North Carolina Newspapers

    L.' . -J t'-l'Zl
lViiarxQik ivy
Ore:? Enjoys
Ice Crestn Party
" Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith enter
tained a group of friends at weir
koine on Saturday night with an
.. lrt eieam nartv. - t-t '
Fresh peach ice cream and eook-
lea were served to nr. ana mr.
Clifton Cheatnutt, Sandra and
Jimmy. Mr. and Mrs. Bill. Potter,
Mr. and Mrs. McDonald Beasley
and Bonnie, Mr. and Mrs. Abbie
Smith and Bobby and Butch, Mm.
Bill Wilson, J . P. Smith and
daughter Linda and Melvin Pope.
' Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pope and
daughter 'Becky", Mr. and Mri.
'Snook' Lloyd and son of Bowden,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Smith and child
ren Linda and Dough, Mr. and
Mrs. Abbie Smith anri boys Bobby
and Butch and Melvin spent Sun
day afternoon at White Lako.
Mrs. Annie Mae CLeary and
daughter Harriett of Zypher Hill,
Florida are visiting Mr. ana rare.
N. T. Pickett and family and Mr.
and Mrs. -A. O. Smith and family.
Mrs. Ed Evans and children Janet
and Sheila of Wilmington spent the
week end with her father James
Tucker and family. Pfc. and Mrs,
Herbert Tucker returned home
with them for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Michaels and
children, Derby and Bill of Durham
arrived Friday. Mrs. Michaels and
children will remain for a couple
of months with her mother, Mrs.
F. N. Barden while her husband is
away working on the Georgia too-
. acco markets.
Full circle full cap
Fully Guaranteed Work
U S. Tire Distributors
Mt Olive Hwy. Phone 3636
When In Mt Olive
A Good Place To Eat
7 31 4T C.
1040 Ford- Tractor Complete
1944 Ford Tractor' Complete
1940 Farmall A & Eqpt
1938 Farmall F-20 Complete
1934 Farmall F-12 Complete
ICMfL Avery V & Eqpt.
M38 Avery & Eqpt. - ,
1942 John Deere LA Eqpt ,
1049 Case VAC & Eqpt.
i 194 Oliver Cleatrac Tractor
1950 Nash Statesman 2. door
1949 Hudson Super Six .
1039 Pontine B Sedan :!?..
Plows -CulUvators Dusters
Tour Ford Tractor Dealer
Mt Olive Hgwy.. Phone 3000
x Goldsboro -.v.. -v.v
EUM and plastic waU tile, and (or
expert laying, call J. P. Smith or
A. Q. Smith at East Carolina Tile
Co Magnolia, N. C. Workmesuhlp
guaranteed . Free estimates. Pbene
night 2110, day 2147, Box 108, Mag
nolia. ...
Watch This Spaee Dally
For The Best, Boys In
1951 Ford Custom Fordor $1944.00
low Mileage-Loaded
1948 Pontiac DeL 4 door 41290.00
Extra Clean
1938 Ford Coupe LLL. $ 350.00
Real Clean-New Motor
1948 Ford 2 ton Dump Truck
A-l Condition $1090.00
1 1946 Ford 1-2 ton Pickup $ 590.00
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1945 Willys Jeep .$ 350.00
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You Can Find The Car Or Truck
You Need At Our Big Lot
On North Center St
Sales Dept. Open Evenings .
Until 9:00 p.m. -WE
' ''-' ctf
Clinic Drug Co. Get your card to
day and own a set of silverware
soon. JLOveiy patterns. : tic
LOST 1 package containing 2
dresses and one pair of shoes in
Strickland Dept Store wrapper.
Placed in wrong car in Warsaw
Wednesday July 10th, Notify owner
and hell come for It Wesley
Brown, c-o Lewis Mercer. Rt 3.
Pink Hill.
7-17-lTpd. '
c, V J
FOR SALE used gas range In ex
cellent condition. Cheap. Francis
Sutton, phone Mt Olive 2604 or
!. 2158. : , .', - ;... .'
