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Opportunity's &npire-Way nesville Altitude 2,802 Feet-Unsurpassed Natural Resources for the location of Manufacturing Industries
$2.00 a Year In Advance, $2.50 if not ao Pai
Volume XXXVIII. Number 26
- jJLYJJLt iVII tst r
llm III !! I in MM,MMMWWM
Substantial Growth
Of Waynesville
About 500
Visiters Attend
That there is a stupendous building
program in Waynesville can be noted
by the numerous new store and oftlce
buildings being built, just completed
and contemplated. There are about a
dozen new filling stations of a sub
stantial nature going up, scores of
new houses, cottages and one large
apartment house near the Suncrest
Lumber Company plant.
His Honor Judge Frank L. Smath
ers has just completed a beautiful
new palatial home at a cost of over
$25,000.00 on the old Smathers hill
near the Sulphur Spring property.
A new $15,000 home on the Good
year lawn by Mr. Fred, Howell, an
other $12,000 by Colonel Woolsey,
another by Mr. Doan $12,000, three
Attracting five hundred or more
visitors frem Waynesyille and vicin-
itv. the opening of the Junaluska
Golf Club house, marked a gala oc
casion, . in which inspection of the
handsome club house, driving and
putting exhibitions, an outdoor pa
geant by girls from Camp Cheonda
and other entertainment features
had a prominent place.
Mondav was social dav at the
Southern Assembly. In addition to
the open house at the golf and coun
try club, there was an art exhibit by
Miss L. Pearl Saunders, head of the
school of art; in the evening the Sun
day school leadership classes had an
old fashioned party. A reception by
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bullock of Mont
gomery, Ala., to compliment house
iruests. and a birthday party for
Watch Waynesville Grow."
(Buel B. Hyatt)
drink and be merry with us. That
1 palace on yon nil! is yours. That
i- ' ..ukivi tktflia will mmnph vnnr tnirflt..
Manv centuries aero, the famous. That misrhty oak will shelter you
Roman Censor was so impressed by from the noonday sun. The bellows
Via wealth anil heautv of a citv tnat of the firmament v set russiine me
in one block
igUCSI'O, u 1 1 11 a iu luunj pt.j v
Mr. Grosse of Cocoa, Fla.. has just , x.Vear-old Georce Ratcliff. iriven
completed a beautiful new home inby his mother were among the other
Southeast Waynesville ana is pusy hospitalities of the day
lavinir off and preparing a sub-di
vision of his acreage there.
The new store and office building of
Morgan & Ward is one of the very
finest in Waynesville.
The new store building of Joe Mor
mino and occupied by J. M. Mock's
leading department store of Waynes
ville has added greatly to the business
Waynewille the Growing City Bishop Hafey Visits Praise City Of
In Which to Invest:
Tuesday's social calendar included
the birthday party under the auspices
of the Junaluska Woman's Club and
marshmallow roast and lawn paarty
which Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Adams of
Tampa, Florida gave for the young
people at the lake.
Open house at the srolf country
j club Monday was a brilliant affair.
all of his speeches ended jwith the leaves that whisper a melody that will
;i J 1 Mr.uL.i.. Mil at ... . . i, .1
merciless aeciarawim : ; mil you to rest. All tne elements are
be destroyed." Severadays past, a blending to heal the wounds of
leading citizen of Clearwater, Fla., habitation in other less favored sec-
was in my office.; He asserted that tions of the globe. Let us play to-
he had been informed ' ins a nwriy gether in these hills. You're from
town, that Waynesville Js only nar- "out yonder." You don't know how
rvLVT nloiA in the mA . with, a hlark- crlaft wi ora vnu're here! Thd flrreat
smith shop, a cabin or - two, and a melting pot of the world has nothing
group of queer and .ignorant moan- on us. rnougn oi tne purest Diooaea
taineers. i immediately thought of American stock, we delight in the
the statement of Ben. H. Hill, sat purest and best citizenship from oth-
Tammany Hall. "There was a Soath er countries. We admit there are" a
of Slavery and Secession that Sopth few men Rmj women in Waynesville
is dead, mere is a aouui oi union wh0 could not be modern with all the
anA fwteHnm that Smith thank find. t..u .ni...t 1. u th. u,-hnte-
is living, breathing, growing every saIe houses in America. To them we . mean much in the way of favorable
hour." The Old North . State; the arp ..vino- with the Scotchman: "Step pumicny, etc.
lu UIC CXI, B11U ict a IIIUUl " limn
take your place." We are builders.
