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    Has tom Puidln-Adiancc Subscribers In HjyuooJ County Than All it'ivA eu-srw' Ccmbru-d
NO. 52
i Biche Gets Verdict of Man
f slaughter. .Sentence
' Not Passed Late
' Wednesday. ,
I The jury returned a verdict of
guilty of manslaughter afainst
;Bob! Riche who was- charged
with murder of Bennie Drake,
both colored, Wednesday after
noon, a few hours after they
. fiad' received Junde Harding's
charge. The case has consumed
the .greater part of this week.
Many witnesses were heard.
Judge W. F. Harding had not
1 passed sentence late Wednesday.
..:.'- s
f ' During the last few days the
cases that have been tried have taken
a little longer that those tried the first
' week- of court. It was rumored at
the (court house that approximately
ope-Half of the cases scheduled for this
term' of court would be tried,
jr. Solicitor Queen stated Wednesday
morning that approximately 100 cases
Ijad heen tried this term-
' A'a-The Mountaineer went to press
Wednesday afternoon the case of Ed
Smith anil his son, charged with the
nlurder of Horace Brock, all of Can
tdn, had not been called, but it was
expected that if thw case was called
that will take the remainder of the
week to complete the trial,
f i For -the - past few days the, crowds
tave been smaller at the court house.
This was accounted for by the bad
Weather. . '
f jThe following eases were 'tried
during the last few days "and senten
ces imposed:
f;;C. G, Cook, abandonment, found
. Thurman Jones, . assault, found
ruilty, paid $100 fine and costs.
j17 H. Jackson, found guilty of vio
lating prohibition' law. sentenced four
' ponths,
f H. S-. Morrison, assault wiJn deadly
weapon, found guilty, fined $50 and
50St. .
TBass Rhinehart, assault with deadly
weapon, found guilty and fined $100
and cost.
t , Ruby Hopper Valentine was grant
fed a divorce from Hubert Valentine
tnd custody of the child, Lois Vir-
J.Jack Welch, charger with man-
daughter, case continued.
((Lester O'Dear, assault, found guilty,
rntenced one year.
.William C. Smith, larceny and re
viving, got a sentence of 2 years
n the state prison.
f Marshall Hannah, received a sen
nce of 0 months for violation of
prohibition law.
I Lou Franklin was granted a di-
rerce - from Bernard Franklin and
ustody of the two children.
Francis Neal Hooper granted a
(ivorce from J. I.. Hooper-
''red Smith, ct a!, charged with
reaking and entering and (larceny-
udgment suspended upon payment of j
ourt cost and cost of goods stolen. '
D. Hyatt Named On
AH - State Team
Second Time Local Boy Re
ceives Recognition as
Outstanding Foot
: ball Player
lhe .Associated Tress this week
icked the eleven best football play-
rs from the leading colleges in
iorth Carolina. Among the list se
ated was Don Hyatt, local bay, now
f student at Duke University, w-he
as won for himself the distinction
(.being one of the best players i?
lie state this year. This is the sec
hd year tnat Hyatt has won this
bnor. Don was an outstanding
layer during his high school career
s'Fred Crawford, Hyatt's running
ate at high school and now at
uke, has been mentioned as an all
tate star and has received much
raise .for his playing, and been
Iven ' considerable recognition by
ports writers from every section o
i state-
This is Hyatt's last year at Duke.
Mangum Wyatt It
Injured In Wreck
Little Billy Howell Miracu
lously Escapes Injury
In Run-Away Truck
Wednesday morning a peculiar ac
cident occured when Mangum Wyatt,
tiL;ck driver for Howell Coal com
'pany here cranked his truck while it
was in gear. Naturally the truck
started forward and before Wyalt
could get out of the way the truck
run over an embankment, a small
road and through two fences.
Mr. Howell's small son, Billy, was
in the truck at the time of the acci
dent but come through the run-away
without a scratch, which witnesses
claim was only a miracle.
Mr. Wyatt was painfully but not
seriously injured. He suffered several
cuts and bruises. The attending phy
sicians stated that a ligament was
strained but not serious. No bones
were broken, it was stated.
The truck suffered little damage
exc pt for the steering wheel which
was broken. The fences, outside of
Wyatt's injuries were damaged worse
than anything else.
JE. Waynesville P.
