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PAGE EWE First Socuouj
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: Olbred,
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K Ifcoolbred and Mrs.
I vt 1 hold open house
lit! Jlis afternoon and
he residence of Mrs.
I I Jtidary Street. The
ns tht' birthday an-
I f. Slioolbred and
vliu (re twin sisters,
be assisted in receive
W ir Taylor, of Bal
lis K- Wood, daugh-
jplbred. and Mrs.
I I-4k. of Raleigh,
r a'- Mrs Slioolbred.
e ! Iriled to tali be
ou, Jof ::30 and 5:30
n ; ad Ironi 7 30 to
mil 1
I ryson
:: " Int Of
i 1 pon was elected
1- Auxiliary of Vet
'' .Wars at a meet
r tation held Mon
ti parish House.
t" Iected at this
C Itose. senior
s Edna McKay,
P ent: Mrs. Ethel
f $ Mrs. Gilbert
!' Mrs. R. R Camp.
r' Mrs George Kel
8 Juslee i3 years),
will bp installed
f" meeting of the
vim "
IM SlflMf OF
ww mamV-Tvd.
Mrs. D. C. Davis
Recent Bride
rs Honored
Mrs. Ned Carver, Mrs. Owen
Janes and Mrs. Troy Boyd were
joint hostesses of a shower at the
home of Mrs. Carver on Friday
evening, honoring Mrs. D. C. Davis, (
who before her marriage on De- j
cember 24 was Miss Dorothy Janes.
The residence was deeorated
with vases of forsythia and jon
quils and the Easter motif was
used in the party appointments.
Quiz games were played with
prizes presented to the winners.
The guest of honor was presented
gifts of china, crystal and linen.
Among those present were: Mrs.
Davis, Mrs. Claude Rogers, Mrs.
Arehio Sales, Mrs. Clayton Alex
ander, Mrs. Jule Boyd, Mis. John
Williams, Mrs. Kent Ketner, Mrs.
Keith Ketner, Mrs. Jaff Janes,
Mrs. John Carver, Mis. N, VV.
Carver, Mrs. Lawrence Jones, Mrs.
Grover L. Davis, Mrs. Roger Fergu
son, Mrs. Don Cogdill, Mrs. Ray
Shelton, Mrs. Sam Potts, Mrs. June
Set2er, Mrs. Calvin Rose, Mrs.
Taylor Ferguson, Mrs. Hugh Alli
son, Mrs. Earl Ferguson, Mrs. Hugh
Allison, Mrs. Earl Ferguson, Mrs.
Stella R. Hall, Miss Kdna Boyd,
Miss Fannie Howell, Miss Dorothy
Scott and Miss Freda Janes.
Fashion Show
Is Attended By
Large Audience
The Spring Fashion Show, which
was presented by Slack's at the
Strand Theatre Wednesday after
noon, was attended by a large and
appreciative audience.
All types of spring clothes were
modeled by girls from the county
4-H clubs, under the direction of
Miss Margaret Corbin, ussistunt
home demonstration agent.
The stage was decorated with
baskets of mixed spring flowers
and potted azaleas against a back
ground of evergreens.
Mrs. Doyle Alley made a lrrief
address of welcome and introduced
Miss Corbin. She also pointed out
that all fashions shown were ex
clusive with Slack's.
Modeling spring coats, dresses,
suits and accessories were: Miss
Betty Jo Garrell and Miss Nancy
Poston of Bethel; Miss Peggy No
land and Miss Thomasine Fisher of
Waynesville; Miss Maxine Mann
and Misfi Betty Ann. Jones of Can
ton; Miss Margaret Noland and
Miss Joan McElroy of Crab-tree;
Miss Mildred Ferguson of Fines
Creek, and Miss Mary Frances Mc
Cracken of Clyde.
At the conclusion of the show
W. G. Port or, manager of Slack's
store, expressed appreciation to
Miss Corbin and introduced the
models to the audience.
E. Waynesville
School Has
P.T.A. Meeting
The March meeling of the East
Waynesville Parent Teacher Asso
ciation was held Tuesday night in
the school auditorium. Mrs. Joe
Liner presided and led the devo
tional on "The Habit of Fault
Finding". The following members were ap
pointed to serve on a nominating
committee: Mrs. J. T. Morrow,
Mrs. S. E. Connatser, and Mrs.
Joe Howell.
