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In CMy Corporate limits &97?
Immediate Trading Area 15,000
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" VoL58 Wo-3
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Local News
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% -yho Is My Neighbor," the
sound moving picture film which
?.will be shown at St. Matthew's Lutheran
church on Sunday, evening
t 7:00 p. m. is the story of Jemuei,
| a Samaritan in Jerusalem on business
with his family, makes a
' . -. J deal with Lemech, a Jew, who
buys all his wares, including a
f, Roman amulet The Amulet dis
' enpiears, and Lemech accuses
the Samaritan Is releived of all
- his rponey. Later, the Amulet Is
found and Lemech aets out for
<cricrig io kii k at a prom. jtmuWx-Jm
l- impoverished, also travels to
Jericho. On the way he finds Le,
mech helpless by the roadside.
v\ * Jerauel eares r lor-. Lemech's
' T wownds, tnkes him to an tan and
assumes the bllL The gmtaAU La,
mech finally acknowledges that
Wtf * ? ail. men are brothan.
ummcBAKtr puuwtom
Directors of the Kings Mounv
j taht Merchants associatlohv will
w hold a called meeting at the
' Kings Mountain Drug Company
1 Thursday night at 8 o'clock. *.
, full attendance Is being urged.
President John L. McGill said the
v agenda would be rixat, but important.
wVffiV, .1*1. 4 I
Sa^ * Wn dn wdT , ^'
i *t IftSt'IOillUte Ttltfl ' ! WOUld
b? "fe^gnv" ventenc^ to tlio property o^^oor
i >*1^- ' ' 25 '. "_ ,
S OWtp^ctro with thft hNHh'tei I
Urj*! ? v^ * '* '?" v'-iV-' V* < 4 t ,"' ,!.|
District Scout
For Club On
Annual Scout-Cub*Parents ban- |
quet of the Kings Mountain district
Boy Scouts of America, will be held J
on Tuesday night, February 11, at
the Woman's Club at 6:30, it w*s
announced this week by W. I*.
Plonk, district chairman.
The annual banquet will be oqe
of the Kings Mountain highlights of
annual Boy Scout week, February 7*
13, which will alao Include a union
service for Scouts on Sunday, February
9, Rev. W. L. Pressly, pastor of
Beyes Memorial ARP church, will de
" ii ,
Anions the business to be conducted
at the annual banquet will
be election of officers for 1947-48
and reports from committees on the
past year's work.
Mr. Plonk succeeded to the chair \
manshlp several weeks ago when
Ladd W. Bamrtck moved to Boil- ,
Ing Springs. '
Speaker for the event has net yet *
been anounced, but Rev. J. G. Winkler-and
Rev. L. C. Plnnlx are* members
of a Ministerial association ,
committee handling this detail and ,
Mr. Winkler said Wednesday he ex- ]
pected to have a report within ? <
short time. i
The dinner will be served by '
members of the Grace Methodist
church and tickets to the event will !
be fLOO. - - . wwmtj i
"We are very anxious to have ail
many parents of Scouts and Cubs
to attend this banquet meeting as 1
1 MstMtnl ' ?. > sCj. V*. i
parent parucipauoifi.^iB tne Boy t
Scout movement will make the or|
ganization much more valuable to
the youth of the community."
on advance ticket sale for |
the banquet will be announced^ ]
near. re.
M&rch cflmpfti^Qf Itt wu Announced
*2 b*it-McG"1'
next few days. c *\/-'}
'- ivIiK .natrman la a vetreran
of World War II. having served *%
the navy with the rank of lleeten
The drive customarily begins the
first week In Maick. Quota for tye
1947 campaign hag hot yet been aE!
ItwaaROBO hi 1MB and was over~^T.ptw
dhectoM ittd 111
aanaltv falfTTat Ue Ultmssi'm mrmTrL
son Ally xssl tntt Mr. MlIMH % icoip*
tan^^^the chairmanship ^ ot^ the
man Circle officers lSth"coming '
yegr will be lnsUlled here Friday ,
night ln^Uve hall with Miss Blanch ^
Woodman Circle officers to be in
chaplain; Mrs. Rebs E. Wylie, at-1 I
tendsnt; Miss Eva P. Moore, assist- 1
ant attendant; Mrs: HeJeKT* M(t-II
65 members.
l.'.it-Tji 'jSajyifr.* 4t< (% U
? pi|t. fltj I l|li ? _? fijllillAtl JULlUl I
:* V*/ v* ' 1 " v.; -v-"'>*:,'
' v.
Klngi Moon tain. If. C-.1
Banquet Set
'"l: ' * '
February 11
Penalty Oo^UBpakl
raxes EMecthre 2nd . .
Statutory penally of mm perenf
an unpaid IMS tux? will apply
aw February 1 accord* HI to
Karl 8. Sawyer. city dork, who *?mindod
tdl who bar? not yot paid
tbolr pad foui'o tamo to attend
to tho matter la the noxt two
wooko la ante to aroid this penalty.
