North Carolina Newspapers

    iyj!fa v I FX i rv r- st
us Aore Paid-In-Advance Subscribes In Haywood County Than All IVceAy Xeuspapers Combined
NO. 28
KXSKvSni? Francis Calls Thinking Peoplem INT0 PARK
CTiJkn& To Arms On FSnlJ A iLNI HERE TO BE
--w . V M. UlUIlUlltt JTX I I LI I f O
p E. Alley Is Selected As
Delegate io uemucrauci
.National Convention. j
td. Nolo Mr. Fraiuis from lime
unie wen ending hi articles to
'-- paper mat have proven to be of
i UHtlist Ui air .eiu.cVs. i, -
Mr. Francis has gathered some
i;.ra.t.s -v.raiu.iijr -.he n-
I .art.u
VeU Wl.til IMlUVidi' ;i ioh ; n fi ill m,
i .ui. ii a lew nays nc e
some itiu,;. interesting
prohibition Question Draws
Fire; Delegates lo bo Un-instructed.
I riaywoo , coun
, invites Cl.i'illi
iocs to
I'iUts ;
at on o:
:' the largest State Derao
.;nveiitions ever held in the
ii i. r .. 1 -: . ' i ... i
was neiu ai jaieigu 'at i, wei'K
:-c'a time North Carolina s 26
. . . . tli.i Vtltifttlfll ( nn voti t i mi
i-a meets m Chicago on June
. 1 T' l.l:
Iwrf jnstrucieu iu vuit iw ritiimiin
:i. Evi.-.vclt lor nomination or presi-
(jt!'t, 1 IlC COIlVIlLllIl IvlJiU LV lilt
true: the delegates for the plan on
Tvh.inoii. ihe convention, now-
k-vvr. set ionn i" me pony iJiaiiuim
the fc.iiwmg article on ine suoject:
"The Democratic party has always
I born responsive to ine win oi tne
vi'iu-, and in obedience thereto, has
' t i i i !
Umr.svriil ami an tne pronioi-
' ' . . 1 . u -n
,n laws oi .ortn caronna. xtecog-
liizinf, however, this right of the peo-
n a legal way to amend tne
Institution oi tne united states at
their pleasure and vote en all ques-
The delegates selected, at . the i
state Democratic convention to
represent the hlevemh District i
at tne .National convention were
a? follows:'' F. E. Alley, of Way-
rtJviiie, .m. :vi. iteaaen, ot uen- ,
o(rM.nvii.e, j. i . Jordan, Jr., oi
Asrevilie. and S. P. Dunagan, of I
Rutnerfordton. ' I
(By J. A. Fvahcis.)
Ti.c e.eetl.m Is uVer
a..e cleaieu s.jllle ur:i '.. ;.
" 't t it i
;a-.uni ui i-raud and c.j. rt.:
orought out .to prer.M. e
ol tne peopie wtuc.l -.v .; t
nothing in the end.
As the c.ectorates
is tne auty ot ail
iiens to get bv-mnu
been chosen ar..:
peisio.e wav .. ;..-.-v
poses tor tnev
lucre are nianv
soivea ov our raw
Alio col.trol i
cc.. One .s, are
the e.emcnt to
treasuries as tegs in
to roll the peop.c oy
nave --jK.ittn. .t
u ...nd ,ovai cit'
w.ose who have
t ;nom :n tvnv
.:.g out .he
wire t.vii.o.
pruolems to be
nniKers and thi se
t our ;jo;.e l.nan
w. gon.; ;,. ai. iw
Use oui puohc
.heir machine
'be cwtmnu;.;
Says Government's
Pay Roll Too Iiij
hions it issue, we declare our party
stands hrmiy for the enforcement of
these laws and every provision of the
nuerai constitution, as Jong as it re-
cams tne law of the land. "
With an abiding faith in the cour
age of the people of our common
wealtn, the Democratic party pledges
sed to a continuance of a program
f Vunsiructive and helpful service
aid tu this end we pledge:
1. An immediate revaluation of
pruperty throughout the state at its
rae va.ue in money, to the end that
i.e.ij.i.;ty and injustice may ibe
lavoidcd. '
i Tne removal of the lbrcent prcp-
hrty tax now levied for the support
kf .He six months tiublic school term.
