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Comjv 22-230 S TW 8t
; 01 The
Waynesville Mountaineer
Pubhshed Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern EntranceOf The Great Smoky Mountains Nationark . ,
. . r.: ..ruvnnv mr 1 ir.ft S300 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Lountia
n'tvvi'vrii l k v I .at ii-hiwu! " -
NO. 11)1 12 PAGES' Associated Press NAM.s H.Lr.. t.. "
Telephone penUr: II
rosU 15c U talk U Boom
Beld. BUck: Can'l jo ke
HcUl rat for Ustenini?
'm ealllftf my wife.
VKicy had to
F nit his "aQ1
X as a sheriff's
, r..ssion given when
" i sienins off is:
Uten ..trt wind It UP
t'ornbrcad and
'nther officers listening
1 1"V
"""""...ntlv that Dcp-
'c). ws knocking off for
65th YEAR
! tt ' i Sit1 T TV i
I a W H M BVaalaM JlvWt 1
Hre Named
ssotiaiea rress
Just Part Of One Mail Awaiting Highway Post Office
- ... . , ...w1:.v-yv yn ""T TT?'!8
T - ,1 . . ..,".. t "N kj-Ni'iv -v -: ; I TT. I i
Newly-elected delegates repro- j
senting the 30 communities partici-1
pating In the Production and ;
Marketing Administration Program ,
In Haywood County named their .
laol county oiucers rrinay ai u,c
countv PMA convention. i
The convention followed Thurs
day's annual PMA elections in
which the delegates to the eonven-;
tion and tne memocrs oi me cui
munity committees were named.
A. W. Ferguson of Crablree was
re-elected county chairman; C. K
Liner nf Waynesville, re-elected
1 ... u.l :nA .l:wk I Mr-
Allium ui'i"1 jv i vice-VllcIll limn, "' ..
i I.. I.. v(pi I . r til I. .Mo', i..i,1..
in ..'seiie us uiny " i racKen oi riue-o.., .... ...
pants .in h as they were go- uor 0f the county committee.
Mr, McCracken succeecien a. n
Hipps of Canton.
Miss Sarah Fullbright. of lion
Duff, full-time county PMA secre
tary, said the final official' tally of
Thursday's results was not com
She added this was expected to
be completed and the identity ol
the community committeemen an
nounced this afternoon.
The delegates at the convention
were' fcrert Mann, Heaven,.,,...
Floyd Brown. Cecil; W. .1. Camp
un ru,A- fan-nil dance. Crab-
tree; , , ,
Watson Howell. Kast rorn. .
Ferguson, Fines Creek; K. D. liad
..u... in tinff- C F. Owen, Ivy
Hill- John Howell, Jonathan ( reek;
Jack McCracken, Pigeon; .1. "
Swayngim, Waynesville; Molvm
Messer, White Oak; Milton Messer.
Panther Creek
f t
I Succcssiui
I .....StitihwnviPatrol-
g SK"-' " " ' .
MuniU was concerned.
"e department's Christmas
uwd clothing was almost
'srtssful last week.
1 the laundry man delivered
. (...-i r hrann new um-
Mnls to tlicv ponce siaiwu,
IT ronscientidusly
.m in a specified corner.
,,,, MuniU arrived Just
ill. salvation Army
mriiwl i a pair that was al
s good, though.
jcls Ain't Enough
U Santa Clans. He has'been
jV streets here daily with his
trod bag of candy, passing it
' the children, along with
lv varied promises. ,
I, other day, after meeting
Weds of youngsters, Santa be
to take stock of his candy sup
1 have given out a bushel
f, and just as much yesterday,"
k ... .i. . i,.ii ntH man added:
n nil'
,tr saw such candy-eating
jssters in my life but I'm glad
i like my candy; I'll just order
it can't let my young friends
l ' "'' ' '. " -
A (Pol
iM M iiThreat of War
County Sends
17 Men To
Service, Hears
Message Friday
On Draft Board
"H " , , nHnii da b'. Shown here, left to i u.m. au ......i.w.f mall. iStalT Photoi.
