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NO. 43
Suit Against A&P
Moved To Federal
Court From Here
ine uoone vs. Collins Case Is
Again In Court, Making Fifth
. Time It Has Been Tried
The second week ot civil court was
still in session Wednesday afternoon,
ine two outstanding cases scheduled
for this week will not be tried until
In the case of Carl LaXeve. plain
tiff, versus The Great Atlantic and
Pacific Tea Company. Home- f) won
and Sam Owen, the motion to have
ine case tried in the Federal
in Asheville was denied
ants by W. G. Byers,
perior court. Judge I
overruled the decision of Mr
ana ordered the case
Til I 'USD AY. SKl'TL.MllKU 27, 11KJ4
Governor-Elect Olin D. Johnson Of
South Carolina Spends Week At Lake
Junaluska After Political Campaign
the defend-
Clerk of Su
. A. McEIrov
removed to the
court. The nlaintiff tlion
appealed to the Supreme court from
Judge McElroy's decision. The ques
tion now is one of fraudulent joinder
with the case in the Sunremp court
until it has been decided whether the
case will be tried in Haywood county
or the Federal court in Asheville.
In the case of Turpin versus Rhine
hart trial has been continued on the
affidavits that Rhinehart Was phyai
cally unable to attend court.
Another interesting case of this
term of court is that of (',. M . Boone
versus Belle Collins, which has been
tried three time before, with the
plaintiff winning twice and the Su
Governor-elect Olin D. Johnston, of
Spartanburg. S. C, returned to his
home yesterday after spending a week
at Lake Junaluska, where he rested
after the second primary in which he
won by over 34,000 votes over Cole L.
Mr. Johnston during an interview
with The Mountaineer Tuesday,
expressed himself as being pleased
with this section of the country. Al
though he has been here several times I
before he said he found real rest and
comfort after hk strenuous cam
paign in South Carolina during the
pasi iew months.
T .1 A. I
. jonnsion is a lawyer, and Is a
self-made man. For eleven years he
worked in a cotton mill, and during
the time he worked a week in the
mill and then went to school a week.
After finishing hiirh school this wav
he entered Wofford College and work,
ed in the summer to meet expenses in
the fall. During the school months
he worked as proof reader on the
Spartanburg Herald, and on Satur
days in a department store.
for two years he served
United States army eighteen
in France. Alter the war he
ed to college and receiver
in the
his AH
pre me court granting a new trial in
each instance. . .
The case is the outgrowth over
dispute over a strip of land about 15)
feet wide and tapering down to a
triangle point some 200 feet from the I
widest point. i
degree. He -occived Ivs AM and l.l.H
degree at the University of South
Carolina, in Columbia.
! . While still a student at the Univer
sity he was a member of the House
of Representatives
county. He served
from Anderson
as repVesenta-
tive for two years and then moved to
Spartanburg ami for four years rep
resented Spartanburg county in the
Govermv'-eU'et Johnston was one
of eight candidates in the last elec
tion in South Carolina. He and Cole
L. Klease, long a prominent political
figure in South Carolina, were polled
logeiner in a second race.
He takes office on January 15th,
ann immediately atterwards says he
is going to reorganize the state "high
way department from top to bottom,
and 'begin an investigation." When
asked the direct question if there was
any indication of graft in the depart
ment he said: "Some people seem to
think soj any way we're going to
clean things up."
The present commission is compos
ed of 14 members. Mr. Johnston in
tends to make it a bodv of only six.
In his lH.'iO campaign, when Ira V.
Hlackwood. present governor ..defeat
ed Mr. Johnston in liie second race,
the highway department issue Was one
of the principle issues of Vne cam
paign. Mr. Johnston protested
against the state staging an $108,000,.
