North Carolina Newspapers

    Says Hoover Pushed By Bank
Interests To Rescue Germany
Republicans Are Coming Around to
Wflaon'a Idea That U. S. Must
Help Stricken Nation*.
Washington, July 21.—The Hoover
administration Is gradually adopt
ing Woodrow Wilson policies in deal
ing with foreign countries. Repub
lican theories failed to work. Re
cent steps to save tier many have
caused people here to recall the
Wilson attitude toward the Con
quered countries.
"President Hoover's abandonment
of the Insolatlonlst position which
has been a cardinal principle of his
own a-s well as the administrations
of Coolldge and Harding is a tardy
though none the less welcome recog
nition of what has been a fact all
along," said Representative John M.
Evans, of Montana, today, through
the Democratic National Committee.
"That Secretary of State Stlmpson
and Secretary of the Treasury Mel
lon should be fully accredited dele
gates to the prime ministers’ con
ference in London Instead of figur
ing as ‘unofficial observers,’ whicn
has been the subterfuge In the past
on such occasions Is a victory for
Nolle* Is hereby given th»t we h»v* this
Ray qualified as executrixes of the will
•far. nobarta. late of Cleveland coun
ty, N. C . and alt persons having claims
against said estate are hereby notified to
present them to us properly proven for
payment op ot before June 18lh, 1833. or
this notice will be pleaded In bar of their
reeoverv. All persons indebted to aald es
tate wUI mat# immediate payment to ths
undersigned. This June 18th, 1831.
KAMBRIGHT. Executrixes of the
will of R, P Roberts, dee d.
«. ti. Rybum, Atty. 6t June 18c
trustee's sale or real estate.
Under and by virtue of the authority
•ontamed In that certain deed of true!,
executed by .toe Harding and wife, Laura
Harding to the undersigned trustee, said
deed of trust being dated March 11th.
1019 and recorded In the office of the
Register of Deeds for Cleveland County,
N C. In Boole No. 1ST at page 19. eeeur
ing an Indebtedneee to the Shelby and
Cleveland County Building and Loan Aaso
ctatton, and default having been made
tn the payment of eaid Indebtedneee and
being requested to eell said property 1
will on
MONDAY, AUGUST 10th, 1931
at 11:00 o'clock, noon or within legs!
hours at the Court House Door In Shelby
N. C. sell to the highest bidder for CASH
at public auction that certain lot of land,
lying and being In No. 9 Townehlp, Cleve
land County, N. C. and bounded as fol
Situated in the north eastern square
«f the town of Shelby, located la whet
le known as 'Treedmon ' and fronting on
Bridge street and designated as lot No
gl and beginning at a stake on the eouth
tide of Bridge etreet on alley. Jackaon
Burchett's corner and running east with
aetd Bridge etreet about 111 feet to Hoey's
corner thence south 191 feet to Holmes
line; thence west 119 feet an an alley;
thence north 191 feet to the beginning of
Bridge street.
This July 9th. 1911.
JNO. P. MULL, Trustee.
Under and by virtue of the authorltj
contained in that certain deed of trust,
executed by A. C. Beam and wife, Mer
guentte Beam to the undersigned trustee,
aald deed of trust being dated January 4.
1930 and recorded In the offtoe of the reg
ister of deeds for Claveland county, N. C ,
In book No. 1*9 at page 13. securing an
indebtedness to the Shelby and Cleveland
County Building and Loan association,
and default having been made In the
payment of paid Indebtedness, and being
requested to sell eaid property I will on
Monday, August Ird,
at 11 o'clock, noon, or wlthtn legal hours
•t the court house door In Shelby, N. C ,
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
public auction that certain lot of land,
lying and being tn No. 9 townehlp,
Cleveland county, N. C , and bounded as
That lot lying and being In the town ol
Waco. N C., and on the east side ol
South Mein etreet and described by metes
and bounds as follows:
Beginning et a stake on the east aids ol
South Main street and runs thencs H. 39
R. 38 polss to a stake In the old line;
chenoe S. 94 E l* poles to e stake, a new
oorner, thence 8. 14 W. 1* poles to e
stake. In the east edge of South
Mam street; thence with the east edge of
the said street N. *4 W. 90 feet to the
beginning and being a part of that lot
which was conveyed to A. C. Beam by
David T. Dellinger, commissioner by deed
dated December 11th, 1919 and ruoorded
tn the office of the register of deeds for
Cleveland county, N. C. In book of deeds
UR at nage M9.
