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    I BuUeHm I
I C?ndid*te*i for tk? King* Monn^3K|H
JUM a wwkyo M UitU city
RTWI?WHBi?ni J^!, I.l^iWL . ?,
' * k^ta^l ^fki?AiH^cr^V^>^.!x8>'
' ot (V Li|im .JSr-^KL
trwitly im ?W|? ?(
THrr? (tot >||t|ili?M^#r
, aa>io r
(Qrover '
2? l*<
thhe-TrfcCounty WebeuJl|^guej?
'\ f ltd. Tiiketi TriHbToiS?lf>.
:)util TkiMdat aeon ud the public
im invited. Tickets Me $1 and ?mny
/ Iba purchased from CUM m
'Tlmiaiiae Fra& Olaas, Frank Glanf
] den, Done' Allen, aa| Johry.Hedry
\> The regular Saturday night meet-'
r* Ing of the Tooth Center haa Wuj
nailed off. The YouOr7pfi2ldU4y{
relented the WooUnj club he:that
>ibke VTW might have a chicken ^?p
S Th-Yeuth Center will held^ a
?KS S5??8et't$&^Iw% M? ?
U Maftoch, Cmnerto^%i7iyle? 1H !
tT*b*?J5tee '"pE?* d^^to^e .
'? 1 i
- B' Sari Bnt^ Oty Betieatlou uiree-'
: ^tor, hke announced Bojte : eofthall j
C praattee to be held at the high j
P eehaol at 9>80 Saturday morning,
Junior Chamber of Commerce "will
thril8'4bMrvesa)ur emeljnoethly.. bue- ,
1 iam meeting ?t the City HaU FriI
?*-?. ? "c". CLU
d .Membership in the Kings MounUla
country club nosy toUl^ 00,
deerting toan ennoaocsmcnr this
week by W. L, Plonk.'aecreUry, Mr.
[ Plonk sold that alT&meena who wtah
* j to be liated aacharter members tet
the elub should MMNtvjtfme
wtoek within the
Don Finger an* AveUe Coetner
. knee received ibttW'tlfeekaitffc
gro^^the yy ^?nd
r tt* INefcend.^^bWjg^^ *5s.'
v. < -:
" 'mT mMIHBaM
? SS" ~# ' iiiBuff ha
jS /yL
. -J^M __ 4 ? i\* Lj-li^^fci^' ? *
ife,1<"' ' ', ' *.; i 1
fe,':t;,,.>; U
Member* .ef, the King*- Mountain
Klwnnbf club will -on?/ thai/ ' KK
??ul An$ee " on the Occasion of the
4 Jcth anniversary of tjjMt.* folding of;,
the etvle club at the annual ladies'
tight banquet at the high aehool aa-|
feterin %t f t'eMt .Thursday wight.
Bav. John McSween nationally*
known raligloua leader and inspirational
speaker from Orpepvill*, 8. 0.,
will make the featured address of the
traaiij to the 88 aaibtn and their
wives and guests who win be present.
Bev. W. H. 8tender, will be the
blaster of ceremonies, followeed - by
the invocation vy Bev. j. O. Winkler,
n. DUU? A sjw a? a -aik.
M, luuy Vi A AU^QIV WU4 M?a IW
akjnte to the .jPHi ud Btr. P. ' D.
iftttriefc -will introduce Mr. MeSweeit.
cdSt3H|raMi^ awards. for pirfMt
."** Mot? W* CMf
>Bd *****
W^TC.^lf^uney la chairman of the
nrqpsgemente committee. 'Other* on
the.; committee ore J. R. Devi*, Hut>ter
-Noisier, Joe H. Thomson, Dntce'
?2wp |
.-Kings Mountain hone* again eflppetr
honota in,show* held Mat weak-;
end., a* Fashion Lady, Byron K?et-!
er'i vnUklng mare, teok< firat place
Ten Fulton 'i Um'Wilaon"to^k flait
in the epa* walking elnaa aM aaegnd
in the Open waiting stakes at 8*Me "MT-'
In addition. Mr.. Keeter's Jeiade
' |T
' Principal basiaees ' regalltr
moe% 'S*"*?
aldermen ^WNr ^btflt'<s ' 7:BO trill
be further dketfeelon 'and eomplettop
bt> details far' the #805,006 pnMle Improvements
bond election. <
H. Tj. Burrtette, ?
Hut several petitions for street anil
side-walk Improvements - have ' Deck
Vtted and urged othen wanting work'
done in tkelr section to file petitions
immediately.? .