7-24 2T pd. r S ; '
Scales repaired,' -any - make, or
MS r
I- Ka 3
: uuU a
8 f nEG'JXIESS Of jjiU flnl!!Q!l . , . , - g
( )
.' 1
mm mam
v '
rjr. -v.. .rciYiAiEai fOH
6EtrY6jQ,jJV:llOYr-'.; ' P
Little Veraell Blackburn.- daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs Gprdon Black
burn of Magnolia won second place
in the" Annual Independence Day
baby parade held at Reginal High
School in spnngiieid, new jersey.
Little Vernell is visiting her aunt
and uncle, Mr. ' and Mrs. Robert
Burns at 38 Oakland Ave., Spring
field, New Jersey. .. .
'' Mrs. Alvln Powell made a busi
ness trip to Wilmington Tuesday.
She also visited relatives.- .
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pope and son
C. H., Jr. spent last week end at
the beach. Anne Pope visited rela
tives in Goldsboro.
Mr. and. Mrs. Jerry Smith and
sen Gary and Mr. and Mrs. BUI
Potter and son Billy spent Sunday
afternoon at White Lake.
i nicnara vroom leu r naay tor
Georgia where he will work on the
model.,' New and used scales, siic
ers, meat grinders. Easy terms.
J. D. Hatcher 289. Phone 2.4. Mt
Olive; N. C. tfc.
NEW FORD. For the best deal
on a new Ford car or truck see
W. L. Cavenaugh at Kenansvllle
Also many good used cars and
trucks. Telephone W L. Cavenaugh
at Kenansvllle 2138.
GENUINE D-CON Noted rat pois
on, new on sale at Clinic Drug
Company, in Mount Olive. tfc
See us for bargains in good need
trucks Leading Motors, Inc., Wal
lace, N. C
Acetylene and electric welding on
all farm machinery. Sprays and
dusters repaired. Trailers, hitch
es put on, - Lawn mowers sharpen
ed and repaired. A good , weld
means longer wear. . Work done
by Garaie S. Herring at A. C. Hall,
Hardware In Wallace. ' '
;&''::: :
For Rent Aug. 1 Filling Station
and combination living quarters.
Located at Intersection of Sarecta
road ana Hiunway no. ii. see or
write Earl Banks, 1207 North Cra
ven st, New Bern, w. c.u
7 31 2T pd. I ,
Farm for Rent: Acres of
tobacco 60 acres crop land stumo-
ed. 100 acres not stumped. Five
room house with lights and running
water.' 10 miles from Wilmington.
Will give long lease. Cash Rent
Clarendon Plantation -
: Box 1027 " '
' Wilmington. N. C.
8 7 3T C.
repaired. New Royal typewriters
fo revery need. Call Goldsboro
251, Worley Typewriter Exchange
105 1-2.JJ. Center Street
ctf :?:,.-.. :i
BABY CHICKS Pnltornm clean
vaccinated. . Hampshire Reds, Bar
red Rocks, White Rocks. Com
plete line of Wayne Feeds. Mount
Olive Hatchery. ctf
WANTED Farm with or without
tobacoo allotment In or near Du
plin County. Write full Informa
tion to Box sot Wallace, . u. .
SAC. tfc ' : .'t,i u-!-'-iv-
Your health comes first Take
Plena rains and salt tablets during
this barning season. These and
other drug needs at Brewer Drug
Co.. Pink Hill, N. C.
741 4TC; -
What is a keraitolytle? An agent
that deadens the Infected akin. It
then peeks off, ' exposing more
germs to Its killing action. Get
2'-4 lu keratolytic, at any drag
tore. If not pleased IN ONE
HOUR, your 40e back. tToday at
7-31 4T 1
. " I
aaaaaaaaaw , , - , ...i i; ,
' '' -
Tobacco markets. '-? v'r
Melvin and Lloyd Pope attended
the Furniture Show in High Poiat
last week. ..' iu-vj-r.i.u- vu
m Mrs. J an Trapneu nas munm
to her home in Tom River, N. J.
