North Carolina Newspapers

SHE LBV. N. C. MQNDAV JANUARY 5 198.1 Published Monday, Wednesday arid Friday Afternoons.
II. >l*il i»**» irar (in «dr*n,«i, .
off f*»r. (in »d*an««> Wjid
Cotton, per lb.__8U to 9';c
Colton Seed, per bu. .. ;;0c
Fair And Colder,
Today’s North Carolina Weather
Report: Generally fair and colder
preceded by rain on the northeast
coast tonight. Tuesday fair and
Belter Banking.
New York, Jan. 4.—Rome C. Ste
phenson, president of the America n
Bankers association, said in a state
ment today that “we wall have the
strongest banking situation we nave
ever enjoyed and one worthy of the
highest confidence of all our peo
ple'1 as a result. of the elimination
of “undeniable weaknesses" in the
country's banking structure in 1830.
Mr. Stephenson asserted that most
tf the closed banks will pay in full
or large part so that the amount
lost would be reduced si. -1 r^at “de
spite the prominence in the news of
banking difficulties only a small
fraction of the total banking figures
are affected."
Patrolmen Get
Tagless Autos
License Plate Sales Here Consid
erably Under That Of
Last T ear.
If yo • haven't your new auto li
cense tags--and scores pt autos in
this section' are st-il carrying 1930
tags—better watch for the highway
patrolmen. Friday of last week pa-,
admen working this section began
picking up motorists who had not
secured their hew license plates.
Those apprehended last week were
not fined, but were giver. 48 hours in
which to- secure their tags.
It is likely, it is believed here, that
those apprehended early this week
will be given a similar period of
time in which t,o . secure their tags
but within a day or so owners of
cans still using mid tags may be
olcen into court. Patrol officials are
not saying just when they will
Clamp down.
Sales Low Here.
The: exi ting business depression
i? showing up in the sale of tags at
Tie local bureau at the Eskridge
; arage, according to Charles R. Esk
i dge, manager. So far only about
3,300 tags have , bur n sold here. To
the same date last year more than
5.000 tags had been purchased.
Costner Heads S, S.
Work In Association
Succeeds G. G. Page As Superin
tendent Group Leaders Named
On Sunday.
At the monthly meeting of the
ICings- Mountain Baptist Sunday
chool association held with the
Second Baptist church yesterday, J.
W. Costner, of Double Shoals, was
elected superintendent, succeeding
O. G. Page, of Kings Mountain. Mr.
Costner has been serving faithful
ly and effectively as assistant to
Mr. Page and has now been ad
vanced to the leadership. L. H. Led
ford of Shelby is associate superin
tendent, W. G. Whitworth ol Shel
by, secretary and treasurer.
Group superinlendents were elect
ed as follows: Group one B. P, Jen
kins of Lattimore, group two G. T.
Cabaniss of Shelby route 5, group
three C. G. McSwain of R-2, Gro
ver; group four D. F. Hord of Kings
Mountain, group five E. A. Hoyle of
Fallstou, group six A. A. Richard:
cf Casar, group seven O. P. Ham
lick of Boiling Springs and group
eight Marshal Freeman of Shelby.
The next monthly meeting will be
held at Ross Grove church on Feb
ruary 1, beginning at 2:30 p. m.
Much Trading Now
Over This Section
targe Number Of Deeds Being Re
corded With Register At Court
Quite ft bit of early year real es
tate trading has been going on in
Cleveland county, according to Reg
ister of Deeds Andy F. Newton.
In the last week or so a large
number of deeds have been record
"d as well as mortgages and other
“We’re doing right much of a
rushing business in everything ex
cept marriage license,’' the register
Decision In King
Case Up Tomorrow
Rafe King, Shelby man now in the
South Carolina prison, may know to
morrow just when and where he will
be given his second trial on the
charge of killing his wife. Court
opened today at Chester and the
motion of King’s lawyers for 8
change in venue is expected to come
up Tuesday. If the judge refuses tc
move the second trial from Chester
where it is alleged that the Shelby
man will not have an even break, che
date for the trial at Chester will
likely be set
Consumption Of
Water Decreases
Here Last Year
4 Million Gallons
Under 1929
Mill Curtailment, Empty Houses
Cited As Cause. June Was
Biggest Month.
Hup to a curtailed schedule in
the textile plants and an in
creasing number of empty
houses. Shelby consumed less
water in 19.10 than in 1929. ac
cording to figures compiled by
.Mr. K. V. Toms, superintendent
of the city water department.
