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: Hard C3 Diadline
T..e first i ..To j voting schedule of
Tln.Perquu.. v 'et.-ly's suhscrip
f t?8t wui vae at nine o'clock
. f y night, October 27, and af.
. 7 .t time fewer votes will be is-
. on subscriptions Bold by the
woi -as entered in the drive, working
for the six big prises to be awarded
November 17. '
Competition between the workers
in this campaign has developed keen
ly, and the race for the biggest prize,
$400 in cash still whangs in th ,bal-
closely "bunched"- and -any one -of
. them may be the final winner of the
... first prize, -i i :
- Y."Hh the drop in yotea on Satur-
day It can be expected that each of
vug nvifkMB iraaa asctw kvw ivvvw
' on Saturday. They; taw doubt, will
be striving to. build up a vote score
that will enable them to- carry
'- through to victory. The preliminary
- work of the drive is over and at this
time the workers are so closely
grouped, as to vote standing, that
the final disposition of the prises
. wm oe determined y n eiioi? put
.. forth during the final days of the
contest ': 'l:'i'.'y ::' '
Here is a tip for the workers. Do
not try to figure out Jiow many votes
it will take to win that $400 prize,
for surely you wiu fall to get enough
. . . collect all the subscriptions you
; possibly can, for lard work and dili
gent effort will count for the most
to be accomplished. The prizes in
this campaign will be won by those
who' work . ; . Tb Weekly woWd
like to award each of the candidate
with a big prize but to do this would
eliminate competition.--. Nothing but
the best results "will -come from con
sistent honest efforts jmd the worker
who covers the territory and works
energetically will be the. worker who
winds up with the best record and
VOt&tOtaL '. ':' ;:V::-:.;: ' . .
f, Right now the. race-Ja close,, no
"one of the workers have a position
. "cinched'! and the wpbjKs Htedej Sat
urday may have a lot to do in.deter-
muung me outcome : oi : we anve.
Workers should strive to make the
most of every hour left between bow
"and nine o'clock Saturday in order
to make the best possible report r : ,
After weeks of preliminary discus
sions, the , Chinese ConirauniBts, in
..Korea, nave agreed j- resume peace
talks. 'A new meeting place, Punmun
jom, has been selected as the site for
the conference between UN leaders
and Jhe'Beds. Kc nwlla,' fighting
in Korea has continued at a fast pace,
for the past few ;.'weelsi withreports
front the battlefront indicating . the
Allies have taken a heavy toll-of
Communist ground troops.
President Truman announced Tues
. day night le plans to iNr appoint-
' ment of an vvyto Ve Vatican. Dur
ing the past week the -Issue brou- t
' forth much discussion whence Prpsi
dent proposed General llark Clark for
' t' e position.-' ' Since' Congress has ad
l .ed, a White House , skesraan
r. .-ted, the plans wLl te fcl-clved, un
til tie Senate convenes next January.
f The. nation's blest tax bill was
: naaned by Congress and signed by
President Truman late last week. Un
der,: the me'i'Te. i?.2ividual Income
taxrs will rle t.tween II and 12 per
cent Er-' ' j cn a number of
Items, it ; Ine, cigarette i.
cars, wl.i . i, ) .! .l;.ere,wl.l
be ? t"" J i c
telegran.j, .-. oi-i i...J a ior cltf
. articles. " - -
Unrest and mob cf morrat
continued in Tjrrt t" t L.i t. -but
BritL f - 1 ! ' 1 e
area along L s t - c .L "li.e
'ro' !le br; n il.z rrr"an gov
lent ir' i i's trf.tit vi h Cr- '
-u'n r- " t!i- use of t a T - z
1, a' J i" " ; trvr v '-
t 1. ' t i - .A :
. J ov. f-l n'J i t recogni.e's T'r: "rj ct te treaty.
. . .. :f ' W I I III. I
Ck. . -. - j - ...J- ;
nr. t -
"!, It:; I. .A.
foin ; .. "
1 r
L x k .