Are you a worker or a drone ? There
are some thingvwe do not jare for;
but, if you have the spark, we want
you to glow . with the rest of the
flame. Be a beacon light to reflect
to those without" knowledge of our
environments, the light that is "ternal
Waynesville is to be congratulated
upon having had for the past week
Bishop Hafey of Raleigh, N. C. He
has been visiting St. John's Chapel
in Waynesville.
rn an interview with a representa
tive of the Waynesville Mountaineer
Bishop Hafey became quite enthusi
astic over the marvelous scenic grand
eur of this section and declared that
the people of this community were
unusually friendly, courteous and
He pointed out that next summer
there will be a convocation, held near .
Waynesville, of the United Catholic
Daughters of America, an organisa
tion whose activities are similar to
that of the Knights of Columbus.
There will be about one thousand
delegates to this 'convention and
should they visit Waynesviille it will
forerunner in making possible tjhe
acquisition of the "geographical area
known as the United States" is rid
ing high on the waves -of prosperjty
On every breeze the Story of her suc
cessful trrowth and development if"
wafted to the world. With 7,000 mills
and factories giving employment to
159,000 workers, are you surprised
ion of Main street and right patj0 Dunham of Waynesville,
n' lot it Via sniff that Mr. J. M. I t "T..V.r.n nivvninwhom
etc icb iv t "l-i.i,.t . I
Mock has just about the nicest, larg-. A. Mann of St. Petersburg, Fla.,
second best block in the heart ioAftH .aoiotont- P.vettvinfl M. r.'AAnAAA j : mon. I --i-vv.,.; f.,D. n L..ji. uj.. v.QQ hA Health; and Mr. Chaa. E. Waddell
city. ' A block costing around . Bm 0iive, -rf Thomasville. i0f Kt w i.t rfitillinr th-' ... i.m.r.t nf R9' the vear ran nH nnnn SPvp,f.l r..(a. C. E., of the Asheville Board of
, v ,.. .v.b ,..., ... - . - - ..,.. . ..,, . . tu
rnAM a otaivan cin infrnvvMnff pvni. ' l tt T. " 1 . U i . . L ..... t U . ii v;iutB . 1 1 . I . . . : . U I , . o . ...I 1 1 u n 1 1 11 . ;in uiuui, aiciv oiiu vi wic
UCVIKia, ...v. , nUrfHL milUIlHIllllK II1HU ill IIIC l'niinii: Willi WilLCl iiiol .. .jk. i Kiiinx WHS llllUU Willi a HUUUI.y Bltvy i
est and most up-to-date department
store in the up-town section of
Waynesville. Mr. Mock is to be con
gratulated upon his store , and that
he is appreciated is evidenced by the
tremendous popularity of his , business
The new store Of the Massie Furniture-
Company- needs, no mention to
: WavrieSville folks, tmt'to those' ButSldTe
of Waynesville it should be mentioned
as the second best block in the heart
of our
Mr. Ralph Davis is building a
$5,000 house in Grimball Park. There
are three or four new houses going
up in that section.
Mr. C. G. Logan has just finished
a most attractive home on Academy
The Stubbs house on Haywood
street, opposite the school, has just
been remodeled.
The handsome new home of Dr.
Tom Stringfield on Walnut street is
one of the show places of Waynesville.
The Georgia Home on Walnut
street has just been extensively re
modeled and is a most modern board
ng house.
Mr. M. M. Noland has just remod
eled his home on Walnut street.
members of the house committee,
were assisted in receiving by men and
women prominent in social and bus
iness life of Waynesville and the
summer colony at Lake Junaluska.
Music was furnished by the orchestra
from the Hotel Gordon.
