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    Tom Dedmon Raising Pheasants
For Release In Cleveland County
Tom Dedmon, enterprising young
fAfmer living on the northeastern
edge "of the city, is raising pheasants
Mid Is dotns It on a more extensive
settle than any one else in the
ecrontv. PT-edsent rrlslng is en
eAiire^d bv the game division of
the Stale Deonrtnvnt of Conser
vation and Development for the
two-fold nurppse of increasing the
supply of wild i>«mp nod dc'trov
liHt tnseots which do untold damage
to fir'd and garden crops.
Ti'e rtngn"ok verletv is the most
p-Ulflo rn it is this variety wh'eh
Mr. Demon is sBe*',e'i,',nff on. Th»
male bird is bcauti'ul with a varied
B'sortment.^f brlerhf fenthers while
the female is speckled and drab
like the wild quail. A full grown
pheasant weighs from two and a
half to three pounds end makes a
delicious dish of white meat In
their native haunts thev rove the
woods and fields and destroy the
insect* which are the most costly
menace to growing drops.
Many Tairs Kelrased.
Already Mr. Dedrnon has released
about 80 pairs in varluos sections
of the county and a check-up re
veals that they are thriving and
multiplying. He has about 40 birds
Low Round Trip
Washington $12.00
♦JSaliimore __$13.00
♦♦Baltimore. $14.00
Richmond ..$ 8.75
Portsmouth __$ 0.75
♦Via Norfolk and Boat.
♦♦Via All Rail.
Tickets Limited MAY 3.
For Information See
Raleigh, N. C. Phone 2700
505 Odd Fellows Bldg.
Fir*t—In the dough. Ttienbi
lilt oven. You can be sure
of perfect bakings in uiing—
25 ounces for 25c
time you are out
of fix as the result of ir
regular or faulty bowel
movement, try Thedford’s
Black-Draught for the re
freshing relief it gives
thousands of people who take it
ts tw r* i construction super
Pulaski, Vs., says:
'When I get con
stipated. my head aches, and I
mat dull, tired feeling—just
lial to »y work. I don’t
angry and I know that I
something to cleanse my
—a, so I take Black-Draught
We have found it a great help."
SoliM 25-ant packages.
Thedford’s ^4
k; acu
ter every month, should take Car
tful. Uhtd for over yea re. ••
oi* hand and 1* speculating now on
the sale of eggs for hatching, sell
ing the eggs at reduced prices to
get them started on the game pre
serves of the county. There has
never been an open hunting season
for pheasants in Cleveland county,
but Game Warden H. C. "Shorty’'
l,ong„sa.Vfc the State game warden
will no-doubt declare a short open
season In a few years when pheas
ants become more plentiful. Then
the sportsmen will enjoy a form of
hunting to which they have not
been accustomed for many years.
Heavy Layer*.
• A pheasant hen will lay about 60
eggs during the laying season. She
may go as high as 105 In a season.
Mr. Dedmon gets his hatches under
bantam hens for they make good
mothers and are more constantly
on duty during the setting period.
This is the best method while the
birds are in captivity. Of course
when they arc released, the pheas
ant hen docs her own setting and
caring for her young. When they
are released the pheasants usually
roam around on the farms where
they belong and keep in droves like
partridges. The pheasant eggs are
bluish gray, somewhat smaller in
size than a guinea egg.
Farmers declare the pheasant to
be one of the most valuable wild
birds for insect eaters and for de
licious .meat. Many farmers visit
the Dedmon pheasant farm and
study the birds. Mr. Dedmon Is an
authority on raiding them and has
done more than any other individ
ual In the county to encourage their
propagation throughout the coun
i Polk Countv Man
Killed By Truck
Hendersonville.—Curtis Sane. 20.
| of the Silver Creek section of Hoik
county, was Instantly killed early
Monday when his .-mull truck plung
ed from the 1 tgliway into Mills
creek near here.
Gay Thompson, of the same sec
tion, narrowly escaped injury.
Sane’s foot became tangled , in
the steering wheel. He was pinned
under the wreck and drowned.
Police investigated and said they
found 17- gallons of whiskey in the
Sharon Section
News Gleanings
Miss F.theleen Webb Marries Mr.
