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-X'Nortifcarohmi v.
S'oic unto him that is able to keep you from falling,
and to present, yon faultless before the presence of his
glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our
Saviour, be gjory and majesty, dominion and power,
both now and ever. i4ineii.-r-Jude 24:25.
In some sections of this state, slot machines
are being operated out in the open twenty-four
hours a day.
The machines, of course, are making plenty
of money for their owners. We were talking to
a former slot machine operator recently, and
he admitted the machines were set to split fifty
fifty the first week or two in order to get up
confidence of players. When the coins began
rolling in the machines were reset, and "kept"
ninety per cent of every dollar put in them.
We know of one man who played the ma
chines steady for three hours, losing and gain
ing all along, and in the end, he was $25 in the
whole. He thought he was going to beat the
one armed bandit, but the machine knew better,
and played (hira for a sucker.
' To make light of his loss, he turned and said
he was charging the money up to recreation.
But if he had had another quarter he would
have fed it to the greedy, unbeatable machine.
To say that the supply of modern' desirable
houses in this community has come to a point
where it is serious, is not just idle comment. It
is a fact, and we make this statement only after
careful investigation.
This community is actually losing families
year 'round citizens at that because of the
lack of desirable housing.
There are plenty of vacant lots, that would
make suitable building sites, and numerous fi
nancial institutions are begging to loan money
on new houses, yet there does not seem to be
any desire, or action on the part of any one here
to start a building pragram, which would
make a fair return on the money invested, and
would do more to stimulate business and bring
more people to the community than any other
one thing.
Building is active in Clyde and Canton. Many
modern bungalows are being erected, and none
are vacant.
Real estate agents will tell you that the
demand for better class homes is far above the
supply, and in most instances they do not (have
a single house to offer prospective renters.
There are a number of people who lay claim
that they are "land poor" having more property
than they can afford to pay taxes on. That
being the case, it seems to us that it would be
wise to deed to home-builders a lot and take a
second mortgage on it, and let the builder finan
ce the house through some of the several chan
nels available.
It looks like a piece of bad business, to make
such a to-do over getting tourists here for a few
weeks in the summer, when the present hous
ing facilities are not sufficient to house those
who would live here twelve months in the year,
and not hesitate to pay up to $30 or more a
month for a desirable place.
The modern trend was clearly demonstrated
here this week, when a local h'u,sewife while
selecting a lawn mower proved to be niLc-iested
in all the essentials and working parts of the ma
chine, except one the strength required to
push it that minor detai'. was left to friend
husba'id who had to foot the bill as well as pro
vide tre brawn. The color scheme of the rnower
worked in nicely with her kitchen curtains. So
all was well.
The Hughes round-the-world flight is said
to (have cost $300,000, or about $200 for each
mile of the distance covered. Sounds too much
like a federal project.
At breakfast the head of the house tasted
his portion of cantaloupe and remarked, "Not
much punk." A son looked up, pained that his
father should so use slang, and slang not easily
understood, at that. So the head proceeded to
He said that when he was a small boy, back
in the mountains of extreme western North
Car&lina, matches were scarce and hard to come
by; so substitutes were used whenever possible.
At Christmas time the few "squibs" bought as
a part of the celebration were set cn fire by punk,
which is a certain form of decayed wood, dry,
smooth and crumbly. It burns very slowly, a
small piece of it keeping a tiny smoldering flame
for a good while, making it ideal for use with
fireworks. However, it is hard to tell the good
punk from that which has not wholly decayed
and which will not hold the fire well. If there's
too much wood, it is "not mucin punk," and un
satisfactory. I wonder if small boys and tomboys
hunt punk in the woods these days! Mrs. Theo
B. Davis, Zebulon Record.
Newspapers throughout the country rec
ently carried the story from a neighboring state
of a young man who invited his mother for an
auto ride and suffered an accident in which she
was injured. Her attorney promptly sued the
son for damages and it developed that tine in
surance company, in which the son had a policy
covering personal injuries to others, had to
settle. Of course, it was a frameup, but it was
legitimate in the eyes of that state. Under
this law, that so many motorists know nothing
about, it doesn't make any difference whom you
invite into your car or to whom you extend the
hospitality of a ride, you are running the risk
of a damage suit in case they may be injured.
