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    ECEMBER 17, 1948
PAGE FIVE (Second Secfosi?
Good News Comes to World
(Che (Soldett (Test
By Alfred J. tuewAer
Sotlptur Matthew 1:18-1:13; Mark ltl-llj Lttke StMO..
fyitewfcAv - - -Slpure--Mattnw ltl8-.:13; Mark 1. -1-1 If Lttke tiMO. rj
Si gill !i$m LslJ
J,, young, I'a-,lor
ijl, 1U a.m. France
gl sui-teririteiirienl.
i8l imitation lo all
tome and remain
aship 11 o'clock, al
pastor will use a
pe uorrl, "Sliarinp, ".
)ir: under the direc
jd .Mai tin. will ren-
iiiumc ior the ca
ge number will lie
e church on prute--j
the Youth Chape i
ay inorninH. Other-,
to unite with the
fced to contact the
St Youth Fellowship
umi.i1 service in the
at (i 4,r). All Youii';
iv. I. d. 'J'he service
I no evening service.
TS and lriends will
'hri-tinas Sons Serv
'at the Fir:,t liapli t
D, This service Will
aiiilles lslev's lljfiii
Clin tmas Trc' Pro-
me ii 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 e. ' , win
?m;iin audiloi him ol
o'clock. Wedni-,(l.i
22. While
I he pour
jfi. 'I'lii-. can he food,
jfthini? laht may help
frson. II is hoped
ill v will bring such a
Jttee to make up
will meet in the
of the church, 7
jiy evening. Dc.-eni-
are: H. I.. youii;.',
Charles Metcalfe,
.JToiumy Curtis, Fan I
Belle Katclillc. Mrs.
IMis, Henry C.addv,
r-u-r i - rur rmfiT-rnmi i n 1 i r m
uic turptmer or Nazareth with
nis affianced wife. Mary, went to Beth
lehem. 90 miles tiuni their heme lo
enroll there tor the tax ordered bv the
Itonian emperor, Casar Augustus' and
while there Maiy ne bnth to a sou.
and she wiapped him in 5il,Kiuln,K
clothes and laid him in a mut-jei U
cuseno room was found m the inn
On that night shepherds were watching
their flocks in the hills around Bethle
hem and an angel appeared to them
and told them not to be afraid, for "be
hold J bring you good tiding of great
joy which shall be to all people: For
there is born to you this day in the city
ot La id a Saviour w ho is Christ the
Other angels appeared too, ainging
"Glory to God in the highest, and on
earth peace, goodwill toward men."
When the angels had gone, the shep
herds hastened to Bethlehem and when
they found the Babe, as the angel had
said, they bowed down and worshipped
Him. and then going on their way, they
told al) Utey mel of the joyful tidiugs.
Three wUemen came from the East to
.Jerusalem,, asking for the King of the
;Jews, for. they said, "We have seen His
star in the east and are come to worship
Him." They too found Joseph, Mary and
the Holy Babe at Bethlehem And they
too worshipped and left rich gifts for
loVlock. M
llliber 22.
kai'es lor
it Your
I for winter
Ir- V. K. ( hapiiuii. Mi ,
Ihnd I-eii'U no ,,,.,
Ileeee. 1, - ,,, I, ijn,., ,
FIi;.Im Ih l.c .HI,, i ,m, Al.n
Hecci , Hell. Hi .ui le-
I IKS I II l' s ( Ml III
Ih v 1. V, 1 .1 1 ii i1 1 I ,, i,,
Suml.v Selinol
phll'r lnl UMiii
I o III I ,,l I II I, Inl
:oii: -( .'-mil --v
I .a -I Suinl.-i tin i
Mori nil". Win I
Hunch will iilr
"While tin r i inn
ing fund al lin , , r k . . Spn i.J
mil ic In I he 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 I i I hi' id
I'eclioll of Cli.ii Ii , I h . Ml
I u 1 1 I ;i -- Mnure, ipi'i'.uii I ( '.ii ,,
imuiii'. h Hie -i 1 1 1 r i , at uui 1 1 I ic j
a leal ii 1 1 1 of the ei lie 'fh,' i;iv. I
1 1
wnr-hip with
al ,
.1 'I I ' Tliele l a
e 1.1 I I I a; ,
ill .'mini, v , .
