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V Opportunity's Eiripire-Wayilesville Altitude 2,802 FeetrUnsurpasd Natural Resources for the Location of Manufacturing Industries
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I !t 111 '.1
$2.00 a Year in Advance, $2.50 If Ml to F)4
ii 11 1
i ... i
Huge Siccess
Enthusiastic Crowds Attend.
The Dahlia Show whici was held
last Thursday by the Wonan's Club Carolina. What started out as a two
ol Waynesville t proved to,be one of county affair is becoming a two-state
. the outstandong civic sibcesses of jubilee. , V '
the year. That WaynerilleJ andp, It all grew but-of the completion
Haywood county.-, can grw dahlia jpf highway No. 285 in North Carolina.
. , equal to and better than the finest in a distance of 21 miles between Dills,
the country, has. been ably demon-jboro and Franklin. -. At first this
, strated. As if by magic a , bare and road appeared simply to connect
empty store on Main street was jackson and Macon counties in .North
.'transformed into a radiant.and en- j Carolina, But a growing realization
trancing fairyland of floweis. Large 0f the . import -of the opening of this
dahlias and small delicate , nd bril- highway appears for the fact that
lient hues, the dahlias provid. to be leaders all the way from middle and
innumerable in variety. ; Everyone I eastern North Carolina to Atlanta
attending expressed intense i delight I
at. the scene. v, .jinterested and are going to take part
- It was gratifying that the club had in the program here September 15
such excellent co-operation from the and the motorcade that afternoon to
citizens "of . the community; There Asheville.
were many enthusiastic exhibitors. All the members of the Georgia
The exhibition is confined to ama- state highway commission expect to
teurs who proved themselves skilled participate. Chairman John N. Held
growers of fine dahlias. Mr. J. B. er has accepted an invitation to ap
lvey of Charlotte andLaka S unaluska . pear with former Governor Camor
who each year otfevs'a silver Jrophy J on Morrison and North Carolina
vase for the best general dlay, state highway officials on the pro
won the coveted first prize for hi gram at Franklin. The members of
own excellent dahlia displiy Mt. the Georgia legislature and county
Ivey had over one hundred and fifty, highway officials from these counties
varieties of the flower. v t .; J0n No. 15, which extends from North
It is estimated that over a tbous-, Carolina to the Florida state line,
and people visited the exhibition dur- have been invited to be here and make
ing-the hours of 8 to 10 P. ML. A the trip to Asheville, via Dillsboro,
register was kept which reveaui the Sylva, Waynesville and Canton,
interesting fact ..tha 19 .states', in- , p,aminent newspaper men expect
cluding many pities, visited the Ahow, ed lncJude jan)ei A. Holloman of the
To visitara irim Massachusetts! ind Atiftnta Constitutlon, Colonel Wade
New York, to ! Oklahoma, Txas, xnd , Harris of the Charlotte Observer,
Florida, BitfcmtfnXm:jCWM of the Asheville Citigen,
glories have btn revealed. ,, . , ,vr; and ibablv others, v And other men
Mrs." H. O. Stone wa an exceilfent
and Bessie
the Misses
and Mrs
of Woman' 'Club, also gave
, Th difficult tasK oj judging waa
most bly accomplished - by E. E.
urown 01 urownnum ric-.-rs, .ie-
vill&.Mr. E. E. Dickinson of Dick
inioni the Florist, Ashevillj, and Mrs.
Thrash, president ol the tfuncomoe
County Garden Club. , ., i ' , ;
Thiring the ftfternooa hours punch
was served by Mary StrhigfiolJ, An
na . Gordon McDowell, and Virginia
Garrison., Music was rendered by
the Waynesville Orchestra An even-
l?fr entertainment was i.-angen ty
Mrs . Cleveland Kirkpti 'i:K, chair
man of the Music Department of the
Woman's Club, numbers by the cr-
nestra, solos Dy miss mary r-iint-
rickof Waynesville and , Mrs. Hopke
of aarleston, S. ,C.. 'were enjoyed.
iss , Mary Pate , of Savannah, Ua.
gve" an interpretation
of "The
of th aaiuia snow conjnsit- doubtedly ' will . take part, at will it throueh their courtesy. It has Peen tne COntenuon oi me waynesvme iuuiiuune uiai, wu - .