The lowliest hobo has a claim if he happens to
be your guest rider, as has any hitch-hiker you
pick up. Right now as motorists are going on
vacations in states whose laws are unknown to
them, is the time to get posted. Ask yourself,
before you start out, if it pays to take a chance.
Reidsville Review.
Several weeks ago, we believe it was there
were five or six baby boys at the hospital and
not a single girl. This week's hospital column
carries the names of five girls, and not a single
boy. Maybe this means something, but we
can't prove what.
Men are always poking fun at women's hats
and dresses, but we are yet to hear one remark
that he thought the fairer sex slhould go back
to the grotesque swimming suits of the pur
ported gay nineties.
This old world is made up of a lot of "copy
cats." Let one man or group venture into some
thing, and before long the events do not make
news. Take Hughes' flight around the world,
and Corrigan's solo jump to Ireland, and right
now there are several making preparations for
similar flights. And all this brings to mind
this question, wihat has happened to the ama
teur radio programs?
Cars from Ohio still rank third in the travel
counts through the park, Of course Tennessee
and North Carolina come first and second. The
people of Ohio have a well-balanced state, steady
incomes, and they love to travel. It seems that
more should be done to acquaint them w ith this
section than has been done in the past.
Scientists say prehistoric man was never
stoop-shouldered or round-shouldered. Why
should he have been, he never had any taxes to
Pay. ':-
Vitamines are all right, according to health
authorities, but a good breakfast of ham and
eggs helps us get over the rough places in the
day's work.
There is a line in one of Shakespeare's plays which
reads: "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the
pood we oft might win by fearing to attempt." I never
read the story of the report of the twelve spies sent
by Moses to view the land of Canaan but that I think
of this line. Two spies brought back a favorable re
port but ten spies, influenced by cowardice, brought
back an unfavorable report. They saw nothing but
formidable giants in the land. Because of their fear
the children of Israel forgot God's promises, and were
doomed to spend forty years more in the wilderness.
How like many today. Instead of living triumphant
and victorous lives of accomplishment they cheat them
selves by their fear and lack of faith, and condemn
themselves to lives of mediocrity. God promised the
children of Israel great things if they would but have
faith and trust him and take him at his word. He
makes the same promise to every one today, and all
any of us has to do to receive the full reward of a
happy, triumphant, victorious life, is to have faitb in
ourselves and faith in h primis f God, nd t -o
i -t- tuMM-r wrM M5ASTBOUS
By YV, Curtis Russ
Not until this week did I fully
realize the importance that weather
played in determining one's mental
As we waded around gathering
and looking after matters of routine,
we met scores of people "down in
the dumps" because of the contin
uous rain. Some were actually des
pondent, and very few cheerful.
Does that mean that we do not
have enough vision to look beyond
the clouds and falling raindrops to see
the ever-Di'esent sun? Does it mean
that we are so easily dissatisfied?
Evidently, we are
a nation of
And the next day when the sun
came out from its week's hiding, we
took it as a matter of fact, and went
about our duties unappreciative of
it all.
And while on the subject of weath
er and its influence, one is some
times startled at the new styles of
rain capes, coats and what have you.
Of course the celophane coats have
been with Us' for sometime, yet on
some people they still look like a
As for hats, it seems that a nifty
bandana is the thing, whether it
keeps ones hair dry or not. After all,
much like bathing suite, much of
the apparel worn on rainy days by the
fair sex is not for keeping one dry
as much as to attract attention.
A good old turned down felt hat
on a man looks like genuine rainy
weather, and more especially if he
has his pipe turned up side down.
