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ul J
THURSDAY, JULY 11th., 19S5
NUMBER '24 -
Duplin's BJeijliboring County
Aids The State Conservation
N 'J, - VlOl ;i i,y
' ' ' VvTi:-i , EDITOR iA "
Accrued Interest X)n
Deposits Also Avail:
I&sidtotinsr In Branch
PWamw! Uranch
. ,7 i.
raying iviasmwa
: f Checks 1
" Announcement
was mader last
i officers ot . the
Thursday." from
Bank of Magnolia that at the close
of business on 'July 3rd the Bank
went tato liquidation. The decision
' came after, a vote vby the stock
v.Mi 1 nMrh nearlv all Voted
tor liquidation, according to ; a
Statement OIne ui u . . y-
fleers. . . K . J
Officers of the institution an-
nounce in this issue bf the TOMES
that arrangements have been made:
with the-Branch. Banking X and
nnmn.n f 'wnn.w to ac-
cbmodate depositors vbjr paving lonlea to be free and' independent
their checks. Any one having a de- vatates-'Are we really free? tt Lou-
posit In the Bank of Magnolia have sianafrte today or is, she the slave
onlv to draw a abeck for .t a of the demagogue BueyLongT
mount and present It to the win- How far is New yprk City free,
dow of tha Branch Bank and W and to what extent s she to bon-
ceive their money.- This arrange- dage to. Tammany J Are the Sou-
ment was made to save the deposl- thern States free it are 'they 40a-
tors trouble and uonfusion. - .. ' tradition? Philadelphia may
imnimii h1 no were : made i
with the Branch whereby tha of-
l & 1. auiUbui Uid iiwv.ciwon, HCvV,
c -y depositor wUlrecelve -every
cs s.t on deposit lmmedlatelj; upon
demand with all accrued interest
, Rnuiofa Rank Comments
Mr. J. cJiThompspn, Cashier eff
th Branch Ranklnsr siid - Trust r
Company In Warsaw stated., that
he received the news with much
regret and stood willing to aid and
cooperate with the officers of the
bank and its depositors In every
way possible in liquidation. He sta
ted further that he had found the
personnel of the Bank of Magno
lia,. Including the offWers, . direc
tors and clerical, help to be the fi
nest kind of people! and -his asso
ciation, with them; since coming
into Duplin had always been very
iuun : Via nhuv fttfLtftd that! he
thought the Bank of. Magnolia naa i
fir of iiauidation la located 4ft ie" prna nas.weaaiya piuopre wave oi , m.v v i ,v - 'rT " "J
Frwch auik T Warsaw Cashier. aT corrupt Republican machine" e coming year, which Include dertaklhgs 1 at hy h ve had
- Tand Mr and Mrs. Home May fee have such.a Sasp-and greater emphasis Upon basketball with the fc U. f Their, success
t 1 a r'r v vZ 1 ,;A,tnrtinrf . th -and tbe.addltion of boxlnfi'. wrestl. ha wwant . e ioees f liter-
been a financial rock in DupiininmmTinn I55
County, 'especially during the
"ing years of late and their service
-to the county of an immeasurame
quality and quantity. " ' ' r
." When asked about the Intentions
of the Branch Bank Mr. Thomp-
in the towns of MagnoliaT mm'JJ
ville and Falson. Together swlth
Sat and our office, in Wallace,
we wllTbe in-"position. to serve
--- , " . ! ' ' ...
The Branch Banking ana itus
ompany came to Warsaw In 192C
Company i
and opened a branch, in Wallace In
cashier.: came to Warsaw In 1828. . Zl T
Deposits since 1033 have increased nU!' bed. bugs, . cok
it was stated, approximately five roaches, etc. - '
t rns and the Baik is now show- One women who has
ing total resource. In Duplin single district meeUng toy
bounty alone of well over a mil- f " f : fmlt
lion dollars.. Today the Branch der that ahe mM finish palntnlg
stands as the largest bank Duplin "e rooms of heMome ,that,e
has ever had. t ' , . .bad started as a club project
has ever naa t . , Miss Elizabeth Smith of Mag-
' Magnolia Organized 1911 ..nolia, Miss Hester Swinson of Pink
The Bank of Magnolia was orga- HiU and Lehman Williams of Pink
nlzed In 1911 and opened Its doors Hill filled important places on the
for .business- in September of that
year with J, C. Home as presi-;
ent and D .U. Bridgers, casmer.
