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    Zion coMNumr
rronio(i»n Ojiv In ^undav School
Clint Ootrts Home From
Zion. Sept. 22. We are o.inning
to observe promotion day next
Sunday in our Funds’, school An
interesting program is Delhi plan
Mi>.« Thelma Spangler ":1* enter
tain her class oi primary girls at
her home nexi Saturday m min*,
even primalv girl is rxpwtrd to be
Mr C C Owens has re' •Tiled to
his home from the Shelby hospital,
lery much improved
O T. Cabanis.s and lam,!, spent.
Saturday with Mr. and. M ,io<
Cabanias of Shelby
Mr Johnnie Lee of Atlanta (in
Is visiting her mother M r Flor
ence Rovstei
Mrs. Mag Gold ol Polkvilii visit
ed Mr and Mrs F VV Cabanirr
last week
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gold visited
Mr and Mrs Toni Dixon Mat Suh
dav afternoon
Mr. and M 1 alimtt) Wilson of
Belwood visited Mr. and Mr Bob
ble RudSsil! last Sunday
Sorrv Mr' G H Simmons and
Mrs, Charles Cabo ms haw been
sick both are improving
Mi and Mrs Harrif Bailey, of
Fllberton Oa . and Mrs K A fludo
Mll ol Shelby visited Mr aim Mrs
Bobbie Rudasill. Sunday
Mi George Webb and SOU Carl*
enfoti of Spencer, visited relatives
in the community Sunday,
Miss Ruby Irvin spent Fridas in
harlotte shopping
Mr and Mrs, Charlie Cuba mss
visited Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Mint*
of Blacksburg. S C. Sunday
The officers and leaclie s will
meet Saturday evening at 7.30 at
the home ol Mr and Mrs G r Cab
Mr. and Mrs Less Haiti nek ol
! amrnore. spent Sunday with M'
and Mrs .1 M. Wilson and family
Scared Boy Jumps
Into Lake, Drowns
Marion. Frightened bv the rock
ing of a small bom on Morgan a
Uke. near here, Alvin Parker. 10
leaped into the water and was
drowned Sunday evening about 0
HK bodv was recovered half an
hour later, and everything possible’
done to revive him. but to no
avail The coroner. Dr. .1 F Jonas
Investigated the drowning and re
ported that an inquest would not be
The ehtlri was in the boat with
one of his brothers and a negro
youth While some distance from
the shore, these two suddenly he
Ban to rock the hoRt playfully, r
was reported, and so frightened Ai
?in that he plunged from it into
the water
Last Word in
Far ttio*« wHo ara looking for
mw high itandardi of powar,
long lira, expandability and
acoftomy. ft it built of Rnait
wiatar'iaU with ovartiiad parti.
Drivainforour FREE Firaitona
Sfandardixad BattarySarviea.
j • B«Htrif> ■ Br»U tJwijW
Firestone Battery
It Pavs To Advertise
Toluca And Knob
Creek Gleanings
Trarhrr* ^nd Offirrr* Hrrfrd.
Ntimhor of Children Born In
< nnimunitv.
' to Tlip Slur.'
Toluca, Sept. 24 -The .-.enioi and
junior B Y. P U of Carpenters
drove attended a district meeting a
the Baptist church at Double
Shoals on last SuniU.v p m
Tlie devotional was read by Mis
Edith I.edford alter which an inter
esting talk was made by Rev D. G
Washburn on beginning of a Chris
tum The junior B. Y P. U. brought
the attendance banner back with
ihem The next meeting will be
held al Carpenter; Grove
The church met In conference on
i.i ; Saturda; and elected the pas
tor, officers and teachers for flic
coining year. Rev W. G. Camp we.
re-elected as pa Ur .1 G Cat-pen
er. church clerk, S T Carpenter,
lupcrintendent Miss Mar.v Ledford
secretary. J, A. Huffman, •-teacher
of adult mens class, Miss Irna Carv
pen ter, teacher of ihe adult worn
Bn's class. Glenard Warlick teacher
of the young men's clai-s. Miss Mk
nt- Stint. teacher ot the young wom
en's' class, Kdgat Cook, teacher of
ihe intermediate boys class, Mrs
Nora Costner, teacher of ihe inter
mediate girls, E, L. Propat, teacher
of the junior boys’ class. Miss Van
gie Mull, teacher of the junior
girls’ class, Mr A W Waritek
teacher of the primary class, Mrs,
8. T, Carpenter teacher of the be
gin tiers' class. Rev. W G Canin
deliverer) a wonderful sermon from
the 17th chapter of Si John, the
Lord's prayer.