000 ImhiiI issue for highways. .
Wlli'n asked if li.i olvo.'.il,,,! s-ilua '
tax for his state he said: "Hy no
means. And if such a bill is pnssod
1 shall veto it immediately. I can
take 'the present income, of the state
and run it. There is no need for ad
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Haywood's First
Annual Fair To
Begin On Monday
Present Indications Are That
The Exhibits Will Exceed
All Expectations
Program For Fifth
Sunday Announced
The Fifth Sunday meeting of the
Haywood Baptist Association will be
held Sunday, September .'ill, at Dell
wood Baptist" 'church. This will he
an all day meeting arid picnic dinner
will be served. Rev. K. I Mo( 'rack-en-
is moderator. The subject will be
"Growth in Grace." based on 2 Peter
.'5:18, The following program will be
carried out:
10:()0-10::10 Sunday School.
10::10-10:40 Devotional Glenn
10:40-11:00 Growth Through Study
Robert Gaddls.
11:00-11:20 Growth Through Giving
Mis. H. W. Baucom.
11:20-12:00 Sermon Rev. P. C.
12:00-1::H) Picnic Dinner.
1;.'10-1:4U, Devotional Rev. Frank
1:40-2:00 Growth Through Decision
Rev. Oder Burnett.
2:00-2:20 Growth Through Chris
tian Fellowship Grover Havnes.
2:20-2:40 Growth Through Soul
Winning Rev. B. B. Caldwell.
2:40-3:00 Growth Through Church
ind Denominational Loyalty Rev. J,
M, Woodward.
Official Report
Shows Lake Had
Successful Year
James Atkins, Receiver, Is Busily
Engaged In Working Out
Elaborate Program For
Next Year
Shelton Will Be
Honored At Fair
In New Mexico
Former Superintendent To Leave
Here And Go Hy Plane To
Ship Hock, New Mexico
Officers Make
Arrests On Two
Liquor Raids
Members of the sheriff's depart
ment captured a Co-gallon still in
Beaverdam Last week. -.One-man was
arrested and the two other men who
were present at the still when the
raid was made are known by officers.
Three gallons of whiskey and 200
gallons of beer were destroyed.
On Tuesday night-member of the
sheriff's office caught lS'a gallons of
liquor and arrested a man in Way
nesville township. The liquor was
found in a house. The man .was
placed in jail.
Mrs. C. E. Frazier of Atlanta, who
has spent several seasons in town and
has many friends in this section, ar
rived on Sunday and will spend the
next two weeks as a guest at the
Hotel I.c Faine.
Tired of Borrowing
This week a certain wo
man came in to subscribe
to the paper, saying that
for many months she had
; been reading her neighbor's,
but that the plan wasn't at
all satisfactory, so she was
subscribing for herself.
Regardless of your finan
ces, you'll agree that there
are few things that will be
worth more to your family
than a year's subscription
i to this paper. Only One
Dollar a Year.
James Atkins, receiver and general
manager of the Southern Methodist
Assembly at Lake Junaluska. filed his
annual leport with the clerk of court
here last week.
The report showed that the attend
ance at the lake, and the gross re-ceipls-'were
!I4 pe.- cent more than
last year. The total income, being
It w..s estimated that over 20,000
persons visited the lake duing the
year, with the majority being there
during the three-month summer sea
son. .
A report from the Southern Rail
way depot showed mat passenger
and freight receipts for that station
increased .255 per cent this - year over
last year.
Mr. Atkins brought to the lake
some of the outstanding speakers and
entertainers available, and this ac
counts to a large degree for the suc
cessful season. He is how working
on next year s program, -which he
says he hopes will even surpass the
one of the past season.
Several prominent speakers of na
Wonal and ihternatiial fame lire
being contacted ami it is believed that
a '.definite, acceptance .On their part
will lead to their appearance at the
lake next summer.
One of the outstanding parts' of
the tiled report is that the cash bal
ance this year is almost double that
of last year. The report sh'Iws
$3,500 on hand at present,
Canton Man Hurt
In Shooting Affray
Cragg W'ebb is in the
County Hospital with a bullet
in his left arm, alleged to have been
received Sunday night when he was
in company of Hugh Early and Hoke
Smith, all of Canton.
Sheriff J. A. Lowe arrested Early i
ami Smith and both were .released
under ?l-")"o bond by , Magistrate
Erank 1). Ferguson.
All three of the men. mantain that
the shooting was an accident.