:i August, 1913, H. D. Dail
i ,e Cashier of the Bank and has
Unued to hold that office since.
ti . ijroom nas servea me
as president and for the past
ars H. D. Williams has been !
lent of the. institution. Pre-
I directors are H. D. Williams,
. . Dall, I W. Brown and P. J.
ii. Employed In the bank are
. and Mrs. J. N. IIorne, Mr.
a being assistant cashier and
'rne bookkeeper.
. e close of business - July
t' e bank showed assets of
nd deposits of 3218,800.
sJ iwberry season pf tfxls
'i reached the peak'm
1 Amy, totaling close
rfevl Fftzgerald
; Writes On The
cf The 4th
Poughkeepsie,,N. Y .
- ' July 8th.,' 1935 V
Editor.: Duplin Times:
I have spent three Fourths , of
July in New . York. Six year ago
the noUe began, long before sun
riae and Justed long after Sunset.
I This year many cities forbade the
r ' sale of fire crackers ,etc-Accord-,
ing to the -Associated Press 'only
201 t&rsona lost their lives in the
... united States celebrating the 4th.
fft : The Fourth is not yet "safe and
sane", but It is better than it juaed
t be. ' i ; 1 ". .4
a fit may be that som day "we
shall see a "safe and ..sane Christ-
begin long before Christmas ? tod
continues luug lucer.. xmuua iv
me that quiet, and' reverence, not
loud noise becomes Christmas.- ,
' ; Our fathers on July 4 th. 1776 in
.fighting for the liberties that the
. mother country, had taught them
declared the thirteen American co-
noasi. ot Demi we oiria-uwve oi
our, independence;
bat ' Phlladel-;
&bnjmake us free lndad,ffylMr",,Bd "l"- totercolle
Truly yours; .--. ; -
Warsaw Stores Close
V Triiircrfn'airlVftnri
i The merchants- of Warsaw have
decided to close their stores each
Thursday afternoon through July
and Auguest, beginning this week.
The custom of closing the stores
one afternoon during the week has :
been practiced in many towns In
Eastern Carolina for several years.
-" The reason for closing Is to give
the "clerks, who have to work ev
ery day during the week a half day
off during the hottest part of the(beat by Muay of U)mu
gy , - L f '
For June H, Dr;W. Program
The subject for study during the !
-"-"i-..tnnnth WH, oIl111t.t.on. Th- foil,.
rT.-"TXr i
home which conteins 8 wbow.
d 3 door, to, lesa than t flvedol-
t,.A - '.niiulii 1. 31 .nil
Diseases caused
7."". ' t
W - lJ
secure: help
. from the FERA in building sanl-
.Ltt - t hclne in
program at the District meeting at
Carolina Beach on June 19th. The
Duplin county - delegation ; came
be-'home with the coveted prize for
the best attendance at the meeUng
'for women. ' ,
wun me elimination oi Jam je-
wel Small of Jones county from
the District Health Contest this
district will be represented by Mis.
Ruth Byrd-tf Jaagnotlfc' Mlw Byrd
;made a score of 97 at the ellmina-
tlon contest in Lumberton recent-
ly. Miss Byrd has all the fine qua-
ltties that go to make an outstand-
mg club member; namely, Leader- v ,
ship, personality, poise, and a truef. . . , , ... '
spirit of cooperation. , , Gigantic Zeppelin to fly hers in
Errt , 'fall, .ays Eckener. 1
- During,, the moi th of June - 16 1 t 0 ,, ,.'
meetings were hldfor "wmenr ,'
with an alter; ' re of 387. Ten; Gasoline taxes, Federal- and
new membeis, v 9 enrolled dur-- Stete, 3735,130,000 in 1934. '
'The story of how sight had
been restored 'after Zl years of
blindness was told by - George
Albert Johnson, 38-year old Ne
gro of Kerr a few days ago.
