North Carolina Newspapers

Senator-Elect Inti
mate* Legislative Inves
I’.-fgett Declares That No
• uviic Cuicial Should Bo Al
lowed To Hold Office And
AILliate With Organisation
Whose Member ship and Pur
poses Are Secret.
i News »n«l Observer.)
If Henry A Ora.ljr, judgr/lcet in
tbs Sixth Jii'l.c.aJ il:«t!.rt will neither
• m ■ -iny ii? utt.!ui;'o-> with the
'. i Klux klan, tlw publir «lioukl In
i . - through proper channcla into hie
■ » v. ii » ,(• socret o sanitations,
■ leclarivl John H. LUi^/rtt, senator
elect from Harmtt coanty wbo will
offrr l measure in thr roming ecu.on
ol the General Avembly outlawing all
sunk o:gmnieations from the State
V <-ugh askcil ilally for more than
wri-k» In anrwer th* allegation
marie by Dr. Oarar Haywnotl that he
1* a loailer In the ranks of the In.
tiiihle F.mplrc, Mr. Cnuy has main.
• a ir.Aal ail am a a -w.- —. . g . at .
'••■in that he ;& not yet ready to talk.
Ki r a work or more he wu not avail
able for interview, and since that ke has declined to make any
-tatrmert for publication.
“In my opinion a judge or any
other State officer who hold# mem
bcrihip in a secret order, the pur
pcoo* of wh,ch are kept secret, and
the Identity of whose members is
huMan, should not be permitted to
longue hold office and affiliate with
such an organisation," Mr. B^gett
declares. "I cannot conceive that Mr.
Grady would belong to such an or
ganisation and still ekpeet the people
of North Carolina to support him.”
Indication* of the pact two weeks
with the Idea with which Dr. Oscar
H lywmnl connects him. In the event
one of the first step* Mr. Raggett
will lake, aa a member of the gen
eral Assembly, will probably be reso
lutions calling for an investigation.
Mr. Baggett continues;
"8uch affiliation is not in keeping
with the spirit of our government,
which was founded upon political
freedom and religious liberty. If we
hold to the noble and fundamental
principles enunciated by our forefa
thers—which were founded them
selves upon the teaching of the meek
and lowly Naaarcne—we roust stand
for open and ptiblte enforcement of
the law* of thla country and not for
any clandcatine administration.
Opposes Invisible Empire
”1 yield to no man In my loyalty
or enthusiasm for the enforcement
of the laws of our county, by the
properly constituted authorities, but
I shall always oppose, and I believe
It I* the duty of every good citisen
to oppose any secret or invisible em
pire or orgsmiaation unwilling to di
vulge its membership, its purposes, or
it* ahn* I cannot see how any man
can take an oath to support the high
ideals and purposes of our Constitu
tion and at the same time engage in,
be a party to, aid and abet, or give
Cover to any secret screened, masked
organisation that has no place in this
wide, open, free American govern
ment of r>nr*
No« Benefit te Men
“When a prominent member oI any
»eerel organisation," Mr. Baggett
continue*, "i* ashamed and afraid te
get on hi* feet in public, or to thn
preaa, and relate the fundamental* of
h» Keret order, the purposes for
which It exiata, or divulge the bene
volent acta it hae done and explain It*
piece in eoeictr, then that organisa
tion it not a benefit to man nor to
the community In which It axiatc. It
certainly doe* not appeal to American
ideal* of government.
"The officer, either State or county
(and minuter* who permit the white
robed one* to walk down the aide and
leave $M> note* might bo included
here) who accept* any toenet Infla
me* to •noble him to carry on U*
work I* (imply abutting off tb* power
tho govomwiont (aad in tha ca*e of
th* min la ter, Jasua) ha* clothed him
with. If II ahould be proven thet *uch
an on* believe* m th* aeraenad and
maakad moba. he (heuld be dealt with
by th* authority givaa tho poopU un
der our Conatitution aad he peach
wont* brought to rid aocioty of him.