since u.a. ru":- employees. A number of bags, and parcels are
F. A. Mcliois. aim v nan , t
!me Old Excuse
'm adult clerks were down oil
i knees in a toy .department
H to Bel a mechanical toy to
irate.. They thought they were
win the department, when a
illy young mother stepped up.
iv did mil near ncr coine
I were having the time of their
is playing with' the modern
Wis in toytand,
She stood it about as long as she
Id, then said: "If I were sure
6-year-old son would get half
f mien urn out ot inai toy as
po arc getting, I'd ask Santa to
ring it to him,
rko l,n tonaA olorWc slnwlV
up, and in a muttering manner
ltd to explain that the particular
hail been out of adjustment,
ft it before offering it for sale.
iou are just liKe my nuaumiu
m ashamed to admit you're still
Wdish when it comes to such toys
-now wrap it up, and stop telling
ie what 1 know is not so."
Waynesville FFA
Boys Win Honors
In WNC Event
Elect 1951
Crahtree Tnv Listers LJaitied I Or
! m Ufl -
SDbu,W5fl County Co Mobs
I .. I I son this also N tax-listimt
Frank Ferguson. Jr., ol Waynes
ville was elected Friday io .u
the Haywood County Bar Associa-
The Waynesville Future Farmers ( cnunw lawyers voted dur
of America team holds a rham-i a )Usy ,)Usil, session in the
pionshlp from last week s Nanta-j m.m.y ()f the Haywood County
hala FFA Federation Field Day 1 )U1.( H()U,e
The" team of Frank Enloe, Dale FtM.guson succeeds Alvin T.
Medford, and Bill Arrington rolled ; ; , WayIU,svUle.
up 2.001 points of a poss.o.e also' elected Glenn
mT,...tht rnm r rrn imumivi.'
IUUUI.1 mw . J
Western North Carolina competed
in the event which was held at
Bryson City last Wednesday.
John Nesbit, is faculty adviser
of the local group.
The Robbinsvine ieam i.
second with 1,920 points, and Bry
son City was third with l.i8-!-
v...,,., .,u hand will make it
j..i..,i iinvunod county s big
UCllUi ...w ......
nh,.l music circles Ihursday
i. i n. fvuhh-fi'-lroti DulT High
School band organized with i;
i...... I,,. -i Ihio fall I
The band, together with the old-!
rr Crahtree-Iron Duff High School
.... . .. it n ...-.f ttn.
Glee Cluh. win give ni
cert as the feature of the school s
Parent-Teachers Association De
cember program at the school.
The event will open at cju P m.
Directing the band, as well as i
the Glee Club, Is Mrs Phillip Chase !
I of Waynesville, j
I The singers and musicians, with.
! choral groups from the second and '
I the fourth grades, will offer a pro-;
j gram of Christmas music. !
The theme of the Yuletiiie p.o-
"t "hrisimas "
hih! New License Tags
sday i M
Are Selling t ast
Haywood County people .remain
ed grave but calm Friday as they
saw 17 young men leave Waynes
ville for military service that
mornina. then heard the Presi
dent's grim message that night.
. . t n.tlnlta in
Mliusieis uiiiii iiivu
i the county eiiurcnes yrmeru? ! ;
.. . I. .. . . '
erly called lor unuy iun r
people In the face of the newest
danger to the nation's freedom.
f ... fell nan.
Men ano noy nom io i
ulaled calmly on the probability
that tills wouio lie mm
Christinas as civilians.
i-i ,. i... itii ih Iw-nrlies
lite im-ii "i"' ....
from Guadalcanal and Cape Qlou-
J it lift t
cester lo imcne mm
fell that they woulrtn t ne rauea.
unless the situation became murh
They didn't like It.
Hut they were ready.
M.m- homes throuuhoul the
j county already have fell tin- un-
ulterahle pain ol war.
Al least seven killed in action,
more than a down wounded, at
least two more missing.
