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City Limits (1940 Cmwu) 6.574.
Immediate Trading Aiea 15.000
(1945 Ration Board Figures)
Established 1889
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14 Today
Local News
Sunday will be Family t>ay
at. the First Baptist church. In ,
.cooperation with the the^e .JSP,;,
the month o f March, all mettl' jj
toers are being urged to bring
the family to Sunday school
and church on Sunday.
Regular Friday night square
dance sponsored by Otis D.
Green Poet 155, American Le
gion, will begin at the Legion
building at ? o'clock, con tin
?uing until midnight. The dan
ce is open to the public.
Rev. J. C. Cornette, of
oolnton, was to address mem
ber# of the Kings Mountain Kl
wanls club ^fttipfular
tog Thursday night The {%,
gram was arranged by L. EL'
Regular Friday afternoon
story hour will begin at Jacob
6. Mauney Library at 4 o'clock.
Mrs. P. D. Patrick will serve a*
story -teller, with Mrs. t{ G.
Oarracott as hostess. The story
this week Witt be for all child
ren. - " '".'/r"';" ? ""*?>
Building permits were issued
this week to J.- Earl Seism, on
Tuesday, for construction of a
new tour-room dwelling on
East Gold sheet, $2,000, and to
E. S. Medlin, on Monday, for
construction of a new three
room dwelling on Canaler
street. *1*00.
Bill uf fare for the regular
Saturday night supper of Otis
D. Green Post 195, American
Legion, will he "hamburgers
and 'taters," according to an*
nouncement by David Delevie,
peat adjutant. The supper will
he served at the LegJOn build
Hie conversion of St. Paul
wW he *hown at Boyce Memo
rial ARP church at 7:30 Saba bth
night. This film shows the per
mutton of the followers of
Christ by Saul of Tarsus In his
determination to stamp out the
?movement, .This Is a "faithful.
. account of his cdnverskm .as.
given In Acts 9." The public Is
cordially invited.
The congregation of Pint
Baptist church voted Sunday to
accept recommendations of the
church building committee fea
the three-story addition to the
educational building, and
Clyde T. Bennett, general con
tractor, was already at work on
the project Thursday.
Sue Seism, of Kings Moun
tain, was among the 88 Gard
ner-Webb college students who
; '-jOfBd e the scholastic honor roll
tor (he first six weeks of ths
current semester, according to
announcement from Mrs. Doro
thy Hamriek, registrar.
Falrview Lodge, 339, A. F. &
A. M., will hold an emergent
communication at the Masonic
Hall Saturday night at 7:30 for
work In the third degree, It was
announced by Paul Walker. All
Master Masons are Invited to
Representatives from all
clubs of Ki wants Division I are
pi expected to attend a meeting of
the Kings Mountain Ktwants
olub next Thursday night, Mar
ch 30. Also expected to atiend
are district officials Or in Crowe
and Hubert Hennlg, according
to announcement in the "Sin
awlk", cluto bulletin,
More Activity
Being Noted
For County Posts
As was anticipated, local level
poltlcs began to move at a faster
pace this week, following the
close last Saturday noon of fil
ing time for district and state of
Though filing deadline for,
candidates who seek county and
township offices does not fall un
til April IS, there was an evident
quickening of the pace during the
past week, with several tangible
evidences. They included:
CI) Announcement Wednesday
by Incumbent County Commis
sioner Zeb V. Cline, A. C. Brack*
ett and Henry W. McKinney that
they would seek re-election.
?2) Annuoncement here by Ol*
lie Harris that tie would week re
election as county coroner.
(3) Expressed Interest by sev
eral local citizens that they
would seek nomination and elec
tion as Number 4 Township con
(4) Announcement by A. 'Mi
barker, route 1, Casar, that he will
seek nomination for the county
school board.
(5) Announcement by R/ fcl"
Plonk, veteran Kings Mountain
members, that he will not seek
re-nomlnatlon to the county
school board.