This July Ind. 3931.
JNO. P. MULL, Trustee
« July Sc
—I.. —
-IF i (otcoofttpited,
11 would get diwy
and have swimming
to my heed. I would
have vary sever*
*Ttor a'while'!
thought X wouldn't
take ajjythin*—may
be X nould wear out
the headaches; but I
lound they were
wearing me out
-X found Black
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lieve this, so when I
hare the very first
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common screw.”
Judge Evans Is saying just what j
many other members of Oongre* ,
Republicans as well as Democrats, !
are thinking.
He continued:
Perhaps if Republican admlnis
tratlons had been less anxious to 1
discredit Woodrow Wilson and had
frankly participated In the con
gresses which have at various times
assembled in the effort to straighten
out world conditions, those condi
tions. might not have reached so
desperate a crisis as that which
compelled President Hoover’s pro
posal for the moratorium on inter
national debts. The circumstance
that a European debacle must in
volve the United States was as evi
dent two years ago or five years ago
as it was on the day President Hoo
ver suggested the moratorium. It
would have been a good thing had
we been as frankly and as openly
concerned In the arrangement of the
Dawes plan and tho Young plan
and the various other efforts In the
same direction.
The almost unanimous support
aecorder the President’s recent pro
posal indicates quite clearlly that
the fears that caused the adminis
tration to wriggle and squirm lest
It be blamed for becoming Involved
In European affairs were without
substantial basis.”
"Originally, the policy of strict
Isolation was a political expedient
adopted for tho sole purpose of as
sailing the prestige of Woodrow Wil
son and his administration," Mr.
Evans added. Later it became a
fetish and successive Republican
Presidents bowed down before It
until circumstances forced our pres
ent chief executive to recognise the
validity of what had been the Dem
ocratic position through all the time
since the World War.
Had the new international policy
been adopted by the Republican ad
ministration before the American
farmer was hopelessly bankrupt it
would doubtless have had a stronger
appeal to the agricultural section ”
Sees Calendar
With 13 Months
Head of Fixed Calendar League Sara
Present System Has Dis
Paris,—The year soon will have 13
months Instead of 13 In a proposal
sponsored by the League of Nations
and supported by 34 nations goes
Into effect, according to Moses B.
Cotsworth. director of the Inter
national Fixed Calendar League.
Disadvantages of the present cal
endar, Cotsworth said, are due to
three undisputed defects: The
months are unequal; the month Is
not an exact multiple of the week;
as the ordinary year consists of 3«5
days, Just one day over 53 weeks,
the week days change each year to
different datee.
Several plans have been proposed
to remedy these defects, but the plan
which Is claimed to have the most
advantages and is most practical
from the modern point of view Is
the International fixed calendar. It
would be applicable throughout the
world and would accord an Inter
national day of rest. Instead of the
present system of Sunday repose,
which Is not observed throughout
the world. In conformity with Bib
lical tradition, the eight day would
be a day without labor, while every
month would have 38 days.
The new month, which would be
Inserted between June and July, In
order to take up the days left over
from the 38-day months, would be
called Sol, according to the sugges
tion of Cotsworth, who Is the origi
nator of the new calendar.
Under the new calendar Sunday
would fall on the first, eight, 15th
and 33nd of the month. The day
of the week would always indicate
the monthly date and, conversely,
the monthly date would indicate
Its weekday name.
The complete four weeks would
exactly quarter all months, harmon
lilng weekly wages and expenses
with monthly rents and other ac
counts. Each month-end would
coincide with the week-end. Frac
tions of weeks at month -ends
would cease. Easter could be fixed
with benefit to churches, certain
industries and schools. As there
would be 13 monthly settlements
during the year Instead of twelve,
there would be a faster turnover In
money and the same volume of
business could be handled with less
money, resulting in considerable
saving In every country.
Cotsworth claims that labor, sci
ence and education will benefit by
the new calendar, which he hopes
to see adopted by general consent
of all the nations represented at
Greatest Composer.
"Name .the world’s greatest com
poser,” said the musical instructor.
"Chloroform,” promptly replied a
young man who had studied medi
Quit* Sufficient.
"X want to lenow If I have grounds
for divorce.”
"Are you married?”
“ftf rcmeaa vrvj ViaVf.