In 1930 a total of 188,741,000 gal
lons were used in the city, while
192.914.000 gallons were consumed In.
1929—a decrease over last year of
1.173.000 gallons.
‘ This decrease is due. we believe,
to the curtailed schedule of the
mills,” Sup't. Toms said. "Anothc”
thing is that In 1929 It was a diffi
cult matter to find an empty resid
ence in Shelby, but last year, par
ticularly the latter part of the year,
there were .scores of empty houses.
The 1910 water consumption,
however, was 7,552,000 gallons more
than 171.179 gallons used in 1928.
Many Gallons.
With 188 million gallons consum
ed during the year that means that
each of the 10.700 Shelby citizens
should have u • d, 17.610 gallons of
water during the year, but many
thousands' of' gallons were used by
industrial plants, for fire-fighting,
watering lawns, and other usages.,
June Leads Way.
June was the month in which
more water was consumed than any.
other-—18 256*036 gallons. July rank
ed second with August a close third.
Less water was consumed in Febru
ary and. November than iu any other
Miss Taney Lands As
drst Baby Of 1931
To little Miss Margaret Toney,
I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Blain
[ Toney, of Lawndale, goes the honor
; of being Cleveland county’s, first
New Years baby, or “Miss ,1331."
Miss Toney was born 30 minutes
after the arrival of the new year
; and Is entitled to the numerous
gifts offered _ by Shelby business
Ifirms- and The Star.
Dies When He Stops
l At Neighbor** House
Aaron Wells, prominent farmer
[living in the Kings Mountain bat
, tlegrcund section died suddenly Sat
urday at the home of a neighbor.
Mr. Blalock. Mr. Wells had been to
Kings Mountain shopping on Sat
urday, and took sick while he whs
returning home. He stopped in at
Mr. Blalock's home along the road
and died shortly thereafter.
; Tile skating fad which is again
| popular with. Shelby youngster re
sulted in one accident last week
I Little Miss Juanita Isler. 10-year- ud
i daughter of Mrs. C. E. Isler. broke
her left arm when she fell skating.
Masons Take Hold In Helping
Those In Need In The County;
Public Conscience Awakened
Already 1,074 People Helped By The
County Welfare Department,
Need Still Urgent.
Masons, their wives and members
of the Order of the Eastern Star,
numbering 150 gathered Friday
night at the Masonic Temple to re
new interest in the needy for the
distribution of charity hereabout.
The meeting was presided over by J.
D. Lineberger who gave a review of
;the situation, having spent several
weeks in making personal investiga
tions and assisting the welfare de
partment, especially the clothing de
pot in dispensing wearing apparel.
Situation Alarming.
In the midst of severe wittier
weather, all agreed that the situa
tion is alarming arid the cooperation
of the charitably inclined people is
very urgent at this time. Mr. Line
berger expressed the opinion that
there are truck loads of out-grown
and cast off clothing in the homes
of Shelby and Cleveland county peo
ple which could well be spared and
at the same time be received with
the deepest sort of gratitude by the
unemployed. He cited a number of
prtlw't-ic cases and announced that.
it any one wishes to be convinced
of the need, he would gladly pilot
them to homes where there is roal
suffering and want.
1,074 People Helped.
There were a number of reports
of the work that lias been done and
the wide-spread need. Mrs. Irma
Wallace, county home demonstrator
who has been assisting J. B. Smith,
Welfare officer in the investigation
of cases reported that 1.074 people
had been helped by this department
since Dec. 11th. Clothing had been
furnished to 671 people, 131 fami
lies, Groceries had been given to 536
and coal hud been distributed to
309. There was a lull in the calls
during the Christmas holidays when
the giving spirit prevailed, but calls
are coming thick and fast now and
Friday was one of the busiest days
at the welfare department.
What City Is Doing.
Mayor McMurry, reporting for the
city, stated that two car loads of
coal had been distributed, 2,400
pounds of flour, hundreds of pounds
of pinto beans, nearly a barrel of
molasses, several cases of lard, con
siderable fat back, etc. Charity cas
. C.ONTrrf'V'D ON i’ACk KIOB1 > .
Joffre* Hero of Marne. I >c'a<J
Marshal Joseph Jacques O- <
saire Joffre, hero of the Marne
and Commander-in-Chief of tile
French Army during the first
two years of the World War.
died at the clinic Of St Jean
de Dieu after a long and l;n
> .ger'mg battle with death. For
days the famous French soldier
had fought hi* last fight with
that staunch indomitable spirit
of his that the world will long
Clements Presides Over Term
Of Court Convening Here Today;
Big Cases Booked For Trial
D, J. Keater foreman Of Grand
Jury. Clean t’p Jail Cases
A week's term of superior
court, on the docket of which are
.several important cases, con
vened here this morning with
Judge J. II. Clements, of Win
ston-Salem, presiding.