Mrs. Melvin Pope and Harry re
turned home Monday after visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed feump
son in Stokesdale. ; " V
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Sasser and
Melrose L. Cavenaugh, daughter
. . . A rafA!
Oi but, ana ir. b;ius xa.e-
naugh of Warsaw, RFp No. 1,
graduated from Magnolia High
School-as Valedictorian of her class
with an average grade of 95 i '.049.
She started Nurses Training in
September 1949 at the Hospital of
St. Barnabas School of Nursing,
Neward, N. J., one of the highest
rt1 aphonia in New Jersev. She
attended Rutgers University fori
, . i -t
wo semes&crs aim iuiumucu a
high academic standing in basic
In her Freshman year she served
on .TnHllai Pnnnpll nf the Student
Faculty Association. She also was '
a member of tne uiee uud ana
Arts and Crafts Clubs.
She received kir Psychiatric
Negro Farmers And
Expanded Extension
a : .
f.;;..-.. By R. E. WUkine v,
; Negro farmers and homemakers
raced through the final session of
a four day conclave at A. & T.
College In Greensboro, Friday July
11, passing a resolution urging ex
panded extension work for their
race In 42 North Carolina counties.
The 30th annual state conference
of Negro farmers and homemek
era met at A. & T. College. July 8-
11. adjourning late Friday morning
after a session which say present
officers re-elected for another
term. - -': -i-'.::.
The bulky group of more than
1.000 delegates spent the best part
of the morning approving resolu
tion drawn at the conference.
Among these was the resolution
calling for wider extension service
Gaston Branch
Is Victim Of Hit
And Run Driver
Gaston Branch, well known negro
farmer of the Branches School
section of Duplin County was cri
tically injured by a hit and run
driver near his noma aeout oarx
Sunday night He was rushed to a
Kinston hospital and had not re
covered - consciousness Monday
morning. . Other than- having a
broken leg, the extent of his In
juries could not be learned. It
was said that a marine was driving
the car that struck him and was
probably returning to Camp Le
Jeune following a week end pass.
Mr. and. Mrs. J. D. Wrenn and
boys of Oxford spent the week end
with Mr. end, Mrs. W. E. Davis.
' ( ''I'
IX'f -:Vvtr-;i. ' 4 ill X 1
I,- i , , 7 l 4,'-
Cumy went to !''!
Robert Tud :r v.",
jtMBt several days with patn
intt, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Register
Ur anil Mn 'Bud SeciSter
spent Sunday at White take.
Mr. ana Mrs. emmeiv
made a business, trip to Goldsbora
Mrs. J. H. Rouse la visitihg Mr,
and Mrs. Frank Calloway In Clin
ton for several daya. . ''"'.'
; Mrs. cnancey carr ana son iww
my returned to their home In Dunn
after spending a week with Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Smith. :
f ' M
Nursing experience at the New
Jersey State Hospital, at Greyetone
Park N J. Alsn anent two months
at the Essex County Isolation Hos
pital in Bene viae, . J. ior com-
munlcaoie aisease nursing exper
lAnn. ' . . : .' '.: ;
Melrose was chosen as Secretary
of Class of 1952, ana servea on
Literary Committee of Yearbook
Staff. She is active in the Social
funntlnna nf the school and hug
made several trips to New .York
as class activities. -
She. plans to spend the month of
Antfiiot nrith hr narents. -
Melrose Graduates on September
12, 1VSZ, wmcn wiu oe mo i"
class to eraduate from The School
of Nursing.
llcmemakers Urge
Work in Slate
for rural Negroes. The resolution
committee dubbed this step neces
sary to bolster understaffed offic
ers in nearly naif tne counties in
the state. :',?i'ttU
'The total state membership" Is
1,749, larger ' than any previous
year. Some fifty memberships
came from Duplin. . . i v-li . t
Representing Duplin County for
the entire conference were Miss
Allee Hall of Smith Chapel, M.
