at
laaat IM.004 om tha Bpteapal Λ
tMa aw ta ia to the eaMtrvetlaa af
tha eharch Kaeif, rather than tha to·
rMwtib. The iaMlm af tha
pariah h'oaaa. Inn* iinl af
nr by tha
for fro·
Reata ttaaa age tha »lau far Mm·
«troctiea af tha' Mar AMI aa4 af·
tloaa vite anMwncaé. Itfata
that· had baa· tafli af lalaigliiL
nU thtntk, haeara aa tha Oafal af
tha Craaa, bat akaa tha
art y «aa
ebatvh a ad lat th«
Craaa ataad, and near
aaara that Mr. Crwin vlH ba «a
or of tho μ
Tha larboa
H b
ha*» a taltoaéa afM to ι
■aw ««Mart and fee ahagal af 0m!
Craaa, tha latter to to aaad tor I
BtUa Chapel af tha
ι .

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