All these since isi sumim-i .
1 i.. u-.,,.,i Wnr II mure men from
III II " " -
j Havwood County. In proportion to
ills p ;iulalion, enlisted In service
I than anv other county In the na-
M.inv ul who left after the
job was done registered for re
serve duly. Just in case.
F.nllstnientK slaekeneit in inc
days of the peace.
ii.. i ...,i,i ii,..v riKM when the
1. 1. 1 nM"M ..'
North Korean Uvris launched thoir
1 w
( anUm W already ahead f what
11 uuMJiituH'l, l5i, ae
He-sides being the Christ mas sea-
. ..... :u. inn I inn.
This memorandum was issuco to
day by County Tax Collector Sebe
lie reminded lax payers that North Korean Beds launcnoo meir
February 1 Is the date when the invasion and Americans went to
... j. .11.,, .1,1 infill tuxes nn:ltn
pcniu.. ,,.niimir front. haaa
II.. nnnounceu nn- " -
wirn in as a member of the
Haywood Draft Board. Mr. Walk
er was named after I he resigna
tion of W. A. Bradley, who re
cently became a member of the
Hospital board of trustees, Mr
Walker a navy veteran of 28
months tn World War I, has been
active in veteran's affairs heie,
having served as commander and
In various other capacities of the
American Ugioii, Other mem
bers of the board are Ruf ll,'f
1 and Way Mease.
State Draft
Board Names
1 fsm Member
. ...!. :.f Wif.'iiM'4U'
waa fworn In last weiU as the f
ready ahead f what j ' ctlyM.; . -r On the economic front, hftua. -g ,wornln last week
i.nuwi 1. IftSS. ar- 1 unr ' c " . (! as .. i. .m.r. hnnis. and businessmen. t u.vwnnd County heiec
cordlnr to Mrs. Smalhers, aeere- j ,, , the various town- w,, the memory of rationing, ma- fiprv,lC(, Bolird Nft. 1,
tarv of the ranmn 1 w ; . , . tune may lerlals snonaKcs, ami i. .- v....--. j(e tooK nis oain m.T
Bor -Bolihy. Setzer, Waynesville
lih Sehooi s popular, hard-hit-
'H tackle and cq-captain, Thurs
day was a diiv husv with the collec-
p ol football awards.
mat morning, he travelled 10
(See Sidelights Page 2)
cVisrkl Rnnrt Is
Expected luesaay rt
He succeeds Thomas G. Morgan
nf Canton.
In other business, the members
discussed plans for a social meet-)
: 11... np;n- future, arranged ,
for representatives of the Haywood j gram will be
group to attend the Western wis-,
A..i5.iinn meeting at I
inct 1 ."" ., nii'""" 1 i,
11 U...,r4 a H- ...uiu ...,. ...l.rl.i nv
Brvson Ctly tomorrow, uvu - 2-4 feet in wium.
Motorists are buyliu much ,
faster, and several weeks ahead
of last year," Mrs. Smathers said.
Slierrll! H. t.eallierwood of
Wauiesvillc retuitied to his home
vesterday from layw..l County
'Hospital where he had been un. vv
f.- f weeks following
irt'HI IMI T.l ,
Air 1 .11"
an appeiHieci.Mi.,..
1. I 1.. .......Itllllf. W . Ill' ll,,"."
Huee Christmas caras, m . wooo is '
-.nrlnB four feet in length and Motor Company here. -
ships with whom taxes
V II Hyers
1)1 (1 s
M,s. Wade nhea;
Calaloochee J. M. Caldwell;
Cecil-Jerry Francis;
Clyde -William Osborne;
Crahtree Frank Medford;
East Fork-K U Burnett;
Fines Creek-Cauley Rogers
Iron Dulf Jarvis caiowen.
Ivy Hill-Wilson Fisher;
Jonathan Creek R. W.Howell;
..1 ., u f. Hurnett;
Waynesvllle-Johnny Ferguson;
White Oak-Odie Fish.
