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A policy that would begin phasing
in all adult school bus drivers for
Brunswick County's 11 schools was
tabled by unanimous vote of the
Brunswick County Board of Education
Monday night.
School Superintendent Gene Yarbrough
presented the proposal that
called for hiring all adult school bus
drivers for the five elementary
schools next year. In the 1986-87
school year, all middle schools would
hire adult drivers while all adults
would staff the high school buses in
the 1987-88 school year.
"The Brunswick County Board of
rjuutciuuii ut'iicvra uidi ui*; tnijiiu/ment
of adults as school bus drivers
will enhance the safety of our
students being transported to and
from school," the policy states. "This
will alleviate certain stress condiCommissic
Director Y<
Brunswick County Commissioners
told Health Director Thomas Blum
"yes," "no," and "maybe" Monday
night to proposals for three new
health programs.
They approved a demonstration
program, funded with a $12,000 state
grant, that would help elderly
residents In Shallottc and Waccamaw
communities learn to reduce
the possibility ot accidents wltnin
their homes. If the program succeeds,
the state will use it as a model
for similar progrants around the
state. Part of the grant pays onethird
the salary of the department's
health educator. Adjoining urban and
i uini areas were chosen for comparative
purposes. In developing the
project the health educator will work
with some organized senior citizens
But commissioners rejected a proposal
to establish, at no additional
cost to the department, an AIDS
Counseling Center. "Since we're not
offering it now, I see no reason to
start it. I'd just as soon we don't get
iniu u, nuiu v. i.i; 1111 nn.*iiuiHTi ami
t'oolo In tnaVlna the motion to deny
tlio request, Commissioner Krunklc
Huhon was absent and Commissioner
( race Honsley voted uituinst Poole's
The renter would have offered
blood testlilK tluit wouldn't determine
If u client luul the ucqulred Immune
deficiency, but It would identify
whether further lesttiiK were needed.
Offering the testing Ilium told
commissioners, should help protect
the supply of donor blood. Since the
American Hod Cross Im-kiiii screenIiik
all blood donated to It, persons
who think they may have AIIXS, ho
said, are comtiiK to Ameriean Hod
Cross bloodmoblles across the country
to donate blood They do It
because they want llio screening.
Ilium said no one lias identified
tliat as a reason (or donating blood
Id-ally or requested the screening
from the health department.
County Attorney David Oegg said
there would la- much loss rtsk of
Tax Hike
(Continued Krom Page l-A I
includes a new carpenter's assistant
and a maintenance assistant
Maintenance Garage. $1,002,666.
Sheriff, $1.060.983. reflecting nearly
a $142,000 increase in salaries and
wages for two new telecommunicators,
two detective trainees,
one office deputy and fdir deputy
Jail. $2I8,I?M. includes an additional
Veterans Service. $3S.S9#
Kmergencv Management, $78.74"
Public Housing Agency i all
federal finals I. $639,218
Soil ami Water Conservation.
Paris ami Keoreation. tmo.431.
up atxnit 1180.000 lo reflect pivposesl
SHAtlOllt NO* It
for A word VVinnii)
B Cow^*>
m lUr??\8'? I* MvVti CO4-<VI.#NO
Clf fcf md Ithri
I City S?o'?
| If
)N, Thursday, June 6, 1985
School Bi
tions placed on student drivers."
The policy would be phased in over
a period of three years, "provided
that a sufficient number of adult
drivers can be obtained," Varbrough
said. It would only "give preference"
to hiring aault drivers, ne aaflea.
However, board member James
Clemmons said the policy would
"close the door on the student
drivers' faces." Cietnmons added
that the schools have been fortunate
to have student drivers in the past.
"The state hasn't passed a law for
it," he added. "There's no incentive
to those student drivers. Some of
them need the jobs."
Clemmons' motion to table the
discussion until another meetine was
seconded by Jane Causey, who questioned
how the safety record of student
drivers compares with adult
drivers in Brunswick County. Yar>ners
Tell Hea
as, No, And A
employees contracting AIDS than <
they currently face from hepatitis.