- '- - r- -x.
n -'
K.h7 Jkvaai. j '
Taken For Fire Dept
Witt- a number of membem of the
Hertford Volunteer -Fire 'Department
being recalled into military service
and moving from the city, Mayor and
Fir Chief V. N. Darden announced
today that a limited number of va
cancies ' exist on - the department
rolls. -
Residents Of Hertford, who might
desire to become members of the
Department, should make application
for election to these posts to Mr.
Darden. The application must be in
writing ana snouia oe mailed or
handed the Fire Chief at an early
date, v
At Gcrt f lease
Solicitors, assisting the Hertford
Junior Chamber of Commerce inthe
drive to raise funds for the Perquim
ans Band, arerequested to meet at
the Court House in Hertford next
Monday night at 8 o'clock. The meet
ing for the solicitors was called by
A. W. Hefren, chairman of this group,
who stated plans for completing .the
campaign, and bringing It to a suc
cessful close, will be made. : :
The Jaycee committee, composed of
George Fields, Talmadge Rose and
B.;' J. " Holleman, reported this week
the drive is making progress, and it is
expected the goal of 11,600 will be
raised shortly. ), ' , s -
. In connection with ' the- ' meeting
Monday; night Mr. Hefren. stated he
hopes toT obtain reports from all so
licitors after which plans can be made
to expedite the drive and bring it to
a close? possibly by November 7. -,
The drive, for funds is befng spon
sored by the Hertford Jaycees to pro
vide' uniforms for the Perquimans
Ba The program:rpcted to be
an annual - event.-was nlanned with
general-improvement and enlarge
ment or tha band as the final goal.
New uniforms, it was decided, was.
thegreatest need for the i present thus
the funds contributed tins year will
go for .that purpose.
ie ui,urnra
have been ordered. 'and are exnected
to be received here about Thanksgiv
ing. ' -
.' Additional solicitors, named for the
drive since last week; were announced
today by the committee. These work
ers are S. T. PerryfNew Hope; "Clar
ence Chappell, Belvidere; Linwood C.
Winslow, Whiteaton; Charlie Umph-
lett, " Winfall,' and 'Charles Ward,
Bethel. r -
Local Firnt Takingi 1A
Palt In Contest . . ; ;
The Harrell Gas-& Coal Company
is participating in a nation-wide con
test sponsored by the Crosley Com
pany, it was announced today by C.
M. Harrell, Jr., owner' of ' the firm,
who ; stated a number of prizes wiL
be awarded locally, .'and individuals
desiring full particulars on the corites;
may secure same, by applying for an
application blank at the firm's office.
. Mjudgesfor the contest which wil.
be a statement of 60 words or less, ot.
What the -AAericanl ;Wy ois lift
Means toXYout will, be S. L. Lowery,
County .Agent of Pasquotank; W. J.
Taylor, Superintendent of Chowan
Schools, and Mat Campbell, Editor
of The Weekly.' . - -i
Library To OLicrve 1.
National CckiVeek
, In preparation for Book Week, to be
observed by the Perquimans Library
November 1J-17." forty-six new books
for teen-agers will be added shortly,
to the local library collection, it was
announced today by . Mrs. . Silas M.
"Its: new books for teen-agers In
-1 i '"von T 3. horses, ,ro-
u. - i, u.J mystewv, and miseel-
b.r."s woiis such as Our FDI. The
I i 'a Story, A Coy and His Gun,
i . .. ::.-..U of Co Uted . States. : A
number of new books for adults have
tio k"n added to the local collection,
i'J. t. . f '-,e inn- -1
it, 2 i .C . v -CCI3 - ,
New officers for V coming elttb
year were selected st meeting ef
t-e Eolvidere ' EurX. n Club, held
Uur ! y r.'J.t cf k week. Named
r "1 t' T.e ' was T Jwin
' -; v" y ' -lorge T.'ins-
.' t Euker, and
; " 1.
iTse members
'-J Li-ord
y rl
r J -. 1 '
FL"qFrc;:3!L:.i ;
a '
All Farmcf Wives attd
Oup r.Ieittbers May
Vote on Levy
E. Q. White, Perquimans Chairman
for the Nickels for Know How Cam
paign, today announced -the polling
Places lor voting on November 3.