Floyd Daved. Qutir A Number
On Sick List.
(Special to, The Star.)
Sharon, April 19.—We had a
very good attendance at Sunday
school Sunday morning and again
in the evening for the young peo
ple's division.
There is a good deal of sickness
In our community at this ttme.
Those on the sick list are: Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Smith, Mr. Hugh Dov
er, Miss Helen Morehead and Mrs.
P. P. Hawkins.
Mrs. J. P. Dodd spent last week
with Mr. and Mrs. A W. Kincaid
of Bessemer City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hopper were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs
Dwight Hopper Sunday.
Of Interest to many friends in
this community was the marriage
of Mr. Floyd Dover and Miss Ethe
lcen W'ebb which took place Fri
day night. Mr. Dover is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dover of this
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hopper vis
ited at the home of B. B. Blanton
Sunday night.
Some of the young people of this
community attended a party giv
en by Misses Louise, Thelma and
Bcuna Blanton Friday night.
Mr. T. W. Bryant was the guest
of Janies and Hugh Smith Sunday.
Misses Helen and Johnnie More
head spent Saturday in Charlotte.
Those visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Blanton Sun
day were Mr and Mrs. Coel Blan
ton, Mr. and Mrs. 8. 8. Moore and
Mr. and Mrs, Lee Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Dodd and
daughter. Rebecca, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Arnold Kincaid Sunday after
noon. Mrs. Dodd and Rebecca re
mained for a few days visit.
Mrs. West Hardin and daughters,
Ethel and Emma, visited Mrs. Lee
Allen Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Eurle Smith and
Miss Stella Mae smith spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Petty of
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Hamrick,
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Hawkins visit
ed Mrs. P. P. Hawkins over the
Mr. and Mrs. L. E Morehead vis
aed Mr. and Mrs, Rob Dover over
‘he week-end.
Those visiting Mrs. J. F. Dodd
Monday afternoon were: Mtsses
Faye and Mary Jane Lanier. Stella
Mae SmHh, Johnnie Morehead.
Mary Ila Hamrick and Elsie An
Mrs. J. L. Greene red Miss Odes
sa Ore me ot Boiling Springs are
visiting at the heme of Mrs. B, B
Blanton ihu week.
Canada’s Hope in Olympics
The land of the maple leaf is fortunate in having a champion of such
efficiency and charm of Miss Lela Brooks Potter, of Toronto, Ont
Miss Brook-, shown above in a practice workout at Lake Placid,
N Y.. is the holder of four world’s records in speed skating. She
will represent Canada in the Winter Olympic and is regarded as s
good bet to capture the honors in a few of the events.
(Our renders ran get an answer
to The Cleveland Star. Washlngtnr
Bureau. 1322 New York avenue. N
W„ Washington, D. C. Write your
name and address on one side of
the paper, state your question clear
ly and enclose 2 cents In stamps for
reply postage. Do not write legal
medical or religious questions.)
Q. Why is distilled water purer
than ordinary water?
A. Because the Impurities are
eliminated by the ttocess of dis
Q. Describe the Congressional
Medal of Honor.*
A. It Is a live pointed star, cu.c
and ntne-stxteenth inches in dia
meter, surrounded by a laun i
wreath in green enamel and sus
pended oy two links from a browse
bar bearing the ineorlytkin “Valor,'
surmounted by an -egie.
Q. Who was Oun;i t Din?
A. A slave who w.ts the hero of
Kipling's poem by 'hat title.
Q. What aviation field is known
as "The West Point of the Air?'* I
A. Randolph FieM Sat) Antonio.
Q. What are the memberships of
the American Legion and the Vet- j
erans of Foreign Warp?
A. The American Legion ha ;
about 1,000,000, and uu Veterans of i
Foreign Wars has abcut 200,000.
Q. How many sta os must ratify
an amendment to the constituten
before tt is adopted?
A. When the legislatures of three
fourths of the state ratify the
amendment, it becomes a part of
the constitution.
Q. How often is “Once in a Blue
A. “Once in a Bill" Moon" meins'
very seldom and is an old Engttan!
saying used formerly to designate!
something that, will never happ’n.