Caa’t l**o* God tad M—wan
“If Mr. Grady belong* to aueh ah
organioation, and It I* tha kind it 1*
generally reported to bo, than I think,
a* 1 hue* pruvtouaty mid, that he
nhouM make Ita principles public sad
defoud them before the people. But
ha cannot larre dad and anammon.
Ha cannot aarva lacracy Iq gnvarn
mrat and ba a goad, opan Amarlaan
"In the beginning of thto govern
ment aor forefathan ordained and
MUb. idled the Union far the pnr
poir ef perpetuate* Jaatiee, domeetie
tianqaility, common defenee, general
! welfare and aecarc the blaming! of
liberty ta tbavualren and posterity.
, Under IW!« government wa Hava paa*
ed law* prohibiting aay aor rat organ
Ination whose purpose It It bo tn any
way engage in pall Ural campaigns or
mlrecau aecret political prtaefplaa.
My bin prapoaaa ta taka tha ataakl
and night gwwaa at thli group and
bring them In tha fold if law-abid
ing rttlaena”
Enfield, Uk. 7.—Atlantic Coast
Line train No. SC split a switch one
I i.UU«lrr il )mib south of the station
jut Enfi.lil 41 6:10 a. m. derailing
^t car*. two iley coaches and a
din ng car. Enp-'ne and tender, and
j pullftutu cur> did not leave the track.
I Tlir- unglue proceeded north to pas
I l ack, I'l-iumlng on Southbound track
■ '»V ng off Pullman can. Two day
i (uil.rv we e received from Rocky
Mour.t. Transfer of paarengers was
olTeeled. xnd the improvised train
P ocred.-d north at 9:30. Traffic on
I hr nouthbound track will be delayed
^ until noon or later.
Ntrtk Carolina Ra.ks High With
More Than MO Mile* During
Paat Yaar
Washington, Dec. 7.—Greater pro
grr** was made on the nation's high
*>»ys during thr last year than in
any similar period in the history #f
the county anil thsre is now appar
'em u mal public appreciation of the
appearsnet- of maintaining thr roads
t. a: an. built, Thomas II. McDonald
chief uf the Bureau of Public Roads,
Mateo in his annual report to the
Secretary of Ag.-iualture made pub
In last night It was hardly prubahlr
hr born added to tiro federal aid
roads alone, he stated and doubtless
more than an equal mileage has been
constructed without federal assist
During the year 7.489 mile* of
road project were completed and 17,
S78 miles were under construction,
which were estimated a* fifty per cent
complete. Federal aid earned by tho
state* on completed and uncompleted
project* amounted to 8194,5*0,195,
oi which 8166,911,052 bad actually
been paid. North Carolina completed
Mr W. R Turlington hud a big corn
•-'Uiking Ta<’Adhy afternoon with a
crowd of jolly folio, and plenty to
cat anil to drink.
Mr. L. L. Tbrlnjtton has bean
under the weather this week, due
to cold.
•His HeUlc Mae Innis one of the
Tur ington teachers ie il) with inflo
en*a and i* at her home at Sorrull.
* Mr. J. L. Stone died Sunday night
•til o’clock at his home near Tur
lington. Mr. Stone has been falling
in h.-nlth far some time. Mra. Stone
and fsratly hare the rympathy of the
tntlrc community.
Mr and Mrs. M. S. Whittington
were visitors in the home of Mr. L.
L. Turlington Thanksgiving.
Mis* Morris one of the Turlington
Irschent and Miue Ala Turlington ware
guests at u corn (bucking at Mr.
Snipe, on Wednesday afternoon.
They enjoyed a delightful (upper.
Come to the "big blow out” at
Turlington school house Saturday
December 16th 1922, 7:30 o’eleck
Tho "Christ of the An dee” ia a sta
tue of the 8*rior, cart in the bronae
from tho cannon of opposing Argen
tine* and Chileans, standing aaariy
13,000 feet above the level of the
sea at Cambre Pass, on the mountain
frontier between Argentine Republic
ond Chill, ft was placed there isr
March. 1904, at a symbol of the per
petual peace which was then ewom
to by the oppoeing nation*. An in
scription on its base roads, "Sooner
•hall these mountains crumble to dual
than shall tho people of Argentine
and Ch<li break tho peac* which they
have pledged Ihemaolveu at the fact
of Christ the Redeemer.’’
