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(One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER i6
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Farm Questions
and Answers
Question: What is the best date
for sowing Italian Rye Grass seed?
Answer: A successful growth of
rye grass can be obtained over a
wider range of seeding dates than
is the case with most of the winter
legumes, says Dr. E. R. Collins,
in charge of Agronomy Extension
at State College. In the Coastal
Plain and Piedmont, seeding should
be done as near the first of Sep
tember as possible. In the Moun
tains, between July 10 and Sept
ember 1.
If planted with crimson clover,
the planting date should be suita
ble for the clover. Crimson clover
should never be planted except
when the ground is moist, or the
seed wi 1 germinate and die due to
a lack of sufficient moisture.
War Series Bulletin No. 22,
"Italian Rye Grass," will give de
tailed information on the growing
of this crop. Write to the Exten
sion Editor at State College for a
free copy.
the air out of the sliced apples and
they settle in the jar as they be
come soft. This shrinkage can be
reduced if the apples are precooked
before being put into the jars. This
precooking can be done in a light
syrup for about five minutes, or the
apples can be steamed until they
are wilted.
Question: Why do my sliced ap
ples for pies always shrink in can
ning and leave a space at the top
of the jar?
Answer; This shrinkage is in all
probability due to packing the appl
es in the jars raw, according to food
conservation specialists of State
College. The heat of canning drives
Question: What is the proper
seeding rate for winter legumes?
Answer: The rate of seeding for
winter legumes should be about as
follows, according to E. C. Blair,
Extension Agronomist at State Col
lege: Austrian Winter Peas 25
pounds per acre drilled, 30 pounds
broadcast; Vetch 20 pounds per
acre drilled, and 25 pounds broad
cast; and Crimson Clover 20 lbs.
per acre drilled, and 25 pounds
broadcast. Use slightly more
Crimson Clover seed when they are
sown in the hull.
Question: How should corn syrup
and sorghum be used in replacing
some of the sugar for canning
Answer: Sorghum syrup is not
a good sweetener for fruits. Its
flavor is aDt to crown out the deli
cate flavor of the fruit. You can
use corn syrup, however, to re
place one-third of the sugar in any
fruit-canning recipe
No Idle Acres
Wanted This Winter
No idle aci'i s on North Carolina
farms this winter is the goal of
Agronomy specialists at State Col
lege who are concerned over the
Enlarged Bakery
High Quality Work
Painting Contractor t
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$2,000 a Week
TWO GRAND per week that's the
reward coming to seven-year-old
Joel Kupperman of Chicago for be
ing a smart lad. The pocket-sized
genius of quiz show fame has just
been signed for that amount by a
film company. Here he figures how
many encyclopedias he'll be able
to buy. (International)
present shortage of feed. Land
which is not planted to small grain
should be seeded to winter legumes
such as Austrian winter peas, crim
son clover or vetch.
Winter legumes serve a number
of purposes, the agronomists say.
They decrease leaching and the loss
of soluble fertilizer nutrients; they
prevent erosion; assimilate nitro
gen from the air; and, store it in
the roots of the plant for use by
the following crop. They also help
to maintain the supply of organic
matter in the soil when turned
under and add some nitrogen to
the soil.
Crimson clover is a good grazing
crop, and where feed shortages
exist, this crop will supplement the
existing supply. Common vetch
may be used for grazing on sandy
soil, but hairy vetch is unpalatable
to cows. Livestock usually must
cultivate a taste for Austrian peas.
Crimson clover is satisfactory
for hay if harvested before the
seed heads form. Austrian peas are
also satisfactory for hay, but not
used so extensively. Vetch is sui
table for hay when seeded with
oats or other small grains.
Most failures with winter legum
es have been due to selecting a
crop not adapted to the soil or
climate, inadequate liming and fer
tilization, late seeding, and poor
Those who are interested in learn
ing about these winter legumes
should write to the Agricultural
Editor at State College for a free
copy of War Series Bulletin No.
24. ' Austrian Winter Peas, Crim
son Clover and Vetch."
Waynesville Bakery
On Their
Expansion and Improvements
We Are Glad To Have A
Part In This Business.
We Sell Them All Their Sugar
And Many General Baking Needs
Waynesville Wholesale Co.
State College Hints
To Farm Homemakers
By Ruth Current
N. C. State College
When the front door swells, the
bureau drawers stick, the dining
table warps, and the ironing board
bulges blame the weather, say wood
experts. Wood, especially unfinish
ed wood, absorbs moisture from the
air in warm humid weather and
swells. While the wood is swollen,
not much can be done except to
ease tight places by rubbing with
wax. But later when neat nas
dried out the house and brought the
wood back to normal size, coat the
under side of tables and other un
finished wood surfaces with varn
ish or wax to prevent the wood
from taking in so much moisture
The bulged board that adds to
home ironing difficulties is a prob
lem to many homemakers. Ironing
boards are usually unfinished, and
kept in damp laundries or kitchens.
In ironing, steam from damp cloth
es is driven down into the wood.
Wood experts advise buying a
thoroughly seasoned board at least
an inch and a half thick, because
thick wood warps less than thin and
giving it several all-over coats of
good spar varnish. Cleats of hard
wood nailed to the under side of the
board help hold it flat. Keep the
board in a dry place.
Kharkov Falls
ha again fallen Into Russian
hands. Berlin reports that Nazi
troops are retreating from the city
to an effort to escape a Soviet
pincers closing in. (International)
Our Modern Quarters Are Protected From MiC(
Roaches and Vermin
Pest Exterminators
Waynesville Baker)
If you must peel potatoes ahead
of time and keep them soaking be
fore cooking, put them in salt
water rather than fresh water and
save vitamin C, advises experiment
specialists. Though potatoes lose
some crispness in salt water, they
hold more vitamin C and are ex
cellent both in flavor and texture
after cooking.
State Increases Use
Of Fertilizer
North Carolina farmers used 1,
292,655 tons of fertilizer during
the 1942-43 farming season as com
pared with 1,194,175 for the pre
vious year and 1,113,327 in 1940
1941, according to fertilizer sales
tags compiled in the office of A. R.
Powledge, auditor for the State
Department of Agriculture.
According to the statistics div
ision of the Department, Robeson
county led the State last year, using
42,700 tons, with Johnston second
at 40,900 tons. Third in the list
was Sampson county with 33,000
tons and Pitt was fourth, using
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