MissestKobina- Miller; DaiUy .unty officials and hundreds' of citi -tih Mriri bv W4terlt North Carolina in the locating of industries in this part t: wouio; onixiouxe
V V It hir ' 1 VAV n WWUMWF vm -r .3 -.'- ..r . V' : TT .. OTin r(T1 VHTI If! Il'.H Ui S.U.O ISMtfb
7r, MChaz!vJni;r, : .ViW million .L -1 ,
Iey. Miss Lois flarrold : . . 4.-. . -, 1 Otner COUmy; mere is ruum 104 ,?uswy, .uiux,.yvau , VJ : " , i v?-naywooa coumjr u.
I C H.v McDowell, president 'ihTn.- be- dollar power development .at OUT dOOrW.;. . -IS.. ' laugurateaa years ago oy.
-;V .' Charleston." , . ,
i'. A conismerawe sum lor ine ciuu ajhiiL u carrieg on by the gigantic
if.: ;; realized from the generous free TaUu,ah Gorge, through ' Rabun Gap
" .i . Jwill offering, the sale of candy and at nd Jnto &e North Carolina moun
the cljise of the show, the sale of. across the : Cowees, through
dahlia,. '. ' 'Balsam Gap, the highest point on the
Th other prize winners of, the Soulhern RaiiW8y; ad into Ash e
day were: . Iville through the very heart of the
Jllivei oiicivy.., .v..-...,w. '
seeond pnze tor oest general uispwy,,
3 worth- of dahlia tubers; Mrs. E,' T- Wnunonvillfl., third bestjen-
-r.i'Hishlav. $2. worth of dahlia, tu-
- -
x.. ;i . f .
vT-.. ' .
iiHim "
. i-'dol. ' '.wern won DV- J.- K.
Bovd. WaynesVilley.; IX. A:,. Campbejt, '
X AT CampbelL
Bowles. Jeffrie
Ivv: Miss Grace.
T nr Dn. j m.-t
tfi-eewan, mrs. -
q. ' McCracken, Waynesville, . and
liobert Bryson of Balsam The tube?
-tinii.ims were offered,by 31 of the
- totting dahlia- -'gerg of
stes and include theif finest
.. ,K0rlv 'all! of the briw"irV . ' ;7i, :
winners won .more . man , one-. pr.
., ,.
ioie than $250 worth of. dahlia
T ) tubers were awarded. Prizes As xlass-.
.n.j iw o,iii-;nn tn first. Becond,- and.
thitd or general uiai'". ;
. . . . 1 1 Ji.l.lan ... .1 Y" n tftl
f0V : ' , " , u-n dahlia8' ,V?'; 4 .beH, vase, Fisher and Mason. Mr. Ivey. s ; pecU' become a permanent .VrKrtrto and" Su grave "Club were joint hos
Best dispay from Ivy HiH town- Mrs.' DuckettJ. best vase, ;vanegated, Best display coming longest dis-, stitution.- -'," , , tv . , " ' CTF? . . ' . . . J ,
'ship C. A Campbell; from Waynes-' MrIvey; ,0nd besB, . Mr. SheltonUnceMn V Haywood county. C.'A.l . Durmg the edson an unusually m.a"fo .f
tff township, i. A. Boyd; best col-w xJe BUlgle dahlias. J.B. Boyd; Campbell; second best Mrs. William.Siigh grade of entertainment features Tie a.c,fcl.d,ent eJ V,.e'f WUS tth Hotel Gordon .on Wednesday,
lection of 1 blooms, eighteen inch se?ond best, Mrs. Duckett; largest Wanehate, Cherokee reservation. " Jhave been sponsored by the assembly, -?f- f Kninehart 8teePP- r.'..-. . - '
, t .t, tv. .nrt W.'.Mra.'j. m, i,. . n,.f town .ihihitor.! beit dis-Ufcn. .rtn Wwn Vhnrrh mPn d .directly W front of the aiUomo- Six beautiful prizes wore presented.
wemji,-. .. - M
,v j.i.n- K-antv' W nnl
Dl CBVlUO 4 f r
number: of varieits considered, J,-B.