Staff members had already com- I
pletcd training for the project and 1
Southeastern Mental Health had 1
agreed to help any clients with more
serious concerns about the testing
results. :
Commissioners said they wanted 1
more information about a proposal to 1
screen elderly putients leaving
hospitals in Brunswick, Columbus
and possibly Pender counties to
determine their long-term health 1
care needs. The goal of the program
is to match patients with services
that allow them to live at home i
rather than enter u nursing facility. I
Conducted In cooperation with the >
Cape Fear Council of Governments I
und the county's new older adults i
progrum, the project would involve <
$8,000 to $25,000 funding in the county !
over a two-year period.
The screening, by mandate, would ^
be offered to adults who require nurs- <
lug care und ure eligible for Medicaid \
or likely to become eligible; and
those who want and can pay for the
screening through other lasurance or
private resources. 1
With the patient and his or her
physician's approval, a case worker
would would talk with tile existing 1
patient before discharge from the !
hospital und with the discharge <
nurse, then muke a site visit to the I
home. If the type of service the per- I
son needs were not available, the pro- I
Ject staff would try to encourage existing
service providers to offer the
service, or to seek out oilier providers
for the service. Some of the
$25,000 budgeted could tic used to
help start services that aren't
already available.
Commissioners authorized Blunt to
continue looking Into the program,
hut saiil they also wanted to hear
Comprehensive Home Health Care's
views on the proposed (XXi contract
with the county to provide the service.
Blum said the reason COG asked
the health department to conduct the
screening was to uvold a possible
Improvements to parks
Agricultural Extension, $150,510
Integrated Pest Management.
Mosquito Control. $190,320
Corps ot Engineers contract,
$35,500, reflects salary increase from
$8,792 to $20,000
Sanitary landfill. $770,606. Includes
an additional truck driver
Construction, $221,920
Coroner. $17,500
Courts. $IR.915
Non-departmental (includes
$250,000 for merit pay and $150,000 in
contingency I, $1,037,425
inner additional positions proposed
include two clcrfc-t>pists ?ixt
animal control officer in the health
iCAtOOHA J*45?
g M#vs? Cov#ro?#
III: V (Mim
5 ? 3*4 I
7 M 3 a a
*CUV I (X>
l tv 4WM M4ni
' ( MSI
js Drivei
brough said those figures would be
available at the next fleeting.
Forty of the county's 126 bus
drivers must be replaced next year
due to graduation or retirements, in
eluding ten student drivers for the
elementary schools. One reason high
school drivers have trouble driving
for elementary schools is the conflict
in their class schedules, Clemmons
A bill before the N.C. General
Assembly introduced by State House
Rep. Alex Hall, D-New Hanover
County, that would have mandated
all-adult school bus drivers across
the state did not pass the house this
session. Hall introduced the bill
following a series of school bus accidents
in southeastern North
A school bus accident in Shallotte
on May 6 sent 17 Union Primary
ivn y w w
conflict of interest tiiat could result.
If an agency that offers the services
In question gets the contract, it could
conceivably tie in a position to refer
clients to its own programs.
Cost Study
Commissioners also allocated
$7,000 for a contract with David M.
tiriffin & Associates to develop an indirect
cost allocation plan and to examine
areas in county operations
whirl c usi'i fees cuuiu be established.
The indirect cost allocation study
could result in substantially larger
reimbursements to me county trom
state and federal fluencies. Care
agencies such as social services, for
lastance, can obtain reimbursement
for the county of a prorated portion of
;hc indirect costs associated with adninistcring
certain prograiiLs. Inlirect
costs include centralized suplort
Reimbursements in some pro;rams
often triple using Griffin's
letailed plan, Finance Director
Wallace Harding said.
Other Business
In other business, commissioners .
Met behind closed doors for nearly
two hours to discuss n personnel
matter, land acquisition and clientattorney
matters. Part of the time
was spent meeting with Parks and
Recreation Director Bobby Jones
and Security Fence Co. owners Jimmy
and Brenda Register relative to a
117,002 contract from September 1984
lor fencing of Waccamaw Township
Park at Ash. No action was taken.