But Brewer In “Phrase and Fable"
says that “On Decr.mbjv 10. 18«;i
we had a blue moon " The win .v:
Winner* Chosen In
Polkville Contest
In the annual reading and decla
mation contests held fox the girlsj
and boys of Polkville High school
Saturday night, the judges chose
Florence Phllbeck, as winner of the
reading contest and fcrastus Gfigg
as winner of the declamation con- i
test. There were ten entrants in the
reading contest and four in the de-1
clamation contest. The medal, which
was given in the reading contest! j
was donated by Mrs. Sam Latti-1
more. The declamation medal was j
given by the school.
Under and by virtu* o: th» authority
contained in that r'aU dead uf trurt,
etacuted by M D Ho - jit and wife Eltrr
Hopper, to th« and*,-signed trustee *H.'
deed of Ituit bring d.-ied Starch 3utt>
IMS, and recorded tn *he office of ih'
register of deeds for Ceveland county.
N. C. in book No 13b cage 313. saeprirs
an indebtedness to the Shelbv arm
Cleveland County B As L. association
and default having ot* n made in the
payment of aald indebtedness I will -n
Salarday, May 7th. ISM
at 11 o'clock, noon or *ithm legit! horns
at Uta court house doo- tn Shelby N C
seU to the highest bid ter tor cash at
public auction that certain lot of ianu
lying and being in No. 6 townsh'o
Cleveland county. N C. and bounded as
follows: Lying and bains tn N w 8hn
by, N. C. near the Arrovvood lumber plant
and bounded as follows
Beginning at a stone. C. A Washburn
and Mamie Roberts corner and run*
thence with Washburn a N 3'» g tee
feet to a stake on tooth aide at all-v
thence with south side ol said allay N
871b W. 63 feet to a stake thence a new
line 8. Sly W ISO feet to a stone o
Mamie Roberta’ Hue; thence with raid
line N 87 i E. 63 feel to the beg inn In,
containing 31 acres# .21 acres, more or
less. Thl* April 8th, 19.'*?
JNO. P. MVIL Trustee j
was unusually mild, Since then the
meaning has been changed to ",’ftv
Q. Is Australia a continent?
A. It is often refir-ed to as the
Q. What is the Fan-American
A. An organization supported by
all the Republics in North, Sou i
and Central America to foster and
encourage common «, friendship
and peace with each other. The
headquarters are in Washington, D
Q. How many saW-ns, brewe1- ;s
and distilleries were there In the
United States prior if prohibit 1 in’
A Saloons, 179.790 breweries uni
distilleries, 236.
Q. On which finger should a c:uss
ring be worn?
A. Either the third or the little
linger on either hand
Q. To whom does the island of
Bermuda belong?
A. Great Britain.
Q. When it is six o'clock a. m. in
New York, what time is it in Rome,
A. Twelve o'clock, toon.
Q How many specie- of birds are
denizens of the United States?
A The American bmlthologica
Union lists 768 distinct species, ani
a great many sub-species.
Q. Who founded the Girl Scouts
lii the United States'
A. Mrs. Juliette Low in Savan
nali, Ga. organized the Girl Scouts
in 1912 and they w“Ve Incorporated
under the laws of (he District of
Columbia In June, 1915.
Q. Why was the new planet call
ed Pluto?