H. A. Mann of Str Petersburg von
the, putting contest. R. S. 'Scally of
Pensacola, Fla., pro, and Fairley
loy.uuu worxers, are you surprisea : environments, tne ngm mat is 'sieruoi iw "-" ..!
that we pay more taxea to the Fed- j Buy our lands, build your home here, ble point of view upon the part of
.oi sv.fh riMliii 'nr ,.v, tho nf tha Anna.lthp ritizpns in rptrard to so called
A irroup of sanitary engineers who
have ken guests of the Rockefeller
Foundation, by ' the the courtesy of,
North Carolina State Board of Health
have been spending ten days in North
Carolina inspecting water, sewage)
and general sanitary work last, Sun
day telephone the . President of the
Board, 'who, happens to- be on of
Wayneaville'a' respected" citiiens, ex
pressing a desire to pay their respects
in person. Arriving in waynesvill
they spent some time in going about
the town after which Dr. Way, as
their guest, returned with the party'
to Grove Park Inn where their final
luncheon in North Carolina was par
taken of; following this, the entire
party left on the 4:50" train for Wash
ington, D. C. The gentlemen were
very extravagant in their praises of
North Carolina in general, stating:
nowhere had they seen more up-to-
date equipment in the sanitary ser
vices.' They were especially loud in
their praises of the. "clean nice look
your town city, Monsieur Doctor
' Of the nartv were Dr. Milan Yov-
anovitch, Minister of Public Health,
Belgrade, Jugo-Slavia; Dr. Victor
Milioje Petrik, Professor in School of
Hygiene, University of Jugo-Slavia;
Dr. Victor Medina, Bogota, Colum-
f. . . At.. j .. cn:l:M
booms. He also believes that witn.oia, o. a.; ur. aicahiiuci- uuiui,
thrnnoh nnHman service, without hav- Professor State School of Hygiene,
inr to rhanire ears at Asheville and Warsaw, Poland; Prof. Rene Cyr,
Bishop Hafey emphasized the fact
that the main feature of Waynesville
as a tourist resort was the lack of
noisy, bustle and hustle of our, bus
iness section. That there did not
seem to be the mad rush of real
estate speculation, etc., by the busi
ness interests. That there seemed
to be such a . conservative and sensi
the citizens
booms. He
in regard to so called
also believes that with
eral Government than South Carolina, We offer you the gem of the Appa-
ueorgia, Aianama ana r loriaa com- mcnians as an aoiaing pic.
bined? With North Carolina lead-J In issuing an invitation to capital,
ing the South in the manufacture of , tourist and investor, I offer the fol-
furniture, leading the world-j. in tne lowing facts to illustrate mat wav
monnfiiitnTii rtf tnHfli.n1 liAvno fh 1 naillo nnil her RUrrnundin? terri-
largest denim and towel mills' in the' tory has natural resources, developed
. 1 1 . 1 'l . ' ' , , J . ....... .1. .a nf-
wona, tne largest ampiinuip piani n ana unaeveiopeu, c"uus" -
the globe, first in the production of I tract the best financiers, the mcst
peanuts, second in the production ipf cultured Irellecturalists, the despond
cotton, leading the Southern- AtAtftnt seeker, of health and jthe prac-
Ul tBfi. valuer, aaaeo to raw mn.cnais ticai searcner oi ncnen. kii summc. street, tnere is ampie room upon wk ' ".
after production, ranking fourth in climate is second to none. Having church property for future expansion. ,c- J"0- h- Floyd, C. F. McLead and
, JR. F. Beaty of the N. C. Board of
I I 0 -F ' V. " - I " f , .....
other noints. it would have a tend
ency to bring many mora visitors
to Waynesville where, he was quite
sure, they would not seek shelter
In regard to the Catholic church
property which- i. located -on Church
Sanitary Engineer, Board of Health,
Province of Oubec: Dr. Felix Ose-
guildia, Department at Health, San
Salvador; Dr. Alexander Milut
chevitch, of the Ministry of Health,
Belgrade. Jugo-Slavia, and in addi
tion. Dr.- Roy Jv Morton, Tennessr
street, there is ample room upon the, Health; K. E. Miller.
bition in driving.
Sixty girls from Camp Cheonda
with their director, Miss Aleen Moon,
of Nashville, staged a pretty pageant
on the lawn in front of the club house.
Dr. A. W. Anderson of St. Peters
burg, to whose efforts Junaluskans
are indebted for this fine addition to
the grounds, and Mrs, Anderson, were
the recipients of many congratula
tions Monday. The new club nouse
recently erected through Dr. Ander
son's influence occupies a command
ing position on the golf greens. It is
equipped with lounging and rest
rooms, wide porches on every side,
showers, lockers and workshop. New
furnishings in green fiber, recently
in ine round: wiin water uwi i.. ui i sions was nnea wnn a Kuuui.y mtcu .
