North Carolina Newspapers

TH, - Adbh. MrfU- .. H CouaivI'iibli A, The Ean, orn St
Hearing Set For
Shooting Affair
Two itouno Men Nhot By Hlling
station OpiTiitor On Hih.
vn No- 10
. has
Li c i u Ml !
before Majr-
.ison uv the snw
. ii Modford, who
o'clock Friday
W oodward, op
Filling station u
10 actween hcic
YounR Man Killed Iliaor Applied To 1 Ilolidaj Business
When Piece Of Sa
Hits Him In Head
Funeral Services Held l or Hoy
Mustache When It Show s An Increase
"Refuses To Grow M 0 er 11)32 Business
(lontz At Morning Mar
t lie
Jc. tu:.c '..
the. tiuu for tlv
istra: I rauh ret,:
nig ot Glenn a no. 1
were- shot aHou'
morning by Char.;
tiatjr of. the Roc!'
Hn'nw:iv Nunitn
..nd Lakt JunnUiska.
i-: ... . I,,,... -.r.. in Tile HaVWood
Count v Hospital recovering trom their
injur.-.- and were reported as pet
ting along nicely If their condi
tion permits, the hearing will be made
as planned, '
r -v -In- two Moiltortl
t,ilV who have tHvn worKinjc at utoh,
.f gas at, the trestle at
arid were going to
ii- to get. gas. when
Woodward, who is out
-a. id he saw the two
thai thev had
i-i their hands and
a pistol. It later
dedfonls carried a
i not have in burn.
MA .
(. 1
. tw
.va m-i
a: ."i o
-',-. i'V
h C
Kcpoits arc
is wh" have
had give.', nut
Lake .hmalusk.
th, tilling stat
thev we'e shot.
on "a bond
met. approach a
something hrigh"
he thought
proved that the
Hash light, hut d:
mg at the tim
Thf. tilling M.
-cveral lime? di
Woodward wen.
iin 1 surrenderee
;; i ha .cen held Up
r :ng the past year,
.per the shooting.
Sheriff .1. A. 'Low
to him.
.'Jackson- i-oat.'.;.
i'guti-ng' th'1. kid'.a;'
halt. it", prin.i;':
school' wiin u a- 1
24 h-i.n and -r re
Rhinehai; ;.'
IkIu vii
from the hoefi r
I' 'oer;uithi
!i esmralfori '.
A li'-vi a -j...! in t'olu in i
tier! Harris, .It..
tinpe 1 Office'.!"-
killed .thf '"'J
A p.hre ol ire;:,
ftlh U-'e'i i":
rli-lWf. I'
wa iii:-tantl;.
tm a shotyii
went ofl' accid(
hi:n u'ider th-
fhcial.s an invest
nL .f Frank Khnie
uf W elister hih
1 .a 1 c.-intivr- tor over
..csed in (icortria.
- threatened by hi-y.'
than sullerins
. hows no ill effects.
re alsd" -making an
, atl'air.
iar eteran coii
. a -..hat he killed Kev
, a ho hal bcvii kid
. ;, that th-' veteran
., .revent. his escape. two feet loni
. . -he youth s skull.
IV if Mation county.
; lit-d when a load
V was hunting- with
.a1),'. The load struck
h- Hi
miles -iiu'.hwt i of 'a".!--.mitv
killed Friday a't '"-
l-K-k .'when a ruck between
a piece of ;i motordriven
niraced in cutting- wood.
While' the saw was in operation, a
pice,, .-of the steel .suddenly Hew up,
sttikinc; Vounj;- Cloiitz in the head.
Hu skull was split.
('lent;', was working for S. 11. Miller,
a fanner, at the latUirV home, some
50 or 7a yards from the ('lontz home,
when the accident occurred. J''',
VblHif 2H. who was working "iih
Clontz was uninjured
Younir ('lontz was a Sv,n of Mr. and
Ml-s K F (F-tt) ( lontz. ol the iiutcii
Cove sectioiu Hosides the parents, he
is survived bv mx si.-t.-i. Mi's. Carol
Cook Mrs. Flbeit liurnc.te, Jr.-.
