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P* 4 . ?*?* '
PaUthed Uader Anpices M
jf National War Work Council
1 Y.M.C.A. sf tlic United States
'* Officers of Medical Corps Arrive
to Join Unit Lieut. Sheep Is
[ In the Organization of base hospi1''
tal unit No. 64, to the command of
I; > which Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Sheep,
. formerly commanding the base hospital
at Camp Greene, was assigned, a
[ number of officers of the medical corps
have been_ordered to Camp Greene,
R. where the new unit is being mobilized,
ffin and most of them so ordered have arf
t|^. Among those ordered here were:
Maj. Thomas J. Burrage, Camp JackBgvi
son, Columbia: Capt. Edward Dowdle,
Walter Reed General hospital, Washington;
Capt. J. D. McRae, Camp McCiellan,
Anniston, Ala.; Capt. Leon L.
Meyer, Camp Gordon, Atlanta; Capt.
1 Robert F. Miller, Camp Travis, Fort
f Sam Houston, Texas; Capt. Herbert E.
I Milliken, Camp Dodge, Des Moines,
Iowa; Capt Owen R. O'Neill, Camp
fc'; Upton, Long Island, N. Y.; Capt. Dan'
lei P. Ray, Camp Greenleaf. Fort
% Oglethorpe. Ga.; Capt Walter D. Stev[
- enson, Camp Sherman, Chllicothe,
8L Ohio; .Capt. Daniel D. V. Stuart. Jr..
Fort Porter, N. Y.; First Lieut. Steph..
en Ai Cobb, Jr., Camp Jackson; First
Lieut Paul Davis, Camp Greenleaf;
First Lieut Joe A. Hartsell, Camp
Greenleaf; First Lieut, wmmm .**.
Camp Greenleaf.
Capt. Benjamin D. Choate has been
relieved of duty at Camp Greene and
>, aent to Bellevue hospital, New York,
for a course in training:, after which
,327 he will return to Camp Greene and
\ report to LleutenantrColonel Sheep for
\ duty with the base hospital unit being
g?.:.. > organized.
The following named officers were
?transferred from the duty at the base
hospital at Camp Greene to duty with
KS. the new base hospital unit: Capt.
n Harold E. Garney, Capt. Myron L.
[fl Morris, Capt. William M. Scruggs,
First Lieut. Adolp Von P. Fardelman,
38/First Lieut. Norman E. Leake and
HpSf First Lieut. Dabney Minor, all of the
B&fer medical corps.
I Motor Mechanics Guests at Two
' Enjoyable Functions?Appreciation
of Their Work.
ggV The soldiers of the Third and |
Kg?*'. Fourth Motor Mechanics regiments ;
Sn, Who have been of such service dur- j
Ing their stay at Camp Greene that1
p&-". .they have earned the gratitude and ;
admiration of the people of Charlotte, j
t were entertained on two occasions the '
' past week in recognition of this serv- |
;rr.;-. Ice. These soldiers have contributed
'tV largely of their talents and personal j
p labor to the furtherance of a number .
ate- of enterprises which have been de- I
Sfcflj signed and executed for the benefit of !
fg? the soldiers stationed at Camp Greene, j
and their efforts have been greatly appreciated.
On Wednesday evening at 6 .o'clock
g? about 100 motor mechanics were enHgkj
tertalned at a dinner at the Y. W. C.
? A. cafeteria. The hosts for this dinner
were the Charlotte war camp commu^>_nity
service, the community house
& company and the Young Women's 1
^ / Christian association. Following the
?v. dinner, which was delightfully served '
III courses, the soldier guests were en- i
I tertalned by a spienaia Dill or .K.61m I
I }? '' vaudeville at the academy of music,
I?'where they were guests of the man-}
\ On Friday evening the apen air pa- I
Villon at the Soldiers' club of Chartra
lotte, was the scene of a delightful en- J
tertalnment, when the men of the1Third
and Fourth Motor Mechanlrs !
regiments were again the guests of the j
| v ? Charlotte war camp community serv- j
L^KL 1
|'jwfe'r Aittong the notable guests of the oc- J
sSfljjg&MtVn were Col. Archie Miller, com- [
| > standing, ofllcer of Camp Greene, and
Mrs. Miller; Lieut. Col. Roy C. Kirt- |
Idnd and Mrs. XIrtland. There was
dancing, music by the Third Regiment |
band, refreshments, and a moving
x picture show, which was given by.
Printed Weekly for the Y.
Edition for CAMP GR
1/VAliU* Vi
^ TO N?ft
ijibl't. flit:
It is with regret Lliat Trcnc-li am
ner. His contributions to tills papci
been a decided feature; the quality ol
Lieut. FllUicr has been a patienl
of weeks. He was injured by the ea
built under Ids direction.
courtesy of the Broadway theater.
There were about 100 soldiers present,
each sqldier having: been granted
the privilege of inviting a lady.
The program for the camp has indeed
been filled during the past week
and the attendance has pointed toward
the rising interest by the men.
On Monday and Thursday evenings,
Private Schenin gave a French lesson,
each detail.followed so closely by the
class that many of the men already
know to "Parle vous" and consider
themselves quite efficient linguists.
Private Schenin enjoys the teaching
- ? h?. I
Ul Ilia |JU|JUiai iaiiBuae? uiiu Iiuu vuo .
knack of making the men understand
his teaching. The class is quite well I
under way but the men who desire to I
Join the class will be given the opportunity
to "catch up" by the able in- j
structor and no doubt will be very glad i
they had this opportunity when they
get "over there."