ifc ;
\?m y
Kings Mountain schools musicians"
lMt week to winning kigk hoiser iW
^l> :
SrifeAi *** * #** it*
eftfc whtok; rnpivt** *igku* rette*
< i-PJKS jC'
end tke bojoT glee tlib wklek wa?<A*,
saifcas *:"or Ji Jl^Peu
vv?ftW lllll|l IWlfllM WlWK
Hie tfeaeer, U> BlUyv fitw'
Amos, bertRaes eolo, II, *?d ' Jack
PrlftO.; |)W|i|f,k<|<V W^3C'? < O
, Hoaor Hmi| of I U ^'exeellent**'
fatoih J"f?? IU, fO?* IV. average,
, kelow average..
xjLAA TPCjmi - JtMMt ,
1 { V
m-f^se^. .?g
itrulon^LuOU for the forth
| the ?art#W37* n?,iej:^ i ,v:/ i ,r<o. u
' !^*^' <
Annual Contests '
Held On Tuesday 1
In~ annual eonteiti Mid at Central '
srfcool audltoriuaa., Tuesday afternoon,
Nail jitt;:8wtt. -of Ceetrail 1
eebMi **a ???** wtaaer of the B*flfcarlfoajlnf-ffiifljfcaad
Jfiaav Wife- [
2S2mE' ?
*|S^f ' '* ;>. '
other* in the re*ding contest were \
Phyllis Ware, ;
school. who read ,4bW Votoot'lu*' 1
X2?: ?* <^%nXr?i[ 3
school, who rd?4 "Kitty Ooet Adopt- 4
???'" I : ^ ' , .'... ; ,
t Representing B**t? school in the /Iclsmatlon
contest was Charles Gut- ii
ton. who 'gaTO My'. Own United,^
States", and WdHcrGriffin,- C*n?
tral school1.''gat#?* "Ndtida* OauUot
Live with, ,nkwU?Ths.vAlon?."
Musife Jn tMr+ktd .by .^CawArtfi-riinpipf
the direction of Miss Mary Let# .Rot*; *
tie. Judges. 'fer.,thuiIfoijtcsto ,w?w(T
Miss Mary Helen HasstwUht. Mra. 11
' , Tho annual ' juntoe-Scnto* 'banquet '
for ]ii(k cekool lid
dcntrwiH W?oiT?rt* - .
fM?pf.<8 ludM/10s-o'clock in tho higai
ckool cnfcterik The thOrn* wMT he n'
mm .. %? iii
Him JnMt Bwgtfnt, jnntor tUn 1
l>onMr, :lw MtBonneed 'thjit- kbit yewr I
tie ellM ItM'to to?? .m iliote fol? ,
tewing tko ^ ^
' d ft
,fMn tW^PfcjWHLjj* ^nPpil^tS^^flHp^npw
In ^ i Ifc
r-t sit* ' fi|"
Tir^y^-* * ^ T^^IJ
K#^r ifl
Wlightourt (
*r 1 "
Everett K*bfrt?, King* Mountain
colored men, ?M abound over to St? ''
yej-lor Court oa tkroo cum ?t bfOnkIng
Aail entering in pity recorder,Js
coutt: Hero Tuoodijf, gft^rnoon'. '': *}
Roberts hud bwt Jtrtcited loot
?ki ' <!(?' A(jtu ukaiuraj VI".
md tiro aegrd' eafeo, u? Btie Moon
ffta4 ni 4ft at WM whkh was
set ?4d?f and fcobarte is lodged So ,
Soil awaiting '*?;'* ?
Mainis Ford Wha. handed two
moo^h sentence, suspended on pay ?
Mat of t fine ot $86 aad#c?ete fn
eharge of ow*alt with a deadly wdataeked.
the Brnnfardner Wons4? ' with Q
o haife. .elUgedSy $ ?* tafMhtf ? ? u
corning the otteeker'e husband. i M
: l$he llaoident ~Sathetl>MSaMe eeetioa d
WtfMpTOiir I>|
toaghstfrieei ^>tt$4 'ofhto' dinmlsaei o1
gWtfBt y>* _
pjllty on Ji_ non-suppovt charge and. jr
the plaintiff, Ifrs. George Ivejr, wu F
taxed with the. costs. IJloyd Bdtler
** found. fo< he if peetfeeidn of bob- ?
tax. paid , whiskey aid given a two- V
nonths spepehded sentence on ' paynent
of a fine of $26 and eoets.
