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Adv2?fi s First St
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
49,500 People
Live within 20 miles of
Waynesville their ideal
shopping center
63rd YEAR Jso. 28 EIGHTEEN PAGES United Press and Associated Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C. FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1948
$.1.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
U forme
kpdidte for U. b.
it his first court
i the campaign
fcple of justice on
il t 2 o'clock.
oude the n-
tour of this sec
No speeches
fur this iny, "uk
Lxt Saturday and
Saturday he plans
fcrning in vblUng
ress at I o ewca.
will watch the
the Armory here.
ning will teacn
ient of the First
After churcn ne
friends to BlacK
nnual Hamp
is looking for-
A-end in Haywood,
Convention has his
lesday night here
rhursday morning
.,;. -jll I hp wav
.gUllIB "
le here he held a
his county man-ford-
He was ac
s western trip by
lis district worker.
:ernoon he made
WHCC, and pre
J be the greatest
lis area had ever
ring international
old of his part in
senator in 1927
t bill establishing
pernor delights in
le he was in New
oil. In fact, he
lost as he was
rong direction on
t. A New York
id him, and as he
Broughton's car,
h Carolina tag.
: from North Car
et my vacation in
its, and enjoyed it
believe anyone
rful state would
k a New York
len the c4p gave
tractions how to
Jay i here
oka will ODen on
ttion for the com
ply eligible per
ne of age or com-
requirements can
1 their precinct at
lywood county's
fns will hold its
tesion after the
orn In for their
W the Clerk of
Matters which the
lp include the ap-
registrar. Demo
plican judges for
Jerry Rogers, one
jmDers. no candi-
fd (as of Wednes-
on the county or
f Possibly some of
inouneed for rep
aie Saturday. It
1 have some ran
flective justice of
unstable positions
fownships. April
pes, state auditor,
"red term of the
pou, flooded the
this week. SAP IT-
Jminatlng him for
holds. The blot
,flrst class.
jated to make the
mP Convention
48. but just mark
f calendar that
f candidates who
I offices present.
Iseveru hundred
P nered in one
I much for some
w. Eure, sec-
n,v plenty of
on the 18th at
d Press)
I Clearing and
'5 51 -33
I73 50 .18
$25,250 In Business
Building Permits Issued
Here In Past Four Weeks
Four Residence Per
mits Also Granted,
Other Construction
Being Planned
Building permits totaling $25,
250 have been issued for business
buildings since March 11th, accord
ing to S. H, Bushnell, Jr., build
ing inspector here.
Several of the permits were for
remodeling, and others for new
buildings. One of the largest per
mits was issued to a man who told
The Mountaineer yesterday he
would announce his plans shortly
about a new building, pending
completion of a steel contract.
Mr. Bushnell said permits for
four residences totaling $16,500
had also been issued in the past 30
days. He pointed out that several
property owners had discussed get
ting permits for large building
projects, but the formal permits
had not been issued, although the
plans were past the "blue print"
WTHS Band Will
Present Concert
Here Thursday
The Waynesville Township high
school band and mixed chorus will
present Its annual spring concert
on the evening of Thursday, April
15, announces Charles Isley. music
director..-,. ..
": In addition the band and chorus,
the concert will feature soloists
and small ensembles that will go to
the stale music contest. The pro
Cram will include numbers that are
to be played at the contest. A small
admission fee will be charged to
help defray expenses of the trip to
Public Library
Will Open Today
The Haywood County Public Li
brary will open for circulation
again this morning at 10 a. in., an
nounces Miss Margaret Johnson,
Miss Johnson states that she
would like to express appreciation
to the people for their cooperation
while the inventory was in prog
ress, and to those who volunteered
to help.
National Geographic
Has Pictures Of This
Section Of Country
The current issue of the Nation
al Georgaphic Magazine carries a
number of full page pictures in
color of this area, and other sec
tions of the TVA.
Considerable space is devoted to
Fontana Village.
Carried In Ganion Bond
Election On Tuesday
945 Cast Ballots In
Special Election; Rec
reation Program Wins
By 69 Votes
All seven issues in the $150,000
bond issue carried in the special
election held Tuesday at Canton,
to make possible a recreation and
general improvement program for
the community.
The largest vote was cast in the
$75,000 recreation proposal, with
691 for and 254 against; giving it
68 vote margin over the regis
tration of 1242 which had to be
beaten. Of the 945 who voted, the
majority in favor was 437.
Proposition seven to authorize
an annual tax for the maintenance
of the public parks and playground
facilities- carried by approximate
Electrical Storm Hits
Area Wednesday Night
Several isolated instances
of property damage were report
ed following the electrical storm
Wednesday night In this area.
