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Neighbor: "Jimmy, who was
n The Waynesville Mountaineers
I 1 1
Mountains National Park -
responsible for all that bad
language at your house this
"Grandpa. He was late for
rhurch and couldn't find his
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iTAir0. 77 1G rAGES-"As;oclaTrd 15' 1949 ...0 1 Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Llcr M::
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was i
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fcvin.y i
;i lit!
je i.iiii" i"
,.i'ii II"'
by ecr-
L pi "i" ' iv
His ll"""i'
favor ""
ilon. wi1'11
fcwiinl linn
Lr d ii-i of
Bering "l'"1
While all
mi me
he plain "r"
1,.. ,l,lin"
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&m gnw ii is
flou biaut
need, is
head nl
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ilelnil ai'(
fee coryopsis
A Profitable Proposition For Haywood County
f: T I T JJIlIUO .3 t 1 tl "Tl TI
T T T i ,i 4 f- , i i. " I j i T T T I -
flfllfluLBll in Mil-
,- ,rJi - ' ' i, ' ml
45 Foresters
Oi TVA Here
An artist has drawn for The Mouiilaincci
oxnansion of the Haywood County Hospital.
.,.,,1 th., fnnnlv thi remaining third. I'll
$100 valuation of properly as shown on I hi
ol who will pay lor the
and Icrieral novel nun-lit
cost ol the proposed
s w ill pay two-tiunis.
cost lo Haywood la
la hooks.
qiayers will not exceed three cents per
Ijoy s have
school iust
is organized.
sung needs
ipal K. .1.
Jlplc nf uni
t buys tried
ied around,
fel nl them,
fx more hoys
I e(
ay; To
the iiiniilhly
,J iruii v oni-
fll Tuesday
plans fiii-
in I he Field
Van Wells.
iveral ntein-
aicks. and till
the Sal u r-
teams have
lerenl phases
.the choir and
for the sinn-
nieetnic was
tor of The
-Pacc 111
Local Tecn-Age Farmer Finds
Haywood Hospital Joest
Place To Become Father
Saturday Last Day
To Register For
Bond Election
Saturday is the last day In roKis
tcr for the special bond eleelioii lo
be held on Saturday. October first,
it was announced this niormn- by
Jerry Rogers, chairman of the
Haywood board of elect ions.
All persons who have voted he
fore in county clod ions need nol
register, it was pointed out.
Saturday, Sept. 24 will he chal
lenge day, according to H'c elec
tion laws of the state.
New registrations have been
light, Mr. Rogers said.
15 y I'.IIT
Moiinl .nnee
I.I M mi;
Staff Writer
ind fift
attended the
' Family Re
al the home
on the Soco
P ninch -fnnr
fdrst member
fll. and brr
Susan M.-.rin
r w"''i oi
Welch, was the
Py Farm viae
fmal pro-ran,
fnoon. A cic-
Iron Duff People
Urged To Support
Hospital Bonds
Mountaineer Correspondent
Approximately fi5 Iron Ouff res
idents attending a Community De
velopment meeting Monday night
heard an appeal for their HM pei
cent support of the proposed hos
pital bond issue.
Joe Davis, vice-president of Hie
First National Bank of Wavnr
ville marie the plea in hi. rir-
nission of the growth and the i
ncoc r,r iho Havwnnil County II" -
He explained the proposed hood
issue, which will be decided in the
election on October I.
Jar vis Caldwell, community
chairman, in other discussion, out
lined the final plans for the ( ounlv
Field Day, which will he held at
Canton High School athletic held
on Saturday.
Iron Duff's competitors will im
resent the division in the games
which will be played for the county
Mr. Caldwell urged all residen s
to attend the event if they possibly
(See Iron Duff Page
Since the first couple gol mar
ried, several billion babies have
been boi i) in the oi Id.
Becoming a father, however, is
still a lough proposition.
U s no consolation for the pro
spective father' in that period im
mediately before enlightenment lo
realize he wasn't the first man to
suffer, nor will he he the last.
Us still a strictly individual
experience, of course, like the one
l!)-ear-old Ralph Zimmerman en
dured I Kim Sunday till Monday
night al 1 1 :45 p.m. Monday.
And it s one of the few in which
a man is strictly on his own.
Kinm what 1 saw lasl night.
ihou'Hi. if you're going to become
a father, the best place to become
il i, at Haywood County Hospital
The nurses and the doctors are
iihoiit as good al making me pi li
nes painless -- or least painful,
anyway as any in the state.
i'.asing I he rigors of fatherhood
is one Hung that the fanciest etpiip
,,.,, I j,, ihc world cannot do. The
onlv thing that can do it. is the
;imi,.nt leol of human considera
tion. 'I lr I, , p it in good working or
,, - al II.,-. wood.