Fra' .-i- I'ope. Mis. 1 urn Johnson. Mts.s
Valire ( lontz. and Miss Kuby Clontz.
all of Canton and two brothers.
l'l.l..r, ,.C I'-niT.ill unit Fston of New
Plymouth. O
The i'iini-i al .ser vices were conducted
at th.- Mornintr Star Methodist Kpi
eopal church near the home Saturday
afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the pas
tor, the: Kev W. 11. PIcss, otViciatii'.
Huri .l Was made in the s'.ar
cea.e'.i !
Over 100 Attend
Banquet Honoring
Freddie Crawford
Number Of Outstanding Flaveis
Present To Honor anes
ille's All-Amenvan Flayer
.) 1
af hi
1 ultrt s
lhe Moun-
; mustache
from his'
and ".'. her p:
the mustacht
bnotype aiperati
taiiu-er, who ha
of havinir part.
Ii. ii in' I when hot nieta'
machine hit hi 'face.
After I'.uiiently i V ) waiting for
three wet'ks for the mustache to
Krow back where it wa- burmsl,
he nave. up ami applied the razor
to the remaining half of his care
fully trimmed leard. Maybe some
dtv he will atrain U the prouil
owin- of a must-achf, but at. pres
ent he has dismissed it from his
Ho has been wt'arinir a mustache
since he was Is ai- old or for
V2 wars.
Houses Kepoit Lame
0c, Maine Fenod
l.ust iur
W (Kd
2 i 1
this I'll!
county siiow'cd
100 per cent.
-tnia ir
a t;.!!! of
over iiu-t
aul,, of
f rom
Ilazehvood Scene
OfMuch Jker.iment
Last Frida Night
nlinir to a -arvey
i of the busine-- houses.
! The local post oft'u, a gain
.!.., mi . iifi io.l . !a! vear ot la
t I t l l IM , .
per cent. , ,
C F l! av's Sons 'showed a ain t-i
:ai H'i- cent over la.s; yeat-
M ian's pepartnient Stotv lipun-il
. ljiii . I "i" ii c.n mi lis
vear This wa- attnbute.l laiajeU to
the new store, toother with a general
increase m business
Ea'le ." 10 ami 2.V Store la poK.
a n-ain of 100 per tent. I . W A. wa.
cretlitetl with this nu
C N. Allen Company;'ood.
reported an im-r.-a- of titty per
cent titer the sam,. p .nod last year.
!. If .f'. Vnni More reliortial
I. of ion o, . flit. Alt'. Hay
.in ijii it. i . .
is als.i in a new a i u i . i ,;er
Ot her merchant - u 'i tod
Farmers Who Sign For Tobacco
Control To Get Most Benefit
i 'I ii happiest t':
Haywood tou!it ''
Ithe L'roup a' he
; t vet . trivep by Im;
rii a y at llazrtw o.i.l
Over 'li'OO wt !'t pr
. :U'ound th,. -20-to.
yar.' ol
e;roup .
'In i-
t a
tni i.-
niiith better"
Several le:idinc
rpiis-tii theniM'lt
ed with the bond
the lii s in si vora!
me' '
e :
laud-Vt;-l,-M1 'I .,!!-'
la-t 1-' 'i'i t ninhv,
i'-cii; 'and' triitlieri-il
t bal- ioi lieh'cil
tit on I t .
f ( :h I'-' ' la .- ov;c,s
Mii-ic ( lull. Santa
! i u.-k !( ii't-'iniv
: which contained
i!. (I nil)-'.. 'Vra: t
plant mil t
it- em ployce
, ..!:.! ; 100
anjies' 'we're
The '..tola'
: -M
at th
ve than ion people wt-ie pre.-e
Uaiiipiet. ttaveii last I' nil
at the Methodist church in ho
l.'i-i.ildio Crawford. All Amv
I'llUFF. 'it
When try ire.- '-
,f wo-'d ill th
:i truck in Shv-!'J
over. He and h
dit d from injura s
ltnlire a big piece
,...1 she driver ol
turned the track t
, . i , . i i - 1 ,
can tackl,, 1 rum hum- i iihii-o.
