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NO. 31
Till RSDAY, Jl'LY 19.-JI
1 n
Survey mows Business
On Increase in County
A Lines UI XJUSiiicso wuvn
Decided Increase Over
1933 Business
a -urvcy made by The Mountain-
ttr r . .. i
ci.inu!ii.,"5 " :
hum nip Tar oeicer iiittu
.,m. Some oi me svaveiiicm-s
a wi "!- , ; . .
mailt' by the Dusinass men in iuwn
are as follows:
James Atkiw, manager of Loke
Junaiuska: "There is a 33 per cent
increase this year over last year.
lnd cations are that wP will not be
utile to care for the crowds this sum
mer. "
A. C. Craft, manager of Hotel
Oir(kii "Our business this June
showed an increase oi 4 per cent
over last June- "ave reasons 10
xheve this is going to De a uaimer
Ei nest L, Withers, secretary Cham
ber of Commerce "Inquiries received
this yeor are 200 ner cent above those
uf ia'st year. I attribute this largely
u t.'ie advertising the organization
ha- Jwiie this year, and together
with the fact that business is far
"In my personal business, rentals
are j'Ml 'per. cent above that of .last
year fur the same period. eV have
;iiL-o li'ai) several sales thus far this
-ea.-nn, Business in general is head
and -boulders above last year."
J. lb Way, cashier. First National
Bank "Our records show that de-,.-its
are: about 10 per cent above
J:..-'i veai-, and our total resources are
worevthan $100,000 above last June."
.. G. Terrell, manager Southern
here uhd Southeastern Express
There- are GO per cent more passen
gers riding our trains from here
than last year. For June our frieght
busine-s was over.' $1,000. more than
last year. The express business is
better by 25 per cent."
Albert Abel, owner Abel's Garage
"Our pusiness is 25 per cent better,
than it was in June, 1933. This in
eiease is in every department, sales,
gas,' oil and repairs."
Joe Mormino, Frut SWnd "My
.-pusiness is .thirty-three r cent bet
ter than it was last year. The sea
son i- starting earlier, and the peo
ple are buying more.''
pr. 0- T. Alexander, manager Al
exander's Drug Store-"Our sales
show 'an increase of 20 per cent over
last year, and ' indications are that
before the summer is over the. per
centage will increase."
Charles. E. Ray, Jr., of C. E, Ray's
g(n?-.Ve have had an appreciable
increase in all eight departments of
our store. Our records reveal a
steady increase each month.''
E- J. Hyatt, manager, Hyatt & Co.
"Our general increase over last
year .is 20 per cent. Our cash busi
ness h..- shown an .increase of 25 per
R. ( . McPride. manager Eagle 5
?0 & 25c Store "We find that our
business: js 70 per cent better than
, 't ...was a year ago during June. We
are very much encouraged over the
feasor.,''" -
. tiuy Mussie, manager Massie Furn
Jture store "Our 'firm has had a
jtittant:al increase over last year.
Our business is better than we had
expected, and we are orttimisttie
wer the future."
'Hugh. Massie, owner Massie's De-.
'Partrrr.t Store "Our business has
-nowr. an increase that has encour
us as to the future. The increase
e nave enjoyed is far beyond our
Pfcctations of: a year ago." .
wrL I:',r,irt 'Bree.ce left Tuesday
!,tWi!'ar,ta' Grgia. where she will
:vn: several days visiting friends.
. , I
ii,- . ay, oi iieve'
r-va' u "'"""It me letcia.-ai- (
E .'c, ;n. the '-city and are guests at
'wood Hall.
' I ri d l,. . .
er, but there yam .that
Is eoitlc armiTid
tioniro- t ,aL 15 '"'ortn men-
'II? S"'
t'r.ginated the1 story, or
r,,t i" ".
tne tacts we do
tered iC a 'ng man en-
ur ShT : 'wv-last Sat-
cf aiemf looklng" over the list
of h;? fa:.htrVU''r Saw the name
!aheid? t0 the flection of-
fcow V !,ttlat baltot- I knew
Wiun -tx-np-n ho
he v,les ' 1 ant to see ho-
sh was granted
Where That "Bought
Vote" Money Went
Two small, dirty, ragged, under-nourished
children were beg
ging at the home of one of Way
ntsville's 'most prominent citi
zens after the first primary. Af
ter answering a few personal
questions, one of the children
"The last money we had at our
house was what pa got for votin'.