The session this morning was de
voted to Judge Clements’ charge to
the grand jury, the swearing-in of
officials and the disposal of several
submission, cases.
Mr. D. J. Keeter, of Grover, is
foreman of the grand jury with
Deputy John Wilkins as the officer
in charge. Deputy Jerry Runyans is
acting court officer and Deputy M.
A. Jolley is in charge of the pri
The criminal docket with more
than 200 cases Is the largest ever.
Urgent jail cases will' be disposed of
it is said before others on the dock
et, will be taken up. In court today
it w'as unofficially reported that the
J, J, Lattimore case would be taken
up Wednesday.
The killing charge against Hugh
Brittain, young Casar man, is listed
lor trial during the term, but it is
hot definitely known if the case
will be reached. Young Brittain is
charged with fatally injuring Dep
uty Sanford Pruett by backing over
the officer after the deputy and
other officers had halted the Brit
tain car believing it to carry whisky.
Crowd In Town.
Due to public interest in many of
the cases scheduled to be taken up
and because the county commission
ers are meeting- and other first
Monday activities are on Shelby was
filled with what appeared to be a
record crowd this morning. Such
was the size of the visiting crowds
that parking space in the uptown
business section was ns scarce today
as it is on a big trading Saturday.
Solicitor Spurgeon Spurling, re
elected in November, Is handling his
usual duties as prosecutor.
Boost Gardner
For President
Big Farm Leader Says
Gardner Type of Man
Wilmington, Jan. 5,—Gover
nor O. Mas Gardner, of North
Carolina, was proposed as a
candidate for the Hfm.rtr.illo
presidential nomination here by
Varl Vrooman, assistant secre
tary of agriculture under i’rev
dent Wilson:
Works For Farmers,
“In a country built up on its ag
riculture." Ml. Vrooman said, ad
dressing the Wilmington board: of
trade, "Governor Gardner is one of
the few governors exerting every ef
fort, toward aiding the farmer. I
would like to see him a candidate
for the Democratic nomination .'or
Mr, Vrooman. owner of" exsen we
farm lands in Iowa and Illinois, is
here writing a book on agriculture
Horn President
Of Shelby Lions
Elected To Succeed Chas. Dover.
Arthur Henoy Named Vice
Mr. Charlie C. i Cobby> Horn i1
the newly elected president of the
Shelby Lions Club, succeeding Ylr.
Chas, R. Covet.
President Horn and the other new
I officers will be installed at a meet
ling Tuesday night week,
j The other officers are:
i Arthur W. Benoy and Glenn White
I vice presidents; Dr. Robert Wilson
secretary; William Osborne, Liovi
lamer; Loy Thompson, tail twist0;.
Additional directors are Chas. Du r
and Dr. D. F. Moore.
! _' ' - ■ ; ■
Steals Shoes Of
Sheriff’s Son At
County Jail Here
Took siioes While Guest In 'Bums’ ‘
Koom At Jail, Also Stole
I’rize Dog.
A new version of ingratitude was
related in county court here today.
Last Friday night a 17-yefu-old
youth. Ernest Royster, asked io
spend the night in the county Jail.
Sheriff Irvin Alcn let the boy in
and lodged him in an apartment
where bums und other unfortunates
are permitted to sleep. Saturday
tRoyster departed, and shortly after
he left, Sheriff Alien was informed
that the boy was wanted for steal
ing the B. Cabanlss foxhound which
won the prize at the Cleveland
county fair. Sunday officers located
Royster in Ruthei fordton.
It was then Sheriff Allen learned
how ungrateful Royster was for his
free lodging. On the youths feet
were the shoes of the sheriff’s son,
Hevwood. Royster, the sheriff says,
stole them at the jail
Tlie two charges were enough to
cause the county c^urt to bind Roy
-Vt over tp superior court,
' :y si<■■■:
Industry, Labor
Stand By Act Of
Both Classes Show
Their Favor
Workingmen, ,Manufacturers, Others
Speak For Workmen’s Com
pensation Ait.
|M f! nfSVAl.n Slur \i»i nufrua >
Kaleigh. Jan. 5.—Industry, a*
well as labor, tv almost, tf not
entirely unanimous in Its sup
port of the N. C. Workmen's
eompensatlon act as now effec
tive and administered, accordlps
to messages from officials of the i
North Carolina Industrial coun
cil, representing all types of in
dustry in the state.