A, In mythology. Pluto was re
garded as the god of the Outer Re
gions and as the nwly discovered
planet Is farthest removed from the
si^n—that is to say ir, the “outer
region*" of the sur s galaxy of
planets, the name seemed approp
Dr. Humphries Talks
At Polkville Finals
Dr. O. I Humphries, president of
High Point college delivered the
commencement sermon at Polkville
High school Sunday afternoon, fle
took for his text “If the Son shall
make you free you shall be free In
deed.” It was a splendid sermon and
enjoyed by the large audience pres
Under and by virtue o( til* authority
conferred by deed of trust executed oy
Paul Roberts and wife Maude Itobe‘t
dated the lath day of June. l»3a. ana
recorded in bout 160. race 281 In the of
ilce of the register of '.'eens for Cleveland
county, Jefferson E. Often*, jubstltu'.et
trustee, will at 13 o clock noon on ,
Monday. May lath, I <*33
at the court house door ol Cleveland
county in Shelby. Nortii Carolina, salt at
public auction for cash to the highest
bidder, the following ‘and. to-wtt
Beginning st a stake on the south ads*
of the old Kings Mountain roadi the
northeast corner of the A F. Champ'on
lot, and runs thence with the east line
of said A F. Champion lot aoutb 7t«
west its feet to a stake in the C. B Ctb
antsa line; thence with said line ncr'i
62‘a east 76 feet to a ataka In another
line of the C. B. Cabansss property; thence
with aald line north 7‘,« eaat 176 fe*t to
a stake In the south edge of the old
Kings Mountain road: thence with aald
edge of said road aouth KJV. weat 75 feat
to a atake. the place rf beginning.
Same being that lot conveyed to Paul
Robert* by C. B Cabuuss by deed re
corded in, .book 3-V at p-g# *7. and befit;
a part oi that tract of land conveyed '-c
C. B. Cebaniis by William Roberts ov
deed recorded in the ofllci of tha regie
ter of deeds oS Cleveland county. North
This sate Is made on account of dee.,'lU
In payment of the Ind-btadaess secutt i
by satd deed of trust.
A ten percent 110 percenti Cosh e*~
posit will be required ot the highest t u
der at the sale.
This the 8th day of April, 1832 j
JEFFERSON E. OWENS Substituted 1
Trustee. 4t Aot *'cl
Answers 1 o Star’s
Question Box
On Page One
Below are tlte un.»vv-i: to the test
[questions printed on page one.
1. Rhode Island.
2. Greek.
3. East Prussia front the rest of
4. Tapioca.
j. ’Jerome K. Jeromt
6. By purchase front Denman:.
7. American poet.
8. Son.
9. About ten and one-sixth troy
10. Greek mathematicina.
11. Waco, Texas.
12. New York City,
i 13. Shakespeare.
14. To take charge of the Amcri
jean delegation to tin disarmament
j conference.
15. By u two-thir1i vote of the
house and senate.
16. Stool-pigeon.
17. Lei.
18. Any soldier or honorably dis
charged soldier.
vy. Famous singer.
20. Philadelphia, Pa
Big Steel Mills In
Full Swing Again
Birmingham, Ala.—The glow of
five open hearth furnaces lighted
the skies here early this week sig
nalling the return of more than 1,
000 steel workers to their jobs after
a* layoff of several weeks.
Resumption of work at the five
furnaces of the Tennessee Soal,
Iron and Railroad company at Ens
iey and plans to put four more in
to operation this week at the Fair
j field plant md two others at the
‘Gadsden plant of the Gulf States
Steel company will bring nigot pro
duction in the district to 48 per
cent capacity.
Grove Park Inn
Sold For $525,000
Asheville, April 18.—Grove Park
Jinn, one of the finest hotels in the
| world, was sold today for $525,000.
I The Garrlsou company ol Balti
more, Md„ holding company form
ed by second mortgage bondhold
ers, made the purchase which is
subject to confirmation of the Bun
combe county superior court. At
least 10 days must elapse be rare
the order can be signed.
Your opportunity to put on
new Goodyear All-Weather
Tires at *
. A* °
Goodyear Radio Program*
Wed. Sat.
Service Station
Phone 191
Shelbv. N. C
Revival Will Begin
At Dover On Sunday
1 Rev. Rush Padgett Will Assist Rev.
W’. A. t.lam In A Series Of
At the Dover Baptist church, a spe
cial revival meeting will begin next
I Sunday night April the 24 and con
tinue through the First Sunday
night in May. Rev. Hush Padgett
of Grover will preach the gospel
during this meeting. Rev. Padgett
needs no nitroductlon in this sec
tion. All who know him and have
heard him preach, know him as a
great gospel Preacher. Every one inj
the Dover church community Is
! urged to attend these services. Also
people outside the community are
Invited to attend. Certainly this is
a time to draw closer to the Lord
and get a fresh experience of Ills
gra<ce and power to help us through
this most unusual time in which we
are living. Pray for a real revival
Talk the meeting. Services every
night at 7:30 and possible one day
service to be announced later.