6. rt'e recognize the prime lmpoi i preserving the credit of the
Kate, ana to that end the budget
pros', ue balanced.
4. Tiie maintenance of the public
ckeo, system and our higher institu-
"Or.s vi learniiiir in a state of ef-
iKiA'y, tnus guaianteei..g .j :v;t...
? ":kl jfu'l hi North Carolina the
ppu!iuj.;-.y to -buigeoa vut tnat
ere is 'within them." . ,
'' ice. piumotion of public hgaith
ir.a.we,lare. . : . . . ' - 1
Ine.eale of the unioi tanate and
"M'ic.-s ;n our humanitarian insiitu-
... - '. 1
A imgram of strirt pfuiicnu in1
rv'j'. department, and nwn nt t'hp
jtevernmeiit, incluuing the uis-
uiitnia;,nce of any governmental
4ferity which is not rendering a nee
f' and dispensable puul.c service
-rssiv:ng- money for the taxpayers, oi.
"e c.att.
it . '.as always been the. Policy cf
Kece-ssary expenses of eiiicient
fwcr::ment, and in this tuuo o. uri-
e-a. uistress, we pledge every rea
3fao effort for the reduction of
; 1 C' nt-nued on page 2) ,
floating bona issues w.nch wrir i paid
will cost the tax payer two ami
probably three dollars for one u
ceived when pail; and at .':;' same
time furnish a way wnere ihey can
pla' their funds where they are out
ji leach of taxation oi nny descrip
tion. . At the same time . -hee bonds
wiil be held as gi.t-e.!ged Cniatcra!.
giving the holder a f ji trior pptn tu
nity to in est in. fuither trdhsacticns
in dull times, giving tn.:,i another
opportunity to squeeze Hie t.. paver
again not saying anything about our
national bond indeb.e.incss.
In the year 1116 'he oor,d:.-J indebt
edness, for North Carolina was $8,
673,500.00' according to statistics re
reived direct from the- state auoitor's
office at Raleigh. .'The present bonded
Indebtedness amounus to $175,509,
tlOO.00. $7,230,000.00 current debt, add
to this $375,000,000.00 local unit
bounties and towns, making a total
indebtedness of . .$55'7,7:jil,000.00 and
A , IT'S
Ci i
4 "
Stute Highway Engineer
Assures Citizens Here
Work To Begin Immediately.
oiigh :
i 'ha mi
.'.V 111 :
. ll or ts of t lie V
1 I iniiiiu iw, .1 . I
M r. district engineer if tin state
Highway di pa l '. nn r.t, and aicempanied
by Federal aid engineer ami assistant-
made a visit to aynesville
Tue-day .and a trip .o t!ie Soco Gap
i.sioil for the purpose .,f se.'l: - what
try ria.a neyo id ..1 i,.;.;..' ; . ,::e iiark
pa-;i li.
After viewing the . s.t a u ion, Mr.
Y..!Kii- assure. 1 tb. rep-eseii' -itive cf
the local or.r itiiza'ion he would
send a cuiiS'.i ttet! ' vfe.v and bu.vy
l oad machine! y in immediately and
iig.n making tin load so cars could
so into the seetion vf the S.oco (!a)
in safety. Although the road will not
U a tirst class road, it will 'ie passu-
Lake Junaluska Activities Will
Not Be Affected By Litigation
COURT HOUSE IS h Uncr, Temporary Re-
rI7 rAAII WVI? ceiver bays 1'lans And
xv mi vwm.LLiiii Program Will Re
THIS WEEK-END Carried Out.
Rids For Grading And Improving-
Grounds And
Building: Walks To Re Let
huildingTost j?2-1O,W0O
Complete Facts About New
Building: Told By Autho
rities hx Special Edition,
June 30.