The industrial commission, which j
operates the act, had been advised
by some Keeking to eithenthibuilsh or
radically change the net. that in- j
dustry was not favorable toward the ;
law and sought change. Yesterday
a day. letter was sent to the offi
cials of the council and before night j
all but two or three hud answered.!
and In no uncertain terms. Labor, j
through the N. C State federation |
of labor, had already gone on ree- i
oid as heartily supporting the law. j
The attitude of the commission Is, j
according, to Chairman Mutt H Al
; leu and Commissioners J. Dewey
; Dorset! and T A. Wilson, that the
• general assembly turned over the
flaw to them and they are striving
1 to administer it as written. They
will not propose changes, If efforts
: are made to change the law and
their views, after administering it
for 18 or 20 months, are sought,
jthrv will make suggestions for
I clarifying certain obscure parts of
jit. but will not propose or suggest,
; radical or basis changes.
The officers of the N. C Inciu.s
I trial council arc Norman A. Cocke.
Charlotte, attorney for the South
erri Power Co., chairman; E. L. Mc
Kee, Sylva. lumber and tannic acid
manufacturer, anti P. Frank Hanes,
attorney, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco
-Co., ip Winston-Salem, vice chair
man; Hunter Marshal, jr.. Char
lotte. secretary-treasurer of the N.
C. Manufacturers association, sec
rotary treasurer; compensation com
| mitlce: R, W. Griffith, Champion
I Fibre Co , Canton, chairman: A. E
; Tate. High Point furnituge monii
facturer; James E. Walker, P. Frank
Hanes, A. M. Dixon, Gastonia tex
tile manufacturer: Frank S. Spruill,
Rocky Mount, banker and m&nufac
| , (continued; on pack kiOht.i
i Seaboard Train
j Off On January 12
Will Operate As a Mixed Train Be
tween Shelby And Ruth
Ellenboro, Jan. 3, — According to
official announcement from from
Seaboard offices at Hamlet, the
Seaboard passenger trains 21 and
22 between Monroe and Ruther
ford ton will be discontinued as a
regular passenger train, but will, be
operated between Shelby and Ruth- ,
erfordton daily as a mixed train.
This change will go into effect j
January 12. The schedule of this ;
train will be about the same, This i
change of schedule will discontinue
the present service on the Caroleen
branch of the Seaboard road; but
; train 22 returning from Rut her *
fordton will do the work on that
branch. Due to this change, the
entire crew of the Caroleen branch
will be discontinued.
World War Vets Meet.
A meeting of the Warren Hoyle
Post of the American Legion is to
i bo held Tuesday night at the cour:,
I house. Dale It. Yates, vice commar.d
| er. is to preside, and all World War
vets are asked to attend.
No Accidents Here .
No news, so it is said. Is good
news. This, therefore, is news: Not
: a. single accident case was entered
at the Shelby hospital over the week
County Man Hitsi
Oil On Christmas |
B. l>. Jolley, former Cleveland
county man. now living near
Rush Springs, Oklahoma, believ
es in Santa Claus and he ha
ample reason for doing so.
On Christmas- evening a oig
gas well was brought In on hit
farm there. .Since that time, ac
cording to reports received here
the well has been turning out
over twenty million cubic feet
of gas daily and is said to be one
of the largest in that section.
Mr. Jolley is a brother of Mrs.
I. V. Dellinger, of Shelby.
New Solicitor
Takes Office
J. Clint New ton (above I was sworn
in today as solicitor of the county
court succeeding Solicitor P. Cleve
land Gardner tbelow.)
Star Photos
Leaves Bed To
Take Up Duties
.1. Clint Newton Sworn In .Vs Soli
citor. I'roscj utcd Docket
The Cleveland county recorder's
court ground through it Mondav
morning docket today with n of
ficials in charge of the court ma
Judge Maurice Weathers, sworn
ill last week, presided, and Solicitor
J. Clint Newton served for the first
time as prosecutor
Still Weak.
Mr. Newton has been ill forweek.,
and. fast week it was h-heved that
it would be necessary lo swear him
in at his home today with a sub
stitute prosecuting for him. Tins
morning, however. Mr. Newton Canto
up town, was sworn in by Court
Clerk A. M, Hamrick, and prosecut
ed the docket of week-end case,*
The new solicitor is still weak from
his illness but hope:: to be able to
handle his court duties.