Mini i'ir f , tlVC W"'r -
t nrirp control tL. ui- th ithnrtlv aflr
ll'I (ill 3ihm - 1- , - - MP (OtlK
. j ....... f nf- . . . i U .iiitinn
still sharp, consioereu wbjb "-1 (h(l ocni iHiara ricev-i
justim-nt to the forecast controls , Scectlve Service head -
again. I quarters that it had appointed him
The. reaction generally was one 1 flll tnc v-cancy created by the
of dismay ano concern, uui u.m.-! re)lj((naln ot v a. bh"w
Ivlng It there was the unanimous j ,Ue
"If It's But to Im- done, let s go
! ahead and do It."
1950 Christmas
Tree Party Set
I For Saturday
1 Brvson .uy lonmi " , -1 leei .11
hrarv report, and drew up the cal-l (n ,,iementary school art slum. m
'H1i.... ....1... . "" I
i ... ih.. luii.U'f'I'K ,WlMUdl f.. u,. nrnfram
ipnar MM tnc , IDI ll" ' r
civil term of Haywood huperim , T)( j,a.cnl.Teachers Associanon,
Court cooperating with the sc 10.... .. e
.... , ,.nc .tanuarv 8. . .. ... , 1.. c.r 1 n oruanl-
mhr- the new lein. i ; s ed raise nie iunu
jrn. .V PP A llll..ll"v 1 K ll,illUIIl I I lll ' r ,1... r.lrl
jacK m--i rmmiltee wl,n JU(' "' zation 01 tne , ,,.,.,'
of the State School Committee Th.. school's annual Ilallowen;
here Tuesday with the recommen- oda1()1 Librarian J. Hardin (See Crabtree--Fe
dations as recently made relative wcU Jr ()f WayT.esville report-) .
to Haywood schoolL ,d XM the Court .li-us,. library 01011
has been tormauy ai-i" noW has Slti.OOU worm 01 . At.
-State Board of Mucauon.
NO mm ('ti-" - .
what the ,.SP0cial state conmidtec, .
put Into tneir repn - i UUCiui
a survey.
Mid-Night Service
Christmas Eve
A mid-night Christmas Service
of the Holy Communion will .
. .. . Fniscooal Chunn
hem at
Christmas Eve
The Kev. r-uso. - ,
rector said the service would b.
gin at 11:30 p. m. Sunday.
Dies At 84
I After Illness
S Rufus Hunter Blackwell. M.'
.. prominent Haywood C ounty h 's -ness
man. died Sunday morning in
l b Sanitarium. Morgan-
. .....,n,,.i.t .. lintici ini Illness
Hobert Cline Alley, to. .'""""p ton. aiiei . this
s of .lodge and Mrs. rel.x E . Kunera services we rt h M
. . ..J.1....1.. tiaturnav , . in thi- rirsi
A ev, ' 'I'M su(iii' .i'. , .
11 .... J XT pfi nl3
afternoon in uicnmonii. ..-
Wellco Has Visitors From
Many Foreign Continents
. ... Uf..l
Tnint Boards Of
j Chamber Of Com
merce To Meet
Mr Bradley resignea iu ..-t-v
an appointment to the board of the
County Hospital.
He bad been named by the new
board of county commissioners
I December 4.
Mr Walker had been recom
mended for the draft board post
. -,u..i ... f 1 Krancis of tne
oy lliail um. w. -
county commissioners. Education
Superintendent Jack Messer, Supe
rior Court Clerk J. B. S.ler, and
Elections Board unairmau v ....... -
The modern plants of
oe in'"" ,
ur- ft hecom
Shoe uoi pin nii. "-
illK a "show place" In Haywood,
land have attracted several bun
! dred visitors from five foreign con
,i s well as from almost
j The Waynesville Woman's Clubl
I in cooperation Willi oiner iota, v.
; , .1 tw.i.i iu 1050 an-
tHnizui 1011s. win -- .
.. I .. 1 ..... SKhn-riav. upi. v .-.