Ted Mann, head '.of the pu licity
Imnau of Ouke I'niveisily was the
principal speakt r . on the o--vi'."-iiu
Mr. Mann heaptil more honor n
( raw fol d. Lcoine; intti di tiil ol : the-instaiK-e
wht n Coach Waii.t, e W atle
.'mad,, the comment "That Craw lord
is the lies; linesman I've -ever .si -en. '
The speaker -also enumerated numbers
of iu-t nice where the honored 'tie-t
had won fan'.' - for. lHike.
Mr-. W. T. Cfawford. '' mother of
the outstandint;' player, made few
remarks etincerninu' sonic of tin pv
cularities of hei- son U-for,. ht:. took
fiittba'1! so ' .-eriously. Anion the things
..,.;,ol,.,.,l .aid 'hat -he ll :it! oW lled
!wo companion;
ice -in tl
;-.V t he- Wavne
( laus. -arrived
with ivi in yoo
eiancrt -, c.indv
!ars an -tttv
i inploy ee e!' t h
;,' the t-hild'.'el. o!
ear 1,00 poiind
of nuts- and sOo
lii-linir the b.iir-
iier afiollt 2"0.
Ilesi.les th.- ca:oi.t,. miU- aim ,u vm
the tannery will pa cam oi uii
men for C hnstmas oay wnicn "-."o
a iota! jtifi of' i00.
.hist before the .list rflmt i.n of tlie
bj... Sam:: Chin- ;n a few well chosen
i, mark.- s;,id that th. plant had .-been
..a a;. l,.,.i ., H:.-y..w.nd for 17 eais,
Mrs. Slamey Buried
At Candler Thurs.
Mother Ol M. Mtoney Ol
anvsville I'asses ,a
fter l?i iet Illness
I a in.
I I 'I loirsilav for Mrs.
lliuls.. Stanley a! tin' I'll
I in ! dist i hiircli at ';a'i
ICS- of
1 1 1 1 1 1 1.
away ediles
abmr. two w i
lit a nnniiii'i:
Staiiiey was
county, havin
-, SI"" was a
a i
ed I
coimt i y. So!iii
the plan; fo-pi-esont
.it' the plan:.'
Some f t In
.hoes -made ii.
leather minle .
had many other
- fhroufhout the
have ! -en with
i vear-. At
.'OH . iiiph
i I
a beer distnO-
.n Chariouo tasi
i any money in the
-h- rather provoked
.tfeT'd books and
and k'lt a note
Tholvos elite;
iiiin warehoJ
wtik ti'tJ
unlocked sate
th.-m .-o they
nmuiK . v. r tr... .r.tor
You cneap---
Fxoept for a few empty beer- botU
nothing ws mihsod.
John Miller. 35-year old RobesNA
Hx,unty farmer mast enc two W
three years -for. th .murder of an In
aTwhom be killed some 20 year,
ago The trial wa completed Thursday-
A 14-year-olJ school 'boy is in jail
in Winston-Salem charged withtrj -inc
to extort f'U) from a mechanic
and hi-s wife. The lad was arrested
when he picked un a decoy pacKagf
which was supposed to contain the
$30: He denie i : -t knew anythun:
about the plot.
Dnvi TVIove
To New Offices Here!
Tiratlley-Davi-. Company, in.suianc
,, ,ler- and r. . .-tat ienf h i
moved their ofli'e- from tht. Morgan
Ward building or. Main stmt to their
r(.w location in trio fffx-e formerly k;
iu led b Qwn nl A.P and known
i the lr R- ! Mien office on Mam
The firm of Kradiey-Davis recently
bought thU- funding and haJo had
unrkmtn fo- pa,, lew da mak
ing changes ot, ine int-nor,
,re hat i.oy mcou-. ii.c.
as a boy he des)ii-,ed t" v
!,,...; ,. en in co d w eat 'u i
l cmai ks arouse d tin .! "oi -t !
at the dinner.
Among the things icfcrrt.) !
av Mr. Mann was th,- tac;
"XumlK-r c.2" whicli wis worn
Freddie .luring his stay a- Hum
would he framed :md no oth. !!;
would he alloWCi! t.. wear In
wa- what wft done' with , "Naiu.!
77'' at Illinois when Mt; ; !'-..
