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Volume XIX. Number 34..
r Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, August 29, 1952.
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Gov. W. Kerr Scott, on Tuesday,
rescinded his grant of $760,000 to his
borne county of Alamance, from sur
' plus funds in the State Highway De
partment. The' governor's action fol
lowed two weeks of criticism from
friend tand foe alike on the unusual
allocation of surplus funds to an in
dividual county. Governor Scott, in
announcing the cancellation of the
grant, - stated he thought Alamance
etill needed the money to build roads
(but the grant created other inequities
not in the public interest.
A $65,000 robbery, committed in
Washington Monday, was quickly solv
ed when, officials arrested a former
employee of the Brink's Company and
he confessed to robbing the Brink
. money truck while the truck's four
guards were eating lunch. Arrested
was Ray Farmer, who as an employee
of the firm, had a duplicate key to
he truck and he had ailed to turn
this key in when he was fired from
has job in 1949. Farmer: took police
to a Washington park where he had
buried the $65,000 and the loot was
returned to the company.
A British twin-jet bomber set an
amazing record on Tuesday of this
week when it was ' flown from Ire
land to Newfoundland and back to
Ireland in one. day. In fact the re
turn trip, across the Atlantic requir
ed only 10 hours and two minutes. It
was the first time in history any
plane had made a round trip in one
Members , of the American Legion
held their annual convention this week
in Netf 'fork thrilling millions with a
huge parade which lasted from morn
ing until dark. A highlight of the
convention program included talks by
both presidential candidates, General
Eisenhower and Governor Stevenson.
Reports from New York stated the
Legionnaires put on a great show
and had fun, but there was less hi
larious fun-making than at previous
conventions; ;S ! ". 'Vt'C--:t,ft" :'
Fall Fes
Members of the. Hertford JLionsClub
are sponsoring their annual EJall Fes
tival, this week, on. Wie loft located wAWIrm. twX
.amlliytlWytHfH-'.h6 vacancy of Mr. Nixon. ' The
party furnishing; m ,
is the feature of the festival. ' 4 . f. :, omZ .L,
The festival opened -taW- Ve
night 'Afthte meeting,, it is expected, the
urday night Pf this ek. : Children s Board vm alao ake preliminary ac-
Friday nd SaturdayrBoon H..d4ddelNyeiiilHW chrder-
'v -' Z' n
these nrntin Je atonees Jill
run from tone P. M.,Huntil six iB-.M,;
mL- tnL'-j.- i . . rt
; venirtu, Amoaraicuf viiiipaiiy
has furnished the midway attractions
fof the local, Lions Club IFestival here
for a number of years.'and is njanaf ed!
hv Sherman HustedJv mMminlmt?rZS,'.;i r '': . . '
strives to present an attractive num
ber of rideshd shows ta provide en
tertainment v foe those attending, the
iestivai., --j , H
HertftU fions
proceeds frc u.the festival,' and funds
raised throu 1 this means are Used by
the local . club in carrying .out local
projects sponsored by ithe local Lions.
' k .IllV' IT-l. J-t 'tL. '" ' '
I I' riuiuu iiumensiuung
i The vooavai homemaking classes
of Perquimans (Training ISchool, under
the supervision o Vyriaii .(J. Harris,
teacher of Jlome Economics at the
IWinfall School, have been reorganized
I'rs. Man president; Mrs.
1 ary Norflt Jt, secretary; iMrs. V-p-ra
Riddick, Treasurer; New Hope
ea: lt:s. Cora IV.!bite,'. president;
I'rs. Geneva J-nson, vice president;
lira. jVirg!. 'a t llory, secretary Mrs.
Euth Thon- - 'zzJsr. ' '
A class ' r "nized fo the
Winfall s t nxt monA
and perso, .ltd iik Joining the
vrouD may .t the tlome Eco-
-nomics teacher U the school, building
in WinfalL.
.ry -?.ber
v William Paul
i American Leg
r"rular meeting
.ber 6, at 8
i of tha Agri
"ord. r the com
. j.' J, E.
i all members
To Meet!
.... .4.
"TheAu" "
Tailings Kit.
i i will hold i's r
i rriday v.
; . in V (.
t r - i
t " : ; i . ; -
:' j' r ' 1 .
