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Ford Is Confident of
Automobile Market
Says Civilization Depends
Upon Exchange of
When the price on the new. Fords
was given out 1 1 11 ry Ford said:
"Tht.iL' ari' the cars and the prices.
1 think it will he grantci that when
an eight t Vj iin k-r c ir can he bought
for the price ot a I'our and in tome
eases jes..-, i am ju.-uiicil in saying
that the.-e are low j . r i ee .-. .so profit
can b( expected from them nnle.-.; vc
attain a certain volume of produc-
!v we hone to attain
ie lo Keep the? prices
iujw are. A asked
git 1 thought th(. jres-
mtig liu.-'iness was g0'
Rotary Club Observes
Farmers' Day Friday
sufficient vokt
as low as they
me this, iiiurni
est system of
ing to last. ,
"I told him that since commerce and
civilization depended on the manu
facture and exchange of poods I was
willing to manufacture and exchange
under any system. Tho only had
system I know is one that interferes
with men working and exchanging
what they make. W'a are iust one con
cern doing our hest to start business
under present conditions. Other
manufacturers are directing their
efforts, to the same public good. I
think there is field enough for any
article worth the money.
"There are just two permanent
satisfactions: in business for me one
is designing and making a useful
commodity and the other is the jobs
thus created. Jf you do one, the oth
er naturally follows. I don't think
it possible to separate them. It seems
to me a waste of time to have to urge
people to buy in this country. That
is not the manufacturer's business
anyway. His business is to make
something good at a price so low they
cannot help buying."
i'rices and description of the. new
cars are on display at Mizell Sales
and Service on Main street.
. i
M r.
A benefit show given last night
for the unemployed in Waynes
ville, was said to be success
ful, with a large crowd attending.
The picture for the occasion was do
nated by J. N. Massie, and the. em
ployees of the local theatre donated
their time. The city furnished the
lights, II. B. Atkins, owner of the
building gave the rent, and the mer
chants, business men and firemen sold
the tickets for the show. Everything
was donated, and all money taken in
last night will go directly to help the
unemployed. This paper gave the
hand bills.
(By Jas. L. Robinson.)
The Rotary ciub of Waynesville
held its annual Farmers Day luncheon
n last Friday. The guests of the
club were members of the central
county committee, for the .0-10 year
program, and other leading farmers
particularly interested in livestock
development. Farmers present were
Glenn A. Boyd, J. K. Ferguson, C.
Francis, W. A. Moore, T. Lenoir Gwyn,
J. K. Mann, T. 11. Roger;;, F. A.
Justice, ( has, 15. McCrary, L. Reeve
..;'a!:,, !.( ' lark, II. A. Osborne.
. J . M.eiton.
; address was made by Geo.
is, m..nager of Biltmore Farm,
slres.-.ed value of purebred sires,
(iwvn discussed the present cat
tle situation in Haywood, and Mr.
Reeves Xoland commended the Ro
tary club and the Waynesville Moun
taineer for their support and intcr-e.-'t
in the farm problems.
Air. F. L. Withers presi'iitt'd the
status of the vocational ed'U.'ition
department, ami the Rotary club went
on record as asking the county to
make .provisions for permanent
quarters for the work.
After the luncheon 'he farmers
met as a committee to plan out a
purebred beef sire campaign to cul
minate in the bull sale at Clyde
Saturday afternoon, April - i. The
county was divided into sections to be
canvassed by committees io place as
many purebred Duns as possioie.
Some townships expect to get rid ot
all grade or scrub sires at least for
cattle within the next few months.
Candidate Cards
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Tax Collector of Haywood
County, subject to the wishes of the
voters o'f the Democratic I'arty in
the June Primary.
Your support will be appreciated.
Bryan Medford
Waynesville Route 2.
For State Senate
I am a candidate for the State
Senate for this District, subject to the
Democratic Primary- I will appreciate
the support of all Democrats.
State Dairymen Get
Over 17 Millions
In spite of prices running f rom
L'U to 2o per cent below those of the
previous year, North Carolina dairy
men sold nearly 17 million dollars
worth of milk and crean to creamer
ies, cheese factories, ice cream plants,
milk receiving plants and city con
sumers during the year lii.'il, accord
ing to a statement by Vr. L. Clcven
ger, dairy manufacturing specialist
at the North Carolina State College.
