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L:iticrd, County, Ncrtli Coliiu, Friday, November 9, 1951.
5 Gents Per Copy
N s . I fc
Csn::tc3 Urcd Net
To L-; OrJy ;Crt
Xi:: Iicrssins Fcr
- Lexers to Renew
Contestant- entered n The Week
ly's circulation campaign have' check-
t x ino important dates on their eal-
--;. i m. n
icy, November .it
i - s dates mark
i Period of the' drive. ,l
.Option, aecured during the nerf.two dollars.
od counVfor mor votes than later,
. S '.:
wmv, w u um a im era, wno are souciang new and re-
from next Saturday, and the six newal aubscripUona. - fc ' (
awards offered by The Weekjy will be: . Notice u also rfven that no etete.
ilf" whose subscriptions expire in
-r: t. u"'i
omnuuna remaining in the . cam-
r:Z X-Tf JV, umT Tem1M
oefore the drive will come to a close
paign, for only a abort time wmalne1
vr viujr envix time remains
ana me awards will be made. It is a
time that the active workers should
make every effort to forge ahead inJ
the race for the ?400 first prize, or
maintain a lead which will enable
them to be Hated among the prize
winners. -j. .
Votea will pile up . rapidly during
; the next few days and it behooves
. .every worker to secure her share. If
v contestant halts now for a single
;, hoar, it may be that she wfl) be over-
taken in the race for the big prises,
; and wilLJOse the opportunity to re
gain her former standing in the list
A -candidate who fails to do her ut
most now, will surely bring disap
' pointment upon her friends who are
naturally Interested in her success am
. .eancMate,.ivv.r'-;v'.''; v
- A few mor laps and the race will
be over. Only short time remains'
before the campaign comes td its final
course- and little time remain for; a
worker to choose between victory and
defeat, . Success or failure, for in the
final analysis the -work' accomplWjed
by . each worker will determine JherhGariand talker, in a series of nlavs.
. Only two days remain of the'Tig-
gest vote schedule remaining ot the
drive ande advise) each nrtar to
number of votes 'during,, those two
days in order to awell hex vote Total
to the highest possible mark. Time
is flying make the most "of it; t
I Ms
tt. Si-
Two hundred and fifty women at
tended the Chowan Associations!
, Leadership Conference held Tuesday!
. at tne Baptist Church in Hertford,
wren mrs. i. A, ward, president, pre
siding. A worship service, led by Mrs. Er
nest Saunders of Elizabeth City, open
ed the conference at .ten o'clpck. The
roll call and' announcements followed,
.with an explanation of the purpose
of the onforeiiea'r;'?- 'Ui-i'J"s
Mrs. X T. Biffffera of Hertford.' ffave
the introduction of tile hymn tor the
, year, followed : by flie congregation
ainging the hymn, "All Han the Power
pf Jesus' Name." .
, tlia. C. C Turner gave a brief but
interesting outline of the history of
Chowan College. .
-. k : arete snres were then held
t6r tTa various grocps, witSi the foU
low! y Ll?r in carfl-e.of the re-"K-vt
rrc L i. ,1. JL Ward,
l-a. C. D. Cresrory, L'.j. L. U, Daw-
- aon, urs. J.. .P. Amercer, Mrs. H. G.
fTr-er, C, W. 7,'ri and lira.
:. r. JPinlator. . , . - t
r lowinsr lunch, serve J tv fee host
?i In tie assonL'7. rem of tte
i, tre afwraoai ' e.:ou was
1 sinking ar.j prayer, fol-
; Ti! 5 a gsnerrl f coe, led
hr I
a ArrociJtior l i
re, was
'x u t ledjfcy
i v ft) k
- The -we
Irar of U:?s I'ary Eeth
Perry, of Lo-lJrl, t
ton, cf llr.. anl
-1 Lty
il. V.'ortSi
'i took place
CLurdi Cat
. 4-oV
Lay' i, t
urdrr, I-Ta-intlaE'
. 3 r i.