Marie McCalop of Warsaw. Mrs,
Lonnle Branch of Branch Club .and
Mrs. Irene Powers of Wallace. On
bus from Duplin composed the One-
day delegation and was accompan
ied by the Negro Home Agent, Miss
Aiease Massenbers. . R. E . Wilkins
Negro County Agent, attended, the
entire conference, lour days, v-
Dies At Home
, lonnie firaiuh. mlnriwl alwiii 17
years old died at hla hum nn h
outskirts of Pink Hill Monday
morning, no naa oeea in Ul health
for several war Vimoral unriH,
are exnected to be held next Run.
day.: Interment will take place in
the Branch family cemetery near
Survivinar relatfrna ''lni1tul hla
wife, Mrs. Pauline Branch, several
cmiaren,! one sister, Mrs. Lottie
Outlaw , and a v brother Willie
Branch all of Pink HULA -..'X'. ,jv
Mrs. Annie Belle Bvrd of Kin
ston is. spending her vacation with
her daughter. Mrs. David Lane.
Mr. Charlie Carr te en the lick
list at this writing, .v -. .,,
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Davis, Ra
chel and Ann Douglas Davis spent
Friday afternoon at White Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Brock of
Kings tree, S. C. spent the week
ena wttn the formers sister, Mrs.
Emma' Pate.'.'
Mrs. Mettle Noblln left last Wed
nesday for Raleigh after a-vtslt with
her daughter. Mrs. Fred Brock.
Revj, Wade James and family of
Calypso and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
King and Betty Jean of Maysville
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
C. L. Davis. '.--"'j";'.'-.'i'.' i"
Mr. and. Mrs. Cecil Davis and
children spent the week ena a
Carolina Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmerson Byrd
and son of Fort Bragg ere vkltin?
the lormeri ; sister, urs, win
Lane. -,.vv.. .,
Mrs. L. J. Brock and r-sndaugbt-
er Joan Krieger of ( ' ' oro all
spending this week wka te for
mer's sister, Mrs. Emma 'I ate.
Rev. Kenneth Wilson f Inde
pendence. Vs.. epent the we'k end
with hie parents, Mr. and lurs.
Henry Wilson. His mother return
ed home with him for a vibJt
.'Mr. and' Mrs. Walfr Yours and
ivvi t' a-' -
,irs. Iaty IL SpcU
Mrs. Marv Herrlnx Snea age 85,
widow of the late J. M. Spell died
late Friday afternoon at her home
In Wallace after an uiness oi aooui
twelve years. a-v..'.-'.. t-----i-n
Funeral services were neia
Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock at
the -Wallace Baptist Church. Burial
was In the Rockfish' Cemetery
at Wallace. The body - lay In
state at the Church for one hour
prior to funeral service.
She is survived oy one aaugnier.
Mrs. A. J. Merritt of Wallace, three
sons, J. E. Spell of Rocky Mount
Durald and Sam Spell both of the
home, six grandchildren and three
great grandchildren,- one sister.
Mrs. D. F. Nicholson of Kenansvuie
and a number ,of neices and' ne
phews:"." n,.'i(!?
LaGranse. July 21 Funeral ser
vices for William Graham Whit-
ted, 78, who died at his home Sun
day morning, were conducted at
4 p. m. Monday at the Rouse Fun
eral Home. Rev. R. U pune of tic-:
lated and interment was In, Fair
view Cemetery here. ,v - ,,.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Maude Grady Wbltted", a native of
Albertson; two sisters,- Misses Sal
ly and. Mabel Whitted and a brother
Ernest Whitted, all of LaGrange,
Route' 1. He was a son of William
G. and Lydia Mewborn Whitted.
Mr. John L. Register .
Funeral services ' for John L.