. Johnson said he went blind at
the: age of eight and after three
major operations by a Wilming
ton specialist ' his sight came
back to hhn about three weeks
" ' '- ' ', ' t'-.v
His sight Is above normal to
day and George la rejoicing and
thanking bis maker for the mi
racle. He says be Is ready to
take his place U the world-new.
along with other people who
have good eyesight.
Wils6n College, Ah:
nounces Atmetic
: Program & Coach
a -U.-3.'
Wilson,' July : lltht-i-Beginning
with the, next school year ia Bept-
ember Atlantic Christian;,. College
wUl have a fuU-Ume coach who
will be A. D, f 'Bud" Rose, basHet.
ball mentor during the past year,
former -State -College star and
former Wilson high school, coach,
according to an 1 announcement
made today by Dr.; H. S. Hllley,
President Of the CoUege.
.", 8 y y-vf
as head coach -were announe'ed oth-
giate sports program, v- t-
: - Th playing of football as an ln
tercoilegiate jiport .will depend. up
oa th outeome oC,.thiiewHts4b
tic program during the next twoor
three -Tears, it was stated In the
announcement- . t .
. Thenew hsad coach cam to. A
ti. - i. o JoialU n tha atlilatltt lUllinw Vrtl I aatHa; lAahAua In t lMl flltllMl llll-i
C .C. from a very successful, career have literally taken on new. life,
as- nentor 1 or the local (Charles 'and everyone is feeling in fine spi
U Coon): high school During the irtsnot legalized spirits, howev
lost year he was head of the local
nve, chargies with fourteen vie-
lories out of sixteen tries.
-t . ' o i
-' Sam Howard, Faison'a chief of
WlllA hfia hua MnlanaJ Mi M.A
.Cs 1 O 1 ' i'
TlinV linisrT
..Announcement was'' made. to
day that the County Health De
partment will bold a free Ty
phoid Clinic In the Court House
beginning Saturday, : January
13th and continuing through the
20th and IWh. Hours from 9
td'll A JM. -1. t '
,T Also free cUnlos wUl be held
In all the communities in ! the
counties. Watch for poster an
nouncing dates,
Ing the month which brings the !
total number ' of new members i
Joining this year to 105, . , -, j
Eleven of the' 17 clubs made' aj
score of 100 during the month and
an average of eight project leaders
made splendid contributions. ' (
. Nine hundred and twenty miles
were traveled in conducting the
work, ' Thirty homes were .visited
in furthering the Home, Improve-
," v vl
eIu r c,ubB
Bav aemntraon rpom
, f Lu .Ule worK ""I611, ion
- ;
Mas -
There were 47 calls at the agent's
'ato J" 'W'1'tad
.J"" wtt? ,u- 8: BuUe
on tne Untrai or insects were
aistrtDutoaiouowmg the Agents
demonstration on Household IPesU.
700 programs were printed for use
' Rev,' and T . J .L. Goodman of
Kenansvli?9 ' Hince the birth of
a fine bai.y . .;lj Saturday, - July
6th. Mother .id baby are doing
fine. ; The ne comer is named Ca
rolina Virglnn. Sr; J,'-..
H . .. "i ' r in n.;. i.
How's tills fc a "believe It or
UqI 5 -t ''"', . - "
JIn Septet- i. r 1911,. Just 84
years ago, the I ank of Bfagnolfa '
Opened its " ot for business.
On July 8, 1-5, Just eight days
ago' the saine Institution closed
It doors and not.led Its custom
ers that t'. y - could come and 1
get It,- every Cent on', deposit
with all Interest that may be ac
crued. Ei:t tht mast amasing
feature of the whole situation Is
the fact that during Its 24" years
of existence tiie Bank of Magno
.lto has not foreclosed an. a sln
, gift loaii exo'"" t to a few Instanc
es where he foreclosure was re-,
quested by 1 debtor. The Times
believes this is a fete well worth
mentioning, and reflects great-.
Credit on the officers of the' in- ;
etitutlon. ''- ,r -
With the' c! ;lt of this bank
' Duplin O f loses one of Its
best Insl" .S. And when" we
"aaf "B:. we say lt with all
since ret j t emphasis for the
Bank ot S. lia
ed about us i the troubled wa
ters of the economic crisis and
has come' tln ough in shining co
lors. Today it' goes out of ibusl-
mss with a, one hundred percent
record, an aeeompllshment that
la envied by every business man.