T. A. Gives Supper
Approximator $10 Is Raised
By Association to Im
prove School
The East Waynesville Tat ent
Teaohers' Association sponsored a
chicken supper last 'Friday nigh' ."4
the school for the benefit of the
driveway campaign that the organi
zation is sponsoring-
Approximately.- 12;, patron:-- were i
served .'f about 25 or 111) others
ji.ined liiU1.'- lor the entertainment
.'i iiure which... followed the supper.
This was furnished by Billy Evans,
Vio,in, Robert Rich, violin, Rufus
Ruff, banjo, Jim Lewis, banjo, and
15. Franklin guitar, A colored group
composed of Essie Child, Ethel Child,
Josie Child and James Nichols also
delighted the gathering with musical
The driveway campaign was
launched some time ago in an effort
to- 'improve- the drivewsy in wei
weather -as. well as the appearance of
the school grounds. The associa
tion furnished the drain pipe for this
i he Easi : Waynesville .. Parent
icachers' Association was the tirst 'ti,.
sponsor- a. cafeteria . in the school,
Several other. schools now have cafeteria.-.
Approximately $10 wa. made ircf.i
the hupper.
Singing Convention
Meets Here Sunday
All Singers in County Are
Urged to Attend. Begins
at 10:00 Sharp
The Haywood County Singing C.,r.-
vention will meet Sunday, December
-ITf th, at the local school audi
torium for the regular meeting of
the convention.
S. W, Galloway, president of the
convention, stressed the fact that it
is necessary for all singers to be
present and help make the conven
tion 'a success.
- The meeting is scheduled to .begin
promptly at 10:GQ o'clock.
Much interest has been shown on
the part: of singers in the past rnd
:t is pra iic'.ed by officials that .ties
will be one of the best that has bee;
Arcanum Lodge To Meet
Here Friday Night Dec. 11
Haywood Council Number 817 Roy
al Arcanum will meet Friday Decem
ber 11th at 7:30 p. m. at the lodge
room over the First National Bank.
This will be a important meet
ing and will be addressed by Mr. J.
Motttock of New York City, who is
representing: the Supreme Council of
the order. :
It is hoped that every member of
the council will be present to learn
more about the work of the order
and the work that it is doing.
Rev. Doug Davis
Claimed Bv Death
Had Been Preacher for 19;
learS. TopUlar in
Count V
Reviremi Ikiug Davis, a well known
Baptist preacher, died at, his home on I
Cove Creek Thursday, December 3. '
He was sixty-nine years of age and
had been preaching for forty-nine
years. His widow survives him.
Funeral services were conducted
by Rev. B. B. Caldwell, of Waynesville
but now a student in Mar. Hill Col
lege. Interment was in Cove Creek
Mr. Davis was a man of much in
fluence in his community and leaves
a host of friends and admirers who
will mourn his loss. He was one of
the naturally able country preachers
in this county ami did a great work
in hrs day.
Jury Make no Recomenda
tions in Recent Report.
Jail Reported
The Grand Jury for Haywood county
made its report last week to Judge
W. E. Harding, presiding at the pres
ent term of Superior court.
Tilt- jury had ho recommendations
to make and reported all public build
ings in sanitary condition, as well as
in no need of repair.
The report of the public buildings
was iis follows :
We vi.itod the County Home ind J
found I inmates, 11 men, 11! wV".on,
8- boys- and ft girls, .10 -.of Whom are
attending the public schools of the
county. All inmates arc well cared
for We found on hand approximate
ly lot! bushels of Oat.-, l.'.d bushels
of wheat. 1.00(1 bushels of corn, and
cut feed from rulfage from, same, "
haystack-, 1 stack of straw, MM I jar
of canned goods, 100 chickens, and th:
following livestock: S bogs to kill,
12 to keep, 11 cows, 1 bull, ii yearling.-.
:! calve.'-, and 2 mules. 'The
home ulid farm are well kept by the
superintendent,' Mr.. !). ,). Nolaiivl.
- We visited the County Tiospital an
t'(."jnd il in excellent condilioti.
Wt visited the County Jail and
found everything in as good condi
tion as could be expected, except that
it is in a very crowded condition.
The inmates are well cared for, they
have plenty of food and have no com
plaint to make.