Register, 65, of Warsaw, who died
at 11:30 'Wednesday morning in
Raleigh hospital, were held at 3
o'clock Friday afternoon at the
home"' of son, Bay Register, in
Goldsboro; Lt. Wllliard Evans of
the Salvation Army: In Goldsboro
and the Rev7- Murrel of Warsaw
were In charge of the services. In
terment was in Plnecrest Cemetery
in Warsaw: He is survived by his
wife. Mrs. Llllle Bell Register;
four sons, 1 Ray and ' Kenneth -of
Goldsboro. Hilton of Norfolk, Va.,
and Bennie . of ' Seven Springs;
three daughters, Mrs. William A.
Stocks and Mrs. Henry D. Stocks
of Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. Harvey
Summerlin of Seven Springs, three
brothers, George Register cf
Goldsboro. and Ellis and Alton
Register of Warsaw; two sisters.
Mrs. S. M. Cooke of Warsaw and
Mrs.! Elizabeth Guy of Mt Olive;
ana several stepchildren.
4 ; George Kannan
" George Kannan, 74 year old re
tired merchant of Wilson, died
Monday, July 14th in a Wilson hos
pital. Funeral services were con
ducted Wednesday July 18th In St
Therese , Catholic Church, Wilson.
The pastor, the Rev. Michael O
Keefe, officiated at the funeral
mass and burial was In a Wilson
Cemetery. Surviving are three
sons, N. K. Kannan of St. Peters
burg, Fla and Joseph and Mitchell
Kannan of Wilson; six daughters,
Mrs. P. . A. Parker Of Rocky Mt,
jnrs. josepn tiauow of uoiasDoro.
Mrs. Wadell Brinson and Mrs. Seth
Hill of Warsaw,' and Mrs. George
josepn of Dunn; and Mrs. Leslie
r ams ox wiison. ' . -
George W. BatcieIor :
George Washington Batchelor.
78. oi near Kenansvllle. -died Moc
day at l p. m. at the home of his
son, Dewey, after several years
of declining health. Funeral ser
vices were held at the graveside at
tne srown family cemetery In the
Pasture Branch community at 4:30
p. m. Tuesday. Officiating were
tne Hev. A. D. Wood and the Rev
Paul Mull; Surviving are four sons,
vsnce ox Kose hiil Dewey of Mag
nolia, Rodolph of Jacksonville, and
Walter Batchelor - of ' Warsaw: a
daughter, Mrs. Hubert Teachey Of
nose mn. a brother. Joe of Kin
ston. , ' ' ..' '.v w , ' '':'
Vann Lanier - . '
Vann LanlAr AO rflail . at
his home' near Chlnnnanin Sun.
day after a lingering illness. Fun
eral services . were held at the
Sraveslde near the. hnma HTnnHav
at 4 p. m., conducted by the Rev.
R. W. Gurtraniia. aaalaful K. h.
Key. L. L.. Yopp, both of Jackson-
vme. surviving are ois wife, the
former Lou Raynor; a sister,. Mr.,
Christine Brown of Warsaw.
: -'::--(.vm'':i$; iv
Sgi Dean McMeen
The funeral of Set Dean McMeen
who was critically injured 4n an
accident near Tarboro two weeks
ago was held at the Quinn McGow
an Funeral home last Thursday
the seventeenth. Sgt McMeen Is
survived by his wife, Iris, two sons,
Donald and' Harold of the home.
and several sisters and brothers of
Illinois." 0, t 'I.?!' Vi.,',;;,,- :.f ;
Interment was In Plnecrest cem
etery. At the time of his death he
was stationed at Norfolk, Va. He
was a former resident of Warsaw.
Mrs. Hiram J. PhllllDS of near
Warsaw died Monday night In the
Clinton hospital following a long
siege of Illness, at the age of 62.