fcrJ-d t' i
I.- -
V 1
.... xl. C .roll, f
d'si' :r
? Cf f -5 '
:r, per-
jT 7Lpi
Effective December 1, 1951, the Mb
j scription price of The Perquimans
eaWpatear a $1.60 rate has beL
past year a
ma u in.-.i. k M.. iZ
the do of thew these subscriptions inasmuch ail
: Antn'ii tv. i- .1 .1
the rate outside the ere. i. iulv'
Subscribed wishing to renew their
8 oe of campaagn work -
December or January, and subscribers
k..i-i vii- 4.i. 'a,' ,Z
our campaign by giving a
,. .
i va"ulualCB
nnr nimnatim ltr nnna a
The 'Perquimans Indians defeated
the Columbia Wildcats. 19-6 here Mon
day night in an Albemarle Conference
game. . "': --
The Indians scored' two ' touch
downs in the second half after Co
lumbia had Jumped to a 6-0 first quar
ter lead. After recovering a Per
quimans fumble on the Indian 42-yard
Hne, Simmons, Columbia fullback,
raced 66 yards down the left side
line to the throe, after two Perquim
ans defenders made hardly any at
tempt to stop him. .
, Davenport then scored off tackle
on (he next play. Then John Morris
returned , a punt to the Columbia 86
and Howard Williams, A. L. lane and
earried the ball to the 16-yard line.
Morris? then fired a pass to Walker,
who raced 10 more yards to score.' .
The half ended at-6-6. ; - f
5ft;rmrt! fdarole
invae third" quartefon the Columbia
30, Morris passed to Lane to carry to
the 10. Walker made three and Mor
ris scored m a quarterback sneak to
take a 13-4 lead. '
The final touchdown 'came in the
fourth quarter. Intercepting -a pass
on the Columbia 20, Morris of Per-!
quimans passed to Ben Thatch for the
final marker. A. U Lane played one
of his best games . along with Howard
Williams received a shoulder in
fury and was - forced to leave the
game in the second quarter.
Perquimans plays . Ayden Friday
night.'" :tSV- f:.,iy,.'.$&
The business of The Hertford Oil
Company, local . Sinclair dealer, has
again changed bands, this time with
Lawrence W. Towe as the purchaser.
The new owner purchased the agen
cy from W. W. White, who has only
owned., the business for a month.
Towe, whose brother, J. H; Towe, was
the former owner, has been associated
with the business for the entire eight
een years of Its existence. J -i
Asked for a statement" as to the
policy of the business tinder the new
ownership and management, Mr. Towe
a nted that he would endeavor to con
tinue to dve the same efficient ser-
vice: that the firm has done,, in; the
past.- ?'o i 1i'!-iY'yh'---''r'.yi.':r
. Hank Christgau. is bookkeeper and
salesman; William (Bill) Tarkenton
and Edward Barber, truck - delivery
and route salesman.
Christmas Gab
To Ciese S!:g4!7-
Us Eertford Banking Company has
that the '1951 Christmws
., a Club will class oh the 17i
of November, and; have requested that
all depocftor who have not paid their
club up to please do so by that date.
The new club for 1S52 will open
at tle closing o the 1951 chrK v
- t i .r - -
Carl Tcr ' 7 Accepts"
rzil L. Tcr;!
e- ' '-"-t coui.'y
sin'i Jjr j, ;
So has serve! as
:Jt in Perquimans
, end vtio rc'n
""? t' 'i t-
1, L-j t
.t srJ-t In
"'3, tvl.o 1-ve L-
.t to move to
y Tleadin guilty to he charm of
yvmung at do miies an nour, ueorge
Alicakes paid the cost In Recorder's
! Court Wednesday. ' rf -r
Inl&fL &lJ'!Pk'
inw speeaer at 165, Joseph Daniel
tT S!t
.waiter Larry Knight plead
1 amgnt plead guilty
I ...? .'r1' 8"ta and was taxed
Olea Frederick Dores " nleadinir
, costs of court.