When I hi t s.-u. Hie young Al-
, ( in k farmer la I night, he
i, ... I,,. ,, n lather in ! about 44
5 Fined For
Hunting And
Fishing Laws
A hunter and four fishermen
were fined last week as Haywood
County officers pressed their cam
paign against game law violators.
Came and Fish I'rolncrtor C. W.
Ormanri said today the five men,
charged with violations of the law
covering closed seasons, were or
dered to pay fines and court costs
totalling Sl".-r0 to $17.50.
The hunter was found with a
dead squirrel he was accused of
shooting within the Waynesville
Town-hip limits off the L'igeon
Valley highway.
The live anglers were charged
after I hey were found fishing in the
Kast Fork of the Pigeon River
Mr. Ormanri reminded bun
laud fishermen again that the squir
rel season doesn't open until Oe
(See 5 l ined Pane K
Forty-live members of the TVA's
Forest Development Branch opened
heir animal meeting this morn
ing at Waynesville wilh discussions
of administrative problems of their
irganizal ion.
They also talked nut those
ihascs of the program that should
be emphasized particularly.
This afternoon, the foresters,
epresenting the TVA's live South
ern districts, will inspect the inan
igenienl practices on the Waynes
ville watershed.
Accompanying them will be
Town Manager C C Ferguson and
members ol the Hoard of Alder
men County Agent Wayne Corp
eliing and Assistant County Agent
Wayne Franklin also were sched
uled lo join (he groiio lor (he lour.
Scheduled lo make the inspec
tion wilh the visiting officials were
Dr. Charles llirsch. chief of the
watershed management division of
the Southeastern Forestry Fxperi
ment Station at Asbeville; and Don
Mollis of Asbeville. supervisor of
the 1'isgah National Forest
Tomorrow morning, the forest -See
Foresters Page Ht
Pigeon Area
Fair Set
Record Crowd Expected As
Six Communities Compete In
Field Day Events Saturday
- " I m r
Trophy For Aunt Ida
x f-iuiii-1
I 4 Vi- &
m mr!0mmmAmi
,,i;, hk, other lirano new
Vouns I alher I'ase 31
Merchants To Meet
On Tuesday Night
i ' i . , i
( o -.sf d
die -
I hi- ihc third annual To
l.irv e .1 l- e.-.l ival w ill be dis
,1 ,, meeting of the Waynes
l ,, luood - Fake .lunahiska
Mmchapis Association here I ues-,-,v
m 'hi. The meeting has been
called le. W M "Hill" Cohh, pres.
jfici-,1 for 7::V1 in the court room
Other matters "I importance will
be brought up for action of the
members. Mr. Cobb said.
Haywood Cattle
Star In Program
To Better Herds
Haywood County cattle thai
have meant good living to many
farmer . are being used to improve
the bleed of herds in the eastern
part of t he stale.
State Department of Agriculture
a-K iits recently bought 42 head of
llavood heel animals under the
slate - new livestock improvement
progiam. and shipped them to Cary,
,.;,! Raleigh, for distribution lo
, ,islei n tarins.
This ln-t shipment under the
program will go to farmers in the
Selma. Durham, l.ouisburg, and
Sib-r City area.
S Curtis, state livestock
A two-day l'igeon Valley Commu
nity Fair will open September HO
al the Bethel School Agriculture
The event will reflect every as
pect of farming and farm home
lite, M. C. Nix. Bethel agrteull in e
teachiy who Is directing the nr-
I rangements, said lodhy in his an-
I noueement.
I There will he exhibits of the
j l'igeon Valley's finest field crops,
j beef and dairy cattle, and bonie
l making arts during the Fair, which
is being sponsored by the West
Pigeon Community Development
j Program headed by Chairman Jack
Cooperating are the Community
J Development Program organiza
tions of Kast and Center Pigeon.
I Cecil, and Cruso.
Associate director with Mr. Nix
is I'.dwin Justice.
Working on committees which
will handle the exhibits and the
animals are the (i4 members ol the
Bethel Future Farmers of Amer
ica chanter and the 54 students
1fbinrf arri'tnlillllt-.-ll training at I
Bethel under Hie CI Bill of Rights.
In general charge will he Ceorge
Hhmn Center Pigeon community
lu,n,(,rs officer.'
Miss Betty Bradley. Bethel home
economics teacher, will be in
charge of the women's exhibit is.
(See Pigeon Fair Page 8)
I.cslcr Burgin. Jr., president of the Waynesville Junior Chamber
of Commerce, presents a gold loving cup to Aunt Ida Mullis of
Balsam. The 7tt -year-old lady was honored by the Jaycees at their
final street dance of the summer. September I lor her interest
and promotion of square dancing. iPhoto by Ingram Studio).