We find a new court house in the
process of construction and that the
court room and the officers of the
county court house have been move i
tn temporary quarters by order of
County Commissioners, 'and are now
located in the Masonic Tefsple build
ing in the Town of Waynesville, ex
cept, the Board ' of Education which
located in the Citizens Bank and
Trust building. And that as an ad
ditional protection the Commissioners
have employed a night Watchman to
protect the records of the. county
while in such teporary building. -Ve
have visited the individual ofTices o'
the court house and find all records
neatly and well kept.
We visited all of the two story
buildings belonging to the county and
found all in good repair, sanitary
and well kept in every respect.
Foreman Grand Jury.
The Boosters Club of Hazelwood
will entertain the teachers of the
Hazelwtxd Schools at a dinner at the
Presbyterian Hut, Thursday evening
at 7 o'clock. Mrs. E. L. McKee of
Sylva will be the guest speaker of
the evening.
Teams Unable To Run On
Wet Muddy Field. Few
Fumbles Are Made
Haying on a drenched field during
sleet and rain the local high school
football team was defeated by the
i trong Weaver Junior College team of
Wcuverville, Tuesday afternoon in
I il.-nty game sponsored bv the Amir.
ican Legion, on the high school field
here. The final score being 21-0.
Approximately 200 spectators faced
the cobi rain and sleet to witness the
The players were covered with mud
a minute after the first kick-off, and
at times it was hardly possible to
recognize the difference between the
two teams as they both wore yellow
The players were unable to run but
few fumbls were made despite the
wet ball. Most fumbles were made in
receiving punts. Although several
passes were attempted only one or two
wi-re complete and then only for short
Without : doubt the game Would
j haw been one, of the best that has
1 eon-played here if the 'field had been
Schacliner. quarter back for .tin
visitors, made a dash through the cen
ter of the .line for a 'JO yard run. aj, j
the first touchdown. .-.Ext r. ' e ;
was added by a line buck,
Wyatt, outFtanding Vaynes.;.
halfback, niade a nice reverse play
vvbieh 'hefted the locals 10 yards.
The ball was brought, li. .. -. ;
line, the 'nearest ;be loeaK
to lileli- goal.
-'.ist bet. u the half ended- "Keitf
'' '-cy. fov flu- Weaver teair
!e a a i. ik! run fin. : J
touchdovyn- Another line lipek net-"
te 1 i". t ra j oj ti t j
I'liting 'the lhird iiarter the
teams slid back and forth over the
c. id.
neither being able to gain. The
!m-1iic was gel ting, worse a-; every
t: J-a fool print was mailt r. tir
1.1! ill it" bJIed with water in few l::iv
ti'es and at times i! b'oko'1 a; i' : :
In l: wit- iiia li. .' i-uaiii ; . j ' ... ;
lakes. ' ..
In -the --.fourth quai'c;- Ma V-'t .i
raiue back str'ui.,).- an I R-.w :i::, u
iiia plunge ;.:) ;.'(.; ;.w.-;v r' " :. ; "
Vai-:l dash a.nef. l hi'n; 't."ueh'H. ,.
t he c.. air.
' 'oai. h I'liin-ii.vti-i ,-. ' "(
i ' . !ori'!e" e.oai h ;,' Va . '; .
high showed lo; al fan;- tb;,: b,'-, V. -still
callable -of nroducirit' -scoring
Many substituted were ina'ie i-v
liotb teams: .The :ilayers s-e'iiv
how little etrect. of the fee :-i;.g
aftef . play was; f tarteil. The spe
and substitutes were the miC-f:-r
r.s of the occasion.
i.'i.iaeli- Wea'.herby used the lame
iariirig. lirieup that he used in win
nine the Westerii North ' Carolina
championship title for. high schools
this season, with the ' exception' o)
Hridges, who is on the sick list. .
The starting lineup . wa
lows : -
is -!'.;.
: LG
' ''(' .'''
" RE
. liver
i .is ' ic
':-'' Edne;,
Carver' .
Cret n wood
Wyatt;: .
; e ve's
. nffbin, . r .,. .,..:. :
.,Jtll,c. nnraa.1, umpire i
.irercner, neaiilmesman liavis, -.
County Visited By
Sleet, Snow -Tues.
