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NO. 17
HI I Hfl- H TTh . A HIT 1.1 VTV
naywooa minny iviaoe ran ut neaim u
Chambers of Commerce Have
Merged. Directors to Be Elected
Friday Night At Mass Meeting
The iiome 01' ' 'Lome-Time Prisoners"
ItttKin ol Nine Directors Will
He Held At Courthouse Fri.
i!a At 7::0 O'clock
J ''
i''g w
la Mot
a .-flies of meetings, tile
.1 directors of the two cham
ommerce of Waynesville have
a mutual agreement to merge
iplish one organization with
lor the new organization
from both groups,
dilation committee was named
afternoon to present the
f twelve men at a mass meet
.h will be held at the court
riday night at 7:30 o'clock,
'.he twelve will he elected by
:u:n:ttee lias "not named the
.- as yet, but it is under
t '.'ley will be men. and pei
ne" women,' from the cnmniu-
Our Community Moves Forward
the. 1
( ham
to lh
iitld i.
I i c
ni?ht .
that '
take .
I ut w
nT a
un thi
tee h;
: ritorv
of pi,
''Per;. I
rillee appointed to ne
eci the two . bodies here,
ut iii detail whereby
.'! ,-tioii at the meeting Fri
i no entire community will
pportunity to take part in
il orgjnization of the one
d commerce, which will inl under way in catering
irist for the coming season
duties of such a group.
us stre.-sed that eyery
'.ills community should be
.the mass meeting Friday
r.h the forming of one or-
tiere it wilt be necessary
u h individual cooperate and
j asiive interest in the" organ-
The new fcroup will not just
t -ins-within Waynesville,
1 lake in all the territory with
laihus of several Iriilcs. As
mmunity is directly dependent
adjoining section the commit-
-uggested that scope of tor-
ncreased and the number
directly benefitted by the
in of one chamber of com-;
! f the merger and of the
: Friday night are given in
ma statement fiom the two
-identa on this page. .
The Wncsvilk' Chamber of Commerce ami lite Waynes,
ville District Chamber of Commerce are v'onsolidating: in a
spirit of broader service to the eohimunity.
In name, the.. merged organization will be the Wavnes
. ville Chamber of. Commerce. It will function under the
charter which has served the Waynesvillo Comtmmitv nianv
years. It will .'embrace Ha.elwood, WayiU'sville, Lake -Iima.
luska. and all contiguous territory. Its purpose will be in
develop a jrreater spirit of ueifrhborliness througboul the
region j to unify our objectives ; and to consolidate olir forces.
Thus prorared. we. shai
Friday night at 7 :
Services Will Be
Held At Episcopal
Church Noon Fri.
Pastor Of County To Deliver
hurt Addresses On Last
even Sayings Of Christ
1 draee Church in the Moun
tains beginning promptly at noon,
the Three Hours Service will be held
with add -esses on the seven last say
'g ol Our Lord while hanging on
I he Rev. A. V. Joyner, pastor of
!;'"' Baptist church will fpeak on
In- f,rn "Word" Father, forgive
'ni;m fr they know not what they do-
Lie Rev. Paul Hrrdin, Jr.. pastor
' Vv intsville Methodist church,
dl .-.peak on the second "Word"
1 L -h It thnU be with me in Para,
disc. "
TV- Lev. F. O. Prvm in. pastor of
Cike Junaluska Methodist .cbuirch,
give the third address Behold
'hy un. Son! behold thy Mother.
1 he fourth aAA
the nastnr nf tho RHct v,n
1. u-hu liiifl tkn.. mi
walker, of the Waynes-
tenan church will sneak
the fifth Word.
address: "It is finished."
bv Rev. O C LanHnim.
,"'Vi'r ot the Hazelwood Presbyte
rian churxh .
. Rev. G. L. Granger. Hector of St..
ndrc s church, Canton, will give tho
ttnth address: "Father into Thv
r-anrts I commend My spirit."