(tfhder the school board set-up,
the state legislature appoints
members of the county school
board. With a large Democratic
majority in all "General Assem
blys of recent vintage, it has been
practice to appoint Democratic
Announcement of candidacy by
the Incumbent commissioners
and by Mr. Harris had been antic
ipated, as was the announcement
toy Mr. Plonk that he would not
?fer again. Mr. Plonk had indi
cated to friends and to county
school officials several months
ago that he would not seek re
Since Mr. Plonk was the only
the^e^'lt **** bowii wl*? W?* 1,1
j^whettser some osodtda te fronf
BP** section would announce.
Considered as a possible school
board candidate was Whitney
Well* of the Dixon community.
Other possibilities of Candida
(Cont'd on page eight)
Band Campaign
| Work Underway
I A solicitation organization tor
the Band Fund campaign was set
Mf *** ***** Work this week,
though Dr. Paul E. Hendricks,
chairman sakl he -as yet had no
thlTdrive m ?a th* of
The steering committee for the
fund campaign, augmented toy a
large number of Band -Parent as
social Ion members and interested
dtizeiw, includes W. K. iSun^
Jr., Industrial, Mrs. Hunter Neis
tor- uptown business, Mr?. Hal
D. Ward and Mrs. W. G. Gran
them, outlying tousktess, and
John h. McCill. civic clubs
of the fund drive is $1,800.
(The figure was inadvertently gi
the Herald last week at
The money is used for the pur
chase of uniforms, equipment,
fcU*^Jlndw<?h't oece**ties for
thefttngs Mountain school band.
Dr. Hendricks, himself a for
mer director of the school board,
?"rfktence that the
$1^800 will be obtained.
'The people of Kings Moun
tain have always been very (lib
eral in their support of the band,
andthey still will be," Dr. Hen
| d ricks commented.
ttofenimmbm of the King* Mountain high school dramatics dab
who participated la the annual forensic erent hold at Loo Edwards
.high school in Ashevllle last Friday and Saturday. Clarisso Smith,
second from loft holding cupt, was dodazod winner in the recitation
division. Othor entrants worn, loft to right Harold England, Sonny
McDaniel and Joan Cash. (Photo hy Hord Studio.)
Board Indicates p( )K '
County Board
Members Offer
For Re-Election
The Shelby Dally Star Wednes
day quoted members of the 'Cle
veland County Board of Commis
sioners as indicating they would
support the proposal, currently
galng favor, of a five-man coun
ty board.
If this la what the people
want, we want tt too," the Star
quoted the commissioner. "In
some way? wethlnk it wottd toe
Time thing to have a larger
board of commissioners," con
tinued the Star, quoting the
The proposal was publicly ad
vanced last week by the Kings
Mountain Herald in an editorial
entitled 'Five-Man Board." it
has the support of a number of
Kings Mountain political 'lea.!**.*,
who take the position that a fWe
man board would give the coun
ty better representation and, con
currently, better government.
Local leaders have expressed
a preference for a district or ward
arrangement, whereby the 11
townships of Cleveland county
would toe carved into five wards,
with a commissioner from each.
[At the same time, citizens would
vote for their fWe favorites, one
from each ward or district.
Change of the number and me
thod of electing members of the
county board would have to be
enacted by legislative act of the
General Assembly. Formal en
dorsement of the plan by the
county board of commissioners
would be tantamount to enacting
the changes, local political lead
ers think, provided there devel
oped no particular objection to
the proposal
crrr court
Three cases, two in which de
fendant* were convicted on
Charges of public drunkenness
were heard in regular weekly
session of City Recorders court
held at City Hall Monday ?fter
I noon. Judge w. Falson Barnes,
who presided, posted a fine of
160 and costs on W. N. Aber
nathy after convicting him of
speeding and carrying a con
cealed weapon.
"When 1 wm * boy {ricking cot
ton l uted to toll ?ty dad that I
wkm i i d been t**n **> far north
oC Ae Mason-Dixon Hue that 1
never nw ? stalk of cotton."