Power lines were cut on Pi
geon and Smathers streets, sev
eral tree limbs broken off about
town, and at least one plate
glass window broken at a Main
street store. Some nearby farms
suffered damage, with a barn
said to have been blown over In
the Jonathan Creek section.
The official rainfall Wednes
day night was .36 inches, and .50
Inches Thursday morning.
Jury List
Is Drawn
For May
Court Term
Civil Term To Open
Here Monday, May
3 With Judge Phil
lips Presiding
Jurors to serve during the May
civil term of Superior Court here
were drawn Monday by the Hay
wood xounty.boardo commission
ers. The court wilt open Monday,
May 3, with Judge F. Donald
Phillips scheduled to preside.
One road petition was presented
the board by a group of citizens
from Pigeon township, to be for
warded to the State Highway and
Public Works Commission.
The first week jury list includes:
Waynesville township Lawrence
B. Leatherwood, Frank Albright, J.
Turner Russell, Lon Wyatt, Mrs.
Mabel B. Abel, Asbury Howell and
Vernon M. Rhea; Beaverdam A.
B. Watts, Clyde Hoey, Jr., H. J.
Matheson and Daisy Buckner.
Pigeon G. H. Smathers and R.
P. Riddle; Fines Creek T. W.
Rogers; Cecil J. Earl Iteece; Ivy
Hill Verlin R. Evans and A. J.
Moody; Cataloochee Ernest O.
White; Iron Duff Cash Medford;
Jonathan Creek Charlie Reeves
Crabtree G. F. McCracken; Clyde
Pat Cole and L. E. Ensley; and
White Oak J. L. Teague.
The second week list includes:
Fines Creek J. H. Fincher and
Robert Haynes; Jonathan Creek
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Sixteen cases were tried Monday
in Mayor's Court here. Three de
fendants were charged with enter
ing an affray, one with using an
Improper auto license, four for
trespassing on the watershed, and
eight for public drunkenness. All
were released on paying court
Program Is
ly the same vote.
The other proposals and the vote
in each case:
No. 2 $14,250 for enlargement
and extension of the city water
supply system 594 for, 235
No. 3 $6,000 for improvements
to sewer system 599 for, 227
No. 4 $22,000 to finance con
struction and repairs to city streets
593 for, 240 against.
No. 5 $17,750 for the acquisi
tion of a fire truck and two motor
trucks, 600 for, 233 against.
No. 6 $15,000 for the erection
and equipping of a building to be
used by the town for storage of
maintenance equipment and cer
tain improvements to the town
jail; 547 for, 268 against
sisuU Fir JJaoDuSiOaosto Asssoimy
-5 T4r'
r. r j
APPLE BLOSSOMS will be at their best in Haywood county Sunday, it was learned from
orchardmen yesterday, and present one of spring's most colorful pictures. Hundreds of
people from a wide area enjoy visiting the orchards to see scenes such as that above, taken
last year in One of the county '5 famous orchards.
Angus Sale
To Be Held
April 15th
At Clyde
Ten Registered Bull.
To Be Offered Beef
Cattle Growers In
The first sale of registered An
gus cattle ever held in Haywood
county has been set for Thursday,
April 15 at the Clyde stockyard.
According to plans announced
by T. Lenoir Gwyn, beef cattle
specialist of the N. C. Department
of Agriculture, there will be 10
head of young Aberdeen-Angus
bulls sold at auction starting at 2
o'clock. Sam Neaves will be sales
manager, and Col. Harry Hamilton
the auctioneer.
The cattle have been selected by
Col. Hamilton and L. I. Case from
some of the best Angus herds in
North Carolina, ajid are being fur
nished by the state Aberdeen-Angus
Breeders Association.
Sponsoring the sale is the State
Department of Agriculture, and
Extension Service. For additional
information, prospective buyers
arc invited to contact Mr. Gwyn
or the county agent.
Casts Announced
For Three Plays
Tonight At Bethel
Casts have been announced for
the three plays tha. will be pre
sented by students tonight, start
ing at 7:30 o'clock, in the Bethel
high school auditorium.
Players in "Down in the Heart
of Texas" are Frank Pressley, Eula
Mae Shytle. Faye Hyde, Edith
Heatherly, Ben Pitts. Reba Cham
ber Patsy Kinsland and Charles
The cast for "Mrs. O'Leary's
Cnw" includes Janet Fradv. Clcta
Singleton, Hilliard Phillips. Violet
Lanning, Ina Metcalf. Nellie bny
der and Richard Johnson.
"Comin' Round the Mountain"
presents Eleen Wells, Harris Sen
telle. Mickey Farmer, Vernon
Shvtlp Marearet Cncdill Frances
Kuykendall, Billie Faye Bramlette,
and Bobby Hall.