' The Time? and cltlsens of Dup
Inl County siand, with hats off
i to the officers and directors e,f
this bank and wl h for them the-
ally 'tuousanfia - fSDunVir'Jt-Ul
After thsviatensa dryness ot the
in every
f corner of Duplin are now 8'.en
( wearing broad smiles for last week
the "million dollar" rain began
falling. Tobacco and other crop
er. v
r ' o -
Teachers in Duplin . County
chools for the past, seven years,
Who have failed to get all their
payr this week were pleasantly
surprised with a check covering
all unpaid balances, v The Super
intendent's office mailed out
checks totaling $4,657.83 and
cleared up every outstanding ob
ligation to teachers. ,
.' The securing of this,; money
has been brought about through
the constant digging at the State
officials by the County Board of
Commissioners, the County Aud
itor and the Superintendent of
. schools. The fund secured from
the tax reduction fund for the
year 1931-32.
Miss Ruth Pridgen of Warsaw,
secretary to the Supernitendent of
Education Is spending her vaca
tion visiting in Massachusets.
You know I just can't help but
smile a little- when I think of
how popular Judge Parker was
with the lawyers here and Just
after his first appearance, f in
Duplin Rivers Johnson passed a
special act through the legisla
ture abolishing the May term of
. Court. Judge Parker was not
scheduled to preside In this coun
ty during the July term. Wonder
wh&t the situation will be when
Judge Clauson Williams makes
his debut In Kenans vllle..
Mr. and Mrs. A. I Cavenaugh
of Warsaw in company with, Mr.
and ' Mrs. Aunspaugh of Raleigh
v. ,,,: Wll Jh " .
tour of Eastern United Sta-
tes and Canada.: The- party mo-
(tored up Atlantic States r to
New York and to Montreal. From
Montreal thev took a boat to Mur-
ray on the St. Lawrence and up !
r10 iu-, , Rnontviiia ikim
'mile cruise. They went back . to pon aS result of stealing ah auto
Montreal and from tlietr resumed and running overa man. ''
their trip by motor to Nlagra! Stacy Hall, Negro, charged with
Palta Dy we way Montreal and ,storebreaking!fv i ;
Hamilton, Ontorlo. through the HjSn-JtegUter,? Negro, charged
mountains of Northwest Pensyl- with ' housebreaking ,ln Faison;
jvanla. down through the Valley tB
Gettsburg and from there they
'turnl Eat to Washington City
i en beaded homeward. Cav-;
Jenaugh report! a very fine . trip
without a- single mar, not even s
fiat tire, aw did his car even get
(Mora on back page) ,
k Paul v Barf leld of Calypso
knows his figures When It com
es to box-cars. The other day
he was telling us how he won a
box. of cigar from a friend In
Calypso once When taken up on
a statement that he eouM - fe
member the numbers on every
car of some two dozen ears side
tracked near the station.
J! Barf eld's friend sent someone
out to take the numbers of the
cars and when he returned Mr.
Barfleld began to call them out
Down the line he went not miss
ing a single figure. His friend
spoke up and said there must
be a catch in It some where
when Barfleld began calling out
the numbers of cars parked any
where down the line. His friend
Anally gave up and Barfleld
smoked the cigars.
Warsaw Youth
Suffers Critical Para-
lized Spine Injury
W. M. Merritt, -20, of Warsaw,
is in a serious condition, having
been injured in an automobile ac
cident in Warsaw Saturday night.
He, has a fractured spine, and la
paralyzed from bis hips down.
.- The automobile in which Mr.
Merritt and two other young men
i Were riding was in collision with
una -uovcii uy a meKTV : woinan.
(The (jar turned oyer and; Merritt
Tucker, the driver, and Billy Pope
umer young man, escaped in.
Drivers of both cars were held
under bond pending a hearing be
fore a magistrate.
E. R. Penney In
Wreck On 4th.