The greatest pests of a rainy day,
however, are those folks who care
lessly carry umbrellas, and never give
a thought to the people they meet.
Too many times have we had to dodge
the sharp points of an umbrella rib.
One of the most dreaded features
of walking up town during a rain; or
immediately afterwards, is the possi
bility of an awning full of water
pouring down your back.
But after all, it takes a certain
amount of dreary, rainy days to bring
out the fact that we smile even
against adverse circumstances.
And while basking In the sun, 1
learned for the first time that the
earth curves about eight inches to the
mile. -
And also, that seventy-two per cent
of the earth's surface is covered with
salt water and last week, the larger
part of the rest of the globe was well
sprinkled with rain water.
And if there is any argument, an
elevation of land more than 2,000
feet high is a mountain, less than
that elevation is classed a hill.
And in the event you'Ve never
eaten any, icebergs are always fresh
water ice, inspite of the fact that they
are found in the ocean.
Fire in a new $15,000,000 refinery
of Sinclair Oil Company at Wells
ville, N. Y., took three lives, injured
75 and did damage to over million
dollars early this week. Those killed
were watching the first of the blaze
from across the river when a tank
exploded and was thrown across the
Your Horoscope
July 31 With your ability you can
fit into most any condition that arises
and whatever you undertake you get
out of it all there is in it. You like
to dress well and are generally good
August 1, 2 You are full of curi
osity and, like the cat on the fence,
you like to know what Is going on al
though you do not generally pry into
other peoples business. You are
fond of money and will work hard to
get it, but spend it freely. You want
everything nice but are willing to
work for it.
August 3, 4 Being secretive you
conceal your thoughts and intensions,
so that no word or expression will
reveal them. You are courageous and
under some circumstances are baffled
but not defeated.
August 5, 6, 7 You have marked
religious inclinations and a strong
love of justice. You are fond of dress
Aue-usr 1 R,,K... , -r .
man, born, 1842. i
sus started. 17SJ0
August 2 World i .,u,.
League of Nations, l:i''
copy of Declaration
signed by 54 delegat
'f Ir.dn
August 3 Spain ;utHp. ,
can conditions of pi.aC(;
idge sworn in as, p,,s;rit
United States, 192::. ! ' :
August 4 Germany a.(1 f
Britain at war, 19 1 4. St
ery mail first introduced in .k '
ed States, 1889. u
Aue'list 5 John cn:-...
" - ""in , mi,., J
am r 1 .... ' 'M
of first Atlantic telegraph tr
which failed to operate after i
weeks of service, completed, lSjj"
August 6 Military revolt
favor of Santa Ona broke out it V
iruz, wexico, 1845. Alfred U
lennyson, oorn, lsuy.
Autruat 7 Rill;.. D..i.
J,- . uuiKe, It'rJ
foorn, isou. -vanaua peace fa
dedicated, 1927.
and finery and take care of you u
your children personal appear
uuvo c. h i Kmc, lBlDUii
iioiuic, iia.q nign aims ana Sip:
tions and are strong in jour t,
demnation of wrong.
Mrs. Martha Barkley Ryu
Morganton, was granted a ape
tion and $833.3;) monthly pemitr
alimony from Pat Ryan, wealthy :!
to part of the Wall Street fortan
Thomas Fortune Ryan. The sejr
tion was granted Monday in I .V
York court. Miss Rarklev and Hi
were married in Hickory after a to
day courtship. Their marriage aw
nation-wide interest. J hey
separated the day after the w
Watch for the Little Orange
Car it is the one that calls
for your cleaning and makes
prompt delivery of satisfac
tory work, always.
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Insurance- Real Estate Rentals Bonds
Even those were the odds against Corrigan coi
ing his remarkable flight, he had a RIGHT to
take the
chance because he was risking only his OW N
But no individual or institution is licensed to ga"1
with the lives of OTHERS.
Here at Alexander's we play safe at ALL times.
. nltf
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