J ' " .
i::rtfcrd tKTuM To StaiHii
Powell DEI Funds For Lod Streets
Allocation Expected To
Be About the Same
As Last Year
Announcement has been made in
Raleigh that the State Highway
Commission has allocated to towns
and cities of the state, refunds for
maintenance of streets within the
municipalities. Hertford and IWinfall,
the only two incorporated towns with
in Perquimans County, will again
share in the division of this fund,
which was set up under the Powell
Act of the 1950 General Assembly.
Announcement has been made as
to the sum each town or city is to
receive, providing the sum is in ex
cess i 1 $10,000, but the smaller sums
to be distributed, to smaller communi
ties, have not been announced.
It is expected, here, however, that
Hertford and IWinfall will receive ap
proximately the same amount of cash
as was allocated to the two towns dur
ing 1951. Last year the Town of
Hertford received $5,324 while Win
fall received $1,095, '
The amountof money turned over
to each town or city is based upon
the number of miles of streets within
the corporate limits, and also partly
upon population.
Hertford receives a small share of
the distribution, due partly, to the
fact that under the terms of the bill
the State Highway Commission was
handed the maintenance of all state
and national highways through a
town or city, -.; and also all streets
leading to farm and market highways.
Thus the Town of Hertford no longer
is obliged to maintain Grubb Street
from Church Street to the western
edge of the town, any part of Church
Street nor Dobb Street from Church
to Edenton Road Street.
' Likewise Winfall is not obligated
to maintain the main throughfare
through the town as this, is highway
32 and 17A.
Announce Change In
fed, QL Elections
Announcment was made here Mon.
day of a change in the membership
of the Perquimans County Board of
Election. Herbert N.' NixOh, who was
appointed to the board during June,
and elected to the chairmanship of the
board, announced his resignation this
week. . Y ';,' : ':'
- Durwood Reed, Jf ., was named by
for tr distribution to eligible voters
hh Ued by abentee, bal.
I, . ;, .. . yr ' ...
IOTO. -:
Store! To Observe
Labor ; Day Holiday
;. A' majority, of Hertford stores, fol
lowing the custom of past years, will
be' closed all dav next Mondav in' ob-
,.ThifKweek, .the report also stated,
was the last for the half-holidays ob
served' on' Wednesdays,.'. Most of the
stores: will remain open all day Wed
nesdays., beginning September 8
It was announced here Wednesday
morntng- that" the- three . furniture
stores "of Hertford, Byrum Furniture
Co.. Hartford Furniture Co.. and W.
tittue to close on, Wednesday after
noon through tfie mouth of Septem
ber... i'..- .-':-,. .';.; ': v:;W;,.
UurgrcGs Baptist Church
A series -of revival services will be
conducted v at th (Burgees Baptist
Church, beginning Sunday, Aurust
31, and continulnir through Septem
ber " 2, .it "was announced today by
Cdpn, 9on, Jr pastor of he
church. - ; , - i-
The Rev. Jack Stoner. of South Car
olina, .will be the guest minister. Rev.
Stoner is a graduate , of Mercer Uni-
-xxtVi eorria and Is now a student
of the Southeasem Baptist Seminary
at Wake Forest.
The public it cordially invited to
all servi which will beaini eaich
evening t. 8 P. M, 4-,i ;'t
Mr, and Mrs. F. G. Sloop of Dublin,
Va,, announoa the birth of a daurfi-l
er, I'l'V L:ir-'--, born TV y,
Au-ii,t 1j at tU-Jr i .ri, i. . a-
pital. itlrs. SlooT), before her mar-
i was ,
:.x A'J Ward.
State Polio Chairman
iWith the recent passing of Dr.
Clyde Erwin, State Chairman of
.... the 1953 March of Dimes, who was
appointed in June, Secretary of
State Thad Eure has been a p.
pointed to serve in this capacity.
New Scout Executive
Named For District
Raymond F. Heck, Jr., of Bassett,
Va., has assumed the position of Field
Scout Executive -of the Tidewater
Council serving East and West Albe
marle Districts to succeed W. A.
Sutherland who has been promotd by
the Tidewater Council to assume
charge of the Norfolk District.