Wellco t ' "
n... .,...,i uiu !. he d at tne
Haywood County Court House.
Cooperating are me ""- "
Rotary Club, Waynesville Lions
Club, and the Town ol waynes
.ih.r members of tne
draft board are Rufus Siler of Al
iens Creek and Way Mease of Canton.
1 For Robert Alley
j Set For luesaay
.0 Meet ;, vc.ry stale In the union. V(,unKS,,rs receive toys ,
s'-n of Ihe HIS" A check of the visitor's register , fr(,m SaIlta CUus. Meetmg GCnerOUo
', .'n..wlv elected 1951 revealed today that visitors from ,
person a. k.
. 's ,' the Cha.nhi'.' Kuropt, Africa, South America. .8l,whik, Mrs. N. W. Garrett pbUC ReSpOnSO:
wl,l he held at 7.30 Asia and Australia have enjoyed 1 n( Mrs Cnarlcs E Ray, Jr., head-
seeing the unique manufacturing , tnt, arrangements for the event, Tn ,)()Uce Department rp-'rttn
in , ........... , .u. : ....... thi. mornlne . i ou.d ud toy
Funeral Tuesday
. in the First
rhr,h with the pastor, the Kev. J.
" ..-hi hn held in'.rV"ni, officiating intermem
T' 1 1 til I Villi ni'i fj, J UU'1"
the 1 U,' Li r ,hn narents. Tuesday ... , r.reen Hill Cemetery.
Rpv .1 E. younu, !"" . .. Massie. j - Th(,..
Kcv- - . ..... -u k nff e atina . ....... v pv. Jr.. Dr. Thomas
rust "'- . nrppnhi
, ioinl session
hoard and the
board of direct
of Commen, will he ne,.. - ;As.a a,, - manu(Vurng
, ... see UK iiif u.i.-i"-
tolilKfi". 0,111 f f,.,
'Officers r tile coiniim ) pi.iten v
. ......... murli. fill' thei .. .1, O..M.r,un
he e ('( ted ano 1'"'" 11. vr. n... .... r .
I9SI program. Uial in addition to the manufactur-
s ',..,..,-s elected by mail in nrMMmt of making sponge
. . ....... 11.,. . . .
ballots last week induct
Haul Hy-
a, I. Charlie Woodard. Dave Fe rnet.
William S Kay. ur.
I K Harry Bourne, tlay-
,on Walker and M. K. Wlnserihunt.
A number ol appomuvf
e Test Farmk
. .. .. -.
Massie, J' - . .... a 11(11'"'
iffieiating. . )(,s E R8y. jr., in. 1 "-' lors representing various oik-"
U..H-.1 will fo low in uic-c. 1 stringneia. kowii i....-. tions , ana munie,i, ";, -
Cemeterv Weatherby, and M. H. be added to the board of 24 mem
Cemetery .iihearers were mem- ,
u"T itaard of stewards of - , Kllpa(,,tk is presi
i iuiv,ii , .(renewed men .." -
Hollman. president, ;.said f()r donations of toys.
i..u... (hn munllf actur- I i-v,, urp asked to leave the
1(111"! ' " " w '
cm i Mrs. Garrett's home on
rubber soled footwear, the visitors Walnut st.
havp been impressed with work- Tne Rev. M. K. Williamson, pas
nave "- , .... ,. . ,...., ..nip Prpshvterian
infi conditions nere, mu w.v - tor 01 me ....-.....-
munity as a Whole. Church, will lead the prayer at
-Practically all of our visitors Saturday's athering and
i,ri wldnlv over the Christmas story win
world and are prompt to rem...
today an apinr.i ' c
and clothing has received gpnerou,
public response so far.
Policeman Jerry Rogers
Fire Chief Clem Fitzgerald al,-.
has repaired and painted mi-'.
lv. and that more eonfnHo-""
will he appreciated deeph
, The collection campaign 1
.. H..rwv in the Wa-. "J-
emetery. , . r,r.