' George Roach was found aruiltv of
speeding with a truck at 65 miles per
hour and paid the costs. . . -
In the'ease of Alfred Louis Wrirht-
on, Negro, who was found guilty of i
...T". " .
lauing xo yieia ngnt-oi-way to ap-
prawn iramc, reamung m proper-
t tv. J j a .
viainngt;. U1V UCtLeilUCUlit . WaS .Bell
Itenced to 60 days, suspended upon the
payment of a twenty-five dollar .fine
and costs.
1 v Robert Burke; Negro, found guilty
of assault with a deadly weapon, to-
was sent to the roads for twelve
A ten dollar 'fine' and costs was
imposed upon Bepedict James Cuccia,
who plead guilty -to speeding at 70
miles per hour, ' . , -
Pleading guilty . to speeding at 65
miles per hour, David L. Watson was
required to pay 1 the costs. "
Clarence Burnette, Negro, was
found guilty of the charge of drunk
and disorderly on the streets of Hert
ford, and , was sentenced to 30 days. suspended upon the payment ofArba Winslow, Miss Delia Winslow,
coin or kyy -
e same aerenaant was also round
guilty of transporting non-tax-paid
liquor ana was sentenced to 60 days
on une roaas,to oesuspenaea upon
payment of fine of $75.00 and costs.
pA-nol pw waa taken in the case
of , Annie Goodwto, iNegro, charged
wife-possession of non-tax-paid liquor
for the purpose v :4,
, John Grant was rour-guilty : on
both counts in - a warrant rhnroHnor
him with yMm--diit'zik the wrWfca&s for perfeel
weapon, to-wrt a nfUrTiarrel, and (2) attenaance were awarded at the Fall
assault on a femalfr over 18 years, of Achievement Day exercises-on Wed-age-
...?. .: ; v w .: nesday, it was announced that Mrs.
' A ' sentence of 12- months on -the t mio Wiwl. hen not missed
roads'wag imposed, sentence to be
suspended upon payment of a 25.00
fine, the costs to come therefrom, and.
upon the condition that the defendant
be of good behavior and stav off
property belonging to Mrs. Myrtle
e prosecuting witness,
, , M. , , . J
, Robert Sutton was found guilty of
speeding at a greater rate than 20
miles per hour in he Town of Hert
ford, to-wit. 35 miles, and ws fined
$25 and costs of court. The. defendant
apnealed to Superior Court.
- Carson Perry Lightfoot. Negro,
plead guilty to driving wfth insuffi
cient brakes and was required to pay
a fine of ten dollars and costs.
Rotary Ladies' Night
Party Held Tuesday
Hertford Rotarians entertained
their wives and guest' at an annual
Rotary Anne party held last Tuesday
night at the Hotel Hertford. A de-
liciona ham and turkey dinner was
served by the hotel, r
C. R. Holmes gave the address of
welcome to-the wives and guests and
a program consisting of games and
music was presented by R. S. Monds
and . Dr. A. B. Bonner. ' Bingo was
played at the close of the program
and the grand prize was won by Mrs.
m b, flionas. v
- Just eight days remain for workers entered In The Weekly's big
circulation campaign to make the most of their efforts during the drive,
for a week from next Saturday the campaign will come to a close- and
the six prizes will be awarded the winners.
Our advice to each worker Is this:' The work you accomplish dur
ing the next eight days is very important for it may be the deciding
factor in determining your final standing in the campaign. No one
worker has -any position cinched ; . . and it may be possible that change
in the standing may take place between now and the cloainir hour. . Do
not rest, satisfied with what you have accomplished -thus far, for it may
not foe sufficient, to retain your present position. Keep working right
up to -the last minute and be safe . . r not sorry.
' ' The success -or failure of a contestant rests entirely upon herself.
One must! secure subscriptions in order to add votes to, her score and
the votes will determine just who will win the Mg $400 prize.