Bethel Township C. T. (Phillins
Store at Bethel; Hertford Township
the Agricultural Budding et Hertford:
New Hope Township the New Hope
Uoramunity Building at New Hope;
Belvidere Township W. S. Winelow's
Store at Nkanor and Belvidere Ser
vice Station at Belvidere; Parkville
Township Fred Winslow's Store at
These are the same polling places
used by the PMA. They will be open
from 6:30 A. It, to 6:30 P. M.
Any person, whetiier farmer, house
wife 4-H Club member, or T, F. A.
member who purchases feed or ferti
lizer is eligible to vote. Chairman
White urges eligible persons to , go
out and cast a vote in this election.
White pointed out that .they will be
voting whether or not theyswil! con
tribute five cents per ton on feeds and
fertilizers. to help finance expanded
agricultural research, supplementing
the tax funds now being used for the
purpose; The plan is not a federal
program but 'fa only Statewide in
scope. .; It was originated by North
Carolina farm leaders, and will be
voted on only by North Carolina farm
people an dif approved will apply on
ly to North Carolina.
It is estintaied that the plan would
cost the average farmer 35 cents per
Hear. UnTy the largest farmers would
contribute more than 11.00 per year.
(In the event the proposed plan is ap
proved in the November 8 referen
dum, any" farmer so desiring can make
application and secure a refund on the
amount he paid). '",:;:;:J ".fci.: :
All money realised by this plan wfll
bet turned '.. over to 'the Agricultural
Foundation. $iKm at State College to
promote raeeareh and the distribution
of, research findings. . ' -f
.Through the added research funds it
'8hoped to leam more about
trolintf cron diseases and iiuecta oar.
tioularly those of peanuts, corn and
truck crops. Some help can also be
expected in ; Borne, management. 'proV
PTA Halloween Party
Plans Are Announced
- - The Hertford Grammar School PTA
will hold its annual Halloween party
Wednesday night. October 31, at the
high school auditorium. A parade
will form at the Grammar .School at
7:30 P. M., and march to the Court
House and back to the : Grammar
School where it will disband and all
go-to the high' school gym. During
the ' parade the' judges will be sta
tioned at various places to judge the
best costume;' The public is invited
to join .the PTA at the gym for an
evening", of ; un for all , the family.
There will be games and prizes' for all
ages. -
District Officers
To Visit OES Here
The Hertford Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will hold a regular
meeting, in the1; ledge' rooms, in the
Court House, next Monday night, at
eight o'clock. vThe District Deputy
Grand Matron and District- Deputy
Grand Patron will make their official
visit at this time and all members are
requested to be present to partici-
pate in the, program and. social bxrar,
i i i i i rTfiriofirorifWMSrfVTfWfi
' Only one more day remains of the biggest vote period in The
Weekly's .subscription drive..,; Every minute is important to the work
era who are striving to win one of the big awards to be presented on
November 17.- The ilrat period voting schedule-will Come to close
at nine o'clock Saturday night- After that time all subscriptions re
ported wiU count for less votes v.' .4
" Workers entered in the campaign should make the most of every
opportunity and secure as many subscriptions as possible between now
and the end of the first period .tomorrow night The race is very close
' and the work accomplished during the next 24 hours may be a big fac
tor in the final standing. , . '
Friends of workers who have promised subscriptions should sub
scribe or renew their subscription before nine o'clock Saturday night in
order that "the worker may secure the highest number of votes offered.
Here is the standing. Help your favorite contestant by giving
your subscription today: ' '
-First Place
. Second Place
. Third Place
Fourth Place
- Fifth Place .