Every body is most cordially invited
' attend this Good Friday service.
nd to be present at the beginning of
l-ie service, twelve o'clock, noon.
l lu-v. ii. w i
V '1, whv hast
x f R-v r p V
,1 i tille Presbyter
f I ' n: "I thirst."
- J The sixth ad
will be taken b
Stamev Chairman
Of Election Board
-M. G. Stamey, local attorney, has
named chairman of the Havwood
'oiir.ty bonrd nf eVefJonc;. Mr Samov
suop,,.. Grove. C. PpviV who .!' a
laJVI-rtnte for judrre th'e-Hictct.'-'
M.T.rni, of Ta7wooH And
'eorffrt Hamntn. e -..!.. n.
:tr hv( members of the buird.
I he in a position o ( neouraire needed
?0, the citizens of the community are
invited to meet at the Court House to eleot a Hoard of Di
rectors who shall govern the reorganized body. All responsi
ble citizens should be there. It is your 'community your
Chamber of Commerce and you will share in the benefits.
A nominating committee comprising an equal number
from each of the two organizations includes the following
J. M. Long, W. T. Shelton, Paul Hyatt, and Ililliard At
kins; E. J. Hyatt and C. M, Dieus, Ex Ef. Officers..
They will present 12 names from which nine (!))
directors shall be elected. Each name represents a unani
mous choice on the part of the Committee. I.allots will be
submitted carrying the 12 names. You are to indicate the
name you prefer. The nine receiving the greatest number
of votes will be declared elected. By agreement between the
two organizations, nominations are Hot to be' accepted ' from
the floor.
In accordance with the by-laws, the Hoard of Directors
later shall elect a President, a Secretary, and shall arrange
for suitable office facilities. The Chamber of Commerce will
then be ready to function. A get-to-get her banquet will be
staged followed by a membership campaign Committees
will be appointed and preparations gotten underway for the
summer season. j
Short keynote talks will be made by two or three local
men. .The Park and the highway alone, are
enough to demand a vigorous organization. The boarding
houses and hotels need support. Lake Junaluska, Duke Sum.
mer .School, and New College need our cooperation. Local
business and industries need backing. Garages and filling
stations can be benefited. The farmer can be helped. Our
recreational facilities need strengthening. You committees
are determined that these needs and opportunities f shall be
J. E. MASSIE, President .'V
Waynesville Chamber of Commerce
..."CM. DICUS, President
Waynesville Dis'trict Chamber of Commerce.
Homer Davis Seeks
Place Of Constable
Homer Davis, well known in Way
nesville and throughout the county,
has announced that he is a candidate
for constable of Waynesville Town
ship. This is the first formal an
nouncement to be madj. thus far fo
this office.
Mr. Davis bad given the idea of
running but little thought, until a
number of his friends persuaded him
to make the race.
Miss Jewel Hipps arrived Sunday
from Peace Junior College in Raleigh
to spend the spring vacation with hgr
parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Hipps.
Massie To Spend
$2509 On Theatre
J. E. Massie, owner of the W'ayno-w-ood
Theatre, anmunced yesterday
that Within thP r,..xt thirty days h
evpects to spend approximately
$2,500 in m?king imjVovements at
the local theatre. . .
New upholstered seats, a late model
screen, new spotlights, and" interior
decorations . will be among the im
provements ma to. Mr. Massie also
Commissioner Cave
Approval Yesterday
To Board Of Health
County Cooperating With Stale
And National Hoard To Make
This "Healthiest Sped In
en in p
I laelwu
tlif In ' . .. -1
U'hh 11 !" IHiW t 11
i.: iiuaitiis at the state prison
un " ( men serving long .-en
'4 w-wwtHwwswsmtsarfjj
( VM
On tin
1 lael wood
is the lauinlrv
Prison t. anii.