One Of The Famous
Gibson Girls Marries
A Virginia Girl and Sister of Lady
A*tor Take* Husband In
London July 21.—The youngest of
the Gibson girls, Mrs. Nora Lang
horne Phipps, sister of Lady Aslor
and Mrs, Charles Dana Gibson, to
day became the bride of Morris
Bennett "Leftie” Flynn, former Yale
football player. "
The wedding took place at the
Prince's Row register office and was
attended by a number of friends of
the couple. The register was signed
by the bridegroom’s father, Joseph
Augustus Flynn and his brother-in
law, Reginald G. Harvey.
Mrs. Phipps was divorced from her
first husband, Paul Phipps, an Eng
lishman,, last month. Mr. Flynn has
been married and divorced three
When Charles Dana Gibson made
the live lamed Langhorne sisters ol
Virginia known throughout the
world as the "Gibson Girls” he start
ed Nora, the youngest one, on a path
ol publicity which she has since
been at pains to avoid.
She has been one , of London's
most popular hostesses and a well
known figure in English society, al
though her widest fame, as far as
the public is concerned, comes from
the fact that she is a sister of lady
Today’s ceremony, In keeping with
her own desire, was attended by only
j the closest friends of the couple.
Recently Mrs. Phipps has been liv
ing with Lady Ravensdale in May
fair. Her name rarely appears In the
society columns and only once or
twice In the past decade has she fig
ured In the news. Once was when
her daughter, Joyce, married Regi
nald Grenfell two years ago at an
elaborate wedding In St Margaret's
Marion Boy Flies
Home From Chicago
Marlon, July 23,—To pay a brief
visit to his parents here, Max Cor
penlng, of Chicago, former Marlon
boy, engaged a small airplane,
winged his way across mountain
and plain to Marlon, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Corpenlng, and then flew back to
His parents got word from him
Monday night stating that he had
completed the return trip safely and
had landed near Wheaton, 111.
Corpenlng Is a native son of
Marion. He left here several years
ago and, becoming Interested in polo
began to train horses for various
wealthy exponents of the game. Ho
has been working In Chicago most
of the time, but flies to various
games over the country to see In
action horses that he has trained.
Eight motorboats have been en
tered in the outboard motorboat
races to be held at 3 o’clock Sun
day afternoon at Lake Lure, Roy
W. Parker, promoter announced
Those who will take part include
the following: Grady Paris, Red
Sluder, Mark Reed, Jr., Mike Muray,
and John Paris, all of Asheville;
Francis Little. Forest City; L. A.
Plexico, Barnhill S. C.: and Dr. J
C. Gasque, Jr., Columbia, S. C.
"Oh, I'm In such a perspiration!”
cried the irtrl student.
"Miss Wilkinson,” rebuked the
austere teacher, "I hope I shall nev
er again hear such an expression.
Kindly remember that horses sweat,
men perspire, but young ladies
glow.” .
For children one month old to five
years of age. Relieves colds, Indiges
tion and bowel-troubles and Is es
pecially recommended for cooling
“Easy Teether Makes Teething Easy*’
At all Good Drug stores_35c
AUGUST 15, 1931
Atlantic City-- $24.31
Baltimore__—_ $17.56
Montreal__—__ $37.96
New York_$23.91
Washington __$15.81
Tickets Limited 21 Days
For Information See
Ticket Agent
Public Gypped
By Night Clubs
New York Police Chief Issues Defl->
an Challenge to Stop
New York.- A defiant challenge to j
all night club proprietors in New j
York to quit ‘ gypping” their patrons j
or be closed up was Issued today byX
Police Commissioner Edward T. Mul;
Mulrooney, who on August 1 be
comes, under law, virtual director ol
the city's night life, denounced ex
isting conditions after calling some
400 night club proprietors into a
The new law transfers Jurisdiction
over night clubs and cabarets from
the city license department to the
police department and Mulrooney
will hold the whip hand over the re
sorts. He made it known that he in
tends to be tyrannical if it is neces
For one thing, he told the club
owners, the police department will
not tolerate shady night clubs own
ed by or catering to the underworld.
It is a wellknown fact that many
night resorts, particularly in the
Broadway sector, are frequented by
gangsters and thugs. Occasionally
these clubs have been the scene of
gang warfare.
Mulrooney s regulations forbid the
“push button" type at entrahce “the
front entrance must aland wide open
during business hours," he said,
"wide open to the public, police and
prohibition agents "
“I can’t dictate your prices," Mul
rooney said. “I can't tell you how
much to charge for cigarettes and
food. But I can tell you one thing.