That WM the <epiy at I. Clyde
Randle, who Had Just received
(ho am Efficient Production A
view Farm
dairy, when asked why ho had
jumped into dairying m the cot
ton country.
Mr. Handle received a beauti
ful plaque, size 11 lnch?o by 18
fnchea, from the Notional Dairy
Products Corporation after hav
ing been Judged by the state a
warda committee of the hairy
Herd 'Improvement Association.
| Rings Mountain some 30 years
ago. Bio parents, W. T. and AMe
Sheppard Randle, recently cele
brated their 57th wedding armi
**Yep, used to raise cotton. My
Mg oOtton year was to 1?"1 when
we produced 40 bales on 90 acme
and sold them the next spring
tor $ mud one-quarter cents *
pound after lightning hod struck
my barn and kiUad my mulea,"
Mr. Handle continued hie cotton
story. "Last cotton planted on the
place was in 1*46 by a tenant
and to 1MB we made four bales
to two acres. Back then It used to
coat J&80 per 100 so got the ??t
rick. Rutherford ton lawyer and a
candidate lor Coifnn from tht
Uth Congressional district, will
members of Mb* lions
dub at their ; rsynlar meeting
Tuesday night, anofdinf to an
nouncement by Hilton lath, pre*
gram chalnn&n, The club meets
at the Womoa'i Club ?t 7 o'clock.
IS 01 Area
On tan Duly
Fifteen Kings Mountain area
citizens have been named ' m*"
mong the 68 eeneus enumerators
for Cleveland county, according
to announcement last weekend.
Enumerators named in the
Kings Mountain area include;
Mrs. Hazel H. Fryer, Mrs. Virgin*
la Helen Harris, Mrs. Edna W.
Hord, Mis. Lela B. Jackson,
Thomas Hoyt Matthews, Mrs
Harrie Lea McCaiter, Mrs. Eliz
abeth J. McDanlel, William A.
McSwain, Mm. Patricks W. Pat
terson, Robert M. Patterson, Mrt
Lucia D. Phillips, Mrs. Mary Nor
ma Powers, Beuna Mae Robetrs,
Mrs. Frances B. Wolfe, and Albert
S. Crisp, of Grower.
The taking of the 17th decen
nial census Is scheduled to begin
on April 1.
The enumerators Mil attend'
a four-day school at the district
census office in Gastonia begin
ning March 27.
Hoyt Cuntagham, of Gastonla,
is supervisor of the census for the ,
lith Congressional district.
City Is Improving
S. Piedmont Avt.
The cflty sheet department was
at tvork thLs weok Improving ?
portion of flout* Piedmont ave
nue, from the pc*t office line to
Working on the east side of the
street, the Wty is Shaping up
rfiouldsrs and out in f ' a side
walk, in an effort to make the
street wider and safer for trrf
Hi. ' , ; 7." Z
It wss also antldMtMt th?? ?ha
To Foreclose
On Mill Soon
Definite action on the sale of
DuCourt Mills,' Inc., 'properties
was deferred again on Monday.
The Associated Press reported
that Federal Referee Herbert Lo
wenthal had Informed counsel
for Pilot Life Insurance, holder of
first mortgage in the properties
of the bankrupt, that the referee
would approve a foreclosure or
der when submitted.
Kings Mountain Attorney J. R.
Davis, handling an account a
gainst DuCourt for collection, said
he was informed by Sidney
Krause, attorney for the trustee
in bankruptcy, that Pilot's coun
sel had an order drawn for pre
sentation on Monday, but that
technical errors were found, pre
venting its acceptance.
The indication was, therefore,
that Pilot Life Insurance will pro
ceed with the foreclosure, and
that the DuCourt properties will
be sold at auction at the court
house door In Shelby In the near
future. It Is also assumed here
that that action will be an open
one, with no upset price.
Polot's mortgafe Is for $150,000,
.plus interest. Taking precedence
over the first mortgage are coun
ty and city tax bills in the aggre
gate amount of $22,847.99, plus
some additional -penalties.