Electricity Will Be
Cut Off Here Sunday
Carolina Power and Light com
pany plans to cut off electricity in
this area Sunday, from 1:30 to
5:30 p. m., in order to make re
pairs on the line.
Lines that are affected are
those serving Clyde, Lake Junalus
ka, Waynesville, Hazelwood, REA
and Balsam.
Charles Lloyd Dotson and Doris
Jean Palmer, both of Haywood
It's Apple Blossom Time In
r 1'.
; Committees Instructed
To Elect Teachers With
Glass A Certificates Only
Soil Conservation
i Speaking Contest
To Be Held Today
! .Students rcpresenl iiik Hi West
ern North Carolina counties will
compete in I he district soil con
Jservation spcfikinit contest here
I today, sponsored by Hie N ('
Bankers Association and conduct
led under the supervision of I In
I Extension Service,
The contestants are In isseinhlc
I at the cjniuly audit's office at HI
la. m., after which they will make
a field trip to the State Test Kami
The contest will slart at 1 p. 111
in the courthouse.
Entries are expected from Mu il
eum be. Cherokee, ('lav, ;rali.nn.
Haywood. Henderson. Jackson. Ma
con, Madison. Milchell. Suain
Transylvania and Yancey counties
Sammy Haynes of Clyde hiuli
school will represent this county
The winner of the district contest
will receive a $7.r savings bund
and advance In I he stale contest!
finals at Raleiuli.
Kahics Clinics
Start Next Week
Rabies clinics for dogs will he
held throughout Haywood county
starting Monday, by Dr. A. R.
Riegg. veterinarian and rabies in
spector. Dog owners will receive a tag
which may be placed on the dog.
and a certificate showing that the
animal has been inoculated. The
charge will be SI, which is slight
ly higher than last year due to the
increase in vaccine cosl.
There were around 1,200 animals
inoculated last year at. similar
clinics. All dogs are required by
state law to be vaccinated once a
A schedule of clinics is pub
lished on page 4, section 3 of this
Officers for the coming year will
be elected by Haywood post No.
47, American Legion at the regular
meeting tonight on the third floor
ol the Masonic Temple building, it
is announced by William Medford,
All members are urged to attend.
The meeting starts at 7:30 o'clock.
Sam McCracken, instructor of
the veterans farmcn training class
at Fines Creek, has taken a leave
of absence to attend the University
of Tennesse, where he will work on
his master's degree.
Election of teachers for the next
sihuiil year has begun, with (he
district school committees under
instruction from the Haywood
County Board of Education to
eliminate, as far as possible, all
instructors with certificates lower
than Class A.
A resolution adopted by the
ciHintv board ftronday night slates:
He it hereby resolved that all
district school committeemen be
requested by this board to elimi
n.ile all teachers with certificates
lower than a Class A certificate
and to place back in service no
teacher with a lower certificate
than a Class A until all Class A
cerlilicales have been exhausted.
If at a later date It becomes ap
parent that sufficient teachers
with Grade A certificates can not
lie obtained, that permission be
manli'd local school committee
men to reconsider and reinstate as
main ul the lower type certifi
cates as necessary to fill the exist
inH vacancies."
Tins rule, explains Supt. Jack
Mrsscr. will leave many vacancies
in the school faculties at the ini
tial selection of teachers. It is
hoped to fill the greater part of
the vacancies by recruiting new
Class A teachers, and in cases
where this not possible, instruct
ors with lower grade certificates
will he reinstated.
The Fines Creek district com
( Continued on page two)
House Appropriations
Group Will Hear Appeal
For Added Park Funds
Charles Ray Prepares
Brief To Be Presented
Next Week By
N. C.-Tenn. Men
An appeal for increased appro
priations in the next fiscal year
for the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park will be made next
week before the House of Repre
sentatives appropriation sub-committee
on the Department of the
Interior, when it will be consider
ing the National Park Service bud
get. Charles E. Ray, chairman of the
State Park and National Forests
Development Commission, has pre
pared a brief to serve as the basis
for the request. Mr. Ray. Con
gressman Monroe Redden, Francis
J. Heazel of Asheville, and State
Senator William Medford, plus
Grocery Is
To Open Here
On Depot St,
Haywood Grocery
Co. Will Begin Busi
ness Monday; William
son Is Manager
The Haywood Groccty company,
a wholesale grocery concern, will
open for business Monday, it was
announced yesterday by George T.
Williamson, manager. The new
firm is occupying the building just
completed by David Underwood
next to the Armory
The modern brick building has
16,500 square feet of floor space,
and a private side track.