A. M. Noble F. M. Brooka
Aa Judge of SmitkAeld Re
corder* « Cotart
8mlthfie)<l, Doe. t.—FA P. Word
to.Uy qualified aa Clerk of Superior
court In Johnaton county and waa
awom Into office. Mr. Ward who re
ceived hia appointment from Judge
Prank A Daniel* laat night, anccaada
J. R. Barbour of Benaon, who waa
elected to thv office, anti who haa
been filling out the unfilled term of
thu lata W. 8. Steven a, but waa on
able to take up the dotlce bceauee of
hia failing health. |
Judge A. M. Noble, war inatalled
aa Judge if the Recorder** coart here
Monday, succeeding Judge F. H.
Brook*, who formerly served in that
D. B. Oliver of Pina Loral, only
surviving member of the old county
board, waa aeleclrd a* chairman of(
that body. The other commltaionera
ore J. W Wood. J. W. Woo.Ian!a,
Perry E Jehnaon and K. R. GuRay.
All War Saviag* Stamps Pur
chased in IBIS Are Now Ra
id MTnable at Face Value
Owner* of War Saving* Stamps,
nun:baaed la lDlg, are advised that
!hay are due and payable at their
face vdue of 35 eaeh or January 1,
A.tvance presentation for immedi
ate exchange for Treasury Saving*
Certifirntaa or for payment *t matur
ity. may be made now at post offices,
banka, end trait companies. Holders
mey apply ta exchange the whale or
pa* of L^yr ibi« War Saving*
Stamps at maturity value for Trvaa
ory Saving* Certificate* u> be dated
January 1, 1923, with the difference
■’ither way to be paid in cash or they
may arrange for full cash payment
the largest possible amount sf Treas
ury Saving* Certificate* in the ex
The Treasury Saving* Certificate*,
offered in exchange for War Saving*
Stampa at thair face value of 36 each,
are a government security similar in
all respect! to the War Saving*
Stamp*, i. c„ yielding 4 per cent
Inlfred, compounded semi,annually,
if held to maturity, or 3 par cant
simple Interest if redeemed to matur
ity, except that they art iafted in
denomination* of. 325. 3100, and 91,
An opportunity is thus offered for
the reinvestment of funds on a most
attractive basis. Holdon of 323 In
War Basing* Stamps can now obtain
a $25 Treasury Saving* Certificate
and $4.50 in cash. 9100 in War Sav
ings Stamps will be exchanged for a
9100 Treasury Savings Certificate
end 913 in cash. An owner of 91.000
in War Saving* can get a 91,000
Treasury Saving* Certificate and two
9100 Tiuaaury Saving* Certificate*
mil 916 In cash.
Possible delay and confusion may
be avoided by prompt presentation of
the War Saving! Certificate*, son os
1919, at post ofllces or banking jnati
I write a few line* to the Dunn
Dispatch of the death of Mrs. Ray
mond Johnson:
Bister Johnson passed away Decem
ber 1, 1912 and her funeral service
wai hold at her hone eondaeted by
her pastor L. R- Tate of Benton the
2nd of December.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
weather wan very unfavorable, the
many friends of Sister Johnson and
her husband, came to her funeral
service, a number of whom brought
many costly and baaotlful flowers.
Sifter Johnson'* body was laid to
rest In the Lee cemetery near Cal
vary Baptist ehoroh. Sister Johnson
™ •*•«* *0 y*»rt old and she had
baen a member of Trinity Missionary
Baptl* church for several years. All
who knew her seemed to love her.
Sha waa the daughter of Mr. Man
ning Morgan and aho hue fear slater*
»nd one brother, and her mother to
mourn their lose. Her father being
the only one of tho family who had
passed away previous to her death.
