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This week, just before we get around to wishing you
one and all a merry Christmas (and why shouldn't we it
doesn't cost anything), we present for your edification and
approval our annual "letters to Santa Claus" edition of the
Gab Bag. * ~
For six years now we have waited until the last week
before Christmas for this great event. Then we've gone off
somewhere and hid for fear that? "
. .. , .. ... This year, we promise you shall
the authors of these letters might nQ different from the rest, only
deny their handiwork and blame we p j an to hide just a little bet
it on us. ter. But now for the letters:
I i
w To You and All We Wish A e*
Mj And A
We pause at Christmas-time to wish each
w and everyone of you a Joyous Christmas
M and a New Tear that will brine twelve jQ
S months of real happiness. Tour pat- T*
mJ ronafe during the past year has been
sincerely appreciated;
£L 5c & 10c Store
1 ou • I
I Merry Christmas! |
W We—and Chevrolet—wish each and everyone of you
« the best and Merriest of Merry Christmasses! Your iff
g friendship and patronage during the past 12 months jS?
g& has meant much to us and we would be ungrateful if *£[
K we failed to pause and extend Season's Greetings.
May 1938 bring every happiness!
1 F-W Chevrolet Co. I
ELKIN, N. C. 8
i • \* ' '"W ' '■ T*W J- '
Dear Santa Claus:
For the past year I have gone
around shedding good cheer and
trying to bring a little joy and
happiness into other folks* lives
through selling Insurance policies.
I believe I have succeeded in cases
where it was a fire insurance pol
icy which resulted in a fire on the
part of the person insured. How
ever, in the case of life insurance
policies it might not have been so
enjoyable for the persons who
Anyway, I have done my best
and have been as good as good
can be, and for that reason I
want you to bring me several
things, including more customers
for fire insurance policies who live
in fireproof houses, and more
prospects for life insurance poli
cies who have every hope of living
at least, for 75 more years. Use
your own judgment about bringing
me prospects for automobile in
surance for seems like they wreck
'em faster than I can get 'em in
Hoping you have a big Christ
mas, I am.
Your friend and pal,
Dear Old Santa:
If it is not asking too much, I
would like for you to bring me as
surance that the business reces
sion now under way will last and
grow worse. For a while it looked
as if prosperity was really here
under Mr. Roosevelt, and this
made me, and a lot more of My
Republican friends very sad, but
now with a recession on hand the
situation looks a lot brighter. If
things will only get worse than
they were during Mr. Hoover's de
pression, I am sure we will all be
very happy. It is all right for you
to bring prosperity, but please
wait until a Republican president
is in office. t
Your little friend,
R. L. (Our Bob) LOVELACE
Dear Good Santa-Claus:
Although we try to be good boys
and girls all the time we never
before have bothered you at
Christmas with letters asking this
and that. We've always been sat
isfied to let you bring us what
ever you saw fit, but this year it
is different and so we all join as
one to implore you to bring our
boss a plain, simple decision in
the matter of whether to get mar
ried or not.
For the past 12 years he has
been planning to get married one
minute and then backing out the
next. This year he seems to be
really smitten, so if you can,
please bring him the vision of
married life that will enable him
to take the final step. Personally,
we think a wife would do him
good although, we don't know
whether she would be doing her
self good or not.
Thanking you too much for this
favor, we are,
Dear Mr. Claus:
When you come Christmas
kindly bring the fourth install
ment on your note, now 12 months
past due. You of course realize
that prompt payment means
sound credit, and that we cannot
give you a satisfactory rating un
less you are prompt in meeting
your obligations as they fall due,
regardless of whether you have
anything to meet them with or
If you should decide to bring
me anything else, I will appreci
ate to the fact that it is
now costing me just twice as much
to live as it was at the time of
your last visit.
Yours very truly,
Dear Santa Claus:
I have two fine reasons why I
want you to be very generous to
me this Christmas.
Your friend,
Dear Santa, Old Pal:
Ask anybody and they will tell
you I have been a good boy and
deserving of many good things
this Christmas. However, being of
a very unselfish nature, I don't
want much, just the following:
About fifteen or twenty events to
promote! during the coming year,
each of which will pay a goodly
sum, also a lot of good ideas that
there is money in. How about
putting me in charge of your bal
lyhoo campaign next Christmas?