He got $2 and spent it for liquor
and got drunk, and then took the
$2 ma got fer votin' away from
her and bought more liquor. Ma
was agoin' to buy her a dress
with her money. When is there
going to be a nuther 'lection,
The Waynesville resident was
swept off his feet, he said, that
he failed to answer their ques
tion. Playground Was
Opened Yesterday
Full Time Attendant To See That
Children Can Play In Safety
At New Playground
Waynesville's playground- officially
opened yesterday .on Main .(t.rect
here, with scores of children tiiking
advantage of the playground cquip
ment that has been installed through
the co-operation of the eutet'tainiiient
committee of the Chamber of Com
merce and the town.
Hugh Massie, chairman of the com-j
mittee, announced that -Mack Davis.'
son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover C- Davis,
and a leader in Boy Scout work here
had been named as attendant of the
playground and would devote full
time to supervising it and seeing that
the children use the -equipment in a
safe manner and will not be bothered
with children inclined to be rough.
Mr, Massie said. "We want every
one to let their children use the play
ground,' and we are confident that un
der young- Davis' supervision that
they can play without being bother
ed with undesirables. We feel that
we have one of the best layouts for
a playground and the best and safest
equipment that money could buy. Now
we want th(J people to let their chil
dren enjoy it."
The playground was built under
the personal supervision of Oscar
An admission of five cent? i r
game of fifty will be charged . for
use of the shuffle boards. The money
going to. defray the expense of the
The choir of the
First Baptist
church is sponsoring the operetta.
"Mother Goose in Fairyland," writ
ten and directed bv Mrs. K. M. de
Laet. It is to be given Tuesday even,
ing in the auditorium of the Elemen
tary school.
This is a children's operetta in two
acts.' The characters are various, be
loved : story people from Mother
Goose and elsewhere. There are.
choruses of fairies and dolls, and the
plot is built - around, two earth chil
drenFrances and Red played by
Jane Dudley Francis and Henry Toy.
The. music-ris tuneful and attractive,
and . the ensemble "very ...colorful
throughout: The cast is as follows:
Mother . . . . . . . . . . Mary- E. Howell
Frances ... . . .Jane Dudley Francis
Red HT
Queen of the Fairies, Virginia
Spirit of Music -. ..Marion Morgan
May Queen ..... .... Betty Burgin
Mother Goose ... Mary Ruby Nichols
Bov Blae Capers Gr. en
Bo Peep Lenora May Walker
Jack Horner ...Paul Walker
Tommv. Tucker
Miss MurTett
MiFtre-s Mary
, . . . . .Billy Kurgiri
Pauline Wilson
; . . . ... Ruth, Burgin
Mary With The , Lamb. Patsy Burgin
Pol IV i. .... milieu uuSv
yueen ol riearis. nowiumj.
jacK ana oni i Kits-- ""fi
Doris Grahl .
King Cole ...,.....- ;;
Herald ; Humes Hart
Gladvs Walker, Patsy Gwyn, Lou
ise Noland, Adele Baldwin. Mary Lee
Alley, Betty Gene Alley, Merrill
Green, Rosemary Herman, Lois Mas-
Marguerite Way, Betty Sue Bur
gin, Jane Wvche. Theresa Ahey, Mar
tha M. Wyche1. V . '. ' cpv
Miss BellP Bright will render sev
eral vocal selections between act?.
Mrs. J. W. 1 Ferguson and M
Isabel Ferguson- returned to their
their home in. Murphy Tuesday af
ter a few days visit to Mrs. Margue
rite Barron. .
Miss Dell Kin.'of .Leaksvte. and
Miss Anna Leak Scott, bf--Winston-Salem,
arrived Tuesday for a a st
to their cousin. Miss Martha Neal,
Cannery Building
Contract Is Let
To G. H. Gossett
Plans Artj To Have Building Fin.
ished 15v July 13th. Haywood
Farmers Have Beans
Actual construction on the cannery
building was gotten underway this
week, with the contract let to G. H.
Gossett, of Clyde, for the construc
tion. The contract was let on a bid
to .Mr. Gossett .who was low bidder.