in llu- lilhl,
e v.ei , ','H p, ,
,ii ;,l 1 1 (HI The
iw II. , annual
Inr Ihe 1 ,111 III
( I.I-
ii h II,, iiaHor.
i Mi t I Ii nil -t Yolllll Fel
li l.ul.e 'lentil is tin'
'In- luir.'ianl on till
'mi Aie Ms I-1 lend- ".
' I hi- Mel lni.ii I Youth
hi, and I In Choir will pre
t hi i iin.e, piiKeanl. 'ITii i-,
tuil ( hi i' Inia prni'i ain.
hoih m Ihe eiimmiii nl is
ih'. ilril to altciul.
iho . l)i relliliel
ii out Troop Nil il mi
Ii. i hui . h al Ii t:, p.m. It. (.'
Ihe .Seoul in. ,M er,
I hui das , I )i i emher 2:1:
llei'iihii choir pnieliee al
i. in.
els lit
7; HO
r have a South Wind
an authorized South
Ce Station Cjt service
ined in factory service
we carry only genuine
4 parts to put cui
ln first cla.s condition
not nave -
f eqci,:ped lo irstell the gives Hot Heat in
-ScL.t,S Wind car healer
air service
Inr will e. is e a In n I medil al ion on
Ihe t'hrr I uia- Sloi s .
'I'rninimt t'ninii nt ti l." A - h rial
CIiit I lll.l- u oi'i ani will he an en at
this lime.
Ks'eniiiK Win .Inn al 7 Mil A I I hi
I hue a prorani ol ( 'hi e l ui.e- line ic
Will he y en h I Im liodi - hnol
elioru-,, under Ihe d n ei I inn ot Mr
l.ilev. The pi i hi k' is cordially invit
ed to I In- sei s ice.
Midweek 1'iasel Meeting al 7 III)
A heaill ll ill Kod.u hroine ) ,u l I n e
dcp.icliiiH Ihe hiilh ot ( hii.-l ssill
he jhos'.n al lliis lime, t'oine
and worship al this midweek h.uir.
M B in. I'aslur
Snnd.i" f i 1 1 1 1 I 1 1) a m
Morniny Worship 1 I a in. The
Mlh.ii" I ot Ihe message will he "A
Sas'ior is Hon,".
Special sei '. ice 'i p. in tlur
cliii, i Ii will sponsor a strrs ice al
ihe Count'. Home
Kvemiiu tt i vice 7 p. in, tuns
st'i'snt fol I irs tit I luedilaluin
'Why 1 1 Cniiiie: Itaiifc".
Mid-Wtck tstisiics
in i:c ii
I'atil IV Thrower, Minister
I he Sondas -i liool of the Bethel
Ih i h' It i inn hin eli will liasy a
; pei nil t in i-.i uin.s proe.rani in Ihe
chin eh Tluii 'ihiy, Dee. I'll, al 7
o'clock Ii ss 1 1 1 ciiushj ot recitation-
,ccial in u n -, a lice and a
Ileal lor the chihfien
The Chin eh School was re
opened Ihe first Sunday of Octo
ber atler heing elobed for over
Hi sear.-. It ha- had an average
attendant r ol Ml since ils i e
npiiiinn. Mi'. 1. as don M West, an
ehli r, i- siipei nil t littcnl . 'and Mrs.
T i f 1 1 1 n S. Terrell, secretary.
i tit
i let ' i
ill I he
p in 'I i;e i
,f I:
i e '' , II l. It el
li I ,tf " i II
' I'
ihe la.iM.,,
V. cent tl :
Thui'srla 3 n ,;,
Tlilo.-Oa' 7 . Ill
6l,f )l .:; I 'I h
S' 1 1
( 'Innli
"( hi i
. .- 1 1 -1
el II. i'
1 I.O N'i . S ( It A I'l l, M I , I HHD1.VI
! lit Iff ll
j I!t Paul II lint i. ' all. I'asti.i
h i, 1 1 1. - , Dei enihi r 1 1'.
