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late when jo are early, act
early when jott are Ute.
iWished Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
-l4 uWher
WAYNESVILLE, N. C 'THURSDAY AFTERNOON, FEB. 8, 1951 53.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Court -J
66th YEAR NO. 12 11 TAGES Associated Press
vol' I.U1U "
Of The
News n
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; '"J on wednes-
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im10 ",'::J..'.hPP of
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. to pen '"--
a,n Of COW "
:...,n of weanesuoj
Ithy Grand Jury
erand jury should
Liv morning, Zack u
.,..-kt- nruuiEiit in m
h.i of beautuui bpp:,
time Jim Palm
rr of the jury, came in with
well supplied with
md stayed in perfect health
..... ih dav session.
u, in. -
Group Wil.
: - - , , . . .. .. -
Flan Rural Road Program
B. Reeves tloland Named
Chairman And Member Of
Inter-City. Survey Group
' ' '. .
Commission Head
itu- expression former
John M. Queen used in a
i rinfcndants were charg-
iik .
Lotting rirunk on beer, we
L stuff for sale, it gets
L .trunk the state tries
,m -
court-somethings out ot
don't know what beer is
-you can't wash your feet
ain't fit for anything but
i fellow drunk, the law-
liday Breakdown
is j burst boiler the best
ask the students at the
Elementary School. When
ived for class on Tuesday
they found that "School
-at least for the day.
thev beBan supenintending
Vmen at Oak Park racing
d outdoors and who
mo spelling and arith-
Ir that any day? .-.:
kho'd waste a . sunny day
of Wednesday, when the
Wd be repaired ( just min
is, i flue icaking.'acara
.'lautle Roeera. orMcipai-ctf
Loll And rprtainlv who'd
that small cloud on the far
that extra day when
s work will have to be
imously named chairman, and
the 7th man of the inter-city
survey commission to study prob
lems relating to Wayncsville
and Hazelwood.
Sheep Raising Is Fun In Haywood
;ht Be
fa suggestion abofil the
rent's plans for raisine
pets down to the very air
i. Under the plan every
ts a cap with a new-fangl-r
hitched to it. We wear
ffrom 7 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Wit some ear muffs, Uncle
ihe meter registers the
of air we breathe; then
is computed hv thp niim-
:ubic feet we've used.
t think I u;li..lrt K,.t than
f ong record to keep, so here
do Hugh Massie as he an
1 his two-for-one dress sale.
market conditions what
c. l m crawling out on
it here goes."
Polio Drive
Quota By?-
Haywood went almost $4,000 over
the 1950 polio quota, it was an
nounced by Johnny Johnson, of
Wavnesville, and Edwin Haynes,
of Canton, yesterday.
The county quota was $19,400,
and the total in hand to date is
$23,327.81, the co-chairmen ot me
fund raising fund announced.
The officials have paid ott me
msn rfpfirit of $4,200. and as they
announced today, pointed out that
"we have black ink on our side ot
the ledger once again," they said.
The co-chairmen said several
pnmmittpeR were vet to report, and
that the final report might send
the total several hundred ootid
above the present mark. Both co
chairmen thanked everyone for the
generous response, and cooperation
throughout the campaign.
Jig Meet To be Held
klwood Church
hew SiinH.. . -
1 - -"uajr aiirruuun Hi
f AH singers are invited to
u ie part on the pro-
io oe present include
'"S Crepk Olmrtof CU.U
f its OllCltUIl
Pm Queen's Singers, Clyde
j'nford Quartet, and the
f Wuartet.
The 6-man survey commission of
Waynesvule and Hazelwood unanl
mously named D. Reeves Noland
as the seventh member and chair
man of the commission, as the
group held their initial meeting
The commission spent three
hours in formulating their plans
and course of study of mutual prob
lems confrontine the two towns
The members decided to make
detailed report to their respective
boards of aldermen as to the ten
tative plan of study. This report
will be made between now and the
next meeting on Tuesday night. Mr.i
Noland will assume the office as
chairman at the Tuesday meeting.
One member of the commission
said that among the several major
subjects due to be discussed and
studied by the group was me mat
ter of consolidating the two towns.
All indications arc that their form
al report will go into detail on this,
as well as many kindred suDjecis
pertaining to the two towns,
The Wavnesville board named
Charles E. Ray. W. Hugh Massie.
and James M. Long, with Mr. Ray
The Hazelwood board named
John B. Smith, W. H. Prevost. and
Dr. Stuart R. Roberson, with Mr
Smith chairman.