The old stork has been busy ror
the week. Mr and Mrs. De\v< y
Hartman announce the arrival of
it big boy , Mr and Mrs, Sam -.Lin
ger felt the arrival of a big boy; Mr.
and Mrs. .1 A. Huffman a dainty
daughter. Mr and Mrs. Burt Smith
a hot , Mr and Mrs John Sain, a
Mr Burt Yarbro earned his two
(iaugluei Ha/,el and Lillian, lo
Lincolnton on last Wednesday and
had UjPtr tonsils removed
Miss Fannie Burns spent last
Saturday night with Miss Ruth
Downs of Casar
Master Charlie Wade Carpente.',
the adopted son of Mr and Mrs. s.
T Carpenter spent a few days the
past week with his,mother, Mrs.
Clinton Ooodson of Hickory
Mr. and Mrs Robert Huffman,
and family from Gastonia spent
the week-end at the home of h’s
brother, Mr and Mrs d A Huff
Mrs M J Carpenter spent last
week wilh her brother Mr Joe Mud
of Burke county.
Miss Pauline Newton of Sheibv
was a dinner guest of Mrs. J. O
Carpenter on last Sunday.
Mrs, Burgan Bums, Mrs, Ed
Goodman and Miss Geneva An
thony , all of Linrolnton spent la-!
Wednesday with Misses Fannie and
Elsie Loti Burns
Mr and Mrs. Rochel Young. M’
and MTS Carme Young and fam
ilies of Newton visited at the home
of their father's, Mr. W. H You n’t
and Mrs Young last Sunday
Mulls Chapel News
Of Local Interest
' "ting Pfoplf Elect Officer*. Jov
E. Blanton Speak* To Moth
er's Class.
(Special to Hie Star •
Mr. Joe E Blanton of Ross Grove
church visited our church Sunday
and gave the Mothers class a won
derful message.
The following officers were elect
ed Sunday night: President Mr. G
C, Herd; vice president. Mr O. A
Bowens; Bible quilt.. Miss Essie
Towery; secretary’ and treasurer,
Miss Jume Hord; group captain
No, 1 Ice Heafnet, group captain
No. 3, Miss Mtttle Conner; chorister.
Miss Lucy Hord; director. Mrs,
Nelson Queen,
Misses Alberta and Mattie Sue
Murphy of Mutls Chapel left Wed
nesday for Kings Mountain where
they will make their home with
their grandmother, Mi-s. Huffstet
Mr, and Mrs. Woodrow Bowen
and little daughter. Betty Gene,
spent Saturday night with Mr and
Mrs. G. C. Hord.
Mr. and Mrs, Clifton Carpenter
| of New Prospect spent Sunday witn
j Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kendrick.
Mr and Mrs. Ben Causby and
little son, Wray, spent Sunday aft
ernoon with Mr. and Mrs J. B
Porter of near Buffalo.
Stale Is Ninth In
Buying Insurance
I Raleigh - North Carolina led the
nine states of the southeastern
I group in sales ot ordinary life in
jsurance during August. Dan C.
; Boner, insurance commissioner, an
Total sates in tins state were $8,
027,000. Exactly the same amount
was sold in August, 1930.