W. A. Elam Pastor
- Announcements -
After consideration, leellng that u
! elected I may be able to ha.p carry oui
the wlshea of our oeopla. I wish to ol'er
aa a candidate for the board Of countv
commlssoner of Cleveland county sublet'
to the action of the voter* In the Demc
I cratlc primary, June tha 4th. 1932
13t Mcb ?p.
Having qualified on March 9th I8J* as
j idmlnlatrators of the estate of J. P
Smith, late of Cleveland county, N. C.
1 this is to notify a'i persons having c.s"m«
[against the said estate to pretext them
| to us properly verified on or before the
9th day of March, 1833. or tills notice
[ will be pleaded In bar of any recovery
thereof. All persons Indebted to ..ate es
tate will please make immediate settle
ment to the undersigned.
This March 16th, 1932,
Administrators of J. P Smith (1c
ceased. 6t Mar 16r
By virtu# of the pgw<j< ol sai3 con
tained m a deed of tiust executed tv
J W. McKinney and wile Maggie 8 Me*
Kinney, on Nov.iatar 28, W&, to me a
trustee, and default navuig been made
in the payment of the Indebtedness then*
by secured, I, as trustee will sell for calsh
to the highest bidder at public auction
at the court house door in the tofn o
Shelby, N C. on
Saturday, April Sotb 1832
at 12 o’clock M.. that certain lot ljing
on Lee street in the town of Shelbj, N
C . which wa* deeded tc J. W. McKi
on February 24th. 18lJ. by P M Wash
burn and wife, by deed recorded In book
ZZ of deed3. page 126. of toe register’*
office of Cleveland county, N, C refer
ence to which is had for lull description
by metes and bounds.
The foregoing property will be soid
subject to any existing unpaid taxe« thtl
may be a lien against same. This March
28th, 1932. , i
CLYDE R. HO*Y. Trustee.
tt*;Mar 30c
Clark Hardware Is
Ready For Spring
Baseball Gloves
Baseball Mitts
Baseball Shoes
Baseball Bats
Garden Plows
Garden Wire
Garden Rakes
Garden Hoes
Post Hole Diggers
Lawn Hose
Lawn Sprinklers
Lawn Mowers
Hedge Shears
Hedge Clippers
Trellis Wire
Fairy Garden and
Flower Seed
Tennis Rackets
Racket Covers
Tennis Balls
Golf Bags
Fishing Rods
Fishing Reels
Fishing Lines
Fishing Hooks
Corks and Sinkers
Assorted Baits
Clar!i Hardware Co.
Cotton Found To Be
Higher In Grade j
Washington, April 19.—Depart
ment of agriculture aaid today the
cotton ginned from last year's crop
was higher in grade and longer in
staple than during the previous
Of 16,582,100 running bait. o'.
American upland cotton, 90.5 per
cent was estimated to be white in
color compared with 87 per cent in
the 1930-31 season; 72.7 per cent
was white middling und bette.
against 69.1; cotton oihet than
white and extra white was 6.9 pt >
cent against 9 3 per cent.
Diarrhea, Dysentery and other forms of dis
ordered stomach and bowels, respond quickly
to and find relief from ANTE-FEHMEN. For
more than 2 generations it has been tt-ed
by adults for up-set stomach and by mothers
for their children to avoid Colitis. At all
drug stores 60c and 75c.
Same old standby, slightly changed name.
Wedding Stock
Calling Cards
Sympathy Cards
All Prices reduced. You brides-to-be may get 100
raised letter announcements or invitations with double
envelopes and tissue for as low as $10 }>er hundred.
Printed stock even lower.
* 100 raised letter calling cards on panelled stock,
100 for $1.69. Your choice of any style of lettering.
Sympathy rards, printed, as low as $2 for 25. liais
ed letter sympathy cards are higher.
See our samples and get our new low prices on sta
tionery as low as $1 a box for 200 sheets and 100 en
velopes. '
Star Publishing Co.
SHELBY, N. ■€.

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