Mr. Clevenger figures it this way.
This production of creamery butter
in North Carolina b 21 creameriss
and milk plants approximated 2,
21(1.000 pounds which was an increase
7:5,000 pounds over i ;"!(). T!i. aver
age price ;.paid'. to dairymen for the
butterfat delivered was 2'i.t cents a
pound. The crcamnri.;s, therefore,
purchased. $475,000 worth of butter
fat secured from 11,000 North Caro
lina farms.
The three cheese factories in the
State produced 423,000 pounds of
cheese to make which they bought
$!i(),760 worth of milk from about 1,
(ioo farmers located in the mountain
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of TAX OOP-
LECTOU of Haywood County, s-ubject
to the Democratic primary to be held
in June. Your support will be ap
preciated. RoweB. Howell
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Tax Collector of Haywood
County, subject to the wishes of the
voters of the Democratic Party in the
June Primary.
Your support will be appreciated.
W. A. Moore
Pigeon Township
Register of Deeds
I hereby Jtciountv tlu.t i a can
didate for re -election '.. tl e Jlice .i
Register of Deeds ,f Haywood Coun
ty, subject to the rules ,m re'ru'a
tioas of the Democratic ;.ri.nar,' u;
be held o.n June '1.
Your support will be ivp'vciuled.
Weaver H. McCracken
For Representative
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination on the Dem
ocratic ticket for the office of Repre.
sentative of Haywood county, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
party in the June primary. Any sup
port given me will be appreciated.
R. M. Leatherwood
For State Senate
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the Democratic nomination to the
State Senate from the Thirty-second
Senatorial District.
Directors of Library
Held Annual Meet
ing Tuesay Morning
The annual meeting of the direc
tors and stockholders of the Waynes
ville Library was held Tuesday
morning here and reports from the
various committees given. The re
ports showed that the library was up
Jto the .-:tai.,.aid that there were 7d0
. MTi.ivcr-; from the library last year.
Ti M i; r also showed that a total
of lis,' volumes were now in posses
ion of the local library.
'i h- treasurer's report 'showed that
the directors had been able to stay
, ... ! ,:' .ii it during the .past 12
ii, on i s and still were able, to carry
ii she .")'k in an uninterrupted
manner. Only 171 people subscribed
the library last year, which meant
'!.7i received lor carrying on the
work, $12'.;. 00 was collected from
:e- and hues during trie year, while
7: was raise! during the picture
'he librarian's report
meeting Tuesday is as
.-h:.w fund,
a.- read at tl
Fiction ,
J uvi nil"
Roe try :
Biography ...
Scii uco
( ienera! Literature
Total number volumes
...... C81
.. 158
....... 40
pers gives ris tn ti
the town compares fai.'5
rest of the country i '
svs 1f9 inn m i ' . rt 0. V"
libraries of the ":
good to realize
are shelved in th..
ing on Main street
of any who cares v
low rental of 5 w '.
two weeks if 0I(. I'..
tion at ?1 per y. ;
to get a book a'da-
2m o. Vulumes rn i .
N'i v. yum,
No .volumes Cur.u'. ;
No. volumes wort; . v
No. volumes lost
No. volumes wits r .
Total number nr.
1st, R.i.12 . . .
Fiction ...
Juvenile ..
s taken out 0056
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for re-election for County
Commissioner in the June primary,
of the Democratic party. I will
appreciate any support given me .
A co-operative order fop- 5,000
pounds of lespedeza was delivered to
Vraston county growers last week. T catawoa L-ounty larmers are
The crop will be grown largely fori planting pine trees this winter in re-
sou improvement. 'westing certain waste areas about
. . " . ' ' ' over the county.
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce mvself a. enndi
date for TAX COLLECTOR for Hay
wood County subject to the voters in
the Democratic primary in June. Any
support given me will be appreciated.
J. C. Welch
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for. Tax Cnl Wtnr nf TT
County, subject to the wishes of the
voters i tne democratic I'arty in the
June Primary.
Your support will be appreciated.
Lee V. Rogers
Clyde. N. C. Rt. No. 1
Cast Iron white Enameled bath tubs with com
plete trime to floor, going at $15.00 while they last.
