North Carolina Newspapers

    Bailey To Fight
Against Job For
Charles A. Jonas
YVa*htn(toif Writer Hear* ID dry
WiU Join Morrison In Op
posing Move.
(Greensboro New. >
Raleigh, Nov ih - Republican
leaders are somewhat blue over the
pre-Congress story that District
Attorney Charles A. Jonas is lo b°
fought furiously by United State
Senators Cameron Morrison and
josKih William Bailey.
Mr. Bailey has not yet said whet
he is going to do as a senator mi
any important Issue before the
country. There have been sundiv
efforts to tie him up. He has beer
interviewed on world courts, tar
l«s. prohibition, everything of im
portance. He has been asked about J
•the pante and the depression, lie
lias been quizzed on everything, Mr.
Bailey lias been content to wait
until he is a senator in fact before
he goes to talking senatarlally.
He Is, nevertheless, quoted by Re
publican leaders as very much op
posed to the confirmation of pis
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Winnsboro, Texas.
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| trlct Attorney Jonas. The Lincoln
i county .statesman who has scrv'«i a
I term m the lower house of congres'i
! and is national committeeman. War
| never regarded tlie wisest one the
j the Republicans have produced. Fie
‘has been esteemed highly enough a .
j keen debater, smart wiaccracker, of
fit’till stinger of the Democracy. H
had many tilts in Ihr general as
semblies in Raleigh, but was liked
for all that When he turned on the
new United States senator and his
friends, who resented what the,
regarded his charge that they
knew of tlie thievery by which M<
Bailey got Ills senatorial honor, h"
went too far for Mr Bailey to for
get him,
.Munison Agiust Jonas.
Senator Morrison has expressed
many times publicly his opinion o’
the fight on Senator Bailey, an at
tack on lus credentials which Mr
Jonas is supposed to be nourishing.
The district attorney, therefore,
finds himself a very narrowly Re
publican . mate with both North
Carolinians in that body against
him and senatorial courtesy likely
to be invoked.
Had senator Simmons remained
in the senate it is improbable that
there should 'have been any com
plaint of Mr Jonas. Senator Over
man hardly would have been will
ing to fight him. Senator Simmons
was highly praised by Mr. Jonas in
tile campaign of 1930 for helping
to beat the Democratic presidential
ticket in 1928. Undoubtedly the .sen
ator's one time desertion of hit
party ticket helped Mr, Join,
mightly in that election for con
gross. There was no help from the
one to tlie other in. 1930, though
The state slaughtered Mr. Simmon;:
and made Mr Jonas and his party's!
On a purely partisan vote M.
Jonas might beat the opposition,
for the Republican side still lias n
vole or two to spare. But Mr. Jcnas
has not quit at angering Senator
Morrison and Bailey. The dang r
of Senator Gerald P. Nye and prob
ahly of Senator Patterson, mem
bers of the famous investigating
committee, h;v been raised. There
is every reason to believe that Sen
ator Nye was satisfied of Mr. Bail
ey's election without corruption
Mr. Jonas is. therefore, not, entire
ty without danger of Nye and Pat
terson opposition,
The Republicans who art* very
close to Mr. Bailev are going to ask
him to let up on Mr. Jonas, but tin*
pro peet of winning Mr. BaWey over
is mighty poor.' He never thought
there was any real reason for •>
contest of his: seat. He contended
that everybody of sense knew the
Republican had suffered reverses ;.t
[lie first magnitude in the 1930
election and that the North Caro
lina Republicans. who got the
presidential and two congressional
district votes on the 1928 fluke,
knew they had lost them naturally
in 1930. ..
Besides, Senator Bailey a I Way:
stood against election trickery, at
ways advocated a secret ballot and
drew fire from every n; **iod ■;
Simmons supporter in doing H
believed that his championship of
honest elections was known U
everybody and lie has been right
unforgiving toward opposition loan
ers who have charge him wjtlt poli -
tical dishonesty.
Mr. Jonas is'going to have a hard
tune with those North Carolina
Mission Union To
Meet At Alexander
Interesting Program Arranged For
Sandy Run Association
November 29th.