-left. "'-"'.' '." , -.... ,;-
Other speakers at the nfimpiel n -dud.d
Don H is, tiusttt (f Duk.
Jack I'hilli'ps. Georgia. Tech full
back, and a candidate for a place? on
A 11-American in '315 ; K. B. Camp
University of rcnnsylvania A"
American in 1R90; "Whitey" Rus
ell. star of Wake r'orest; and I'orUr
Greenwood. Duke tresnman star.
Crawford expressed thanks ioi- Uit
K..,t..ti-.i nittin rum in a tew
llUIIVtrt Ul ,-wn, K
well chosen words. ...
Lee Davis, captain of thv l'J'
team in :'.0, was toastma-ter. Mr.
Davi, mtioducid Di 1 " PV
idnt of th, W imhsmII. Rotary ( ub
who in turn introduced ( oach Carleton
W eatherhv and the W aynesville high
tohool- football tteam- Tne Itotafy
Club had the Wavnesvilie Mountain
. ... .... imi.i.i nt the banauet.
VC 1 .is . int. i -'
Other' prominent t.ootiiaii jnayeis
.o. ,,,i;r, t.o-t. Cos Durncr, .lacK
Alexander. -Ruck I'inksttin. and ( ro
wdl 1 ittl. th of shil' and Jtc
r-,. .!,, I link., frvshman. r-ormer
v i - -- - '. o .v.
pr'd .tars 'present were .iuit i-Pr.-
once Davidson freshman play-
... . ... . 1. ....1. rt rri
fr Dl" - -L" .sirt'U'iifi. -A-f..o...
T'niversitv player, and Dr. Tom
'Stringfield. of Waynosville. who
played, for Trinity in lx'J2 and made
the All-Southern team in lHy.J while
plavimr for Vanderailt. : About 12a
persons attended.
Christmas I)a Is
Quietly. Observed
of .lolin llunciick. Sinci
she had been a liieinbei
way' Liaptist . loir. Ii in
The fuht'ral si-rtiie wer.
l.v liev. I' l . H ... Hev
and lic't . Odei Hnrm t'..
The de,ea)s i- sU.-vivi
, ol lieu: Mr S. h. Ki -l,,iie-
U !-.: W. A. ha i-. fa
.lames Hollaiid. ( anion;
Anderson. .V-ln-v lib ; H.
i ...on, ( Si a nil". . (
Slamey and t i and ' Nt
1 W aviM'sv i or.
I S. Stanley d.ed mn
, held' last
V Hell Muse
'.Hill' Midho
Mrs Stanley
aft. r an ill
, Heath was
i native of Han
. lived there all
lirect desc. ndent
'ol:md Savs Fnce lor Hurlev
Will He Hi to 17 (vnts
- Cm lev lobacco growers ol Western
North Carolina will including
sales on the warehouse Hoars ami the
amount they ttet ti. a the tmv rumi '.
under the n . n. a.linin is! i a
: ,.,i.,l ii, .. r, . . a. - a ooaml
i ii it. . ti-i it i , -1 . - .
i.,.. il, t.tltii II lieevi-s .N...uit-i.
of Wavnesvilie. saio.
Mr Nolauil represented tin 'iiH..,
tcib'ici'o giowei-s of North Carolina m
Washinu'lon. H. '.- 1 hursday a. a
cunference ot growers- and btiyeis at
which time auicenient.s were drawn up
between mowers and buyers to end
the present tobacco holiday and con
trol mips and prices next year.
The agi cement, in brief, is as to
'('hut the aveiage place per pound
t ie paid v each out ract mg buyer
for all his i.'ui-chast . on the market -lu
hi,-, a lieceiiiber 1 I I .:!:: and ApnJ
I,,. l'.Cil inclusive out of the tl'.'k'i
eiop ,,f liurlet for u.-,. oi his m i n u
f ii,,. 1,11,'me.s- m 1 he I ' II it t'tl
Slates,! be at lt-at 12 tents ;,
.l,l,ii, i oiiiiii n-ai ion t ill nc
fit en each eiowet w lio sjgii. tin cut
tailnieiit cards for lhe I'.rtl cop t?
was explained. This ,,dit ion.-il money
will applv' to th,, entire crop of i"l.
en. North Carolina Inn ! . -"Id 'his
season, iiieludinu the approiiimalelv
rillll lll'ii p-oui'iils .-ol.l 'he tour days the
niarlot wa- open in 'A-heville prior
to the holiday which wa-f ilh-d la-t
Tuesdat iiu ii in nt: at ; 1 o'.l.hK.