The program included a piano
solo by Sarah Boone and an oper
etta. "Naughty Little Peter," given
by the second grade under the di
rection of Miss Essie Sellers. Tak
ing part in the operetta were Ken
neth Gibson as Peter Rabbit. Arv
in Swanger as Mr. McGregor, Rowe
Redmond as the Cabbage, Benny
Mashburn as Peas, and Tony
Woody and Jesse Hollingsworth as
Carrots. Blue birsd were Volr.ey
Tinsley, Eugene Anders, AValter
Galloway, Ronny James. Billy Sisk.
Billy Norris, Thomas Franklin, and
Keith Gibson. The second grade
girls, dressed in colorful cos
tumes, represented various spring
Mrs. Clark Medford is visiting
her daughter. Miss Mildred Med
ford, in Hollywood, Fla.
By ft J. SCOTT
1I i i ? HH
f ' Jlif . K
IjT ill!' V
T, 'IH II: If II A
S0J "Af-Tr 'SSir
XSi 'iff ;n y if ? WS
...... . I -., 'v''! iW ' A'W-mr
through a new waxing process which permits severely classic corsage designs like this.
At right, flowers for the Easter breakfast table gain added interest when "bunny" is made
welcome by a novelty container fashioned from cabbage-and-carrot rabbit food. This holds a tasteful
display of yellbw jonquils, stock and pussy willow.
Mr. ami Mrs, Adam G. Goelz are
leaving next week to reside in
Albany, N. Y. Mr. Goelz, who has
been manager of the Strand The
atre here, will have a similar i)o
.silion in Albany.
- .iM,,, - llT ,,, n M, , MASSlt b DJLr 1. blUttL
d ntoj)wt fj
n with om lender fe flAl,
V minimi1"1""" ""71 Jj I UX n"""" y v See ovr n.w ftyUi, colorv
. Nll!H fir ) fomout thoei that
eUlfUl' FrV-0- T? XUMV; ore PRC-TESTED for your
Tm l3 youngjter'i protection I
Piiiar Vnnl SM0 Hffll U CMFMWN8 0T ADD Cltl
j UIVB5 lOUIt smooth umiet urns
Shoe Fitted Expertly B M&W"0
(rSK, A Advrtittd in LIFB and PO I IjPfl 1TOT
-SKSA . TrS Uerjeoo magazine ' . '0f0 AND
VwU jlui Ir V Shoes With
L The Aid Of
Massie's Massie's
"Bfetter Brands Mean Better Buys" "Better Brands Mean Better Buys"
Perfect symbol of the dewy freshness at Easter morn, bonnets
of fresh flowers will appear in greater number and variety than ever
in this year's Easter Parade. Shown above is one of the newest
designs created by chief stylist Alyn Wayne of Florists' Telegraph
Delivery, using feathered carnations, blue iris and a bit of tulle.
Below, the frarlle calla lily becomes a durable costume highlight
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Joughin and
children of Tampa, Fla.. are guests
of Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Lilius. The
Joughins are planning to reside in
Waynesville and Mr. Joughin will
be connected with the l.ilius Jew
elry Store.
Mrs. Jack Worthington and Mrs.
Charles lsley left Monday for Bal
timore where they will spend this
h Jda W, i i -her
Is Commendeo For
Red Cross Work
Hilda W. Fisher, Waynesville,
American Red Cross revreation
worker at Madigan General Hos
pital, Taeoma, Wash., has received
a commendation from Brig. Gen.
Arthur Thomas, commander, Mari
anas Air Material Area, for her
work as a member of the staff of
the American Red Cross Aero Club
on Guam.
Miss Fisher's commendation
reads: "Your untiring efforts have
produced an entertainment pro
gram that has been at all times
outstanding und largely responsible
for maintaining high morale m an
area where recreation facilities are
scarce. Your ability to accomplish
this mission under the handicaps
that existed since the cessation of
hostilities is a tribute to the Ameri
can Red Cross and reflects great
credit upon you as an individual".
Arriving in the Far East Com
mand on November 17. 1945, Miss
Fisher was assigned to a club
mobile unit in Korea. Later she
held Red Cross assignments in
China and Japan before arriving
on Guam.
Homemakers Club
Has March
The March meeting of the
Waynesville Homemakers Club was
held Tuesday evening at the home
of Mrs. Howard Bryson with Mrs.
Bryson also presiding.
The program included a demons
tration on "Vegetable Salads," by
Miss Mary Margart Smith, county
home demonstration agent.
Members present were Mrs.
Howell Bryson;, Mrs. Million
Bridges, Mrs. 11. O. Champion. Mrs.
Frank Kirkpatrick. Mrs J. Lloyd
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Lawrence Leatli
erwood, Mrs. Earl Messer, Mrs.