She married Mr. Raymoad Job
son something tike a year aga. A
son of Mr. CJeero Johnson near Cal -
vary Baptist chareh shoot I mile,
from Dann. ,
1It a yoang mar wall
thought of by all who- personally
know Mm and He la a ssaaaarf*I far
mer. He and hit wife had Just startod
«*t *" life, and they wore doing wad.
About throe weeks before the death
Banka And
gS^AQ 000
K.w York. dA destock dlvld
end. totaling fBJwp.Ooo were an
nounced TueM.A/7 Wus
tritl re pent on AtfVaka. bringing
liie total stock dfidsBula declared In
the Last fvw mofcpVta' more than
61.600,000,000. u, vlri
•aally all cases Wean provided
for out of vndJatHKkM rerploaes »d
pa ran tip in —"-*Jof unfJvor.
able taa legialatk^up *e naat Cen
The 8tedrbak*A0erp unction ln
ereaaed its capitaAmMi $16,000,000
by declaring a 2B.fl^ant mock dfvl
dMd. Director* aifemd the cutsm
nry annagl ton jW^nt dividend
would be continwjBC •
■The Vacuum dtatrib
itcd $46 .000,000JH'-aptplaa in the
fora of a $00 pcr'Kri stock dMdand.
Ihe William Wr#£,> Jnnior, Cre
pany declared a J$ per cent divi
dend of $l>6co.OQj^renM a_
TheBank of ylfttBan Company,
one of tbo o|d«(X|p coanty, In
c ranged iu CnoiisaBA 11 Ana non
to |JO.#*0.000 by,«*in
and declaring a ULjp cant stock
dividend. The EqMttti Tna Com
pany unionned pUfiao increase iu
ripltal from m,ofi>«0 to »2«,M0^
00«. .nr half oltt* wo«j,| be a
MI 14 Stork diemaal aad the re
mainder of a nei^Baa of —to
wkich holder, .fjE atoch might
Tko E. 1 l>upoJfirNemou/ Co.,
.leclamd a fifty p^Bat tlaJ
dend amoorjjr*({ tHkOOO.ofh). The
Whitman k.dl, »f ^B Bedford, call
«d a ttockholdaidH ' to eon
i der a stock of fifty p«r
cent by toe tloa
from *2,000,00*
Thomaevide, Dfip. •—Thankagiv
Ing contributions to the Baptfet Or
phanage are pouring In like an ava
lanche from all phrts of the state, re
ports the treasurer-, y. B. H—T«a
tkc total today reaching upwards of
The rush if unusually strong on
account of the closing of the bowks
of the stoto convention whose re
r»'*» maat be shaped for the annual
»f'SKB to WinaUm-Balsm nAt Tuea
•i )■ iftcmoon.
Lexington (Fin* Baptist fur-lay
•eh.n| leads ‘hi Liberty at-*.**'• a.
>1- home of - a - t-rphanage, wilh «v.jr
^l.DVO. Scot:. .d Mock chore > load*
the state with nearly *S^OO.
the largest paeaohal offering re
ported so far is *1,000 by Hn. C.
R. Merritt, of It Airy. The larger*
gift from a reentry chureh la |4*1
from Krvon in WSet Chowan associa
PrTtriVtm s-rl lfaniAvim 1 M»sV —
stand* In th. forefront, hi fact Ant
In her contrlWtions through th.
Suadny school according to report th*
amount being e>*r (1,(00.
Lumborton /Irst church sends In
(1,000, Brown Memorial, Wiaston
Bulcm, IIN, Qroonaboro First church
WM. Tabemutls, in lUltlgh, Curth
ags. Marahall. A pox. Weldon. Now
Barn, At Aliy *11 rank high ns gtv
Dr. Rosier wish** it to be undar
• tood that this snsssn of Thanksglv
■ng embrace# practleaBy two bur*
vesta, as on last year the convention
mat in rtoveofter and this year K is
masting In December
ITve thousand dollars sms paid for
a singla branch af red applas In For
rell,*New Jareay, by a nuraery Aim
A record and agreement of purr boo#
Have been (led with th. county dark.