The Associated Press reported
that Mr, Krause told the referee
that negotiations were underway
with Courtland Palmer, President
of RusselvlHe Mills, Inc., the lat
tar second mortgage-holder,
whereby the second mortgage
claim of <125,000 would be reduc
ed to $72,000, which in turn
would result in a lowering of the
original upset price to $300,000.
However, Mr. Davis said that Mr.
Krause did not metnion this de
velopment to him.
'Only bid on the property Mon
.day was plaoed by Alfred J. Con
Worti, of New York, who bid $72,
Garden Expert
To Speak Here
Mrs. Cora A. Harris, garden con
sultant and garden editor of the
Charlotte News, will speak here
to members of the Kings Moun
tain Garden Club and other in
terested citizens on the evening
of April 11 at City Hall.
Mrs. Harris, widely known au
thority on gardens, will discuss
"Continuity of Bloom In the
Shrubbery and Flower Border."
The program was arranged for
the Garden Club by Mr*. H. C.
Mayes^ who made the announce
In addition to her work for the
Charlotte News, Mrs. Harris
writes a monthly column called
"Living tor Young Homemakers"
for the magazine "Mademoi
selle," and has previously done
articles for several other nation
ally-circulated magazines.
The Garden Chib ts extending
an invitation to ?W citizens inter
ested in gardening to hear Mrs.
Concord faycees
Visit Local Group
Highlight of the regular meet
ing of the Kings Mountain Jun
ior Chamber of Commerce, held
at the Woman's dub Tuesday
night, was a visit by aome half
doosen Concord Jayoees.
The visiting group was push
ing the candidacy of A1 Brown
for third district vice-president
of the state organization. Jacob
Cooper, of the Kings Mountain
club, is retiring from the Job Mr.
Brown seeks.
Btyi Howard, Brown's cam
paign chairman, made ? short
? elk and presented hi* candidate
to the local group. Brown is cur
rently state agricultural chair-,
man and is a combat veteran of j
Worid War II, \
Two new M>mbws ? Paul Bid
Clx and hoy Costner ? ?were
eSoomed into the club by Bill
Fulton, membership chairman.
The club voted to present the
"minstrel" show again at a date
end place to be announced.
Dr. lldllw Moves
HU Local Office J
$18,000 City Bond Issue Sells
At Record <Low Rate Of Interest
B. Blakely. president of Qaevni i
College of Charlotte, will dellv
or the sermon Sunder? morning
at Pint Presbyterian church.
College Head
To PieacfcHere
Dr. Hunter B. Rlakely, of Char
lotte, president of Queen's Col
lege, will deliver the sermon at
regular 11 o'clock services at
First Presbyterian church on Sun
day morning.
The sermon of Dr. Blakely will
be among the features of the
church's observance of "Christian
Education Sunday."
Also visiting the church Sun
day for the Sunday school hour
will be Miss Summers Tatlton,
head of the Queens department
of religious education, and Mias
&Belva Morse, AJleen Kabrich
L Danda Oxner, Queens stu
dents majoring In religious edu
The public is cordially invited
to hear this outstanding educa
tor and minister," Rev. P. D. Pa
trick, the pastor, said, In making
the announcement.
Jaycee Leaden
Vote Donations
Directors of the Kings Moun
tain Junior Chamber of Com
merce conducted a considerable
amount of business at their Mar
ch meeting, according to report in
"The Jayceer," club bulletin edi
ted by Dr. D. F. Hord.
Included in the several actions
of the board were donations of
$30 to the Kings Mountain Girl
Scout organization and $50 to the
school Bible teacher salary fund.
The latter donation was in the
form of a "bonus donation," the
Jayoees having contributed $75
to this fund several months ago.
Other aotions of the board In
cluded appointment of a nomi
nating oommittee, ladies' night
banquet committee, and road
sign committee.
The nominating committee in
cludes: W. S. Pulton, Jr., chair
man, Jacob Cooper, Hoyle
(Snooks) McDantel, W. B. Logan
and Martin Harmon.