Haywood county had its first touch
nf winter Tuesday" Rain,, sleet an-'
Inow fell for the, gre-tor par: of. t1
day, making 'the streets and high-
vays slick and dangerous No ac- t
cidents were reported as a resui
the conditions of the ; road?
W. L. Lamnkin. manager nf ihn
'ocal telephone company reported
bout twenty lines were broken by
the sleet Tuesday night. These were
ill repaired and back in order by
Wednesday night.
jLocal Man Arrested,
! Tried, Sentenced In
Less Than 2 Hours
J Ma:.-hall Hannah is thoroughly con-
viiu ed that the matter of being ar
iesto.1, tried and sentenced dues not
necessarily mean weeks and sometimes
iv.. laths of waiting in suspense, but
that it all can happen in a few minutes.
Tuesday, his generosity got him
free lodging for s; months, when he
offered a deputy sheriff a drink from
his jug.
Deputy Sheriff Caldwell offered
Hannah a i ide to tvwn where upon
the latter ocered to repay the favor
with a drink. The ride ended in front
of the courthouse. Hannah was car
ried to the courtroom, chargexl with
possesion of whiskey, tried and was
riven six months ser.tence. All this
happened in less than two hours.
It was stated that the whisky did
not belong to Hannah, but before he
would betray his friend, owner of the
whiskey, he took the blame, and sen
Asheville Delegation Discuss
Reasons Why Tobacco
Should he Sold In
The1 Asheville tobacco market
Opened Wednesday with prices
averam! V and M cents.
;.a l I-'i : lay i; ..(ivlegal ion l ri
-. -in-vi t Je- aine to Way lies vi lie to in .
'."in .lite barley tobacco oii e.
ims . iiuir. iij ine aovaniap :; i i
': i Unig' their bin ley tobacco iiv A'-he-
; Mi:.. ... '.'."
i The tueeiing wa held a; (be
Wiiynowooil Theatre instead of at the
I i iiu.-t house as was first' announced,
j because -of court being in session..
kimes l,j Robitison, llayJ.ioii
(county agent tipened the meeting and
mt rodiiced .Mayor Howell, w ho in turn
( lenaied the: Aslicville visitors aihi
:viKind the meeting .over to Ered !..
retary of Asheville I ham
i llllilelce.
a iV Weed, ri".'po'me-, !,'.;laj
!!'- w.'lc..i:v ; in vr .m ,'-.
It. liu rto! who .sp. :. :
M), Green ol Asb.Aiii,-, vii
I .e. e
'w j -
to alleiiil Ibl;- lei,',;;1
staleil in tin, eeairse i'
:t 1 l.-iy w ind loliacen
ban :hat in some neigii
' Tl:'e. -iiiiji-!. t lnir,' nl
ict Jer
'' : i.-'k v.a.-.- tba! ii,.; .::-i;,-r. uoui! .
." ' '' ' K"-il:'-'lie'l jr. icil'tlieir ti,l,,v-co
in A'sbevilie rather that) out. of stat
! markets.
i Captain Fisher, of the Asheville
police, depaitaii-!!'. wa: next .:, r
I duced arid , assured the loial l-amer,
that they need not fear ''traffic-.. lave .
- and traiii; (-iips in Aslieville for i-yrl
, riieiriFier tin the Aslit-ville f,r,.,. ),
recei'ved . instructions1 . ,0- ).,.,
l farmers . instead-, of . i-inbarrassi-i:
Archibald Nichols, secretary ol lb
Asheville Merchants Association, :1s
urged the. farmers to .sell their i
; bacco in Asheville 'in behalf o! - : !
Merchants Association.
The next speaker was W. H. S nit,
. lvr, manager f ;ne of: th, wat.
bouse-; in Asheville. ' Mr. Saunde;
, explained the advantages, of s:e!in
; toi.aceo near -home- and explained fur
ther that: he. had personally s
the hi-st h'iiv.rc U ,-,.i;i '.
sepn it:
! - viiuiu Him, wnici-
meant that he was doing- e very-thin-that
he coiill . t .
., . ! er prices lor
tne. larmer than t
any other market
He also pointed out that .Western
North Carolina tobacco was consid
ered the finest grown and that the
commercial tobacco companies wore
making strong bids, for this grade oj.
tobacco. -
Mr. Saunders told The Moun
taineer before the meeting that
TT l , i '
iiaywuoej county, .. has, one . of the
flnest crops of tobacco in this sec
;'s - e added, "the crop as a whole
'' "aywood this year is 100 ptv
cent better than last year." "As ti
qualify it is better, but the poundage
is not as much as in other years, bti
Mie '.uality- more than makes up
for that."