Oil till'
c .amp
m-'ni ' is the
a ..- 1 hi i It
Ilil'.-S ll.'l
inoiit hs
II at
Parkway .Officials
Here Monday Noon
Enroute to Park
Hazelwood Prison
Camp Is Home Of
"7(5 "I onjif-Timers"
in sn
;i I in n
. mini j
I '
Health Sc. i.-c
tern ..i tl. ( ,ti
The di-ti ;. t
woiiil, ,la. .
nr. v. a.
the t int. ,1 St. u
. 'an! y i ianiuis.aa;.'i
."ii li.'ii W'r.llii'siiav
..I ; . ma lu 1 1 a J w mi':
!' the S .Hilary lha!t:;
in- State Hoard ..f
I'mled State- 1'ulilk'
i -et t nig up in We.-.:
i.- comprised of I i ;i -md
Sw-ain euunties.
I'gier, acting otlicer of
es Public Health Sei
oi .'.'(l and
ago -made an
1 lu.s cminty
!V(HI. The
i c.miii) u is
Advisory Committee Encounter
Had Weather During Inspec- I
lion Tour Through State
(.'.amp Is Now Carinj; For Prison
ers Serving Lonjf Sentences.
Others Transferred
M cm Tors of a pa rt.y of
and state hijrhwn eiitrinei is,
illg" the p' oio-eil I elite l or
highway linkine; the Sin
and the (lieat Smoky -Mountain
tional I'ail, -loppeii here i few min
utes '.Monday noon en route to Soco
(lap. They aiiived In i e n:r High
way 2S-1, iiax'ioe, iieeii to the top iii'
Waynesville e'ten. .j tlje t
invitation to have luneli here
," but
t hey wati'.eil to get
fore nie;lit they hail
pared in A bi.-vaMo
The p n (y ai : iveil
unlay night- after
through rain, fog.
All day Sunday was
vjlle. Leaving there
to Knoxvi
ion liinchi
i Mi i at
I,, y
t he
i a - - (
.w "o, State I ' i hud ( am p
"home" of jn .Miners' serv
rai .-ent eiu'es, instead of
a- Mils been t he ease for
month- -ine.e the camp
in Ashi ville Sat
' having driven
-leet and snow,
.-pent in Ashe-
at 'J:'-', Monday
,:u riving: here at noon. n t"l''' f
for P.isgah
More rain
Whfn the )iaity r(-turiied through
Wayhesville from Sik-o Gap they
wi r presented w ith Haywood ap
ples at the Chamber of Commerce
office. Quite a number of business
men met the party while ! he -ars.
were leinn filled with; gas -a-nt ' oil.
While here the un shown for a f w
minutes. .
Ieavin'jj' Way rkviiic after ..their
trip to Sin;o (ia;i the party headed
for Cherokee and then to (Jatliugburg,
and m to Kr.owilie for the night. .
At Knox ville, T. S. Straus, s.pi'cia!
advisor to the secretary of the in
terior, said the purpose of the pro.
posed federal parkway was '.-in
"e-conomic one."
"We want to use thi1 highway to
bring the tourist business to the. I
counties which need it most," he saiiT
In connection with this phase of
the project, hr. said data was being
sought from counties showing the
percentage of farms 'rwried and those
operated by tenants, percentage ef
high school graduates, percentage of
those employed, sales income per
farm and retail trade.
Mr. Straus said there would bei
little difficulty in. selecting the route
in Virg ia but the hardest route
task would come in choosing between
Tennessee and North Carolina.
"We, however, are dealing fairly
and expect to decide on a route sat
isfactory to both North Carolina and
Tennessee," he added.
E. B. Jeffress, chairman of the
state highway commission, and Frank
W. Miller, of Waynesville, member of
the commission, together with several
other state highway officials accom
panied the. party on the tour
through this state.
The nary w s in cars belonging
to the state highway department. Two
highw iy trucks with mechanics fol- j
. Ha
iw tin '.'
past 2 I
,-i rving -iior'. sentence- have
ii'i'ii sen! to ramps in Mecklenburg,
Rutherford Mitchell, Madison coun
'!' and al-o to ( riiggy. i n Hull, onibe.