Program For Fifth
Sundav Announced
(,ov eminent Oiu'ial Mts I'nw
Ol' Hmiev Out 01 Fine
W ith iimmoditu's
(Id Note: The I'...; hut .c, article is
from The Creenev-ille ii.nn.l Sui.
ol December 20.)
That the farmers win. Mgi up the
hurlev tobacco control contracts .stand
t.i mak.. more out of UU ir lftaa-lth,!
crop than tho who tlo nut was point
cd out verv -clearly by Pr. J. A. Dickey
of the United Slates Department ol
Agriculture to a large group ot coun
tv ugent.s and warehousemen licit.
Dr Dickev er'catllcil that, the who.,
idea of the cii apaign In reduce tbi
i tiuilcy tonaeeo tr.
i... in, purchasing
Lrm. i. The iincc at
.at of line with prices,
nan e.iiiini'tlity. hug---,
piniltft hind cattk.
n, . (fort made to con-
acreage plante,,
lthl-l was to in.
price of th,, '"a
tobacco now i-
of anv nthe"
dairy prodtit t
and but for -i
Mr. I H.kc.s will speak at a
mas- nieetinc in .Marshall on
Friday at oilc o'c'lock. At that
fine he will go into detail about
program for rcdm mg a.-M--tfec-ri-i
!.- ' :- ' v. " -ecu;
in either Hunt oinhe oi
Hawoo, Counties, th, meeting
ha i to In licltl in Marshall ac
. oidnig to got t rn nit lit rules, and
limb l- whose- -.iipervr :oll 1b:ese
llnv illgr- a) e hold.
.! the
t.uatinn' fl-ii
,iue deiliora
an en
le imtrkct
nef year
inii-ius surplus
I the
act ii
early girlhood
of t he Kitlge
iii Hiincoinbt
Mr. H.i.i-
i ,1 l.y eight
-siah' Cltar
anilli i ; M r-.
Mis. . c.
M. Staling,
audi. -r; 1!- .
(';. Staiiiev.
eighl yea',-
day ! ha
tpin 'o t
pio-s-oi: :
the ja ! I
j I I' !.' W !
! he said.
1 1 i
tu: '-) :
.1 , 1
.'ejlortl d
.-tnia- was out; i
m ill r . No! .1
. . i wa piac
, 1.
i a
t ei- n .1!
3j' .ed'
tie ,..ra
t: ti it, ll;C!i
during thi
ei ra
i- t:oil!l!
d i-link
; of any
I lie..,'.. J
f the I
ii I
' jail-
East Waynesville
Plie piogiain for tile lifth Sunday
liieeting has . heen conipletod ami will
be given at the Fa-f l''iul Kapfist
i Inii . I, 'on Sundav llefeinlKd- lll.Tie-
- " . i
ginning al '.MaO. o'clock. 1 he general
sub iii'l lor iliseussioii will lie. I n
Ai ill Test .ol ti 'I'Vu,. I hi-i-Viair. '
The folb'vting prog ra ill wa- an
n,.iilici.,l by' lit'V. I'laiik I eat he rw o.el,
chairmaii of tlie program c.iiiiiuit tee:
'.Clio lo. lodlO, Sunday School.
lil::;n I.. I0: lo, 1 let otrmial h Mac
vm Mann.
Hi: 10 to I I :0(i The I'i sI of t rue
I ait h, II. It. Ca Id well,
1 1 :IMI to 1 1.20, Thr To. -I ol t rue
llM-dic lice, I'. C. Hick.-.
11:20 to .12:00 Sermon by Kev.
Thoiiia- Frwjn,
1 2:00 tt. 1 r',0 I limit i- on r i oiind.
;::n t,, 1 : 10 1 loiial by At It ill's
1 : 10 lo 2 :0(i The Te- : of i ue Kehg
ion. . .. Hvers.