'.he end ..- not yet, according to the
'ame infonnatkin. t riciv-. vviM oe a
iehcit in the .operation of governneiit
ejien.-is tins year : .:.!m.o.khi."II
un average increased it: h bte.)i'.c.-s !
ifKs:;.02UrHi0.U0 per annum. While
:he wealth of Nortn i.'ar.i.ida h.'s in
creased 450 per cent, government ex
penses have increased 1000 per cent.
New offices have been created to pro
vide a job for some relative or pay
some political debt, increasing gov
ernment's pay roll fifty per cent, thus
iidung an uncalled-for. burden on the
-boulders of the tax payer.
Tinis is a distress'! rig ituatin and
can't it1 laid at the door of the Repub
lican party, nut calls lor some ser;
cus study .;n the part of our daw
makers and cooperation of ai! de
partments of our government .and all
honest thinking people.
As this article is oii.t lengthy, wt
leave the county affairs fore the
The New llaywoiHl. County C ourt
House is complete. This is news that
lli'.ywood county has been waiting to
beer fur immths, although the build
ing is cijjnpletisl tiO days ahead of
schedule, according to Mr. Whitton,
president of the Southeastern Con
struct hm Conipany, of Charlotte.
The finishing touches on the build-
f the most scenic points wlU l,u completed by the last of
From there a view -of 'tn's wtt'l' although the building will
: The road committee of the Chamber
j of Commerce is going to arrangv' for
i a number if ohises and guide to be
at tlie point where the cars will stop
land from there visitors can ride over
'the trail, which is only a mile and a
1 half to two miles to Hlack Stone Clap.
1 which is one
j in the park.
the entire park can be had,
at mis point the elevation is much
higher than the surrounding country.
It was found that it would lie im
possible for the state highway coinmis-1 ,r , '
sion to get the roads dnto "the park J S"
ready for the summer tourists that "Lo
will be anxious to visit in the park,
so this method of getting the road into
shape and making it possible for cars
to go farther into the park was un
dertaken. The officials of the organiza
tion are pleased v.ver the success of
getting the road 'pened. Die load,
as pKiposed. will be an all weather
lead, as it will be covered with crush
ed stone, thus eliminating slippery
More information can be hid from
the -Chamber of Commerce cilices iy
lulling 100.
American Legion
Name Officers
For Coming Year
W. A. Bradley Named Post
Commander. Delegates
Named For Convention.
At a recent meeting of the local
post of the American Legion new offi-1 The long talked of prosperity -forcers
for the coming year were elected ner would be reaehed immediately if
and delegates to the annual cohven- a gure cure plan for relief as suggest
vention. of the .organization," .which j by a prominent Shelby man were
meets in Asheville July 18-1'J were adopted. This Shelby man prefers to
named. , withhold his name for the present,
ihe toiiowing officers were named:
Commander. William A. Bradley,
1st Vice Commander, Chas. Mc
Crary. :'nd. Vice Commander, Jarvis Cald
well. ; government give you and every mem
3rd. V ice commander, Koy t'h
r inance
$50 Cash Free To Everybody In
U.S. Is New Plan To Start Good
Times-Five Year Plan Proposed
New Currency Would Have 3c Stamp Placed On It Every
Time It Changes Hands And This Would Redeem The
Six Billions.
Eli Ferguson Passes !
Away Last Sunday
Xews was received here Sunday of
o death of Mr. Kli M. Ferguson at
s home in Stewartsvilie, New Jer-
v. Mr. l erguson was a native of
i C-ommander, Roy Phillips', itier of your house fifty one dollar bills
Officer and Adjutant, D. give it outright and tell you to spend
Miss Ruth Davis Is
Buried Last Monday
funeral servWs fnr T;a.- RmV.
Jvi vi-nn iKo.J ot u Un. a r-...