On Tuesday evening, a lecture was i
given by Rabbi Raisin, the subject of I
which was the "Jews in France." Dr. j
Raisin held the attention of his audi- |
ence to the last word and has received |
requests from the men to continue this j
course as oft?n as possible. He will
again talk to the men on the following
Tuesday though he has not definitely
decided on the the subject, no
doubt there will be a goodly number
of men on hand when Dr. Raisin
speaks Tuesday night.
M. C. A. by Courtesy of
it ?fo5*irtoa
BENE Charlotte, N. C.
, 1918
1 ?I
YORK -? ^
m ?
J Camp bids good-bye to Lieut. I'litr
(luring: the past two months have
f this artist's work being unusually
t in the base hospital for u number
ring in of u trench which was being
Half of Nurses at Base Hospital
Are Guests of Charlotte People
for Delightful Outing.
A party of Charlotte citizens took
half of the nurses at the base hospital
for an enjoyable ride over Charlotte
and into the country Wednesday afternoon.
The ride for the nurses was
planned by Clarence O. Kuester and
at hi? request 20 or more owners of
automobiles volunteered the use of
their machines for the ride.
Leaving the base hospital promptly
at 4 o'clock, the nurses were brought
to the city and taken through the residential
sections, after which they continued
into the country. Returning to
the city they were taken to the Red
trusa utiiiecu at uic UUUUKI it uger
station. There a number of Red
Cross canteen workers served them
sandwiches, and then they were returned
to the base hospital.
As only half of the nurses can leave
the hospital at a time, it will be necessar
yto give another ride at a later
date for those who could not enjoy
the trip Wednesday. Mr. Kuester said
he will look after this, and see that
those who were not so fortunate yesterday
soon will be given outing.
v .
No. 35 iIijI
John Masefield, Poet and Author, ? SNJJ|
Says Allies Would Have Lost U |D ffl]~M
Without Our Help. Sgjr?jJ
Declaring that the allies recognize LJjjpflrfla
the fact that the United States is to be M3m
the decisive factor in ihe world struggle
now in progress and expressing yB ml Hi
his faith in the ability and spirit of r\Jjn Jjg y||
the American soldier, John MasefieM, /
poet, author, world traveler and 15m- 1 *
Ihsh K-holar, delighted two large vj- A/tfTffl MO
d'? nces of soldiers at Camp Greene on BrWlB 1M.
Monday night. Mr. Masefield, who ?s flfffnTmB
recognized the world over as a man " Tj
of letters, included this camp In the
list of those which he will visit during I IpOqI
a brief stay in the United Stutes. n^Tvl
The speaker has been very close to mud
the heart of the military operations II |l
on the western front in France during H III
the entire period of the war. and his jR J jW
services as aji interpreter to the Eng- QVX Ljl
lish people of the munifold elements U /dm
involved have been invaluable. lie | tXrjH
has been in the trenches himself and
for days together has stayed in a sec- V^/||IK9
tor that was under the hottest shell FnlilJIWj
The two addresses of the speaker K^||Lyr^9
Were delivered in "Y" buildings 104
and 105. He was heard by large audi- HkRI UM
puts that showed their approval by
heaity applause. The speaker gave a IHninl
groat many interesting reminiscences If U
of the actual fighting zone, and gave II In
his hearers a good idea of the condit.ons
which they will meet with when I M*Wll V*
they get across. B
One of the most striking features of ITVk
both speeches was the prophecy that
Kngland was to become a great demo- SnU| I
crane commonwealth as a result of H IrTjn jl
the war. Mr. Masefleld, who is fully H D U B
conversant with conditions in Kngland, H UK M H /
recited instance after instance where Uh. U/{ |/| UH
I men who came from the most ordinary flfe M
jvalks of life have been lifted to high |j| Rn W 19
j position by reason of the courage and lU W/ 111 u
] the ability which they have manifest- I HI
j ed during the war. , These men. who
| will be heroes in the eyes of the people gjt VS
! and who have been accustomed to -m
I command, are going to find a place XSjVff V
j for themselves in u new society that
will be compelled to yield to the new jjfflrHMEl
state of affairs.
Mr; Maselield took occasion to ans- mj
wer the lies htat have been circulated ^1^#/
by Germany and her friends, and this WJj?3r/s~
he did in a most complete and satis- Kw
! fying manner. He gave figures to IW MJ.
i show that England has made tremend- %
ous sacrifices, and that she has done iy7n )
her full part in the carrying of the
burden imposed by the war. lie said rf TL ^T\
that already more than 2.500,000
Englishmen have been killed and f
wounded. Answering the charge that JF." o^lI
England has put the burden on her /p'7j&jm*
colonial possessions, the speaker d?*clared
that there are 10 English sol- IrafT I
diers for every colonial soldier engaged
in the war. IfflBflfJlLj #
Again Camp Greene scores in the ^ f
matter of health. For the week end- V * 4
ing May 20, tjie sick rate among the m L.
soldiers stationed at this camp was T
only 10.5 a 1,000. This is the third
best showing among the entire num- 1
ber of military camps and canton- lM
ments in the United States. Camp /
Sheridan led the list, with a sick rate i J
of only 8.1 per cent, while Camp Lagnn
led Camp Greene by one-tenth
j of one per cent. Carap Travis had
the worst record, 49.1.
The really fine record which Camp
in maintaining every week is
a distinct cause for congratulation. BJM|
Both the government and the soldiers MfeMpy i
stationed at this camp must become
more and more impressed with the
healthful locality in which this camp WB II
is located. Ill I
Do you expect your mother, sister. I
I wife or any other lady to visit you? (I
j If you do, call up the Y. W. C. A. hos- I II
tess house at Camp Greene, 9113 or I I
82. A nj
The hostesses will be glad to meet I IHI
her train to And her a room in town. H I IHI
telephone you what time to meet her 111
at the hostess house, and look after a
her comfort in every way. toflLdfcJ

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