Heck together with his .wife and
child will reside at 1506 S. Williams
Circle in Elizabeth City and will serve
the seven counties comprising the two
He started out in Scouting at age
13 and became a First Class Scout in
90 days. He came up through the
ranks as an asslaiW'"pa'lw!m3eaa$r;
patrol leader, wnd assistant scoutmas
ter, and was very active in the troop
until he went to college. At college,
he took several Scout courses and
helped with troops in the community.
As a Scout, he did a great deal of
camping and served on the Camp
Powhatan staff for a number of sum
mers. ., ' .-. ' . , ;-;
While in college he entered the
Navy V-5 program and was desig
nated Naval aviator and commission
ed Ehsign in February 1944. He was
released from active 'duty as a Lt.
(jg) in January 1946. He returned
to college and graduated with a B. S.
degree in general science from V.P.I.
Jof 1947, -e took an 800 mile canoe
trip thropgh the wilderness of north
ern Canada. ,
'After graduating from college, he
entered the 129th National Training
School' for' Professional Leaders. As
soon as4iis professional training was
complete he joined the staff of the
Roanoke-Area Council, Roanoke, Va,
as Fiekl'Scout Executive of Roanoke,
Salem, ;bnd Boteourt-Craig Districts,
He directed the annual Council camps
during tie summers of 1949 and 1950.
He terminated his services with the
Council on February 27, 1951, and at
that 4jme accepted a job with the
J. " D.?jiBas8ett Manufacturing Com
pany, Bassett, Va., as sales manager;
He has been active in the Patrick
Henry District as camping chairman
for the, past year and a half.
Legion To Install
Officers September 4
., Installation services for new offi
cers of the William Paul Stalling
Post f 4the American (Legion will be
conduc?d next Thursday, September
4, at.; 3it o'clock in the auditorium
of the i griculture Building In Hert-J
, Awf v J. Bailey,:, First District
Cdnw Jer of the Seth IE. Perry Post
of EL, eth City will be the installir.g) ' W
office ,", ui, ..VFW :l..lll
' 1 .To ill' installed as commander "of Ruritans 11
the KvJ jH8t will be IF, T, Johnson,
who will succeed B. C. Berry,
Lab' r Day Program
Atplertford Beach
A Lrbor Day week-end program tf
entertainment is being planned at
Hertford Beach, it was announced to
r Jake JUathews, owner, w to
'hat . the last outboard mot r
.'the season will Hb held the e
.iay afternoon; August. SI. a .1
will be held on Monday nag. ,
uerl. , . V,
in races are scheduled on t! e
m for 'Sunday afternoon, a" 1
.lews said some of the fask
on the coast will be present)
. ste in the events. .'
Varied Docket in
Recorder's Court
Road Sentence Is Given
Defendant Charged
With Driving Drunk
A varied docket, consisting of ten
cases was disposed of at Tuesday's
session of Perquimans Recorder's
Court, with Judge Chas. E. Johnson,
presiding. ,
Most of the defendants entered
pleas of guilty to charges, and little
time was consumed in clearing the
docket at this week's session of the
; A sixty day road sentence was met
ed out to George Davenport, Negro,
who was found guilty on a charge of
driving drunk. The sentence was or
dered suspended upon payment of a
fine of $150 and costs of court.
.Richard Hankins paid a fine of $10
and costs after submitting to a charge
of speeding. Elvin 'Phelps was taxed
with the costs of court after pleading
guilty to a charge of speeding.
; Fines of $10 and costs were taxed
against Shelton Porter and Crafton
Russell who were charged with driv -
iner a truck which was overloaded.
Marshall Mansfield, charged with a
similar offense, entered a plea of
guilty and paid the costs of court.
Leroy Tufft, charged with passing
a vehicle in the face of oncoming traf
fic entered a plea of guilty and paid
the costs of court.
'Prayer for judgment was continued
in the case in which Willie Williams,
Negro, was charged with driving a
car equipped with an improper muf
fler. .
Kelly Jones, t Negro, charged with
'driving a car equipped with an im
proper muffler, entered a plea of
guilty and paid a fine of $10 and costs
of court.