There will be a quarterly" meet
ing of the Woman's Missionary
Union of the Sandy Run Baptist
association at Alexander Baptist
Church Sunday November '.’9th. at
2 p, in. This will be last'quarterly
meeting lor the year and each
church in the association i- a; keel
to send a large delegation, All the
young people's organizations are
asked to send delegates and m
connection with this quarterly
meeting there will be a" stewuidship.
declamation contest.
Mrs. J. A. Ilunnicutt. supeihi'rn
dent will have charge of the gen
eral program aud Mrs. Broadus
Moore, young people's leader, will
have charge of the content. Organ
taztions to enter tins contest are Y
W. A.. G. A. H. A. and Sunbeam--,
This will be one ol the best pro
grams ever planned for the young
people and much interest is being
manifested in the coming contests
The program is as follows.
Song: “Joy to the World.'
Devotional by Mrs Fred Webb
Talk: "Our Young People. by
Mrs. Broad us Moore. (After Mrs.
Moore's talk the young people w^ll
retire for the contest.)
Reports from group leaders and
societies. Chairmen's three minutes
reports. Mission study by Mrs. L. W
Greene. Stewardship by Mrs. W A
Ayers. Personal service bv Mrs. S
E. Welchel How Is Your Standard
-for 1931?-’ by Mrs. D. C. Whitaker.
Playet: 'How Not to Have a Circle
Meeting, by Clifiside circle. Special
i music. Conference period led by
Mrs T C. Lovelace.
l>o We?
Thr Russians give all they make
•above a bare living to theirgovern
ment and call it Communism. We
do the same and call it taxes —Ohio
Stite Journal.
Johnny Branch, Little Giant Of
i Carolina Eleven, May Get Chance
To Play Again On Army Grid Team
J so« k Appointment T» West Point
l or Stocky N. t'.
| MitctitH In Greensboro .News:
Johnny Branch, University of
North Uitrolitnt'j ieathcr-luggiiig
: t»r, who stands m impended for
breaking training, will finish his
career on the football team of th
United, States Military academy, v.
West Point, if the efforts of hi
triaqds are .successful
From several reliable sources the
Daily News learned la.-t night tha
an effort is being made to obtain
an appoints uit to West Point for
the speedy back Prominent North
Car iliJiu alumni iti Ore ■nsboro ad
mitted that tliey were aware oi the
effort to have Branch finish his ed
ucation and football career at West
Point, j„ was learned from one of
them that alumni in Raleigh al
ready have been active in behalf of
Bi.inch's appointment.
One of the requirements tor en
trance: to West Point is a thorough
toundatlon in mathematics. The
belief is that. Branch probably
would have to stand a specls!
"math" examination, in order n
qualify to enter West Point, but h"
has sufficient other credits to mak
the grade, provided lie can get the
oilmen way suspended oy coac.t
Chuck Collins after the game wifi.
Florida several weeks ago, he and
Mcbade, a tackle, being dropped fer
breaking training. Since being sus
pended, McDade has withdrawn
front college, but Branch has stuc!:
to his scholastic work and lias work
cd hard at Chapel Hill.
Several efforts have been made to
have Collins lift the . uspension o
Branch because of his excellent
record since the episode Ip Florida
Collins has remained firm in hr.
rtand, despite a petition signed by
a large number of the members of
the senior class ami members of
the Philanthropic society.
If Branch does land at. West
Point it will be possible for him tc
play four more years of football
for “plebes." ns the first-year nice,
are called, are eligible for the foot
ball team, but It is rare that one*oi
them makes the grade. With
Branch's natural iootball ability,
plus the gridiron training he has
received under “Chuck" Collins at
Carolina, he should be able to nuilu
tite army team the first year.
None of those working in behait
of Branch would be quoted as to
the date definite knowledge of the
appointment would bo forthcoming
but. they did admit that efforts
were being made to get the Salis
bury boy the appointment. Some
feared that perhaps Branch might
be too old to enter the "Point." Hr
has nothing to fear froth this phase
of the case, u lie is but 21 year
old, according to figures furnished
by the University of North Caro
lina publicity bureau, and men at"
eligible for West Point appoint
, mentS uiKUUw-y are 22 years old,
it, was learned last night
Shelby Youth Gives
Token To President
Wake Forest College
j /eno Wall Presents Fresh Football
Souvenir To l)r.