Your little pal,
• • •
Which, loyal readers, is all the
Santa Claus letters we have space
for this year. Thanks for read
ing this far, and please continue
on to the' end so that we may wish
for each of you a Christmas un
beset by worry and truly happy
and joyous throughout. Yours—
V '
(Deferred From Last Week)
Ronda Route 2, Dec. 14—A
good service and interesting Sun
day School was held at the
church here at Bethel Sunday
morning. At the evening hour an
ordination service was held which
was very impressive. The new
deacons who were ordained were:
D. S. Gilliam, Seaman Dobbins,
Chas. T. Jones and Wayne
Stroud. Rev. Albert Gilley and
Rev. Lloyd Pardue assisted the
pastor in the service and Rev. Mr.
Pardue delivered a most interest
ing sermon to a very good con
gregation, including several visit
Mrs. N. E. Burchett spent last
Saturday night at Greensboro
visiting her granddaughter, Mrs.
Sam Price.
Dewey Myers, who has been in
South Carolina is here on a visit
to his mother, Mrs. R. O. Myers.
Rev. Mr. Gilley. filled his ap
pointment at Big Ivy Church,
near Mt. Airy last Sunday morn
Misses Natoa and Pauline Par
due and Sadie Mathis visited
Misses Mary Nell and Ethel Gray
at Clingman last Sunday after
noon. *
Mr. D. J. Melton has been in
disposed for several days.
Mr. Paul B. Collins of Lincoln
ton spent last Tuesday at the
home of W. H. Jones.
Miss Ollice Mae James of near
Winston-Salem, was the guest of
Mrs. W. H. Jones last week.
Mr. Walter Durham and family
moved here last Monday from a
home on the J. B. Armstrong
Plans are being made to have a
Christmas tree at Bethel church
on Sunday morning Dec. 26. It!
will be at this time, and a brief
exercise, for the benefit of the]
children who live at a distance;
and are members of the Sunday!
School will be given.
Bisr corn shuckings were heldj
last Thursday and Friday at the,
homes of Messrs. Gilley and Mel-|
Not Badly Injured.
Sambo—Well, Johnny, I hears
yo' got cut in the fracas last night.
Johnny—Naw, suh, I didn't. I
jest got mah ahm cut some.
Telling The Judge.
Judge—Speeding, eh? How
many times have you been before
Speeder Never your honor.;
I've tried to pass on the road!
once or twice, but my old bus will
only do 55.
For common colds ■ j
Joyner—My wile explored my
pockets again) last night
Slink—What did she get?
Joyner—The same as any other
explorer—material for a lecture.
Having qualified as administra
trix of the estate of Sadie Frank
lin, deceased, this Is to notify all
Merry Christmas |
' |
All Texaco and Firestone dealers throughout this - 3S
1 entire section take this opportunity to extend to ®
you our sincere appreciation for your patronage T*
during the past year, and wish for each and all a rg
most Joyous Christmas and a New Year filled
with health and happiness. w
Texaco Products Firestone Tires
1 Merry Christmas! I
8? At this season of the year it is only fitting that each and every *1
m person connected with this store extend a cordial greeting to the W
£jj hundreds of loyal friends and customers who have made the
past year successful for us. Jm
So—and we say it simply but sincerely—Merry Christmas to you
W all! Merry Christmas, and our wish for a New Year that will ©
bring you only good fortune, good health and happiness! m
1 Surry Hardware Co. |
I ELKIN, N. C. 1
persons holding claims against said
estate to present them to the un
dersigned within one year from
date of this notice or game will
be pleaded in bar of their recov
ery. All persons owing said estate
please settle at once. This Decem
ber 1, 1987.
Mary F. McNeely, adminis
tratrix of the estate of Ba
-12-23 die Franklin, deceased.
Thiirsdav TJccciiiifisF ?3 19315F ■ I
" " " FEVER
Liquid, Tablets
Salve, Nose Drop* 30
Try "Rub-My-Ttanr-W-rtd's
Best liniment

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