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64th YEAR NO. 27 8 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 4, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Club meeting
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est Farm here,
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Fed as they arc
Apartment House
And Hotel Sold In
2 Real Estate Deals
Ratcliffe Cove Program Leaders
Funeral Today
I V 1
made of the
Inth, and snmi-
Id there is such
pnakes a fellow
to krmuL' l,nM
the farm. Dr
facial course in
pnd is now heart
F State Colleen
Funeral services were held Mon
day afternoon for Staff Sgt. Jack
SSgt. Messer
Rites Held At
Clyde Today
Funeral services were held this
afternoon at Louisa Methodist
Chapel in Clyde for Staff Sgt. Jack
C. Messer, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Mcsser of Clyde, who was
killed in action on July 25, 1944.
The Rev. W. T. Medlin officiated
and full military rites were con
ducted by the Canton Post of Vet
erans of Foreign Wars. Interment
was in the Memorial Plott at Bon-A-Venture
Cemetery in Clyde.
SSgt. Messer entered the serv
ice in September 1940 and served
.,-.-(See S:Maser-Jre 31, .,
McAlhaney Killed
As Car Plunges
Into Tuckaseegee
An auto accident near Wilmont
Saturday afternoon took the life of
41-year-old L. F. McAlhaney, Haz
elwood merchant and operator of
a tourist court near Cherokee.
State Highway Patrolman C. D.
Lindsey reported Mr. McAlhaney's
car apparently went out of control
on US Highway 19-A, turned
around on the road, then plunged
into the"? Tuckasegee River. Mr.
McAlhaney drowned.
Tommy Bowman, 25, of Cherokee,
who was riding with him, escaped
Mr. McAlhaney's death was
termed accidental by Coroner H. S
Dills of Dlllsboro.
A native of South Carolina, the
merchant owned and operated
Mack's Indian Village adjoining
the Cherokee Reservation. He also
formerly operated a store in Cher
His widow, the former Miss Lil
lian McClain, and three step-children
Two real estate transactions
were completed here today, and
involve property valued near, the
$100,000 mark.
The 10-apartment Klrkpatrick
Apartment House has been sold to
Miss Sarah Long and Miss Eliza
beth McCracken. They bought the
property from the Dr. W. L. Kirk
patrick estate, and Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. Kirknatrick.
The other deal was the purchase
of the interest of the Dr. Klrk
patrick estate in the LeFaine Hotel
by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick.
The apartment house was open
ed in June, 1927, and was built
by the two Kirkpatrick brothers.
The new co-owners plan to operate
the property along the same lines
as in the past. They plan to make
some improvements within the near
future, it was said.
The apartment house is of brick
construction, and is on Walnut
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick
are now the sole owners of the
Hotel LeFaine, on Main Street.
They rebuilt, and opened the hotel
twenty years ago this month. Since
January 1948, the hotel has been
under lease to Edward N. New
man, Jr. He plans to continue
operation under the lease plan, it
was said by the owners. Mr. and
Mrs. Kirkpatrick plan to continue
to occupy their apartment at the
j" 4
1 If
Tourist Development Planned
By Soco Road Property Owners
left to right: Mrs. Hugh Katclitle, vice-chairman; iirs. jumes nieu
ford, secretary; Mark Galloway, treasurer; It. C. Francis, chairman;
and Mrs. Algie Ratcliffe, reporter. Photo by Ingram Studio.
Local Red Cross
Chapter To Start
Blood Program
A meetine of the Haywood
Chapter committee for the Ameri
can Red Cross Blood Bank Pro
gram will be held In the Court
Room here on Thursday, April 7,
at 2 p.m. -
Miss Jewel Graves of Atlanta,
regional director of the blood pro
gram, will be the principal speak
er and plans will be made for
the establishment of a blood center
here. The program will be financed
through contributions made in the
annual Red Cross fund campaign.
Jonathan Woody is serving as
general chairman for the program
with Wayne Corpening as recruit
ment chairman. Miss Betsy Lane
Quinlan as volunteer service chair
man, and Mrs. William Norris as
publicity chairman. Committee
(See Red Cross Pare 3)
C. of C. Membership
Drive Starts Thurs.
Ernnn .r f it a
L r r n
Pt, that fa
Pto the machinp
try Savinu (ho
f million trac-
" American
Nne is fast re.
In mnio
Merchants Meet
7:30 On Tuesday
The Waynesville Merchants As
sociation will meet at 7:30 P. M.
tomorrow, (Tuesday) at the Coun
ty Commissioner's office in the
Haywood Cdlinty Court House.