Your customers are not going to be
robbed hereafter. Your short change
artists have got to stop. And the
business of raising checks is at an
end. This night club robbery is a
disgrace to the city.”
The police commissioner will de
mand that every night club proprie
tor register his name, right address,
photograph and fingerprints at the
headquarters, along with the name*
and addresses of all employes. It is
estimated that cabarets and night
clubs furnish employment for more
than 30,000 musicians, entertainers,
kitchen workers and waiters.
Teachers Renew
School Licenses
Approximately 3,000 License Ex
pired During Summer—Many
Raleigh, July 22.—The department
of public instruction is at present
engaged in renewing teachers' certi
ficates, said Superintendent A T.
Allen here today.
Approximately 2.000 license expir
ed this summer. Under, the old law
these teachers, unless they had at
tended summer school within five
years, would be required to attend a
session this year In order to have
their certificates renewed.
However, when the legislature de
cided to cut teachers' salaries, it al
so was decided to allow the certi
ficates to be renewed during the
present biennium without attend
ance at summer schools.
Took It All.
Peggy: I'm divorcing Charlie You
don’t know what I’ve gone through,
living with him.
Anne: Well, everybody says it was
all he had.
An old Chinese Proverb says, "Nine
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est and fattest acting treatment out.
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time to avoid a dangerous and cost
ly operation. Try Dr. Nixon’s Chlna
rold under our guarantee to satlsD
completely and lie worth 100 times
the small cost or your money bade.
AUGUST 7, 1931
(a) Baltimore_$14.00
(b) Baltimore_$15.00
Portsmouth _$10.75
Old Point__$10.75
Virginia Beach__ $11*25'
(a) Via Norfolk and Boat
(b) Via All Rail
Tickets limited five days
in addition to date of sale.
For information call or
Ticket Agent
Just Ten Years
‘From Issue of The Star July 22,
A member of the board of county
commlsloners In jail charged with
wife murder, Is the new blot on
Burke county's record, the crime
being directly traceable to the
blockade liquor. Sidney A. Kincaid,
well-to-do fanner and merchant, is j
held for the murder of his wife last I
night at their home at Chesterfield,
six miles from morganton,
Mr. and Mrs. John Schenck, Jr ,
announce the birth of a son Wed
nesday at the Presbyterian Hospital
in Charlotte. Both mother and son
are doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P, Shuford cele
brated their fiftieth wedding anni
versary at a family dinner party
Wednesday at 1 o'clock at their
home on West Warren Street.
Mr. Lee M. Gold who died Sunday
at the home of his brother Mr. J.
O. Gold near LattimOre left all of
his real and personal property to the
Double Shoals Baptist church. Mr.
Gold was 66 years of age, and for
many years he lived near Lattimore,
He was buried at Double Springs,
Monday when a large crowd attend
ed the services conducted by Rev.
D. G. Washburn, assisted by Rev.
John W. Suttle.
Dr. J, Onslow Nolan of Lawndale
who recently graduated at Jeffer
son Medical College at Philadelphia,
Pa. has accepted a position on the
medical staff of the State Asylum
for the Insane at Morganton.
'Die Shelby firemen, whoever they
are, will receive $236. as its part of
the fireman’s relief fund in North
j Carolina. Ninety two towns and
j cities share in the distribution.
At a called meeting of the Board
| of Aldermen Tuesday night of this
week, a carload of cypress poles
was ordered, the ear to carry 50
poles at a price of $4.71 delivered
in Shelby. The city clerk was also
ordered to borrow' $5,000 to pay in
terest and current expenses until
this years taxes are paid.
Senator McSwain Does Not Think
Tax Reduction Large Enough Here
To the Editor of The Star
In a recent issue of the Cleveland
Star there appeared a news item
and an editorial in which the coun
ty commissioners were given credit
for a possible tax reduction of'
twenty-three cents in this county, j
I am not writing you in any spirit
of criticism; but in an effort to get
the facts and the truth before the
public, and with the hope that
something may be done to give the
taxpayers of this county the tax
relief they are entitled to receive
a.> a result of the legislation enacted
by the recent General Assembly.
The past Legislature provided for
tire reduction of school tax in this
county from forty-seven cents tc
fifteen cents. It also turned the
roads and bridges over to the state
for maintenance, thereby relieving
the county from any tax for the
support and maintenance of bridges
and roads.