H ..vv. v me jiaj wuuu v vi un
Ufllital SnnHo., w,,,, 1-1
Usi'lS Chanel in Irnn DuflF AtnnHAV
?wnir.' at iihiio nVwt ,uv. xt w
J-Uamrock, pastor of the church,
la;ing.- assisted
a:-iesv;i;e and Tlr
by Dr.
B. G.
Goode of
Childs of
s Uavis was ti Hano-Viter of
S. I'avis. deceased, and Ella
t'avist Slo h a A liict naenp1
t.-, . -r". juo.
'cntv-hrt- Kii-tv.o,. m,. roa
2s sv;,-l.. . r , ...
.; ."" -i rew aays ago witn a
id less and va' tnthpH tn th
?1iruhere jt was found that she
;Jf'r'lne from an abscess on the
irura which she succumbed
D. Alley.
Pergeant-at-arms. J. D. Ezell.
Chaplain, B, I). Bunn.
Historian, F. L. Safford.
Athletic Officer, C. A. George. : ':
Child Welfare Officer, Frank Corcp
ton. .
Americanism Officer. W. D. Smith
-Membership Chairman, Fred
Publicity Officer, J. C. Patrice
it for what you please I -. I his man
' would have the government issue six
i billion dollars in currency -fifty bil
i lion one dollar bills,., if your please
and give fifty to each 11:1111, woman and
j child, white and black, Jew and G en
i tile, rich and poor throughout the
i breadth of the United States. Ac-
cording to the last census there were
j 120 million people and their names
and (addresses were registered le
Those named as delegates to the months ago by the 1930 census takers
convention next month were, J. H. ; He would have the government print
Howell, T. G. Massie ,and W, T. Lee, ' dollar bills, stamps thereon the gov-
Jr. Alternates were, 1). V. AUey,
Fred Ferguson and C. A. George.
J. C. Patrick, post commander said
that a large number of the members
are planning to attend the convention,
but the above named will be the offi
cial representatives of the Waynesville
post.. ' ' '. "
Party Of Hunters Capture
Large Wild Hog In Park
Last. Mondav morning eleven hunt
ers and fishermen went into tne ureal
Smoky Mountain National Park from
Haywood county and captured one of
the largest wild hogs ever seen in
this section. The hog was captured
on Big Arm, after the party had walk
ed eight miles into the heart 01 tne
but he has told it to a few men and.
air agree that it Would work like a
$50 To Everybody.
How would you like to have the - this county, having lived at Crabtree
unti. leaving here sixteen years ago
ior hi: new honie in New Jersey.
It is not know the cause of his death,
ut he had not been well since losing
r' house and barn by fire a short
: in.e ago.
Mr. Ferguson is survived ny his
Wife, Mrs. Cumie Massie Ferguson,
and two sons, Guy V. of New York
City. J. Mursst. if New Jersey, and
one sister, Mrs, Cicero Howell, of Hay
wood county. Guy V. Ferguson was
at one time manager of the Gordon
.Hotel here find J. Hurst Ferguson
was assoeiated at one time with the
mam r.t. 0:" h." ) d Suyeta Park 1
Hott '.. Both of these young men 1
v. . very popular in Wayriesville and
frequently visit their manv friends'!
here.". .-
Mr. Eli Ferguson was a member of
one of the oldest families in Haywood
county. At one time he was a school
teacher and later was a very roc-,
cessful farmer, having sold his farm
;n 1510 to bur townsman, Mr. John
R. Uipps. Mr. Ferguson was an uncle
of the late Claude:., liaynes, t no lurnisned oy that time.
1 ne largest outstanding job yet to
be completed is the grading and im
proving of the grounds. The county
commissioners, in session Monday,
to receive bids
onday, and that
they expected it wuld take about a
week to grade the lot and about ten
days to lay and build the concrete
walks fVom Main street to the steps
of the court house.
The court house complete including
svme of the furniture cost '$1240,000,
This does not include the $20,000 that
commissioners puid for the Col, S. A.