Heard from Emergency Management
Coordinator Cecil lxsgan on
luilsulf nf r\r\l II V/nl untnnr U'lro
Department seeking hauls to bring a
19S1 pumper used for mutual aid
response and backup back into service
by repairing the transmission,
clutch and brakes at a cost of $1,200
or more. Commissioners said the
work could bcitin now. but that the
money would come from the 1985-86
county allocation to the department
or district. Chairman Chris Chappell
said honoring requests for extra
funds is the type action that causes
problems among the departments.
Accepted a budget revision to
allocate $1,040 in Belville ABC Board
contributions to the sheriff's department.
to be used for undercover
Authorized Chairman Chris Chappell
to sign an encroachment agreement
with Seaboard System Railroad
allowing the county to install and
maintain a water line on companyproperty
near Navassa Instead of
pay ing annual rent of $76 "forever,"
commissioners agreed to a one-Ume
payment of $1,140 proposed by County
Attorney David Clegg.
Heard a request from Grace
t'eoples of tlie Holden Beach Senior
Cltuons for more and "better" if
possible "no littering" signs along
N C ISO from Oxpcn Koad to the
tieach causeway road, the area the
club is helping to keep clear cif litter
Reappointed Louis 'Bobby"
Brown of Navusxx. AO,! K .,nn If Voum?
?? - ?'T
of Ash lo the Brunswick County
Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
Accepted an SH-1 petition from
Marlee Acres developers Hilton and
l-Tva Hernnjt asking the state to take
over Hartvr Street. Camelot Dnve
and the Camelot Drive extension for
Delayed appointments to the
Brunswick County library Board
from IXslnct 4 and i. and an appointment
to the IJth District Jury CoronussKin
The commissioners choose
one member of that panel IXirward
Clark's term expires June JO
Accepted a low bid of 1ST NT from
Rooks Construction of VfhitrviUe foe
a water plant spiractor txuWing
Met Miss Brunswick County
Belinda Jacobs of Ielarvl
Policy Tc
School students to the Brunswick
Hospital for treatment. The student
driver was charged in that accident
for running a red light.
A unlnrv cralo that ic HocionnH tr?
attract adult drivers was also introduced
to the board Monday by
school business manager Sam Adcock.
Currently, all school bus
drivers earn $4.25 per hour, but under
the revised salary schedule drivers
could earn up to $5.38 per hour depending
on their experience.
"This year's drivers would begin
next year at $4.35 per hour," Adcock
said. "There would be no pay
decrease since they already have a
year's experience."
Beginning drivers with no experience
would start out at $4.17 per
hour, he said. The yearly increases to
different pay levels are based on five
percent cost of living adjustments.
mer was Identified as an escapee las
was hnndcuffi'd by officers and taken
(Continued From Page 1-A)
ask for an officer may come from a
lie detector test that he is willing to
take, since the department's
telephone recording system in not in
"There is no apparent reason why I
wouldn't have sent her an officer if
she had requested one," Nance said.
Nance and another deputy were at
the store drinking coffee and talking
to the clerk just prior to the rape.
After leaving the store, Nance
returned to the sheriff's department
in Bolivia where within minutes he
received the first telephone call.
How Hot
Was it?
101 Degrees
Sunday's daytime temperature
climbed over 100 degrees for the first
time this year, reported local
mcterologist Jackson Canady.
Sunday's high of 101 degrees was
typical of highs recorded throughout
the southern states this week.
Canady said A minimum low of 64
degrees was recorded on three days
last week, the 28th. 30th and Jlst
The outlook calls for more of the
above normal temperatures and near
normal precipitation. Canady said
Highs should range in the Sfts during
the day and the 70s at nicht Three
fourths inch of rain is also expected
"We're looking for somewhat hotter
than normal weather for the next
couple of days," Canadv said "But
it's still a little too early to think that
we're going to have this kind of
weather for the rest of the summer."
Canady said all indications point
toward a nice summer rather than an
extremely hot and dry summer for
the South Brunswick Islands area
Kor the period May 2B-Jurie S. an
average daily lagh of M degrees comlu
?y>-l wrsfji ww w ti?> m Oa wiohf' v Irtta
' ST degrees for an average daily
temperature of BO degrees, or about
six degrees above normal Approximately
1 OT inches of ram was also
recorded last week
abled By
The revised salary scale would be
"utilizing the full amount of the state
allocation for school bus drivers,"
Adcock said, which is $4.25 per hour.