It was. first feared that Webb's
arnr would, have to be amputated.
Case Dismissed
Against Davis
The judge of; Recorder's court in
Caldw-ei'l county . dismissed the case
against . Edtr-.r Davis, : who.
charged with giving his, children
son.. The judge held that th-re
not .sufficient evidence to hold
Davis after the -fcte witnesses
been heard-
F.; E. Alley Jr of : thrs city
resented Mr.. Davis. '
W. T. Shelton has received a spe
cial invitation to attend the 11th an
nual fair of the North Navajo Indian
Agency at Ship Rock New "Mexico,
on the :!rd and 4th of October.
The booklet giving full -information
about the entries and the premium
lists contains a picture of Air. Shelton
ami under iieattl is the following:
'Dedicated to Natani Nez . 1'.
Shelton, J First Superintendent of
the Navajo Indian Reservation"
Mr. Shelton knew nothing of this
honor until his recent visit to Wash
ington in the interest of the Park
way route in North Carolina- He
looked, up- some of his obi associates
in the offices of the Department of
the Interior and was shown there the
booklet. Since his return, however, to
Waynesville he h .s been sept ohe and
also an official invitation to be the
guest of honor at the fair.
.Mr. 'Shelton was superintendent of
the Ship Rock Indian Agency on the
Navajo Reservation of New Mexico
for a period of Li years. The time
spent-, in this work was not merely
holding, a job with . Mr. Shelton. To
hini it was a real mission. From the
government records of his years of
service at the agency can easily be
found the accounts of the results of
his remarkable achievements in de
veloping the school into a modern
plant and the great transformation
not only with the youth but also
among the older Indians along , the
lines of. -.manual: training, agriculture
and stock . raising, ,
W hen Mr. Shelton lirst assumed
his duties at the reservation there was
a rough one room log cabin for the
school which still stands as- a land
mark of that, -period. It was sur
rounded in a few years by a .modern
school and executive buildings and a
splendidly developed farm and biiihL
incs that are a necessarv nart of such
naywoou , a plant:
wound i , . , ""
i. Among.. ine numerous souvenirs oi
his (lays spent with the Indians are
many beautiful rugs, baskets, ham
mered silver and other specimens' of
Indian art. For on the eve of his de
parture., after , ill health forced him
to give up the iwork. he was showered
with gifts by the Indians.
He organized the first fair held on
the reservation and this recent rec
ognition of his ,': work among the
Navajo Indians shows how far reach
ing was his inspiration to them for
improvement and development and
the affection and ' esteem -'.with w.h-ich
they still regard him.
Mr. Shelton will motor to Green
ville. S. C. and from there will take
a plane and fly to Gallup, New Mex
ico, and from that point will motor
to. Ship: Rock.
Final' plans were completed here
Tuesday night for Haywood's first
annual fair, which is being sponsored
by the local post of the American
Legion. The fair opens Monday and
will continue for the week until Sat
urday October tith.
At a meeting of the sponsors Of
the fair Tuesday night, T. L. Green
was named president of the Haywood
Fair Association, and Chas. McCrary,
first vice president; Medford Leather
wood, second vice president, and W.
D. Smith, secretary-treasurer.
County Agent Smith stated Tues
day that present indications are that
the exhibits will exceed all expecta
tions. The exhibits will he displayed
in a tent which will bo 40 hv 100 f..,.i
on the fair grounds at the Hand Mill.
line ol the features of the fair will
be the exhibition of the greater
Krause shows. This outfit includes
riding devices ami all kinds of .amuse
ments that go with fairs.
ii was siaieu uy win. (.Murray,
advance agent for the shows that 'it
was America's cleanest carnival com.
pany, and it is the intention of (he
promoters to give clean, wholesome
Several special days have been des
ignated' hy. the lair promotoi's during
the nex( week. All these days are
listed in the special advertisement on
page eight of this section.
The board of directors for the Hay-
woon oumy .Pair Association con
sists of the following: Reeves No
land. Medford- Leathorwood, F. K.
Wcntz, T. L. Green. W. T. Shelton.
.). .M. ..Medford,- J. 11. Howell, W. I).