!!:-lS nan. Sundas School tor
e'i i s bed' . Ifev. John V. . Moon
'will he Hie 'Jin si leather ol Ihe
lay Well
st prerequisite lo heinij well-tlresseil is lo lit- al-
iotlessIy clean and neat. Mnko it a habit to semi
Mbes to us. We put new life into them . . . we
I they keep their "new look" to give you longer
fur new dress and trouser forming machines help
keeps them looking new longer.
ti st ho is al-o pa-tor ol the llazel
. noil 1 h c- le I tl I a n ( Ii ll ri ll . is very
nun h phased nvtr Ihe progress of
the -ehniil anti the cliurcli since
; het iiiniiiy Ihe pasltu June 1. lies',
j Mi Thiiis'.t! preaches al Hellitl at
111 a in. on the 2nd and hill Sun
tla' ol ihe month. The public is
itndijll iiniled to all ot the serv
ices ol tin- church.
nu rcii
Haul I' Throv er. Minister
;.! ".i v s In The Bible" will
i.rti.t siibpit ol the Sunday school
le'si ii S iiiidas uiii iiing If you
!:,'..- la.l he- m in Hie liahit of at
U iidiii!i leiilails1 some Sunday
-email no's would he a splendid
Iin.e lo beLin. Our church school
ha classes for all age groups.
The past,,:- v ill pieacli Sunday
i, , ,i mm:. 11 n'eloi I. on the subject;
' hi ,-!, 'I he I mptakabk Ciiti." At
'i.t- (.seninsj sei sice, 7 ,'iO o'clock.
I Ik i hoii- and a inimher of invited
Liic.-I Miiyei- S'ill give a special
i l ii-ima- mu'.hal program. 'The
Km.- - flu I hdas' ."
'Ihe lefiilar niid-sveiek servire
m si W'ednesdas' evening will be
uv en oci to the Sunday School
( hii-lmas program, "The Gold
'-tar 'hi i.-l mas." This program w ill
he ,il 7 o'l lock,
Christmas is a time when all
( 'hii-liaus should especially deliphl
in alp ndint! Hie worship services.
Ii is also ;i,f.'ood time for people
"ho arc not in the habit of at
tendiiiR cluircl services to turn
ae.aiii to thi Lord's house to wor
ship the "KiliR of Kings."
Good News Comes to World
8cripture Matthew 1:18-2:12; Mark 1:1-11; Luke 2:1-20.
ONCE AGAIN we study the
beautiful story of the birth of
Christ, with its message of peace
on earth, goodwill toward men.
Again, as a year ago, we cry
j "peace, peace, and there la no
peace." We can only hope, as the
weeks roll by, that between now
and Christmas, the fighting In
; various parts of the world may
end, and the "cold war" with
Russia be settled.
No matter what the world con-
'd it ions, Christians everywhere
' feel a new joy and an abiding
hope at this season of the year
that peace really is here or will
be soon. No unfavorable circum
stances can quench this hope at
Christmastime, when we cele
brate v-nth song and gifts the
birth of Jesus Christ.
We read and re-reafl the Words
of Saint Luke as he tells us the
story of the shepherds "abiding
fhe pastor. Hex Paul I1. Throw-l bl the field, keeping watch over
their flock by nighi." we Know
that Joseph and his affianced
wife, Mary, were at Bethlehem;
that there was no room for them
there In the inn, and they were
compelled to find shelter in a poor
uthouse, which sheltered cattle.
They had come 90 miles from
come to pass, which the Lord
hath made known unto us."
So they went to Bethlehem
and found Mary and the Babe, as
the angel had said, and they wor
shipped and then told everyone
they met about the Holy Birth. .
This writer always likes to
think of Mary, the sweet, g untie
mother, who "kept all these
things, and pondered them in her
Now we go back to Saint Mat
thew's account of the three wise
men who followed a star in' the
eastern sky to find the Lord.