Frank Winslow, Negro, paid a fine
of $25 and costs after pleading guil
ty to a charge of reckless driving.
iiice 1944 Is Likely
A 55,075,000 bushel corn crop in
North Carolina is in prospect as of
Augustrli according to a report made
by the State-Federal , Crop Repprt
ing Service. Such a crop would he
the smallest since 1944 12,536,000
bushels or 19 per cent, below produc
'tion last year and 8 per cent below
average. An average; yield of 25.0
bushels per acre is forecast, compared
with 31.0 bushels last year and the
record 33.0' bushels per , acre harvested
in 1950. Such a yielcj would be the
lowest for the State since 194.5, and
the first time since 1946 that the aver
age has gone below 30 bushels per
acre. The 10-year average yield is
26.5 bushels per acre. -
Drought damage is evident in all
sections of the State.. Corn in the
Piedmont was especially hard hit.
Intensive heat prevented proper pol
lination and even in the better fields
ears are poorly filled. Recent rains
will help late corn to some extent, but
the bulk of the crop is past the stage
for recovery.'
VFW Retains Lead
In Softball League
; Games played in the local Softball
league during the past week resulted
in no changes in the standing of the
teams of the league. The VW team
retained its first place position by
a narrow margin of game with the
Kuntans in second place, followed by
the Jaycees and Lions....
" Much excitement fir-being displayed
over the outcome of the league as it
goes into the final week of play.- The
i ai session luesaay
llest Corn Crop
V7FW and Kuntans are striving to cap- Hotel. Hertford will be dosed, enect
ture the flag and results of the final live September 1. Patrons and civic
games may bring a change in the
The league standing as of Tuesday
was as follows!
Jaycees - . a
4 12
Revival At Bethany
Church Beginsl Aug. 31
- Revival services , will begin in the
Bethapy Methodist Church in the Bel
videre section, on Sunday, August 81,
and continue through Sunday, Sep
tember 7. Services will be held each
night at 8 o'clock.
Tha visiting evangelist tor the meet
ing will be the Rev. Marvin Jolliff of
Gatesville. Congregational singing
will feature each service and the pas
tor, the Rev, Robert M. Gradeless,
invites the public to attend any or all
servtces" --w-i
Arrangements For Opening Of Schools'
Completed At Meetings Held This Week
Board Adopts Rule
On School Lunches
New regulations on the serving of
free lunches bv the lunchrooms of the
various schools in Perquimans County j School bells, ringing next Wednes
were adopted at a special meeting of i day morning, will mark a close to the
the County Board of Education held '
here Monday night.
Under the regulation adopted a
written application for free lunches
must be presented to the principal of
the school, at which the child attends.
This application, in turn, will be pass.
ed upon by a special committee com
posed of representatives of the coun
ty Welfare Department, the School
Committee and the teacher of the
child in whose behalf the application
is submitted.
Rotarians To Hold
Barbeque Supper
Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club will hold a barbeque chicken sup
ner next Wednesday eveniner. on the
1 Winslow farm, on Old Neck Road, in
1 Place of their regular meeting on
Tuesday night
Dr. C. A. Davenport, Dr. Allen
Bonner and Jack Kanoy compose a
committee on arrangements for the
At their meeting Tuesday night the
club president, Charles Henc, named
V. N. Darden, C. P. Morris and A. W.
Hefren as a committee to secure a
new meeting place for the club, since
the Hotel dining room will be dis
continued September 1.
During the program, at the meet
ing this week, the Rotarians heard a
brief outline on the work carried out
by the County Welfare Department.
The program was presented by Max
Campbell, a member of the Welfare
He told the club members that in
addition to investigating and hand
ling assistance cases such as old age
assistance, aid to dependent children,
the blind and the permanent and to
tally disabled, the local welfare de
partment also handles a vast number
of non-assistance cases in connection
with children, including such items
as adoptions, school truancy, juvenile
court cases,"1 issuance of employment
certificates for minors, holding of
psychological examinations, and also
supervision of parolees.
County Youth Jo
e Ordained Sunday
Colon Jackson, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. Colon Jackson of Route one,
Hertford, will be ordained as a Bap
tist minister at services to be held at
Burgess Baptist Church Sunday after
noon, August 31, at 3 o'clock. The
services will be conducted by the Rev.
Charles W. Dulinsr. nastor of the
Wovtfrrd Ttnnfiot '
Mr. Jackson was recommended for
ordaination following an examination
before an ordaination council held last
Tuesday at the Hertford Baptist
Church. He ' is a graduate of the
Perquimans High School and attend
ed Chowan College at Murfreesboro
for two years. At the present time he
is a student at Wake Forest working
on a B. A. degree.