She was the former Annie Cooper
of Warsaw. ; . Surviving besides her
nusnand are the following children:
P. J., Phillies of Goldsboro. Frank
lin Phillips of Seven Springs, Mos-
eiey ana Randolph Phillips of War
saw and Ralph Phillips of Tampa,
Fla, Mrs. Earl Howell of Wllming-
wn; Mrs. it. c. McCullen and Mrs.
Durwood Scott of Warsaw and Mrs.
Redwyn David of Fayetteville; one
sister, Mrs. Ralph Jones of War
saw and two brothersi Clay Cooper
of Raleigh and Jim Cooper of War
saw; , :. ' 5 5 -i ,. Ja-.I i 5 i, ! t
'Funeral sendees were held at the
Warsaw Baptist Church Tuesday
afternoon with. Dr. Alton Green-
aw, pastor, interment was la
Plnecrest cemetery In Warsaw. -
Mrs.' FJley Frjuor, .aje 38" ef
MDiroapin c.ea eaoy Toosday
morning aUsr e linxerlnx iilneas.
Funeral service were held from
the noose cf hr son Connie Raynor
nar 1 "?!avi:!e at - 8:30 V'k
wed ' i,y kternoon by Rev. V,u
- '.' Cettns Frent ' "
church work. At the time of hit
death he was pastor of several
Baptist churches in Duplin County.
Through his leadership the Dobson
Chapel community rauiee ana duui
a handsome brick structure a few
years age when the eld wood build
lag was destroyed by fire. Mr.
Gresham will be missed by his
Hock and hla host of friends. -.'. ,'
RedXross To Meet
On July 31st, 1952, Miss Mildred
Patterson,' Home Service Field
Consultant for Southeastern Area,
American Red Cross with head
quarters in Atlanta, Ua. will hold
a -Home Service Group Conference
meeting will open at ten A.' M. in
the' Presbyterian Church Sunday
School Bu ding which is Air Con
ditioned, it wm close ac s p. m,
with time out for lunch. "
Mrs. N. B. Boney, Executive Sec
retary of the Duplin County Chap
ter, with Home Service ResponsI
biHties expects to attend this meet
ing and hopes to be able to carry
sjevergL ..volunteer - workers from
the local community with her. Any i
one Interested in v going along
should call Mrs. Boney (for free
transportation) at the Chapter Of-,
flee in Kenansvllle, f C. on phone
No. 2451. .. '
The Home Service Department
of the local chapter rendered valu-
ame services to 839 cases during
the past twelve months period,
from June 1951 thru May 1952.
Of this number, 717 were service
men, 112 were veterans and the
other ten were civilians. . t r1
During this period the chapter
expended 8360.000 for- financial
assistance to several families, pen
ding receipt of their first allotment
checks or in meeting other emer
gency needs ' where government
. J l a '
vunu wcic ueiayeu. s. yy
- Many of the other types of ser
vices rendered during the past
extensions end variflcations of sick
ness and death in many instances.
Several Social Histories were se-
curea aunng this period and many
Dependency Discharges. Reports
were sent in to the various Field
Directors, at the request of the mil
itary. '.; - " ,,
Too much can not be said in
thanks to the doctors who have
cooperated with the Red Cross in
making many of these' reports pos-
sioie, so tnat z hour service can
be rendered whenever necessary,
To Exist
, The State - Stream Sanitation
Committee has recommended that
the Town of Mount Olive and the
Mount Olive Pickle Company In
stitute a Joint research program to
determine the actual cause pf the
pollution of the headwaters of the
Northeast Cape Fear. Rive, which
rises in Mount Olive. ..
The recommendation was made
at a meeting here at which time
Mayor Nelson T. Ricks, members
of the town board and officials of
the pickle company were informed
by E. C Hubbard,' executive sec
retary of the State Stream Sanlta
tion Committee and W. E. Long.