Wailing Of Mf. Jonas Cause Of
Merriment Ip. Raleigh; Licked
By Same Method As He Won By
Political Circles Consider Fraud
Charge Poor Sportsmanship
Breaking Out.
Raleigh Jan, 5.—The- hue and cry j
being raised by former Congressman i
Charles A. Jonas. Republican, oft
the ninth district Concerning the I
crookedness of this last election and
of election officials generaly over j
the state is causing more amyse- j
ment than otherwise here in Ra
leigh, where It is being interpreted
as little more than exhibition of j
poor sportsmanship on hi., part
For almost exactly the same elec
tion officials; presided over the polls!
and counted the ballots on Novem
ber 4 this past year when Major A,
L. Bulwlnkk the Democratic can
didate, defeated Jonas as wi.euj
Jonas defeated Bulwinkle in 1928. it;
is pointed out. Yet Bulwinkle did j
not go up and down the land and
to Washington . complaining of
crooked elections and. crooked elec
tion officials. Neither did Jonai
have anything to say about elec- (
tlon method and pro* xlure when he
was elected. It Is also pointed out ]
that there was much more oppor- j
tunity for i’-regularities to have <>t- j;
curr-'d in 1928 under the old bai-'
lot system than in 1930 under the
Australian ballot plan It is also
pointed out that hundred* of thou
sands of Republican ballots were
sent out by mail by the Republican
campaign managers in 1928 and
that thousands of these ballots,
printed to look exactly like the oi
ficial ballots were voted Instead of
fin official ballots. Yet Jonas rais
ed no protest at that time, since he
was the victor then.
"Another con ideratlon that en
ters into these charges by Jonas is
that if any party is going to at
tempt to purloin any votes in any
rlection, it is generally the party
against which the election is going,
‘■aid a state official in discussing
the Jonas charges here "Thus if
the Democrats ever had any can e
to use any Irregular methods it wa
in 1928, when things were going
against them, rather in 1930, when
the trend was overwhelmingly in
their favor.
"Thus the charges being made by
Jonas are unwarranted and un
founded right on the face of thing-:,
.•special!/ when th? same <0 V['
.lection officials counted the utfrs,.
that, Hecte dhira in 1928. Ir w«u! 1
ippcar that Jonas has not yet learn
ed how to accept defeat gracefully."
Beattie, Malone Fail
In Damages Asked
Chicken Thieves
Are Caught Here
Men With Criminal Records < aught
Selling Rutherford County
Bhetby tuia almost a . nnu h -> .•
eitement Saturday over a (juttrtet.of
chicken thieves a; the old West lid
liver eat tie then
Four; white men were in to vn
peddling chicken.,. Police Chief
I’oston and Shell 11 Irvin Alien got
a 'peep at the men. <li<l hot- like
their looks, and began to check tip.
Shortly later the four were plac
ed under a mat pud early In the aft
ernoon the four men had been taken
back to Rlltheriord county by Sher
iff McFarland, the chicken; u is
alleged, were stolen there.
The men had about, 2i) chicked in
all and had already sold .some at
Palmer';, .grocery, .store.
All Had 1!reel'd
After the arrests were made of
ficers learned, they said, that two
or three hud criminal record;. Two
of the men, tee Sisk and Brock
Sisk, brothers, Iran served' time ini
the roads here. Crawford Whltehu! >,
another in the party, has served a
prison .sentence, p, was paid, while
the fourth. John McGinnis t, a
■brother of one of the men who fiss
ured In the Aderhoit strike affair at
Wm. E. McSwain I o
Be Buried Today
Was Graduated U Wake .Purest
College In IHiHi. Interment At
Heaver Dam.
William E. McSwain «i th. Bea
ver Dam Comnmnity died Saturday
night about midnight at the age ol
so years, He had /been sick about
ten days with a Complication of
troubles. Mr. McSwain was graduat
ed at Wake Forest college in 1800 and
was a man of culture and learn
ing. He was twice married, the first
time to Lula Dowdle and the sec
ond time to Margaret Gettys. Bo h
of his companions preceded him to
the grave. No children survive.
Mr. McSwain is survived by a full
brother Elijah McSwain,, a full sis
ter Miss Pantha McSwaiib two
half brothers. B.f B. and. 1. A Mc
Swain and a half sister, Alpha Wea
ver. Funeral services are being con
ducted this afternoon by Rev. D F,
Putnam and interment will take,
place at Beaver Dam church ceme
Dr. Ramseur Shows
Some Improvement
Dr. T. J, Ramseur, veteran Blacks
burg, S. C., physician, who has been
right seriously ill. now show con
siderable improvement, according to
reports here.