' . . The standing based upon ail business reported up to Wednesday
evening follows: :v , ,
First Place.
: Second Place-.
Third Place-'l.
'. Fourth Place,.
nKh Tlace
Sixth Place.'..
?Bver.'i Place.
r !,ti Placed
" ,ir..h Tlace
I UJ.!, .
Mrt. Wealevt V. ClfalnvulM
ElixSheth City, was the speaker at the
Fall t Achievement Day of the Per-
quimkna County home demonstration
club S held at the Central Grammar
Schobl, at Winfall, on Wednesday.
fifis. Clinkscales was introduced by
Mrs.) Eddie Harrell, County Citizen
ship t Leader.
' If n. Fred Mathews, president, pre
sided with Mrs..N. D. Chappell as
ecretary. The devotional was led i
by Mrs. E. N. Miller of the Winfall
Clubi The county report was given by
the Ifallahack Club, and was followed
by special music by Miss Mollie Lu
MrfcJohn Symons, vice-president of
the County Council, presented cer
tificates to the following: ,
Reading Certificates Regular: Miss
Lena, Winslow. Mrs. J. P. Chesson, Sr.,
Mrs. Winston Lane, Mrs. Wade Jor
dan, Mrs. Howard Mathews, Mrs.
Charles Ward, Mrs. Joe Towe White,
Mrs. Delvin Eure; advanced: Mrs. J.
Qarehce Dai), Mm. 'Cplon, Jackson,
imra. poward warren, Mrs. W. E. Dail,
Mrs. Ned Nixon and Mrs. W. T. Lewis.
; Regular and advanced: Mrs. J. D.
Yeates, Mrs. J. P. Ward, Mrs. L. A.
Proctor, Mrs. Walton Lane.
- Mrs. Clarence Dail won first place
in -the Garden Contest and Mrs. J.
C Howell -won second place in the
Garden Contest. ,
Perfect Attendance certificates were
issued to the following:
Mrs. J. W. Overton, Mrs. J. C. Wil
son, : Mrs. J. Elmer Wood, Sr., Mrs.
M. C Boce, Mrs. Colon Jackson, Mrs.
uttmim Layden, Mrs. Josiah
.proe,. Mrs. Joshua Sutton, Mrs. C.
. E Sutton. Mrs. E. J. Proctor, Miss
.Blanche Goodwin, Mrs. W. E. Dail,
Mrs.A. M. Copeland, Mrs. Jerome
! Hurdle, Mm. J. A. Webb, Jr., Mrs.
Wad4 Jordan, Mrs. Ernest Goodwin,
, Mrs. Winston Lane, Mrs. E. N. MiUer,
.iicigude;. Winslow, Miss Beulah
Iprfykt, Mrs. Stanley Blanchard, Mrs.
Vi-I- non Mn 3. C. Hobhe. Mrs.
r " -n iv. : ,
' meetin of her club in fourteen
year8a . w -
rt wa W announced that both
Mrs. Sidney Layden and Mrs. J. B.
Basnight have made perfect altend-j
ance for thirteen years.
Pollowina- the presentation of the
certificates, Mrs. J. B. Basnight,
County Educational Leader, entertain -
ed with a reading.
Mrs. Nina B. White, Home Agent,
conducted the installation of officers,
who are as follows:
County Council Officers: President,
Mrs. John Hurdle; vice-president, mra.
V. D. Chatmell: secretary, Mrs. Josiah
Proctor: treasurer. Mrs. f Warner
New officers for the various clubs
of tne county
Chapanbke: ' President, Mrs. Roy
Nixon; ' vice-president, Mrs. Roy
Pierce: secretary, -Mrs. Talmadge
Lewis : , . ?
Wlnfalh President. Mrs. E. N. Mil
ler; vice 'president, Mrs. Lawrence
Perrv: .secretary. Mrs. Irvin True-
Ballahack: , President, Mrs. Single
ton Lane: vice-president, Mrs. John
nie Hollowell: secretary, Mrs. Robert
Hollowell. v ' .