5 inch Galvenized Gutter put up complete for 16c
per foot
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce myself as candi
date for Tax Collector of Havwood
County, subject to the wishes of the
voters in the June primary of the
Democratic party. Any support
given me will be appreciated.
Hugh Rogers
Crabtree, N. C.
For State Senate
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the State Senate for this
disrict, subject to the Democratic
primary in June. Any support given
me will be appreciated.
P. V. Massey
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for County Commissioner in the
June Primary, subject to the Demo
cratic I'arty. I will appreciate any
support given me.
E.B. Rickman
Total number subscribers ..
Total number borrowers . .
The report
is as follows:
of the Book 'Committee
Total accessions
As no funds f,,r .
magazines were ava:U
ing periodicals ueiv r
on the table by ,i
Tiivir. T it.t'.i.,. 'lit.
ter Homes and (,.;r,ii
Evening Post, Mr'.y
Home Companion, l'.i;h
Home Journal, im;....
jy Review, Holland -
has been sent free
out the year.
It has always I
give away back !
yines found useful
For Representative
I am a candidate to succeed myself
as Representative Irom Haywood
county. I will appreciate any suport
given me in the June Primary. If
elected I will serve the people to the
Dest ot my ability.
R. E. Hipps
I hereby announce mvself as a can
didate for County Commissioner, sub
ject to the wishes of the voters in the
June Primary of the Democratic Party.
I will appreciate vour SuDDort and
J. R. Boyd
Whenever you have some
nagging ache or pain, take
some tablets of Bayer Aspirin.
Rebel is immediate t
There's scarcely ever an ache
or pain that Bayer Aspirin
won't reheve--and never a
time when you can't take it.
The tablets with the Bayer
cross are always safe. They
don't depress the heart, or
otherwise harm you. Use them
just as often as they can spare
you any pain or discomfort.
Just be sure to buy the genuine.
Examine the package. Beware
of imitations.
Aspirin is the trade-mark of
Bayer manufacture of mono
'aceticacidester of salicylicacid.
Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Register of Deeds of this
county, subject to the wishes of the
Democratic primary in June. Any
support given me will be appreciated.
Robert E. Owen
Route 2.
Lee Ferguson
For Representative
I am a candidate for Representative
from Haywood County.
Your support will be appreciated by
representing your interest to the best
of my ability.
J. H. Howell
Taking into consideration present
economic conditions, it may be said
that this year has been a successful
one for the library even though it has
seemed impossible to carry out some
apparently well-laid plans.
The thinking people, of any com
munity naturally read more serious
books at such times, as shown by the
tabulation. The White House Con
ference revealed that the leading
public is only about 47 per cent of
the population and that the average
American buys two books and reads
seven during the twelves months.
Taking the population -jf Wavnes
ville as 2100 (white) and this libra
ry's circulation as 6056, it js readily
seen that approximately 2 4-6 volumes
are perused by each citizen right
here in our midst, exclusive i any
bought or borrowed elsewhere. This!
fact; taken in addition to the large
numoer or magazines and liewspap
.11 piM.
management methods looking to the
health of the flock are followed, these
proms win arop to zero."
If a flock owner can raise from 95
to 100 per cent of his babychicks to
three weeks of age, the birds will
have an excellent start in life and
the tirst danger line will have been
passed, t rom this time on the iwul
tryman must be on his guard against
worm and coccidlosis infections
Growing the chicks on clean ground
is an excellent preventative against
ootn ot these troubles. If it is im
possible to move the chicks to clean
ground, a sun porch on the south
side of the house will help a lot, says
After keeping the chicks in the
house with the sun porch for about
ten or twelve weeks, they mav be
moved in a portable house to clean
ground. Range shelter houses can be
constructed cheaply for housing them
in summer, it is then nece3sarv to
push the birds with good feed: cull
closely at broiler age, and look after
meir neaitn. xnis done, an insu
rance policy for profits in September,
October and November has been'
note books to
schools ana the Ipnary'
of service in this way a
room for tiles. ' This 1:
must always be a o;.
the schools, even thueuls
libraries mstahel in tntir
Every courtesy is
i ; i i
ers ano pupns wno curi?u.-'
books within the room ai
only the nominal chare
above when such are taker,
them. Transferring thoush-
ot letters into the minds o'
of today is a laudable ar:
what this library is worltKi
American Library . As.
common with the Genera!
of Women's Clubs, ha-fi
"A County Library in Ev
in the United States" anar.
thing for Haywood to, str:.
an exisung organizations rl
ty would pull together, the
soon dawn when the fc
become a reality.