Hi.s bid being $2,;24 for the main
i building which will be 40 by 100 feet
and also a storage building which
will be 30 by 40 feet.
The excavating lias been completed,
and with a little tilling in. the grounds
will be finished.
Plans are now to have the building
complete by JuJy 15, according to Y.
1). Smith, county agent.
Mr. Smith, who is being assisted
by Mr. Barr, of the TV AC, said that
it is necessary that the building be.
completed at once in order to take
care of the produce that is ready
for canning. One Haywood farmer
is reported as having 1100 bushels of
beans ready to can-.
It is, the intention of the manage
ment to can blackberries about the
first thing.
Haywood Industries
Have Displays At
Local C.OfC Office
The lir-t of a series .of displays' of
'products niiinuf..ctui ed in Haywood
county is on display :it the Chamber
of 'Commerce ollice. . The Knglainb
Walton .Company -has. a. display ofj
their" product.- -and a graphic- story '
of- how the raw materials are con-i
verted into the finished products.
The display is creating a gioat deal
jf interest' and it is the intention of
the Ch.nvlier of Comerce officials to
hav,, each indu-try in the county to
have a display during the season- The
Royle ii I'llkinglon Company of lla
zelwooil, will be the next to Use the
"space for their display.
The di.-'play of the tannery shows
i .uv. leather and the many things that
are used In tanning it and the finished
products which now 'include- cut soles
for i-hoes. The A. ('. . Lawrence Leath
er Co., also . Ls in on the display.
The idea and promotion of the dis
play is-that of Mrs. T. L- Gwyn, ;is
iistant secretary of the Chamber of
Con, me) ce. '
Young Democrats
To Hold Rally
Saturday Night
Judge Sam Cat hey: Of Asheville
'"..Will He Principal Speaker.
State Officers Are Expected
, The first rally of the Young Demi
c'rats of this county will lK' . held
Saturday night at the court: house, ac
eonling to a statement made, by
Frank D. Ferguson, Jr., president
of ; the county organization, The
meeting will begin at eight o'clock,
and the principal speaker will "be
Judge Sam Cathey. of Asheville.
The purpose of, the meeting will
be to elect delegate.s; to the state con
vention which will be held in Ashe
ville this month.
Mr.. Ferguson said that he expects
Mrs, May Evans Thompson, of High
Point, :tate president, and William
J. Cocke. . Jr., of Asheville, district
president, to be present. Other prom,
ment . Democrats are also being noti
fied and expected. W. R .Francis
will intr'j'ijre tht. speakers of the
A strirg band will furnish music
for the occasion and a large attend
ance is expected.
Mr. .'Ferguson announced that the
following had been named as mem
bers of the executive committee:
Waynesville, James Coman; Canton,
Dave H. Harris ; Clyde, Jerry Rogers;
Pigeon, E. B. Rickman; Fines Creek,
Carl Green; Crabtree, Hugh Rogers;
Iron Duff. Oral Yates) Jonathan,
Med ford Leatherwood ; Ivy Hill, Sam
Owen; East Fork. L- A. Pless; Cat
alowhee, Jarvis Caldwell and White
Oak Ben Wright,
. The monthly meeting of the Young
people's Union of the Methodist
church was held Monday- evening at
The guest speaker was Mr. Roberti
Laughlin. Mr. Laughlin spoke
briefly on the' story of five talents
emphasizing the fact that each of
us has at least one talent which should
be cultivated.
ThP Bethel Home League present
ed a one-act comedy and a freak show
a-s entertainment during the social
hour;-. i Punch and cake were served
after the program.
The banner for the best attendance
was won by Waynesville.
The next meeting of tfie Union will
be held at Jonathan on Monday, Au
gust .6.. '- .
High Men Of First
Primary Winners In
Saturday's Contest
All Four High Men Of June 2nd
Primary Were Elected. Vote
Of 8300 Cast
All four high men of the primary
held June 2, wore again high men in
last Saturday's primary, which was
the second primary to determine the
nominees of the Democratic party in
this county.
J. C. Welch -an up a lead of 812
votes over Arch G. Russell, of Canton.
W. A Hy tit took a lead of 13(18
votes over George C. Haynes in the
race for chairman of the board of
county commissioners.