Wake Forest, Nov. 13.--President
I tiuinsftu t>. Kitehin was the unan
imous choice of the Wake Fores',
Freshman football squad to be the
recipient of the football u ed in the
recent Freshman-Otlk Ridge game
The little Deacons won from the
Cadets 13 to 12. They conferred the
distinction upon their president be
cause of the playing of his son
Walton, at the quarter-buck por
tion on Ufa-visiting eleven
Waltoh, who is named for h!.
uncte. tlte late governor of North
Carolina, threw three forward pass
r; in tin' game, ad of which went
completed, and one resulting in
touchdown. .He will enroll as
freshman at, Wake Forest next fad
Zeno Wall jr., of Shelby, captain
of the freshm-n tram. presented
the trophy at the assembly hour. 1-'
accepting it. President. Kuchin sai l
in part. "X would rather my son
wfbuM' be a member of the Want
Forest football squad neit fall Thar,
to be a star player on any othfr
team ip tire world.”
The Baby ’Ijea" •vnso tar (tus
season have been undefeated Be
sides winning from Oak Ridge, thev
annihilated Duke and tied State.
Polkville- Opens
Basketball Season
PoLkville high school opened its
basketball season Tliursdtiv after
noon, November 12. by playing
, I* list on high school with a double
header game, at Polkville. Polkville
girls won by a score ol 21 to 7. The
Polkville boys' were defeated by a
core of 9 to 13. This was a very in
teresting game as the score ran so
close together. Both games were
played fair and called evenly. Miss
lErcic Dellinger is the girls roach for
j Polkville and E L DilUngharr boys
Piedmont Basketeers
Open 1931 Season
Lawndale Nov '3.—Piedmont
[high school opened the basketball
I season here tonight by dividing a
double header with Casar. Pitri
mont boys defeated Casar 34 to 16.
fbut the girls tost to the h visiting
j la, sies 36 to 6.
In the boys game G. Hord was
high scorer for Piedmont With flf
iteen points while Ills cousin H
Hord was not far behind. F, Wal
j iace played a good game at guard
for Piedmont. Ramsey was high
scorer for Casar with eight points
The game was hard rough'
throughout the game. It was any
body's game for three quarters but
Piedmont showed that they wei:
the superior team in the last quar
| ter.
Shelby Junior
Gridders Take
In Another Win
Shelby's junior football eleven
: We midgets or little giants, as you
pit use to call them-added another
victory to their string of wins yes
terday by defeating the Cherryville
I eleven here 14 to 0.
The first half ended with neither
side being able to carry the pigskin
over the goal line. Near the end of:
the third quarter Shelby's fullback
Wade Vaughn ran 25 yards around
Cherryville's left end for the firs:
touchdown. Extra point was made
through the line.
Near the end of the fourth quar
i ter a pass Vaughn to McCoy gained
22 yards for Shelby. The next play
! Bueky Connor gained eight yards
through the Cherryville line for the
second touchdown. B. Connor kick
ed the goal for the extra -point.
The eleven made up of small boys
and handle# by Dr. Jarrett lias
not- dropped a game this yeai
The following lineup started yes
I terday's contest for Shelby F.
Raney, left end; O. V. Hamrick, It;
J, Kendrick, lg; Taylor, c; Davis,
rg; Simmon.', it; Williams, re; R.
L. Connor, qb; Buck Connor, rhb:
J. P. Austell, lhb; Vaughn, fb Subs:
McCoy. Foust, Poston. Smith an t
Clever Farce To Be
Presented At B. S.
j Mrs. Temple's Telegram To Be Pre
sented By Dramatic Club At
Boiling Springs.
j. "Mrs. Temple's Telegram,:' to be
j presented by the Drama club of B.
j S college is a clever, racy farce,
- abounding in witty sayings and
| amusing situations.
The plot is based upon a tangled
web of deception. Mr. Jack Temple,
entrapped in a broken ferrls wheei
I i; kept out all night. Of course, Mrs
j Temple dors not believe the ferris
I wheel story, so he is forced to in •
l vent a hackneyed tale about hav
ing spent the night with an old
i friend. Mrs. Temple promptly de
| mauds the name and address of the
I friend, and Mr. Temple as prompt
! iy creates a nctinous one tor her-**
j dangerously sieaing upon the popu
lar name ot John Brown. As the
I wife sets about to check up on his
story. Mr. Temple procures a real
friend, Mr. Fuller to Impersonate
the imaginary friend. Ail Bf which
leads from one complication to an
other, until, after three acts of fid*
arious funs, the seemingly,hopeless
entanglement unravels quite neatly.