The announcement came from
Association President W. M. Cobb.
Dairy Research
Program Started
At Test Farm
R. N Jirvis has been assigned
to the Stale Test Farm for special
dairy research. He is here under
a co-operative agreement between
the N. C. Experiment Station, State
College and T.V.A.
Mr. Jarvis is studying to com
plete his degree from State Col
lege. He has been assigned to the
work here for one year. He is from
Mars Hill, is married and has one
The Test Farm herd is composed
of about 70 animals, with about 35
being milked at present.
aunched To Raise
For Cancer Belief
F and Tuesday:
na warmer.
Hie ten,..
by the staff
Mn- Rainfall
M .57
4 .0B
The 1949 drive for the relief of
cancer victims is coins forward
in Haywood county.
Mrs. W. M. Cobb, drive com
mander for thp rVinnlv flanrpr
Snriptv nnn,.n 1 4i
- niiiiuuiiucU lliai I I1C pcu-
Ple of Haywood are being asked
give ,ouo this month for can
cer sufferers Thie i Cinn
higher than that for last vear.
Mrs. Cobb rplnlnH (h. details nf
the inonth-lntio Mtnnoim, (nllnur.
Ing a meeting ..r o,n
ccutiye board at the County Com-
rv I...,: . . .
".iuner 8 office Friday, the open
ing day.
She said materials and posters
have already been distributed for
the campaign, .which Is being spon
sored by the Waynesville Junior
Chamber of Commerce, with the
Waynesville Woman's Club spon
soring the overall organization.
S Cancer Drive Pai-e J) !
Haywood Delegation
Attends Dinner
Havwnod Connty was represent-
on hv the largest delegation of any
county in the state, with the ex
ception of Wake, at the Jenerson-
Jackson Day dinner neia in iw-
leigh Saturday night.
The Haywood representatives
were Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brown,
Miss Gladys Brown, Mr. and Mrs.
W. G. Byers. Richard Queen, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Campbell, John
Queen. Miss Katherine Queen,
Rep. Grover C. Davis, Mr. and
Mrs William Medford, R. D. Cole
man, Mrs. Edith Alley, L. A. Co
man. Jr., W. J. Damtoft, and
Ernest McCracken.
8 Community
Are Slated
Tonight's meetings of the West
Pigeon and East Pigeon Commun
ities at Bethel School will launcn
apother full week of activity In
the county's Community TX-velop-rwntTrogramJv--
The separate sessions will start
at 7:30 P. M.
Here is the rest of the schedule
f6r the week:
Monday. 7:30 P. M. Organiza
tional meeting at Saunook School,
by Saunook Parent-Teachers Asso
ciation. Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Clyde at
Louisa Chapel.
Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. Panther
Creek at Panther Creek Baptist
Thursday, 7:30 P. M. Aliens
Creek at Aliens Creek School;
Thickety (Brown and Bowen Com
munity) at Rockwood Churcn.
Friday, 8:00 P. M. Upper Crab
tree at Mt. Zion Church; 7:30
p. m. Francis Cove at the Com
munity Church; 7:30 P. M. Fines
Crepk at Fines Creek School.
Friday, 7 P. M. Center Pigeon
at Mrs. Welch Singleton's.
flreanization will start tonight
on the Saunook Community De
velopment Program at a Parent-1
Teachers Association meeting at
the Saunook School at 7:30 o'clock.
The meeting was announced by
Mrs. Clifton Shook, PTA president.
A representative of the County
Agent's office will attend the meet
ing to explain the objectives and
the organizational details of the
County's Community Development
Students To Get
Out Noon Friday
Haywood county school students
will get off a few hours earner a
week from Friday. And they can
thank the North Carolina Educa
tional Association for it.
County Schools Superintendent
Jack Messer said schools would
close at noon that day to permit
teachers to attend the Friday ana
Saturday sessions of the Associa
tion's 65th annual convention in
The usual closing hour is be
tween 2:30 and 3 p. ni.
Mr. Messer said about 125 coun
ty school teachers probably will
attend the convention. He added
he is planning to go, also.
As indicated from bulletins of
the State News Bureau in Raleigh,
1949 is going to be a big year for
the tourist business. Mrs. Frank
Knutti, Secretary of the Chamber
of Commerce, reports that all in
dications point to a bigger season
than Waynesville and vicinity have
had since the end of the War.