Seeit :-i Ij'eni ( aldeah I' arm
i;i ar Kaleigti h'ive been ' lan.sferreil
to 1 he f 1 azel w iio.l (.imp. Might eook.
were kepi :if tin- , -a nip mill not. tian--
ened whin tlu other:-' v,'r".
Th(. .sentences, of tie- pi : ,i.i r.
the raiiip iiow- range I'roni two to tint,
ty year-. In a pie.-.- -ii.-p .lcli t ruin
kaleigh, t was -aid that one of the
I'll va id hankers recently sentenced
to pri.-on was at the Hazelwonil camp,
hut a check with camp oflicinls show1'
cd, that the former' ijiniker was at
Craggy and. Hot at Hazelwood
During the past 20 months that the
Hazelwood c oni has been open, there
has not been a man to e cape and not
caught. ;Une or two have gotten away
but. always returned. During the 2i
months there .has not been any . trou
ble whatever among the prisoners," if
was learned, and it is the general
opinion", that this accounted for the
change, being made, and the "long
timers" being transferred here. .
The general staff . at, , the , prison
camp is. as follows ; . I. . K.. Cabe, . su
perintendent ; Johnny Merguson, stew-a.-d;
A. K. Mehacey, Kre.l H. Cald
well (j, M. Hoone, J ulius Kogers, Joe
('. Ilavis, (iiliner Kong, Jim Mauliey,
guards; Jasper Krookshire, n'ight
guard. . llave .Ci. he, truck drive'-. T . .
vice ajipeared befou- the board and
exp'lamed that a sum total of fJl.OOO
would be spent- in this dist rict during
the next j i' U-- and the State Hoard
of Health, together with the United
Mates 1'ublic ileal.! Ii Service would
contribute SIS.tllHI of the amount.
Swain c. unity eilne !:-v :-!, vd to
pi o 1,1c .11 slla
JacUson : ,, i no lew da ys.
appi o'ii :al ion et s,I o,i(l.
was called -or: t. pay
a I lot men! made ', o e,u I
b .-c,l on nopul-it ion.
1 lie cl is I net heailipia rli I s will - bt
mane in ir aiel oilier : pace provided
i i tlir lounly. 1 he .set. -up provides
I -a. n.-a.t.'i ollu-er, who will have In-
111.'.-- i,. i ( . .md an as:,i.,!ant with an
olhee in liiy.-on ily - both ot .whom
ar pliVM.- an-. I here will also In
a saiuta.y ollieer and trained nuriit'
in ach co'iini I be Milbce id sanitary
olheer, now held byK. 1.. Hinton will
I),, absoibed m the new work.
t ; til ut! and Waynesville ., re imW
paying ;solio each to the support of
ine w.,iH of anilary iilliccr, auii
M -yoi- .1. I,. lui-ves, oi Canton, and
..layer t I!. Atkinson, of 'this city,
s.-uied the iininii.-sionel's', t liat the
lesepeelive town ,-i would continue Ut
.lc( l.u-ki
olio a i
contribute that amount
of the sanitary district
The Haywood County
oi oat ion in a pctiUcn
In. a. K
board In hoc
I 'I ... 1 ! Ill . I 111- -: t lie
ills! ric! .-i t up in 1 lie . t
win k' is lieing done in
'.i it Ii I lie 1 1 .i I inlla
Hi', '.ir;
section I -gl'oUllil
c.n oe al
ilace in 1 1
the Work
pa ik ;
tier i i ' i i 1 1 d . i'tis'cd '
t he ' ivoi I I and
ve-iii eil a.-. M
le woll.l.
I A,-,-
pi e-enicii ny
Uiged the
f the lU'ilth
til si lle.lttll
ate, and the
-. oopi-ratiun
that .
It'll its I ...iii.laiy
,e (H-cCl iU-
t.y ami .--..lute
ilh.hc liliilll
e-iii, ami I'c
i! w a.' i
w w le Ul.-
Warning Given To
Delinquent Tax
payers Of County
C: C- Francis, tax supervisor of
Haywood county, announced that
Apiil first whs the final date set by
the county hoard, of commissioners to
accept nates for taxes due the county
for th(. yers prior to 1 9.2, ."' "
AH taxes that have not been paid
for the year.- prior to 19!12 will draw
six per cent interest beginning April
first, Mr. Francis stated.