Ben Philips, Mrs. Carl HatclilTe,
Mrs. Jack Rogers, and Mrs. Jim
my W ilia ins
j Mrs. Wells Is
H o s t e s s Of
Bethel Club
Mi.-. Ellis Wills was hostess for
the meeting of the Bethel
Home Demonstration on Wednes
day afternoon. Mrs Henry Garner
presided and the demonstration on
interior Decora I ion' uas gien b
Miss Mary Margaret Smith.
Project leaders gave the follow
ing reports: crafts and l.iinil life.
Mrs. Horace Peek, clotliinp. Mrs
Ralph Riddle; home lieautuication
and poultry, Mrs. Claud Church:
home management, Mrs David
Vance: house turiiiyhiiigs. Mis W
P. Whitesides: and garden and
foods, Mrs Ellis Wells
A recreation hour followed the
meeting and a iiui uaine was
played by the members. Mrs Hen
ry Garner was presented tdadioli
bulbs as high score pri.e tor Hie
Benefit Party
At Towne House
Is Successful
The benefit parly sponsored by
the Alpha Theta chapter of the
Beta Sigma Phi sorority Tuesday
night at the Towne House was both
a social and financial success.
Around one hundred persons at
tended the event and proceeds will
go to the Bookmobile Fund.
High score bridge pri.e went to
Mrs. Sam Itushnell. Jr.. and second
high to Mrs. Zeno Wall. Other
prizes were awarded lo holders of
high scores at each table.
Forsythia and jonquils were used
in decoration for the occasion and
a dessert ionise was served at the
conclusion of the games.
"Irs Harry Lee Liner, Jr., and
Miss Catherine Jones W"v in
charge of an angemeiils for the
Mrs Pauline llolehkiss, district
hiiine demonstration ai;ent, of Ra
leigh, spenl a lew days here this
; . Jit iW
No one will guess you're wearing your heart on your
'sleeve, for delicate hearts pattern this rxuip pxquh
fashion must by Nan Soaii Jr. Tb roidxifl pl
'peek-a-boo With tba'snnsKIn Jvd billowy tain lro4e
Ike took oi Um balUrtW &ea bow tbc hart pattern s
earned throofb with a
' 1 C - - t
aieevem duos w mm
tin nl ti-oolflf oo crisp wbiu piju.
jMiss Rotha j
Entertains For
iMiss DuBreuil
! Miss Tillie Rotha entertained
Iwith a bridge luncheon on Wed
nesday at her home on Pigeon
'Street in honor of Miss Laura Do
Breuil, of Boston, who is the guest
j of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
( Dirfireuil.
; Arrangements of spring flowers
! were used in decoration of the resi
dence. 1 Guests were assembled in the
' morning and luncheon was served
( following the games. High score
; pi i?e went to Mrs. Sam Bushnell,
! second high to Mrs. Carleton
jWeatherby, and the low score gift
, lo Mrs. Jimmy Reed. Miss Du
llrtuil was also presented a gift.
I Guests included Miss DuBreuil,
Mrs William Ray, Mrs. Howard
Hyatt, Mis L. K. Barber, Mrs.
David Hyatt. Mrs. Lachlan Hyatt,
Mrs. Jimmy Reed, Mrs. Sam Bush
nell. Jr . Mrs. Charles Ketner, Mrs.
Carleton Weatherby, Mrs. Thomas
Siringlield, and Mrs. William Ivey
Long, ul Raleigh, who is the guest
of her grandmother, Mrs. John N.
Ratclif f e Cove
Home Club Meets
With Mrs. Noland
' The IiatclilTo Cove Home Dem
onstration Club met Monday af
ternoon at the liome of Mrs. D. R.
j .Noland with the president, Mrs. C.
C. Francis, presiding.
, An illustrated demonstration on
I "Interior Decoration" was present
ed by Miss Mary Margaret Smith
and leader reports were given as
! follows: foods, Mrs. Lillian Mor
; row. poultry, Mrs. C. T. Francis,
garden and house furnishings. Mrs.
I) H Noland; home management
land home beaut ideation, Mrs.
Woody Jones: family life, Mrs. R.
j C. Francis; and clothing, Mrs. C.
i C. Francis.
During the social hour follow
ing the meeting Hie hostess served
a dessert course.
. . . doublesjn hearts
Ly Disuey'a
Fun and Fancy Free"
daisty ouuwey oo the rp
' I
I . 1 C . . ( I.- I r
i .i j-w
t ?

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