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Christmas Tree Thursday
Afernoon, Episcopalian
Services in Evening.
Streets Are Crowded With
I -mm' a- ol
Much Fireworks
The streets, stores and homes here
reveal that the Christmas spirit is
the one thought in the minds of the
people of the county. The stores are
decorated with crepe paper, bells, ar
tificial snow and bright colored orna
ments. In front of several stores decorated
trees -with flickering lights add their
part to the spreading of joy and cheer.
The Streets are crowded with people
ushing here and there in an effort to
make last minute purchases for some
friend; or relative that had been for
gotten in th season's rush.
Indications are that Waynesville
will nbt lack for noise this Christ
nas. , For the last several days fire
crackers have been shot frequently.
' School children, now carefree from
studies make their daily rounds to
ihfl favorite toy counters, fingering
his and that and in many instances
whispering to the clerks to tell Santa
heir latest wants.
During the next few days several
Christmas programs have been plann
,d. ' '
Christmas Tree
Fhursday Afternoon
r .
. On Christmas Eve, on the lot op
fKsite the post office, the Woman's
Sub will sponsor a community Christ
Mas tree for the children that perhaps
would not be otherwise remembered.
; Christmas Carols will be sung ac
:ompained by chimes played by Fred
Joel, f Ashevi!1".
Santa Claus will be there to per
lonally give the little tots a gift that
las been prepared by the Woman's
3oK The program is scheduled to
egin-promptly at 4:S0 p. m.
Services A t Episcopal
Church Christmas Eve
Christmas eve night at midnight
iervices will be held at the Grace
Spiscopal church at J 1:30. Dr. R. P.
Valker, pastor of the Presbyterian
tburch -will deliver the sermon which
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Give Library Member
ship As Xmas Gift
Miss Beville local librarian here
has brought another Christmas
gift suggestion. That is a mem
bership to the Waynesville Library.
This gift would not only be an ap
propriate one worth while but
would last for twelve months and
would be of . much value to the
person receiving the gift and to
the community. The local library
fills a need that no other local in.
stitution could possibly mee The
library is supported by these year
ly memberships and a small fee
on each book where the person re
ceiving the book does not have a
membership. The yearly member
ship dues are one dollar a year.
Over 100 People From Vari
ous Churches Here Take
Part in Pageant.
Story Centering Around the
Birth of Christ Was In
spiring To Audience
Last Sunday night over 100 persons
from the churches of the city staged
a pageant "The Light of The World"
at the high school auditorium, to an
appreciative audience that completely
filled the auditorium and many had
to go to the balcony for seats.
The pageant took the place of the
regular evening worship at the dif
ferent churches here.
The combined choirs of the city
furnished the music for the service.
They were seated in the right balony
and as the opening of the service they
sang several Christmas carols.
Dr. R. P. Walker, pastor of the
Presbyterian church read first of the
scripture followed by Rev. H. W. Bau.
com, pastor of the Baptist church,
who read the remainder of the scrip
ture story of the birth Of the Christ.
Dr. Walker then led the congregation
in prayer.
The pageant opened with a blight
star shining from the east and a view
of the crude manger, which wos placed
in the center of the stage, in f mint
of a white alter.
The pageant was ten t ere 1 around
the birth of Christ and the spirit of
Christanity ruling over the world. The
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Three Bound Over
To February Court,
Larceny Of Tobacco
Three young men were bound over
to the February term of court by
Magistrate Frank Ferguson this week
on charges of larceny.
The three were Woodrow McElroy,
Weaver Rarhbone and Hugh Rogers.
They are charg-ed of stealing1 tobacco
in the Fines Creek section. The to
bacco was the property of Roy Ropers
of Fines Creek.
Geo, Sherill Is
Reported Better
George Sherrill, suffering from
pni umonia, was reported yesterday
t, have suffered from a relapse, but
reports coming from the home, late
Tuesday -indicated that ho was better.
The attending physician stated that
his condition was still serious, but
he had .'hopes of '"his recovery,, al
though it would be slow.
Mr. Sherrill is proprietor ' of the
Sherrill Studio here.
The , prisoners of this county will
not be forgotten Christmas. .; Sheriff
Lowe has arranged for each of them
to receive a gift bag. Each bag is to
have candy, rasing, oranges and ap
ples in it.
A special Christmas dinner will be
served to the 26 state and lb county
Sheriff Lowe reported that all priso
ners were well taken care of, and
well fed.