Th. owner rooalved (1,000 outright
for th* purchase of th# apple brunch,
ami wl» recede* (4,000 additional la
instolhnoirts at th* rate of two eonta
rmh In, every tree bedded from this
branch, which la to remain on th*
Uw In th* (rehard, according to ro
ports. s'
at his wife they had bom In their
home o little boy.
1 am sure |(r. Johnson has Use
sympathy of the pastor sad many
friends to Mr great leas and distress.
Also (bo other loved ones who ora
•• greatly batonvod.
I I honk the hoopla again la behalf
of Mr. Any*and Johnson. to, the
Ma MnSuto* *"* ^ >k*w* “*
. . U A. TATW.
Bonaoa, N. 0.
Tc a
--1 1 1 =a^=»—gas
' EBwU of Frieoda mt ■■-Am
j RoMom. Mate A C«M
WaahiBrian. Dec. S-A contact af
pearcd certain here between 8cm
tori Simmon*, of North Carolina am
Robineoa. Arlumaaa, for the Demo
| era tic Senate leaderahip in tha ne*
Congrem to anccccd Senator Under
*■'"0(1. of Alabama, who it to retin
at lender Tolanfarily beesuac of hi
health. Frienda of both began an ac
. live campaign elthoagh neither Sen
i ata: had formally announced bin can
Senator Sianarona it the rnnkinj
Democrat In point of aerriea ant
, ,u chairman of tha finance commit
toe dating tha Wllaan adminatration.
Senator RoUnaon, aiao a veteran, bat
a younger man, baa beaa prominent
in Democratic round)# far a number
of yean and war chairman of thr
laat National Convention at Saa
Hold u TIm CM ■-Turn
day After—, Dm. M.
Wu Wall Alt—did
Th* Mask Department of tha Wo
man's dab of Dann held iu regular
monthly meeting In the dab roecnral
•i o’clock Toaoday, December S, with
Mr*. Marvin W*«ie and Mr*. Wallace
Coltraac aa joint hssteeac*. In ab
eence of tha chairman. Mr*. Harper
Holliday; the meeting was called ts
eedar by tha Secretary, Mia
Grantham. She aanaoncsd
'derusting program had
ad by the cammlttaa -
opacad by Mb* Agoec
pervUor af mark ia _
tcbeolr Ac thb b the trot
a course la
Cennady sad some od teg papfla. flte
gave a demo Detection of ter work
especially that dob* ia the primary
and lower grammar grades. The little
folks sang and did some work b
“ght singing, which convinced those
’resent that th* ichool children of
Dnnn were enjoying a rare privilege
having thb phase of work added
to the evm'cnlom and in having Miaa
Canoady aa tuperebar, who b a
graduate of the North Carolina Col
lege for Women.
After the school children had en
tertained an appreciative audience_
there were several musical nanther*
rendered by the club mem here and
an article read.
A short bus!new session followed
the musical program during which
It was voted to have Mr. Act and hb
talented daughter, Mbs Anjta Act of
the Fayetteville School of Mimic gtv*
a concert in Dorm during January
under the auspkte of the Music De
pmtreant The musk loving people
of Dunn are looking forward In the
coining of thb organist and
who accompanies kb young!
who i* a violinist.
After dispensing with other row
tine lusSneaa, the bostsas served l
odad coarse with tut ten. The social
boor proved a delightful eonehwfoc
te an enjoyable afternoon.