Thomas V. Nodine was fined $10 _
ind costs fdr not having a -driver's J
" ?vij* MVVMfU Mli UCH . W?? .
'ined 110 and coeta for improper 0
??** V ' ' \l
\ \ * tQ
' Auewed aocte t&r public drunk en- ?e
itu were Date 0. U*Tr<iWm* T.t 01
Dobblaa, Paul H. Boberte, B. K. 4k
Block, and. Lore Guinea Moan.
Al??j tuxedo with finea Car public i*
imnkenneae Were John - Oleaiwonc, h,
?0 eaa doetc, and J. A. Lovelace, ?fi j
- ' a?
Wertleae^-fer.'KyA; <X D.-Qarpewter. *>
tenjcerty of Harden community . ln<'U
Oaetea county who died, Saturday baigktot
ike borne of -her granddaui>ia%'
M*?. Kntkryne Coetner* But-; til
gia?aad Miee~Hhttia-Centner of flhar R]
letta, were bald Monday afternoon av
Bt. Paul'a Lutheran churofc at Harden.
ftev. P. Mr Bpoagle, the paator.
officiated and .waa aeelsted by Bev. ,tt
Oltn Sink of - Charlotte. Intermen t waa in
la the church cemetery. y.- c<
. Mra Cnnpoeter wad the mother of'
ett# - w
ThoAe Attending the aervleee from tl
Kiam Mountain were:, Mr: and Mfa* m
Okmanter; Mr. art Mra. Oeem M a
Mafiney, Mr. WlCrd^W. B. Blake 4
tjr and Miee Martjka Prancee'McGM. .U
??? ?- * -+
TW .Klags Mountain Vets, a mil' ?
pr* aggregation of yth* TH- o*a<f i*
Uafue, Will l
the'strong CherryVlllb/ tnJuf StlTs.-IW, >_
eity stadium Saturday afternobn at
S o'clock with appropriate open log <
day ceremonies oehodnlod. !
Po'Tf^ftM? Ct^'Sumou^ chair
trvan ot ihe-'tommittM, for .opening <
lay corogwt'wr onnminceil to$at. thai ?J
?vcr Thomson of Ki?gi jkonn;
tain will piteh the first ball to 'ArtConnty
League" fhrosidea* Yates v?
Bmith of Oaatoaia ia'the batten boa
aad ^hat, Mayor K. V. Hon of Gfaar- j
ry ville will bo Mr. Thomson 'a bat j
tery mate. See. L. 0. Piaoiz will say
tho laroMtUa amd a rapvCaaaUitiVfr } j
tart tnm Ua KJrta Mountain high
i?Ml kud wW fetafafc tta *o*ic. - ,
Caramon Im will Mfelii M tiM. ?? .
Mm H.nryMoa* i
gar of th* loaal iIm, aaaoaacaa that
i>r "?^ifrrt> fluj." hUs uiti '
ttll tha wiiSmi* of tha >M*?rleaa Ip ' '
WwM<rt? tk? tkW?tjr blaaafe- . J
^ _ r- vr. 7
Evaluation C
Sives School
. .-'. 1 . - ' : ' : ?
I I l ? . . 1.1... I a h a. I I m ?' ? ?
Wl?MUllU? UUSSE ? far.' K
uiaa yaator,-vfll conduct a.' ^tblo
Mftrawi at rtm PMbyttrlia
mrcb kM ftw Sunday, May 5-lk.
dock daring the week. Tbs Tfrfrhlie
ki?< tokoar Pr. Morgan, , wfcb
infllii i||i am. iftocillitk * ill ft 111 i
? lot ynr ...