Home and Garden: President, Mrs.
Inaiah Elliott: vke-nresident. Mrs.
Riddick Chappell; secretary, Mrs, Wil
liam Elliott : ' - - - . .
Pu rants Neck: President, Mrs.
(Continued on Page Eigntl
.Mrs, Tom Cox'
-Mrs. James, Wilder
-Mrs.. Benton White
-Mrs. Joe Towe White
Jllka Delia Winslow
3Irs. Naomi McDonnell
-ilKra. J. C Howelil
..,--ITJis8 Julia Weston
-lira. Carroll Willn.
County Commissionsfsln Session On
Monday; Tax Ssttlemgnt Is Com
Schoolmasters Club
In Meeting Here
The Albemarle Schoolmasters Club
will meet at the Perquimans County
High School on Monday, November
12, at 6:30 P. M., when the Perquim
ana High School will be hosts at
turkey dinner, which will be served
by the Home Economics Department.
J. T. Biggers, who is in charge of
the program, announces that there will
be a speaker from East Carolina Col-
The topic of the address to be
made is "Methods of Presenting Sub
ject Matter to Hih School Pupils."
The Albemarle Schoolmasters Club
is made up of twelve administrative
units, composed of the schools in ten
counties, and the city schools of Eliza
beth City and Edenton. The counties
in the club are: Dare, Hyde, Curri
tuck, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquim
ans, Chowan, Gates, Tyrrell and
The guests, who will .include su
perintendents, principals and teach
ers, are expected to number 125, ac
cording to Superintendent Biggers.
Bride Of JoeHill
The marriage of Miss Alma Lee matter, the commissioners
Eaves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,aged approYe " ot the
Louis Eaves, to Mr. Joseph W. Hill, cal attorneys for a special term of
son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hill, of Bup-?u& be.j!e,.d Ja'
Atlantic, N. C, was solemnized on ary "51- This will immediately
Sunday afternoon, November 4, at , relTu,ar e to be held on
2:30 o'clock at the Hertford Baptist .JamW ' ,
n v n tv nu It was pointed out that, due to the
ing, pastor, performing the double,
of X' w r o I
ring ceremony,
The bride wore a beige wool suit
with brown accessories, and a white
orchid corsage.
Mrs. Emmett Long, as matron of
honor, was the bride's only attend
ant She was attired in a lavendar
gabardine suit with black velvet ac
cessories, and wore a shoulder corsage
of white carnations. ;, V. ;
: Emmett Long was beat man. The
ceremony -was psBnjnfjMW"
ence of members of the immediate
families', and close friends.
Mrs. Hill is a graduate of Perquim
ans County High School, and is now
emnloyed as stenographer at the
Rural Electrification office in Hert
Mr. Hill, a graduate of Atlantic
Hiirh School, served, in the -U.
Army Air Force during World War
He too, is employed at tne KiA
) Following the ceremony the couple
left for a wedding trip to unannounced
points. " "
One hundred and sixteen Perquim
ans County farmers voted in the "Nic
kels for Know-How" election held on
Saturday, 95 for and 21 against
The referendum, which was car
ried in the State by a majority of
ten to one, was to decide whether
North Carolina farmers should pay
an extra five cents per ton on seed
and fertilizer purchased, the extra
nickel to pay the expense of further
agricultural research.
- The rainy, cold weather prevailing
over the state is believed to have been
largely responsible for the small vote
cast in the referendum.
The Perquimans vote by Townships
was as follows:
Hertford .
Belvidere '
(Belvidere Precinct)
(Nicanor Precinct)
New Hope
County Farmers
flnprove Program
15 1
20 2
8 3
11 8
87 2-
. -:-'.'.'
9 6
Church Conference
Assigns Pastors
One change was made in pastors
for Perquimans County at the an
nual Methodist Conference, held last
week at Wilmington. The Rev. J. C.