These ptous men saw a bright
star which moved ahead of them,
and they followed It to Jerusa
lem, where they asked : everyone
they met, "Where Is . He that 4s
born, king of the Jews? for we
have seen His star in the east,
and are come to worship Him."
Now Herod was the Jewish
ruler, and when he heard that
these men were asking for the
"king of the Jews," he was trou
bled and all others with him. ; He
called the chief priests and
scribes "of the temple together
and asked them where the Christ
should b born, and they told him,
in Bethlehem, according to scrip
ture iMicah).
" bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the'
people " Luke i 10.
?ep their shape
aynesville Laundry
Rev. Malcolm Ii. Williamson,
Sunday School at 10 o'clock.
Whili ner Prevost. Superintendent
of Sunday School.
.Morning Worship 11 o'clock. Ser
mon subject: "The Glory of the
Manger.'' The music for the ser
vice will be appropriate for the
ChrisMiias season.
Vesper Musical Program at 5
p. m. This service Will consist of
If minutes of Carols played over
the Electron Bell amplifier from
4: 45 until 5 o'clock, at which time
the organist will hegin the service
which will feature the Cathedral
The musical program will be pro
vided by the church choir under
the direction of Mrs. J. L, Kilpat
rick and will consist of Ghristmas
anthems and solos. The congrega
tion led by the choir will join in
the singing of the more familiar
Christmas Carols. All who will
come are invited to the service.
J. E. B. Houser, Pastor
The pastor's theme at Maple
Grove at 10 o'clock and at Eliza
beth Chapel -at 7rl5 o'clock will be
"The Apostle's Cred" for .study
their home In Nazareth for
Joseph to register for taxation
There Mary gave birth to her
firstborn, who was to be called
Jesus, by the Lord's command.
Carefully she wrapped the tiny
Boy in swaddling clothes and laid
Hun tenderly in the manger.
The shepherds on the hills ssw
a great light which shone all
about them, and an angel ap
peared to them. Alarmed, they
looked at the holy messenger,
who said to them, "Fear not for,
behold-, I bring you good tidings
of great joy, which shall be lo all
"For unto you is born this day
in the city of David a Saviour,
which is Christ the Lord. And
this shall be a sign unto you Ye
shall find the Babe wrapped in
swaddling clothes, lying in a
manger "
Suddenly the whole heavens
were filled with singing angels
who carolled "Glory to God in
the highest, and on earth peace,
goodwill toward men."
The angels disappeared, and
the shepherds said to one an
other "Let us now go to Bt thle-
-Privately the crafty Herod
called the wise men to him and
asked them what time the star
appeared,xand then he sent them
on to Bethlehem, telling them
that when they returned they
should tell him what they found
that he too might go and worship
the King. The wise men were
warned, however, not to return
to Jerusalem, and they went
home by another route, so Herod
was foiled in his plan to slay the
The star led the wise men to
the manger, and stood above it.
They entered, as the -shepherds
had done, and fell down and wor
shipped the Child, offered rich
gifts, then went their way.
How can we best enjoy this
Christmas season of peace and
goodwill ? By doing something to
bring joy and peace to others who
are not as fortunate as we are.
By welcoming the displaced per
sons who come to this country
to make new homes, and making
them feel at home here. By join
ing In our churches' programs
to help such people abroad in
war-torn countries. By having
peaceful relations with neighbors
hem and see this thing which is j and associates.
Biir.l on eoi.riKliitd outlines proiiuffd hy The Inn rnnlional Council cl RellKtoua
Education and u-rd by permission hutril'iitird by Kmc Fuluin Syndlcntt.
and niedital ion.
The subject, at Dellwood at 11:15
will he "The Book of Books."
Sunday School will meet at Dell
wood, Maggie, Elizabeth Chapel at
10 o'clock and at Maple Grove at
11 o'clock.
The public is invited to worship
at these services..
( Episcopal )
The Rev. Edgar Goold. Rector
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Church School, 9:45 a.m.
Morning prayer and sermon,
11:00 a m.