While sales in this state 100 pei
cent of what they were in the same
month a year ago, the sales for the
United States as a whole last
month were 86 percent of what they
were a yew ago, 76 companies sell
ing 88 per cent of all insurance
Just Ten Years Ago
A Peep or Two Back in 1920
(Items Jakuji [• rurn llic Cleveland i>tat oi 1D-U.)
i From Naur of The Star, ^ept 20.,
The editors of the Western North
Carolinn Weekly Press association
seemed delighted with their visit to
Shelby. Cleveland Springs and the
King.1: .Mountain battleground when j
they held their meeting here Pri* :
day ol last wek and everyoiv went |
away singing praises tor the town
and county.
Rei Hrank l) Hunt, evangelist j
lrotn Hie Southwest Presbytery of j
Georgia, i* conducting a .cues of
meetings at the Presbyterian church j
this week
The sad news ol the sudden
death oi Mrs. it C Ellis it Wav- '
nesvllle Monday morning was re- j
ce.ived over long distance about 8
o'clock and is a .source of deepest |
sorrow among her many friends;
Alter spending the great.ei part i
of the summer here at her home on j
North LaFayet.te street. Mrs. H. T *
Hudson left Monday for Washing - j
ton. D C. to Join Mi Hudson, they!
have been making their horn" there I
for several years.
A building program such as .Shel-1
h.v has not. had in many tears Is,
about to be underway Right now !
there t» a building program on1
dwellings to supply the scarcity that
exists in this line and as * conse
quence carpenters are hard to gel
and budding material is scant for
immediate use.
Born Sunday morning to Mi and
Mrs, Rush Hamrick, a fine son
Mrs A W MeMuirv and daugh
ter, Miss Sarah and her giie.t. Miss
Myra Fields spent Saturday in
! Charlotte
The many friends of Mrs. J
Fiank Harris will regret 'o know
that she is quite ill and has again
found it necessary to return to the {
Rutberford hospital.
iFrom Issue of The Star. Sept.
Cleveland Springs hotel nas been i
closed for the season and all em- I
ployes of the hotel were dismissed
this week bv Manager Rosemond
The hotel had a very successful run
ftespite the fact that It opened lute
on account of the delay m ship
ments of material.
Cleveland county is going strong
t«i co-operative marketing of coi
lon according lo Mr. ,1 B White who has charge or the cam
paign for Cleveland county.
Her hosts of friends throughout
Hie state will be interested to know
that Mis.s MilUceni Blanton left this
week for Roanoke, Va , to enter
Hollis Institute
Mrs. O M Suttle was a nost di
lightful luncheon hostess Tuesduv
ai her attractive home on North
LaFayette in honor of Mrs. William
Corbett of Texas Mrs Suttle her■
.ellf beihsr formerly from the Lone
Slur State
Much interest is being manifested
in the four comnumty fails to be
held in Cleveland county at the
following places: Earl, October t
Boiting Spring!. October 5. E! Beth
el,. October 6. and Union. October
7. This is the first. year Ea'd. Union
and El Bethel have had a fan
while .Boiling Springs has had one
for several years.
Bonn this, week to Mi aiid Mi
Russet Laughndge on N Morgan
street, a daughter, and to Prof, and
Mrs. T R Elliott on N Morgan
street Thursday morning n daugh
The first football game of the
season will be played herd Saturday
between the Shelby high school and
the Gaffney high school.' The SheK
by boys have been under training
ot Dick Gurley, who says they art
in fine condition for the first game
Unemployed Pick
Cotton Or Go To Jail
Helena, Ark —Choice of arrest .for
vagrancy or work in the cotton
fields of Phillips county, Arkansa
where pickers are sorely needed, was
offered tthe unemployed here today.
Double Shoals
News Of Week
Mr. Greene KlMted Superinterirten'.
Association Delegate*.
'Special to The Star >
Double Shoals. Sept. 24 —Pi onto-1
Don day will be observed in th"!
Sunday school next, Sunday. A good
superintendent oi the Sunday
school for several years, has bet d
elected Uj succeed himself. Mr.;
Greene has proved himself very)
capable in this work.
Mr. F. E. Greene, who has br.c.i
program has been arranged and a
large crowd is expected to be pres
We are sorry to note Mrs. W. f |
Weight 'Ik sick at this writing.