Winoton-Salem breaks the lee wltt
a proposal to rroht a ft— <H
Keoaring cSaaffejn of aotoaiobflsi
instead of Ike raachlaet which tko]
drive. la to be hoped that the Idas
ean ho worked adt satisfactorily am
that Representative Cox or Ssnatoi
Baau will brio* it down to the Leris
I store as a medpl far the whale Stops
Thera wfll aaed to be iu> rlgocsw
exaaalaatioa at the eatsai; the —fa
provision should be one for isnaa
Non of the Meense as soon as 1* she]
become established that the cfastnf
fenr is hasdlem of tho safety of draw
•ntrnstod to Ms earn er sthsra whoa
ha masts on stsa— or hlgfamg
Oor present Urafte notations haw
bean adapted sa tits wrong boats, i
permit la required before a itlhin o
the State may panbaeo a Ditto! a
matter what that pistol is to ba wa
far. Wt fat. aaybody taoee wHh fa
daadBeat weapon la the wo*d, a gas
ottaa dries, vsbiels, ami hold as sa
ami nation as ts mental, moral ee pby
Naal • taoee That sort of fabag ana
as* Ml to glvp treahU. Tho longs
H Is portfried la the are— rendition
win bar—a.
* Wl—as fail— has mada a bagis
slag on tho right end af tbs prol
Was: why sat fallow bar I—If_Ra
Islgh Timas.
.rn III
l| A charter Ur the Continent*
Turn Company, of Charlotte, lace*
pomtod with a capital atock of *MS,
••o, waa panted yaaterday by th*
- Secretary of State. Ueateaant Go*.
. amor W. 0. Cooper U pnaideat rt
I new concern.
I The company’* charter waa giant
1 "* »** permloaten to begin opera
‘ tior. with a paid in capital of *100,
1000 afready aubaciibod. Baaidaa the
'| Lieotenaat Governor, W. C. Dowd
i Charlotte poblieher; D. X. Hendor*
eon. attorney; O. A. Xank. W. H.
Wnbater and B. H. Giaahan an
among the ateckholden—New* and
At Very »—-ffilfi , «f pw
Mr^ilTIwJFwpIo, Says
Chief, Division of Agrenemy, North
Carolina Extension Barrie*
N# thoughtful peraon can fail to
realise that to a vary largo extent
tho prosperity of oar people it Aioraly
associated with the prodKtiveaeee ef
ear soils. Co wherever you may, if
the (earner is doing his part by the
soil, and it (« productive, you wiO
the people are generally making
some money aad are muinUluiag
muck better standard* of bring than
is animanly being maintained. Bo
at the Tory foundation of the pros
perity ef oar people lie* the q section
of soil fertility and the ns* of crape
and vaoiatiee ef erops that wil give
the largest returns for the «gtM
sod effort pvt into the »redaction.
formation fee^il^^Mpfa^^w
prod action at feoir soila usd tot the
«*■*!»« of crops feat art going to
gNo then ‘Ha largest yields par oak
of labor and expense, is going to bo
'«> the iatmtst of pablic good.
Thors mat to be well pasted in
the pabtie mind the idea that increas
ed production per acre mesas a large
total aggregate production aad over
production. This need sot aarsaaarfly
bo tbs esan. The point which It wished
to be emphasised Is that ia order to
g«t Largest returns one mast sea to it
that bs gets at taast moderately good
yields par ana. aad ia ardor to do
UHs be most use good'seed aad ration
al methods for maintaining aad build
iag soil fortuity. H fears is daagsr
of orer productio*. sat fee aersigc
“d produce more per aero, end tot
order to do this oar soils mast bo
built ap. to this being fed fact,
our walkers haro devoted consider
able attention, not only daring too
»** rear, bat ia previous yuan, to
encoring apoeifle information with
reference to oar soU Asads for
[ meat profitable crag production sad
ia giving this iaformstioa out to the
rarmx* of tho itete through eawful.