...i.i. ou.., n it . ..t u.,n.ino ha nro.l r..i,. iu-.nviit u 'job, when he has opportunity to serve
apple crop is considered a national nounced as the purest in this !vpl.y popular in Western North Ctfo- the community, Mr E. L. Withers
asset. "An apple a day keeps the! section, and showers that in-jina and is fast becoming familiar presented each of the visiting gen
doctor away." Also, the geological sure a permanent and sure reseive jwith the folks of Waynesville. He is .tlement souvenir booklets of Waynes-
lies the richest soil in the Alleghaney -shed in Western North Carolina: aWn0 respects and co-operates with I riAVIFS Tn RF AT I AKF
Mrtiintoirm llimst. that does not tavor disease, 0n i-pluriniis hnHies and denoniina-
t . 1, 1 1 1 .1- A J .. 1.. n.4
eu ma iiuiiic wi " Mm-- - . i installed ana origni uijci": u
Alcn a now wholesale store at the : nAtl.a. mitti o wealth nf
" " ' - Hangings, LUnhllCI TWIVMM .. .
Depot about a $30,000 block has been flowerg made Monday's reception a
built for the new home of the Hay- briiallt affairi
wood Supply company
From now on we will get many
atmosphere purer tions
ft . . ... ., ! -.L
tnnnsts nf tne I atnonc laim wnu
Miss Daisy Davies of Atlanta, field
Remember, there were Seven Won- and an
j - a wi-UI Immm-tal. . i ...al3 ..... ,i.;th the creation of
ucia oi. IJ nui-icia "n nmu mmr k'u"".-1 wi . - j -
1 J'l 1.1.4.. . I- 41... r,.ni... ria- ' A .1 . mn,.ntam cirfoq vpl-ftunt With AlUamiTiou rnll Tint nrtmp linlpKH thev secretary of the Belle Bennet Mem
1CU 111 IllBhUI 1 Sll VUl VVUllnjl AUHIII, lliwuiiv-i.i ......... ,uuici m-ic ..... ' - ,
.. . ' . . i . .iLn. . i l Wnw,ana MlaninnQrv Pnlinell-
ture has prepared a series oi won- flora and fauna unkn'jw:i to nnj uur. coujd attend tneir cnurcn. ,ui.., , ,
... I . . ... I . . ... . , 11 TJ' rV..Ml. Cntli ...ill Vln tho Qnn.
ders that surpass those produced by part of the world; agricultural i"'- Bishop Hafey was not intercstca in.iu. . ..uin., vuv... ...
the hand of man,. These inspiring 'ducts that bring home first piizes poiitiCSi but was great'.y interested .day afternoon speaker at Lake Juna
f t..-.l nhonnmen.i iheif, fir whoie thev ore ex- , thia work. In resrard to te-n-, luska, seat of the Methodist South-
results of the blending of air, liquid hibited; streams abounding with pe,ance he has advised his people to(ern Assembly, August 1, it is an
and solid, slow Wking through In-1 prolific and game fish; hotels, schools. request their children to s;irn the , nounced by Mrs. J. Dale Stentz, secre-
Dr. N. M. Medford has a new home
on Love Lane. Several new homes
are going up there.
Mr. Albert Abel is building a new
garage and tilling station in
Waynesville. . I
The Cherokee Auto Company has
a new filling station in East Waynes
ville. Mr. D. C. Turpin has put up a
third filling station in East Waynes
ville section.
There is a new filling station on
No. 10 highway near Long's store.
There are two or three new resi
dences going up on -the Hazelwood
highway and in the town of Hazel
wood a tremendous building boom is
taking place. This town, Hazelwood,
has just about finished a tremendous
street paving program.
Mr. Porter McClure has jusr about
finished two new homes in Grimball
Pot.1t sopt.inn.
A beautiful new home is now be
ing erected on Church street by Dr.
R. L. Allen. This Will be a beautiful
home and will cost many thousands
of dollars.