Sixth Place
" Sixth Place
Seventh Place .
. I" .h Flace,.
, I ' :b il
:e .
LoJslo Williamston Re
moves Local T earn
From League Lead
Coach Ellie Fearing's Perquimans
Indians, smarting from their 12-6
setback, suffered at Williamston last
Frida 'night will tangle with their
old rivals, the Edenton Aces on Fri
day night The game will be played
in Edenton, starting at eight o'clock:
f The "rivalry between Perquimans
and Edenton runs vback years, with
Perquimans holding' a slight edge in
games won; however, Edenton can be I
counted on to furnish plenty of com
petition and fans can be assured of
a good contest The dope favors Per
quimans to win Friday night, but in
footoau, one can never be sure of the
outcoine of any game.
The1! loss, suffered by the Indians
last Friday night at Williamston
knocked the Indians but of first Place
in the Albemarle Conference but there
is still opportunity for the locals to
tie lor tne championship.
One of the largest crowds ever to
follow an Indian team journeyed to
Williamston last week for the confer
ence tilt and while the loss was a
bitter,. one, the fans witnessed a fine
game. .
The outcome of the game was in
doubt until the final whistle. The
teams were evenly matched but the
Green Wave cashed in on a couple of
breaks that meant victory.
A fumble by the Indians in the sec
ond quarter gave Williamston the
balL m Perquimans' 20-yard line, and
the Green Wave rolled over for the
first touchdown. -.
Perquimans came back strong in the
third period and scored a TD after a
68-yard march. Howard Williams
smashed. over the goal line to make
the seore 6-6. i -v ;.y
On the kick-off, immediately follow
ing tie Perquimans' score, William
ston ' tarted a 73-yard march which
eadedMn the. Green Wave 'scoring a
TD -ldtaking a 12-6 lead in the
game. '-.v;'-"-.-' .
r Perquimans made a fine come back
in the closing minutes of the contest
and had the ball on the five yard line
but an intercepted pass gave Willianj
ston possession, and the Green Wave'
ran out the time left ; ' "
Eleven Cases Listed
In Recorder's Court
A varied docket of eleven cases was
disposed of in Perquimans Recorder's
Court in session here last Tuesday
morning. ' ' v
Verdicts of not guilty were returned
in the cases of Albert Burke, Negro,
charged with reckless driving, and
Carlton Godfrey, who was charged
with failure to give a signal on stop
ping on a highway. ,
A fine of $10 and costs of court
were' taxed against Myrtle Neincrwaki,
who entered, a plea of guilty to a
charge of speeding. .
Edward Revella, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty .to a charge of follow
ing a vehicle too closely. He paid
a fine of $10 and costs. ' V
Carl Neal, Negro, was found guilty
of a charge of using profanity on the
streets of Hertford.' He was ordered
to pay the costs of court :
Malachi Burgess, W. B. Clark, Geo.
Perkins, Jr., and Gordon Walker, all
charged with speeding, entered pleas
of guilt? and paid the costs of court.
; Ashley Dkkerson. charged with
reckless -driving, . entered a plea of
guilty -d paid a fine of $10 and
costs of court
-Mrs. Tom Cox
Mrs. James Wilder
-Mrs. Benton White
-Mrs. Joe Towe White
.-Miss Delia Winslow.
-Mrs. Naomi McDonnell
i Miss Julia Weston
Mrs. J. C. Howell
-Mrs. Carroll Williams .
lisa? Jur.fta Davenport
V r-m!t Lane
Local Draft Board
Gets Calls For Men
The Perquimans Draft-Board will
fill two calls for men during the
month of November, It was reported
today by Mrs.. Charles Cam pen, clerk
of the board.
Orders for induction will be mailed
shortly to three local selectees, who
will report for induction on November
13. ; The second call is for 10 regis
trants to report for pre-induction ex
aminations on the 26th of the month.