Tax collections have ban vary
Vnr Mtte wmtlB
"The City would modi rather
avoid adding the penalty." be con I
> 1 I I
Machine Works I
In Operation I
King* Mountain has another new
snterpirtse this week with the announcement
that Kings Mountain
Machine Works, Inc., located on
Sold stret between the York road
end the Bonnie Mill, la now open for
Officers of the new company axe
lames B. Simpson, president, W. B.
3lmpaoiv general manager, and W.
K. Maaney, Jr., treasurer.
The company M equipped with m*
test modern machinery and will
specialise In the following services:
lathe work of all types, general maing
and threading. A
The plant is housed lp a two-story
96x38-foot building of concrete construction
which has Just been erected.
North weft Ballwjd^'cilly Fbun
ntm oromer, james a. Simpson, Is
well-known fit Kings Mountain* hav I
Inff resided here since his discharge I
from the imql, following four years I
service, including 30 months over* I
pess when he served as a construe- I
Hon hnqsa , I
The Simpson brother* are brothers-in-law
si W. iL Ifauney.i Jf_ I
treasures ef the new On*, wellknown
Kings Mountain textllt: ex- I
scutlve and general manager tf I
tarsl^e^odlS^Stf sStt b||Ht!?'
which will alTO include lMtSSiJn
of officers for the current $ittgA I
Coat of t^dlnnat^s^^5^ per
Herald Installs]
The Herald Installed lUst wedk
pnd a new typesetting machine, d?5
ilgne* to fec'lltate production am '
to* *PP* *<* Ot the
new body type face called Regal, re* I
Til Jf- . i . T ' I
placing* the old type which u/ni.w?. I
itain I
fhursday, Jan. 16,1947
Board In Favor
01 Cities Sharing
Gasoline Tax
In regular January meeting Tuesday
night, the city beard of alderment
saw new board member D. L.
Saunders sworn in office, endorsed
the North Carolina League of Municipalities
efforts concerning sthe
state gesoline tax, and attended to
other routine details of city business
The North Carolina League is advocating:
(1) That one cent per gallon ol
the six-cent state tax he pro-rated tc
the cities for street work, and
(2) That cities be exempted from
paying the state gas tax on purchai
~ -* t-v munlrlnalltlM.
f TW l<!cal V
several other League platform
planks to be presented to the Gen
erai Assembly. They Include <11
raising of the tax limitation for gen
erai fund purposes to 91-50 per |10(
valuation (now 91.00), (2) ellmlna
tion of discounts foe fax pre-pay
ments, and (3) giving to the dtj
property confiscated by city officer!
when apprehending gambling acth
lttes (these funds now go to th?
school funds.)
Otherwise the board confirmed
sale of s tract of city land to San
Jackson, colored* The 342 acres sole
adjoined Jackson's farm and was i
part of the dty lake property. Jack
son paid 3362 for the 342acres.
The board also ordered the plac
ing of "no parking'/ Signs on th?
th to beyond the int*ts$$ion a
Piedmont with the Waco road. Uu
2SS?r52^u?!! E ?
street j?\
The hearing of regular monthly *
ports .completed thg board session
H. L. Burdetta dty mangMK said.
A large ntlmber Kings Moun
The meeting has been arranged*!
Dr. Wayne WatMMtfm* of Boillni
Springs, and W/ Kr gUuney. o
"fry Mountain,- co-chairman of thi
v.wveiana county uood Hestth^^l
H. L. Burdette Kings MounUlr
city ftanager, led discussion In ,4
^ sy? i
ssi ^g*"A spssta? 4$
Ing on Jan. n and &
. Jlir. Burdette led the dl*msslon or
the Important matter of construct
New Intertypc
Of *p
both oasior to rwrf ceo^I obioao yln
sil l So-let y of Chrl*l?^fSotoIci
of OMtria MethodUt rbarcfc met
T???day nlfkt St If 01 JW
U]r Pitting ?'r /
ierald -'? ' " i ' ? ?
Church Blaze
Results In $20
Progress Reported
On Road To Camp
Considerable progress Is being j
made on the road Into the Davidson
Memorial Camp site, it was re- ''
1 ported Wednesday. by C. C.
(Shorty) Eden*, member of the
district i iiinptiiy committee In
charge of the project.
' What w need Is mere Bey
Scouts and more Scouters to help
1 get the read In Mr. Kdens
commented, praisi;:^ toe
A group si Scouts and Bcoutsri
' leave the City Hall for the camp
Mis each Saturday morning at I
) ?ClOCk"
j Mr. Edens said the* two bridges
' thatcoMtdsraWew^k's'Jtttl '
qvind te fit th? toad la pcMbU 1
i _________ I
, Stendei Heads
| Minister's Group
Members of the Kings Mountain
- Ministerial association organized
for the current year in a meeting at \
' the Central Methodist church study
i Monday.
f Rev. W. H. Stender, pastor of St.
. Matthew's Lutheran church was
. installed as president, Rev. C. B Bob
> bitt, pastor of Macedonia Baptist
church, took over the duties of sec?
retary - treasurer, and Rev. G. W.
Fink, pastor of Grace Methodist
churh, became vice-president.