Tvmm conrl best Mrs. E, T. Duckett;
best vasp, 6 blooms largest dahlias,
J. B. Ivey; second best vase, Oliver
Shelton; best vase pink dahlias, Mr.1
Ivev second best, Mrs. Duckett; best
vase red dahlias, . Mi. Ivey; second
Celebrate New
; ; Franklin Highway
Frafiklin, N.C., Aug. 81. Interest
in the road celebration here Septem-
ber IS is 'crriDDintr Georgia and North
and the Florida .line are becoming
0f prominence :in the W iUtes
. j ,. . connectim. nnk in th3
.hevilJe-Franklin-Atlanta highway,
the 9hortest route, by 32 miles, be
tween thse cities between the
gouth and the mountains
2. It Is the logical route from an The hearty co-operation 01 ail enns
engineering standpoint, since it pass- tian people is earnestly solicited that
es through the lowest gap in-the the meeting may , be helpful to the
Blue Ridge, south of Virginia. Rabun entire community and that its bless
Gap with an altitude of slightly less ings and benefits may be shared by
than 2100 feet lower than the court all alike. Every member . of the
house at Franklin is one of the few Methodist church is requested to be
,ow pa8Ses, in the Blue Ridge, not'
"water gaps," probably the lowest of
thili kind in the entire Blue Ridge,
Mn: Trnl-Ar ; noaiAn tlll'nilD'll this
fcut the mountling virtually disappear
a,Jow the highway to pass thxough
mighty B,ue Ridge range
, Thfl Asheville.Franklin-Atlanta
highway is scenically one of the most
beautiful drives fa Southern Appa-.
Sniithprn Hurhlanrts.
, AJ rrnoH. C. it Wnei a
t oflNo 1Bj traverses Geor -
r. j . ,. ....
'.eria. strctcninir irom tne r toriua iaue
. V L - x ,. . u t
.. I i, ...
lllie f WMV iUlbll niUllHO 1C.
i .At.ff. a v.nnv ii, "
I south Franklin.
B. i. '. North Carolina
it strikes
j . with those to be completed
... qj thn in mnfirt
tWa gcctlon wjth. the
. Vall , , f .. , . ,
the Asheville-Fra
- :
Frankln Allan -
..' ' , - ,
'' erio- in Eastern
TJlll f
.uuiiii ..v.....; , -
. "tnd the -Land of the Sky,"
nn. fh...t with . the middle
.R Takes country.
.V -
so white
. . r-1 1 . .... 1. HnnJ.
best. lir, oseiuin,. uwmwM.wuiw
T " " ' . r,.. ',... , lA
tU-t4 slnMin ' lf " tvav
VI I J W v V"-aia uuiiiihi ' -'rf F
second largest, Mrs. Duckett; largest)
neonv dahlia. Mr. Ivevrsecond larg -
cst, Mr. Shelton; best vase arranged
for1 artistic effect, Mr. Ivey; second
best, Mr. Ivey; best lyase smallest
perfect dahlias, Mr. Shelton; second
best, C. A, Campbell; best vase of
.... .
The above cartoon appeared
Beginning Sunday, Sept. 8th, at ll
A. M. there will be a revival meeting
in the Waynesville Methodist church.
present in his, place at the initial
service. We want this to be every-
body's meeting. :'
Everybody Welcome.
" -Everybody Come. -"
Everybody Pray.
Everybody sing.
Everyboddy help ana May uoa uur
pather bless everybody,
M. A., RECTOR. '
No early service today.
10 A M. Church School and Bible
n.. t,a PoxieVi Hnnw. Tho Hon.
1 Ex-Comtressman C. R. Thomas will
s"The Authorized and Re -
'vUed Versions, of the Holy Bible.'
1 . . . . ? . .
Celpbration of
1 11 . iu.' uvmi
' ' . . .... .11- ueorsre jk... oiuari, un . v ...
'tu r...i...iaf '4bj'., bv rhe'debt. In smte of the rain more than
U1C UULIllid. 1" -tf -
. m.. ... iii. -u ... C..Mt"t.nfli Mi nn thn nnpninir or
anr nr .iriii z - r 1 1 1 1 .ciaua uuuiw.
