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    Outstanding All-American Roses are named
, Don't forget there'* a hill moon on
All-America Rote selection* are
out, and thi* trio is truly outstanding.
'Intrique' has large blooms for a
1 Qoribunda, but the breakthrough is
its color, a rich plum, the first of it*
Jean Winslow
'Impatient' is a vibrant orange-red
floribunda producing masses of
'blooms throughout the summer.
'Olympiad' is the first red hybrid
-tea to win All America since 'Mister
.Lincoln' 19 years ago. A brilliant,
> .'clear crimson, this rose is long
lasting, whether in the garden or in a
? Roses are apparantly originated in
central Asia, spreading to the nor
thern hemisphere. For some,
however, roses never crossed the
equator, and none are found in the
southern hemisphere.
Roses were cultivated in China 5000
f years ago. Roses are a tremendously
big family which includes over 2,500
species, many of which don't look
likes roses at all. They really
resemble apple or plum blossoms.
Centuries of cross-breeding has
brought the rose into its present
form, and All-America Rose
^Selections, a non-profit research
\ Corporation, says that there are more
than 13,000 identifiable varieties
"tested at this time.
An old Christian legend, the
^researchers say, tells of Eve in the
garden of Eden kissing a white rose
i^hich blushed so that it has been pink
jgver since. The legend goes on to say
that the rose at first was thornless,
;but grew them at the time Adam and
?Eve were expelled from the garden.
? A A R S has more down-to-earth
fcformation for you through it
) publications. Write for their leaflet
m extensive care, placement, cut
6ower handling, just about
Everything concerning roses. A copy
frill be sent to you at no charge.
J. Send a self-addressed stamped
?Qvelope to All America Rose
flections, POB 218, Shenandoah,
Iowa 51601.
Seaside Beauty
w *?The Chinese were the first to
" recognize the natural beauty and
great usefulness of the rugosa rose, a
plant that is a must in any seaside
|arden. Rugosa in Latin means
"wrinkled," and that's what the
leaves look like. Those same leaves
K(rn a bright cheerful yellow in the
{<(11 when most roses look the worst
6* wear.
! -The Chinese not only included the
I (ligosa in art, as evidenced in
I paintings on silkscreen as early as
1Q00 A. D., but cooks in the Celestial
fiptpire gathered it to their collective
Sreasts, thorns and all.
I ^Thomas Christopher in Hor
ticulture Magazine writes that they
Qkixed the dried leaves with tea to
?ficit a fragrant perfume. Fresh
pfetals were made into a relish by
pushing them with sugar and water.
| 5*Rugosas were believed to have
tigh curative qualities, thought to
t IRALEIGH ? The Department of
* Community Colleges is looking (or all
tUe information it can get about
community college graduates.
-More than 12,000 former students
were mailed surveys on October 17.
The recipients include those persons
itfio graduated from a technical or
vocational program in 1981 - >2.
The former students were asked,
aaioog other things, to evaluate the
i courses they took and bow the
training they received prepared
tUem tar their present Jobs.
.The information gathered in the
statewide follow-up survey should
sged light on what happens to the
naduates and also aid the 58-campus
college system In
job-training programs,
know how successful
aooth the liver and spleen and
promote circulation.
HI pa or fruit of rugoaa are im
portant becauae of their nutritioua
value and aweet, apple-Uke taate.
Notice sometime on the label of jars
of Vitamin C tablets
Often the label will include roae
hips as an Ingredient. Christopher
says that one hundred grams of
rugoaa hipa will yield an average of
three thousand milligrams of
vitamin C, twenty times more than a
comparable amount of orange juice.
After frost, roae hips that have not
been sprayed with insecticides may
be made into delicious jam by
cooking the hipa in a small amount of
water until tender. The pulp is
matched pound for pound with sugar
and simmered until thick.
Because of its ability to withstand
strong winds and temperatures of -20
degrees it is invaluable as hedging in
dry sand soil situations where it may
be constantly sprayed with ocean
It is Quite pest-resistant and rarely
needs pruning. Needless to say, good
loam and easier weather conditions
would permit it to attain more height
and fullness. And, needless to say, it
does not take the place of hybrid teas
and floribundas in your garden.
Soundaide Beauty
Dorothy Grandy'a rosea are In a
claaa by themselves. In the spring
and (all her garden at Poplar Branch
haa the look of a Jewel caaket turned
on its aide, gema of every hue spilling
out to be made even more dazzling by
a bright and appreciative sun.
I aaked her how she does it.
Without hesitation ahe enumerated
the "musts" of rose culture.
Start with having your soil
analyzed by the local county ex
tension agent. Roses like neutral soil,
and he will give you advice on how to
effect it. Make sure you have good air
Start with top quality bushes. It
takea aa much care for a low quality
plant and you'll end up with less
Dorothy digs her ground deep,
deep, deep. She then preapres the
hole with a mound in the bottom. On
this she sets the roots, covers and
waters alternately until the roots are
buried and the graft is visible about
When plants are active she
maintains a monthly feeding
schedule with a good balanced fer
tilizer. Watering thoroughly is one of
the secrets to sucess. Light
sprinkling is injurious to the root
Her spray program U baaed on
Ortho'a Funginex and Dorthene.
which are compatible and may be
applied In the same mixture.