: Mrs. Campen also announced the
office of the local board will be closed
all day Wednesday, October 31, to!
enable the clerk to attend a district
meeting of Selective Service officials.
County HD Clubs
Nutrition Exhibit
State Fair Feature
. "Are your meals balanced?" was
the question asked of all who saw
the Perquimans County Home Demon
stration Exhibit at the State Fair
last week.
The exhibit showed that meals can'
be balanced by including proper serv
ings of all basic seven groups every
day. According to a recent survey, in
which Perquimans County took part,
four out of five people do not eat
all basic seven food groups every
day. The exhibit on nutrition was
composed mainly of a miniature
merry-go-round and a life sized
clown. The clown was used as an
eye-catcher with outstretched arms
and a-winking eye. . About the clown
Were placed seven foods. .The base
of the merry-go-round was composed
of seven sections, and in each sec-'
tion foods were used to represent each
of the basic seven food groups. Charts
were displayed on Menu planning ac
cording to the Basic Seven Chart and
ojrproper aervmgs of eachHp-' All
record on the subject was played as
the merry-go-round turned.
County food and nutrition leaders
helped in planning and constructing
the exhibit Special mention goes to
Mrs. L.r J. 'Winslow of Belvidere who
composed words for the recording,
to Mrs. Howard and Fred Mathews
who sang for the recording, and to
Mrs. William Elliott of Hertford, who
made the clown. '
Those who stayed with the exhibif
Springs, Mrs. W. J. Perry of Beech i
Springs. Mrs. M. T. Griffin of Hope-!
well and Mrs. Norman Elliott of flert-
ford. Mrs. Tommy Mathews helped in
putting up the exhibit
During the week 254 names and ad
dresses were taken of women who
would like, a Basic Seven Chart sent
to them.
Honor Roll Released
For First Period
Seventy-three students at Perquim
ans High School - were listed on the
school's honor roll at the close of the
first grading period, it was announced
today by E. C. Woodard, principal.
' Students excelling in their studies
are listed by their classes, as follows:
Eighth Grade Bobby Mathews,
Cliff Towe, Marjorie Brinn, Janice
Stailmgs. Jean StalJings, Lois Violet
Winslow, ; Judith Winslow,, : Jo Pat
Stokes, Pauline Wood, Wallace Baker,
Gordon Chappell, Charlie Umphlett,
Jean Long, Sarah Sutton, La Claire
Winslow. . . . y '',' '?-riK-y
Ninth Grade Daryl - Allen, , Ray
Lane, Lois Kirby, Emily White, Jo
seph Butt Joseph Layden, Patricia
Biggers, Barbara Edwards, IPeggy
Harrell," Evelyn Ann Stanton, Ann
Thatch, Sue Perry, Joanna Williford,
Biltie Carol Divers, Mary Frances
Eure, Joan Madre, Julia Ann Stokes,
Celia Margaret White. .'."-'
Tenth Grade Clarence ' Chappell,
Marshall Winslow', John Morris, Jean
Butt Ann Stallings, Tilson Chappell,
Hudson Fisher- Leo Dail, Margaret
Harrell, Jeanne Lane, Mattie Wrae
Morse, Katherine Ann Ward. -;
f Eleventh Grade James,, , Griffin,
Marilyn Baker, Nina Jane Chanpell,
Bety Davis. Audrey Lane, Nettie Lee
Long, Kay White Stanton. Emily Ann
Sumner, Hazel Trueblood, Nan Ella
White, Billy Chappell, , Faye .Butt,
Ruth Dawson- Shirley Eure, Alice
Proctor, Graythel Spear, Mable Mar-'
tin Whedbee, Janie Winslow, Mollie
Lu Testes.
- Twelfth Grade 'Pauline Burbaare.
Marguerite Butler, Kathleen Hurdle,
Amy Van Roach, llargaret Svmons,
Marvina -Whitev Tommy; Sumher,
Frita Wulf.