J. T. Hailev held a margin of 22S7
votes over Walter Crawford in the
race for representative. Mr. Bailey's
lead in the first campaign was 27
Overriding all .predictions for a
light vote, a total of 8.3ti4 was oast
in the sheriff's race, which was over
700 more than was cast in the elec
tion of June second.
The votes for the other races were
over the 8,000 mark.
In the', .ac,. for township consta
ble, George Cubic was again high man
over George l.u.hannau. 1 he
official votes for these two candi
dates 'being, South . ynesville, Coble,
7'.0. Hucli.innnn. T ' : ; ' North -Waynes-
ville. (.'.oh
Total-, Co
A 1.,im
Sa! uni.iv
During, l.l
Millie got
I Mdellt.v ,
i Tl.. lfiii hiinnan. 355.
l."'i''l, liuli;innaii 1124
u d c . me to Waynesville
bt to ;'ct the returns
cui.-e of the evening
; her n-Vis.v and several
lie town complained the
next clay that they were unable-' to
rest, until fwr'two o'clock. The re
turns wiii' given from the court house.
Services Will Be
Held At The Court
house During Court
"Beginning' next Monday morning
the pastors of Haywood county will
hold a -.-ei-vicc each day at the court
hou.-e, at noon, during the current
session of criminal term of court
The program will be about -l.". min
utes long and will adjourn about la
minutes prior to the convening of the
afternoon session of court.
The noon-day services Were-started
last fall during court -and the re
spons,, was so gratifying, . that the
pastors in their regular monthly
meeting at the Methodist church heie
Monday decided to r'pe.:t it at this
tei in of court,
The program consist, of .a .-ohg, a
prayer and a talk by one of the pas
tors of the county.
'".The schedule of speakers is as fol
lows:. July !), Rev. Geo
10, Dr. R. 1
July H, Rev.
F, O- Dryman. Lake
July 12, Dr. R. P
Walker, Wayne-
July 13, Rev. H. C. Freeman, Clyde.
July 14, Rev, Paul lUrdin, Jr..
July 16, Rev, H. W. Baucom. Way
m s ville.
July 17, Rev. W. M- Robbins,: Lake
July 18 Dr. L. B. Hayes, Wayiion
vilJe. July 19, Rev. A. V. Joyner, Canton.
July 20, Rev. O. C Landrum, Ha-zelwxid-
July 2, Rev. C. N. Clark, Canton,
At the meeting Monday a commit
tee composed' of H. W. Baucom, L. B.
Hayes and H P. Walker was named
to an atiged 'for religious services to
be held at the Black Gap C2 Camp.
American Fruit
Stand Moving Into
Larger Quarters
Felix Stovall, - owner and , mana
ger of the American Fruit Stand,
expects to move into the building that
he is having remodeled about the
tenth of July. The building is the
orLp formerly occupied by the Blue
Ridge Furniture Company,
The front of the building is being
rebuilt and a series of folding doors
being installed. A larger floor space
will enable .Mr. SVjvall to carry a
larger stock of fruits, vegetables,
fancy groceries and drinks. .
Rev. Albert New. M. A.. Recto.
TY, JULY STH. 1934.
8 A. M- The Sacrament of Holy
Communion- ' .
10 A. M. Church School in the Par
ish House,
i 11 A. M. Morning prayer and ser
mon by the Rector.
3 P M. Evensong and sermon in
"St. David's in the Valley." Cullo
whee. ' . "
Everybody cordially invited. 1
Tenative Plan Is To Cut
County Tax Rate 25c
County Receives
375 Gross Of Chalk
Haywood county school chil
dren should have a sufficient
supply of chalk to last them all
next school term because Jack.'
Messer, county superintendent
of education. ha. just received a
shipment of liV.i kiws or 54.500
The school board bought now
in order to save on the advanc
ing price.
Some person inclined to work
out difficult mathematical prob
lem should see how many words
that chalk would write.
ASH FAMLLK Mrs. Wallace Ii.
Davis published formal notice this
week that she would seek-a. paidoii
lor her husband, lori.ner banker ot
Asheville, who is now serving sen
tence in the stale prison in Kaleih
for violation of I he banking law.