Mr. Sett'eSmrne, manager for the
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tt , . . .
1 AM1 '"tt lllNb
An Elaborate Agricultural
Program Is Planned For
Western North Carolina.
Haywood County Will Be
Well Represented to Hear
'Minnesota Plan' j
Farmers, farm agents, vocational
agricultural teache'is, home ilemoin.
strators, mtrchants, hankers, editors
and civic leaders frrim all over West
ern North Carolina will hold a get
together meH'ting in Asheville at the
Plaza theater Monday evening at 8
P- in., to he-ar Ereelorirk E. Murphy,
publisher of the Minneapolis Tribune
and Charles E Collisem, its agricul
tural editor, explain how the world,
famous "Minaesota Plan" can bring
a new e-ra of agricultural prosperity,
to this mounlain re-:.: , .. i j how'
parts eif it can be applied here.
: The unde -rlj ing' purpose of the
niovememt i.s to educate the city and
town business men to cooperate with
the farmer to build better, agriculture
and lie-In- .create, markets at home and
abroad. .There can be no real pros
perity without a prosperous agricul
tural population.
The 'program, which will be launch
ed at the meeting to bo held under
the auspices of The Asheville' Cilixun,
'I ne Ashivilie limes ami .station
WWN'C. through the co-operation of
farm agents and oilier state and Ceiun
ty officials, j- (,mc thiit in expected'
to ciiallcnge tin; imagination of the
forward looking farmers and point
the way -tn permanent agricultural :
prosperity in w .-tern North Carolina.
The North Carolina Extension De
parment has moved its annual" two
day regional, meeting to Ashevillo to.
be held m (-oiijiim-tion with the biir
get together meeting on December
14th. '
The speakers 'arc reiea in'isl :is tlw.
outstanding- leaders if prtigreH.sive
f.-irm t bought in America today, the)
'.men who advocat: d, pixiiiiotetl anil ;
.level-,iie, tile plan which begins the;
rehabilitation of the farmer in the .
soil of his faun and not in the cav
ernous halls of the legislature. They-.'
are the -men who took a country that
was -virtually .wrecked every time t ho
fluctuatinc- price of wheat e'roppe.l
below a ceitain figui.e, and trans- .
formenl it ove r a period of a few short ;
years into a land of .steady production
a rid .steady income, pn.vperous farm- . .
and progressive n-.i-ns.
Those. expected to alt' ml, and oth
ers a.' c in vited f oni : h -i county are:
J. li.-.Ii'oyd, Waynesville.
JanteiL. Ilobinson, . Waynesville'.
Bonner Ray. Waynt" ville.
E. L. Withers, Way oesviHe.
W; T. Khelton, Waynesville.
W. E. Smift, Waynesville, K. 1.
Ix'noir Gwyn, Way 'n-s.viile, R. 2.
N.'-W. Cai'ver, Waynenville, R. 2.
Chas. B. McCrary. r'rabtree, R. 1.
G. C. I'almer, Crabtree, R. I.
J. E. 'Ferguson',' li'jlwot;d
J. H. Kirkpatriek, Cai'ttiii.
E. T. IVdon, ("ar.-.f - .
Floyd Rhinehart. Car; ton.
L. L. Canton.
J. 11 askew liayi.e s. t lyde.
FaI Eincher. CKtle. '' '".
J. Frank Mann, Caau.ii. R. 1.
Van (V Wells, Cant, n R. '. ' :
T. 11 Rogers, Clyde.
T. A. Justice, Clyd. , R. 1. -"
Miss Lula .Wright, Eelito' ( ariton ..
- W. C. Russ', local newspapc, :--.:n.
. Last week . there a; ; 'vis
paper ::n article about the if
Mrb. E. J. Hyatt was doii a
Hazelwood school. Thi: sh ; ' it:
been Mrs. R; J. Hyatt: insf
artic!e - -Ued that hot : tun- '"e
being served for five tent
lunch twenty cents, I , re
are ee-' vn hot plates th
bough' ;or five cents. T 'n-
tain rrets that this . was

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