The road sign committee (to
build or purchase <Jaycee signs
for placement on major highways
leading into Kings Mountain) in
cludes Ben Ballard, chairman,
Fred Wright, Jr., Elmer Rhea, and
Dracfe Peeler.
The ladies night committee in?
eludes Charlie Thomasson, chair
man Drace Peeler, J. T. McGinnis,
[Bill Lindsay and Martin Harmon.
Parking meter receipts for
the week which ended On Wed
nesday totaled $165.78 accord
ing to a report from the office
of S. K. Orouse, city clerk. j
Members of the Cleveland
Rutherford Executives club will
hear an address by I Lei and
Stowe^ ptiae- winning
nmmng at Gardner MemorkU
First National
Purchases City
Issue At 1.72
City water and sanitary sewer
bonds sold for ai record low in
terest rate Tuesday.
The total of $18,000 sold for the
City of Kings Mountain by the
Local Government commission,
in Raleigh, went to the First Na
tional Bank, of Kings Mountain,
ave*age interest rate of
V '26 percent. ' '
Previous low was on of
street bonds issued in 1946 at an
average interest rate of 1.75.
ft. S. Dickson Company, Char
lotte brokerage firm, handled the
transacticr* for the King? Moun
tain banking institution, which
also purchased $75,000 of the $75,
000,000 road bonds Sold by the
State of North Carolina Tuesday,
The R. S. Dickson firm arrang
ed purchase of the state bonds
they were purchased
on tow bid by Chase National
Bank of New York.
The state bonds were sold at
an average Interest rate of 1.523
will mature at the rate of $1,000
will mature at teh rate of $1,000
annually beginning in 1952. and
continuing to 1957, and the the
rate of $2,000 annually thereafter
final bond is matured
in 1963,
"The First National Bank is
particularly happy that It was
able to bid successfully on the
City of Kings Mountain bonds,"
?aid F. R. Summers, president,
and w? were also glad to obtain
a portion of the state road bond
tsmia. The bank leak fortunate hi
being in the position of investing
both in the city lh which k lives
and the state in which it lives."
Tke city's issue includes $9,
000 for water extensions and $9,
000 for sewer extensions, With a
total of $8,450 of the amount ear
marked for purchase of water and
sewer lines in Crescent Hill and
for purchase of waterllnfts on
Landing street.
fink To Give
Easter Message
W. Fink, pastor of
Oraoe Methodist church, will de
t?!f ho m!ssa?? at the annual
Easter Sunrise service sponsored
by the Kings Mountain Minister
ial association.
_The program is scheduled to
S?1 a- m- April 9th and
will be held at Memorial Parte,
Mountain Rest cemetery accord -
ifgtFi^V w^- Ph,l,,ps' pa#tor
?L, k W ^ We?leyan Methodist
church and secretary of the asso
ciaWon, who made the announce
. *jngs Mountain school
band, under direction of Joe Hed
vW Zlll &**in precludc **? <*'?
vice wkh a concert and th? re
cently organized Community
Chorus will sing an anthem.
Large crowds have witnessed
the impressive service for the
past several seasons.
Community Chorus
Soloists Named
Soloists tor the Community
Chorus have been announced by
Franklin Pethel, director, ?? fol
Soprano: Miss Alice Ridenhour,
Miss Dottte Smith.
- Alto: Miss Sarah Alexander,
Mrs. James McSwain.
Tenor: Rev. L, C. Plnnix.
Baritone: B. S. Peeler, Jr.
Bass: W. P. Fulton. Jr., and
I. B. Goforth, Jr.
Thechoroug which lnokide? ap
proximately 60 voices will pre
sent the con tat*, "Eastertide,'' by
Prothero, on Sunday evening,
April 2, fei the high schOol atKti
torlum at 7:30 o'clock. Accompa
nists will be Miss Bonnie Mcln
; sEfcK.3 Mt-tuEcnrioii ? J. oiu?
Harris. county coroner and prom
inent Kings Mountain moittdafc
officially filed notlc? of candl.
dacy lor re-tlection on Wirtnii"
day with the county election*
I? . "
Harris Announces
Foi Re-Election
Kings Mountain had its first of
ficial candidate for county office
this week.