Smith, D. 1). Alley, Tom Lee. Jr.
Chas. . McCrary. and W. A. Hradlev .
City Tax Rate for '34
Is Cut Twenty Cents
Highway At Canton
To Be Widened 12
Feet By 78 Men
Information has come fioin the local
office of the-National Reemployment
Service to the effect that 7S men are
to be put to work today on improv
ing N. C. Highway No. 10.
On the stretch of the highway down
the hill after leaving Canton' for a
distance of three-quarters of a mile
the road is to be widened bv twelve
feet, which will lw a much needed im
itate For Cominjr Year Is Set At
Sl.fiO Instead Of $1.80. Hud.
set Calls For $.):i,220
iilnive the t
Railway and
this a rather
highway It
the engineer
four to si
work as jdanned
I be elevation iireef ly
ack.s of the Southern
the heavy traffic make
dangerous section of the
has been estimated by
that it will take from
weeks to conmlclo the
Seven Haywood
Students Now
At Mars Hill
taineei enroll,',
close .of
Hill (Specia
)- Among the
at Mars II ill lirst wei
Definite Plans
Made To Close
Local Library
In accordance with the notice given
the public two weeks ago, the Waynes
villc Library will close on Saturday.
the 2mh, for lack of funds. Tlie
treasurer has 'on band money enough
to pay all expenses until OcIoIht ihe
As explained in above mentioned
article, it would be necessary to have
atvout $700 in sight bet'oie re-opcnini;
since insurance comes due tbi.s year
and repairs ale 'much needed.
The board of ill recto. wa iman
imous itr voting that wlo n the library
is re-opened, it inn.-'. as a free
libra ry.
1 The .di ic-clors hone that the monev
will be fort h-c nmiiig before next sum
mer in time to serve the tourists who
have always shown their apprecia
tion by their support. .
Rotary Official
Says Organization
Fostering Peace
Speaking before 28 Rotarians here
last Friday. John Ar.rin.gton, of
Greenville.. S. C. district governor
of . the fifty eigh-h district of Inter
national Ko'tary, said that Rotary is
doing imuch at. present to foster
world peace, and that eventually the-
work now being done by International
Kotary -would eventually mean world
wide, peace.
Mr. Arringfon in. his formal, address
before the local club stressed the im
portance of Kotary and th(. aims and
objects of the organization;'- During
the course of his. address1 he cited
several instances -'where Kotarians had
ficen materially berieliteil because of
their affiliations with the organization..
Besides-- Mr. Arringion, there wern
six othe;- out-of-town visitors and 22
loca members present. .
session whi
se'veii ale
i Her,, are: K
liryson, Henry
Mabel Coffey.
Marie Young.
This statistic
ty-live count ie,
to The .Moun.
ll' students
college ;1( tH
k of the 7Sth
h opened September U.
from Haywood county!
I'alit.h Kauconi. Williain
( al.e, H. 1! Caldwell,
lla.d Massie. and
bow I'urt her sevcll
if Nort h ( 'aroliiia
sixteen states, and three foreign coun
tries rcpu-sentod among t he si udioil s
The atiites. represented are: Xoi t li
C'aTolma. IMS, Souih Carolina.
Tennessee, Viiginia. is. (Jeo.gia.
5. New York. Florida. I ,,I,isi.,,,.. i
Indiana, :i, Miebignn, Kentucky.
. 2 each; Maryland, New .leise'y.
Mexico. Conned leol I .....I,
T he foreign count i ies rein esented are
vieiniany, t un , ami Urazil.
Hyatt Named Head
Of Locai Stuaenls
The city Uiard of aldermen in ses
sion here Tuesday night adopted a
budget for the city for the coming
year which made it possible to reduce
the tax rate by twenty cents, making
the levy for the coming year at Jl.tiO
instead of $1.80 as last year.
The total budget requirements we
placed at $t,i..!20 which was t,, b
derived from an' estimate -of prope :
valuation of $2,200,000.
The outstanding item in the budget
was for debt service, which was $1 00.