Cha-fWn. naato of PerouimSns Cham.
last year was assigned I to Rich Square,
Key. uamison oi uaiesvuie was as
signed to Perquimans.
Rev. A. I Chaplin, pastor of the
Hertford Methodist .Church was re
assigned to the local church for the
coming year.
The H-Hford Chapter No. 187 Or
der of Eastern Star will hold tte
slated meeting in the chapter room,
Monday,. November 12, at 8 ofclock
in the evening.
Special business will come before
he charter at this time and all mem-I
Bers ere urged to attend.-' . .
Earl Topping Resigns
As Assistant Farm
Agent Here
The 1961 tax books were turned
over to Sheriff M. G. Owens by the
a County Commissioners at their regu-
lar meeting today, and Mrs. Jean
Chappell White, clerk in the Sheriff's
office was appointed collector of de
linquent taxes.
Earl L. Topping, who has serves as
Assistant County Agent in Perquim
ans County since January. 1950. ore-
sen ted his resignation, to take effect
! on December 1, 1951, to the Board of
Commissioners. In accepting the res
ignation, a motion was made and car
ried that the resignation be accepted
with regret.
G. D. Towe and C. J. Lane present
ed a petition signed by a large number
of residents of Parkville Township,
requesting that the commissioners rec
ommend to the State Highway Com
mission the improvement of three and
a half miles of road leading from
Highway 17, at George Jackson's
Store, to Little River. This is a nine
foot paved highway, a part of the
State Highway system, which the pe
titioners wish to be widened. The
Commissioners voted to make the
At the request of the Perquimans
County Bar, with W. H. Oakey pre-
heavy criminal dockets in recent years,
thoro hoira Kaan mm Atml aabab 4-maI 1
there have been no civil cases tried in
the Perquimans Court for the past
six terms. A special term had been
scheduled to be held in October, but
this was cancelled because of the hard
ship it wouli have entailed upon the
farmers at harvest time, since one
regular court term was held. ,
The lawyers further requested that .
if the date of January 21 is not avail-
able for the special v.term In Per-if
quimaiJhat. reesilbe made for
Febroary 5; which wonld be' the -weelr
following the regular term."
Clarence C. Chappell, Jr., has won
top prize again. Winning first place
appears to have become a habit with
This time the young Perquimans
High School student will receive an
award of a trip to Chicago, all ex
penses paid, to attend the National
4-H Club Congress, having wjm the
North Carolina State prize in Field
Clarence, who is the son of, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence C. Chappell, of Belvi
dere, is president of the Perquimans
County Senior 4-H Club; he is also
president of the county council, which
is composed of all the officers of the
4-H clubs of the county.
This is the third time Clarence has
been state winner of 4jH projects.
Last year he won in the meat animal
project, and this year he not only won
in the field crops project but was
winner also in the Soil and Water
Conservation demonstration.
The youth has won a number of dis
trict 4-H Club prizes, also.
Elects HsvOfficers
The election of officers of the Per
quimans County 4-H County Council
was conducted at the first meeting
of the school year held Monday night
with Miss Kimsey Perry opening the
meeting, and a 4-H film being shown
by E. L. Topping.
fine new officers are:
President, Clarence Chappell, Jr.;
vice-president, Janie Winslow; secre
tary and treasurer, Lina Ruth Proc
tor; reporter, Tilson Chappell; song:
leader, Bobby Smith.
dammar JSChOOl iTA
Mem Thursday
The Hertford Grammar School PTA
will meet Thursday night in the au
ditorium of the school. Immediately
after the business session a film, "Pop
Rings the Bell," will be shown, in ob
servance of National Education Week.
. , Jb.
Mr. and Mrs.r H. N. Dunstan of
Norfolk, Vtu, announce the birth of
a son, Stephen Norton. - Mrs. Dunstan
is the former Miss Eunice White
daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Joe. P.
i White. ' ,
Clarence Chappell, Jr.
Wins Trip To Chicago
County Council

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