Dr. Ramseur. a character ini’on.
of Tom Dixon’s books and one ot
the organisers of the old Kij Klux
Klan. ts well known throughout thi
entire section, and the news of hi,
improvement will be joyfully receiv
industrial Coin mission
Hears Complaints
I urtner ('iinltnM Wood Vessel
Burst in Sniffle Caused
Hii Paralysis.
n i:. in
Rail igh Jail 5.--H. E. Beattie, ■'•
•••'tally disabled as a result of a
■> cr ok e of | mm lysis which he c la low
came troni a burst ed blood vessel
caused by a friendly scuffle with
Dummy" Howard w hile both were
(.tnpliij'ed by tie . Shelbv Cotton
Mill on November 8, 1929. has nos
convinced Industrial Commissioner
,1. l>-wey Dorsetl that the injury
arose "out of and in the course of
ljis employment,'’ so' compejisatiou
' la on denied. ■ V : ,
The hearing, along with several
others, was held In Shelby'iti De
cember. '.
Beattie and Howard, ns was their
custom, engaged In a friendly lusscls
i Beattie claiming that on the data
•amod Howard grabbed liim around
the with, resulting in the breaking
if a. Wood \ easel. As a Result, he
idtvinr . he had. a st roke of paralysis ■ night; and that he. has been able
'to Win): only four months since the
froke, more than a year ago. ■;
W do not believe that by any
'.stretch of the Imagination, can it,
| be found that the disability COOI
! plained of a.-, lb'- result Of the strbfco
,oi pun!.' • was hi any manner
I connected with the scuffle < ngsgt'd
m by the plaintiff and one "Dum
my Howard." Commissioner Dor
set! writes, adding: "Tire medical
•esHmony in the record is certain
ly not. to the effect that such is
the. case.". . -'fl
’•‘'in « < mi» iivution.
W. L. Changer, Injured while em
uoy.-d by the Neisler Mills. Cleve
land county. Will receive compensa
tion for four additional weeks at
the rfue of $14.40 a week Commls
t having found that
the in;(trance carrier for the milt?
topped payment four weeks too
| soon. Clomger received *14.40 a
i«(>ek from the date oi his injury,
November IS, 1929, nntil May 18,
1930. but the commissioner found
he was not fully recovered at the
latter date and allowed him com
pensation for four additional weeks,
I > Hernia < use.
hi rev Malone, employed by the
!Standard Oil Co, at Shelby, did not
inee Cofruma^ioner Dorsett that
he sulfered a hernia on November
31, 1930, while carrying an Iron
beam weighing about 300 pound.-,
which meets the five requirements
in the compensation act. Medical
evidence was that the hernia Was
or long standing and, although about
«00 was spent, iri ah operation, it.
was not held-to tx thq result of an
accident. Compensation was denied, .
Motor Express
Shelby To N.Y.
Service Inaugurated From shelby.'fa
New Vork With Shelby As
Southern Terminal.
A motor express service hue been
inaugurated between Shelby and
New York City, operating for the
present on a three day schedule lent -
mg Shelby carrying mostly textiles
to Philadelphia suid New York; and
returning vum silk, rayon and other
high class nu rd' Shelby will
be made the Southern terminal for
this motor express route which start
''d the first truck last week, taking
a test shipment from the Cleveland
. Cloth mill, it is understood the rates
will meet those obtaining for freight, y
| yet giving shippers the speed and
promptness of express shipments.
; The motor express will operate on
; f schedule of about 34 hours from
! Shelby, making up shipments from
local manufacturing plants and
plants along the route in North
Carolina. Re: timing the motor ex
press will bring shipments from New
■ York and Philadelphia. ’
It l- understood that ont* mam
moth truck with double wheels and
having a capacity of ten tons was
: put. in service last-week lor the in*
Uiial trip. Other trucks Will'be added,
jas business develops. The promoters
| of the service ate from Graham, lais
| state and the company is known as
i the K. and i>. Trucking Co., with.
Mi. Steward as manager. 1
War Vets Ho Meet
The regular monthly meeting of •
the local camp of Spanish-American
war vetrtwns wilt be held at tie
court house here tonight at 7:30. it
1* tiujiotjuccd by ConunaAder Hugh
Logan, Hereafter all regular
imeetings will be held on the first
Monday night after the 4th.

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