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Perquimans Weekly
Published erery Friday at Bert
lord, North Carolina,
'. Entered as eeaond dm matter
November 15, 1934, at Post Oftce
t Hertford. North Carolina, un
der the Act of March, 1879.
was. weciAMa
$2.00 Per Year
Advertising rates furnished by
request .,.
aentative to sell life, Heakh, Acci
dent' and Hospitalisation Insurance
in Ederrton and vicinity. (Leads fur
nished and Commission and bonus.
(Reply A. C Iwalters, Box ,691,
EHrabeai City, N. C
augH21.28,8eptt4pd ' " :
How The City Family
Spends, Income
"Recently the Bureau of Labor Sta
tistics painted us a fairly accurate
picture of where the average city
family spends its income. According
to this government source, the aver
age city family in 1950 made $4,330,
after persona ltaxes.
The average American is 30 years
old, married, and the father of two
children, in the process of paying off
a morteasre on his own home. He has
a car, a refrigerator, and a radio and
by the time this editorial is published
he has probably bought a television
Set' :.':
Out of the $4,350 income, $1,300
is spent for food and alcoholic bever.
ages. To break it down even further,
only about $65 a year is spent on al
coholic beverages. About $600 a year
is spent buying or renting a house,
Buying a car and other transportation
expenses run around $500 a year, and
recreation, reading and education
takes $350.
Clothing cost $400 to $550 a year,
with the women of the family spend
ing 50 per cent more than the men
on wearing apparel. An estimated
$200 out of the family budget goes
for insurance.
As a matter of fact, what the sfa
tistics really revealed was the fact
that the average city families spent
$350 more than it had coming in
1950. iNow the question that comes
to our mind is Just where did the
average American family learn about
deficit financing? ', .. .
Resistance To
Mandatory Retirement
There are many men who have
reached the mandatory retirement age
of 65, many women who have readied
wr 60. who do not wish to retire
This growing resistance to mandatory
retirement became stronger witn tne
announcement that the cost of living
has risen to a new high.
Compulsory retirement at fixed
ages is much less attractive with the
cost of living at 190.8 per cent of
the 1935-1930 average. (With the cost
of living more than 12 per cent high
er than it was before the Korean war
started, many workers eligible to re
tire would prefer to keep working
rather than retire on pensions with
little purchasing power.
A recent study of the Metropolitan
Life Insurance Company revealed that
"at the older ages particularly after
65 years employment falls off; nev
ertheless, at ages 65-69 close to 56
per cent of all men are still working,
and nearly 3 per cent are looking for
work" and further revealed that "even
at 70-74 years almost 40 per cent are
in some gainful activity."
It is difficult to select any manda
tory retirement age because there are
bound to be individuals who are men
tally alert and physically active after
reaching that age. At the same time
there will be others who should re
tire before reaching the selected age.
'Another thing that adds to the prob
lem is that ever increasing life span.
Practically everyone that we know
would like to be in a position to stop
working and retire when he reaches
a certain age. if he then elects to do
so. A great many individuals who
have passed the so-called retirement
age continue to work, however, al
though they do not need the money.
' Work, it seems, can be a source of
Happiness, and under normal condi
tions it seems a pity to deprive any
one of a job well done, a contribution
to well-being of society.
Machine. That
Reads Aloud
Dr.' "Walter Blum, electrical engi
neer of Hanover, Germany, has in
vented a machine that will read aloud
to the blind. This report was made
to the World Veterans Foundation by
Edgar Joubert
On the battlefield in North Africa,
a friend near Dr. Bhrm at the front
was seriously wounded and lost his
sight The inspiration for his inven
tion came from-this incident
The invention is still in the experi
mental stage and it has been v estimat
ed that it will take at least three
years and $100,000 before manufact
uring on a largn scale ia possible. It
I hoped that this mechanical reader
can be produced for less than $300
apiece. , , v .. .
Under and by virtue of an order of
the Superior Court of Perquimans
County made in that proceeding en
titled Nathan Turner, Administrator
of the Estate of Elnora Nixon vs.
George W, Nixon et als the undersign
ed Commissioners will, on the 6th day
of September, 1952, at 11:80 A. M.,
at the Court House doQr in Hertford,
North Carolina, offered for sale at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, the following tract of land
lying and being in New Hope Town
ship, Perquimans County, North Car
olina and described as follows:
First Tract: Situate on the north
west side of the road leading from
New Hope to the Sound, bounded on
the J. Skinner tract and the public
road aforesaid; on the south by the
said road and the William Hoffler
tract; on the west by the William
the north by the lands of J. Umph-
Iett and the Sawyer tract; on the
northeast by the R. Webb tract: on
the east and southeast by the H. On
ley tract and the W. Hoffler tract;
and on the south or southwest by the
New Hope to the Sound; containing
43.2 acres.