The Chamber of Commerce has
made extensive plans for the pro
motion of the Tourist Trade in tlie
pnmins vear. and have on hand for
distribution, copies of the Vaca
tionist's Map 'andGuide to Western
North Carolina.
Plans are well under way for the
new (older intended for Tourist in
formalion. A broad program is under way
for the betterment ol the com
munity and the Chamber of Com
merce will give its complete co
operation to all plans for civic im
provement. Paul Davis, Chairman of the
Membership Drive, announces that
the Drive will begin with a Dutch
Breakfast at 9:00 a.m. Thursday.
Eleven teams will be organized
(See Membership Page 3)
Mass Meeting Set J
For Friday To
Complete Plans For
Major Projects
Plans for making the Dellwood
Maggie area into an outstanding
tourist development will be made
at a mass meeting Friday night at
the Maggie school.
Tentative plans call for chang
ing the name of Maggie, and the
possibility of incorporating the
area into a town. All this is be
ing advanced by the newly orga
nized Soco Road Boosters Club,
which was organized last Friday
Jim Plott is president, Bill Mil
ner, secretary, and A. R. Phillips
is treasurer of the club.
Mr. Plott said yesterday that
plans for the development of the
vallev into a tourist renter had
been discussed at various times for
many years. "We are anxious that
every citizen attend the meeting
Friday night at eight o'clock, and
take part in the formulation of
these plans," he said.
The area in general, includes all
the property along Highway No. 19
from Dellwood to Soco Gap.
The changing of the name ot
the Maggie post office will be one
of the matters to be discussed
"The name is just not in keeping
with what we want to develop in
the area," Mr. Mllner, secreiary,
said, in discussing some of the
general plans.
"We have an opportunity ot malt
ing a tourist , development in the
valley that will be comparable, or
even ahead of anything in the
Smoky region," Mr. Milner said.
The officers of the newly orga
nized club are anxious to get sug
gested names 4or thp ares. They
want something in keeping with
the location, and a "good catchy
name" that will appeal to tourists,
it was pointed out.
Miss Smith Given Gift
Ju Q
. ti
This photograph was made during the meeting last week, when 200
women met and named Miss Mary Margaret Smith as the "out
standing woman of the year". Miss Smith (left) is shown acceplin,;;
a silver dish from Miss Anne Rowe, former district agent. Mrs
Rowe presented the gift in behalf of the women of Haywood Home
Demonstration clubs. This photo by Ingram's Studio.
5 More Cabins Start
UpAt4-H Club Camp
7,000 Seedlings
To Be Planted At
Four-H Club Camp
State Forester Charles l'ettit
and other forcsl experts will he at
the Mountain Test Farm al 9 a.m.
Saturday to hell) launch the work
of setting out 7.000 white pine
seedlings at the Haywood County
4-H Club Camp there.
Assistant County Agent Joe
riinn sniri todav "Monday) tnai
with Mr. Pel I it would be TVA For
ester R. A. Vogonherger, N. C.
State College Extension Forester
John Ford, and Ted Davis of the
Champion Paper and Fibre com
pany, Canton.
Mr. Cline requested that as
many 4-H Club boys as possible be
there to help set out the trees.
Milk Producers
To Meet Tuesday
At Court House
Grade A milk retailers have been
asked to meet with the Dairy Com
mission under the County Com
Develooment Program at 2
P. M. Tuesday in County Agent
Wayne Corpening s office.
In his letter to the retailers,
Commission Chairman Frank M.
Davis wrote:
"The Dairy Commission
which is composed of producers,
retailers, wholesalers, etc., would
like to meet with all of the re
tailers of milk at the county agent's
office on Tuesday, April 5 at 2:00
P. M.
"This is a very important meet
ing, and it is hoped that you will
make a special effort to attend
Road By State
Test Farm Will
Be Paved Soon
Highway crews are pushing the
grading of the road from Ratcliffe
Cove to Highway No. 276, by the
State Test Farm. Present schedules
are to have the road of about a
mile and a half surfaced within 30
State road trews are doing the
The road through the farm and
connecting with F:ast Street will
be paved later.
Firemen extinguished a small
roof fire at the ' Millard Howell
house on Howell Mill Road Satur
day afternoon. Slight damage was
reported by fire chief Clem Fitzgerald.
15 To Face Trial
In Mayor's Court
One of the largest dockets to
come before the mayor's court was
scheduled for trial Monday after
noon. Chief oi i'iil'ee Orville Noland
said that the police department ar
rested three for driving drunk,
and twelve for public drunkenness
over the week-end.