Mr. E. R. Penney, accompanied
by his wife and grandson, were
slightly injured In a werck near
Fountain's Store, July the 4th. Mr.
Penney's car was sideswiped by a
truck belonging to the Warsaw Ice
and Fuel Company and driven by
Dave Butler, a Negro. "
Hold Brief Term Court, Try
Jail Cases. Paralysis Cause
The July term of Superior Court
scheduled for the week commenc
ing July 22nd, will be cut short as
a result of a request from the
Board of Commissioners, the
countv bar and court officials.
This week a petition was present
ed to Judge Frank A. Daniels, and
Solicitor J. A. Powers saklng that
the court confine the term to the
trial of jail cases, submissions and
those persons bound to the court
to show good behavior. The Jud
ge1 and Solicitor consented to the
The reason given was the con
tinued, spread of Inf antyle Paraly
sis and an effort to discourage all
public gatherings possible.
Judge Frank A-. Daniels of Golds
boro, emergency judge, will preside
in the, absence of Judge M. V.
Barnhill of Rocky Mount.
' Jail .cases to be tried are John
Matthis, white, for Becret ' assault
with intent to kill, Warsaw,
i t iwu iuuruer eiun. nyra.uL ory-
ant and Justice Bryant, Negros
charged with the killing of Ed-
mund McMillan, Negro, near Tea-
ehey; and Hattie Isler, - Negro,
- charged with murdering another
Necrro in Wolfescrane.
1 Jesse Bell,' Negro, charged with
ian.nv assault with hhhiv wi.
, Jack Smith, Negro, storebreaking
-In Teachey. Gea Washington and
, Willie Hunt, NegiwS, breaking in-
to the store of Pope and Company
m Rose Hill.
t An appeal case from the County
Negro, charged with assault with ,
. In Forest Fire Control
Drowned Near
Hallsville, July 4
rteoree Mareadv. 24 year old
Dunlin farmer was drowned in N.'l
East" river about one mile .below,
HaUtotlle last Thursday, July 4,1
about f2:00 o'clock.
' Maready, in company with Bland
Rhodes, Luther (Hump) Miller and
Alonfca Batta was reported to have j o
been "feeling for fish" when he Jacksonville, July 8. The newly
dived under a cliff and became en- organized Onslow County Farmers'
tangled In roots at the bottom of a Club has Just had a meeting to
fifteen foot pool. 1 hear a program on forest fire con-
Maready would have been 24 1 trot by J. B. Lattay, district for
years old on the 13th of this mon- ester, and F. L. Hooker, district
th. He leaves a widow and one ranger. The county recently agreed
Child. Also surviving is a sister, to cooperate with the state in for
Mrs. Macon Kennedy of Beulaville est fire control work,
four sisters and four brothers and Of the total acres in the county,
his father and mother of Cravene , 480,000 acres, 181,081 acres are in
Descendents Zef f ie
Parker To Gather
W 011 n inn
0 per farm, 39.20 acres were report-
Descendants and relatives of the j.e(j a woodland; 22 acres culti vat
late Zef fie Parker of Sampson ed 9.40 acres in pasture; 3.82 idle;
County will gather in a family re-1 and 1.22 plowable pasture. The ma
union at the home of John R. Par-1 foritv of the forestry program will
ker in the Oak Plains community
about five miles West of Magnolia
on August the eleventh, the Second
All 'relatives are asked by Mr.
Parker to attend the gathering
, and carry a well filled basket.
Mr Inhn R Prli aloli that
anyone who might travel by bus or
Magnoluvaw asked to. eommuni-
- cato - wltta him at Masrnolia. Rt 1
box 212 and arrangements will be
Charged With Carnal
Knowledge of Girl
Under Sixteen
Randolph Blizzard of Glissons
Township was given a hearing last
Thursday by Justice of the Peace
C .B. Sitterson and bound over to
Superior Court under a 1750.00
, bond - for having carnal knowledge
of a girl under 16 years old. The
girl is Alma Summerlln.
At a recent meeting, the Ma
yor 'and Board af Commission
ers' passed a resolution, request
ing" all Home Owners In the
town to keep their premises
clean and sanitary, as a special
health precaution during the
summer months.