Rector. Topic: "Flesh versus Spirit.'.";
8 P. M. Evensong. The Rector.
will preach on ::" A Weakness in the
rhnrrh -
.Everybody cordially invited to all
.our services... - -
'1' : - -
U. S. A. dahlias. Mr. Iyey; most ar-
tistically arranged,' othr flowers or
foliarre allowed, but having at least!
Hi- first nrize. M. .d v.rious -nrivate camns
. ... - .. . .
Ivey, second, Mr. JJoya, oesc vase
12 different 'dahlias in color or kind,
Mr Ivey; second best, Mrs. William
Wanehate, Cherokee reservation; best 'School, affiiiated with -Duke Univer-I
decorative .dahlia originated byUity," held its first session here and'-
unwiautu,: ,.uuua ""..:"
i' . rtfnMi. .. ,h Kct
"Mm Wanohatu '
. - .
., Largest dahlia of any type,
.Marion Boggs; second Ingest, Mrs.
Wanehate; most artistic vase, Miss
Boggs; -second ; largest Mrs. wane -
.hate; most artistic, Yae'Mjss Koggs;
second . most - artlistic - vase, Mts.
in the Asheville Citizen of recent date and we are republishing
Lake Junaluska, Aug30, (Special.)
With addresses by Bishop Edwin;
D. Mouzon, of ,the M. E. Church,' VKr uau e"ur " "
South, old fashioned singing and a Southern Railwfly System' -
, 0, 4 rf ment of last week in regard to the
general reunion, Haywood County.' 0
. date.
Day was observea at Lake .lunaluska av.n . .... ,.nr
, ,u . ,u Ihe excursion is rriday (tomor-
Sunday, August 29th, cimin as the I
'climax to a successful season of the row,)
Methodist Southern Assembly here.
... Bishop Mouzon preachtd at 11
o'clock in the morning and again at
2:30 p. m. Miss Emmn Tucker of
Auburndale, Florida conducted a
vesper service at 8 p. m.
The best program in the fourteen
years of its history has marked the
La .-..- f a-mM .t Lake
1 " . w
Junaluska. in the opinion of many
, . :
of the summer visitors, who
lii-oict a Ktfndv and nermanent de-
vclocment of th Methodist plant
h. re. i Plans are. aire j Iv under way,
arcording to i'r. Stj.iii, to donnte
tkr assembly t. tha M 10. Church,
b-.uth and to pi it under doncn.-
, national control as soon as all 01 tno
outstanding indebtedness is nquidat-
'ed. ip tnis interest were is now
jgoing 'on an uction sale of lots, the
proceeds of the sale to apply to the
opening of
. w.... v. .uvu -- . . r
twenty lots, were
the auction. ? , ,
1 During the past eight weeks,
-Junaluska has been the site of.
During the past eight weeks, L.ane
' ' J jHt
than a dozen -summer... Institutes,
camps, conferences ana asaemDiies oi
the M. B,, Church,: aouuij. ana m aa-
dition the Junaluska Camp for boys,
Dr. Mason Crum, f Columbia, S. C,
director. Miss Ethel McCoy's tamp
s of ' and .summer schools, have attracted
indjhundreds. of visitors.- -
, , 'Thd ,' Lake Junaluska Summer
jiuy,-iiwu, ivsi, .u
I -.1 ij. - .v.
j -fvnm tha nl.ffart ' '
While the program' officially 'closed
on the 29th, several of the hotels, on,
( request of visitors, ' have agreed to
jremaaiw open v during beptember,
among them' the Terrace, Colonial
hotel, Lakeside Lodge, Providence
i hotel and Epworth Lodge.
(Error corrected.)
As this is the last special excur
sion many are going from this com
. ,"c u . V J , ! Ja '
wh,ch h" bn-located at the depot,
Tl. Mnfn.J C1 I. -..
u .... 1 ,1 .1 1 : 11 r . .
"o'c "vim uui bhu me leaving nnv-
nesville. Mr. Cordell Russell
moving to Brevard and Mr. C. B.
Medford may go to Canton.
' The Sluder-Anderson Company
have purchased the Waynesville in -
terests of the Medford Furniture
ine name 01 Jsluder-Anderson
f urniture company will be changed
10 aiuaer-uarrett' rurniture uoinpn-
ny,. Mr. Noble Garrett purchase !
the interests of Mr. Anderson some
time ago.