Several Large Suits To
Be Heard In Civil Court
County Growers
To Plan National
Apple Week
The Smoky Mountain Apple
Growers Association will meet at
7:30 V. M Tuesday at the Haywood
County Court House, President
Bob Boone of Francis Cove an
nounced today.
He said the meeting has been
called lo give materials for the
I advertising campaign and to lav
j plans for the observance of Nal-
ional Apple Week, which is sched
uled to he held during the final
I week of October and the first part
I of November .
I At a recent meeting, the Hay
wood annle growers launched
rketin" specialist, is in charge i extensive campaitii, m. ouv....,-.
the distribution. Ithc quality of countjapple
Latest Fashions
To Be Shown In
Monday's Edition
The latest in fashions for men,
women, children and the home,
will be featured in the special
fashion supplement of the Mount
aineer on Monday.
Many photographs of what is
new in the fashion centers will
he carried in the edition, in ad
dition In numerous articles by
style experts.
This supplement is to appear
in the Monday edition of The
Mountaineer it will be of in
terest to you.
Town Adds A
Second Full-Time
Fireman To Force
Way lie Wile got another full -lime
fireman this week.
Kennel Ii Turner, 22-year-old for
mer a r iant at the Dixie-Home
Si ore here, started work Monday
nighl .
Town Manager Grayden Fergu
son said in his announcement that
Mr. Turner would also receive
telephone calls for the police de
partment on his night shift job.
Prior lo Mr. Turner's appoint
ment. Fire Chief Clem Fitzgerald
was the only full-time member of
the town fire department.
Volunteer firemen make up the
remainder of the Waynesville
Court To Convene
Monday, Judge Moore
Presiding; Memorial
Service in Afternoon
Judge Dan K. Moore of Sylva
will open the Iwo-week September
civil term of Haywood Superior
Court next Monday morning with
48 cases sell' doled for hearing.
Al 2 p.m., the court will suspend
business lo honor Hie late W. I.
Crawford. Waynesville attorney
who died a year ago.
Memorial i-ervice. will be held
by the llavwoori County Bar Asso
ciation in the court loom.
Scheduled lo In- lieai d I'u ,d after
Judge Mo, He eon, in-:, court at 10
a.m. are uin oiilcleri divorce ac
tions. Also iloekeled lor healing open
ing (lav are two damage suit s
against He- Male Highway Coiuinis
klon growing out ol Hie construc
tion ol Highway l'i past Lake Juna
hr.ka in HH''' and ',Vt',.
John C Nol. inri and Ins wife,
Teams from East
Pigeon, Iron Duff,
Saunook, Thickety,
White Oak and Upper
Crabtree to Participate
The prospective contestants of
six communities polished op their
performances this week in prepar
ation for Saturday's Community
Development Field Dav events ;et
Saturday at the Canton High
School athletic field
Kast Pigeon. Iron Duff. Saunook.
Thickety. While Oak. and Upper
Crabtree will send their gladiators
and as large a rooting section as
possible to Canton to compete for
the recreational lilies.
Community chairmen this week
exhorted their neighbors to go out
in force, since 50 points will go on
the final score to the community
having the largest i epresentions.
A record crowd is expected.
C. C. Poindexter, Canton High
School athletic director, will serve
as field judge for th program as
a whole,
Judging the music competition
will be Miss Nancy Kjllian of
Way nesville Township High School,
Mrs. Robert Matthews, director of
the Canton High School (Wee Club,
and Mrs. Donal Randolph, who
helps conduct Champion YMCA's
music program.
Umpires for the sortball games
will be Nazi Miller. Champion
YMCA pitching star; Carl RatcUffe.
assistant coach at Waynesville
Township High School; Marvin
l-eatherwood, Field Dayu recrea
tion committee chairman from
Jonathan Creek; and David Under
wood of Waynesville.
Kast Pigeon, Iron Duff, Saunook.
Thickety, White Oak and Upper
Crabtree representatives will com
pete in the games and athletic
events for the title in the Field
Kach won the summer competi
tion in the inter-community days
held in its division.
Saunook, While Oak and Thick
(See Field Day Page 3
Set' 15 PavlU,
and Kririnu
file lpmm,r.
F staff of the
Bethel Citizens To Make
Football Team Decision
At a called meeting Tuesday-
night, 25 West Pigeon resirtcms
voted unanimous support to beine
High School's proposed football
Jack Sloan, chairman of the
West Pigeon Community Develop
ment Program organization, al-o
reported that they voted to pledge
to contribute at least $100 for uni
forms and equipment for the high
school squad.