Jones lot adjoining the court house
property. The Jones' property was
pui-cha-sed when it was found that the
old court house lot was hot large
enough for th? ibiiilding. Experienced
contractors and building experts stat
ed yesterday that if the court house
had been built any other time that it
w ould have cost the county over $l!00,-
0!MJ; thus the county saved '$00,000 by
building atthis time.
Some startling facts about the new
building will appear iii The Mountain
eer next week, when a special edition
will be issued giving all of the de
tails and facts about the court housi
from an authority's view point that
jwill not appear in any other publica
tion. These articles have been spec
ially written for this paper and should
be read with keen interest by every
citizen of the county,
i Several hundred extra copies of the
paper will be printed which will con
tain besides much data about the new
ouri house, some of the history of
the county and a running story of the
I early development of the county writ
ten by W. ('. Allen, who is writing
book titled, "The Annals of Haywood
Last Saturday morning ,hid,;c Wal- :
tor K. Moore granted a reiercrship jj 1
on the petition of a group o;' credi-:fj
to. s who applied to tlie court for that i
pur pose against the Lake. Junaluska ;V
Methodist Assembly and Southern J
Assembly, at ' Lake Junaluska. Jerry';;.
Liner, owner and manager id' t,,-.i'f
Junaluska Supjdy Company, at Lake r'
Junaluska. was named temporal y :J
receiver. A final hearing on the mat-'i ;
ter will Ik- held in Waynesville Tues-:i
day, July 2, at 2 o'clock, before Judge'. ;
Moure, Mr. Liner statid yesterday:
morning. Tile receiver assumed full I .
charge of the assembly Saturday, i
morning. !'
Mr. Liner told The Mountaineer f '
Wednesday morning that this pfoied
lire would in no wily "tvoet the sched- A ;
11 led activities and "j-Wrs at the Sake t 1
for the coming season. "Everything (t 1;
will b,- held as tirst planned as far as 'il
possible", Mr. Liner st'ited. The fj i
iiist service was held Sundav lnorninc
L.K.Mavev. pie-i,l
-' I :i
County." All those desiring extra
'copies 'of The Mountaineer containing
all this information are requested to
call l.'J7 and reserve copies -of (he
paper. All o)rlera reaching this office
before Monday noun, June 27, will be
filled, .Papers will be mailed, postage
paid to any part in tb
at no extra cost.
'4 f
..1 -t -
-'3' i f ( I'
Mrs. Mariah Allen, 71, Is
Buried Monday A ftcrnoon
ike bv Mr
snling tlder of the Wa v.'icsv ille dis-'
rict, ami was attended by an unusually
large crowd, which was 'vidence that li. ",
tlie pi;. -lie was lot . goii, to let the ; .
litigation have any effect n the ser- '
vices. . -. ' j. .,
E. A. I'ole, of 'Chnrlo! ?t chairman f -
of the hoard- of -directors' of the as- ' !
sombly, said in a prep ired state- ,
nient, "the receivership will in nn wise;i,i(;
ciiange the operation or the program ? t
for the summer session, in his slate
me nt Mr. Cole stressed the fact that
he was speaking for the receiver,' ',
Jerry Liner, as well as for the board
of directors. He also state i that they , 1?
receiver wished the fact stressed that
there would be no change whatever inf.- i
the operation of the as:-enii)ly front' l ;
the standpoint of r.e progium and ;
its direct ion by those chosen by the J ,;s'
geiK'ral board of the Church f'.it hat j r.
Assembly officials ami head.5 oi the '
ditlerent boards of rh." Methodist'1!
church are ipjotcd m saying that the
i oi oivcrsJiip is niereiy a matter of
form tn get the business of the as-
si'iiioly on a solid barij- and at ''the I fe.:
same time protecting any creditors.
Hugh Sloan, of Wayiiesyilie, liilsj ?' -Jl
i een named tn -is.-i-t-'M r. Liner iii'-car-fc?,
vying out the -oh. oulc, 1 plans f.r thel'jl
i - iiiing seas it: '.' '
l)r. Ralph E. Noobier has been .
general superintendent of the Assem- i 'l f '!