It is impossible, in a mere out
line to convey any just idea ql the
genuine cleverness and wit of "Mrs.
Temple's Telegram. One amusing
dilution after another holdf the
audience in breathless su.iptnse
throughout an evening of uproar
ious fun . , i
Mulls Chapel News
Of Late Interest
' Special to The Star.V
Mulls Chapel. NoV. 17.—We had
a large crowd to attend Sunday
school Sunday and also B Y. P. V.
Sunday night. ' * ,,
Mr. and Mrs Woodrow Bowen
and little daughter, Betty Gere
spent Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. G. C. Hord and family of
Mulls Chapel.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Whitaker and
children spent Sunday afternoon
with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lad.
Mr. Wilburn Blanton spent Sat- j
urday night with Mr. Dorcas Con
ner of Mulls Chpel.
Mr. and Mrs, Ben Causby and
little son Wray. spent Saturday
night with Mr. and Mrs O. L
Mr. and Mrs. N T queen and j
little son, Harold ami Miss Edit.i i
Porter spent Sunday.. ...iJterpoon I
with Mr and Mrs G. C Hord and I
family of Mulls Chapel.
Fallston News
OfCurrerit Week
Surprise Dinner For Uncle Noah
Wright, Barbecue Enjoyed.
'Special to The Star.)
Fallston. Nov. 17.—The Home Ec
onomics club will meet Friday aft
ernoon at two o'clock. Mrs. Wallace
will make a salmon loaf. As this is
the last meeting of the club year
officers for the coming year will
be. elected.
The relatives and friends ol
Uncle Noah Wright surprised him
Sunday with a birthday dinner.
There was a large crowd present
and Uncle Noah, who is entering
his 88th year enjoyed it to the full
After lunch Dr. W. J Lackey
made a Very interesting talk about
the beneficial life of Uncle Noah
and mentioned the fact that Uncle
Noah had been superintendent ol
Friendship Sunday school for over
65 years, a record seldom found. A
short ’song and prayer service fol
lowed. The following were present:
Mr, and Mrs. R. A. Lackey and
children of the late Dr. F. H Lack
ey, Mr. and Barney Feeler
and family, Dr. and Mrs. A. A
Lackey and soft, Mr. and Mrs. K. E.
Elklas, Mr. and Mrs. John Lackey,
and family. Dr. and Mrs. W. J
Lackey, Mr. and Mrs. Rob Wilson.
Mr. Edney Willis and children, Mi
and Mrs. Evan Wilson and Mrs
Wilson's mother, Mrs. Aaron Har
ris, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Martin and
son, Warren* and Miss Sophia El
liott. It was given at the old home
place where he lives with Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Morris and Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Morris and children.
Mrs. Floyd Cline ^pent several
days last week with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ramsey of Polk
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray ol
Baltimore, Md., and Mr. and Mrs.
M. L. Murray and daughter, Miss
Esteele, of near Waco, visited Mr.
and Mrs. M. I,. Smith Monday,
Misses Lou Alice Hamrick and
Alice Falls were dinner guests of
Miss Minnie Mae Cline Sunday.
Mrs. Hester Cline spent several
days last week with her son, Mr. S
A. Cline and daughter, Miss Hester
of Gastonia.
Mr. and Mrs. A M. Hoyle anc.
little daughter, Ruth, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Grady Hoyle Sunday.
Miss Alma Myers of Forest City
spent the week-end with her sisfe’-,
Mrs. G H. Edmonds.
Mrs. F. W. Sossman and Mrs.
Claude Poole find Mrs. E. H. De
camp, of Gaffney, visited Mrs. D
C. Beam Saturday.
Muss Maude Moorehead spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Lawton Blanton of Shelby.
f.»' ..Edwin Williams, who lies
been visiting his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Williams, returned to the
navy at Hampton Roads. Va. Satur
Mr and Mrs. Frank Spurling and
family of near Belwood spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lat
Mr. and Mrs. Fields Tony and
Mrs. Tony's mother, Mrs. W. A
Gantt visited Mr. and Mrs. C. L
Hoyle Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Royster o'
Flay spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Royster.