*7 piaaiMd aad conducted diwiudra
' tlaaa on different turn in different
'-sections of the state, and in ether
1 "ft The mate general plan af on
j oration hae Wen need In securing
information with reference to lU
ure enr varieties er types ef ear
"Ha crops for different sections ef
tW atato end in giving this »-«-nne
tien to tW people In the tame mini
wap. It la felt that one ef tW meet
effective wape of carrying informa
tion ie through field demenatmtiene
and bp bolding meetings at tW to
■ mewtratien itolda at tW end ef the
pear to (bew that the different treat
i mentu er varieties a4 crepe have dene
samps re Uvety, ea M to bring ant the
■peeial points It la wished to mmba
aiae wftb the farmen ef the comma
attp- For instance, if It ton Won re
efirnd that a certain treatment oi
i variety ef trap is Wet in a certain me
tien ea a partlenlar type of soil U
> order to aneceed beet in the grovnaa
i •* * ptrtltoltor crap, then this fact
I er facts may W btwnght opt to ear*
» Mlp coaffnetad demenmretims m
l same good farm In the canptper see
i Men where it la feH that the informs
• I tien needs to be iiphiitu |
•I The toA fertflhy demtumtiatipm
>! an bp tW Division ef Agraaeog anti
. pear have pronraci rety affectira man
,'ef impressing aa uton, fnnaem el
‘ ***F e^tonWea in the tiato Da
- .Importance ef aslag partienlar math
-. ads ef sail fertitltp building aad el
. atiag bettor etralas af different crepi
♦hea ihaw h- L_ - - -
w*V MvV ffftfffM,
Morr or the board
A. .'clmon Y/ac
MMtor Of Th» %
Harnett f Jantjr'n naw eetnnueatea
m took the oath of ettee rtaLUUag
'on Monday and west into neater
■cnion. Only ronthe biuinoa. came
bafara the bmrd aad ten little mik
*M diapaaad ef at tba Brat
iaa. A. Tuylor. who
W. Jordan ar i
(action of the i . _
fr aohetad a* Chairman of tba 1
K. r. Youm., aha eitiaaa of Dana
aad oaa of the beat known
h» the county, »u
attorn ay. Kell ___
for the ofiff of (ohrltor of Wo Ba
co-dar'a Coan by Cayimaaa H. Brown,
•ha now Bar older, who alee named
Otla P. Shall ao Vlco-Jtcrondcr. The
two .tenor nominatiaau wore con
Earned by the ronmUaioncn.
AU the county oSetn took tba
»th Monday aad they enter apeo
Weir da-daa backed by the largo*
Mujrrfty that baa dear coma to a
politic*] party in Harnett roomy. Tba
PcrfaCUd by
Ctektoa - - -
■mfiho «
Out for
in deaarlbiqg what thi* great earn
for education maan*. Tha ftahaibli
Ciiiaaa aaya:
"Forty-taro million Mla/a on yat
Ur education in a year) r*uairiai
what that naan*. It meant aa tawo
»'.ty of happintm. power; and wealth
for North Carolina. It mean* that
hoya and girt* who would have gone
into cotton mid* and furnharo fac
torlaa with mindj untaught to WN
wKl bare their imaginative power* aa
rtiaolated by Mheolliv that they
will contribute Labor-** v. ng gad m»
■oy-raaking Imrantian to the world of
machinery. It maana that ipaw who
wonld have ilahad the mountain
rtroama w01 h ante a* thooe wwter*
to indo*trial undertaking*. It nttirr
that young men and women who
wdaM have idled away day* empty
with Ignorance wlU develop that go
aim which paint* undying picture*
•ad ourve* cold marble lata warmth
ti beauty. It nami that me that* wba
would have eherlahad n* dream af
greatnaea far' (hair children wffi give
them the baa** Hfr that laud* bo
»»« achievement. It manna, in brief,
that North Carolinian* from mill a
taiu tap U ocean edge will ho Wor
thy of North Carolina, tht (tat* which
In nature] raaoerra* ia the rutatiai
hkg leader of aO America."
Oeaegia tan profit by tha pattern
•H by IW* great aid Rate.‘WhO* wo
bum and hear over a anal) bawd iaaw*
for road* to match the goventmewt ap
propriation, North Carolina to going
npoading adHteua far gaada.
Brhaato aru being gonommly auppert
ad, and North Cantina hay* and gtrta
la future yean will <bew in Uvu* af
flue achievement what a »pie ad id in.
vaaiawnt goad mhoob haw boom.—
Tha Vldaila <Qo> Advance ^
—- - ___- . 4 ■
- . «»»»$&I

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