:ood Collection
iift? Are, Urged
W. L. Plonk, chairman of K|njp
onntsin ' ' Emergency Food - eolleelob,
''this week said * that' churches
' the community Will be requested
give open collections on'May 12th
tbe fond for food "aid urged ' grOrsr
to rnsly a donation of at least
io . case of tinned gopds to the col?t*on.
wnue the collection will be made
tor this month, severnl donations
ive already bed* received.
yftert Wh^S^naS/ -by e**Presi
mi Herlw* Hoev*r,ehaimaa bf
resident' Trmna? % Y Stpeclsd ?oftenltf
- -r (wr ot% '
Specifically desired in the eollec?n
are actual - gifts of panned food
id money with which to make food
irchases. . ? * .. - _
Z . " f'
SchooL children will also be asked
i make a small donation to the fnnd
i the phase of the eampaigw to be
>ndoet<d' through the Stehh^k. j { }
"Hunger ,ia a terrible thing of
hfah the CTaited States kuowi lite,"
Mr. Plonk, kaid. "Simple huaulty^ns
well as the wish to ntlmig
h eontsOmtioer to Mddl^eetion.?'
1 *'/;*?:&>'' ' ^ ' ?
fit UN Rm iM| paper collection.
riilfilll Cflumbor of Oomm?rce, of?
total collection I
t\ jwrvxbntuyf 15,000 pi,uru.j.
^ i -win liot bo ob gf
rati. *U?U-j \,Jgt0a ??l
[an making tho fiolt^MN^bi th*
kftontooit h4 toflwl loto Into tto
g y
NBMlfeOd, ' f
A# ' -t-Wdfc . * ?A-J ' - M A " ^
r^Kfcii ? ##. yg^
High Rating |
j King* .Mountain high school was
rated superior in six specific features
of its nine-feature operatio^,
according to a report of the evalua
tiou committed of the Southern A* -J
toe let ion of Secondary School* and
College* received here last week.
Superintendent B. N. Berne* and
Principal J. EX Huneycutt, in' making
public the remit of ' the ' evaluation
conducted hero 'April 10 and 11, etatod
that they were weU-pleaaed with
4ho reeult* of the evaluation. ^
The huge evaluation job required
answering of 1600 questions on va- ,.fj|
rioui department* of the eekool. resulted
in 800 evaloatloaa and 110
thermometer graph showing the percentage
efficiency/oT~various department*
and phases of- work in those
departments. A t.'
i The evaluation medium was sot up
by % specie committee of jhe six M
,regional school associations of the
net lot* at a cdst of $20(7,000 and was
based on a study of 200 schools, both
public and private. wtteh had met
.the standards of excellency required
for membership la these-, associations.
Of tha nine special features of the
summary, six trere devoted to ths
school's educational program. Highest 4
possttda 100. , - '. .
In icnffKulum offered, the loctl
school fated 76. percent, well above
the highest' average of 68 for very :?
large hfgh schools, and' high above rVjS
the -Southern average of HO. C; \. t :<u
Rating on.pupil, activities was 66,
which topped the 08 average for p4vate
-schools,, qnd wae^ono'point bfcloy
the'70 - average ,for* very lar^a
scboqls. Spnthern high .school ratiiqg
on this (sstsrs is M. i
' King*: Mountain. Jdrt r school'a ftbrnry
topped all lochi ?htings at 88.
Nearest average was 78 iot very large Vw
high sehod)e and the. fjouihern average
'la only 47.' ?v" ' ?.
Bating on achool guidance waa .48
.1 gain at the Soathera average of 80.
OM*. -tpPR^ng t^he . local rating
in this. feature ia private achoela
listed at 70. I '
On Instruction, Kings Mountain n?.
Outebmee (result of teaching baard ' ' #9
^ - .? w 11 ; vbh
tod at 82, against a Soot hern average- <#
of 43, and a .private school average
Other divisions included the achool
staff, the plant, aud^tbe administra- ' 'JaM
The staff was rated at 76, four
points below the highest group ayerege
of 80 for very large schools, and
much higher than the Soot hern av- '??a|
irage of 84.
The plant was listed at 69. Closest .; J9
group ia this division hi the Western r
region, at 67. ^ *' . ' .''jsfcgfrB
In administration, Kings Mountain '
school wu mted at 81. *' ngS&t a
high We steia region Hgttegra* 4L
The evaluation committee, heated , ' -Ujm
by Dr. J. Henry Highamith, aa#e ''
period am of u ' ad pea t > >?5' ^Tyf 7
perience tor tho pupil#.
'MMM. ^ Wr fS
~!3FTB?^^^BSHEir?8i^^F3Ft' flB
KAmv .
*1 Wi^SF ?j
jM 1^5E^**e-2H
: ?/jA/vjg^vi
:? >$jm 5
4 v klsvV 1
^y i B|J

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