State Sanitation Engineer, . that
Governor Kerr Scott had' received
and turned over to the committee
a complaint signed by approxi
mately 200 farmers and landowners
slong the headwaters that fish are
being killed m the stream due to
tne contaminated water. . y-
flubbard told the group the re
port or nan dying in tne stream
was valid and the cause had been
determined by the State WUd Life
Commission as stream pollution be
ginning in the headwaters of the
Northeast Cape Fear River. . '
While the state officials did nit
single out any one factor as cause
for the water contamination they
did make note of the fact that
facilities of the town's sewage sys
tem constructed in 1912 are
inadequate and also that Industrial
wastes from the pickle Company
are being dumped into the stream.
According to the-state official
complaints also have been filed
with Governor Scott and the Sani
tation Committee that cattle are
unable to drink from the stream
because of the polluted water.
Both Mayor Ricks end I. Jr. With-
erington. secretary of the Mount
Olive Pickle Company, gave Hub
i j j . i .i i
vara ana .juuug uicu aaaunuicB
they will immediately seek the ad
vice of an engineer In an effort to
solve the pollution problem.
Duplin Farmers
Turn Out To Vote
The farmers of Duplin County
turned out in record number to
vote for the tobacco referendum
on Saturday. 8,093 cast their bal
lots with 88.8 voting In favor ef
retaining tobacco quotas, and
98.2 per cent voting In favor, en
assessing themselves tea cents an
acre to support the Tobacco Assoc
iates program for marketing. Out
of potential vote of 8,000, the
number voting was' 192, 1,500
more than voted la the previous
referendum..'.. .
A breakdown according to pre
cincts , follows: Albertson, total
vote, 457 for 455, 2 against, Tobar
eo Associates, 454 for 8 against;
Cyprus Creek, 888 for 885, against,
21, T acco Asm. for 855 against,
25; laison 238, for 238, against 8;
Tobacae Assoc. for 22S against 13;
Gilson, 450, for 446; against e;
Tobaoco Assoc., for 447. against 3:
Isla4 Creek. 550. for (44. acainst
6; lc' eco Assoc 842 against 8;
Kens ville 424, for 423 agate; 1,
Tot o Assoc, for 418, agaL t 3;
MatpwJa, 2v'5, for 201, agatot 4,
To re Associates, for 204, against,
5; Li estone 958. for 047 against;
11, L acco Assoc, for 811, against
15; L.JJlsh. 214 for 2RS S'alnst: 8.
Trfio Assoc., for 2J4. Kose 1UU
li.3 f 184 against 4, Tobacco Av
oc, l i for 10 agairwt; Smith 444,
for 4 inst 4. Toliscco Ao. '
O. P. Johnson, ; secretary,' St !
JohnV Lodge No. 13, announce
that supper wUl not be served at
the reguUr meeting on August 7th.
Instead shpper' will be served on
Wednesday evening, August 13th,
when the Ninth Masonic District
will meet in the local lodge. . The
Losses Due To Forest Fires Cut Do;vn
Aivnri!nir to Acting County
Rsnger Leland H. Sheffield, from
July i, 1951 through June 30, 1952,
10,848 acres of forest land burned
as a result of- wild, ! uncontrolled
iorest fires, 91 forest fires burned
during this period aoing a aamage
of $65,140.00 to tne wooaiana oi
Duplin County.. s " :; ,
Nine out of every ten of. these
fires "were man caused and could
have been prevented. Not only did
woodland . bum, - people's home,
barns and livestock also burned
when in the path of the raging
On 28 of the 91 fires, the respon
sible parties were determined and
law enforcement action was taken
resulting . in collection . of court
cost and fines and reimbursement
of ire fighting cost.
Lacy Weeks Sells
House To Thigpens
Lacy Weeks, former County Ag
ent, who resigned to become Field
Director of Tobacco Associates, has
sold his house in Kenansvllle to
Mr. and Mrs. Plato Tbigpen of Beu
laville. Mr. Thlgpea teaches In tne
veteran's school In Beulaville and
will continue to teach there. He
owns several farms in the county.