The St. John's Catholic Chapel on
j Church street has been- extensively
overhauled and practically rebuilt A.
beautiful new retaining vall has been
erected which adds very much to the
attractiveness of this property.,
' The town' of Waynesville has built
many miles of paving in the last few
years. Facts will be published later,
r There a :any new buildjngs
contemplated and a genuine wave of
prosperity is now . in progress in
Waynesville. ' '
H. G.
Mr. H. G. Stone, our Waynesville
"live wire" real estate man, is mov
ing property in and around Waynes
ville. He has just closed a deal on three
lots in Grandview addition to Mr.
Paul Prigg, nationally known motor
boat speedster of Miami. These lots
were owned by Mrs. Mary McDaniel
Hall of this city.
Mr. J. W. Doan of this city has
also just purchased a lot for $3,700
in Waynesville.
Mr. Prieit has just given contract
to Norris Construction Company for
a new home to begin work this week
A new residence will also be built
at once on a former lot near by which
has been purchased by Miss Silver
thorne of the Gift Shop.
Mrs. Mary Gauntier of Miami
house and lot which
A11U ByilU, oiww r. v . " 1 & ....... ... j.i v 1 1 1 iv aim ,
calculable -cvcles": f time: and, still 1 industries, churches and general con
moving. With infinity patience, on theditions favorable for the development
same grand scale of mathematical 1 0f a Resort Utopia exceeding the
nrocess of development, finds man fondest dreams of a people. A town
ihas made toys of them; at the same ;s as great as its citizenship. An
moment being enveloped in the never acquaintance with our inhabitants win
betraying charm of her alluring mys-' convince you that all requisite con-
teries. Geographically, western gtituents of tnat pnase oi me .
North Carolina is "sosTtuated as to there in most favorable and gratify-
,nf ti , oniiiromnnU nf an uiiuar- I inn manner.
v, ... . . n..nL..;iln ; not SO 1 . ... j ... f!n
alleled civilization. Cities ami Ma- At preseni, - - ; stay longer ana to v.j.i mo
tions are no longer separated by the . enormous that a tew noun, w... , vT7irTnV
handicaps of primitive methods of Uuffice to fam.hanxe you with loc. '1 HE I- LOWtK 10
Vvel and communication. The finest : conditions. However, I wish to call Among the many entries of he
htways in the world now form , our attention to a few --ndabl S ow o be h, Id A s t the
I ClWUIn l ill UM,uuv v-...'
pledge to abstain from drinkinir all tary of the Woman's Missionary So-
alcoholic or stimulating drinks ur.til cicty of Waynesvuie district,
they are twenty-one years of age, Following the two-day meeting of
thereby making sure that they will missionary leaders at Bryson CHy,
not be apt to acquire an appetite or Friday and Saturday, July 30-31,at
taste for strong drink. which she will be the principal speak-
The citizens of Wavnesville are er, Miss Davies has accepted an in
clad to have had such a distinguished itation to spend Sunday at Lake Ju
. j ..t..j invita. naluska and will be the guest of Mrs.
visitor aim calciiu , ... .
tion for Bishop Hafey to come again, J. Dale Stentz, wife of the manager
ol tne ooutnern AssemDiy. ane win
speak Sunday afternoon at three
sunshine and flowers. This area
of Lumber Company, a million dollar. iarge and
Miss Davies, who is known
throughout the country principally for
aftivitv in nrtrflnizini? the Methodist
beautiful collection ofjPolish Relief expedition is a general
Zl,r lore ihe Kreat labor-' manufacturing plant, cutting a fifteen dahlia3 f Mr. J. B. Ivey of Char-j favorite here, where she has spoker
atorv of the Universe has fashioned 1 million dolk-r virgin boundary o lotte and Lake JunalusKa. ut ape- on previous occasions. , one s co.