The Waynesville Mountaineer Is The Best
Moec p' Prpciriont nf I hamhor nfi
uiuuuiv a i vuiuviu ut viiuiiiuvt vi
Commerce, Proposes Fence For
High School Athletic Park Here
Much Interest Is Shown By Guests and Heads of Differ
ent Civic Organizations At Football Banquet. Awards
Given To 23 Members of Squad By Coach Weatherby
The final curtain was lowered on
1931 football history here Thursday
night when the team held their annual
banquet at the LeFaine hotel. Per
haps the climax of the gathering wastt the puhlic intended to infringe
reached when Hugh Massie, president
of the Waynesville Chamber of Com
merce proposed that the town, school
board and civic organizations of the
city build a 'fence--around .the athletic
park at the high school.
This suggestion was well received
and other remarks by visitors and
members of the team indicated that
the suggestion was one of the thing's
that Waynesville has needed ever
since the old fair ground field was
Several .remarks, made after Mr.
Massie made the proposal led to the
point that hundreds of dollars in ad-J
Work is Being Pushed For
ward Rapidly. Between
35 and 50 Men Employed
The new court house is beginning
to look like a miniature skyscraper;
The work has been pushed, forward
rapidly during the last few weeks and
the contractors have put forth every
effort to make use of- the favorable
weather during that time.
The pouring of the second floor 'was
completed Friday .afternoon.'- The col
umns for the third floor are being
built and will be ready to support the
framing forms for the third floor
which is expected to be poured about
the fiirst of the month. The outside
walls have been built up to the top
of the second story windows on about
half of the wall.
The huge white columns in the front
of the biuling have been placed and
the special arch over the front door
ing from the back indicates that it
will be one of the most beautiful pub
lie buildings in Western North Caro
1 in a when finished,
was finished last week.
The granite walls have a majestic
appearance and .the looks of the build
Retwoen thrityfive. and fifty men
are employed regularly on the job.
The only injury reported was one
workman sprained his foot several
days ago, but is able to be out lira in.
En (Our fttamt Safaris:
lfllui Haiti "Wtmf? Eon ffltlb
a HJnrn, lErtV sn wr habr it.
Ehr 3inijfiirrnt (Eltristmasi in
tlrara" tn ijmt mh umtrs.
CTIir taff of (Hip iflomttautcrr.
mission were lost annually at the high
school football games because of the
lack of a fence. It was hinted by
one speaker that he did not believe
on the team by not paying admission
but since there is nothing to keep
the fans from walking right in to the
field they are less apt to purchase
Mr. Massie said, "I believe the
fence would pay for 'itself in one sea
son, "on -just -the admissions that are
lost by not having ndciiuate facilities
to collect admission".
Mr. .lames Atkins acted as toast
master for the occasion and in the
conclusion of the program related an
imaginary dream, in which he saw
ill the future the entile Waynesville
team as outstanding stars playing a
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Rev. A. A. Johnson and Sam
Snyder Run Off Road Dur
ing Fog. Snyder Injured
Rev. A. A. Johnson, pastor of the
Clyde-Methodist church and Sam Sny
der, also of Clyde, were in: an auto
mobile, accident about.- 1 o'clock Mon
day night on No. 10 Highway,, one
mile cast 'of Clyde, when Rev. .lohn
son mistook the curbing for the white
line in the center of the highway,
during an unusual heavy fog. The
car struck soft flirt on the side of the
highway and turned over twice, and
landed on its side.
M r. Snyder was thrown ten feet
from the car, Rev. Johnson remain
ed at the wheel uninjured. When he
found Mr. Snyder his injuries reveal
ed that three ribs were broken and
several minor injuries.
These two gentlemen were return
ing from Canton when the accident
occured. The car was Completely de
In communication with Dr. Medford,
of Clyde, correspondent- of the Moun
taineer, over long distance telephone
just before going to press and learned
that Mr. Snyder's condition was not
serious, and that he was resting as
well as could be expected.
Advertising Medium In Haywood County
Hazelwood Man is Drown
ed Early Sunday Morning
When car Dives into River
Victim Pinned Under Car
After Plunge in Pigeon
River Near Clyde.
Funeral services were held Monday
afternoon for Guy Hrock, 28, of Hazel
wood, who was drowned about 2 a. m.
' Sunday morning when the car ltc- was
driving struck a telephone pole and
crashed into Figeoii River, just west
of Clyde, near the Morgan Mill.