He has served as pastor of the Bur
gess Baptist . Church since last July.
He is married to the former Miss
Doris Faye Allen, y
Hotel Dining Room
To Be Closed Sept.1
Announcement was made here this
week, that, the i dining room of the
clubs, which nave been served by the
establishment have been notified of
the action, it was reported. It, could
not be learned, if the closing is to
be permanent or a temporary propo
sition. ; . , rf-
(Cotton Picking Is1
Underway In County
Prospects for a good yield from the
cotton crop in Perquimans County ap
peared bright this week as some
farmers began picking their cotton.
Those contacted stated while it was
a little early to make predictions,
cotton already picked from their fields
indicated a good production and quality.-
!-. ifWtl:v:-;
r- i ? , - " t -
The Perquimans Masonic Lodge No.
106, A. (F. ft A. M., will meet Tues
day night at eight o'clock. All "Mas
ons and visiting Masons are urged
to attend. -,- -
First Grade Students
Must Present Certifi
cates To Principals
summer vacation for some Z,3UU scnool
children of Perquimans bounty.
Final arrangements for the opening
of the 1952-53 term of Perquimans
County schools were made at a num
ber of meetings held this week. On
Monday all school principals met at
the office of the superintendent with
rules and policy for the year being
, Among these rules were the fol-
lowing, which J. T. Biggers, superin
tendent, calls to the attention of par
ents of children entering school for
the first 'time. In accordance with
the law, all children entering school
for the first time must present a birth
certificate to the principal before be
ing enrolled. New students must al
so present to the principal his or her
school a health department certificate
of immunization. Parents who have
not obtained these latter certificates
may secure them at the local health
department office.
The Board of Education met in spe
cial session on Monday night, at
which time they reviewed and approv
ed the plans for the opening of
schools next Wednesday. Reports
were given on repair work done on
schools during the summer months,
and also reports on progress of school
construction were made.
Estimates made as to enrollment of
the various schools for the coming
term were about the same as that of
last year, with the possible exception
of Perquimana High School, where a
slight increase in enrollment is ex
pected. Mr. Biggers announced Monday that
Mrs. Eugenia Beck has been elected
to a position as primary teacher at
the Central Grammar School, filling
the vacancy in that school faculty.
Plans fo rthe opening of schools
Plans for the opening of schools
Wednesday, With dismissal set for
11:30 A. M. Thursday's schedule will
run through 2:5 P. M,-and 'fall day
schedules are planned starting on next
Friday. Lunchrooms at the various
schools will begin operation on Thurs
day. Thief Takes Radio
rom Old Neck Home
Sheriff M. G. Owens is conducting
an investigation of the breaking and
entering of the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence. Towe of Old Neck Road,
sometime last Tuesday. The intruder
entered the home by cutting a small
hole in the screen door, located at the
rear of the house, unlocking the
screen door and walking in through
the rear door way.
Missing from the home was a port
able radio, valued at $25, and two
pair of shoes.
The break-in was discovered at
about 6:15 P. M., Tuesday evening
when Mr. and Mrs. Towe returned to
their home from work in Hertford.
Sheriff Owens was called to the home
and started his investigation.
The Sheriff found a few clues, in
cluding a number of fingerprints,
which 'are being considered in the in
vestigation. The Post Office at Belvidere was
advanced to a third class office, ef
fective July 1, it was announced here
this week. Prior to that date the of
fice was listed as fourth class.
Congressman Herbert Bonner also
announcedthis week that he had been
advised by the Post Office Department
that orders are being issued extending
Route One, of the Belvidere office, ef
fective September 1. This action ex
tending the route followed a petition
signed by .W. J. Dale and others, which
was presented to the Post Office De
partment earlier this yearA
Commissioners To
Meet Next Tuesday
Perquimans County Board of Com
missioners will meet for tJieir regular
September meeting on Tusday, Sep
tember 2, Instead of Monday, It was
announced today . by A. T. ' Lane,
chairman of the Board. ,
' The meeting was ' postponed one
day because of the Labor Day holi
day, which falls on Monday. .
Individuals desiring to appear be
fore the Board at its nett meeting
are requested to note the change in
the meeting date. .
County Post Office
Pmrr IPrrmll"

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