The above company is doing 's good
.1 j
1110 aui
business and have a large store on
Main street.
1 ' : . - n , . ' ,
'fnr A t Bhin-w" -h
Qlea lne o-P'- "
AmB this morning at 4 0 clock,
; .Con.duKct tom4orrw Taftoon
Asuevuiu lais . morninir
at 3 o'clock by. Rev. A. V. Joyher.
I Mr! Rhinehart died from injuries he
. nart uiea irom injums ne
I"t Saturday afternoon.
;, . , 1. v . t
- . bile. , Mr. Price did everything he
COUW lOf tbe JUjUred mat). . NO EcUOH
taken against him. -
and had been a valued employe of
unampion , t rDre : company- for oyer
20 years. He leaves a widow and a. Each
large number of f fiends to mourn b:s 9:45 A.
Throngs Attend
Closing Affair
Haywood County Day at Junalusw
Attracts Many People. -
Haywood county day was obuereed
at Lake Junaluska bunday ffitii a
record breaking .attendance. A fH
program was carried out which So
eluded morning and afternoon preadv
ing by Bishop Edwin D. Mousoc. a
story hour for the children at 4:30
p. m.j and vesper service at night fed
by Miss Emma' Tucker, of AuWa
dale, Florida.
From every ' nook and corner of
Haywood county and from more dis
tant sections of the state, they came,
pouring by hundreds and thousands
into the grounds ol the Jttetnocuav
Southern Assembly to celebrate Hay
wood county day , which marked the
official close of the summer season.
Josephus Daniels and Mrs.- Daniels
of Raleigh were among the visitors.
The crowd was variously estimated
at from 4,000 to 6,000. The great
open air auditorium which seats 4,600
was taxefl to its capacity to holA the
crowd which gathered for the 11
o'clock preaching and the aftecuoon
address by Bishop Mouson. Majas re
mained tor the 4:30 o'clock story
hour and the vesper service ai S
p. m.
Prior to the morning preaching ser
vice and following it, the crowd made
themselves at home on the grounds
and many family gatherings and
reunions of friends who had not met
since last Haywood county day, took,
place. For the most part, the visitors;
brought basket dinners which were
1 xi a
spread on tne Pw rBaer ?"-;
Manager J. Dale Stentz, had been
preparing for Haywood county day
pi MeUt
j dents of the county in which, tne as
Isembly is located. Whenever possi
ble Dr. Stuart waa always present
Qn this day Snd was many times tne.
speaker on that occasion.
That the host of Dr. Stuart's oldl
friends might feel tht their beloved
friend, while absent in the flesh
would be "with them in spirit on this,
day, through the permission of hiw
widow, a large portrait 01 the great
leader, "Methodism's Grand Old
Man," occupied a place of honor on
the platform wreathed in flowers
placed there by loving hands. Dr.
Stuart died last May. His loss has
been keenly felt this year by Juna-
. . .. ,
luskans who througn tne years nave
to look for-ard to his genial
grown to
-OBDn(.p here
during the summer.
is Dr. Stuart was Haywood county-day-
speakcr last year. The year before
that Josephus Daniels was platform
' Haywood county day at Lake Juna-
luska has come to be regarded as 'the
crowning glory of the summer's ac-
Tne recent ceieDrauoo was
oeciaieu uy many 10 j
.... "
"t Aiempnia, one 01 tne original cum-
missioners 011 the assembly, who nas
attended, every day with possibhty
.. . . . .
one eP0"
one s.ce iuuh, oaiu ... m ma
there had never bean rnore sue-,
cessful occasion than- the -one today.
J, In addition to congregational sing-ES-AS
RESULT f f al . by'
B i.1 K 1 trll ' LllC L'HMailUll. iUJIJI
beginning, special musit was an iir-
teresting ,fetme at Hhe' Sunday , Sor-
oi' ViVinto7
S. C, was soloist At the U o'clock hour. Mr. '.nd Mm. J. '
Dale StehU gave "spacial numbers at
th,e afternoon service: " :
TK..,.,U.. l tti ri.rl InoAno
the .winners.
An jce course was served late in
' the afternoon. About ten. tables
Sunday, Sunday
M. Preaching at
school at
II o'clock
Rev. J, T. Mangum.
v v..
' .- I :

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