When foraythis blooms, Dorothy
prunes, and heavily at that ? down to
(our good canea, leaving the center of
the plant open for air circulation. She
completely removes old mulch and
aprays the ground with lime sulphur
dormant apray for Japanese beetle
grub and other insect control.
Her mulch is pine needles,
because, she says, "they're here all
around me and other mulches would
have to be purchased."
After the plants leaf out she
sprinkles a tablespoon of Epsom
Salts around the base of each bush.
This application of magnesium
sulfate will correct any buildup of
salts in the gound.
It is very important to cut away
dead wood and spent blooms. Always
cut above the stems with five
leaflets. Did you know it takes an
average of forty days to make
another rose? It depends on the
number of petals in a particular
For instance, 'Peace' has 60 or
more petals and requires 45 or 46
days to bloom. 'Queen Elizabeth'
contains 40 or less, and is hence more
You should try to keep up with rote
culture through publications and
seminars, the ?ayi. Buy plant* from
reputable houses. Her favorite at this
time is "Roses by Fred Edmund,"
Wilson ville, Oregon. You may write
for the catalog at that address.
Sure, she has favorites, she says,
but sometimes its hard to make a
choice. One of her criteria for a
favorite rose is its ability to grow in
her particular area, and takes trial
and error ? and a lot of deter
mination. Yellow and white roses are
the hardest to grow.
Here's five she thought of: 'Garden
Party,' an old favorite, cream
colored with pink edge*; 'Tropicana,'
eaay to grow and a popular roae with
men, as it ia a strong tangerine color
that makes a good show.
'Mr. Lincoln' has stamina and is a
brilliant red; 'Double Delight' is bi
colored cream and red; 'First Prise'
is a beautiful soft pink.
Follow the directions of this
dedicated gardener and you'll have
blooms from mid-lfay to November
1. Oh, you'll have to work for it.
"Hoses require more from you,"
says Dorothy Grandy, "but they give
more in return."
NCNB donates to Campaign
NCNB Corp. has contributed $9,000
to the North Carolina Opera's
Funding Campaign for the 1983-84
season. The gift, the largest to date
for the North Carolina Opera cam
paign, will help underwrite NCO
expenses of week-long residencies in
Asheville and Wilmington.
"With the gift, NCNB hope to
stimulate local interest and support
of the NCO Funding Campaign," said
O. Darwin Smith, NCNB executive
vice president. "We're certainly
proud to be a part of it."
Smith is serving as head of the New
Prospects Division of the NCO
Funding Campaign.
The NCO intends to raise $100,000
with its statewide campaign to
support its efforts, such as the
residencies in Asheville and
In each city the Opera will give ten
performances in local schools of
TALE, as well as community per
formances of EXTRAVAGANZA, a
collection of Broadway and opera
instead of buying certificates
X ^^withrates,terms and amounts set
by Federal regulations, you can pick the
amounts and terms that work for you.
Sq in effect, from now on you II be making
your own rules , not the regulators.
7-31 days 2-3 mos.
Foryears, Federal regulations
determinedthe way we didbusiness
with savings customers.
Asa result, on most certificates,
$UXX) deposits would earn the same
rate as SO, 000 deposits.
Often, short-term plans were
permitted higher rates than longer
term investments.
Finally, the regulators, not the
savers, fixed the timeframes for
deposits. None of this made much
sense to us.
But ifs all over now.
After Octoberl, the Depository
(DIDC) has said that we can set
certificates up any way we like. And
we're making It very simple:
l.The more money you invest,
the higher your rate.
4-11 mos. 12-23 mos.
2. The longer you leave your
money with us, the higher your rate.
3. You pick the maturity, from 7
days to 36 months or longer, or any
time in between.
OneihingMhasn1changed.WilhSIOi,OOOina get all lheadt>anksfes of Deluxe Hanbrsi '
On maturities of 3 1 days br less,
ou have to invest $2,500 or more,
ut on maturities over 32 days, you
can start with as little as $1,000.
Inshort, the system is flexible
enough to pay you a good rate on
your money for the time that works
best for you.
24-35 mos. over36mos.
We compound interest daily,
so you earn the maximum yield.
Whafs more, if you have some
emergency and need your money
early, weVe reduced the penalty to
the minimum the law allows.
The chart shows you the basic
idea. Now, the specific rates will
change from time to time, but the
idea won't change: your bucks can
now build up a lot faster with us.
So, whether you have money
to invest or a CD maturing with us
or someplace else, ask for the details,
along with our current rates.
Now you don't have to leave
the neighborhood for the latest way
to put more muscle in your money.
Substantial penally required for earfy withdrawal of time deposits. Interest rates dtspkrytxl are used for illustration. Actual rales may change. Contact NCNB for current rates.

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