The following have been elected
ns delegates to The association which I
meets at Zion: Messrs. F. E. Green !
W. \V. Washburn. A. L. Calton. W
P Hawkins. S. W Green. J. c I
Washburn. J. S. Gillespie B. B |
M' ne and G. Green.
Miss Mattie Lee Gardner k "
Friday for Raleigh where she wdl
• : :er State college
Mr. and Mrs, Sam Bridges' of
Macon, Ga Mr. and Mrs. Hartley
H'-:g!u and children and Mr. and
Mi.-. Arrow Bridges also of Macon.
<ve ta^'ii, visiting relatives and
friends here for r few days.
Mrs Harley Wright and children
of Shelby spent the week-end with
Mr and Mrs. C. A. Bridges.
Miss Julia Jones of the Shelby
hospital was a v isitor at home Sun
The children and grandchildren
of Mrs. Jane Bridges gave- her a
[birthday dinner last Sunday.
Misses Janie and Pearl Olascoe
>f Boa Mu Dam spent the w eek-end
with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Glascoe
A number of the friends of Miss
Mattie Lee Gardner surprised her
With a go-awav party on Wednes
day evening.
Mr, and Mrs W. D Mauney anti
muly. Mrs. Nannie Bridges and
family. Messrs. J. C. and Woodrow
Humphries and Mi and Mrs, Fay
Mauney spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Bird Owens of Sunshine
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Green and
Miss Frances Green spent a few
days last week visiting Mr, and
Mrs J B. Jones at Brevard.
Mr, and Mrs. J. S. Gillespie and
family visited Mr. and Mrs. J C '
Gillespie of Henrietta Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Poleet anai
J. C . jr.. visited Mr. and Mrs. J. B.!
Horne Sunday afternoon.
Mr, and Mrs P M Washburn
and Mrs. Charlie Hamrick of Shel
by visited Mr. and Mrs. W W.
_Knit Dresses
Hip fastest selling item we've
had are these nifty little knit
combinations. They really
look expensive. A nice new
lot just here.
Exclusive But Not Expensive
$14.95 to $59.50
Our Coats have been carefully selected tor right
style, gtiod quality and at th’e right price. Most
of our linings carry a two year guarantee,
New Hats
If you'll come early you'll
have best selection from «
very special lot of new Fall
Do not associate these with
the average at this price. We've marked them at
this low price for quick .sale.
$1.00 Silk Stockings $| .00
do not like to keep bragging on otir dollar host nib
hut our customers do, so why not us? They truly
are good -ask anybody who has tried them
Washburn Sunday afternoon
111 tnp absence nl out pastor
Rev J* W Sul Up. Rev Brow n ui
Shelby preached for us Sunday. He
gave a very inierestmg sermon hi
subject being The Two Stair
Mr. and Mrs. him i Nanny or
Shelby visited Mr and Mrs Sam
Green Sunday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs P B Bridges v. us
visitors at the liomi of Mi Ba’c
Bridges Sunday afternoon
Mr. R C. Covingi'in. ji usiteu
Mr. Clyde Gardiiei Sundai aiier
Mr. and Mr. Q V Gi .gx si* a'
Hie day Sunday witii Mr and Mr
R C. Covington.
Ml'S. G C Pdi 1.01) was a
of Mr. and Mrs R. C Cuvuigtoi
Sunday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Biunton
and family of t.aitimon and P:<
and Mrs. Blanton and family o.
Earl and Mr. Waite. Davis were tl■
spend-the-day guests ot Mr am,
Mrs. \v. H. Gardner Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Hfirnll ai
com pa 11 led by Mrs Rixy Hanoi
and Misses Selma and Mary l.e
Harr ill spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Hum ill the Polkville
Mr. and Mn I C Jones and
children spent Sunday with Mi and
Mr.- Sain Lovelace of Race Path !