KIXSTON -There C ;i leu-fool
gap in the Central Highway here us
the result of .in explosion caused by
heat.'-'; Ma.ssos of coiicreti' :ind as
phalt were, hurled into the air... No
one was i n j ti i lol.
RALEIGH -..Governor .1. C, lC
lvhringhaus intemLs to lake his vu-i-ation
in August, It. is likely that
n will spend it ,it hi- home in
Elizabeth City.
..Ml-AM 1 Harry Shaw, la- ton-fi.-sed
t police thitt he killed his
mother with ii shotgun because she
insisted mi him studying English
during his summer vacation and make
up a ileli leucy -which caused him to
fail 'in a school evaminat ion. .
GASTON1A Four hundreil work-
el- w'alkod out of two cotton nulls at
Gastonia. No violence w.-is shown by
the -workers, except a few women had
genuine hair-pullinirs when soint. tried
to go to work.
HENDERSON VII.LK - A coroner's
jury returned a verdict that V. L.
CiH-kran -came to., his. death .by. drink
ing poisoned -whiskey.
North Carolina farmer;, whu co
operated in crop product ion ' iidjutt -ment
programs receivei! $7,01!..htl..ii-l
in federal rental and ' benefit' pay
ments through -May 31, John B.
Payne, -comptroller of the agricul
ture adjustment administration, re
ported to Administrator Chester C.
Davis. . .
Tobacco growers received, the great
est amount. !?-I,D47, IM.VUa, " Hile cot
ton fanners were naid $2.0 j4.(ifiUf74
in lentils and '"-netils for acreage
reiluction. Wheat growers received
!-:;v,2i:.. o."..
Berlin-Chancellor Hitler-', of Ger
many is purging, the ranks of the nazi
party w ith execution "of 48 rebelling
storm . troopers in smashing a still
born revolt against the Hitler regime.
Captain Ernest Roehm, a trusted
Nazi leader, committed suiciih; after
he was arrested as a- conspirator, and
Kurt Von Schleicher, former chancel
lor, was killed when he resisted arrest
Reports indicate that Hitler has con
trol of the situation. :
South Bend, Did. - John Dillinger is
believed to have led the raiding party
that stormed the Merchants Nativnal
bank here Saturday, getting " $2X,U0ti
in money after slaying a ixdkeman
and wounding four officers.
Benjamin and Joseph Adamowicz,
Brooklyn., .-.soda-pop: , 'manufacturer's,
were forced down Saturday in France
by lack of ; fuel in- their flight from
New York to Warsaw,: Poland, which
began Friday. , Last year the two
Polish residents of New York were
declared inexpert at flying and had
to abandon plans for a transatlantic
flight then.. . . J
r Washington After '.ignoring ."..-the
NRA codes since the establishment of
the recovery campaign, Henry Ford
surprised national -leaders', by sending
in proof of compliance saying that ho
would comply with all provisions of
the. automobile code.
Washington With ti e early retire,
ment of Clarence Darrow as chair
man of the national recevery review
board, AV.: W. Neal of Marion has
taken over the post and. will continue
the functions of the body. which came
intrt hin nftnr senatorial critic had
charged that in the NRA, under the
direction of General Johnson, the ten
dency was in the direction of monop
oly and trusts.
Hoard Of County Commisfsioners
To Sleet Today And Formally
Adopt Budget And Lower
Tax Kate
The tax rate for Haywood county
will he reduced .approximately twenty-live
cents, according to tentative
plans of th(, board of commissioners
who will be in executive session t
day to formally adopt the budget for
the coining year.
The Ixiard in session Monday told
The Mountaineer that if the school
hoard maintained the sum,, rate of 4o
cents for the coming year, that the
rate would lie reduced ubout twenty
live -cents, making the new rate close
to $1.35.
Th,, plans of the school board, it
was learned is to make the same raU
as last year, pending several slight
changes due to increased enrollment
in several schools throughout the
county. In any event it is the belief
of all ofhYials that the rate will not
exceed $1.3,r.
During the past year the county
wide rate was $15.
A 'report recently published in this
paper showed that over $..(10,00(1 had
in n pa, d ...on the bonui d inoeiiteilness
and interest during the past year,
and this: f.,et accounts for the reduc
tion that can ly made' in the tax rate
for t hi-- comjng yea r.