2:00 to 2:20 The Test ,,'f true, hroth
...I, I ,t,, (' I. Allen,
2:20 fo 2:10 The Test, of true ChrisC
ian Works I!, f. Mc( rat ken. ,
2:10 to -2:a0 Flection of otli er tor
it'.; i.
2:50 . Ojien .liscussioli.
Onh Fie Confined
In Jail On Tuesday
jail 1 - i - I
wek. Itti
tlVe W P
The '
(ilher :
the th
w hs
...ii 1 u
' C-
i j
y t "!
I- tfl'l
,- Havwuoii
tT during iht
-..j-, tne iu i: oni
- afternoon otil"
i riehiud the bar-.
' the .prisoner's- wen-'an-f-r
red t- ;o'i-oii
a- ;i-niten;:a'ry after
TiiMicon lubb" a comedy, will U-,.i-.i.ii;..d
ai the ha-l Wavi.'c-vihe
S.-hoiil Friday evening at. 7:.'K o'chtck
by the. (i rang, I li-gani;'at i'-n of Uat -elitl'e
Cove. .
This i- the Hiiro- iire-eiifat am of
th.- play in the ciKiniy and each time
t he auiiience ha- bet n highly pleiesed.
A mall adniis-.oi! .will' be eharg-ed
and ''. the picici-.s will , bo used tni a
coni-.iiuri it v.- project which . the i range
pon sorine in Itatc.iila- ott
I F SF I I ' M( 1 1 ' lln TK I.
W olll
on ;
which would be piled lip.
Iiacco p'aiiicr. tould v, ;
Hot 111 Ii;'-
:'l i, -pi'.ii.. i di-id-i.vci
ciia i ! :. tt hich -h"" ed i
the rapid in, 'en -' m
1 he neriod of the I
F.very veal' it Kin well
l-e-po'iniing increase , in
and t he -amount mm i- ""'i
til. -lipply the foll-'Wlll)
staggering amoiiiii
This n.'iturall.t dtcic
the weed. Hut lor
which 'would cut. pc
ci-op would bring' a-Ih
tlm: il i, higher in
other '.'farm t oaiimsl i t ic.
cout rol the lipply won
increased next your.
In carrying, out. thi, program uw
Departim iit of Agi iculUn i- attenipt
ing to put into effect 'he .-aine l4c4
that govern . iiidii'st ry. For instance,
.-.feel men tlo not operate "and. pile UP
: in.. ,v he'n I lore i- no neniau
lo ''lie met. Thi'V cise down
,'ucrele. I oriii
I in t it 'll over
I a v . veal.-
.yer the cor
eoiisumpt inn
v. a.s added tu
year until a
wa- piled up.
-e the price tit
.utile agreement
u. t i'ou the VJ'i"
a! s ' 2t, I .von at
,i-oioi t lot! thai.
mtl without
tie greatly
. lion aid 'Dunham
Ci;ifr. well known h
rate hotc!:- here o-.i
nniiths, hate lea-ci
nig I he ig am Mo,
I ! !lll 'l W lio op
Hie. -t - .imiiiiT
ai.e are ojiorat
-i; in St I'i r.s-
Magistrate Marries
Two Couples lues.
'. Mag; t iate i'rank Y ii;u had a
iil-hino I'usiiic.s- Tue-day , .morning,
when he .married ttv. couph;- at- the
court house. . . .
'1'lie couiilos tu r.-:, M r, Thornton j
M. -t r and - Ruby Smith, both of Has i
zeU'o'id. and Mr .. f-ergasou ami
Ma. Hannah. RaV. Iiotti ol Iron Duff,
A" ;hirl party s,,.., .Mr. Forgo
sun itMotit ei forming a. ceremony, hu:
it wa p" 'poin d toi efe.-a! tlay-.
what we want the faiinei
down. It will an an le.-.
e.xpen.e in producing a
more leal dollars in the
him if In eo-operate.s.