Done by order of the Board.
C. E. QTJINN, Clerk.
deadly weapon.
.Demos Henderson,7 white, from
Cyprus Creek, will be tried for for
gery. Passed a bad check in Wal
I lace.
I John Gerald, Negro, assault with
deadly weapon with Intent to kill.
The list of jurors drawn are as
Leon Qulnn, G. D. Murray, G.
G. Browning, L. B. Brinson, Festus
Powell, R. T. Henderson, Clifton J.
Brinson, Thaddeus Kornegay, But
ier jones, Liewis I. ouniain, jr..
J S. Strickland, W. L. Boyette, R.
S. Grady, Maury James, A. D. Brin
son, R. H. Faircloth, Aaron Dall.
'jno. W. Waters, J. Alvls Powell,
G. W. Batchelor, Robert Dixon,
C. G. Wood. W. F. Kennedv. J. E.
Drinkley, Henry Scott, D.v A. Dunn,
s i. r.i'm t o uvL'
Rogers, Ben. Maready, Jr., M. R.
Miller, A. S. Benton, W. B. Whaley,
,S. E. Jones, .W. J. Roberts, J. D.
Howard, Fennel Brown. W. D. Reg-
later, U O. . Farmer, James Jones,
W. A. Kivett, A. T. Britt Sammie
Pipkin, J. K.Thigpen, Joa Hods-
ton, C. C. Byrd, Jno T, Albritton,
Carl N. Mathls. Sampson Dall, O.
-W. Grady, O. O. Oriffln, Norwood
den, R. W. Garner, dames Broad-j
treal and Albert Atkinson.
Onslow County Farm-, ,
er's Club Organized
93,844 ACRES ,
In Wodlands In Coun
ty; Duplin Expected
To Cooperate
farm land. Of this 93,844 acres arv
in woodland; while 52,668 are culti
vated, 22,503 in pasture, 9,145
acres Idle, and 2,921 acres in plow
able pasture. In the county are
298,919 acres in pocosin, lakes,
rivers and sounds.
be confined in large part to poc-
cosoit areas.
Following the program and busi
ness, there was a barbecue. Then
a three-reel picture show was en-
1 Joyed, under direction of Mr. Hook
i er. showing the damage done by
careless burning of woods.
The new club, which holds mon
yOymeeings, will meet, next in
the gymnasium on August 2, when
the discussion subject will be rural
electrification. The club was instru
mental in sponsoring the big vote
recently secured in the tobacco ref
erendum, when 2,521 votes were
cast In favor of continuance of the
control program and only one far
mer voted no. The members will
sponsor soon a tour to Niagara
Falls and Canada.
The Duplin County Board of
Commissioners have taken no act
ion yet regarding the matter of
cooperating with the State
but partment of Conservation
they are expected to do so at an
early date. According to informa
tion reaching the TIMES office the
matter is not optional with the
Board. The last legislature made
it mandatory that every county In
the state appropriate a certain a
mount of money for this purpose.
The movement is expected to get
under way in this county before
many weeks.
: O
Tobacco Allotment
Cards Are Here
Tobacco allotment cards, for the
use of producers at the warehous
es for the sale of tobacco, will be
received in the County Agent's of
fice during this week and will be
filled out and ready for delivery
prior to the opening of the border
All allotment cards will have
the contract signer's name and se
rial number, and also the maxi
mum number of pounds that can
be sold in 1935 under the contract.
All contract signers can have as
many allotment cards as they de
sire for themselves and their ten
ants, provided requests are put in
immediately for these cards. Un
less requests for more than one
cards are, received before the cards
are made out, only one card will
be Issued under each contract. All
contract signers are asked to im
mediately notify the County A
gent's office, if they wish more
than one card.
The holders- of allotment cards
must, keep them and not lose, or
allow them to be lost, as it will be
somewhat difficult to obtain new
cards in place of those lost.
- At this time it is understood
that there will be no sale of allot
ment cards for tobacco produced
over that allowed under the con
tract. No one will be allowed to
sell tobacco on any allotment card
except the contract signer and his
I - o
Virginia potato strikers shoot
. r v
" o
pay processing Ux. '
5 '
1 1

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