Thp 7-miin commission Is charg
p,i vuiih flip resoonsibilitv of mak
ing a detailed study of problems of
concern to the two towns, and re
port their factual findings to their
boards of aldermen, ana "
A ni.ltld n ciihicf'ts to eel care-
uv ihe commission will
1UI j f
be the water rates Waynesvillo
a wholesale basis.
i'h mmmlsslon nave no llidica
Hons as to how long they felt
would be required to gather and
studv the facts betore mum..
recommendation and report to the
officials and citizens.
In making their unanimous selec
tion of Mr. Noland, the commission
pointed out that His long
and years of experience in official
matters, in addition to his experi
ence as a business man and proper
,.. ..jolt nunlified him as the
IV uwucii " " n . ..
seventh memDer. mr.
in Ratcliffe Cove, and is i
member of the State Agncutu..
Commission, and also highway com
missioner of the 10th district.
Chamber Commerce Begins
Annual Membership Drive
7 Hv
- jt
Thp mpinbershlb drive of the
Chamber of Commerce got under
way here this week, as letters with
membership contracts were mailed.
Harry Bourne U chairman Of the
finance and membership committee,
and plans to get the drlva com
pleted Immediately.
There are three provisions made
for. paying current membership
dues, Mr. Bourne said. 'First, pay
ment in full; getting a statement
miiii'tcrly. and third, drawing a
limit on bank account.
1 "The Chamber of Commerce
should work as a team, and a mem
bership is the only license you need
to be on It," Mr, Bourne said, in
pointing out that "a community
with the opportunities that we have
cannot ho without an active Cham
ber of Commerce."
The memberships this 'year are
$24, and the board of directors at
their Initial meeting of the year
adopted a budccl of $7,500.
David Kelmet, president .of the
oi)ani.alion, said that Mr. Bourne
and committee have worked on
plans for the membership drive for
several weeks, and have a c.tni-
pulgn mapped out which he feels
will assure a successful year for
I the o 'Utilisation.
Heads Campaign
1 t V ! i
if s
IIARRV BOURNE, plunt man
ager of Dayton Rubber Company,
is chairman of the finance and
membership drive of the Cham
ber of Comni' ice, which began
ysh 'dj.
RODNEY HYATT, of Bethel, is just about as happy as two-w.coks.-old
"Suzie Q" the orphan lamb. Rodney is giving "Sti.le Q" purl
of her 60-ounces of milk which she gets every day. Rodney is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hyatt, and the lamb is owned jointly by
Rodney and his aunt, Mrs. Welch Singleton. The lamb's fust meal
is at 5:30, a.m., and the last at 9 p.m., lakin 10 ounces at each of
the six meals per day. tStulf Photo'.
i T 7 ?
Haywood Women To Hold
Day Of Prayer On Friday
Call Foi 3
Board Receives
More Men
Mr and Mrs. Carl Ray of Ocala,
Florida arrived Wednesday to
spend several days at their home
at Hemphill. They have as their
guests Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Palmer,
also of Ocala.
Haywood 4-H Clubs To
Study Highway balety
Stopping highway accidents be
fore they start is the ultimate goal
of the February project of Hay
wood County's 22 4-H clubs. The
4-H Highway Safety project, as
outlined by the Highway Safety
Division of the North Carolina De
partment of Motor Vehicles, has
two parts.
Tho first is Pducational. Feeling
ik.i lou nnfnrrement is not the
L i 1 (1 L . " ..-
only service of the State Highway
(See Safety Study Fage t
16 Building
Issued Here
In January
Sixteen buildiinz permits were is
sued in January, according to the
records of Hugh Jollcy, building
inspector here. The report shows
permits issued for the following:
William Howell, repairs; D. V.
Brendle, barn; D. V. Bicndle, re
pairs; Swan Hendrix, demolition;
Howell Freeman, addition; Kara
Early, garage; Mrs. Nora Massie
Recce, alteration.
Marina Aldridge, demolition;
Martha AlHiidee. dwelling; Frank
Albright, dwelling; A. A. Dills, ad
dition; Town of Wayncsville, addi
linn: Fred Sheehan, dwelling.
t r Patrirk addition; Miss
iwio Hnvrl alteration: William
Medford, dwelling.