Hrock and three others, Fred Tittle,
Haul Urot-k, brother to Guy and Luke
Reed, were returning from Ashcville
when the accident occured. Hrock's
companions were thrown clear of the
wreckage into the river and escaped
without injury The parly was rid
ing in a. Chevrolet coupe and all four
were on the front seat. As the car
rounded the curve at Morgan's Mill,
according to the survivors, Guy lost
control of the car and crashed into
a telephone pole, which turned the
car over the embankment into the
A wrecker wv.s caT.oi aim tile car
lifted from the body of Brock who
was pinned under it. The water Was
about four feet deep where be drown
ed. No inquest was deemed neces
sary. ..'-.'"
Sheriir Lowe visited lh- scene 'of
the - accident and .made 'an.- invosti.
gation. No arrests had been made up
to Tuesday" noon. The investigation
showed that Guy Hrock' was sober at,
the time of the --accident, 'but accord-
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52 Deer Are Killed
In County Since
Opening Of Season
(J. W. liurnett, Haywood County
lire and game warden reported this
week that this season hud been an
exceptional splendid hunting season
with hunters in the county.
Fifty-two deer have been killed to
date, which is higher than the usual
number at this time of year. Each
hunter is allowed four door each sea
son. Fourteen bears have met their fate
at the hands of hunters in the county.
There is no limit on bears, but it
seems that hunters rather bag doer
than to bring home a large bruin.
Mr. liurnett reported that forest
fires were all Out and that he was
having life trouble with fires now.
The hunting season demanding the
most of his time.
Distillers Try To
Hide Sill From Of
ficers After A Raid
.Ex-deputy sheriff, j. V. Ijeather-
wood, of t'oye Creek, had a st'll re
ported to him Monday and went to
investigate and found that the opera
ors had ''got wind" of bis raid and
had carried the still off to other
He captured about 300 gallons of
beer and traced the still to a point
abtiut a mile from the original place.
He captured the still which was a 50
gallon capacity.
Pearson Suton ,also an ex-deputv,
assisted in the raid.
The still and . beer were destrorcd
but no arrests were made. ,
$200,000 Brought Into Coun
ty From Sale Of Cattle
Raised Here.
County Now Recognized As
Leading Stock Raising
County In W. N. C.
During the past few days. The
Mountaineer has made a sjiecial .--ur-vey
of the shipping points in th'i
county relative to the number of tar's
of livestock shipped from Haywood
during the past season.
The survey revealed that, the total
shipments from the county this sea
son lias been 2lll cars.. This is 20 cars
more than were shipped during the
same period hist year.
Aii oi-ding to County Agent, J. L,
Robinson, the total estimate value for
the cattle shipped from here this sea
sun would be at bast $200,000 and
possibly more. The prices this year
were a little lower than last .sea.-tin,
but the increase in the number cf
ca-s i'i might the net amou it ! curb,
into the county to about the same.
The average of $1000 a car seems
lower than Usual, 1 ut. 1 he 200 tars
im luded a number of cars of i ho p
and lambs, therefore bringing- - the
average down considerably, flu' av
erage car of -cattle., it was point" d
out by Mr. - Kohinson, brount i.p
prox imately $lf00 per ear.
AecoriUng to .1 . M . Anderson,
freight agent at Clyde, rated i.s the
largest single shipping point tor
livestock nil the Southern Kail vay
System, he gave the figures for cars
shipped from that station at ISO.
This is 1! .more than passed through,
that point last year.
J. T. Terrell, freight agent here, .;
gave tlic numlicr ol cars shiopeil . rom .
Waynesville at S, this is 2 more than
was shipptsd during the '-ame period
hot year.
The t.ruciviiig i.j; iiiess has affect "tl
the sliipping of i atlle as other
things, but .1. L. Robinson, 'mad -'a ."
conservative -estimate-of -at. least 12
cars -have- been tied out of Jlay- '
wood county durii.g th". past si ason.
He est iniattti that S or ! cars were
trucked out fast year.
Haywood county is now recognized
as the leading stock raising county
in Wostern North Carolirt i. I'h .is
ands of dollars are brought into the
county every season f rom the sale of
local cattle alone.
M r. Frederick . Marsh, who- i- at
tending Danville Military
is spending the Christmas vacation
as the guest of his grandmother, Mrs.
E. S. llarrold.
Local proof that coii-i:ent news
paper advertising pa .was veri
fied this week when the manager
of Mizell Motor toinpany, made
the statement that business was
much better this year than at the
same period hut, and that the
company is getting the busines's
that they advertise. Mr. Rainer
stated that his company was not
advertising this time last year.
Mizell's ads -appear in The Moun
taineer every week and are prov
ing to be a good investment.
Advertisements in The Moun
taineer will pay any business
call 137 for ait advertising man
and give it a trial.

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