Ollte Harris, well-known and
popular Kings Mountain morti
cian. announced he would be a
candidate for renominatlon end
re-election as county coroner,
subject to the May 27 Democratic
Mr. Harris who was reared in
Shelby, has been a citizen o<
Kings Mountain for the past three
years, since he purchased FuH<m
! Mortuary, which he has rince op
erated successfully as Harris Fu
neral Home.
' Since becoming a citizen of
Kings Mountain, Mr. Harris has
been very active in .Civic affairs
of the community. He is a past
commander of Otis D. Green Poet
155, American Legion, a member
of the VFW, a Mason and a Lion.
He is currently serving as chair
man of the fund campaign of the
Kings Mountain chapter, Amer
ica,, Red Cross, and last year was
lean . ... . Number 4 town
chairman or Tn. .
ship March of Dimes campings.
He is a member of the Firetf,
Baptist church.
Mr. Harris officially filed his
candidacy Wednesday.
Fulton And Davis
Contests Set Friday
Annual contests to determine
winners of the Fulton reading
medal and Davis declamation
medal will be held at Central
high school Friday morning dur
ing the regular chapel period ac
cording to announcement by Ho
well Lane, principal.
Winners of the medals will re
present Kings Mountain in the
annual ooilnty reading and ora
torical opntesrts.
The Fulton reading medal i*
presented annually by H. Tom
Fulton in memory of his sister,
for many years a teacher in
Kings Mountain schools. The con
test 1? open to high school girls
and was won last year by Miss
Jean Lynch, who also won the
county Schoolmasters reading
contest held at Gardner-Webb
college on April 23, 1949.
The Davis declamation medal,
presented annually by J. R. Da
vis, prominent Kings Mountain
attorney and school man, b giv
en to the high school boy who ia
adjudged the best orator. De
mauth Blanton was the 1949 win
ner and also won the county Hoey
oiucorical contest held at Gard
ner-Webb college on April 11,
Both Miss Lynch and Mr. Blari- .
ton survived county preliminary
contests held In Shelby prior to
the finals and went on to give
Kings Mountain a clean svwoop
of the contests.
Foetal fob Deadline ?
Falls April 4. 195* }
bate* dots fee
the position ef~ substitute
? at the K" m
petteHloa is April 4*
1950, according to enaouace
ment ysstssdery by Marlon C,
Fan*, secretary of the local ?!?
Applications for the position
at the iwtitllM should be
tilled to the offta* of the Di
llltll, rourth 0. 9. Civil Sor
ttH heaiou. Temporary Build
ing V ted and Jeffetsoa
DWus. S, W. Washington, D. C.
The position *1 substttuto
dork-carrier U on hourly ratod
?aa paying 91 JlS por hour b
Talent Show To Be Held F'rida
|p! Thnnday Show Canceller
The 3rd Annual Lion* Talent
Show will be ? one-nigh; Affair
after all. It wn? announced Oil*
Week by Chairman Gene Timm*.
Mr. TImms said entrle* in some
divisions were Insufficient for
ft two-night program, a* had been
Scheduled, an<* tfjat the two pro
m ? i * -* M ? ? *-* * ? ' *? ? gfn m
ptrat wouKi d# coruonoiica fot
one large performance, to be held
Friday night ?t 8 o'clock at
high school auditorium.
- The talent
popular spring promotion of the
Lton* club for the pa* two y?M%
1 ffetW
and feature* a variety of ama
teur act e by Ktogs Mountain area
school children.
Admission fr?r the Friday night
show Is 30 cent* for students, 60
cents forftdult*
Mr. Ttmms also announced a
change in the prtoe list for win
ners, a* foHows: first, sttver cup;
second, 91ft; third, $10; fourth, f5.
| "We are looking forward to a
(good show," Mr. Tlmrae said,
"w'th particularly keen competi
tion" .
I I . ' .V -- *?'? * *" W ? ? -

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