Pastors: Rev. Charlotte Bishop
and Rev. Ruth Gruber
The Free Methodist Chapel on
Depot St., cordially invites you to
its regular weekly services as fol
lows: Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m.
Evening Evangelistic service "A
Christmas in Prison", 7:30.
-Sunday afternoon rehearsal for
Christmas program at 3 o'clock this
Sunday, Dec. 1!).
Mid-week prayer meeting, Wed
nesday night 7:30. Mary Gladys
Tub!) leader.
"Is the Universe, Including Man,
Evolved by Atomic Force" will be
the subject of the lesson-sermon at
the Christian Science service on
Sunday morning, December 19.
The service will be held in the
church rooms on the second floor
of Ihe Masonic Temple at 11
C. O. Newell, Pastor
Crabtree Sunday School at
10:30. Tom Kirkpatrick, Supt. Andy
Ferguson, Assistant Supt.
Church services each second nd
fourth Sunday at 11:30 o'clock.
Methodist YoJ Fellowship at
6:30 p,-.
Davis Chapel Sunday -School at
10 o'colck, Frank Davis Supt. -Jar-vis
Caldwell, Assistant Supt.
Church Services each first :and
third -Sundays at 11 o'clock.
Methodist -Yuth -Fellowship t
7 o'clock. Joe Caldwell, president.
Fincher's Chapel Sunday
School at 10 o'clock, Fi od Noland
Supt., W. J. McCTary, Assistant.
Church Services each first and
third Sundays at 11 o'clock.
Methodist Youth Fellowship at
7 o'clocl-. Mrs. Lucile Hunoy Tabor,
preside nt.
Mt. Zion Sunday School nt 10
o'clock. Uerschel Rogers, Supt.
Church services every second
and fourth Sunday at 11 o'clock.
Rev. A. F. Rohrtiaclier, Paslor
Canton, Y.M.C.A. Build
ing every 3rd Sunday B:00 A.M.
Andrews, Terrace , Hotel
Every Mh Sunday B:00 A.M.
Bryson City, St. .loseph's
Church every 1st Sun
day . 8:00 A.M.
Cherokee, Quails Hall
Every 2nd Sunday 8 00 A.M.
(ullowhee, Student
Union Building every
tion Bldg, every Sun
day 11:00 A M
1st Wednesday 7:00 A.M
Eontana Dam, Kecrea-
Franhlln, John Wasillk
Home Every Sunday 8:00 A.M.
Highlands, School Audi
torium every Sunday 11:00 A.M.
Murphy, John Manthey
Home every 1st Sun
day 8.00 A.M.
Sylva, William Wise
Home every 4th Sun
day . ' 8:00 A.M.
Waynrsville, St. John's
Church, every Sunday 11:00 A M.
vHl a v ' -
If '" -4V
ill s.??l
The tngels nd the shepherds.
"I bring you good tidings of great oy which shall b la all peoalo.'
-Luke 2:10.
Free Methodist
Chapel Slates
Christmas Event
A Christmas program of charm,
variety and honor to the Christ
Child will be preseuted at the Free
Methodist Chapel on Depot St.,
Waynesville, Tuesday night., De
cember 21, at 7:30 o'clock.
Come with your entire family to
enjoy the old-fashioned, early
Anieiican spirit of true Christmas
cheer. Between 30 and 40 hoys
and girls, including the Beginners,
Priiiiary Junior and Young Peo
ple's departments of the Sunday
Shrool will tell Ihe old, old story,
Mrs. Newell ,WM
Conduct Devotions
Mrs. C. (). Newell will conduct
morning, devotion. over WHCC
next week. Monthly through Satur
day nt 9 31) This weekly broadcast
is sponsored hy the Haywood
County Ministerial Association.
of Divine Love, in poem, prose,
and song.
Candlelight carols will be one of
the4petia) 'features, along with
special ' Instrumental and vocal
Leverycf's 'firtvn In the Dutch
YVe-T Indies is liuilt on the crater
floor of an extinct volcano.
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Phone 31
Main Street

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