The general fund Udng next with a
4o cent rate and the street fund was
placed at la cents.
The light and water c.opartmonts
did not come in for any appropria
tion in the budget, as each are self
supporting, it was pointed out. The
hgliti department cslitufte for the
year was placed at $17,000 and the
water fund at $1,500.
Last year the rate for deht service
was $1!5. .and the general fund the
same, hi ng -jr. cents There was not
anything- in the budgi last year
lor streets, while this year there' a re
1 cents set aside lor l ins fund.
The board of aldermen consists of
.1 II. Way, W, L. Hardin, Jr.- and
Sam II. Jones,
A member of the board stated that .
every effort was being made to cut
down oil expenses and that the twenty
cent reduction was in keeping with
their policy of "saving until it hurts."
Hunting ; Season
Opens Monday For
Squirrel And Bear
. game warden for
ed yesterday 'that
game in the county,
any time during tire
dv ol
on u'f
,al efe,-
iii mated
I be Sen
lit llolll
elect ion
hi Tuesday I lie Student I!
tile Yayncs illi I'own-b i j
School held js alilmal elect
'".Mirer.-.. I'i i,,r t o t he gem
tion each home room I is- o
a president to be laken I'ioid
i"i I lass and a vice pi i'.si,
the Juniors. 'I'ho.-.e nomine,
Ml.'lite op tile tiekel f,,- ( , .
", i no enure student group
I ho. election was held, the
-upon i-., on ot' the l''i".-hinaii ('las;,
as- a -subject in civics and wa,s car
ried out in all the details according
to the Australian Ifallot. As a re
sult I.orkland Hyatt of the Senior
Class, was elected pre.-idonl. ;,nd
Sarah Welch,, of -the Junior: ('lass,
was elected the vice president..
(In the sanic -lay the e!a m s ;,!,.,.
had their (dertions with the following
results: Officers ol the ..Senior class
are I'resident, Taylor Ferguson. Vice
I'n'sident. May Sisk, and Secretary
and Treasurer, Kuby Jirendfei' Of.
oee.-.s oi , me Junior class arc
(lent. Douglas Moore, Vice
Lmily. Slier, and Secretary
oror. Lawson Sum nie row'.'
the. Sophomore class are,
Ciorcbin Hendricks, Vice
Hazel tine Swift. Secretary
ufer, Kdna Ku'ykendall. '
the Freshman class aroi
Jeaii Koak. V ice 'r-sj
Kobmson, and Secretary
urer, Helen Kogers.
(i W. Humeri
this county, slat
there was nioie
tbi.s year than at
past live years,
"People are making great prepar
ation loi the season ..which opens
Monday for siiiiire.l and bear. Al
tliouch the bear are not fat, there will
lie- several parties out hunting M
oav morning, be rout niiie, .
Is and labbit
Ve been in re
o Ibis will !
I on -
I Here are more
t bis N r hn ii t hero
cent years ;aud 1 Ik
a great hunt lug
oi in ll.ivwi
arid Treas,
Officers, of
, I'resident,
and Treas-'
.Officers' of
lent, Hazel
and Treas-
Revenue Official
Here On Tuesdays
M. f. Jones, with the state depart
ment of revenue, s'tated yesterday
that. he . and his staff would be. at the
court house here every Tuesday from
9:.'S0 until. 4 o'clock to assist all per
sons with tax problems.
Merchants are- requested to bring
sales tax problems to Mr Jones, and
he will also be glad to assist in mak
ing reports on franchise, income and
inheritance taxes.. :
Florida Croup To
Stop Here Today
bm the Sou'b-
f this week
Thp count received f:
prn R.i :-.v v n Tue-day
a check f'1r'..?21.,!M5-which -wa
tnves f-;,;- 'hfit i'-lnparv for th;;
Dr. R. P., Walker, pastor of the
rresbyterian church here spoke be
fore the students of .the East W'ay
nesville. Elementary school Tuesday
morning. He used as his text, the
1 'th verse of the 119th Psalm : "Open
Thou . Thine Eyes. . ." . .