Second Tract : Situate on the north.
west side of Morgan's Mill Road,
containing 29.55 acres of woodland,
bounded on the north by Morgan's
aforesaid public road leading from
Mill Creek and the Perry Tract; on
the east by the said Perry tract and
the Morgan's Mill Road leading from
the Boy Scout Camp to New Hope;
on the south by the said road and the
Hurdle tract; on the west by the said
Hurdle tract and Morgan's Mill
Third Tract: Situate on the north
west side of the road leading from
the River to New Hope, containing
19.05 acres of woodland, bounded on
the north by the W. Webb tract and
the J. Skinner tract; on the east by
Hoffler tract and the W. Webb tract
The aforesaid three tracts being
delineated on th man of T. J. Jes-
sup registered surveyor, dated Novem
ber 12th, 1947, reference to which is
hereby made for more complete des-
A deposit of ten per cent will be
required of the successful bidder.
The said sale will be subject to con
firmation by the Court
Dated and posted this 13th day of
August 1952. j
Farm Bureau Executive Vice-IPreai-
dent R- Flake Shaw, of Greensboro,
says that the total supply of peanuts
on hand at this time is substantially in
excess of last year, and called on farm
leaders in the North Carolina, and
Virginia peanut-producing counties to
make arrangements at once to provide
adequate storage iaciutiea for this
year's crop.
Shaw said the total consumption of
shelled peanuts, including oil stocks
for crushing, totaled 699 million
pounds through July of this year.
This is about 29 per cent less than
the consumption of 082 million
pounds at the end of July last year,"
he added. , , 1 . -
The Farm Bureau chief pointed out
that information released by the vari
ous crop reporting services indicates
a somewhat smaller peanut yield-in
the southeast and southwest growing
areas tins year due to recent drought
conditions. "This information mav be
misleading because it neglects to men
tion the large stocks of -peanuts on
hand and gives the farmer the im
pression that a short crop will in
crease the market demand," he said..
Shaw said under the arrangements
for handling this year's peanut crop,
the buyers would not be bound to any
support principle, and unless the farm,
er is in a position to protect him
self, he may have to sell his crop
for considerably less than the sup
port price. :" ' i-v- -
-He urged all leaders in the peanut
counties of North Carolina and Vir
ginia to meet with producrs ' and
members rf tie Production A liar.
sating A' istrationCoc - .ca for;
the purpo of determialii tu avail-
rri-i------" - "- J--J"iii-1ri-iririruijLiu ijtAjuuuuriAinnnruxn.n.rywv(.ii
ability of existing and potential fa
cilities for both on-the-farm and off
the-f arm storage. , t, , .
'Shaw said that storage facilities
must be approved by P1IA before pro
ducers would be permitted to partici
pate in the loan program.
dses held last -week. Broughton, a
graduate of Perquimans High School,
received a B. S. degree in Business
Curio Collector
Festive One Whash yer looking
forT , ,
looking for a
Ki!Ajuvf imXtREE I Policeman-"We're
Howard Broughton was among the! drowned man.
!3TS?gSL.-W 9 Whash yer want on.
uuiin m ior I
Restless Cights
' When kidney function alowa down, many
folks complain of nagglnc backache, head
aches, dltitn i and lota of pep and energy.
Don't suffer reatleaa nights with these dis
comforts jf reduced kidney function ia get.
tint you down due to auch common causes .
aa stress and strain, over-exertion or ox
posura to told. Minor bladder irritations
due to cold, dampneaa or wrong diet may
eauee letting up nlghta or frequent passaft.
uon't neglect your Hdneya if theae eondi-
aooa bother mm. Trv Diu'i PMiss wua
diuretic. Used eaeeeaefuUy by millions for
oyertoO years. While often otherwise caused.
If a amaaint how many timea Doaa'e give
happy relief from these discomforts help
the IS mliea of kidney tubes and filtem
flush out waste. Get Doan'a PUla today!
Doms Pills
Mary Saunders Weds
George E. Parrish
The marriage of Miss Mary Esther
Saunders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Willard Saunders to George Edward
Parrish, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Parrish took place August 9, at 3:00
o'clock in the afternoon in the Peo
ple's Methodist Church. The double
ring ceremony was performed by the
Rev. D. B. Cruise, pastor.
The bride was given in marriage by
her father. She wore a ballerina
length wedding gown of cloud white
nylon tulle over taffeta with a should.
er length veil and a purple-throated
orchid.'' ;v
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nixon of Rocky
Hock were the honor attendants.
Later the couple left for a wedding
trip in the New England section, af
ter which they will reside in their
home at Rocky Hock.
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