Mr. Audry Fortenbury of Gaff
ney, S. C., Mr. Robert Fortenbury,
of Charlotte and Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Fortenbury and son, George, of
Shelby, visited Mr, and Mrs, Jake
Fortenbury Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sigmon
spent‘the week-end with Mr. Sig
mon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Sigmon of Davidson.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Warlick
and little daughter, Dorris, visited
Mr. and Mrs. Odus Fall: of near
Lawndale Sunday.
The relatives of Dr. A. A. Lack
ey and Mr. Tommy Cline enjoyed a
barbecue givey by Messrs. Lackey
and Cline on Thursday evening.
Nov. 12, thus celebrating the birth
day of these two gentlemen, which
came on this date. A large crowd;
enjoyed the feast.
Mr. unarne Aiexanaer oi near
Shelby spent the week-end with Mr
and Mrs. Sloan Elliott.
Mis-s Minnie Royster spent Sun
iby Sunday night in'the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Royster
Mrs. W. P. Hamrick and sons.
Dixon and Alvin, visited Mr. ano.
Mrs. Rob dine Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Cletus Wright ana
family visited "Mr. and Mrs. Clesnc
Wright Sunday,
Mi&ses Monolia and Ethel Lee
and Muster Carl Smith spent the
wdek-cnd with Mr. and Mrs M L
Murray of near Waco.
Mr. W. A. Royster and daughter.
Miss Martha Sue, Mrs. M. O. Baker
and Mr. and Mrs. Blane Eaker at
tende dthe funeral of Mr. Enocn
Baker of Lincolnton Sunday after
Mrs. Farris Martin and children
visited Mrs. Teola Hoyle Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L, Smith spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs M. L
Murray of Waco.
Mr. and Mrs. Broadus Dellinger
and family spent the week-end
with Mrs. Dellinger’s y> rents. Mr
and Mrs. Noah Hoover of near Lin
Mr and Mrs. Sloan Elliott visit- i
ed Mr. and Mrs. Rob Cline Sunday
.Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stanley and;
uttje son. Charles, accompanied by |
Mr. C. C. Stamey spent Sunda*
with Mi and Mrs. T B Parker o\
near Lincoln ton.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Leals and
Mr3. Lewis' lather, Mr. M R. Willi.
visited Mr. and Mrs. John Carpen
ter Sunday.
Miss Grace Gragg of Boone, who
spent several days last week with
with Miss Virginia Biggerstaff re
turned Saturday. Miss Biggerstatl
returned with her and spent the
Misses Nellie Morris and Sopnia
Elliott ol Polkvllle who teach a'.
Mt. Moriah spent the week-end
with Miss Morris' parents, Rev. ami
Mrs. J. D. Morris.
Miss Eudora Hoyle spent Mondav
night with Miss Cloe Williams oi
Beams Mill.
Miss Eliza Stamey spent Sunday
with Misses Blanche and Ailerr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson am.
little daughter, Betty Jane, spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mr .
Boyd Hendrick of Shelby.
Mr. and Mrs. Adlai Elliott ana
family visited Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Elliott of near Wacq, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grier Martin visit
ed Mrs. Martin’s parents. Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Royster Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hoyle and
family and Miss Nelle Stamey vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Amos Pruitt oi
Casar Sunday.
Master Hildreth Canipe spent
Sunday with Master Hal 'Hoyle.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Bar
nette at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
P. O. Ross Sunday evening a fine
son. Mrs. Barnette before her mar
riage was Miss Laura Ross.
Mr. Mack Johnson, of Lenoir are.
Mr. D. E. Parker, of near Play, were
the supper guests of Mr. and Mr .
Claud Stamey Thursday evening.
Ellenboro Citizens
Answer Red Cross
Ellenboro, Nov. 17.—Twenty-five
Ellenboro citizens joined the Amer
ican National Red Cross last week
when the annual roll call for 1932
membership was made over the en
tire country. With the 1932 sign up
for membership the American Red
Cross celebrates 50 years of service
to humanity. During this period of
time the organization has function
ed to millions of people in distress
and need.
Notice t.i hereby given that I have this
day qualified as administrator of the es
tate of J. I. Stacy, deceased, late of
Cleveland county, N. C. All persons In
debted to said estate will make immed
iate payment to the undersigned and «il
persons having claims against said estate
will present them to me properly proven
for payment on or before November 13,
1932. or this notice will be pleaded in bar
of their recovery. This November 13th,
W. J. BRIDGES. Administrator ol
the Estate of J. L Stacy, dec d.