The local Selective Service Board
has just released the names of the
men called to Charlotte for physic
al examination on January 23. They
arc: Jack Hay Ferguson, James
Henry HolliiiRsworth, Hoy Lee
C'ogburn, Tolvin Parker, Rufus Al
fred Adams. Kenneth Earl Hannah,
Paul Melealf. Joseph Wlll'ord Kel
ley, William Carroll Metealf. John
Edward Hayworth, John Milliard
Lee, Robert Beeves Wells, David
Hugh Inman. and Sam Stacy.
Iso Rant Thomas uibson, Kyle
Caldwell, Ervin Floyd Mehaffey,
Ted Vernon Clark, Thomas Ray
Miller. Charles Gerald Cieasman,
Luther Chasleen Wyalt, Ray l.ealli-
eiwood, Ralph Sutton, Burlin
Queen, Walter Edward Sonclls,
Billy Lee McAninch, Burlin David
Roberts, Roy Glen Slephens,
Hiram Robert Raymond Ledfoi'd.
Maynard Edward Moody, ami
Amos Chester Worley.
The Board reports a call for 30
men to leave for induction on Tues
day, February 27.
A group of 100 is scheduled to
leave for pie-induction on Monday,
February 12.
Mails Are
Going Thru
All classen of malt. Inrtudlnf
parcel post, are now bolnir ac
cepted for states esst of the Mis
sissippi River and south of the
Ohio and all on Eastern Seaboard
.1. II. Howell, Waynesvtllc Post
master, announced today.
However, the embargo is still
in effect for all States west of the
Mississippi, as well as for Illinois
Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minne
sota, and Wisconsin.
Stockton Heads
Cruso CD Program
Lester Stockton was named
chairman of the Cruso Community
Development Program for the cur
rent year. The vice chairman is
Rev. Oder F. Burnctte.
Mrs. I). B. Vaiice was named 'ec-
retarv. with Mrs. Wilburn Clark,
treasurer, and Mrs. Charles Lay
man. rcnorlor.
The meeting was 'held Monday
niyht at the Cruso school.
Local women will gather Friday
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the First
Baptist church to observe the 64lh
annual World Day of I'ravt ; which
Is called each year by the United
Council of Church Women.
This day will be observed by 92
.countries . iiuougnoul Uie world
The women of Germany have chos
en the theme for this year s gain
crlng from John 4:18, "Perfect
love casts out fear." The prayers
will be begun by tho Christian
women in the Fill Islands and will
be echoed around the world ending
In Alaska.
An offering will be taken in cd
dition to prayer. This will be used
to movicle rlilld care and other
needed services for agricullura
migrants, American Indians, and
for the improvement of the Negro
ministry in certain sections of the
Rural Road
Work Will
Be Mapped
Representatives of each of Hsy
wood's townships, together with
officials, and highway officials will
meet at 9:30 Saturday morning mi
map plans for further rural road)
L. Dale Thrash, highway eommlfc
sioner of the 10th district, and en
gineers, will be here and heaf sug
gest It ms from the representatives
as to what roads need first attetw
tlon under the rural program.
As of January. Haywood hai a
balance of $1,100,000 for building1
rural roads, as provided under th
$200 million road bond lssu of it
months ago.
Interest in the merlins Indicates
that a larcc group will be present
lor ine meeting ncre natuinay.
The State Highway Commission
has completed an additional four
miles of road improvements in
Haywood County under the $20O
000,000 bond issue program.
Grading and surfacing with traf
fic bound macadam were finished
during January on the following
Halo Road, 0 4 mile; Ablo Road,
0.8; Joe B. Cove Road, 0.5; Shu-
ford Howell Road. 0 1.
Stabilizing and strengthening
were completed on the following:
Glenn Street Extension, 0.2 muV;
Shingle Cove Road, 0.4. Rigger
Road, 0.4; Woodland Church, 0.3;
Saunook Road, 0.3; Newsome Road,
0.4; Stamey Cove, 0.2.
Official year-end figures show
that the State Highway Commis
sion has compelled 48.4 per cent
lor 5.811 miles) of the 12.000-mil
secondary road paving goal set by
Governor Scott two years ago. Ap
proximately onc-iourin oi mc :),-000-mile
stabilization program ws
finished by the end or 1950, and
more work was in progress on the
primary road system than at any
time In the Commission's history.
Mr and Mrs. Robert Clark of
Columbia, S. C. and Wayncsville
left last Sunday from New York on
a Mediterranean Cruise which will
include visits to several European
tounliies and Northern. Africa.
They will return to Waynesville in
late spring.