Chairman Book 'I
Two Presents in (
Employer Late again,
Olerk I'm sorry, sir, b
last night my wife presentel
a son.
Employe? She'd hav ii
to have given you an alanl
Clerks Well, I believe s:l
Lespedeza is goinfT to ;
tains as indicated bv lii
erative orders made by ! i
Macon and Madison
A Bladder PhjJ
I hereby announce mvself as ennAl
date for County Commissioner, sub
ject to the wishes of the voters in tho
June Primary of the Democratic Party
I will appreciate anv sunnnrt. n-vn
Grover Rogers
TROUT SEASON TO I Health Of Pullets
Anyone Fishing Outside
Own County Must Have
State License
Anyone who fishes outside the lim
its of his own county must have a
state fishing license, the fishermen
of the state were reminded by J. S.
Hargett,-assistant director of the
Department of Conservation and De
velopment at Raleigh.
The requirement, Mr. Hargett em
pnasizea, extends to commercial as
well as inland waters, the only ex
ception being the ocean, sounds and
the wide mouths of the Cape Fear,
Neuse, Palmico, Tar, and New Kivers,
Wilmington, New Bern, Washington,
and Jacksonville marking the
inland limits of territory where no
licenses are required.
The State Anglers Act, Mr. Har
gett explained, exempted only the
ocan and sounds as watrs in which
no licenses are required residenta of
any other counties except those m
which the waters are located. The
law, however, gave authority to the
Board of Conservation and Devel
opment to specify additional waters in
which license requirements do not
apply. Under thia authority, the
board excepted the mouths of livers
which have been specified.
Although weather handicaps prob
ably resulted in one cf lighest Eas
ter Monday fishing days in years, ac
cording to the conservation officials,
warm spring days are expected to
Governs Profits
Where flocks are carefully culled
and hens reacting to bacillary white
diarrhea are removed and then care
ful sanitation is followed in the poul
try yard there is a loss of only 4.8
per cent during the first twelve weeks
of the chicks life; but where these
three things are not considered, the
loss runs to about 40 per cent.
"This is the result of a careful
survey made in 1930," says C. J.
Maupin, poultry extension specialist
at State College. ''Following out the
results secured by the successful
poultry growers as shown in this sur
vey, we believe there has not been
a time in the last 20 years when such
good management methods will pay
better returns than this year. The
margin of profit in poultry growing
m.n ue email at Dest ana unless good
Is a medicine that wo:i
bladder as castor oil on
Drives out impurities and f
that cause irritation whict I
getting up nights, fre
burning, leg pains and
a 2&c test box of HU-
Tablets) the pleasant blw
from any druggist After
if not relieved go back and
money You will feel
this cleansing and you jet j
ar s Mn RriM hir 1VAI.'
in the eastern and central parts of
me suite.
opening of the trout season in the
mountain counties April 15, inaugu-
tawrs .lunnany xne sport m that sec
tion. The trout season will continue
unw September 1. Small mouth
bass fishing in that section will hot
open unni june 1, continuing until
September 1 and closing at the same
ume as trout lishmg.
Seasons for 'arge mouth bass and
oiner species exceDt mnnnfain tr.,-,
L.obo aunng tne spawning period on
May 1 for one month and tn Hf.
or until June 1, being broker, only
in a few counties wher top,;,, j
o. v , , " j a
during the eeneral clnirl
bring out fishermen in large numbers been exceptd.
E'D like to prove to' you, at our risk,
J possible to buy shirts whose cuffs never creep,
f never climb, and whose collars never strangle do
I how manv times thev'r. UArrA Arrow "
iShmnlc" TmiAr-.. '' . e tvr ,o antee tt
uc uur piuui, v c gui-'
. fit you permanently orjowr money back. And they1'
(well as they fit, which is saying a lot. We $J
jhave your size in Arrow Trump at -
ve r
ft. an
Iffhta ,
I. died
he livi
and 1
5 F

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