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102-Yr. -Old Woman
Tells Christmas Story
Very to •. ;•< onle can remem
ber their firs* Christmases,
due to tin fact they were too
youtv ami -rtamly Mrs. Jen
nie I ipscoaih, who will be 102
year old or. Inc next birth
day, cannot he . Xpert ed to
remembt ; too many either.
She, however, told an enchant
ing s‘oi alxmt some of the
Christman, s she has witness
ed as she waits for the coming
Mrs. Lipscomb was very co
herent about having been bom
the year of the Emancipation
Proclamation, in Durham Coun
ty, near the Wake line. She
attempted to picture one of the
many and once she got started
she went, dong good. When
asked how she had spent past
Trio Charged In Hoke
Axe-Handle Murder
RAEFOKI - Law enforce
ment officers of Hoke County,
led by Sl.ei iff Dave Harrington
are continuing the investigation
of the death of Neill Archie
McCormick, 7" r.-old, whose
body was found in a four-room
house Mon<ia\ morning, with
his head H. shed h .
The officers believed that
robbeiy .■ dd have been the mo
tive. Hari met->n lived alone in
the l'liiP Station Community
and the officers leel that some
time 1 during the night that one
Sweepstakes Winner Eyes
Gifts For Christmas
Dennis Sanders,a Shaw Uni
versity junior , who comes from
Smithfield, might be too old to
believe there is a Santa Claus,
but was as much surprised as
any child will be Sunday morn
ing when he finds some of the
things that he told St. Nick
he wanted, when he walked out of
The CAROLINIAN office with
$20.00 this week, the price that
' Man Burned
To Death
The arrival of a neighbor at
the home of Tom Griffith, 71,
on Nazareth St., about 7:30 a.
m. Tuesday was too late, for
when the neighbor gained admit
tance to the house he found that
Griffith had burned to death.
Griffith was reported as hav
ing been alone in the house and
when the neighbor saw the
smoke he went over to investi
gate and found Griffith near
the door of the one-room ce
ment-block house.
The death was somewhat a
mystery to Coroner M.W. Ben
nett, due to tiie fact the house
has a cement floor and there
was no indication that anything
else was consumed. The coro
ner was of tiie opinion that
Griffith was sitting beside the
stove and his clothing caught
fire, while he slept.
4M All lrvi ih nrni, r. o)
S 350 2342 6270 |
Anyone havinc current BI.UE TICKETS date* Dec. IT, 19M. with proper numbers, present same
§ to The CAROLINIAN office and receive amounts listed above from the SWEEPSTAKES FEATURE,
Christmases, she said, “Oh,
there is one I remember.”
She related how she was in
Raleigh, and like this year,
Christmas eve was on Saturday.
She came to Raleigh to shop
for Christmas and after arriv
ing here it began to snow and
she had to walk nine miles,
out the Old Stage Road. Accord
ing to the information, pieced
together by her, this must to
have been about the turn of
the century.
She said it snowed the rest
of that day, all night that night
and all day Christmas Day.
She pictured the snow as being
waist deep. “I remember we
turned the horse out and the
snow was so deep we could
only see his head as he walk
or more persons stole into the
house and without warning
pounced upon McCormick, us
ing an axe handle that they
found in a straw field some 300
yards from the victim’s house.
The office s tied the axe handle
into the case when they found
blood on it.
Charged today and held in
county jail without bond are
Malcolm McCoy, 17, Robert Lee
Hollingsworth, 23, King David
Purcell, 22, and Landon John
son 16, all of Duffys Station.
ticket #2IOO was worth.
Dennis is the son of Mrs.
Rosa Sanders of Smithfield and
a member of St. Peters’ Church
of Christ, located in the capi
tal of Johnston County. He said
"I am happy and surprised."
He knew the money would be
used to buy Christmas presents.
Mrs. Mary McNeil, 1204 S.
East St., was also a winner.
She had ticket #I9OO, which
brought her $30.00. Ticket
#540, worth $125.00 was not
brought in and that means that
whoever has #350, blue, and dat
ed December 17, can collect
the money at the CAROLINIAN
office, 518 E. Martin St., upon
From Raleigh’s Official Police Files
Caught In Act
Robert Elton Jackson, Mana
ger, McLellan Store, Fayette
ville Street, told police that he
watched Maxine Alston, 810
Coleman St., pick up a pair of
stockings and make her way out
of the door. He further says
that he followed her and invit
ed her back into the store.
A policeman is said to have en
tered about this time and Max
ine was taken to a Justice of
Peace to face a charge of lar
cency and receiving.
* * *
Battery Stolen
James Jasper Scarborough
reported that on Dec. 19, about
9;50 a. m. some one removed
a battery from his car, while
it was parked on E. Davie St.