Ely for -the past few yeors. The re-L r.t i.C
cei ver stated that ho one had been ap- :-:J: I -V
liointed to succeed M r. Noltnei', e.llier :?;.! I
elieet gos.-ip, has taki-n the pivced- . -f
The general theme of .the services s I:
held at the lake Sunday was that those:V j: f j :
at tin- lake were not ginng to let the ' -i "-' J
procedure interfere with the religious J; ' 'Sy
activuics and that a more determ-l; 't f: :. : '
iiied effort would lie put forth to make f ( - 1
lbe season 1i.,2 an even more success--' ?- v '; i
lul one than ever before, even with-' . J .- v,
t r.e. litigation starring them in the v . I ;
face. '-., :. .':- -r
The general public, according- to 1 1 1 i
stieet gossip, have taken the proced-' 1
ui e as a matter of fact and feel that J i ' !
it wi s just a matter ol clearing upi ' !
the fiusiness of the assembly and that?, ;,-T
United States ir.jv reteivership would not eilec,. i ; -.t
I ;!n- s in Waynesville. i . . 1 i
- I (.eorge H. Ward.-of Asheville, and -i i '
Joe- K. Johnson, (if Waynesville, rep- ?
resent the receivers, and Messrs. Al-i , . '
;ey and Alley, of Waynesville, repr- , ' : j
sent the two corporations. . t i
rMW from the Waynesville f.
'.'.t...,'"P'.ttIgh School with the class n, v,i,r,tcr ctaviJ tlirp dava in
a:i;.' as "e of the honor the pa'rk and reported many fish and
Tu-.-',.'. .' ,her class and the I pround hogs were caught. One mem
'..,."". Student of tho class. Shelv, j.t nou-v rpnnrtp4 from the
S ve , . j UCl Ui nn. (
Vi"' ' . . triat time attended Berea Urir. tiroH nt but iubilant over the
!jerf ln Kentucky for two years
ba- ;0Jhe ranked high as a student,
i: - !s UI1ai,le to finish her educa-
-tn account of her health, having
ear?. p00r health for the last two
r, ir ls survviEd by her moth-Whp'J;''-
7. a Loody Davis, by six
hv -Grover C. Moody, Harry,
r rank, and L Davis, and
trip tired out but jubilant over
success or the trip. ,
Those making the trip incluued;
Tommie Caldwell, Horace Burrcsts,
Jim Caldwell, John Caldwell, Tjnc
Caldwell, Lloyd Caldwell, Frank Cald
well, Thad Caldwell, Charlie Ray Cald
well and Hugh Rogers.
-.vis Clerk of the Superior Court of
this county for a number, of years.
The funeral, it is understood, took
place at the home of the deceased in
Stewartsvilie, New Jersey, June 20.
, Mrs. Mariah Huebanan .Mien, 74,
of Alien's ('reek died last Sunday
after an 'illness of siv.'ial weeks.
I unCfal services were -held Monday
'afternoon at the Huehanan eenn'teiy,
with Rev. Kav Allei' and Kev. Inter,
Pi nitt in charg'e.
Mrs. Allen, before her lust mar- i
riage, was Miss Mariah Given, of
JatKson county. She came to ll.iv-w-ood
county in early r.v noio1 1
- the last memlKrr of a family of
several children.
She is survived by three . children,
George, Walter. Fred, and one dauyh- i
ter, Mary. All live in the county, i
She also leave: Pi grandchildren and;
20 great grandchildren. ,
Orphanage Class Will
Give Concert Monday ";,"rr"w:1
ernment's guarantee of redemption
any time within five years.
Refund With Stamps
Would six billion dollars worth of
so-called -'fiat" money bankrupt the
the government ? Not on your life. The
government would collect the six bil
lions while, the dollar currency is be
ing spent. And here's how the plan
works.: On the back Of each dollar
currency would be 35 squares, with
direction to "place stamp here." He
would have the government printing
office design and print a special docu
mentary stamp to sell for 3c each.