Active pallbearers will be Gar
t ,. unwell. Dr. Thomas Mring-;
1 ltt ' ... n 1 Tr Jflhn !
t .. . . T..n w net u. " it, nhiirrn
, .,. Jack Felmet, Joe W., Mr BJackwell came
.lames ; ,
,s. dent, serving his second term. Mrs.
have traveled- widely over me, Christmas ' o ake .-n..,- b, .4!"
... t.i....i,.i.,ii rame to Waynes- speretaiy.
jmns ii, -v. Atkins. . raswell County in 1W ' ' ,p,.mnt was made this
1 Honorary P Ubears will be mem-; hls brother Wallace - fflcc of the
M,p fofrihePHaywood County Jtar.;',,,, ,d -he late H JJ. (lf C.nnmerce would be
foliation and visiting lawyer . nTnma the Blke' fnim Tut,s(lav untH January
llev a founer investigator for ; nne Company, a ' "'..111- 1' correspondence wil be
t,aroles Comn Lndled as usual during the time
native of Haywoou ,."-;;',-" ful busine n -- the office is.cioseu
mai in i . , ..,.! n-u.. i .... W;.nesville F1A win
Hy ranks among tne oest - ".'"'" Tm.s,av afternoon in
around working conon.,.,,,, nil!,, as previ-
Hollman said. slt'" .
Products of WellcO are inanufac- f'" . Thl. A-
tured throughout the worm. ' )(, shwn M,s. Cecil Jen-
several foreign oiuces u... - - - ,,,,.,.,,1
tained. , - ' "
ri nunY
Partly cloudy and rather cold
'th mattered light snow flurries
Monday. Tuesday fair and becom
ln? thghtly warmer Tuesday after-
'Official Waynesville tempera
'"fe as recorded by the staff of the
Mflln 1
a native oi Wavnes.
was "" Zh School and
ville Township Hign aij
Duke University where he rece.v-
Forestry Demonstration
To Be Held Tuesday ;
io onrt cutting
A forestry miimn'R
SSb. Branch section ;
of Crahtree. narticipate
Special Shopping Event
Slated Friday Evening
. h ... mgktnf elaborate plans for a special trade.
Merchants here are manina e. rpmail, 0DP1, Mnlil niiie
iSl'Z.inZn ... day on Wednesday this wee,.
The tor increasing number of shoppers.
'n 1Z tJr:: oAhe steadiest shoppin of .
The Marine Corps is displaying the above Christmas message on
Waynesville in front of the Post Olfite wn. re 11
.1nury 15.
Miss Allen Hart has he- n
secretary of the new SpamJ
at Meredith college.
1 Club
Ministers Rap Lottery
Mothods In runa uuy
IVieinUUa XXX ;, ,,. written to the
Lottery methods 101 , T,, Mountaineer vy
ing has drawn the fire ., '' " Bl,,w of the Salvation
wood County Ministerial Assoc. a- my .,.,,,. of the clergymen s
''"Members ot the Avocation .'- ,s p(ju.
cently approved plans to apmjo ( (m (HMh.r pag(! m
school otucid" " . ((1S ,U1. .
or Associations to use only u" letter said ha
questionable methods" when - nd Js,.iatlJ1 members ask that
raising campaigns are - means of - rah lng
They recommenaeo f(,ml , use,, in me
,,,nditions requi.ins - - s,ead ol lotteries. " "-, "
large sums of jnone .h- -m t tthlt.h are .Legal in
'aXS,e e ot chil- this slate. ' .
througn ",r ' l ie eiiei . . ,
iren" . ... ...... .. .sLsnUthih a critical period
The criticism.
.1 ,s uassiiu througn a cn"' e
and .-uggehtion oi V-" 2
Record For
In Haywood
(To Date)
Injured . . . . 28
(This information com
piled from Recordi of
State Highway Patrol)
lato Max. Min.
V. 14 ....... .44 17
" 15 1.1 49 19
' " 16 ....... ... .47. -.--14.-'
" 17 40 17

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