A second-year driver would earn
$1.53 per hour, a fourth-year driver
$4.72, a sixth-year driver $4.92, ninthyear
$5.15 and 12 years or more, $5.38
per hour.
School transportation mechanic
Mercer Sullivan, who is retiring next
week, said the safety record for
young drivers "over the past year
has been good. If you take the
reverse out, we might not have any
accidents," he added. "We've had
some adults to have accidents, and
some young people, too."
Brunswick County's school buses
will travel 1,165,217 miles this school
year, Yarbrough said, or about 9,247
miles per bus. The average driver
travels 51.4 miles each day and
,nnrBH __ic JHH
> Jr
hi. iflfffhi iHUBfi
ach when a swim- Hanover County P
t Wednesday. He Page 1.
i back to the New
' Defends A
After the second telephone call.
Shallotte Police Officer Nellie Evans
was dispatched to the store where
she found the clerk and took her to
the Brunswick Hospital for treatment.
"I feel that a crime has been committed
that could have been
prevented," Davis said. "It's an unfortunate
thing that happened, but
the only thing I can do now is to see
that it doesn't happen again."
Davis also listed another reason for
Nance's dismissal as "failure to
supervise your shift of uniform officers
on the 11-7 shift on Saturday,
May 25."
tu i'avi.->, .wauve was uui
of his car from 1:32 a in to 2:41 a.m.
on May 25 and '"had no radio contact
with men handling traffic."
Nance said he gave a telephone
number where he could be reached at
the Calabash Elks 1-odge and called
the dispatcher three times to check if
he was needed. He claims he was not
notified by the dispatcher on duty
Millions of people should be
wearing some form of eye protection
while engaged in hazardous
activities, whether on the job or
while pursuing their hobbies at
home The type and degree of eye
protection depends on the nature
of the hazards which they face
.kll corrective lenses prescribed
by doctors of optometry are. bylaw.
impact resistant Impact
resistant spectacles provide
LIMITED frontal protection
against flying particles However,
impact-resistant lenses will
"Safety glasses", on the otter
hand contain lenses which meet
industrial safety lens standards
spends 3.59 hours on his or her bus
route, he added.
"There has been a lot of comment
on the move toward hiring all adult
drivers," Yarbrough said.
In other business Monday, board
Chairman James Forstner presented
school bus driver Myrtle Carroll with
the Traev I ea Calhoun Award. The
annual award is given to one outstanding
school bus driver in each county
for their contribution to school bus
Ms. Carroll has driven 13 years for
Bolivia Elementary School without
an accident. She lias also never
received a citation during her 50
years of driving in North Carolina.
The award is given each year in
honor of Tracy Calhoun, a 17-year-old
junior who was killed on her way to
an after-school job at an oil company
in Raleigh in May 1980.
Tison Subsidiary. The story is on
that another deputy and the sheriff
was helping to apprehend a subject
umi was running irum uoiumous
County authorities at the time.
A group of Nance's friends in
Calabash have started circulating a
petition addressed to Sheriff Davis
that calls for a "further investigation
of the charged offenses, together
with a lie detector test." It also requests
that the telephone recording
system be reconnected at the department.
"It is our belief and concern that a
man of his caliber," the petition
states, "whose reputation and record
have been above reproach, and who
has been an asset to your office and
our county, has been unjustly treated
in this matter."
Davis called Nance last Thursday
and offered the deputy the opportunity
to resign, but he refused. Nance
was then fired.
"I have no doubts about what I've
done." Davis said. "I feel I've made
the right decision."
which are significantly more stringent.
These glasses offer considerably
more protection than
those which are merely "impact
Tor maximum protection,
especially against the hazard of
flying particles, safety thickness
goggles are recommended These
may be worn over regular glass
and offer both frontal and side
In the interest of better
vision from the office of
Chris Moshem. O.D.
Pine Street. ShaUoOe

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