Thirty-six Cases on the
Docket; Judge Paul
Frizelle to Preside
The October term of superior court
for Perquimans County, will convene
here next Monday morning, October
29, with Judge J. Paul Frizelle of
Snow Hill, presiding. -
Thirty six cases were listed on the
docket for the week by Clerk of Court
W. H. Pitt, and it appears the Court
will be unable to clear the docket dur
ing the week. Many of the civil cases
are expected to be carried over to the
special term expected to be Called
in January.
Twenty-one cases are listed on the
criminal calendar, and include three
cases which are expected to consume
much time in hearing evidence. These
cases are those in which Wilson Fere
bee, Negro, is charged with murder;
Johnny Myers is charged with break
ing and entering, and Isaac Riddick,
Negro, is charged with manslaughter.
The rest of the docket consists of two
cases in which the defendants are
charged with using fish pots, five are
charged with driving drunk, one reck
less driving, two drunk on the high
way, two assault with deadly weapons
and one assault with a deadly weapon
with intent to kill.
The civil calendar is made up of the
following cases:
Dallas Gilliam vs. Odell Gilliam.
Hannah Tucker vs. Andrew Tucker.
Clifton Hardy vs. Mildred Hardy.
James Skinner vs. Rens Skinner.
Hattie Hollay vs. Gus Hollay.
Cora Dunlap vs. James Dunlap.
Mary Male vs. Charlie Male.
Chesapeake Auto Co., vs. W. L.
Roland Gilliam vs. H. C. Stokes.
J. H. Newbold Estate vs. Jessie "
J. E. Winslow et al vs. J. J. Alex
ander etal. --':
T. J. Bass vs. L. T, Keel.
Jesse Wiggins vs. Ben Chambers.
Redman Perry et al vs. S. D. Banks.
2 Darden Bros. vs. Kermit Lane.
For Support Price
R. Flake Shaw, of Greensboro, Ex
ecutive Vice-President of the North
Carolina Farm Bureau, called on all
peanut producers this week not to sell
their 1951 crop for less .than the
support price of $226 per ton .
He said' that both the North Caro
lina and Virginia Farm Bureau Pea
nut Committees, at a meeting last
week in Scotland Neck, went on record
as being in favor of this move to pro
mote an orderly marketing of this
year's crop. '
Slyw pointed out that the Farm
Bureau organizations in each peanut
producing county of North Carolina
and Virginia are making plans to sign
up all available peanut storage space
to receive farmers' stock peanuts un
der the PMA loan program, if such
space is needed. '
The resolution states: " . ... no pro
ducer should sell his 1951 crop of
peanuts at less than support price. ' If
the peanut shelters and . cleaners do
not purchase the crop at support price
or better, the government peanut price
support program working through the
Growers Peanut .Cooperative, Inc., is
set up and ready to support the crop
by purchasing peanuts at support
price at licensed warehouses through
out the peanut belts in both States."
Shaw said that the loan program
on peanuts is available for all eligi
ble producers not exceeding the farm
acreage allotment, and that the pro
ducer would, receive 100 per cent of
the support price for his peanuts ade
quately stored on or off the farm. -
The Farm Bureau Chief said that .
many warehouses have already been
licensed throughout North Carolina
and Virginia for peanut storage, and ;
assured all farmers that they would ,
get the support price for their crop
if they complied with the storage reg- "
ufations;- - .;.';? ::-A'' -n v.;. ;f
Buildin & Loan To 1
Of fer Stock For Sale
..The Hertford Building and Loan
Association will offer another aeries '
Saturday, November 3- it was an
nounced today by Max Campbell, sec
retary , of the association. ;; t
The stock :w0I be iold on Ihe sav
ings plan, in any number of shares
desired, and full information regard- "
ing the series may be obtained hy
calling at the office of the Building v
Peanut Producers
Urged To Hold Crop
Weekly. - . .

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