Mr. anti Mrs.. J. E. Hembree
daughters. Lenora and Bertie vis
itt'd Mr and Mrs Jim Hoopaugh
The condition ol Mis E H Ham
rick who lias been sick tor souc
time remains about the same
LaFayette Methodist
To Have Old Singing
Splndalr And al l atent Mill
Take Part hi Singing In
A fternonn.
Sunday school and church s< •'
ices will be held at LuFayotte St
Methodist church Sunday morning
, be ginning at 9 45 There will b<
special music lor these services
Beginning at '1:30- in the alter
noon and continuing for probable
two hours there will be an old tine
.singing The Spuidaie quartet will’
be pre. ent and render a number
.f selections Local talent will b
'.used- and all present will be asked
to take part in congregational sing
ing The public, especially tho:,
| who sing m other churches are ir*
ivi-ied to come and take part in tins
! service. A large crowd is expected
There wi.ll be no evening servile
other than junior and senior Ep
| worth league at 6:45.
Less Than Half Of
Our Citizens Vote •
Wiimen Out Number .Men In Tl>■'
( itics. Increase Over l>n
Years \s».
Washington.—Tlie United States
population of voting age is 72 342
621. the <,ensue bureau has an
nounced about one-hall tins nun -
her voted in the 1928 presklrntii'1
The total is an increase of iiea -
ly 20 per cent over the 1920 total ■»!
60.880.520 of 21 years arid over.
Native whiles/made up 52 762
291 of tire 1980 census toial foreign
bom numbered 12.627..>43 negus
6.531.930 and other races 1,011.6 1
Approximately 60 per cent oi the
foreign-born oi voting age were na
turalized, citiaens, and 10 per ecu
have taken out their first papei
Its V ng cl naturalization.
Women of voting age were out
numbered by the men. $37,005,757 >
35,886.867 Ip the titles. hOWevc
womcn outnumbered men 22 149,4 ii
to 21.747.237.
Coast to Coast
of Value Givinq,
Personally Spon
sored by Wards
Great Buying
“You’d Pay £
More To Equal
of This Kind!”
Men’* Pajamas
.1. J. Simaortl
Ha nflsomi
patterns a n o
plain rolor.s fOi
both con.serva
tive men and
bp - to - dal'
young m <• n —
ovcry pajama
in thp $1.50
I. I F c. W A I
• HON —- with
An amazine
that everyone
M I O O T B A I I. : —
Aii grain row hick
V.a)vA iype Officiai
collf^-taic. ' y fH1
\V*. v *5..5ft s r
; -i(> * ]h - V \ 7
OUrofllmm p i a 1, r
With cord. Sam?* a
SI ft1* toaster* Guns
an tree! element «
“For A Pottery
Lamp or Shade
Equal to These,
Others Get $3”
—G N. Coleman
$1 [
K.on >
Bases ki‘p 16' -
in u: - *0 Hi. /
tail Blatk i
ftia.Foon: green
p v < a • i a : >
Parch men t
: V-.A d . 1" v. ■
I magtnr' Oor gallon of oor 1OOV pur* P 'nn*Tf*»**a Oil
PRfif wttfi mr> tw# purrHaood VitnrOii ' X»*o gn*iinm «idi
l*o tiro*—thrrr gaitom **h [tiro* nrn! And M> on! Arid
*>« toft of rttot. Rivorvidoo aro warn wfftng of tho |pm, of
prK-oo |« Ktotoctr. Bon noiwbot—ih« tr*r od odor « for
Snardn ont\.
TV x
?V x
50 x
28 x
TV x
51 x
W x
55 x
A 40 ?1
A 50 2C
4 50 71
4 75- 1-9
4.00 70
4 90 21
> 4.45
f« p*y*
7 04
Rive rside
»' Duly
<6 nly i
* 7-75
• A*
7 7.45
7«<i n««
*4**' 'w«i of P-npm-ntmmtt .f«*u»f<
—Bo* If! Poor. nf A«*r 7*oo Morv'
l-'JW-l (' '. I ahayelte St I’hone 1 f»7 Shelby, N.
■M Your Neighbor Saves Alonej At W ard's — W h> Don't You.? HMjI

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