Rev. Will Pharr
Heads East Pigeon
Community Group
Memheis of the Last Pigeon
Community Development program
on Tuesday night" nanicd Rev. Will
Pharr as chairman, and Van Wells,
as vice chairman.
Miss Velma Singleton was nam
ed secretary, and Miss Mildred
Pitts as treasurer. The reporter is
Mrs Will Kuykendall
The meeting was held at the
Bethel school.
Claude II. Ferguson Novf
Holds Rank of Sergeant
Claude II. Ferguson, son of Mr.
and Mrs. C. B. Ferguson of Route
2, Wayncsville, has been promoted
to the grads of sergeant, according
to an announcement by Colonel
Richard W; Henderson, his com
manding officer. Sergeant Fergu
son is on temporary duty with the
314th Combal Cargo Wing in
Haywood's New Grand Jury - The First Named Under The New System
puts To Spend $25,000
proving Lake At Camp
I officials plant,, raise $25,
PJ Ihe next two weeks in
"c council, tor me
W L,:,uaIy -Fair and
i ' . ."ursday and
rriday fair and
fiWu ue tempera-l'hesUffofthe
m. Min. Rainfall
- 49 23
54 21
restoration of the lake at the Boy
Scout camp above Lake Logan. The
lake was damaged two years agu u
flood waters.
The campaign to raise money tor
ih. loir will h staeed in connec-
tion with the annual pembership
ii uavuinnri has neen au"ta"i
n.,ia m $3,330 for the annual
lpamprt from Ben J.
vice oresident, and
M. H. Bowles, member of me im-
anpo pnmmlltee.
Tentative plans are for me cam-
. nnilcranv here Feb
ruary 19th, tn commeniui"""
the 41st annual birthday of Boy
Scouting. The Canton area has
been assigned a quota oi $i,'J"
and Waynesville $1,580.
The ptniel Boone Camp serves
all this 14-county district, and each
summer season hundreds of Scouts
are encamped there. The council
is improving the camp each yw
and the restoration of the Lake is
the major project at the present,
it was pointed oat,
fft- r 0 v "'1 -
1 1 . 1 .
I . . '.- . -
... ' .'. - kpro M nndav morning, as Judge J. A. Rousseau convenea e r
' This UHaywoodem on'the extreme right. The jury, left tlJZZ:
term of criminal vuun. - . ., m,. n Raxter. Gilbert T. uavis, ana iuuui .-.
Charlie Henson. D. N, Arnngion, . ' , 1. Ray Jenkins, A. H. Amos, Fred A. Glance. W.
H. Kinsland, Armur wau, w. - . - -
left to right; W;
Oxner, and D. J.
Two Canton Men Join
U. S. Marine Corps
Two Canton men have just en
listed in the U. S. Marine Corps
and have been sent to the Marine
Corps Recruit Depot al Partis is
land, S. C. for basic training They
arc Robert W. Fisher, 18, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Noel C. Fisher of
Route 1. Canton; and .Jack L Han
nah, also 18, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Andy Hannah, Route I. -
Large Number Of Cases
Cleared From Court Docket
The February term of criminal
court disposed of more than 30
cases in its first three days. Divor
ces granted accounted lor 10 cases;
driving while drunk, 8; and non
support and abandonment, 9.
Judge .). A. Rousseau is presid
ing, and this afternoon is expected
to receive the report of the 18
member grand jury. The group
spent this morning inspecting pub
lic buildings, and records, and were
planning to compile their report
and report to the court this after-
noon, according to Wayne H. Med
ford, foreman.
The Grand Jury finished their
work of going over the bills of In
dictments about three o clock Wed
nesday. The remainder of the day,
and until noon were spent checking
Solicitor Tliad Bryson. Jr. is
making every effort to clear the
docket of a large number of cases
during the two-week court.
Convicted of drunken driving
and fined $100 and costs, with lic
enses revoked for one year were
the following: Charles Pace, Wil
liam Conard Scroggs, Rass Griffin,
Bert Elmer Gregg, Willard J.
Rhinehart, William A. Woodard,
and George E. Cope. Johnny S.
Jackson was fined $150 and costs,
and his license revoked for two
Included in the non-support
cases were the following? Wyatt
Parker, sentence suspended upon
payment of $30 a month: Paul
Blankenship, sentence suspended
upon payment of hospital bills and
family upkeep; Reuben Brown, pay
ment of $12:50 a month and court
(See Court Page S ;
Record For
In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed .... 0
Injured.... 6
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway PalroL)
Noland. (Staff Photo).

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