Jlr. Dickev sti-es-ied
hurley to'aacCo U a g'
It is one th a' ; well tt
money in in the way
improvenieiit and oani
trelll) t'f hm i;
this will improvt
I hat in
to do, Ctoitf
effoi-'t-. leu
eiop ami yet.
long run l'tx
tne fact that
,, eollllllii'lity
orth investing
of land, .stwl
room as the
. upward, anil
tUSLiiess ctmui
; urg Fh
tn.--' u' inKi.
Local Hunter Can't Find Squirrels
So He Goes To Sleep Only To Wake
And Find Them Playing With His (;
( lasses In Nei'dlt'Hork Will
Resume Work ..January 1st
Wishing all our
many readers a
Happy and Most
Prosperous New
Native Of Haywood
Returns For A Visit
ParH's' A Cogbum and wife have
atruol firm Ontkv, ( dorado md
will spen-l the winter with Mr, (,og-
4 sifter Mrs- r.- r.. iiease. -i
C anton
( OKtiurn
U a native of tms
moved to Colorado
wf ! vpiir. am. He is f-ngaireu
in farming there, growing sugar
beets and potatoes as hi? main crop.
th. thoir first visit rack to
KhHr native county since leaving.
'mo it " m in h i- ' n"
par-itul. r "I imur, hifh
h, i Ii 1 g i i i " g' -,m Uw
and" others m are or s imaginai
but hi o'. a c Ni hoi t , ve i
known air . tm WW N ( tfe
hi re (1 i u n'tl o n ru h
he who'' r j i' - 1 P " 1
lXf so.
n tV.ic ;. S-i i?( ni company
Vllt UMJ ' '
with Gus I-,n,- war hunting .squir
rels at licjitv Sr,nmrs at V o! i en,
i : . , t.., r.,, r.lir. f rum lllTf
wnicn is. aou-i. tow. - -
After all mumintr wn-noul
any ucc s-. tne two humer parted
in the after-. -ir -tK ihtlrren
routes which they tnought would piob-
l.l,- .f iv,i. r.' -h.-m onu anlO-
CLUI y I- ----- '.'
ti. .nIV:n.ef,,r mm., tlltll1 Sl-'e
i-VJtLCl tvtt.ti.'ft . ....
Wir 1,11,1 sat down -TO Te... hln
Pronninc himself
. . .,r,l vi irh his gun
aiiisL u iit-v. ......
acro, his knees, he fell a-leep. He
olr.r.t fnr a fntf .minute.4 and was
oo.oVr.Tipd Viv his eun shaking. Open
Whold. he saw
,; firt tjmiirt-fd of the day hiking
j i,r,,,i ,,t hi irun. Hu
c rioor the tneirer so ne
llilt l " C-.V ll'l" . '
all' 'in :
-ad of
nulled if--
went the h
Picking up
Steve made .-hi.-'
rection- of wher
ard Sheffield- Mi
. ; i,,;-, gJ'i - and oil
p. -qinrr. i.
. ;i. ,v!.o- --.j i.nt V
cat - '.at k in the dl;
Mr and Mr-. I.en-
Nieholas and other
awaited the hunters ter. they, -had
)!ti lined -t-iuirrel; foi::supp r. ;
Steve told - nis sv.ry. . .v-, :: ij
was- doubted, hut ;oor. r. wa- pro
th it S i t i r gi
was Kiu red on trie T.w-h
rel and it immediately
which Steve says wa
V little- wine
if -iuir.
turned i.iacK
an lntia a-.ion
th-d hf flesh had w-n pnw.kT-liumeti.
Ano-her ti'- .m --.tne MpJirrei was
mule md r o"1 nit t'-' '
squirre' 1.1 1 1 - t
rango. J .
stteve is a great humer. ihT is
nf thing hi hk.s . i . h t than
hunt and n mu-' hi t gxl hunger
if he can ku! squirrels in hi. sleep.
f-Vin after telling trie aou.r hUiry.
which is vouched for by ;th-rs m tna
mm, 1 tld mt "r a i m' rib nt
hun.i g 'i'P r'"1- '"
?rif.i h. qj r-e' sv - on-
will be printed s-K..r..
d'he. classes in needh-craft. vvtiicd
.topped for Oi'-i-'ma-. w:!! start again
danuai v 1. The hours are from '.. to
II A. M. and I to n P. M each oay
except Salunlay. Di-t ruction irg ;cti
in de -'.gning and a'teiati'ui of ri't-tei-n.s,
ciittiitg without pattern-, and
eJinstiuetii.n -of" gai-m. tiU-. I.e'ttures
in ret t i le eeonomio- arc . planned to
heli the woman who; buy-- for tie.
family, to speiiil- he.'-; pioney n
wi -eh - "
TheJo e!a--e- af held the W.r
mat;'. Kxchaiig.e on Main -t reet. Ah
interested in these ei: - e- wm. n an
a ...ointely free to anyon,,
ohligat ions attached -hoilhl -eeu M r-.