Criminal Court
To Convene Here
Monday Morning
Solicitor Queen Ready. For "Two
Hard Weeks." Docket Made
I'll Of Many Small Cases
Solicitor John M. Queen it: hi- of
liee .Monthly sf inlying 'Ii- eouit
one lo t for ii July term of criminal
term of eo,irt which convenes hero
Moml .y -aid: "It i full of small rases
that means a lot -of .work oil the na.rt.
uf the court. We'll have two full,
hard weeks of it " '"
There is onlv one homicide case on
the .locket .' ......
Judge J. Will Ple.-s will preside :A
this 1 1 1 1 n of emirt. which will be his in this coiintv since his appoint -
'men I to the bench to -uceeed Judge
Mi-hiiel Schenck who is now on tin
bench of t be Siiiireitie ( 'ou: ' .
' No- civil -easiv will be -t ried in t hi
term of court., as. has diei n
eil by several iittfirnevs of the eounty.
Tin.-..was decided ,-iiid 'made as a sug
gestion at a recent meeting of the
bar association.
The jurors named for fhe ' first week
of court are as f'dlow-:
C. A. Mann, I'igeon; A. T. Mc
Cracken, Waynesville: . Geo". J. Vain
court, Beaverdam; O. ti. irenson, Lit st
Fork; Jarvis. H. Allison, Waynesville;
I'. J. Price, Beaverdam; T. E. Gard
ner, Cattaloochor; T. I.. MvElreath,
lieaverdiim ; luirlie Evans, '
than's Cierk ; v, L, A niler-ou. Ilea-. .
veiihim; Arthur - R alibene, . Fines
Ii. W, Hcdtzelaw,, Peaverdam; T.
F. Smith, Waynesville; .1. L. '(".ham-',
beis. Pigeon; J. L. Phillips, Heaver
dam; J. ( '. P.lavliH-k, . Pii-eon ; , .). . S,
Setzo'r; Ivy Hill; V. C. Medl'onl. liea-
vei-dam; J. H, -Page, Waynesville; ,. .
C. Saunders, Keavcrdiam ; S. H. M.--'
Cracken., IJeaverdani;: Hardy ('ahlwr' I,
Iron Duff; L. E. Ensley, lieaverdam.
Highway Workers
Here Join Union
'Aliout t Ave tit v -tiite highway 'j-m-ployi-e-
in HaywooT cot(ni,- n1 ii '.'V
uaiiin of highway worker-, a; ' -
ini? hold in the i'i",-i''". h'-u Tii-'- i.iv
night in wh.Vh W. I!. .PIom'-' -ti-',;..-,. : e;
! (.--htive :if the.: . A me'rdca '' 1
tin of .Labor wj the. pr'; t--: i J.i I I.) a .'.--.
e-r--. ' ' .-, -
'. : Mr, Plemmor; - said ,'tha' .i ;i;u' 'v-i-.
m.,ely: :;!0.o. -r,f ' the- 4, -"('u .h.b-A-av
in' the, state . w-civ- now, - .i-ic'mv- r-
the- urti'ih.; .
The next-'meeting iif t!ie'!-al Ur.i- n ;
will be h.-bl Julv 1.7., (); elc. V-f
Tuesday night wore: -Lawrence: .t.-.'-hi
i -,v. I. Rute two. ;o-.;-i-ier:t ; A :!j
CorZine- -Route 'two, -vi - president, and..
V.-.R- Rhinehart: ;i:i..T..::al - socretary.
Local Grown Corn
Eaten On June 28th
; Th 'Mc'f r:icken',: . -v'.-1 '- '
gmwintr ('vn a- a hic by- ,-sai-h .
g:therod::.onough fo.-: .Hntter J-i'V
2S and had' been', getting .er.-ug:i e;ic,i;
dav since to. 'subnl-V his- taller. . Th;4'
i-'a record for Mr: V. ' :u.Kl ';. s
foi'iiKu- reevrd rei-mi 'Julv ' l ou-M- ,,
' Several' other: rv"!'l' .' ave -sa:,
that they':-believed their cren w,ju,d
be irr before July fir:, V-ui-. M!.. ! '
Crackpn is th,; firs: to rcp-'ft ' 'aJ .
gathered; some fivtu' ; 1'V--1 g-'-!'"'.:

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