I AAii Arrirmr riTr &la sos
VOL. 26, NO. 5
Ex-Sheriff,A ides Sued
For Beating Women
‘mi'"Mi lltlf I Wk \
BAD DREAM BEAMED - “DIFFICULT DAYS A HEAD” —Washington; Pres. .TohnsOß greats
a group of wounded Vietnam war veterans who were touring the White House Dec,. 15 at the invita
tion of Mrs. Johnson. The Presidjn solemnly told the mump that it would be “some time” be
fore there is peace. He said the U. can expect “difficult days ahead.”|(UPl PHOTO),
Law School Action Stirs Editors
DURHAM - Proponents, who 1
have fought and worked for in
tegration on the basis that it
was the one factor that could
enable the South tp T%come
recognized on the ZiorizoSk of
tomorrow’s hope ind to Ase
from both economfc and* socfel
bottomness, got a lift from tie
Duke University Raw' \Schcl>l
Youths Damage
Gordon Lee Jewries and Lon
nie Davis, Jr. both 15, are
charged with using a tiie tool
to pry open the door of a ma
chine, at 228 E. Cabarrus St.,
causing $5.00 damage.
* * *
Beats Wife
With Stick
Delores Jane Watson, "22 E,
Hargett, complained that as the
result of an argument with her
husband, Eddie Watson, this
week, she had to be treated
at Wake Memorial so- Injury
to her left arm, which was in
flicted by her husband, with a
(Set* CRIME BEAT, P 3)
North Carolina ’« Leading Weekly
tiln < practices as
thpy reltte tothlgsocial aspects
The Thought Exchange
By Gordon B. Hancock
Says Luke 2:7: “And she brought
forth her first born son, and wrapped
him in swaddling clothes, and laid him
in a manger, because there was no room
for them in the inn Thus it was at our
dear Saviour’s birth 2000 years ago, and
thus it is in 1966. No room for Jesus!
No hard thoughts, no base intentions, no
lack of sympathy, no meanness at heart,
no lack of deep concern—just no room!
But this is Christmas and the very word
implies Christ and how can we have
Christmas without its Christ? But the
world of 1966 is going to put on its
Christmas party with Christmas carols,
and sing “Silent Night.” and “Holy
Night.” and from all around will sound
songs of rejoicing and vested choirs will
sing lustily, and thousands of ministers
will proclaim the coming of Tcsus called
thr Christ, who in words, at least, is wor
shipped bv earth’s poor mortal millions.
Thf vi ry thoughts thereof are sobering
and do something to our weary jaded
spirits, even as we nretend to be of good
heir, observing a Christmas without the
Ca-i -t in whose name we attempt to cel
brate In spite of our bold pretensions,
generally, it is ns true in 1966 as it was
* ..u.. ■ . . ■ ..
Os lie i feint'ors. ErJcMichaux,
a graduate of the Duke Univer
sity Law School, and his broth
er,*H. M. Vflchaux, Jr., a grad
uate of the North Carolina Col
lje£e|Law School, have met all
the requirements of the legal
profession, in the state, and
aver that they have a right to
all the appurtenances thereto.
The fact that the action of the
Duke University Law School has
brought comment from through
out the illation and the world,
argues jtfell for a new day in
Dixie. f Many of the state’s
leading newspaper editors have
pointed that if the North Car
olina Bar Association isgoingto
be ah agency of law and order
it must clean up its own house.
National newspaper editors
have hailed the move as one
In the right direction to bring
North Carolina, and the rest
of the South, to the realiza
tion that color is no deterrent
to efficiency, no barrier to In
telligence and certainly no blot
on character.
The two Durham lawyers
were interviewed by the writer
and showed no remorse for the
North Carolina Bar Association
and had no regrets for the action
taken by the Duke University
Law School. They were modest
that sombre night in lowly Bethlehem,
and it may be as truly said now as
it was said of him that memorable night
when he was born, “And there was no
room in the inn.” Os course, the world
is going to put on a great Christmas
narty: and Jesus will be here for the
party, given in His name, but just
whether or not he “can get in” is anoth
er question —a searching question, a se
rious question, a question with eternal
'implications- Jesus will have to face up
to the ugly fact that the world of 1966
is a color-struck world, and race preju
dices in the driver’s seat, and next to
him sits the mighty dollar; so, if he
would ride, he must ride in the rumble
reat. Then he must be prepared to prove
beyond a reasonable doubt, that he has
net a drop of Negro blood in his veins,
although we are told that Simon of Cy
rcnc, who helped him along his weary
way up Golgotha, and who helped hftn
bear his cross, was a descendant of Af
rica ! But today, just one drop of Simon’s
blood in the veins of men will damn
them in the sight of millions who live in
a world created and dominated by the
white race, that did not anpear until the
900 G’s
Asked For
NEW BERN - Three women,
Mrs. Bertha Wright, Sarah Mid
gett and Madeline Pearsall,
through their attorneys Regi
nald Frazier and J. L. Cham
bers, went into Federal District
Court here Monday and asked
a total of $900,000.00 for cruel
treatment on the part of Pamlico
County officers to their bodies,
their minds and their spirits.
The three plaintiffs charge
that R. H. Whorton, acting; in
the capacity as sheriff of Pim-
Ilcd County, and twoother mem
bers of his staff, L. T. W'ize
and Troy Miller, did on the 2®th
of November, willfully and wan -
tonly, .eaier the home of Mrs.