Hart iit the KNchangc ai- photi
I wins i;im:n
-.. ... -. i .. .n.i a gii l we IV !orn
to M -m 1 M i-s- Thomas Trammel. n
Tur. air iVight at their home on i
sttreet Faeh of trie babies, weighed
Sl MlUllds.
tions conit.. hacK
greatest i.inprov
dition.s. !),. pn ,
the commodity is
dead wight "f -u n a
It ic impo-ssible to as
tonal atfitud.' ;tovvaiv
The price might be ht
a method t.empoi:ai'il.v.
ditioii will H"t !a-t Hi
v . ,.i,i-.i ,1, if tr! on "th
the iiltin that h.l
the toiiac, mtgi't
oii.-ratio.'i '. the
ecouonl-'c-aMy ami .win tt
vantage t.f . the; jilant.T-
'ihe id. i I" C
to, pay hdi; t-i .r daw
that '.he ' wi:! iv -a"'
lt.-s. In oidi r to -ecii".
which to haiiiih' this
ceising ta . has liee,
hacco which anrouuts
teen paykages .,' c
amount will etiaiiio. th
pay the farmers the
ujnm for the number "I
their crop .o that in th--will
protit very mater:
rating in the plan.
I lr. I Ik'KcV made ,:
fainierrf who sign " u'i
.-taiid a niu. h hi t ter eh;
i tected in. prici-, than th
j not iignC There ii
I agreement between the
Agricultiir,. a-td th,
Put even with thi
in ht in business cou
cannot hold up whei.
hlirileiieil by tae
;. he ivy -urplu"
a-siime a tlictu.
nliy btis.ine.s.
, up by , such
but Such cun
a . deniorcii,e .
r n iet hods' ant
heeil Worked out l'
,vith the co:
i:eiart:nerit is. .saiuiu.
rk to trie :a li
ne farmer w
i his crop co
- a lihiuiciai.
"e revenue Willi.
matter a pro
placed "ii ;
. 2c on -"Vf!i
garettes,' ; Tl'.u
- .1 ) imrtuiei.t .It
;..:iii)liU'. .'gicc'i'
111 IK Cc
1. !"I'g 1 un til. .
ricily lay co-v
I i It-
tilltli.-.s tO
IHtV iotv.-
Th,. .'..'
tail, artit
has four'
can select
Ho ma
l.l IV
, 'ear' that !lu
d hi. coiilrai"'-.
.he? to f-e pro
.. in, n w ho d--i!)
" "orice w ill hi t
le b v
!'!, r-a
c ;
tit' lev
.It'.'-,! .' in ,do
Kvery. ma iv.
; gy . which .h
regular pn
The official thermometer here
dripH-d to Wednesday -.morning-
according to S. II.. Steenson.
ellirial weather observer. At to
o clock the thermometer register
ed M.
t akt'-- tilt
10 i , i i I'i tin
tag,' eigniV j.H-5 em
1U.I1,'; Hi.ii- : ah l . P,:;:
take eigiit y to. r ..cent.
( d i He may take jevi
o. the -var If.'X .
has .iecn:h-ti what, base lr
.s. . taking; the one most Iici
j n m t'l it mas ft
. ,u; ..f produ 'tio!i for tiex
h'-r thirtv-tsVee, and. 'tint:
f i
will eh.;.'
to . Keep
veil-" oi:
.erage of hi
th) He may
tjie average ot
ii ) lit iiiav
h, it ir l'"oJ
v-tivt- per cc-ii-
(Co ii Jt i i 1 t.k rigel
:k 1
i f
I f

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