Dr. Walker has spoken to the ma
jority r,f the schools of the township
j'.lreadv this. vear. '' :
Walker Has Fine
English Walnuts
A. C- Walker, of Crabtree, has on
display at this office a hunch of En
glish w-aliutst. When lirst prcked
there were eleven on the single stem.
This is the first yea.- that the .'tree
has .born' fruit, although it is:
years old. Mr. Walker said he
gather aliout a bushel this season- ..
English walnuts in this section are
r;'jite rare. . " . .
1 ho. proposed (our of the Hand of
St.. Petersburg which was to. have in
cluded Waynesville in its itinerary,
has been called (iff hut a Good Will
7iur from the city, has been substi
tuted. The group of enthusiastic
ciuzens irom this popular Florida
resort will- arrive in Waynesville on
Thursday afternoon, according to a
letter from Mr. W. A. K'enmuir to
Ernest L. Withers, secretary of the
Waynesvilln Chamber of. Commerce.
Sometime ago at the suggestion of
Mr, Jimmy (air, of St. Petersburg,
who with his. family, has spent Sev
eral summers in town. Mr. Withers
wio-e and : invited the St Pe
lersbtirg . Band to . come to ' Wav
nesville. The invitation was ac
cepted, so, after the . first trip was ,
given up, and, the second planned,
Mr. Kenmuir. notified , Mr. Withers!
Of .ths eh : mre in the personnel of the
k;ouo. . j.n nis iouer, Kf-nmtiir ad.
vi-'ed that he would wire from 'Atlanta
what . hour tn expect the nart v in
Waynesville. .. All the cil,.ns V.i"
eight i Waynesville are a: ld to Icon hand
vo.uld to -welcome these FHridians. Th .e
wen mol e tourists th:s .-'.;mmor f re m
Massie Staging A
Bi; Furniture Sale
la 'the advertising columns of this
week's paper, Massie Furniture Com-,
pany announce a Fall-Sale on their
entile stock of 'furniture. -.'This is the
first -ale event Ibis lirm has had in
years, aiid the values- offered ale ex
pected to attract hundreds during the
ten day sale period.
A. C. Craft Leases
A Florida Hotel
Mr.; Angus Craft, who, has had
charge of the management of the
Hotel Gordon for the past three years,
has. recently leased, for a period of
five years- the Deermont Hotel of St.
'Petersburg,' Florida.'
The lleermont: Which is wel locateil.
in the city contains seventy-six rooms
anil is modernly equipped in all de
tails of -structure and furnishiiig
and since its erection bi'e.n a pop
ular tourist (-enter of St- Petersburg,
Last winter Mr. Craft was associated
With Mr. Ilonald . l'.inham in the
management of the Wigwam winter
hotel of St. Petersburg.,
Since closing the Hotel fiord n the
first of September Mr, -,nl- -Mrs. Craft
have bee,n o'ecupying an . anart men; in
:-vewi!l. 'Tbey Will . go to St.
id'rg. a i-nutid. ' :v joth of Oc
Mi-.- Ann- Ah. right was elveted at
.'r meeting id' the Township School
Hijar-1 (.ii Friilav flight lo a "place oil
of the Waynesville High
s. Albright enjoy.s a wbi?
in the toadiing nrofes-
p . st sevefab years she
girls of the
St. P-
than a;
th,. faculf
S- h-icl. . M'
epi r. e
Slon. f or the p st
has. been' dean of th
High . Point High Scho
- She is a graduate: of the. North
( arohna rniversitv for Women and.
holds a Master's Hegree from Colum
bia University. Miss , Albright had
returned to High Point :for' the en
suing school terin there, but w:ill. give
up her work there and return in a
few (jays' to Waynesville. ;
Miss brings - the -'number
. f . I. . C l t i .. ,
". . u'e iiigu -Lnmii tactiit.y uii
' 'l. Her- eb'Ction was nocis
by the ircrease of .ir:em'ance
!ir.-t two weeks .of Li
g !;.
e hvi
( !'.! ge
: V'i'
t:' !01
i I ; '
o six-,
'e ha
:e up
e it:'
r: .
v i
I 1
V-s - -: f

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