An area within a SO-mile radius
would be served by the firm, with
three salesmen on the road. The
company will handle a general line
of groceries and leeds, featuring
nationally known brands.
Roger Dillnrd and W. Orville
Caldwell will be two of the sales
men and the third will begin work
Mr. Williamson is a native of
Murphy and entered the wholesale
grocery business in 1940.
Benefit Tea For
Library's Music
Collection Today
The first of a series of silver
teas for the benefit of the Haywood
County Public Library's record
collection will be held by the Way-
nesville Music club at 4 o'clock
this afternoon at the Presbyterian
I church.
A musical program of entertain
: ment will be presented. Featured
I groups include the glee clubs of
I the three elementary schools an
1 der the direction of Miss Steph
! anie Moore, and the Springdale
school glee club directed by Sol
I Junior and Senior Music Club
' members will serve as hostesses,
j Proceeds from the silver teas
I will be used to obtain musical rec
ords lor the library that will be
: circulated in the same manner as
! are books. Donations of individual
records and albums are being ac
cepted for this purpose, and it has
been announced that the types de
sired include those suitable for
children and adults, both popular
and classical music.
Rotarians To Meet
At High School Today
The Wav nesville Rotary Club
will meet at the high school lunch
room today at 1 o'clock for the
regularly weekly meeting. The
club will be guest of the school,
and after the luncheon will be
shown some of the work being
done in the school this year.
Bookmobile Drive
Collected to date
Balance to go
several delegates from Tennessee
and their Congressman John Jen
nings, are expected to attend the
sub-committee hearing and present
the fqrmal request.
Chairman of trie sub-committee
is Rep. Judson (R., Iowa), who at
tended the dinner meeting earlier
this year at which the Smokies
Park development program was ex
plained. Mr. Ray's brief outlines the ex
penditures and loss in taxable
property made by North Carolina
in the formation of the park, re
lates that the state has built $2,
000,000 worth of approach roads to
it, and contemplates spending an
additional million on approach
roads "provided the Congress pro
ceeds with developments planned
by the National Park Service."
The brief also calls attention to
(Continued on Page Two)
Many Noted
Speakers To
Appear On
Assembly Program
Will Open May 29;
Dr. Love Announces
Members of Staff
Lake Junaluska Methodist As
sembly is preparing for one of its
busiest seasons in tho coming sum
mer months, starting the last Sun
day in May and continuing through
the first Sunday in September.
More than 15,000 persons at
tended conferences at the south
ern capital of Methodism during
1947, reports Dr. F. R. Love, su
perintendent of the assembly, who
states that "every indication is
that attendance will be as large or
larger this year."
There are four North Carolina
conferences and 13 church-wide
assemblies scheduled. The lead
ers in these will be the outstand
ing platform speakers in America
and Europe.
Some of the highlight programs
are Haywood County Day. June 6.
when Bishop Paul N. Garber of
Geneva, Switzerland, will probably
he the speaker; the sacred music
conference during July, directed
by the noted interpreter of the
more popular type of church mu
sic, Dr. Homer Rodeheaver of Win
ona Lake, Ind., and Florida; Duke
Day on August 1, and the annual
coronation of the queen, set for
August 14.
The 1948 season will be formal
ly opened May 30 when Dr. C. N.
Clark! superintendent of the
Waynesville Methodist district,
will lead the morning service at
the auditorium.
(Continued on page ii
Crabtree School
Annual Is Heady
For Distribution
Crabtree-Iron Duff high school's
new annual, "Blue Raiders'' were
assembled and made ready for dis
tribution this week, reports L, C.
Bryson. principal.
The annual has 4(i pages., with
individual pictures of the high
school students and group photos
of the elementary and grammar
grade classes. There are sections
for the school clubs and athletic
Students in charge ol the 1947
48 "Blue Raiders" were Edith
Chambers, editor; Naomi Masis.
typist; Cora May James, printer:
and Bill Davis, advertising man
ager. Mr. Bryson was the faculty
Weatherby Will Speak
On Cancer Prevention;
Drive Plans Announced
Coach C. E. Weatherby will
speak over station WHCC Monday
morning from 11 to 11:15 a.m. on
the control of cancer and its rela
tion to sports, it is announced by
Mrs. Virgil Smith, county chair
man of the American Cancer Soci
ety campaign.
Driver workers will solicit mer
chants during the coming week.
Movies are being shown at differ
ent clubs on "Danger Signals of
Mr. Weatherby s talk is the third
In a series of radio addresses dur
ing April, which is National Can
cer Month.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Injured-- 13
Killed---- 1
(This information Com
piled From Records of
SUtt Highway Patrol)

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