The ministers laid plans for hold
ing a cooperative training program
for all churches to be conducted in
May, and set plans for holding a ladies'
night event In February.
j chief of the Kings Mountain fire
department. 1
t On Saturday, about 4 p. m. flre{
men answered a call to the - old
t Baptist parsonage on King street to
, extinguish h small blaze, 'caused
. when ?*park set the shingle roof on
Ore. There was no major damage to
the home apenling to Mr. King, j j
. . TUeaday night at around 9 p. m.
. firemen awe called to E.. King # '
Mr eat again, this time to put but a
i small fire In a truck. Mr. King re;
ported "ho damage."
fihiiilir ft| MIWi
nnppiy ui milk
* 'iNlPifelSBS;' I
I Sunrise Dairy, one of the larger
t milk producers In the Kings Mounp
tela area, is advertising for tegular
? return of bottles to assure continued
r adequate supplies of milk. <L.
A. Wolfe, official of the Oasto1
nla concern, said .'this week that
. shortage of aoda aah, used in glaas
. manufacture, and increased ,demands
on glass manufacturers ^by
supplies oflbottles durinf 19475
V " ' v'*'; : vlV> ' - - '*"??
t iwniinw th. ??r ?T? <* ?TP?
nvVMXrUm MMT. M4
94% ** ? *# tUkk? A* ??W*TP*
?r*. >?ri ": \
Methodist Circle No. 3
Mot Tuesday Night
k _* - -.1^1*.- -'
rrninMQ. mnMn IUKI tiw vwtofi
uSnlj iniMiliihrt iifti^miiiii
1 O Pages
I L Today
' ? . *
Here Sunday
,000 Damage
Hre in First Piesbyterian church
ie.e early last Sunday morning
:aused damage estimated at $20,000
md forced the Kings Mountain fire
lepartment to battle the blaze for
ilmost two hours before getting it
mder control Firemen answered the
*a 11 around 8:50 a. m.
Believed to have started when
ihc fan switch is a space heater, loafed
in the Fellowship Hall of the
rhurch, stuck ajid ignited the sur oundlng
walls, the blaze was estinated
to have had more than an
hour's start on firemen and when
ge*^*ae*a*,erws?eew>*we*Miwriaa t'lri ??m < > ^
through the ceiltng Into the main au
litorium of the church, located directly
above. . V,
Major damage resulted from the
heavy smoke and Intense heat as
carpets, window panes pews, and
fixtures in the main auditorium received
heavy damage. Water also
caused considerable damage to the
Interior of the church ae firemen fou
ght to keep the fire from spraadlre
to the oil furnace. , ,
No one was In the hniMi?? ?? *v
time, discovery of the fire coming
from the parsonage, located next
door. A heavy blanket of fog prevented
possible earlier evidence of
the caitfte from the ftre. V,;
Several firemen Were almost overcome
by the heavy smoke but Chief
Grady King reported no'one very
seriously Injured Jn the fighting.
Parishioners were called In to aid
In the cfean-up work after the fire
and many of the members showed
up dressed for the work.
i- , fii t ? 1
At a family night sapper meeting
of the congregation, held at Womans
club last night/committee in
charge of repairing thedamage was
announce^ and the membership expressed
appreciation to the firemen
tor extinguishing the fire and
to the other church congregations
for their Interest The congregation
also stated appreciation for the use
-JH the Woman's club. ^
Dr. Langdon Heriderllte, out stand
Ing^missionary frmn R^^jv^s the
Rev, P. D. Patrick said the members
would visit other churches this
Sunday and would meet at the Wo- J
Man's Club Sunday, January 26.
iviox Wasxiourn
Following announcement by Max '1
Washburn that he would resign as a
member of the board of county com
mtasioners on February 4 and
Clerk of Court Everett Houser*s statement
that he would apotnt as
commissioner the citizen reoommended
by the p#?>Ocratic executive
committee, names of Tom Corn we 11
Henry McKinney and 3. D. BUIptt *
were projected Wednesday as poam*
bitttiea for the vacancy; ":J|
Mr. Houser is empowered by Jfw >>9
^MeaiSSfiS'SjSe Nolan, of Shelby,
Democratic chairman, said there
would be no rush to make a recom
mSndatlon but he Indicated ; It
would be made In time for the ache i ; J|
duled February 17 meeting of the
- Commissioner Washburn, veteran
board member,^tertdere^ his^ reslg"My
doctors have advised me to
He also wrote, "There are two
happy days in the ltfS of a
public oflce ? the day he is elected- V
and the day he steps but "
In deferring to the Democratic Ex- .'
ecutive committee for the comis- $
Monet nominse, Mr. Houebr said -1
that he felt a concensus of opinion
would be better than the ORinion of '
one man on a matter- "of so mum
laduwn AfMMflw.v/f $f- jg&gM
IT*^ Wiw Jw y^/T'^.W11 wff- /MHHipwV. l7nK3M^HI
I:,,i2ffiiii t* - v ^ ^ JLi < rfMw||
;v^ man JSOKBOIm JKrCAl PiOffTO. Wflfi ylS
Sh^tJ FBTh.glmhon ?iSderS JS?' '1
v*Mf f?hirtHwfc> flfrn with Mia

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