When a citizen spends his dollar, he
would buy a three cent Stamp : and
place it on one of the ', squares on .. : -. ' '.':' -
the dollar bill.: , This plan would be " -.. .'.....
followed as the dollar makes its j f . 1 t..
rounds until it is spent 35 times, each : Hay WOOQ UO S bO 1 0
spender placing a three cent stamp,
bought and paid for in the regula-
coin of the realm. The. 35 three cent
stamps would enable the government ' Taylor Ferguson and Arthur Fran-
tn Vnllpct enoue-h monev from the cis represented
sale of stamps to create a fund where-1 partment of vocational agriculture in 11 J
by the "galloping" dollar currency i the mountain district livestocK juog- e b .... -could
be redeemed with no loss to the j ing contest in Asheville Tuesday. rnrVT nv
Qmor,t n-haiavdr Tn . fart. .-the i Roth hovs scored hlEfh m the Contest. iKUUJsli tLl 1 !5 U.
government would have five cents on A boy from Candler won first place in
each dollar to apply on the cost of the contest.
printing the stamps and currency. i Both Haywood b?yr will represent
Redeem In Five Years the county next week at the Ycung
The law providing for this currency ' Tar Heel Farmer's . meeting, at
tn revive business and enable every-' which time 300 young, f aimers- are
i-H Club Boys Met
Last Week In County
A series of 4-H ' lub meeting:
were held ia-t week. This was a re-,
'. riation meeting. The 'buys gatherec
late in the. after n-om aril kr:"i'ed .
li re over which w eineis were roastei :
i- a picnic suppt r.
Group garni.'; -'j!:
f t
D.t ovs br' ught their proj'ect re,
cord book' . v. hrc.'i were looked over t' :
-ee if accurate records were lieinj
' e o . .
Discussions were held on severa
'.irob'.ens for corn, potatoes and. to. v
las. L. IJoomso!
were suptrvised bji
i, county agent, anH
Announcement was made this week ; the- ad'i't !i :i ei - of ,. 4 i. !.
that the concert class from the Odd i The Mtet'rg -wa he'd -it the schoo
Fellows Orphan's Home, in Goldsboro, i house:- at Bethel, Cruso, Heaverdam ;
will appear at the Waynesville Ele-1 ciyd. Iron IuT. ("rat f ee, Jonathan -
T1:1, W nr ) . uiiu. .. v" "''"'. an'i r ines iretK.
xvaicjii a ui .'inoiij ,June 27. at 8 p.m.
The members of the class will ren-
der recitations, songs and drills. A
Waynesville de- jsma-1 admission win ne cnargea, wnicn i
win oe usea lor me woik at ine r-
Cru.-o with
per cent.
-nd C
specially a
i'.tree 90f;
fsh 'r.r.",cr y-. -ooay, narry, . iha.m,l i- . . , . , h . -xprtpd to , -oreseftt
Ly ;iee ee Davis, and t Beginning .0 ! guarantee of the governmer.t that i. rePrerent the mountain
MariGa!lowav R-Royd. Mrs. Library wnll be open from four to six, b (Continued cn page , t-.? tte pubic shaking
The public is cordially invited to
attend an Ice Cream Supper at th
90 N. Y. . Jonathans Creek Methodist Church
I Saturday evening at 8:00 o'clock. Th
j proceed? to be used for the Church ;
Convention captains of Gov. Roose-1
veit of New York are counting on I PARK SEPT. MOVES
ninety of the Empire State's DO votes ' J Ross Eakm, superintendent of tht ,
to carry him to the edge of the two-. Great Smoky Mountains Nationa ;
thirds necessary for the Democrat c I Par k, recently moved the temporary
Arthur will ,
district in nomination for the presidency on the-. offices of th park from Maryvtlle tc i;
i first ballot.
Gatlmturg, Tenn.
,1 :ff'
v --

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