The fact was also mentioned that
tinder the law, if proper arrangements
are not made to take care of the
back taxes, that the county can be
gin foreclosure proceedings'. .. -.
Mr-. Francis in an advertisement
ih this week's paper calls attention
to the fact that "this is the final
notice'' and urges all de-1
1 be we i k i ,f the iiui -i
oilii'i-r will I e'r t
pel I Ir Hill o f t l-ie I ijl.ll,
ia. .Id ii lleaPi.. I
: Si I l-i.-e I I, !,.-; - :v il) i-.e
illenl. lilspecl lulls lllaiie
pile- aim piriiic ,j)i,:i-v-ea-es;
aie i!i.,-r tiaoje io
1 lie mutter ha- : beeh iirfore the; sinee Maicli iii.-'., lull U-iey Unt
not I ke any ar!i n -until lieainn;
ii-oin the H,..ywood' A-iso:ia-iion
aim oilier groups allilialed vv.lh
On-' work. , . :
l)r. v Z.i gh : stated that : the : only
reason tliat. this bealtli ,(li--tl-ict vv;ti
et up was- ly the i'..ct .that Uie i V A,
the ( hcrukee Imlian Kes. i'v..iiou, and
the (.real .Silioiiy .VloUiitaii's AaLio.iial
I'ark, togi tin r w ith -.'cooperation - of
the three counties, thy ;' :St-;Ue '.Hoard,
of Health ';,nd the local iioaid u
hearth hud ah joined in the -program.
About tifteei'r iBte.Cf .I'd ua.-iJK.
and civic ii a H i - !' tne' xoun! y u .
tended the iiieetiiig.
Funeral lor Mrs.
Elizabeth McLean
Mowdv To Be Todav
Mrs. Klz.aleth McLean M -w is.
died at, her home ori. Wi'lcii -.-'!:,'..
here Wednesday afternoon of p-.-i'-i-monia
. following-an, illins-s of a -.jt
a week.. .'..: . .':.'' -.-.'.'
Muneral se.-.vicrs will he he!..i ai tin
home this afternoon a! .'!:' id- . 'i'',.-.r.;
with . Hi v. I'aul 'Hardin, Jr., pa, tor
of the .Methodist churcn in charge.
Mrs. McMe'i ri, mother of C intai- dit .
died cKactly une.ycar ago y. ster lay.
She ks survived by , . her fat. i-r
mes Mel. can, , and., 'one , bro1. 'h r, ',.
Holiert 1.. Mc Lean, and a ,d;.jg:ii. ,-.
Betty Mowdy. ,
I'allbi arers. will -be': ' Honitfr :.)w.-n
Frank W'orthingto,)!, Jimmy Con;. it:
Haves Alley. W (". Ku.-s and " e "v
Hot ha, Jr.
Honorary p'lllbcarer.- will lie: C . ".
Ray. Clyde Kay; Crver )-.v . . . I. ;
StringfUM, K.H. M Chi'.. - ''.
Withers. K. J.- Hva't, C. (I.. ) ,'t'aM
J. R. 15 .v.i. Dr. O; T .sirs h-i ::r.1
W.. t- ..Shelter, .U.'.e-':"-'.M.'-:i: 'anil
V: mis Atkin-.-
said he was going to rearrange the
stige in o.-der that stage, attractionf; j lowed the party, in ase of mechanical j linoucnt taxpayers to f him imme-j
could be presented. trouble en route. cia'.i-lv for nroner .-irr.-inir.i.i.nt ; '
be presented.
W. S.
i e'-eciitiv.'
my r d i
lturiia v
I-ie- o'2, rie-'o;!.
in the Idi-ke
d e. v,:s linm..
night feUnwir-g
- : '"h.."l
- wm r J

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