Bertha Mae Wright and did
inflict bodily damage# to the
three Women and an unidenti
fied minor, without regard to
life or limb.
The complaint charges that
the then officers of the law of
Pamlico County heaped punish
ment upon the bodies of the
women with blackjacks, rifles
and pistols. Due to this in
human treatment on the part of
the three w'hite law enforce
ment officers, Mrs. Pearsall
is saying that she lost an eye.
Whorton is said to have gone
out as sheriff on Dec. 5, due
to the fact he did not choose
to run for the office in the last
election. His alleged head
busting deputies went out'with
him. This means that when the
(8m m O* ASKED. P. *)
Chowan Co. Bd.
Succumbs To
EDENTON - Five Negro stu
dents who have been going toD.
F. Walker High School have been
accepted at the all-white high
school and are expected to en
ter after the Christmas holi
Chowan County has posed a
problem for the U. S. Office of
Education, due to its failure to
show any information to follow
the guide lines for school de
The city and county school
boards are exchanging the stu
dents under the freedom of
choice plan.
The hoard said the students
earlier said they wanted to go
to the all-Negro school but
3 Held For Forgery
Attempt At Two Banks
Greed marked th- lo ball
of three Baltimer. 1 m. a here
Tuesday afternoon who h >-i col
lected th< sun I
First Citizens Bulk and Trust
Company depositories located
in the Raleigh area, through
bank money orders drawn on
First Citizens Bank and Trust
Company and bearing the signa-
Impersonator jailed
After 1 typing’ Driver
Brown, 32, perhaps has i: <t
heard that “Cri ot
pay.” He was v< ' ..ntied to
jail here this week im .; series
of law breakings.
On Wednesii i- . • : hi- :
week a new .us t -i to
have been used bj him, in t! . :
he stopped a car, in the e il)
morning hours, said to have
been driven by Charles D.
Browning, white, of Durham,
who was told (lI.M Ml- ! .td be Si
speeding. The m In; stop
ped the car i ■ all.* • • ha..
told the Durham m.mthat In" as
an officer of the 1, . and thai
he would tale 1 him 10 jail un
less he was ’r. e . • .!••
Browning is alb ato have
given the man, whom )■,.
scribed as a link; nv m car
rying a flashlight mat v Iso told
him he was an officer. I'm
Durham man 1« c -a -u immui
and went to police, i< non. h< •
told his st( ■ . a • ,t
after recei in; d .
“supposed Oiiicel” I ■■■;.
in a light reen , a blue cui,
bearing South Carolina rm i. .
It was learned dia; ; «, oth
er persons had m m a n
having suffet <1 the
the saim ni ni. 1 1 ■ police
were not of mud 1 Ip, or con
solation, and pa -so<i d. a r
off as another form it m p
Fate would not have it that
way and when the) v« re noti
it Jig
PROTEST WITH PAINT - Tuskegee, Ala.; Two students
from nearby Tusk ogee Institute smear black paint on a Con
federate Memorial located in the town park at Tusekgee as
others mill about on the base. Students staged a pre-dawn
Dec. 9 demonstration protesting a not guilty verdict for a
white man accused of killing a Ne- ro, I't'pf PHOTO)
Hit e of an authorized represen
tative of that banking institu
tion. 1 hocks and cash recov
ered amounted to 64,585.00.
The trio, James William
Plumb. 40, 1806 McCullough St.;
James Ellis Bell, 43, 2421 Etting
St., and Jerome Bernard Bell,
James Ellis Bell, 43, 947
Brock’s Lane and Jerome Ber
nard Bell, 39, of 2421 Etting
St., all in Baltimore. Md. was
arrested after an alert had been
sent out about their thieving
activities, and placed in jail to
face multiple forgery charges.
Local officers assigned to
the case, feel the three men
are members of a ring that
operates along the eastern sea
board with a master’s touch.
It is apparent that they had done
a good job oi research on the
local banking institution and
were smart enough to not only
get the location of the branches
but made up bank money or
ders that bore all the resem
blance of being dulj issued by
the banking institution.
Detectives found that John
(See FORCKRY, p l)
fied of an incident of imper
sonating an officei and a week
end traffic collision, began to
pul two and two together and
ended up w ith one Donnie Lee,
vd n the) put in jail, in lieu
of a SGOO.OO bond.
Sought By
Local Board
Selective Service Board #93,
Wake County, with offices at
1330 St. Mary’s St., announced
diis week that Wesley Stewart
Vick had been listed as a de
linquent for his failure to com
pl’ with regulations of the Se
lect i\ e Service.
Due to th.e fact that this fail -
u: •' rendei s the delinquent sub
met to immediate induction,the
• 'id Wesley Stewart Vick is re
u'wsmd to communicate with
[w KATH I; ij
Temperatures for the next
five days, Thursday through
Monday, will average t ta t
degrees below normal. The
normal high and low for Ba
’elgh: 51 and 31. Cool through
Sunday, getting a little warm
er on Monday. Precipitation
will total 1-4 to 3-4 of an inch,
occurring mostly aa rain to
ward th« rauC of the vwk,

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