They have two daugnters, &aye
and Sue Thlgpen. Mrs, Thigpen is
a sister nf Mavbr Amos Brinson.
They will move to kenansvllle be
fore school opens. . ,
Outlaw's Bridge
Fourth Sunday morning services
at eleven o'clock, Sunday School at
ten o'clock. L. C. Prater, minist
er; Mrs. Ed Smith, Suhdsy School
Supt ! v, : . .. .''
Messrs, Julian and Alvln Slith
of Winston Salem have been recent
visitors with J. H. Parker and fam
ily. ' ' ' ,.
Mr. and Mrs. Vance S pence of
Kinston were hosts to the local
bridge club at their home in Kin
ston Friday night. ,Mrs. .Spence is
the former Miss Pauline Outlaw of
this section. ,' . .' J .;
" Mrs. Henry Parker and Mrs.
James Parker were Joint Hostesses
to the Home Demonstration club
Monday afternoon in the church
assembly room. Mrs. M. L. Outlaw
president presided and called the
club to order at three o'clock fol
lowing devotional led by Mrs. J. H.
Parker. .Jvho used. 4th .chapter of
PhiUiptans and Lord's Prayer. Mrt,
Rachel outlaw secretary-treasurer
read the minutes of the previous
meeting and called the rolL Pro
ject leader reports were food con
servation, Health and Home Beeuti
f ication. , . In the absence of the
home agent Mrs.' Rachel 'Outlaw
'Music Appreciation'' a music con
test : was used in , the recreation
period. Club collect closed the pro
gram. Delicious 'refreshments were en
joyed during the social hour. There
were -ten members present and
one visitor. .. v .
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Bishop of
Kinston visited Mrs. Bishop's par
ents during the week end.
Building Supply Co.
1410 W, Vctbob krt Drurtoa. f t PboM 4Ut J
; W a oro o n n n r?o
o FLCun ni::3
O iw.dBir k. .a4
o H!r -::r- Tc;vc! i:x::n
just Wlmi SHE
Always, Wanted ,
jr--l f'; ; r r
August oommlttee will serve the
SUPPer.. ' " "Vij..
. On August 13th there will fee
an afternoon meeting for officers.
The Grand Secretary and Grand
Master will attend this meeting;
and the Grand Master win address
the District Meeting at 8 o'clock.
The people of Duplin County are
urged to help In every way possi
ble to prevent forest fires and the
destruction of the tlmberland la an
effort to produce enough Wood pro-' -
ducts for the increasing.' demands
vt ute peuyic. . . . ;,, .
Da Urn
Msdsi tXM
HtaaUiintnd" dee i Tlsser tam
beat on, tunes eooUng Interval,
ahutaheat off In oven and on one
appUanee outlei Automatic oyen
:'' ieatliifmdtypebroaerjto
clusive self-sealing, self-adjusting
L oven door- Seven heat speeds on
all surface units. Oneofoint beau
tiful new Croaley Models. Come m
? and see their great ieatrJ(
fast, clean, cool electric cooking I
V Tke eee-Settlg OeelgM
Are Ceesteg freae Creeieyf
' V.i.v":!-.V.'',.V.',;:i;;4 ,
See The Complete Credey Line-
, ''' -'i "!'. .",.'
'!'. " :r ' :-:: r
Near 1. O. Ia Mt Olive
Smith Chapel Read Out Of
Mt Olive, Phone 2791
j,k; W It'.,." wfcUi
o vcc. c:::a
aaaaa-. ' I ,
m w-m mm yr- - fsa
?r 4 i. V, arw, f 21 for C; To-
t"'") Af-'-c, f jr t" V o;'"-"'spe,
i j t r 4 ariSiMt, 13; Tcfcacco
to their home after e to w r
V ' - t e I'rown -etery near
i 1 1 l7 l."f I -
visit with Mr. and lira. I a-
ri t
t 1J.
son of Philadelphia have returned
ter C ,uin ef Penfrlea. Euriel

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