If the County Commissioners arc
going to adopt a fifty cent tax rate
for the coming year as stated in
The Cleveland Star; then instead
of a tax reduction we are about to
have a tax increase of thirteen
cents over the 1930 rate. The total
county rate for 1930 was seventy
three cents, distributed as follows:
Schools, operating expense_47c
Schools, capltol outlay and
debt service _. 7c
General fund...... 15c
Bridges ...... ...... 4c
Total .. .. ... .73c
Since the Legislature reduced the
school tax from forty-seven to fif
teen cents, and relieved the county
from maintaining it's bridges, the
tax rate in this county for 1931
should be as follows
Schools, operating expense . 15c
Schools, capltol outlay and
debt service _ 7c
General fund _ 15c
Total . ...... 37c
When the Legislature adjourned
I felt sure that we had enacted
legislation that would guarantee to
the people of this county a tax re
duction of at least fifty per cent,
or in other words that the tax rate
for 1931 would not exceed thirty
seven cents. If our tax rate is to
wo nil Any sb
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For A Registered
Druggist- j
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something else you want—often enough for a sack of
sugar, for instance. Black Flag is the deadliest and
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humans and pets. Money-back guarantee. f.«
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Freedom from worry . ...
Farly Independence . . . and
Contented old age ..... will come
to the man who saves a part of his
earnings from week to week.
Union Trust Co.
exceed that amount It means one
of two things first, vlie county did
not collect enough revenue in 1930
to meet It's bills and is now in debt,
or second, the Commissioners do
not intend to practice any economy
in 1931.
I wish to call these matters to the
attention of the taxpayers now, as
the Commissioners will on the
second Monday in August levy the j
tax for the coming year. And if!
any relief is to be secured or any
effort made to persuade our Com
missioners not to levy any tax in
excess of thirty-seven cents as con
templated by the Legislature, it
must be done between now and that
I trust 'ijM you will give this let
ter the sal* space and prominence
that you gave the article stthny.
that the Commissioners had adopted
a budget calling for a fifty cent tax
Re pectfullv yours.
Peyton McSwain
Jane—And you really think Lu
cille's complexion is natural?
Marie--Oh. ye . She has worn it
so long she wouldn't look natural
without it.
License Clerk—If your brakes
failed to work going down hill what
would you do?
Silly Sally—Jump out and put a
:.tone under the wheel.
Doubling The Returns.
Guide—Why not go to the top of
the mountain? The famous six-fold
echo is now twelve-fold.
Tourist—How is that?
Guide—During the busy season
we put on extra hands.—Fliegende
Flossie Fussalot was driving along
a country road when she noticed
two repairmen climbing telephone
poles. "What fools." she exclaim'd
to her companion; "they must think
I never drove an auto before.”
How 1 Woman Lost
20 Pounds of Fat
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] surprise.
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| or any leading druggist anywhere in
' America (lasts 4 weeks'. If this bot
I tie doesn't convince you this is the
j easiest, safest and surest way to lose
fat-your money gladly returned.
Morehead City, N. C., July 26-27-28
Southern Railway System Announces
Greatly Reduced Round Trip Fares From
Points Shown Below to Morehead City
From Round trip fare
Charlotte. N. C. S'5.00
Concord. N. C. . Sj.75
Gastonia, N. C. _* Sfi.50
Greensboro, X. (’. So.00
Hickory, N. C. . S6.50
High Point, N. C. S5.25
; Kannapolis, X. C. $5.75
Kings Mtn„ X. C. $G.50
Lexington. X, C. S3.50
From Round trip fare
Maricn. N. C._$7.00
Morganton, N. C,_ $6.75 '
Newton. N. C. $6.25
Rutherfordton N C $7.00
Salisbury. X. C. __ $3.30
Shelby. N. C. ____ $6.50 "
Statesville. N. C. _ $6.00
Thomasville. N. C. $5.25
W.-Sr.lcm, N. C. ._ $5.0(1
Round trip fares available from aM intermediate stations '
Round trip tickets on sale July 23th and 26th. Final
i| limit returning midnight August 3rd.
Round trip tickets good in Pullman sleeping cars op. :
. on payment of Pullman charges.
Fine opportunity to attend the American Region J
State Meeting, fine surf bathing, boating, fishing and
other sports and entertainment.
Call on Southern Railway Agents for detail infor- v
R. H. GRAHAM. Division Passenger Ag*«t
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General Newspaper
Advertising Cut And
Copy Service
Cleveland Star

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