7i!j y with macic wizardry i limber, with a monthly payroll ofcia, interest to lovers of flowers will ;,i,iered one of the strongest platform
ano moaeiea wi ,i,j,, ,i mnlovinir over i. v, SMiP nf these after the exhi- 'sneakers in the denomination, man or
The Land of the . ky. oun 'coo'men City' ownership of the fin- j bit the money derived to be added Voman, and it is expected that a
t ' Bu? pt and re..'S water shed in Western North towBrd the expenses of the show. ,lalge crowd will gather to hea, her
try- Hut, more practical c wtrnewille. t v 0viitv nnH interest in Rl.o ivill sneak on some astirc of
sonable beings realize that along witn uaronna, bUJ.p.. - - . r . ".'.,' "
!he YellWstone Park, Wonder State 1 Hazelwood and Lake Junaluska beha,f 0f better dahlias is an in- m,ssions. - .
r Petrified For-1 abundantly,( we never knew anything spiration to all who grow gorgeous For the past year Miss Oavies has
flowers. ihad cha.-ge of tho Belle Bennet me-
Keen interest centers around the moiial through which the women of
ests. Grand . Canyon of Colorado, the about a water shortage during the
IVosemite Valley the Great Trees of drought). Municipally owneo. nurr, Kpen interef,t centers around tnc moiiai tnrougn wnicn xne womei. ui.
' California Niaekra Falls Mammoth with 10,000 volumes; five churches, ,ovely siIver basket now on display the Southern Methodist church have
u 'rave and -North Carolina, WAYNES- Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Bap- in tfce window of tM office of the raised $500,000 to erect a building at,
llc" 1 ' . .. ... , j ! :. Preohvterian. Ten miles ol oi. t.j nr. This basket is to Si-arritt Colleee for Christian work-
I13l J iXTlIIIliA iJO'ivi wv. - -
n.retn and asohalt roads .within the . :. tn . nerson who enters era. Nashville, as a memorial to the
limits with more miles of paved'.. )o the noints of late Miss Belle H. Bennett, noted
negotiating tor a nouse anu . .
will be closed soon. . , antv
Mrs. R. N. Barber also bought a comprenen:nK .
lot joining her new home on Dell-' e
wooi Road. This property belonged hidden story of -n t people like
to Mrs. Schoaf of Washington, D. C. u- brninK
Mr. Stone, with his crack salesman, , " rj"- - .,. ,ike
Mr. W. Reed, is j..t ai busy as they!" torch and catching the vapors like
can be these days showing city prop- '-" astronomer Sg u n
erty and acreage near W.ynesvU,e. " . ike .. pniio
They are ever boosters for tins " . " . .
.. ... , . canvas; like the song oi tne nign
community. - v : ' i- . ii!,t. tho hum and
PRESBYTERIAN AUXILIARY, j throb of the mechanical operation of
The Woman's" Auxiliary ' of the j industry and commerce, North, East,
Presbyterian church will meet on next J South and West exclaim "Western
Tuesday. August 6th. at t p. m. in . North Carolina, Eurekal" And wc
the Sunday School room. A full at-, reply to the four pointa of the com
tejdance' is requested.' . P" "Enter into our midst., Eat,
sidewalks. An electric and well cir
culated newspaper. Modern laundry;
ice and cold . storage plant; barrel
faetorv and roller flour mill and meal
millsf three big furniture factories,
and steam tannery; two wood work
ing plants; one wagon works; one
machine shop and blacksmith snop;
tK onntest heino- the number of missionary leader of Methodist wam-
.....itio" ttio nimlitv and size of theien. MLss Davies- has -i spent much
vaiit.t.vo . ' "i . ,
flowers, and the arrangement. Quite .time in .Europe since the wur,. es
net i no- for their first neciallv. in Poland where- she was
H liuiuuci I -C I " . . ,
prize,- ... -.
Remember now is the time to give
your (lowers the best attention. Much
depends . on what you do for them
UiaWl.llV wiimvfr UlCpCllUa . Vll ..n..-, J "
u.n itTnnir hanks: two druir stores;!-.-, U -,nt tn earrv off some
inw ' .. - r . , ' M1U1 L jww ' " - w
four large hotels and score. of.i,0j the priies on the 11th. Whether
boarding houses; ; six , garages andyou make entries or not, remember
three furniture stores; a Chamber of y0U are , cordially invited to attend
Commerce. (in embryo); three barber anlj bring your friends, " :
' i. 1 .11 tha trailea an.l !
M.Ujl-, 1'U BW wii -
Continued on another pagci
'.Waynesville Mountaineer $2.0 a year ers are pending
head of the Polish relief station," and
latev toui-edUie country -on- evan
gelistic-mission... ? ,- - '
Mr. E. G. McGee and staff. are all
mighty busy, in fact too busy, to be
interviewed in regard to their, real
estate business. But they have made
1 several .large sales recently and oth-

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