This is the largest number ot
arrests for a week-end in some
Construction started today on
the second group of five cabins on
the 4-H Club Camp, on a site near
iho State Test Farm. Five cabins
are complete snS tifady;! or callip
ers. Work is scheduled to begin soon
on the kitchen-dining room build
ing, and a little later the bath
house will get underway.
Plans are to have 10 cabin;
ready by June first which will en
able 120 campers to use the facil
ities of the camp. The specifica
tions call for the camp lan:e
enough to care for 240 when ail
buildings are finished.
For the 1949 season, the 4-lt
Club leaders of the area expect to
confine activities to 120 campers at
a time.
Workmen are also busy grading,
and draining the area which wilt
be the playground for the camp.
Fruit-Vegetable Unit
Organized In Haywood
R N. Barber. Jr., was named
chairman, and Vincent McEIroy of
Francis Cove and D. D. York of
Pigeon were named members of a
committee of three to head the
Fruits and Vegetables Commission
in the Haywood County Commun
ity Development Program.
Members of the commission se
lected the committee at a meeting
in the County Court House Wed
nesday night.
Thev decided to hold a series of
meetings in the county and to ask
members of the commission to go
along, including buyers, sellers
producers, bank representatives
and fertilizer dealers.
Colored movies on fruits and
vegetables were scheduled for each
The first meeting will be held at
the Fines Creek School for citizens
(See Fruit Group Pafe 3)
Reading Contest
Set For Tuesday
Waynesville High School s ii i ..
will compete tomorrow morning in
the Woman's Clubs 241 h annual
reading contest.
Honors will be awarded In win
ners in the two types of reading
serious and humorous.
Presiding will be cluh prr:-i!c!it.
Mrs. Frank Kinsey and ed'ua'.iou
chairman Mrs. Douglas Grant.
Waynesville FFA Boys
Make $16,000 Net Proii
Last year the 53 members of the
Waynesville Future Farmers ol
America chapter completed 159 of
176 projecis hr a net profit of
more than $16,000.
The figures are from a report of
the chapter, of which John Nes
bitt. agricultural teacher, is ad
viser. The members during the year
set out S00 pine seedlings and pre
pared and seeded two acres of
lawn on the school grounds.
The boys also remodelled their
chapter house, and each member
completed two projects in the shop.
Rogers' Trout Believed
To Be Southern Record
More Recreation Discussed
When Max Rogers of Waynes
ville caught that giant rainDow
trout in Glenville Lae, ne iuiC
he had something more than just
another big fish.
He was right. The 14-pound, one
ounce beauty broke the state
record for the species, reports
Executive Director Clyde P. Patton
of the North Carolina Wildlife
Resources Commission.
The old record was a little more
than seven pound's.
The catch may be even better
than that. Patton's office says the
fish, 33W inches long, is "undoubt
edly a record for Eastern U.S.
The Waynesville angler ought
to claim another record: On land
ing the trout after a 20-minute
fight, he found he had caught the
fish on a 15-pound test line.
Here are other statistics on how
he did it:
(See Rogers' Trout PaKe 3)
In 1944, a suggestion was made
that the Waynesville Community
Council plans for a town recrea
tion center be dropped for five
The suggestion was followed.
Thursday night five years lat
erthe matter came up again at a
meeting of the Waynesville Lions
Club Board of Directors.
Dr. Harold Meyer, director of
the North Carolina Reqreation
Commission, noted the coincidence
as he made suggestions for setting
up the machinery for organizing a
recreation program.
Visiting here on the invitation
of the Club, he suggested that the
first step should be to ask the
town government to establish a
recreation commission, by ordin
s nee
Next, he said, try to find a suit
able method for financing the pro
gram, then hire a director trained
in recreation.
And then, he added, start work
on recreational areas and facilities,
Five members raised and ?rM
habv beef animals in Asheville last
fall, and seven have been started
this year.
The members have an orrhard
of 68 young apple trees they arc-
taking care of.
Last Spring, they planted sov
beans, disced them under in iba
fall, and planted Austria winter
(See FFA Boys Page 3)
beginning with neighborhood play
For financing the program, the
University of North Carolina soci
ologist suggested these metnoas.
1 a special tax, subject to pop
ular vote.
2 Use of parking meter re
ceipts. 3 A bond issue, subject to ap
proval by the citizens in a popular
To assist such a commission. Dr.
(See Rrrrvation Page ift
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed.'.:: 0
Injured . : : . 9
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrql).

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