Ryburn A Hoey, Attys. 8t Nov IS:
Some reports have been
circulated that MODERN
ING COMPANY has gone
out of business.
I wish hereby to correct
that impression and state
emphatically that we are
still in business and ren
dering first class plumbing
and h * a t i n g service in
E. B. HILL, Manager
Modern Plumbing
Sc Heating Co.
- Phone 569 -
Greatly reduced fares for
Thursday, Nov. 26, 1931
Between Stations in
Tickets on sale November
24th and 25th. Also Nov
ember 26th from stations
and for drains of that date
scheduled to arrive at des
tination before 2:00 P. M.
Final return limit Decern*
her 1, 1931.
Stop-over permitted i n
either direction. Baggage
will be checked.
For fares, pullman reserva
tions, tickets and schedul
es, consult Ticket Agents,
or address
Division Passenger Agent,
Room 1 Southern Passen
ger Station,
Charlotte, N. C.
Charlotte Hotel
Put In Bankruptcy
Charlotte, Nov. 14—A petition in
voluntary bankruptcy for the Hotel
Charlotte, largest hotel here, was
filed in U. S. district court here by
the Southern Hotels company, own
ers of the hotel. The Observer
j quoted an unnamed stockholder as
saying the recent failure of the
Bank of the United States, New
York, holder of bonds with which
the hotel was partly financed
caused the petition to be filed.
Judge E. Yates Webb will hear the
petition at Asheville Monday
Having this day qualified as executrix
under the will of the late R. T. Sullivan,
this is to notify all persons having
claims against the said estate to present
them to me properly proven on or be
fore the 10th day of November. 1932, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar oi any
recovery thereof. Ail persons owing the
said estate will please make immediate
settlement to the undersigned. This Nov
ember 10, 1931.
R- T. Sullivan, deceased.
6t Nov 11
Having tins day qualified as adminis
trators of the estata of the late Dr W. F
Mitchell, this is to notify all persons hav
ing claims against the said estate to pre
sent them to Us properly proven on or be
fore the 30th day of October. 1932. or tlus
notice will be pleaded in bar oi unv ''re
covery thereof. All persons Indebted to the
I said estate will make immediate
I settlement to the undersigned. This Nov
ember 3rd. 1331.
and T. B MITCHELL, Administra
tor* ot \V. F. Mitchell, deceased.
6t Nov 4c
Br virtue of the poser and authc:.
given me by the superior court o‘ (\cn
bind county, N. C\. in the case entitle'
The County of Cleveland. N c plain
tilt, vs. Essie Gamble, ct al . detcndaiiis
I. as commissioner duly appointed a ,
sell for cash to the Highest bidder at
publie auction nt the court house doo
in the town of Shelby. N, c on
Monday, December 1th. I'b.'tl.
at 12 o'clock M., the followlns describe'
real estate situate In No 4 towusH'o
Cleveland county, N. C. and deser bed a*
Onr tract of land containing 22 aero
and known as the L. Arrowood farm ant.
joining the farms of Arrow ood. Robert
and others.
This 30th day of October 1031
J C WHT9NANT, Commissioner
4 Nov 4i .
You Saw
“The Big Parade”
and now sec
The Navy’s Biyr Parade
Try Star Want Ads.
There’s Vitality In
"Inexcelled for Toistin^”
Know How Much
To Spend
'lour simple, natural needs demand the
spending of a certain amount of money. But
just how far beyond that you can go in pro
viding oilier worthwhile things depends Wi
your foresight, how well, you have planned,
how much you can afford to spend.
How comfortable, farsighted and convenient
it is to build up a reserve fund in the form of a
Savings Account, as a mainstay of your inde
pendence and a guardian of, your spending.
Save a little each week, or month. Then you’ll
learn how much to spend.
Union Trust Co.
“In Union There Is Strength.”
I We are offering the Greatest Value
in the city on VIRGLOW COAL—
Block or Egg
Prices Reduced From
$8.50 to
Don't Buy Cheap Fuel . . . Buy Quality Coal . . . It’s
D. A. Beam.Coal Co.

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