Principal E. J. Evans of Bet he
School said at a meeting last
Thursday night that it would take
at least $1,000 to equip the high
school players properly.
The action of the Community
Town Firemen Stop
Answering Rural Calls
. . .. !. 1 1
Development organization came
a brieM spot the eve of a mccl
inq scheduled for tonight at the
hirh school.
T' l. meeting, scheduled to open
a, T ito Pin., i'- to determine wheth
pr there is sufficient interest among
,e resulents of the Bethel area to
warrant the expense ot organizing
a high school team.
Keprescntatives of the five Com-
Development organizations
oi .' " . ,,
i i he Pieenn alley
, .11.... f-ivin Club
vanev ...
..iation. school
cacuci .-.-- ... i
cials. community leaders, pr , This wwld jmlt rne operalions
ritiens. and memocis ul
wavnesville firemen will no long
er answer alarms in the rural area
beyond the farthest limits of the
town's water system
Town Manager C. C. Ferguson
said todav the fire trucks would be
sent only to those areas at the
limit of the water lines and hydrant
They will continue to serve the
. . 't ITt-l Wavncvillp
the Pigeon! - - . mnt Hazp,
vithi Parent- 01' iniii-o",,,,,
Bethel i artin ,u niln.c where hv-
Offi" WOOO. ailll Ulim --
drants are locaiea
(Sec Bethel Page 8)
of the fire department to an area
a half mile Deyono me toi'c
He said the restriction, which
went into effect this week, war; s"'
! because the town itself is left witb
lout adequate protection when the
! force and equipment are sent on a
call into a rural area.
Furthermore, he added, half the
time the town firemen can do lit
tle good in fighting rural fires ex
cept in places where there is a'l
adequate water supply.
In reference to the expense, also,
he pointed out that it costs the
(See Fire Dept. Page 8)
, i,e .-, ille 'I owuship
i HUH compensation
alp-g,. were done
,pl,,iid by I he cou-
highway through
e-ar Lake Junalus-
K. F. V.'etiz. ill the
a king $2,700 'for
l.iim was done lo
along Fake Shore
I: a.
appraisal coinmis
d hv I he court esti
mated damage - to the Noland prop
erly totalled $T:i..(l. and that the
plaintiff:- had already received $2,
(Sec Court Pasc 8)
l.cora. ol
arc seek ii
for damage-, the
lo c rops and ci
slructiou of Hi'
their properly i
Mr. and Mi
second slid, ai i
damage I he. c
their plopeih.
Drive at Jiiii.riu
This siiinue r,
sinners appoint,
South Clyde Goes
On Record Backing
Hospital Program
Mountaineer Correspondent
South Clyde Community Devel
opment Group lias joined the
throng of other county organiza
tions endorsing the proposed ex
pansion ot Haywood County Hos
pital through the voting of bonds.
This action was taken al regular
meeting of the group Monday night
at Louisa Chapel. The vote fol
lowed a discussion of the bond is
sue bv W. Curtis Ross, editor of
(See South Clyde Page 3i
Tourist Association To
Seek Recreational Program
Members of the local tourist as
social ion decided at a meeting here
Monday night to change the name
to The Haywood County Tourist
Association, as plans were made
for increasing the tourist business
in Ibis area.
A proposal was made during an
address by DeWitt Ballew, that a
dinner be given for local business
men. and solicit their support in
providing some means of a recre
ational program for the commun
ity. Mr. Ballew used as his topic,
"What The Tourist Business Means
To Waynesville".
Mrs. Edith P. Alley, secretary
of the Western North Carolina
Tourist Association, gave a report
on the progress made by the group.
which was organized here cseveral
months ago. Mrs Alley explained
that there are two types of mem
berships in the organization ac
tive and associate. Membership
fees run from $." per year where
accommodations are 1 In 10 rooms,
up to $15 where there are 16 rooms
or more. Associate memberships
are a Hal fee ol $.Y
Sam Queen. Jr., was elected as
alternate director to assist Paul
Hyatt, director for this county on
the regional association board.
Mr. Jones, sanitary inspector,
explained the rules and regula
tions of the Stale Board of Health
for places catering to tourists, and
passed out bulletins' on grade "A"
(See Tourists Paffe 8)
Farm Bureau
Officials To
Plan Campaign
Officers, directors and :pcia!
committees of the Haywood County
Farm Bureau and its auxiliary will
meet al 7:30 P. M. Wednesday at
the Haywooji County Court House,
to plan for the October member
ship drive.
The meeting was called this
week by Charles B. McCrary.
Bureau president, and Mrs. Oral
Yates, president of the1 Bureau's
women's auxiliary.
Record For
(To Data)
In Haywood
Killed.'..; 6
Injured ... 38
Information, com'
from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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